WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 52

49 years and 357 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Former Alabama Congressman Sonny Callahan Commemorates TV5's Predecessor on September 26th, 1996:

"Mr. Speaker, today commemorates 50 years of service from radio station WNTM -AM 710 in Mobile, AL. This station has bettered the lives of listeners throughout Mobile and Baldwin Counties by not only providing them with music, humor, and relaxation, but by informing them through news, sports, and local affairs. I rise today to applaud the efforts to those who have continued the tradition of this great station, and I wish to express my deep appreciation to them. Originally signing on the air as WKRG in 1946, this station was born out of postwar exuberance, relief, and anticipation for the future. Although the station has been known by different call letters over the years, WNTM has always been influential in tapping Mobile's rich potential. During a span of 50 years, WNTM has obviously created a number of local personalities who have turned the ears of listeners daily. From Jack Bitterman and Carl Haug, during the early years of the station's history, to current celebrities like Dick Scott and Mike Malone, these gentlemen, coupled with dozens of other loyal employees, past and present, have truly provided a quality, family oriented program to radio listeners throughout south Alabama. Special thanks should also go to Tim Camp, the current general manager of WNTM. Mr. Speaker, it is with obvious pride that I ask my colleagues to join me, and thousands of south Alabamians, in celebrating the 50th anniversary of WNTM -AM 710. I wish to offer my deepest congratulations, as well as my gratitude for a job well done. Here's to the next 50 years."

(From The Congressional Record)

Next week, a station's golden anniversary and its founder…

Friday, August 26, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to an imitator of Scott O'Brien. "Hi, this is Scott O'Brien and I'm completely sick of this job", said the imitator via voice message. Regular audio clips were played, including "the late, great Gracie". "Thank you so much for joining us today, listener", said the Uncle greeting one & all for today's "star-studded affair" celebrating Scott O'Brien's 30 years in Mobile radio, "and you claim to be fifty". "We have a very special guest in the studio right now", said the Uncle before asking Scott if he dug up the introduction music for guest Gary Mitchell from the archives. Gary was asked if he was the one who found Scott at a radio station in Georgia, with the former WABB employee responding with, "yes, I am". "I replaced a guy named Jerry O'Brien on WABB", said Scott on his predecessor. "My name in Pensacola was Scott", said our program director reflecting on the first radio station her worked for, which was owned by his father Donny Joe Griffith. "I know this is suppose to be a roast", said Gary who has more positives than negatives about Scott. While reflecting on WABB, Scott mentions a former traffic reporter known as Dr. Bob Armstrong, who according to Scott constantly crashed his helicopter. Scott reflects on the events of 1980, including changes at WABB-FM formally known as "The Jive 97.5". "Things was evolving around that time", said Gary, who's theme song from the archives was finally played. "I'm going to roast you next year", said the Uncle reminding us that this is Scott's roasting. Jerry McConnell joins us with this for Scott, "you were the love child between Dot Moore and Uncle Henry". "Heaven forbid", said the Uncle, who's true son wouldn't like disco music unlike Scott. After the break, "Staying Alive" plays in the background as the Uncle speaks to Jim, who was on the FM side of WABB when Scott was on the AM. "We had good times, we debated sports obviously", said Jim, "Scott was probably the best technician I've seen on a board". "Jim used to do sports for us on KSJ", said Scott reflecting on his years at WKSJ-FM with his on-air partner. Scott also remembers a time when Jim was snoring on the air during the station's "Breakfast Club" program. "We have Charlie Moss who hired you in Pensacola", said the Uncle before playing the radio reporter's message for Scott, whom he met in 1965 or 1966. "You were an easy student to have", said Charlie reflecting on young "Scottie Griffith's" training. "I do have one negative comment", said Charlie before reminding Scott about the verbal rules at the Pensacola station, where nobody could use personal pronouns. Our host ends this segment with, "you're listening to the Scott O'Brien roast on NewsRadio 710 WPMI, brought to you by J & J Furniture", which has a 23-year relationship with Scott. During the program's shortest segment, the Uncle mentions the guests for the next hour, including WABB owner Bernie Dittman. Today's 9:30 AM half-half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Second half-hour begins with the old "Tonight Show" theme as the Uncle reminds everyone how to call in, but first a call from Layton, who's voice was enough for our man of the hour to say, "oh my word". "Who is this", Layton asked before finding out that it's his good friend and former WKSJ-FM partner "Scotty Boy". "How is your brother, Thunder", Scott asked before Layton said his brother says "hey". "I tell you Scotty Boy, you have reached a milestone, 30 years on the radio in Mobile, Alabama", said Layton. "I always felt secure when you were in the building", Scott admitted to Layton. "Do you remember when we did a little thing called the Moon Pie song", Scott asked, learning that Layton has yet to receive any royalties in the form of a check. Layton shared a poem in honor of Scott's 30 years on Mobile radio, since he was known in for poetry. "Beautiful job, beautiful, beautiful poem", said the Uncle. Before Layton left us, Scott asked if Bill Dotson ("on the conference line") could join the show "for 30 seconds". "Hey, stupid", said Bill, giving Scott a good laugh before saying that he's "still doing the country thing" in radio. "I miss Mobile tremendously", said Bill, "just wanted to call and make sure you have a nice day and let you know I'm thinking about you". "Let's talk to Les Kerr", said the Uncle before Les joined us with "greetings from Nashville" before sharing his discovery of 710 AM's live Internet stream. "Les did the morning news when we were in this building many years ago in the G-100 days", said Scott, followed by Les reacting with "that's right". Les appreciated Scott's mentioning of the fact that he quit to become a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. "Les, thank you for participating in the roast", said the Uncle before Scott mentioned the gifts he received recently from Les, including a t-shirt and "his current CD". "Good morning Uncle Henry", said John McNeil, "and Scott congratulations". "It's been a great time listening to you on the radio and you've just done a terrific job", said John before leaving us. Dennis "The Hound Dog" Stacy joins us "real quick" before sharing his seven month old story involving Scott asking for a pen, Dennis giving away his "old ink pens", and "within six months, every one of them was gone". After the next break, "Scott O'Brien, you and I are going to revisit your G-100 days", according to the Uncle. "The roast of Scott O'Brien continues", said the Uncle in this "big lineup of people that you heard over the years on radio in Mobile", such as Scott's former WKRG-FM colleague Carmen Brown, who remembers the "fatality freeze Fourth of July weekend". Scott happened to be talking about that particular Independence Day in Mobile early today. "We did a jazz show on G-100 in the early, early Eighties", said Scott after Carmen mentioned that it was him who introduced her on the program. "Scott O'Brien, the real SOB", said Jim Mahaney in an audio message for Scott. "You are a great radio professional Scott, but I never really liked you that much", said Jim, "many more years of continuous success and hope you're having a great day, buddy". "Love to hear him anytime I can", said the Uncle. "That is vintage Jim Mahaney", said Scott reflecting on the fellow's days as a disc jockey at WKRG-FM. "Let's talk to Charlie Ocean" was enough for Scott to repeat the name before greeting its bearer as "Charlie O". Chris Kelly from the "old days" of WABB will join us after the break. Today's 10:00 AM hour gets a 4.0/5!

"I started when I was in high school in 1961", said Chris, who read the news early on, "in my day, we had three turntables and played real records", said Chris. "Man, this is great, I'm in heaven, I'm working for the number one rock n' roll station in town" was how Chris saw himself back then. Before Chris left us, he reminded Scott that there is an "old, old radio guy out here who really appreciates what, what you're doing". Skip O'Brien, Scott's "long lost brother" joins us. "A couple of TV people want to participate in the roast", said the Uncle before WPMI-TV investigator Josh Bernstein returned to congratulate Scott. "So when are going to leave so that I can have your show so that I don't have to come on with Uncle Henry", Josh asked before Scott responded with "no thanks". "I wanted to congratulate Scott on his retirement this morning", said Randy Patrick of WKRG-TV5, who telephoned Scott at WABB for advice on how to get into the radio business when he was 18-years-old. Randy paraphrases Scott's advice back then as, "go find a job at a small market station, get a couple of months experience or a year or so, and then put a tape into the big station". After working at WABS in Fairhope for about six months, Scott sent a tape over to WKRG-AM 710 starting in February 1980. "Adding to the story with Scott O'Brien", said Randy before sharing the "revelation" of having Scott as a roommate during his first pursuit for a new home at age 21. "Uncle Henry, do you remember who's place Randy Patrick took on the sports desk at Channel 5", Scott asked before finding out that it was Jack Grease. "He was a true gem, you are too, Scott", said Randy before leaving us. "That so far is my favorite revelation", said the Uncle after hearing about Randy's brief stay with Scott. The friendship of former WABB employee Lee Stamp and Scott began as early as the seventh grade. "You've done something noteworthy", said Wayne Gardner to Scott, who responded modestly with "well, I guess". "This has been a fun show to listen to", said Wayne before leaving us. "I was one of two people who tried to replace Wayne Gardner", said Scott on his years at WKSJ, "the only one who has done it successfully is Dan Brennan". Final whirlwind segment begins with Bill Black of WKSJ with memories of being trained for the station. "Congratulations on 30 great years", said Bill, who is now "kinda" Scott's boss since he still does work for the station. WABB owner Bernie Dittman's audio message for Scott was played, including memories of "several reasons to fire him". "Except for the lawsuits and the FCC complaints, Scott did a fine job here", according to Bernie. After the message, our host acknowledges that Scott "always says the nicest things about Bernie Dittman" unlike some other disc jockeys. "He's got them all going, I just love the man", said Scott. Kirby Stevens joins us to say that Scott is "the biggest turkey I ever heard roasted on radio", along with his enjoyment for working alongside him at WKSJ. Since Lee Stamp knew Scott longer than his other friends, our host asked if he has one more thing to say about Scott. "I hope he gets another 30 years… he needs to work just to pay his bills", said Lee. Scott thanked the Uncle for hosting, along with everyone else for participating in a show he enjoyed. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Notes of Interest"

"Two Hundred and Ten Years, oh my God" - Scott O'Brien's Mobile Radio Career in Dog Years

Today's Show Previewed in "Bay Weekend Briefs"

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show with....

Folks, due to a certain 7-year-old computer freezing twice, today's show with WPMI-TV investigative reporter Josh Bernstein in its unedited and unsaved form was lost in the word processor "Word". These occurrences may be rare, but it's always best to save unedited documents immediately after finishing them in a word processor.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by a voice message from "The Idea Guy". "I'm willing to get Brent, Tim, and you", said "Idea" suggesting that they before make the trip to G.W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas to ask why he's not allowing the bombing of any hurricane/tropical storm threatening the USA. "Idea" would provide the pup tents as part of the protest. Audio clips of Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's "offensive comments" yesterday, along with caller Pat's reaction were played. "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show, a pleasure to be with you, listener", said the Uncle, who happened to thinking about us a lot last night, wondering about our thoughts on the election results. "Sam Jones almost won this thing out right", said our former mayoral candidate/host on the outcome of the mayor's race, "now we have a runoff, very strong Sam Jones, and the very hungry challenger John Peavy". "Is there a point in continuing campaigning", was among our host's questions for the listeners today, whether Peavy should continue or not. Our host's questions for Bess Rich and Ann Bedsole voters include, "are you going to vote in the runoff" and "who are you going to vote for". After reminding listeners to call in at (251) 479-2723, the Uncle also reminds us that he is "curious to what you are thinking, listener". Our host congratulates former Mike Dow representative and former WKRG-TV5 reporter Gina Gregory for her District 7 victory. Robert joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before informing us that Bedsole wouldn't endorse any runoff candidate because it "wouldn't be appropriate". "Roll Tide, Uncle Henry", said Jerry before reporting on the "voter apathy" around the time he voted for Bess Rich yesterday, which was around 9:00 AM. "Seems like there would be a lot more voters getting out to vote", according to Jerry on this "very important election". "I was in and out in five minutes", said Jerry before reminding voters to do so in the runoff election. "I think I'm going to vote John Peavy", said Jerry before leaving us. "It's all speculation at this point", said J.P. on the weeks before the mayoral and District 2 runoff elections on September 13th. After the break a voice message from Tim after reading about "this dag gum cruise ship" in the Mobile Register, reacting with "Dow's done it again". Our host preview's tomorrow's conversation with WPMI-TV investigator Josh Bernstein to be "quite exciting". Jim the Tax Man joins us with predictions that the City of Mobile would be in "stagnation" under Sam Jones and "progressive" with John Peavy. "Mr. Peavy has an outstanding choice, just to move ahead and the city ahead", said Jim. According to our next caller and "the Jones camp", our voice message commentator Al (or "Big Al") "is going to be appointed to take Dick Cashdollar's position", which is public safety director. After hearing about this supposed appointment, our host reacted with a "raspberry" type of sound. "Hello, Miss B.", said the Uncle as our "old time Mobilian" shares her tale of voting yesterday, including the folks she thanks for keeping things efficient. "I think Mr. Peavy has been…a politician and he's been a business man", said Miss B. before the break. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Second half-hour begins with "a couple of observations from a Baldwin County resident", who now sees the Thomas Sullivan Community Center & voting precinct having no positive effect on Sullivan's outcome in the District 2 election, resulting in a runoff. Our observer also had a good laugh after mentioning former radio personality Shane McBryde's 110 votes in the race for District 7 councilman. "What a poor decision on your part", said the Uncle to listeners joining us at after 10:00 AM, "don't join us late". He reminds them to tune in at 9:30 AM, when the Michael P. Sloan newsbreak prepares them for the show. "How you doing, buddy", said Ray before asking if anybody "has morals or values in this town" after yesterday's election, "people are afraid of change, I'm sure". "There are a lot of people who want to move out of this area, period", said Ray referring to the education system in Mobile County. "Lost Walt, thanks to Leeanna", said the Uncle before summoning Leeanna with audio of listener Jan's "Leeann" and "Evil Irrational Man's" "Leeanna" playing alternately. Besides chastising our call screener, the Uncle requests that she books Sam Jones and Mike Dow as future guests. "We need Gina Gregory", the Uncle added. After Leeanna's mention of Shane McBryde as a guest, our host reacts with "look, don't rub it in on him". "He got 48% of the vote without taking phone calls", said the Uncle on Jones, whom he believes doesn't have to make a return visit to the show. "Have I given you too much to do so far", said the Uncle before asking Leeanna for guest suggestions. As for Mobile County Commissioner Mike Dean, whom the Uncle threw in, he's unlikely to be a guest due to possible hurricane/tropical storm preparations. Mr. C. thanked our host for allowing Ray on the show. "I wonder if this political storm is going to cost much trouble as hurricanes do", said Cecil. After yesterday's outcome in the District 2 race, "the only two (council members) I trust and believe in are Ben Brooks and Connie Hudson". "I still say that the storm's coming in to the City of Mobile", said Cecil before leaving us. "Yes, I take sides", said the Uncle in response to Cecil's call before K.P. joined us with a "programming request", including a show with Thomas Sullivan and a tennis professional where the former's care of the tax dollar can be discussed. "I guess it's a good morning", said Mary, who won't vote in the runoff election after neither one of the female mayoral candidates she supported made it to that point. "Very interesting", said the Uncle after this "first documented case" of a voter not wanting to vote again in this election. Before the break, our host mentions the "record turnout" of voters yesterday, which may not be true due to the rate of folks "sitting at home like that". After the break, "Idea" asks when the editorial board at the "The Mobile Dis-Register" or "the local fish rag" will start investigating Peavy's childhood, including his photographs. Dow's appearance next Wednesday was Leeanna's special announcement after the Uncle summoned her again. "See, I have been working", said our call screener. "We'll talk to him about who's most like him, who he thinks is going to win", said the Uncle before congratulating our call screener on doing "a portion" of what he wants her to do. According to Chad on the significance of Gina Gregory's win of the District 7 position, "I feel that she's going to be lock step and goose step with the residents of Districts 1, 2, and 3". "It's time for the news, then more Uncle Henry", said our host before the newsbreak. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from Tim, "I don't know who's going to be the next mayor, but they better freeze [Dow's] dag gum budget". Audio of Dow saying that Mobile is one of the lowest taxed cities were played. According to our host, Josh Bernstein will "enlighten us on his activities" tomorrow. The Reverend Bradberry joins us on what he considers to be "a sad day in Mobile" after learning from today's Register that he would have to choose between "two corrupt" candidates in the mayoral runoff election. Walt joins us at last with "an interjection in the conversation" by showing interest in the idea of a metro government in Mobile County, which would "bring good adequate services". "Good morning, Uncle Henry", said Jack in response to Bradberry bringing up the point that both members of a political party went to jail in the "old days". "I missed you, Uncle Henry", said our former Mobile resident who now has a home in New Orleans, "you folks take up the good fight". "I'm somewhat…feel good about Mr. Jones getting in there", said Nick of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, who believes Jones has the common sense when it comes to annexing West Mobile. Final whirlwind segment begins with "The Long Ranger" theme as Tom's message to a driver leading about fifty cars while driving 15 MPH was played. "I'm tired of hearing his crap", said one fellow via voice message suggesting the assassination of Patrick Robertson in response to the religious broadcaster's call for the killing of Venezuela's president. "Let's talk to Chuck", said the Uncle before Chuck asked if Peavy has resigned from the Mobile City Council yet, which won't be necessary since his term is almost up. Caller Van was referring to WPMI-TV reporter Brian Johnson's speeders reports ("this is a schooooooool zone, school zone, hello!"), which has begun a regular feature at the station, where viewers can telephone or send electronic mail reporting on someone driving beyond the speed limit. "Tomorrow, don't miss tomorrow with Josh Bernstein", said the Uncle, who always finds his visits to be excellent. Our host concludes today's show with, "if you have doubts, read your Bible". Today's show gets a 5/5!

Today's show gets a 5/5!

"Too Early To Tell" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from Tim. "Hey, Uncle Henry", said Tim before mentioning his electric bills addressed "from three different districts in the city…I guess I can vote for everyone". Regular audio clips, including the late great Gracie's "so I've come back to reality, I've come back to you" was played. Next voice message comes from a fellow just "passing by Cathedral Square" before asking if "dog waste acts as fertilizer and is that what we need more of", as in more people walking their dogs in the Square. "Thank you so much for joining me on today's Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle greeting one & all on this election day, "a momentous day" for the City of Mobile. The "NBC Olympics" theme and clips from the Mobile City Council such as "I strongly disagree with Mr. Nodine" signal the arrival of Mobile County Commission Steve Nodine. "Memories", said the commissioner after hearing those clips. "I have endorsed Mr. Peavy", said Steve, which contradicts what our host remembers from the commissioner's last visit, including Nodine saying he would be "friendly to all". "It is indeed a fact that Sam Jones attacked me", said Steve. "Why the anger now instead of when you started working with him", the Uncle asked about Nodine and Peavy. "I have not had, even after the Waffle House incident, not been attacked by my constituents", said Steve. Audio of Jones from his visit to the show was played, including "I don't have any problem working with Steve Nodine… he has worked with me quite frankly and it's not an issue". "I am still peeved and I will continue to be", said Steve continuing to reflect on the "Waffle House incident" and the racism allegations after that. "I think people have made up their minds and are very educated", said Steve on the voters today. Before the break our host reminds listeners that the show shall continue with Steve "The Hammer" Nodine. After the break a version of the "Bonanza" theme plays in the background as the Uncle asks Nodine if he'll be taking calls, unlike mayoral candidate Sam Jones last week. Before getting to any live calls Nodine spoke against the "hypocrisy of this editorial board", including the Register's criticism of his political consultant. "I don't think they should attack candidates based on their political consultants", said Steve seconds before the break. Before the newsbreak, a clip of our host asking, "Mayor Dow's done what", with the caller responding with "a beautiful job" was played. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Second half-hour begins with Nodine's theme as a voice message from "The Idea Guy" plays, when he asked himself why do we need a capital improvement fund if money is transferred from it every year, which "soon-to-be-former mayor" Mike Dow did recently according to the Mobile Register. "We continue with Steve Nodine, county commissioner", said the Uncle before Nodine reacted to the previous voice message. "We should all get along, Uncle Henry, it's hard to do", said first caller Tim. "I don't condone anyone saying something out about another candidate", said Tim sharing Nodine's feelings, unless there is any proof to support that candidate's accusation. "I don't have the greatest personality in the world, I have my faults", said Steve before the Uncle found out that caller Debbie has "mysteriously" left us. Paul joins us with a question on investing in property taxes, "isn't this the true answer to our tax problems". "To save the tax payers' money is something we have to address", said Steve, "we have enough money…government does not need additional revenue". "If the property tax idea is feasible, it is worth taking a look at", said Steve before our next caller. "It would be a shame to lose Sam Jones in the county commission", Steve said before the break. "Steve Nodine is leaving soon", said the Uncle before allowing Betty to speak to the commissioner about a draining ditch she lives by. "The water is really coming up into my yard", said Betty. "Ah yes, Mr. Nodine, I'm normally not a regular talk show listener", said Pat joining us on election day before informing Nodine that he could have used a better choice of words earlier. "I think that was my mom, that last phone caller", said Steve after Pat left us. "I'm glad the candidates have all talked about it", said Steve on every candidate speaking about annexing West Mobile. "Just go out and vote and be part of the process", said Steve before leaving the studio. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Third half-hour begins with "hey, Uncle Henry, this is Al" in a voice message expressing "enjoyment" for last night's mayoral forum on WKRG-TV5. "I'm kind of glad he enlightened on that", said Al after hearing Sam Jones speak about Mobile Regional Airport and fuel costs. "I give Miss Bedsole, bless he heart a C" was among Al's grades given to the candidates, along with a "A" for Jones. "Just because Nodine left doesn't mean you get the rest of the day off" was our host's message for Leeanna after we lost another caller. "Hello, J.P.", said the Uncle before figuring that the phone line the fellow was on "exploded". Christian joins us after leaving a polling place, where he "tried to write in" his vote for our host. Since Christian mentioned the Uncle's campaign sign featured on his website, our host brought mentioned that "someone went and put Uncle Henry signs all around this part of town". According to our host, he will probably be held responsible for the signs very soon. "Let's see if I can use line 3, hello K.P.", said the Uncle before K.P. said that the lady offended by Nodine's use of one particular word mispronounced it. After hearing K.P.'s supposed correction, our host considered him to be the type of person who throws things at beehives or wasp nests. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of Ann Bedsole and Leeanna last Friday discussing tattoos. "Very strange", said the Uncle when the two "bonded about tattoos". "I'm tired of hearing it", said Leeanna on this mayoral race, which she can't vote in since she lives in Theodore, south of Mobile. Our host asked Leeanna if she viewed WPMI-TV reporter Brian Johnson's new report on speeders last night or this morning, marking the beginning of a regular feature at the station. "Later in the week, we've got a couple of special programs", including WPMI-TV investigator Josh Bernstein with more to talk about and a roasting of Scott O'Brien this Friday, which marks his 30th year in broadcasting. A voice message congratulating Scott was played, including a suggesting that he "stops being so liberal". "No guests tomorrow, just you and me", said the Uncle before ending today's show with a reminder that "when in doubt" read the Bible. During the last few seconds, a campaign commercial interrupted us for less than one second before our host ended the show. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

"Earlier is Better" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, August 22, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from Tim "laying here watching the news". He was surprised at the report on the people of Mississippi previously having no idea how to pronounce the name of the town Gautier. "Maybe he (Mike Dow) can change your name too", said Tim before mentioning Dow dubbing Mobile the "Paris of the South". "Dr. Henry, it's me again", said Danny in the next voice message. "Thank you so much, yes, thank you so much listener, I missed you", said the Uncle greeting one & all before thanking listeners as usual for the continuous success of the show. "I want to apologize ahead of time for Leeanna not answering the phones", said our former mayoral candidate/host before admitting that he was thinking about us Saturday night. "I tuned in to that FOX 10…I forgot that FOX 10 actually did news", said the Uncle mentioning viewing of the mayoral forum moderated by news anchor Bob Grip. "He's still on television, believe it or not", said the Uncle as he mentions Grip pulling out questions for the four mayoral candidates out of a fish bowl. Most of the questions written on index cards were from listeners of WBLX 93 FM. One question that went to Ann Bedsole was quite shocking, along with her response on the schools in Baldwin County being superior to those in Mobile. "I'm legally prevented from recording", said the Uncle on why he was unable to tape the entire mayoral forum. "I never heard that said, maybe it's true", said the Uncle on Bedsole's response. "What roll, if any, should the mayor play in improving education", was another question that amused our host. "That was a point of contention for decades", said the Uncle, "there's nothing that the mayor can do except being morally supportive". "Sam Jones gave the wrong answer", according to the Uncle. Audio of Mike Dow during the debate with predecessor Arthur Outlaw was played in reaction to the nature of this question. "That was, what, sixteen years ago", said the Uncle before asking how many school board meetings did Dow really attend. "The mayor should be mayor, and let the school board be the school board", said the Uncle. In conclusion, our host enjoyed WALA Channel 10's debate and the "fish bowl gimmick". "In the future…I'm going to have a fish bowl", said the Uncle on a future show where he'll ask the guests question written by fellow employees. During the commerical break, audio of Dow saying, "once these people, one of them is going to get my job…they're going to be in consternation" was played. After the break, some classic "Bad Bill" audio suggesting that if Mike Dow were to run for president, Clinton Johnson of the Mobile City Council should be vice president. According to a whole different Bill, Ann Bedsole "is definitely an asset to Mobile and Mobile County" and admits to underestimating her in the past. "Good morning, my friend", said Mr. C. before mentioning a recorded phone message encouraging him to vote for candidate John Peavy. Cecil also recommend that listeners read Friday's "Letters to the Editor" in the Mobile Register, where some writer referred to crosses as clutter. "It was unbelievable", said our next caller on the six mayoral campaign-related calls he received in a four-hour span the other night. "These people want to be mayor bad", said the Uncle, "this must be a more valuable office than any of us ever realized". During the show's shortest segment, Tom via voice message reports on the "waving & smiling" folks holding mayoral campaign signs as he drives down Airport Blvd. "Go no where, stay where you are", said the Uncle before the newsbreak. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Second half-hour begins with a voice message beginning with "hey, Uncle Henry, this is Al" before asking if Sam Jones is "the only veteran in the race", as in military veteran. "We have more to discuss", said the Uncle before allowing Jim the Tax Man on the air. "This is a lot more important than that", said Jim after hearing listeners' concerns about the mayor's race, "they are not looking for the office and its prestige, they are looking for the good of the whole city of Mobile and our area". "Mr. Jones is no doubt an extreme liberal democrat…the other three are consensus conservatives", said Jim before leaving us. Our host once again directs listeners to Chip Drago's Mobile Bay Times website for the donations each candidate's campaign has received, such as Gina Gregory running for the District 7 seat receiving money from Fred Richardson of the city council. "The Idea Guy" joins us to comment on Gregory and Richardson by saying that the donation was made at the same Waffle House restaurant where the Steve Nodine "incident" occurred. "Roll Tide, Henry", said K.P. in response to George ("that moron", said K.P.) asking about occupational tax for non-Mobilians just visiting. "That is the biggest bunch of…ok, I said I would be nice", said K.P. before ending his call in time for the break. After the break, Willie joins us in response to "Mr. 32 degree", referring to George before showing how thankful he was to have "retired out of Mobile". He also tries to stay away from here as much as possible nowadays. Willie was referring to the Thomas Sullivan Community Center's electioneering as a voting precinct, since it has a picture of Sullivan up for re-election in his district. "I would call that a violation of the law", said Willie. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

Third half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that the voice message number (251) 706-BULL should be used "in the middle of the night" before allowing a different George on the air. "Can you help me out", George asked after mentioning his curiosity for Sam Jones' education, marriage status, and children. "Have a good weekend", Norman asked our host before asking "did they have a debate or was it a forum" on WALA Channel 10. "It was a forum", said the Uncle. Norman mentioned the last mayoral forum airing live on WKRG-TV5, making him wonder whether it would be a debate or a forum. Before Norman left us, he expressed his anger toward the Mobile Register's Sunday comics getting smaller to make room for advertisements and self-promotions. "Look how destorted they are to make the ads", said Norman before leaving us. As Norman spoke about the Sunday comics, our host continued his stance on the comics' lost in quality over the past few decades. "Good morning, Uncle Henry", said Linda before sharing her memories of working in a consultant office where a "one time raise" of $32,000 was given to employees such as her, which was even reported for the Mobile Register. The Reverend Bradberry joins us to say that according to the Mobile Register's profile of Sam Jones, "all they have is a GED" for education, yet the Jones campaign website says he attended high school. "It's getting interesting as we face the election tomorrow", said the Uncle before the last commercial break for the day. Final whirlwind segment begins a voice message from "Idea" after reading Saturday's Mobile Register after returning from Birmingham. After Leeanna was summoned by her theme, her response to our host's shout was, "there's sound proof walls and I can still hear you". She was asked about her excitement for tomorrow's elections, which will be the last day she would have to hear from them. "Tomorrow, I'm sure you would love Steve Nodine come here", said the Uncle, with our call screener saying "only if we have to". "Thank you for holding, Nick", said our host before Nick spoke. "What is that jewelry you're wearing", the Uncle asked Leeanna. "It's my zodiac sign", she said. "Lots of people are going to you know where", said the Uncle after considering the symbol to be demonic. Today's 10:30 AM gets a 4.5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

"Steamy and Stormy" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 51

49 years and 351 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Alabama Congressman Jo Bonner Congratulates WKRG (Part 3)

"Mr. Speaker, one of the most important services which can be provided for the American people is an effective and efficient television broadcast organization. For the past 5 decades, WKRG in Mobile has provided just such an important and invaluable service to the residents of Alabama's First District and throughout the Gulf Coast region. I ask my colleagues to join with me in congratulating Mr. Joe Goleniowski, Vice President and General Manager of WKRG, and his entire team on 50 years of excellence."

(From The Congressional Record)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from "The Idea Guy". Next voice message comes from Tim suggesting that we take some of those "junk cars" from Mobile Regional Airport and make it appear someone is always at the Mobile Convention Center. "Thank you so much, thank you listener for joining me", said the Uncle greeting one & all, including the listeners he thinks about on a "healthy amount of time". "The final candidate for mayor to visit the Uncle Henry Show" Ann Bedsole will join us for the 10:00 AM hour of the program, a conversation that our host looks forward to. "Before that, open phones", said the Uncle before reminding us to call in at (251) 479-2723. First, "to my private, cellular telephone [a] voice message from Josh Bernstein", said the Uncle as he gives us limited details on the WPMI-TV investigator's pending story involving one Mobile mayoral candidate. "Do not take vacation away from the show" was our host's advice for listeners who want more details on Bernstein's story from the fellow himself. "Pay close attention for the Josh Bernstein visit", said the Uncle. "I wish I were drug tested on a daily bases here", said the Uncle as he expresses his stance against marijuana and glue used as a drug substitute before reading the Mobile Register's front page story on a marijuana farm in West Mobile. "They had their roots in the water", said the Uncle on the plants sucking up water that goes into the City of Mobile's water supply. "You need to turn to page 4A", said the Uncle directing us to the page featuring the rest of this news story. Besides purchasing today's newspaper to read this story, our host recommends finding a paper lying around in the doctor's office. "They could not even compose a no trespassing sign beyond two words", said the Uncle after reading about the sign made by the marijuana growers that simply says "No Go", probably an indication of brain damage. After the break, "hey Uncle Henry, this is Danny trying my best not to sound like Al" suggesting that voters "take their second choice" only if their first choice has no chance of becoming mayor, according to all indications (polls). "I disagree with you, Danny", said the Uncle, "they're all a little too close". Our host suggests for those deeply interested in the mayor's race go to Chip Drago's Mobile Bay Times website, which includes "very, very interesting" information on money given to the candidates' campaigns. "I've been listening to your radio over the last couple of months", said first caller Philip who once had no idea why our host dropped out of the mayor's race until today. Our host explained to him that "the company I work for" offered a five-year deal worth taking. Before the break our host spoke on how ridiculous it is to hold elections in the middle on August, especially in this part of the country. "It's designed to limit citizen involvement and I'm curious", said the Uncle, who would find himself risking his health in the weather if he were still running for mayor. Before the end of this half-hour, audio of Mike Dow's "so, get involved, get involved…I think Lillian Jackson's looking at me high about now" clip was played. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with the Uncle greeting Mobile mayoral candidate Ann Bedsole. "I love to hear you talk", said the Uncle, which Ann very much appreciates. Ann's self-encouragement for speeding up her voice is "think you are from Pennsylvania". "You seem very youthful and vital", said the Uncle after mentioning the negatives about Bedsole being too old to be mayor. "People can say what they want to", said Ann before reminding some voters that when they voted Reagan for president, he was about current age back in 1980. "I love Mobile and that's why I'm doing it", said Ann on the reason for her run for mayor, "I'm pretty healthy". "I just felt that we've come so far in Mobile and I just can't afford to see all of that drift away", Ann added. "One other question before the phones", said the Uncle, "how do you feel about the entire Mike Dow era of politics in Mobile…just your thoughts on him and the state of the city". "I think he's leaving it in better shape", said Ann economically speaking, "he's certainly the best cheerleader we have for this city". Bedsole's major difference from Dow is when it comes to getting along with members of the Mobile City Council. After the break a voice message from a fellow who knows that our host is "having Ann Bedsole on your program today". Our host asked Bedsole if she's ready for phone calls, she responded with "yes, sir". "How do you feel about the present system of discretionary funds in the City of Mobile", J.P. asked, with Ann responding that she never found the funds necessary. "The real problem is that all districts are not equal and some require more capital", said Ann, "it makes it difficult to make life equal for everybody". "Let's talk to Martha, hello Martha", said the Uncle before the Baldwin County resident wished she lived in Mobile to vote for Bedsole, which she appreciated. "I had the pleasure of meeting you", said Martha since she president of some "parents thing" before expressing that "I want you to win". Ann reacted by saying she also wants to win. Thomas referred to Ann as Miss Bedsole at the beginning of his call, with the mayoral candidate responding with "thank you Thomas, call me Ann". Thomas asked how Bedsole how she would throw a baseball in this weekend's Mobile Bay Bears game, where the Mike Dow bobble heads will be given away. Our candidate mentioned that she and her husband owned a farm in Monroeville, Alabama, where she gained the experience needed for a good ball pitch. "Good morning, Uncle Henry", said Bart before asking, "how are you doing, Ann". Bart asked Bedsole "what's in it for us", referring to West Mobile residents after the election. Before taking a break, our host asked Bedsole "under what conditions" would she be in favor of lowering sales taxes. "I think if you lower the sales tax and annex West Mobile…we would increase income [for the City of Mobile]", said Ann. "Every government creates waste", said Ann, "if you've been office for 16 years, things will accumulate". Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that we'll have "plenty of opportunities" to hear from Bedsole and the other candidates on their views this weekend. Danny asked Bedsole why she's running for mayor. "I know you already answered this early in the program", said the Uncle before Ann answered again for folks such as Danny, along with the idea of her being someone that voters can trust. "Let's get something straight, first of all", said George before mentioning Bedsole's southern charms, including her voice. George mainly joined us for the candidate's answers on streets receiving revenue, including Michigan Ave. "Michigan Avenue was once the most beautiful street in Mobile", said Ann with memories of the trolley that was once roamed that street. After over 40 years as a voter, Tom so far doesn't have interest in voting this year, unless Bedsole can change his mind on the court downtown. "Good morning", said Chad before showing his dislike for this mayoral election being non-partisan, because he wants to know how the candidates lean politically, except Bedsole (R). "All of you seem to be saying we can't cut taxes unless we annex West Mobile", according to Chad. "Good morning, how are y'all", said Tim before asking Bedsole if the title of "senator" stays with you for life, which begins after the first day of work according to our mayoral candidate and former state senator. "Well, that's news to me", said Tim. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle welcoming Terrence and his "Roll Tide" shout. "You've saved the best for last, hello Ann Bedsole", said Terrence before asking the candidate about her first one hundred days if elected mayor of Mobile. "Getting rid of unnecessary regulations among necessary", said Bedsole on these "busy one hundred days" in office. Leeanna is summoned by audio of listener Jan's "Leeann" because our host wants "to apologize for the way she is dressed". Our host was surprised to learn at the very end of the show that Bedsole actually loves tattoos as much as our call screener, though she would only wear the stick on kind. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

"Warm Weekend" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to Lillian Jackson's "street talk" clip. "Street talk is really 50% or maybe 90% percent truth", said the late community activist, "you hear all kind of things". First voice message comes from "The Idea Guy" on his way to Jacksonville, Alabama suggesting that Mobile mayoral candidate John Peavy say, "you know that I know what's going on" to avoid any accusations. Part of the "Ok, here we go, hello you're on the air" clip was heard before our host's introduction. "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show, it a pleasure to be with you", said the Uncle greeting one & all before expressing appreciation for our listenership. "Apologies for using the slang word 'preciated", said the Uncle, who would still "communicate with many as possible" through the show's demographics. "This is our only day this week without guests", said the Uncle before encouraging listeners to call in today at (251) 479-2723, no matter what the costs are for listeners outside the area code. "We'll get into the strange polling in the city election", said the Uncle previewing a future discussion today. "Got a comment on that", said the Uncle before playing a voice message commenting on Baldwin County considering a drug testing program for students who participate in extra curriculum programs. "I want to thank you for your call", said the Uncle before informing this fellow in disagreement with school drug tests that no special curriculum student testing positive would be suspended or expelled from his or her school. "We would identity the over partiers and get 'em", according to the Uncle. Our host does have one problem with the Baldwin County plan, "the children who are withdrawn and don't participate are far more likely to be the drug addicts". "Also the teachers should be tested", the Uncle later added, "I would be in favor of that". First caller Bill joins us with a "good morning" before sharing his comments on the City of Mobile and the county. "I've got my own consultant….Mr. Google", said the Uncle referring to the Google search engine after Bill's mention of the issue of city consultants. "Hey, Uncle Henry, Roll Tide", said Chris of Baldwin County before sharing his story of a child who ended up becoming addicted to drugs after meeting a athletic student. "She went through the drug rehab stuff", said Chris, who actually had to turn his daughter over to the police, leading up to a three month stay in a juvenile facility, which actually cleared her mind. "You would do anything you can to rescue that child", said Chris. "If you don't deal with it then, it might turn into a monster", said the Uncle seconds before the first commerical break. After the break, voice message commentator Al suggested that we "don't talk about the police forces doing pretty good" this week with the mayoral candidates. "Al, you and I see the world in such as different way", said the Uncle, "I disagree with you completely". "They have been treated poorly", said the Uncle on the reason for the low morale in local law enforcement. "It's a terrible, terrible perspective you have on the police force that is not based on [any] reality", said the Uncle before speaking to Omar, whose call was lost in the middle of a discussion on making drug testing public on the Internet. "Well, we have a big event coming", said our second Bill speaking about the mayoral election next Tuesday, which according to him will be Mobile's turning point "for the next fifty years". "I want to make another prediction, Uncle Henry", said Bill before sharing his prediction for an even greater city deficit if Mobile County Commissioner Sam Jones is elected mayor. "He can't think on his feat", said Bill on Jones not allowing callers during his show appearance. Our first half-hour ends with some classic audio of Dot Moore, a friend of our host for many years." Hi, I'm Dot Moore and I just like to listen to Uncle Henry on News/Talk…", said the longtime TV personality referring to the Uncle's old show on WABB "News/Talk" 1480 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with a voice message from one fellow who is "very disturbed" about our host's decision to allow Sam Jones on the air yesterday. "Does this mean he's not going to be responsible for his behavior", this fellow asked. "Thank you for continuing to listen to the Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle greeting listeners yet again before reminding us to get ready for audio of WPMI-TV's story on a "strange polling place". We lost a police officer on the telephone line, probably outraged by Al's voice message. "Hey, Uncle Henry", said Walter, who considers our host to be an "entertainer", explaining why he's not taxed for his job. "You are reecho criminals just as Mike Dow is", according to Walter. "That was rather abrupt", laughed the Uncle after Walter ended his call on the note of Peavy being as guilty as Dow, since he was councilman early in his sixteen years as mayor. Jim the Tax Man joins us with "a serious question about this occupational tax for the City of Mobile", along with a challenge for Jones saying that occupational tax is illegal only in the City of Mobile, yet the state of Alabama just passed such a tax. "I have got to find out where that is", said Jim in search of the writing making occupational tax illegal in Mobile. "Hey there, Uncle Henry, Roll Tide Roll", said Terrence before applauding 710 AM on the "mayoral forum" this week. "I am ashamed as an African American that he can't stand the heat", said Terrence on Jones yesterday. Terrence believes that "his girl" Ann Bedsole will "shine tomorrow". "Ann Bedsole's name speaks for herself", said Terrence, who believes the mayoral candidate can "get things done" with her experience. "That's a good answer", said the Uncle after our most "fired up supporter" for any candidate left us. After the break, WPMI-TV's polling place story. Our next voice message comes from Kermit reminding us about Dow's numerous visits to Cuba since Limbaugh spoke about Castro during his radio program the other day. According to WPMI-TV and reporter Richard Allyn, the Thomas Sullivan Community Center happens to be one of six federally approved polling sites in District 2, which Sullivan currently serves in the Mobile City Council. "It sounds like something from a third world country, it sounds third world country", said the Uncle on Mobile's tacky tradition of public servants naming places "after themselves", including a park named for Sullivan. "It's an embarrassment, it really is", said the Uncle before reminding us about those who say, "it doesn't matter" if the polling place is named after a city council candidate. "Needless to say, most of this country doesn't do that", said the Uncle on public servants who are still in office or alive having places named after them. "Well, it's the feeling of self-fulfillment, isn't it", said John, who mentioned the Michael C. Dow Amphitheater and the place named after Clinton Johnson of the city council. According to Lisa the America's Junior Miss program doesn't bring any revenue back into the City of Mobile. "All of these girls are programmed when they come here to love Mobile", said the Uncle on the Junior Misses, or "robot girls" as he called them. After our host asked Lisa for her mayoral vote, "I still just don't know" was her response before mentioning her lean toward candidate Bess Rich. Expect Lisa and her husband to vote for anybody but John Peavy. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Third half-hour begins with yet another voice message from Al, who "enjoyed your talk show today". "I feel like Mr. Jones is the best candidate that's in the race and if anybody that don't vote for Mr. Jones, I believe they're… a couple of things wrong with them", said our voice message commentator. "Good morning and Roll Tide", said Max, who enjoyed "the cool stuff you had", referring to the mayoral conversations this week. Max also remembers Ann Bedsole's last defeat in the race for public office, "she was very, very upset about that". Max sees Bess Rich as "very calm" so far in this race for mayor. After our next caller was lost, Leeanna was summoned for her opinion on, "a couple of things you hear". According to our call screener, it's probably our host's "yapping" that causes some callers to leave the line. "Yapping" happens to be "what I'm paid to do", said our host. "Evil Irrational Man's" reaction to yesterday's voice message comparing his female sounding voice to a lady in a Peavy radio advertisement was played. "That woman or man whatever that is", said the Uncle before asking Leeanna if these two people are the same person, which she believes is not true. Before receiving Leeanna's next opinion, our host plays a voice message with someone's impression of him. "That's a good impression", said our call screener, who would want to hear an impression of her. According to our host, there is a radio advertisement with someone that sounds similar to Leeanna. Unfortunately, we cannot compare those two voices today. After our call screener left the room, the Uncle got to a "late night voice message" from a fellow sharing his workplace troubles. At the end he mentioned his meeting with a female at a service station, which was enough for our host to say, "oh, my goodness". "If you ever get into a disagreement with a co-worker, don't throw things at them", was our host's advice for folks such as that fellow. Another Jim called in "on this mayor's race" asking why anybody outside the state would want to send money to the mayoral candidates. Before the break, our host informed Jim about the candidates appearing this week, along with Sam Jones' condition for appearing on the show. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message saying that, "the regular people around here want to know who is who", as in the candidates' and their party affiliation. Next voice message comes from Kermit asking how come the Mike Dow bobble heads were made in China rather than Cuba. John asked our host if he has received an update from WPMI-TV reporter Josh Bernstein in pursuit of documents listing the names of local officials and their dates of birth. Not yet, according to our host. Willie joins us on "two or three things", first the Baldwin County Public School System's list of suspension items. "Suspend them, get 'em out of school", said Willie after suggesting the addition of drugs such as Tylenol to the list of items suspended. Our host was very excited for Tim joining us. Tim mentioned a news story he was unable to find in the Mobile Register on the previous presidential administration "thumbing their nose" through the threats against the USA. Our host reminds listeners that Ann Bedsole will be on the program tomorrow for us to find out "what she's about". Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Today' show gets a 4.9/5!

"A Little More Sun" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to "hi", said Laura in a classic exchange with the Uncle captured on tape. "How about a spoonful of War Eagle", Laura asked about the Auburn battle cry, with our host responding with "what about it". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle greeting one & all before thanking listeners for their continuous listenership, which he appreciates. "There is an atmosphere of anticipation", according to our former mayoral candidate/host on the excitement building within the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building before Mobile mayoral candidate Sam Jones joins us during the 10:00 AM hour to show us "what he's about". "If you want to know about the candidates, you have to work hard", said the Uncle before considering today's upcoming conversation to be the easiest way. "I want to congratulate Baldwin County schools yet again", said the Uncle as he commends the school system's proposal of for drug testing students who drive or take an extra curriculum, including sports. "Not enough drug testing", according to the Uncle's view of society. "This is a good plan, because it takes the controversy out", said the Uncle on a proposal that would shut out "the Scott O'Brien argument" against drug testing. "I would set an example and be tested myself", said the Uncle after mentioning that adults or parents can also take the school system's drug tests. Show number (251) 479-2723 and the voice message number (251) 706-BULL were given out before the first commercial break, giving listeners time to formulate his or her call. After the break, a voice message with "a quick message for Mobile's new mayor, whoever that will be", including a reminder to not even attempt to annex Saraland, Alabama. "Try it and you'll probably be run out of town", according to this fellow. "First call of the day had to be deleted", said the Uncle after the delay system was used in order to avoid fines from the Federal Communications Commission. Audio of listener Jan's "Leeann" was used to summon Leeanna for an explanation. "How am I going to get more guests to come in if you're letting in the freaks", the Uncle asked, followed by a question if there anything is hanging off his mustache, according to Scott O'Brien. "She's dressed very casually today", said the Uncle as Leeanna left the room. First real caller Betty asked if it's possible to have all seven District 7 candidates on the show, which won't be likely. "Not really", was Betty's response to our host's question on whether she's leaning toward a candidate or not. "You talked about channel, I mean District 7 before", said Betty, who probably had former WKRG-TV5 reporter ("the TV girl", as the Uncle called her) Gina Gregory on mind, who along with radio personality Shane McBryde is in the District 7 race. After the break, "The Idea Guy" via voice message reminds us about this Saturday's giveaway of the Mike Dow "bubble head" toys before a Mobile Bay Bears baseball game, which he won't attend due to his weekend trip to Birmingham. "I think it's his first appearance on a talk show", said the Uncle still waiting for Sam Jones. According to one fellow via voice message, weirdo "Evil Irrational Man's" voice resembles that of the lady in the radio commercials for the John Peavy mayoral campaign. "All right, I don't know if that's the same woman or not", said the Uncle after playing the weirdo's voice message, including his (yep, a male) well-known evil laugh. Expect a comparison of the two voices during a future show. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.9/5!

Second half-hour begins with "thank you for continuing to listen" from our host before introducing Mobile mayoral candidate Sam Jones. Turns out that Jones was on a talk show about 12 years ago, giving reason for our host to quickly ask "was it that bad". "How would you be different from Mike Dow", the Uncle asked after rephrasing his question. "Probably some different approaches", said Sam. "Are we where we need to be on police protection and infrastructure", said the Uncle. "I would really like to see more communities involved in crime protection", Sam answered, "police officers would feel more comfortable with them", "Other candidates have been talking about taxes a lot", said the Uncle referring to the slicing of sales taxes. "Will you push for a reduction of sales tax", the Uncle asked. According to Jones, we would need "some economic expansion, we need to help those (local) businesses". "Additional taxes" would be a "last resort" in Jones' opinion. "I think my time and experience…really qualifies me to do the job as mayor", said Sam after the Uncle asked for his reasons for running for mayor after years in the Mobile County Commission. "Were you against the new study…the new economic study", the Uncle asked. "I think the study can be good, but that's one entity", according to Sam. "Do you feel that the emphasis in downtown Mobile has been appropriate", the Uncle asked, which Jones feels was appropriate when it comes to bringing opportunity there. Now that private development is here, "we need to take advantage of it", said Jones. "We actually have a dedicated fund for infrastructure", said Sam speaking for the county commission. He would like to see the same dedication in the City of Mobile if elected mayor. After the break, our host informs listeners that we have Sam Jones for the next ten minutes. "Has race been brought into this campaign", the Uncle asked. "I think we need to kind of stay away from that", said Sam. "I think anybody who wants to be the mayor of Mobile has to be the mayor for [everyone]", said Sam. When it comes to the possibility of Jones receiving 100% of the black vote, "I think that'd be wrong", according to the candidate. "How big does that (annexation) loom in your campaign", said the Uncle. "I think we need to also show that people will always be represented", said Sam, who finds "annexation to be an extremely important issue". "Day one or something you would want to see [when] people out of the city want to see first", the Uncle asked on when Jones would begin work on annexation if he were elected mayor. "Do you anticipate a run off in this situation", said the Uncle. "That is not our goal", said Sam. "Do you anticipate any of the candidates endorsing you if there is a run off", said the Uncle, which Sam can expect. "Thank you so much for everyone", said Sam concluding this conversation with our host. Today's 10:00 AM gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with our host reminding listeners that "yes, we have not taken phone calls" due to Sam Jones' "condition" for appearing on today's show, which he explained during his talk show assessment. "That was my first on air with him", said the Uncle before saying that Ann Bedsole would appear on Friday. "I thought this was a talk show, not a listen show", said John. "You probably did the voters of Mobile a service", said John on the Jones conversation, including a telling sign about him with the exclusion of callers. "What do you mean probably, I always do the voters a service", said the Uncle. "Reason I called in is about the annexation question", said John late in his call. "Let's suppose hypothetically, we have a large west Mobile section, which is [mostly] white", said John before bringing up the idea of annexing Prichard, Alabama too. K.P. joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before hearing Jones' "tear down the community" assessment of talk shows. According to K.P., Jones doesn't deserve to be mayor after requesting that no callers join in on the conversation. "We're going to have Ann Bedsole here on Friday…and that's the one I'm looking forward to", said the Uncle, which he anticipated as much as Jones' appearance. "Is she really too old or not", said the Uncle on the most common opinion on why Bedsole shouldn't be mayor. "I wish none of them would take calls", said Freddie on the mayoral candidates. "Thank you for the job you did", said Freddie before leaving us. "You're going to have deal with all kinds of people as mayor", said the Uncle, who envisioned himself as "the perfect mayor" since he deals with all types of people everyday. Max "enjoyed the interview with Mr. Jones" and "learned a lot" before speculating if Jones "dodges conflict". "I think he made a big mistake this morning by restricting his interview", according to Jones. "I think the other two stations in town are going to have live television debates", said the Uncle before Max left us. During the program's final whirlwind segment, Tim joins us via voice message ask "what is it with Gina Gregory" and the District 7 campaign signs with her picture. Tim happened to be driving alongside a "guy with his dag gum radio beside me". "Well, we threw it at him, but it didn't stick", said Pablo speaking about Jones and the racism accusations against Steve Nodine for the "Waffle House incident". After hearing his philosophy, Pablo lost all respect for the mayoral candidate. "Good morning, Henry", said Norman, who is also disappointed that Jones disallowed callers. "You say you're to have a forum", Norman asked, with our host reminding all that Bedsole will appear on Friday's show rather than Thursday's open line program. Our host's conversation with Norman ends on the note of football season coming up. We end today's show with our host's daily reminder to pray, including prayer for our "leaders and your potential leaders". Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Notes of Interest:

This Saturday and the day before the elections, there will be two televised mayoral debates. Saturday's debate will air live from 6:00 PM-7:00 PM on WALA Channel 10. The final debate will air live from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM on WKRG-TV5.

"Slow Warmup" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from "The Idea Guy". "A red alert", said "Idea" reporting on "soon to be former mayor Mike Dow" eating two hamburger patties and a salad with former Alabama Congressman Sonny Callahan. Next voice message comes from a recent viewer of the latest John Peavy commercial, where he sighted an error with "bachelor's degree". "Thank you so much for listening to the show", said the Uncle greeting one & all before introducing Mobile mayoral candidate Bess Rich. "You were in the city council for two terms", the Uncle asked the former District 6 council member. "Correct", said Bess before explaining that her reason to leave office was to allow others to have a chance to share their new ideas. Our host mentioned the Mobile Register's recent editorial, including one paragraph on Rich's campaign, along with some negative history on her. "Does is frustrate", the Uncle asked before Bess spoke about the commentary on her. According to the mayoral candidate, the folks who gave her a position in the Mobile City Council "wanted to have a reflection of their mentality" and those who wanted a second term raised her confidence level. "Bess Rich is here to answer your questions", said the Uncle after reminding listeners to call in at (251) 479-2723. "You have been on the side lines", said the Uncle referring to the recent controversy between Sam Jones and John Peavy getting much of the attention. "We felt and still feel confident", said Bess speaking for herself and fellow candidate Ann Bedsole. After the first break, live and pre-recorded questions will be answered. Second segment begins with the Uncle reminding all that "the election is soon". According to Rich, undecided voters simply do not want to make their votes public yet. "Keep up the good work and keep a stiff upper lip", said first caller Bill encouraging Rich to stand up against the negativity going on between Jones and Peavy. Our host asked about the possibility of annexing West Mobile, with Bess responding with, "it's their decision". "Is it a fix that is necessary is what I'm wondering", the Uncle asked about West Mobile and the chance of it improving the City of Mobile. "Good morning, Miss Rich", said Charles before asking the candidate about "incentives that government offers", as Bess put it when answering the question on businesses wanting to relocate to Mobile, such as EADS to Brookley Field. "It is a trend across the nation", said Bess in these incentives before mentioning Mobile's past of "scaring businesses away" instead of "nurturing them". According to Nick, West Mobile won't ever be annexed in the city "under the present form of government with the super majority", which has been in effect since 1985. "Adjusting the budget takes five", said Bess on the city council members needed to approve it. There was no short segment bridging the gap between 9:59AM and Michael P. Sloan's 10:00 AM newsbreak. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with this Bill with a message for John Peavy via voice message, "I don't want to live in Mobile", along with the possibility of moving to Mississippi. "Want to apologize to Bess Rich", said the Uncle on Leeanna's clothing, which the mayoral candidate cares less for than the inside. "Don't ever lose sight of that", said Bess, though our host would like to lose sight of her current appearance. "How far out west do you want to annex", said our next caller, with Rich responding that "you have to be realistic" when it comes to serving everyone. "It has to be their initiative", said Bess on residents in municipalities. "You want the people out there to come over to say they want annex", said the Uncle. After losing "Lucky" ("that would be Leeanna's doing"), Ron joined us to question Rich on this environmental court. "I think it's a way to make sure that people keep their properties up", said Bess before reminding us that both the courts and codes need to be cleared. Chris joins us with what Bess considered to be a "good question" on what she's for, including police, fire fighters, "clean streets", drained streets", "open government", and "diversity at the table". She also mentioned her support for live televised meetings from the Mobile City Council. She wants the same thing implemented for planning meetings. "I really believe that we are better served when people come forward with their expertise", said Bess speaking about the public service boards. After the break, "let's talk to Jack, hello Jack", said the Uncle before Jack shared his reasons for why he would vote for Miss Rich. "You were so conservative about the money problems down there," said Jack speaking about Rich's days in the council. "Miss Rich, I wish you the best of success", said Jack, who would gather as many potentials voters for her as possible. She thanked Jack for the confidence he placed in her. "Bess Rich is here, we continue after the news", said the Uncle ending this half-hour. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Third half-hour begins with "we continue, Bess Rich is here, mayoral candidate", said our host before our next caller greeted the guest with the title "honorable". "After bragging on you", said this fellow who has a couple of questions for Bess, including "will you be making trips to Cuba after the past convention". According to Bess, we already have folks who can travel to such places. "There may be protocol in some nations", said Bess, who would rather focus on the City of Mobile as mayor. After the Uncle asked for Rich's take on a new bridge for downtown Mobile as an alternative to the Wallace Tunnel, "it's got to be infrastructure that works for Mobilians", according to Bess. "Good morning", said Tim, who brought up his issue with city officials who suddenly "find money", or discretionary funds. "Where did you all spend that money, we'd like to know", Tim asked, with Bess responding that this money was "held back". According to Tim, he was talking about money spent in the past. Tim also has problems with garbage pickup for businesses east and west of Broad Street in downtown Mobile, with the businesses west not having their garbage collected. "Anytime you have the presence of police, you have better behavior", said Bess later on. "Good morning, Bess", said Eric before encouraging the candidate to "help keep what we've got here", referring to area businesses. "We have to be very good servants of all of our basic services", said Bess to Eric, "we have not been very good servants of that". As for police, "they need to be paid appropriately, they need to be resourced properly", said Bess before Eric left us by saying "thank you" to the mayoral candidate, the Uncle, and Leeanna. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message with a question for the mayoral candidates on school children who roam the streets. "Those kids out there are so bad, they see the car coming", said this fellow. "All right, I'm asking the candidate", said the Uncle as the message went on. "Loitering in the street is against city code", said Bess. "Hello David, you're on with Bess Rich", said the Uncle, followed by a couple shouts, including David's, "roll, Bess Rich". She responded to David queries on police by saying she wouldn't override a police chief. "This is a bit of a lighter subject", said our next caller, who asked Rich if the Mobile Civic Center would host more well known bands such as "The Eagles", since Biloxi, Mississippi is in the same market and Mobile is usually not selected. Before Miss Rich left us, she reminded us that she "would like to administrate government", she's a "people person", there are still challenges to be faced, and that we can restore greatness to the City of Mobile. The Uncle ends today's show by reminding listeners as always to "read your Bible" Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Today's show gets a 5/5!

"Stormy Day" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" (with our host singing a few lyrics), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to some classic audio of a fellow saying, "you ought to be on for two hours". Our host responded with, "why, thank you". First voice message reminds listeners about a time when Mobile was known as "The Azalea City" for its Azalea Trail. "Since we are no longer the Azalea City, maybe we can call us the trash city", said this fellow before suggesting that we "memorialize Mike Dow's reign" by renaming the Azalea Trail "The Mike Dow Trash Trail". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle greeting one & all before thanking listeners for their continuous listenership, plus "alerting everyone that you are intellectually curious". "We will have a mayoral candidate that will answer the Uncle Henry question(s)", said our former mayoral candidate/host before encouraging listeners to call in with their own questions for the guest during the 10:00 AM hour of the program. "Sam Jones comfortably in the lead", said the Uncle after mentioning the new poll conducted by the Mobile Register and the University of South Alabama. "When are you going to make up your mind", was our host's question for undecided voters, including those probably waiting for a possible run off election. "I don't understand the undecided", said the Uncle pondering the possibility of them being uninterested in the mayoral election. After reminding listeners how to call in, on and off the air, "some of the subjects are very strange" was our host's description. According to first caller Fay, she believes the mayoral election is "none of their business", referring to the undecided voters. After the Uncle questioned Fay on whom she'll vote for next Tuesday, she responded with "I'm not telling you" before our host managed to get a name out of her. "I'm positive I'm voting Bess Rich", said Fay before leaving us. "The Idea Guy" joins us in response to the first voice message. "I was thinking about that this morning", said "Idea" reflecting on himself witnessing trash in the streets of the Mobile region. After the break, a voice message from Danny encouraging our host not to "make no plans for tomorrow" due to a party of his. "You will be at the party or we'll bring the party to you", said Danny. "Lost Ben, thank you Leeanna, hope you'll do a better job", said the Uncle before informing callers to "let the phone ring" due to our call screener being away from her post. Our host hopes that the new public access TV show (for Comcast of Mobile's Port City 6 and Mediacom Cable in Baldwin County) produced by the Mobile County Public School System will be both a "donated" and "public service" show, meaning that it won't be tax supported. "Is this show only about Mobile mayoral", Robin asked before the Uncle encouraged her to speak about anything on mind. Robin joined us to mention a TV program that was actually "pretty family friendly", which aired last night on Pensacola, Florida's WEAR-TV. "It was really cute", said Robin on the program called "That's My Kind of Town", which featured a family from Greenville, Alabama. Robin describes it as a combination of "Let's Make A Deal and some other game show". "It was a happy show", said Robin on such a rarity on television nowadays, which she assumes was video taped by someone in the area since it featured an Alabama family. After the break and during the show's shortest segment, "all right, John Peavy is next on the Uncle Henry Show", was the Uncle's preview for the next hour. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Second half-hour begins with the Uncle welcoming Mobile mayoral candidate John Peavy, who admits to never being here in the past. "Never got the chance to chat with you when you were a councilman", said the Uncle. According to Peavy, the District 7 seat will be the "swing seat" in this election. "Why did you decide to get out", the Uncle asked John about his previous council position after eight years, which he had left to go into a private business. Our host mentioned the campaign commercial that some say "brought race into this election", which Peavy disagrees with and says that it was certain editorial cartoon featured in the Mobile Register. "I want to bring as many people to the table as possible, but we're bringing in new people", said John. "If they want to attack me, attack me", said John responding to the Register. According to Peavy, the new mayoral election poll shows "how we think the undecideds are leaning my way". Before our next caller could speak to Peavy, program director Scott O'Brien decided for an early commercial break, giving the mayoral candidate reason to laugh. After the break, "we have temporarily fixed the problem", said the Uncle on the "head phone snafu". "I have two questions for Mr. Peavy", said caller John before asking questions such as "who are these people" referring to what turned out to be the Register's editorial staff. Our host brought up the question mentioned earlier about the traffic circles Peavy's company made, which was done about seven years ago "No conflict of interested and no influence in my part", said John. "Ah, good morning, councilman", said Tommy before congratulating Peavy on standing up to the Register and its "un-elected officials". "I'm not standing up to the Mobile Register, I'm standing up for what is right", said John after Tommy left us. "My energy, my talents, and my skills are home for now", said John. "How's it going", said Tim, with the Uncle responding with "it's going". Tim asked if Peavy would endorse someone for District 7, with the mayoral candidate responding with a simple "no". Tim also asked about Peavy's campaign headquarters, which is now close to a Delchamps store. "You were a member of the council with a strategic plan", said the Uncle before asking how Peavy feels about "the rest of the city and the strategic planning for all" besides downtown Mobile. "The new plan is not, in my opinion, going to be like the original string of pearls", said John on how he sees the next mayoral administration. Our next caller joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before asking Peavy about any plan to annex Prichard into Mobile. "It would cost too much to annex Prichard", said the Uncle answering for Peavy. "If Mobile succeeds, they will succeed", said John on a Prichard that "wants to be their [own] city". Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

"Welcome Back!" - From TV5 meteorologist John Nodar to the Students of Mobile County

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 50

49 years and 344 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Alabama Congressman Jo Bonner Congratulates WKRG (Part 2)

"To their credit, station management has also set a priority on providing the most up to the minute news with a total of nearly 6 hours of local news each weekday, with news programs at 5:30 and 9:00 a.m. as well as 12:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 p.m. The station news team has also performed in an outstanding manner, even in the most difficult of circumstances; in fact, WKRG was able to continue broadcasting important safety and weather information during Hurricane Frederic in 1979 and Hurricane Georges in 1998. During the period of time surrounding the arrival and landfall of Hurricane Ivan on the Gulf Coast in September, 2004, the station did around-the-clock live broadcasts for an astonishing 120 hours. WKRG has also been consistently dedicated to providing the best in public affairs programming for its viewing audience. Since 1973, the station has carried ``Congressional Report,'' a weekly program covering important issues and news from Washington, D.C. Beginning with original hosts and former Representatives Trent Lott, Jack Edwards, and Bob Sikes, the program has evolved into one of the leading congressional and public affairs shows in the nation and has the distinction of being the longest continually-running program of its type in the United States. It is chiefly as a result of the hard work of the management of WKRG and their desire to provide the best in public affairs and community service programming that this program has become so successful during its three decade history."

(From The Congressional Record)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to some audio from the Mobile City Council. Following were regular clips such as the late community activist Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Hey Uncle Henry, this is Al", said our regular commentator via voice message before speaking his mind on Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine. "I do believe he used the N-word", said Al on the "Waffle House incident", where according to him had restaurant employees keeping their silence on the accusations. "I do believe he's guilty of using that word, that's my opinion", said Al before ending his voice message. "This is a terrible situation happening here in Mobile, Mobile County", said our next voice message caller on the same subject, who truly believes the racism accusations against Nodine are false. "Thank you so much listening", said the Uncle greeting one & all before admitting to "thinking about" us "more than usual over the past 24-hours". "I really want to hear from you today", said our host encouraging listeners to respond to the sudden "mud slinging" and negativity happening before the mayoral election on August 23rd. "Has any of this made you likely to not vote", is among the questions the Uncle wants answered by listeners. "I'm not hearing anyone whose happy, or fired up, or enthusiastic", according to the Uncle's numerous run-ins with folks talking about the mayoral race, who could "easily switch to another". "Does that description fit you", the Uncle added to the list of questions. After reminding listeners to call in at (251) 479-2723, "I really don't know how the call screening will go", said the Uncle before reminding us about the "two tattooed sisters" call screening right now, consisting of "Leeanna and little Leeanna". "The ugliness started with the push polling", said first caller Jane. "It's like going back in time", said the Uncle after identifying our first caller as Jane Baxter, who was a John Peavy supporter for eight years. "It's the end of the Dow era…what are your thoughts", the Uncle asked Jane twice. As our host went back to Jane's original point, "it is so clearly obvious", said our political observer accusing mayoral candidate Sam Jones' campaign of being responsible for the push polling. "John's been running a clean campaign until this push polling", said Jane. After Baxter left us, the Uncle reminded us about the connection she had with Peavy through campaign advertisements for public office in the past. After the break, a voice message limits the number of "intellectual beings" in the Mobile region to our host, "Norman, Mr. C., and The Idea Guy". "Lost Bill, thank you Leeanna", shouts the Uncle before going to "a different Bill". "I would like to ask for your help on something", said Bill before mentioning rising gas prices and his interest in rolling cigarette. "Maybe someone can offer some advice", said Bill on rolling cigarettes without ending up with a knot in the roll. Leeanna was summoned in the "non-punitive" sense to help Bill. "I don't know how to roll a cigarette", said our regular call screener before the Uncle attempted to use her clothing as the characteristics of a smoker. After leaning over in anger, our call screener left the room. After our next caller's fascinating energy solution ideas, "why are they not looking into treadmills, treadmill power", said the Uncle before finishing his idea of turning prisons into human power plants by having prisoners tested positive for drugs "walking on the treadmills" as part of an exercise routine. After the break, our host reminds listeners to "go nowhere, you don't want to miss that next hour of the Uncle Henry Show on NewsRadio 710 WPMI". Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Second half-hour begins with Mike Dow's "Paris of the South" clip, including "our city can regain that Paris of the South feeling lost". "The Idea Guy" in a voice message encouraging residents to go the way of the French said, "we can't act like stupid red necks and Bubbas running around". Songwriter Brent's song on the regaining of the "Paris of the South" feeling was played. "Yes, we're the Paris of the South just plain to see", are among the lyrics in Brent's song. Our host updates the preview for next week' conversations with the mayoral candidates with, "look for all four next week to undergo questioning from me". "Well, bless your heart", said Mr. C. after the Uncle complimented him on being one of the four "intellectual beings" in the Mobile region. Cecil shared his experience with what seemed like a real telephone poll, "I said I will say that…I'll vote for Bess Rich in my opinion", said Cecil before mistakenly saying "governor" to our host before correcting himself with "mayor". "I think it's like the boiling frog syndrome", was John's description of living with high fuel prices while forgetting about the lower prices of the past. "It comes in the manufacturing of so many items…that's what I'd concentrate on instead of flying to Mars", said the Uncle on a way to get off relying on oil. "Who is they…should I do an Internet", said our next caller asking about the folks who coined the term "Paris of the South", whom Mike Dow referred to as "they" during his final "State of the City/County" address. "Do you still have that gout", she asked, with our host responding with a simple "yes". After confirming for listeners that this other "Paris of the South" is Asheville, North Carolina rather than South Carolina, the Uncle described the town's residents as "cosmopolitan and sophisticated". After the break, "more phone calls" starting with George in full agreement on the Peavy campaign advertisements airing on 710 AM being very negative. "I have taken a long look at this", said George leaning toward the two female mayoral candidates. Though George finds Ann Bedsole to be a "terrific lady", he recommends that she retires with the all years she's added to her life. George encouraged other residents to "really look at" Bess Rich in order to realize what a good mayor she would be. "When people look at the oil industry, they see corruption", said our next caller before suggesting the need for a company in the USA that would be responsible when it comes to fuel. "You stole my thunder on the taxes", said this fellow after hearing the Uncle's idea of ending fuel taxes earlier. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from one fellow reacting to callers who speak negatively about the City of Mobile. "I don't know what Leeanna is doing in there with her sister", said the Uncle after we lost Norman. "Well, she is advance and she will advance this city, not Bess Rich", said Terrence reacting to George speaking about Ann Bedsole's age. After Terrence's call representing the emotion in this mayoral race, our host admits that whenever he's in a voting booth, "I find the emotion starting to build". Tim joins us after sharing some mayoral election insight with Leeanna. "I think he's got some proof", said Tim on Peavy proving that he and his campaign are not behind the push polling. "Good morning, Uncle Henry", said Charlie before altering his mayoral election prediction to Bess Rich after all this negativity currently in the air. "I think she's probably going to sneak in", said Charlie on Rich before admitting that he wouldn't see Bedsole as mayor due to her past defeats. After Charlie left us, the Uncle shares some more information in his run-ins with people in general, including "they're easily swayable" and the possibility of them not ever voting in the mayoral election. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from Franklin, who believes that the mayoral candidates have no plans for change in the City of Mobile. "Good morning, Henry", said Norman before informing us that it was his own fault for why he was not on the show earlier. It was Norman's cellular phone that failed him, not Leeanna. "Do you ever watch the Tonight Show", Norman asked, with the Uncle responding with a loud "no". Norman's point was the program's "Jaywalking" segment, where "he" ("he", as in Jay Leno) asks folks on the street questions such as "who is the Supreme Court chief justice", only to receive bad responses. "Pretty scary to watch", said the Uncle. Both Leeanna and her sister were summoned for a little education for both our host and the listeners. "There's the microphone, sister", the Uncle told our call screener's sister before learning that her name is Kimberly. "So, you're three years younger than Leeanna", said our host before asking the 26-year-old Kimberly about the current political situation in Mobile. The Foul River resident was asked if she can name any of the four mayoral candidates, only to respond with "Bess". "You are a very interesting young lady", said the Uncle before hearing Kimberly jokingly say that Leeanna is really mean to her and beats her "with a two-by-four". After reminding listeners about next week's guests, including calls from the listeners, "please, dress conservatively" was our host's advice for Leeanna. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from "The Idea Guy". Next voice message comes from Tom sharing his previous reaction to a recent forecast of storms by WALA Channel 10 meteorologist John Edd Thompson. "It feels sun shiny to me", said Tom before realizing before his very eyes that John Edd was right. "Thank you for listening, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle greeting on & all for "selecting this show". "Hoping no one is being forced to listen", said our former mayoral candidate/host, except for anyone staying at Mobile Metro Jail in downtown Mobile. After reminding listeners about the recent commercial mentioning the push polling accusations against Mobile mayoral candidate John Peavy and referencing the "Waffle House incident" (alleged racism) involving Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine during his campaign for the position, "the Mobile Register editorializes about all of this", said our host. Speaking of Nodine, "he's as mad as I ever heard him", said the Uncle after mentioning this morning's upcoming press conference at Mobile Government in reaction to the "Waffle House incident" being dragged into the mayoral race. "In my opinion, it's counterproductive", said the Uncle before reminding "anyone in any campaign" that they need proof to back up their accusations. "Please, if there's proof, bring it forward", said the Uncle re-iterating his opinion for us. "You shouldn't take a hunch and try to smear someone with a hunch", said the Uncle before reminding listeners to call in at (251) 479-2723. First caller George finds the latest Peavy campaign "very immature" and "unprofessional", but he mainly joined us with his reaction to last night's mayoral forum, where he "took a closer look" at candidate Bess Rich. "I may [just] pull the lever for her", said George, "she's really a good person". Before George left us, he also compared Rich to former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. "Leeanna, please make sure people are coherent", said the Uncle to our call screener after terminating our second caller. Once again, fear of the Federal Communications Commission intervening forced our host to use the delay system on a caller before terminating him. After the first break, "Idea" joins us via voice message after he was "just thinking about annexation" before suggesting that we "have one big territory" stretching Mobile to the Mississippi state line, resulting in no need for a mayor. "Once upon a time, the Loop was West Mobile", said the Uncle reminding us about a time before downtown Mobile had "the Loop", which includes Government Street. "Good morning", said Norman, who joins us to "weigh in on all this Peavy business", including some agreement. "Did those people (West Mobile) just voted to not be annexed", Norman asked before mentioning imminent domain issues. "Whoever the next mayor's going to be, get 'em in there", said the Uncle after Norman left us. "Next week, we're going to have mayoral candidates", said the Uncle previewing his upcoming conversations with three of the four mayoral candidates, along with "quizzing" them. Turns out one of the candidates "did not know about the Uncle Henry Show" and the campaign staff had no idea about the show's content. "Go nowhere", said the Uncle during the half-hour's shortest segment, with Lawrence Welk music in the background. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Second half-hour begins with the Uncle greeting listeners with "thank you so much" before mentioning Steve Nodine's press conference currently being held at the Mobile Government Plaza atrium. Our host will attempt to speak with the commissioner by telephone later in the program. "I've been kind of taking a vacation from the show", said Mary before saying, "I want to know what they've done in the past" in response to the recent mayoral forums she attended, while mentioning the negativity that commonly occurs during campaigns for any public office. "I don't drive downtown", said Mary after the Uncle asked if she's been to every mayoral forum. Our host shares listener Al's voice message in response to the disagreements against his idea of not having grades (letter grade) in school so that the student can get proper help without any need to repeat the same grade (level). "Al, you're an example of what's wrong with the educational system today", said the Uncle on an idea that would "change the standard and lower that standard" of schooling. In other words, "it doesn't matter", said the Uncle on public education according to Al, followed by "you're as wrong as wrong be" before the next commercial break. After the break, K.P. joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before sharing his idea for "grade welfare" for students who just want to get in a school line before the day is over. "Let's don't have a barring exam, let's all be lawyers because we want to be", said Keith making his point to folks such as Al about "making the grade" in order to be part of the real world. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Third half-hour begins with yet another message from "Idea", this time he encourages everyone to read the "fascinating" Mobile Register news article on elevator operators. "There's no mention of the secret elevator on the back of the courthouse", said "Idea" speaking the courthouse section of Government Plaza. "We will find out", said the Uncle on Steve Nodine's press conference held early this hour. "Roll Tide, Uncle Henry ("Roll Tide Roll", said the Uncle)…hey brother", said Chris, who also finds Al "on the wrong boat". During his school years (before going to trade school) Chris noticed that of his fellow students had "workable skills", in spite of any poor grades. "There seems to be much emphasis on testing", said Chris before asking the teachers who listen to the show "is there any emphasis placed any longer" on students' workable skills along with mental skills. "How you doing, mayor", said songwriter Brent, who admits to being sick of folks such as Al, whom he considers to be an "ignoramus". "When are kids going to learn anything", Brent asked before sharing his opinion about the loss of the "hardship mentality" in the USA. "I don't understand this mentality about people like Al", said Brent before reminding us about Al previously saying he would never call in again. After learning about Al changing his mind and deciding to contribute commentaries to the show via voice message, "my goodness", said Brent. Steve Nodine joins us by telephone after his press conference. "We need to start focusing campaigns on positive images", said Steve. "It was politically motivated, it was sickening", said the Mobile County Commissioner reflecting on the "Waffle House incident" occurring about two weeks before the election for county commissioner, yet the incident still managed to sneak its way into this year's mayoral race. During the final whirlwind segment, "not much time here, ran so long on the last segment", said our host before summoning Leeanna for an update on the plan to transfer her child from a school on the statewide list of low performing schools. Before our host can hear the update, our call screener expressed her enjoyment of J.D. Crowe's editorial cartoon in today's Mobile Register. She also mentioned the chance of getting her next tattoo from him. So far no letter with information on the option of transfer. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Note of Interest:

Former talk show host, radio personality, and City of Mobile District 7 candidate Shane McBryde was given free air time by WKRG-TV5 during their 5:00 PM newscast yesterday.

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