Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a bunch of regularly played audio clips. Clips played today were, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", "cut your volume down", the "late, great, Gracie", and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". After those clips came a voice message starting with, "Uncle Henry, where have you been", said this fellow, who previously believed that our host was on top with the ferryboats. "Thank you so much", said the Uncle greeting the same listeners responsible for making the show the most popular of its genre. "If you're controlling your temper, I'm always wondering about you", said our host before commending us on our "intellectual curiosity" and "willingness to grow as a person". Show number (251) 479-2723 remains the number to interact with the Uncle, who's interested in speaking with us today, but first a national issue that gives him a reason to say "dag gome" and "I told you so". "The darn thing (space shuttle) is falling apart", said the Uncle after reading and viewing numerous reports on the suspension of the shuttles, including a quote on "money costs" that made our host sick. "It's the same thing as having a used car", quote the Uncle on the two and half-years it took for NASA to get to this point. "77% percent of the American public, wrong, wrong, and I was right, right", said the Uncle before ending this topic by reminding us that the money used for the program should have financed bombs and such. "Hi, Uncle Henry", said our first "delightful caller" Vance before suggesting that prisoners with a life sentence get "sub-contracted" to Mexican and Canadian prisons. As for the space program, Vance believes that the billion dollars used for the shuttles should have been for the creation of a new type of space plane. "They need to go for new technology at this point", said the Uncle shortly before Vance left us. After the first break, "if y'all don't pick it up, you've got to pay up", said Tim after thinking about the idea of a garbage fee. "The Idea Guy" joins us live in agreement with the Uncle on the space shuttles. "I am totally against all that stuff", said "Idea" after mentioning a couple of the minor activities in the space program, such as "orange juice out of a tube" and "flying around" for a few weeks. Chad reminded us about the military aspects and origins of the space program, which he believes is enough to keep it. After Joe listed a few of the many innovations as a result of the space program, the Uncle wondered if NASA hasn't developed anything new over the past few years due to the shuttles being locked up. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

"Down a Notch" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" (with all-time caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll" added in), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a clip of one particular listener. According to this fellow, the show validates his point "that conservatives are absolutely nothing but a bunch of idiots". "Thank you so much, thank you listener, thank you so much for listening", said the Uncle as he thanks us for making the show the success it continues to be. "It's wonderful for you to do that", said our host thanking us for choosing this station. "We're going to cover all the basis if possible, so stand by for all of that", said the Uncle as he previews "Mobile's only radio reporter" Charlie Moss' audio tape of Mobile councilman Fred Richardson, including some classic audio from over the past few years. Our host gave mention to the Alabama Legislation "getting more tax dollars than they thought…state tax revenue going up" before reminding us about the supposed tax crisis leading up to "Armageddon" in Alabama. "Do you remember this", the Uncle asked listeners, including those who were pulled into supporting Gov. Riley's tax plan, such as singer & Alabama native Ruben Studdard. "Isn't it funny how now they've got…more money is coming in…they've passed raises", said the Uncle, followed by "we've survived…the state hasn't fallen apart". "Don't you feel happy today, that we did it without taxes", the Uncle asked before reminding us yet again why he brought all this up, because it could all happen again someday. "I don't know if it's a case of chicken little…or a case of people who know better", the Uncle wondered before reminding us that those people who in fear of a tax crisis without a plan back then were very wrong. "We begin the coverage next", said our host before the first commercial break. After the break, "Uncle Henry, this is T. Bass", said this fellow joining us via voice message to speak about ferryboat services. "Turn that off, thank you", said the Uncle requesting that this version of "The Lone Ranger" theme stops. Leeanna was summoned away from call screener so that our host could redirect her to an engineer to solve a computer issue. Our first caller (unnamed) suggests that the Mobile County Public School system starts "competing against these private schools" with vouchers. Our host asked him what his young son enjoys outside of school, which includes NASCAR. "Do you remember the case when the bus drivers wanted more money…", said the Uncle as he attempts to play audio of Nikole Patrick's report for WPMI-TV's 10:00 PM newscast last night. "There were a number of key statements", said the Uncle before mentioning the statement of "hiring a consultant" in order to raise pay for school bus drivers and other employees. "You don't have to hire a consultant…these people don't like what they've been paid, so they're filing grievances", said the Uncle on these employees taking their cases and their boss to court. "More in a moment", said the Uncle ending this segment of the first half-hour. During the program's shortest segment, the Uncle previews both the Michael P. Sloan newsbreak from 710 AM's news center and the playing of the Fred Richardson audio. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with "The Magnificent Seven" theme in the background as a clip of Lillian Jackson speaking about life imprisonment played. "Thank you so much…yes, life imprisonment will probably be cut out", said the Uncle referring to the Jackson clip. "How is a ankle bracelet going to help someone", the Uncle asked after reading about the Alabama Legislator passing tougher penalties against criminals, including pedophiles. "During the trial, they should be taking a poison" was the Uncle's suggestion for "quick and speedy justice", but if the person is found guilty, he or she should be given the antidote. For listeners and those "without someone to talk to" at night, the numbers (251) 479-2723 and voice message number (251) 706-BULL were given out. Speaking of voice messages, our host mentioned an "incoherent" message recorded at 2:00 AM, which was never played on the air. After viewing yesterday's Mobile City Council meeting, the Uncle reacts with, "Reggie Copeland looks better than he does in years", and "Fred Richardson, bless his heart". Audio of Richardson giving thanks to residents of District 1 was played. "District 1, I am your drum major, you reign, I spring", said Richardson. Jim the Tax Man ("he's an Eastern Shoren") joins us with "a preview of a voice mail" after reading yesterday's Mobile Register article on ferry boats. "Hello there and good morning", said Jack, who has been "keeping cool" under the current high temperatures. "They've got what you call a career of crime…when you commit any crime, you're gone", said Jack, followed by, "we refuse to control crime when we got the handle". Before Jack left us, he encourages listeners/callers to contact their representatives or senators about this issue. "Enjoyed your phone call, excellent points you brought up", said the Uncle before the break. After the break, Fred Richardson's "dire vision is two, cannot have but one" clip was played. Glenn joins us on a different subject, including a reminder that residents of the USA are living in a different time and it's better to remain vigilant. "Let's be sure the government doesn't go too far", said Glenn before leaving us. J.P.'s suggestion for jails getting overcrowded includes that non-violent prisoners go for a minimum wage job in order to pay for his or her actions, while the violent prisoners are taken "out back" to be shot. Before the end of this half-hour, the Uncle reminds us about caller Jack's mention of some criminals getting an early prison release to order to relieve prison congestion. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Third half-hour begins with "Big Daddy from the Eastern Shore" asking what the temperature could possibly be for newspaper vendors at high noon in the streets of Mobile. "The temperature would be the same", was the Uncle's response to "Big Daddy", followed by reminding us that the heat index "gives them something to talk about", as in meteorologists. "If it's 93, it's 93", the Uncle speaking directly to this fellow from Baldwin County. Our next caller mentions the state legislators who are interested in boycotting travel to the island of Aruba due to a well-known missing person's case. "My tax dollars are being spent on some foolishness like that", said this fellow, who believes that the family of this missing person should be commended by the state of Alabama, including residents. "Are you the weatherman", said our next caller, who seems to be confused with the heat index and actual temperatures. "The temperature is the temperature", said the Uncle before he prescribed for this fellow to "get a sandwich in you". After losing caller Herb, our host assumed that he was "overcome by the heat" while trying to participate in today's show. Before the final whirlwind segment, a voice message from "The Idea Guy" with an idea for the City of Mobile to save money by having "fire fighting fairies", plus "Idea" encouraged our host to pick up the "hit record from the Sixties" known as "Through Downtown". For regular listeners, the song is nothing new to them. That very song was played during Tim's voice message today. "All of our community resources have gone downtown", said the Uncle before listing the current happenings of downtown Mobile as "Through Downtown" played in the background. Tim joins us live, starting with the possibility of the sandwich prescribed caller being part of the "Alabama Marijuana Party". After Tim left us, the Uncle believes that when it comes to the school system over the past thirty years, even if a time machine were used to stop at certain points, everything would be the same when it comes to consultants. Before ending today's show, the Uncle informed "Heat Index Guy" about the current temperature reading of 90 degrees. "Remember, you can talk to me when I'm not here", said the Uncle before giving us the voice message number again. As always, Uncle reminds us to pray and seek guidance. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

"Small Steps" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a classic clip of Reggie Copeland of the Mobile City Council. "This is going to be a great day in the City of Mobile", is followed by regular audio clips such as, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air" and "hello…hello, yes, uh, I can, I can't hear you, cut your volume down". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show, thank you listener", said the Uncle without losing his breath. "Just wondering about the health of you, the listener", said our host describing his thoughts yesterday about us, considering the high temperatures. "Leeanna, will you please appear…this is not a punitive call at all", said the Uncle summoning Leeanna away from televised coverage of the shuttle "Discovery" on the launch pad. "I don't think it's a waste of the tax dollar", said our call screener after the Uncle asked about carrying live coverage of the launch on 710 AM. After Leeanna was told to keep listening to our host for wisdom, "let's join the coverage of the launch, so that you can hear the waste of the tax dollar", said the Uncle before NBC-TV's coverage of the launch was simulcast (almost live), just about one minute before lift off. After over five minutes of the simulcast, Leeanna found the launch to be quite dramatic and entertaining, while our host told her that "it's not a movie". "Thank goodness, the space shuttle off without incident", said the Uncle before reminding listeners to call in at (251) 479-2723 before the first commercial break. After the break, music from the TV program "Star Trek" played as a classic clip of one fellow speaking about schools and tax dollars. "They are getting, in my opinion Uncle Henry, enough money", said this fellow in this conversation from long ago. First caller Shirley ("doing fine") joins us to say that the space program "is well worth all the experiments and success" and early on she had a feeling that "this is going to be necessary someday". "Why do you think God gave us the ability to do all of this", Shirley asked before the Uncle questioned her on what exactly Earth would run out of, including population space. After Shirley left us, the Uncle tells her that we are not "not running out of nothing…not running out of food", before reminding us about the food wasted in dumpsters. "Good morning, friend", said Mr. C joining us before reading the dictionary definition of the word "war" for callers such as the previous caller, who joined us after Shirley. After suggesting that the Congress officially declare war on the spread of fear and destruction, he spoke to the fullest on actor and anti-war activist Jane Fonda. "She's a coward and a gutless no good", said Cecil speaking negatively about Fonda and her cross-country tour bus, powered by cooking oil. Cecil thanked the Uncle for allowing him to use words such as "witch" and a self-censored version of the word meaning "female dog" and "lewd female. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

"High Discomfort" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, July 25, 2005

Today's Show

Second half-hour begins with a voice message on the Mobile Register article about the Mobile County Public School System's low standardized test scores ("less than half of high school students passed math"), according to school board president David Thomas. "We can save a lot money by getting rid of these other grades", according to this fellow as he suggested that once kindergarten is complete, students are sent straight to college. "Give more money, test scores keep going down" was mentioned previously. "Thank you for continuing to listen to the Uncle Henry Show", said the Uncle before quoting the "troubled" school board president again as saying, "there are only four or five high schools that I would send my child to". "They need to change up the school system and what they're teaching", said civil engineer Mac. "It depends on how a test in made, in other words", said Chad after explaining a new type of test one of his children had to take in third grade, known as the "M-CAT" test. Call screener Leeanna was summoned for information on how her three children (each will attend grades 1, 3, and 6) do on such tests. "The teachers they have are very good", said our call screener before the Uncle reminded her about a grandson of his bringing home a Spanish language book, yet he can barely understand English. "Thank you for your expert testimony", said the Uncle as Leeanna left the room. Our only indication of her leaving the room played in the background, otherwise known as "Leeanna's theme". "Uncle Henry…good morning sir", said trucker John before suggesting a salary cap for school system administrators, in other words the problems are within the bureaucracy "You can't blame the teachers for their inability [to increase test scores]", said our trucker listening. After the break, "Uncle Henry, I can't wait, it's like waiting on a vacation, or a pay check", said Tim after mention one's prediction for the Mobile mayoral race, with everything coming down to John Peavy and Bess Rich. "You've got a generation of unemployable retards", said Norman before our host encouraged him to watch his language, along with a different word. Norman was use "slackers" shortly after to describe some students nowadays. "Why spell when there's spell check", said the Uncle before giving an hypothetical situation causing every computer to cease operation, leading up to a return to the Stone Age. Steve ended his call giving thanks to all the parents who teach their children at home, with love on the side. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Third half-hour begins with "Hey Uncle Henry, this is Al" in a voice message before mentioning the proposed condominium project for Mobile's downtown area, according to the "mid-day news" as he calls it. "I would like to live the condo life, being in downtown Mobile…", said Al before reminding us to leave West Mobile alone now that "Mobile is the move". "Unless you want a whipping…you have to study", said Bill while bringing back memories the Uncle hasn't heard in quite a while. "My daddy had no mercy", said Bill, followed by the Uncle with "for your own good". After we lost Joe, Robert joined us to share his story of his child's principal actually telephoning his home about the CRTs, yet the girl had pneumonia at this point. In spite of this, she managed to pass this test. "Do you get into the nuts & bolts discussions at those meetings", the Uncle asked after Jim encouraged parents to keep themselves informed about a child's school. "I'm ready to abolish the Department of Education on the national level", said the Uncle as our next caller was on the line, along with "the more local, the better". Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from Tim reporting on folks honking their horns in one of the tunnels in downtown Mobile. "Do you have to entertain yourself every three seconds", said Tim. After reminding listeners that the Rush program is coming up, the Uncle mentions an Associated Press article on a cross-country bus (powered by vegetable oil) tour lead by Jane Fonda protesting the current conflict in West Asia. "She's just a colorful character", said the Uncle to George. Bobbie (a female) joins us encouraging parenting class visits in order to remain in touch with children in school. After Leeanna was summoned for her next "on-air appearance", the Uncle gave her a grade of "C" for call screening today. "Pay Leeanna More Dollars" is the title of the electronic mail from one "disturbed" fellow named Chris after visiting 710 AM's website. "When looking for answers, read the Good Book" was how the Uncle ended today's show. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 47

49 years and 323 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

November 27th, 1994

WKRG Memory VI:

I worked in Mobile years ago and loved it. What a great place, and the station I worked at (WKRG) was great, too. A big family in the newsroom. I really miss it, and never found the same supportive, non-ego atmosphere again in any other newsroom I worked in. - Stuckinmidwest

Friday, July 22, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to our regular assortment of audio clips, including the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show, proud to be with you", said our host in a hurry to introduce the "pamphleteers" Rob and Ashley of the alternative newspaper Lagniappe back to the show. "It doesn't lose money anymore", joked Ashley after the Uncle questioned Lagniappe's improvement over three years, along with "bigger" as Rob's describes the paper today. "Do seniors read your magazine", said the Uncle before being reminded that Lagniappe is more of a "tabloid", according to Ashley, but not the negative kind. "Now let's be honest", said the Uncle after hearing Ashley now describing the paper as a "bar pamphlet", which early editions can be described as in the beginning. "Do you mind if I turn your paper over", the Uncle asked before turning the current edition of Lagniappe over, featuring a cover photo of WZEW-FM disc jockey Sean Sullivan, part of a whole different radio company that our host won't mention over the air. Lagniappe's third annual Nappie Awards received about 600 or so votes online, including a few worth correcting today, including "Darwin Singleton is not an investigative reporter". During the live commercial for Hall's Meats, the Uncle asked the Lagniappe folks they ever had any. Ashley's response of "I've never had any of the Hall's Meats" was enough for our host to gasp and ask how long has she been a resident in the Mobile region. After the break, our host mentioned the mayoral forum Rob hosted coincidentally in a bar located in downtown Mobile. During this segment, Rob was heard laughing for "nothing" as the Uncle spoke. "What's the deal with Bedsole", said the Uncle before mentioning her name recognition and wonderful campaign commercials as of recent, yet she's still behind in local polls. "Maybe she comes off the least mayoral", according to Ashley before using the term "over coached" for the other mayoral candidates, John Peavy, Sam Jones, and Bess Rich. "To me it's going to boil down to Peavy and Jones", said Rob, followed by Ashley saying, "I agree with that as well". "Let's see what else you've been wrong about", said the Uncle during the half-hour's final few minutes focused on Mobile's annual Bay Fest and Mardi Gras events. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.5/5!

"Mighty Moist" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to the late community activist Lillian Jackson's "Street Talk" clip, including "street talk is really 50% or 90% truth". Other audio clips played consisted of "the late, great Gracie" and Miss Lillian's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, thank you listener for tuning in once again…", said the Uncle once again thanking us from "the bottom of my heart and the top of my heart", along with other organs of the body. Once again we have proven ourselves to be "intellectually curious" by listening to this show, according to our host. "I am not using 'we' as a royal we", said the Uncle before making it clear that he was only referring to himself and call screener Leeanna. Before bringing back a recent discussion, "something extremely local", said our host as he gets to a "massive e-mail" from the John Peavy mayoral campaign, which he finds very interesting, yet he cannot find the perfect description for it. Before reading from the e-mail box, "they seem to be rubbing that in", said the Uncle on this message focused on WKRG-TV5's mayoral candidates poll. "While the poll results were good news for Peavy and Jones, but they were not as pleasant for third and fourth place", said the Uncle reading the electronic message. "This could be the first e-mail taunt in a Mobile political campaign", said our former mayoral candidate/host. After reminding listeners about the number (251) 479-2723, the Uncle reminds us that all four mayoral candidates will be joining us in the future rather than now for a discussion on the e-mail. Immediately after the first program segment ended, our host can be heard yet again, this time promoting The Tiny Diny restaurant in a taped commercial. After the break, "you are dead wrong on illegal immigrants", according to one fellow via voice message. As the Uncle brings back the issue of illegal immigration, "we must support this bill in my opinion", said our host on a new proposal presented by two Texans representing their state in the Senate. The Comprehensive Immigration and Reform Act is the name of this proposed bill. Later on the Uncle will "personally contact" the offices of Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby, and Jo Bonner in order to encourage some support for this bill. First caller John joins us with something more important than an immigration proposal, a news story on beach mice. "The beach mouse is back in the news", the Uncle asked before admitting that he's yet to hear the story on the land they currently reside on. "Because it lives on a beach, we're going to protect it", said the Uncle as John found his comments on mice in general amusing. After John left us, "if the mouse was living in Mobile for example, there would be an all points bulletin", according to our host. "The story was hand-delivered to me", said the Uncle before reading the beach mice story, causing him to say "oh, come on!". "Charge the mouse", said the Uncle before admitting that if it weren't for Leeanna and the 710 AM news center, this story would have remained a joke in his mind. Our host thanked John for bringing up the subject of mice before listing his numerous reasons (mostly disease related) why beach mice do not need "land to commute". If our host had a time traveling device, he would present this beach mouse story to Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers for their reaction. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

"Another Hot One" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to various clips of WPMI-TV reporter Brian Johnson's most recent report on speeders. Clips included "slow down" and "what's up, what's up". "Thank you so much!", said the Uncle greeting and thanking us for making "the active choice" of choosing today's program. "Even if you're physically not moving, there's all sort of electrical chemical going on in your brain", said our former mayoral candidate/host before reminding us that yesterday was the final day for potential mayoral and city council candidates to qualify, such as those up for Mobile's District 7 seat. "We have Shane McBryde running, Gina Gregory running…very popular people running", said the Uncle before asking himself "why now". "Last time it was Peavy and Collin…why now", said the Uncle. Before the August elections take place, our host's former mayoral opponents will be invited to the show at least twice. "I would like to get to know them, on a personal level", said the Uncle. After his five-year contract was announced yesterday, our host began "looking deep" into his archives for audio of the candidates for their view on taxes back then compared to now. "Every now and then I just like to go down memory lane", said the Uncle. First caller Chad joins us "a little off the subject" before asking who came up with the idea of placing a berm on Gulf Shores' beach. "It's supposed to be a berm for us", said the Uncle before describing it as a "speed bump for waves", so in a way he's against this form of calming devices. After the break, "so they got a pill that's going to make you taller" was the Uncle's reaction to a commercial for Height Max, when he was heard asking "what" on the air. Bill reminded our host about the famous "you know that I know" clip played constantly in the show's opening months ago. "I'm always on the square when there is a square available", said the Uncle shortly after Bill left us. "Why would [Peavy] want to lower taxes when his record in the past says that he's for taxes", said our next caller speaking about the proposed gasoline tax during Mobile's years with Arthur Outlaw, "who is no longer mayor". During the show's shortest segment, the Uncle previews the next hour with "more of your phone calls and the results of the Lagniappe bar pamphlet's Nappie Awards". Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Lagniappe's Third Annual Nappie Awards

Best Brunch: Spot of Tea
Best TV Anchor: Anissa Centers, WALA-TV
Most Eligible Bachelor: Josh Bernstein, WPMI-TV
Most Eligible Bachelorette: Sandra Shaw, WPMI-TV
Hardest Working City Council Person: Connie Hudson
Who Will Be the Next Mayor: John Peavy
Who Will Win the District 2 Council Seat: Thomas Sullivan
Who Will Win the District 7 Council Seat: Ann Miller
Mayoral Campaign Misstep: Ann Bedsole's $1000 Dinner
Worst Political Move: David Thomas Controversy
Most Tired Issue: David Thomas Controversy
Best Local Evening Newscast: WPMI-TV
Best Local Morning Newscast: WPMI-TV
Best Investigative Reporter: Josh Bernstein, WPMI-TV
Best Sports Coverage: WKRG-TV
Sexiest Local Newsperson (Male): Mel Showers, WKRG-TV
Sexiest Local Newsperson (Female): Sandra Shaw, WPMI-TV
Best Radio Talk Show Host: Uncle Henry
Best Radio Disc Jockey: Sean Sullivan, WZEW-FM
Most Annoying Local TV Ad: Hoffman's Furniture
Favorite Local Radio Station: WZEW-FM
Least Favorite Radio Station: WYOK-FM
Most Annoying Local Radio Ad: All Car Ads
Favorite Mobile Register Columnist: Frances Coleman
Craziest Mobile Register Street Person: On Government Street

"Steam Heat" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" (with our host almost singing along), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air". This regular audio clip is followed by "cut your volume down", the "late, great Gracie", and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" clip. "Thank you so much!" said the Uncle "finding it a pleasure" as always to be with us, the same listeners who have proven for the rest of the world yet again that we are intellectually stimulated. "Lots of topics", said our host, but before getting to any local issues, he must mention USA Today's front page article on Hillary Clinton receiving "a standing ovation" before an audience at a convention for folks of Spanish-heritage. "Certainly she's running for president", said the Uncle. During the first commercial break, "I love this commerical", said our host as the commercial for "Patsy Cline: The Definitive Collection" aired. After the break, the Uncle reminds us about this DREAM Act financing illegal residents for college. According to our host, "you're going to hear a lot more about it". Mike joins us in amazement after hearing our host mention the "far out" DREAM Act before saying that Mrs. Clinton is actually pandering to her opposite political party. "It is unbelievable", said Mike before leaving us. "How are we going to pay for this", was the Uncle's question for Glenn, followed the possibility of "lowering the standard of living". "Paying for things is way down their list", according to Glenn before giving us the "political truth" on the supporters of the act "maintaining their place in office first". After the break, "that's the biggest joke I've ever heard, Shane McBryde councilman", said Tim in his voice message. Russell joins us back in Mobile after about five years in Denver, Colorado, resulting in a "different outlook". "Are you saying that the American people…want these people here", the Uncle asked Russell speaking about illegal USA residents. "Keep up the good work", said Russell before leaving us. After the break, "more Uncle Henry show" was our host's preview for 10:00 AM before admitting that he's learned to accept Clear Channel Communication's "little trick" in the voice message number (251) 706-BULL, which was recommended for anybody unable to call during the course of the show. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Notes of Interest:

It is now official, the Uncle has dropped out of the Mobile mayoral race for a new five-year contract with 710 AM and Clear Channel Communications, according to the company's official, yet somewhat amusing announcement. January 1st, 2010 is this contract's expiration date.

"A Bit Warmish" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, July 18, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" (with our host singing a few lyrics, followed by his applause), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from "The Idea Guy". According to "Idea", Mobile County Commissioner Mike Dean has declared "a mandatory evacuation for the Yucatan…south of I-10". "Thank you so much!" said the Uncle greeting one and all on a Monday that he considers to be "beautiful". "There are no listeners that are disgruntled…because all the listeners made the choice to listen", said our mayoral candidate/host before correcting himself by mentioning the few disgruntled ones out there. According to our host, call screener Leeanna receives calls from jail inmates listening to the program unintentionally. "Thursday's show was probably one of the best Uncle Henry shows in history", said the Uncle, who will finish off this particular show today. For non-listeners that day, our host informed them that it was "Bess Rich overwhelmingly" who received the most votes in the live survey on the four qualified mayoral candidates (Bess Rich, John Peavy, Sam Jones, and Ann Bedsole). "Prepare to weigh in with your opinion" was the Uncle's warning for us before hearing Al's ("Hey Uncle Henry, this is Al") voice message in reaction to Thursday's show. "I'm not going to vote for Sam Jones, but he's the best candidate", said Al, which made the Uncle laugh and say "what?" after hearing the majority of his comments. "Well, that was nonsensical", said the Uncle now reconsidering whether to take Al's call seriously. "Are they kind of saying the same stuff right now" was our host's question for listeners regarding his four mayoral opponents. "If a person votes for Bess Rich, why would that be a comment on race", the Uncle asked Al, who in his call also equated Alabama as being "racially backwards", as our host put it. Before the break, our host encouraged listeners in disagreement to call in. After the break, listeners are reminded that "(251) 479-2723 is the number" to dial and Leeanna could possibly be multitasking again. First caller "The Bud Man" joins us after hearing Bess Rich speak out about bridge traffic, in which he agrees with. "Take care of the people's needs", said Bud, just sharing "his thoughts on it". After David's call, the Uncle reminds us that "our grandchildren" will move beyond the race related issues brought up by Al. "You have the integrity some people don't have on talk radio", said Bill, who still wants our host to run for public office someday. "Have you made up your mind yet", Bill asked about our host deciding on whether to qualify for the mayoral race. Before the Uncle announces anything, Clear Channel Communications will make the official announcement on his future. During the half-hour's shortest segment, "Idea" promoted the book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America" in his voice message. "After the news with Mike Sloan, more of your comments…" was the Uncle's preview for the next hour before mentioning the record number of voice messages received over the weekend. More messages will come depending on the number of times (251) 706-BULL is dialed. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Second half-hour begins with a voice message from Tim after "calling Montgomery for two days" with a suggestion to keep pedophiles locked up for 25 years without parole. "Enjoying the interaction with you", said our host to the listeners, including those listening online. After we lost Willie, the Uncle's message for him was "on behalf of Leeanna, I would like to apologize to you on your lack of nurturing". Unfortunately our host was not listening to Friday's program with Scott O'Brien and Mobile mayoral candidate John Peavy. "West Mobile should not be a candidate's plan", said the Uncle to every one of his opponents, along with their potential voters. "It shouldn't be on the stove, that's not the business of Mobile", said the Uncle making it clear that West Mobile is neither the business of the candidates, nor Mike Dow. "Idea" joins us asking if he can nominate TV-chef "Mr. Food" (whose syndicated segment appears on WKRG-TV5's morning newscast) for the mayor's race, who would be able to multitask between the cafeteria and the mayor's office. Before "Idea" left us, he brought up the "sad story" of former radio personality Shane McBryde officially running for the District 7 seat. "He's without a job, so he's running for office", said the Uncle referring to a recent posting at the website Mobile Bay Times, but he admits that he could be wrong. After losing a couple of callers, Leeanna is summoned for an explanation. Turns out she was answering 710 AM's news line. "Your main job in my phones…the on-the-air phones are the most important phones because they effect what is on the air", said the Uncle while learning about our call screener's call with a station client. As Leeanna left the room to continue multitasking, our host described her "exposing her navel" with a piercing. Henry joins us with his experience with the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" at 710 AM's official website, including a puzzling "time lapse" occurrence on the web page. Our Henry assures the caller that the problem will be looked into after the show. "I think Friday was Peavy and that other guy", said Bobby, who listened carefully to every word of that particular program. "I'm really inclined now to go to Bess Rich", said Bobby after comparing John Peavy a fellow candidate, proving our host's point of the candidates "sounding alike". "Hey Henry, I'm new in Mobile County", said former Mississippi resident Paul now living close to the Mobile Flea Market ("the center of economic activity") in West Mobile. "Could you just go over that real quick", said Paul requesting a quick review over the issue of annexing West Mobile into the rest of the city. After the break, "Karl Rove, Karl Rove, Karl Rove, give me a break please", said T.C. in his first voice message, followed by "Karl Rove, Karl Rove, Hurricane Emily, Karl Rove" in his second voice message. Jason Taylor of WKSJ-FM, "the new Internet man" joins us as former webmaster Ian Harbough's theme plays in the background. "I'd be kind of curious to see this guy's connection", said Jason while trying to resolve caller Henry's issue with the 710 AM website. "You're trying to bring Jesus in this, be careful", said the Uncle as Jason uses an analogy to describe his attempt at solving the website issue, where computer memory could be a concern. Fortunately for our host, he was never offended by Jason's analogy. "Thank you George for calling", said the Uncle as George joined us in disagreement with the Peavy comparison given previously. "I'm just so glad we're going to have a new leadership", said George before reminding us that "they want the revenue" by annexing West Mobile and that the City of Mobile is now the third largest in Alabama, rather than the second largest as it once was. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Third half-hour begins with one fellow via voice message encouraging our host to drop out of the mayoral race and endorse WPMI-TV reporter Josh Bernstein for mayor. This fellow also accused our host with, "you bark at them (callers) too much". "We need him to continue his investigating reporting", said the Uncle regarding Bernstein. "Like to comment on your comment about West Mobile", said Mike before asking our host why the city doesn't want Prichard, Alabama, which would be a perfect reunion in the Uncle's opinion. After Mike's call, our host reminds us about many politicians actually being honest about their reasons to annex West Mobile, yet years ago the reasons were growth. "If we just want to be big, that can happen, it's possible…just go ahead bite the bullet and annex Prichard", said the Uncle before reminding us about what Prichard includes, such as Eight Mile and Whistler. Our host also threw in the idea of dissolving the council form of government, ensuring that "the City of Mobile would be the County of Mobile". During the commercial break, listeners can hear the Uncle say "I'm ordering this" during a commerical for recordings of singer Patsy Cline. Following this commercial was our host's live promotion for Hall's Meats, including the fact that the sausage products are not foreign made, but in reality are produced locally in Chickasaw, Alabama. Final whirlwind segment begins with Tim beginning his latest voice message with reaction to the news of someone getting life in prison for attacking a young girl with "man, that's the greatest thing I heard". The Uncle reminded our next caller that since mayoral candidate Sam Jones represents Prichard as a county commissioner, he already has plans for the city. "Hey, buddy", said Otho, who is "so much behind" our host before going into a discussion far from today's main discussions. During the program's final minute, our host learned from Leeanna that she was not allowed in the same room as Scott O'Brien and John Peavy last Friday. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

All mayoral endorsements and suggestions go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com

The final day for mayoral qualification ($500 fee included) is tomorrow

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Former WKRG personality Max Goodman spoke with John Nodar this morning about his career at the station from 1963 to 1985. Goodman held positions such as morning weather forecaster, newscaster, announcer, and host of TV5 programs such as the movie showcase "The Big Show" (aired daily from 3:30 PM-5:00 PM) and "Channel 5 Bingo", in which viewers with bingo cards from Greer's Food Market can play along from home. One of Max's most cherished memories is when general manger C.P. Persons asked if he would go to Washington, D.C. for an interview with Attorney General Katzenbach. He would later have a conversation with Gerald Ford during his visit to Mobile. Another well-cherished moment in his career was covering the USS Alabama's parking near what is now Battleship Park. Max used the word "beautiful" to describe his television career. Max is now a golfer who keeps in touch with family, including grandchildren.

"A Whole Week" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 46

49 years and 316 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Honorable Mention:

Rosie Seaman

WKRG Memory V:

I watched Rosie's Place where the lady talked to puppets. It was a fine childrens show and they need more like it. Perhaps Nodar could talk to puppets on Saturday mornings. Nodar's Nook. - Slagaramibinico

Friday, July 15, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from, oh wait; the Uncle took the day off unannounced. Could the outcome of yesterday's show be the reason for our host's disappearance? We'll see no later than July 19th, which is the due date for potential candidates to qualify for this August's elections. In the mean time, listeners must settle for program director Scott O'Brien and call screener Leeanna for the time being.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Former WKRG reporter & anchor Barbara Shaw spoke with John Nodar this morning about her years at the station. Like Nodar, Shaw also began in radio, specifically WKRG's Top 40 station G-100 FM (now WMXC Lite Mix 99.9 FM) in 1978 and later news/talk station WKRG-AM 710 (now NewsRadio 710 WPMI). From the late 1970s to the mid-1980s, she covered stories from local government to lifestyle. Shaw's most famous story could possibly be on the escape of Bob the Parrot, which gained so much attention from TV5 viewers that the bird was eventually found in a week or so. Barbara is now public affairs manager for the Mobile Area Water & Sewer System.

"Another Rainy Day" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a voice message from Tim. He would "vote for Mr. Leon Raley" if the Uncle's name never appears on the Mobile mayoral ballot. "Thank you, thank you so much!" said the Uncle greeting and thanking the very folks responsible for making the show the success it continues to be. "I often reflect on you in my life", said the Uncle as he almost gets into a "meat skewing" tale involving the popular Hall's Meats products, but first our host must update us on yesterday's discussion the space shuttle "Discovery". "It's like we're sending the astronauts up in the Beverly Hillbillies truck", said the Uncle after learning about the shuttle's temporary grounding due to a gauge problem. After Leeanna was summoned for the "pivotal part" of today's program, the Uncle reveals Clear Channel Communication's "wonderful deal" of interviewing his four mayoral opponents prior to the August election, yet he wouldn't end his mayoral run unless his two favorite candidates are most likely to win. "I need you to be my call filter" was the Uncle's request for Leeanna, which brought "coffee filter" to her mind. After she left the room to filter calls on other issues, our host warns us that, "if the wrong person is elected, then I'll lay in bed tossing and turning with my conscience praying upon me". "Please, run for mayor, please", said our first caller Beverly after complimenting our host as "a man of God", yet she wouldn't say what other candidate she would vote for if the Uncle were to drop out. "I'm going to vote for Sam "Prichard" Jones", said Joe, followed by "man of the future". "You ready for my vote", said Gene before adding Jones' second vote. "I need some more of your votes", said the Uncle shortly after Bess Rich received her vote in this caller poll. After the first commerical break, a voice message suggesting the need of having outsiders in the mayoral race was played. "We need the Hammer, come back Hank", said this fellow before ending his voice message. "Got a question mark on Sam Jones", said John, who would eventually give Bess Rich her second vote after narrowing things down. "I'm going to have to vote for John Peavy", said Jan, who believes that the District 7 representative has the insight Mobile needs. After Rich's third vote, someone allegedly dials the wrong number before hanging up. "Draft Ben Brooks to be mayor", said Chad, who believes the Mobile City Council member would make an outstanding mayor. Our host suggests that Brooks may want to qualify for the race very quick. "I don't like anyone of them", said Chad on the other four candidates. "I'm going to vote for Sam Jones", said Willie with Jones' third vote. "I don't think that he [Sam Jones]…has the business experience", said Sheila, who sees the election coming down to Peavy and Jones. "Rich", said Barbara continuing Rich's lead with five votes shortly after joining us with her "Roll Tide" shout. During the program's shortest segment, the Uncle states for the record that so far "every candidate has had a caller except for Ann Bedsole". "The voting continues after the news" was our host's preview for the next hour. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Second half-hour begins with the show's theme music in the background as Danny invites our host to run for mayor of Saraland, where residents such as himself would actually build a home for him. "Mobile is doom…if you don't run, just come over to Saraland", said Danny before ending his voice message. "Nice offer from Saraland", said the Uncle before reminding us about the purpose of today's show. "I would vote for Bess Rich, based on character", said Ed. "I'm confused, I'm really confused, I hope this Clear Channel thing is quite the offer", said Brent, who previously had no idea how to address the Uncle at this time. Before Brent left us, our host suggested that he write a song based on his confusion in this mayoral race. "You have no idea what I listen to, this is just a conjecture", said our next caller, who would vote Ann Bedsole. Mr. C would vote for Rich. Bill finds Bess Rich the most qualified. "It's the mind that is the most important thing", said the Uncle for those using Ann Bedsole's age against her. "Mark me down for Peavy", said Chris. Josh joined us with a "Roll Tide" shout before putting in his vote for Peavy. After voting Rich, our next caller asked the Uncle if he cares about "the future of Mobile or your personal future, as far as the radio station has to offer". The Uncle reminds this fellow that the purpose of today's show is the find out if Mobile would be all right if he were to drop out of the mayor's race. "My vote is definitely for Bess", said Lauren after reminding us about the common position on annexation during past mayoral elections. After the break, a lifelong Mobile resident still believes that our host has a chance, according to this voice message. "You lean one way, you lean the next", said Andy a hurricane metaphor in the decision of voting for one of these candidates. He would eventually say he would vote for Peavy. "The Idea Guy" happened to be the first to vote in whole, not in "half" for Ann Bedsole, according to the Uncle. Tom mentions the signage of the campaign signs, including Bess Rich's signs having her first name bigger than the last. "Yes, it's like family…that says a lot about her", said Tom before confirming his vote for Rich. Before the break, the Uncle reminds us about the "Deal of the Week" starting tomorrow morning, which includes a limited number of half priced gift certificates for Miss Trudy's "The Tiny Diny" restaurant. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from "Idea" after reading a "carefully worded letter" by former Gov. Don Siegelman on possibly running for governor of Alabama again. "We need a lady's point of view in this city for once", said our second Bill voting Rich. "If you're not going to run, Sam Jones is going to run", said a whole different Norman. Our next caller actually brought Leeanna's name into this poll, which in comparison to one well known Jolie named Angelina is someone (or "something") that wouldn't work. Dee Dee, our 86-year-old (as of Monday) caller joined us for information on how to contact Alabama Congressman Jo Bonner (251-690-2811). Our next caller voted for Ann Bedsole for numerous reasons, including "she has a great amount of experience". Jordan's reason for voting Bess Rich includes the uncommon slang term "toots my fancy". Before Kevin joined us, the Uncle reminded him that he must vote for a candidate if he were to drop out. After bringing up a supposed comparison of Bedsole to the Pope, Kevin said he would vote Rich since she seems to be "a nice leveled headed lady". "Good morning, sir", said Miss Bea, who would vote for Bess Rich. "Lets go from one woman to another", said the Uncle before realizing that Joan is gone. "Good morning", said our second Josh before voting Leeanna, even though she's not running. Longtime Mobile resident Sherry joins us before the break to "talk about Bess Rich", including her support for city workers and the lowering a sale taxes in order to keep businesses in the city. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from Tim after wiping his counter of black marks from his copy of the Mobile Register. Tim would keep a close eye on everyone entering the location of the next mayoral debate. After the purpose of today's show was brought up again, Mary asked for the deadline for potential candidates, which is July 19th. "Please, someone have mercy upon me", said Mary before leaving us. Our second Chris was informed that his language is not appropriate for the show after sharing his vision of Leeanna as mayor. Before voting Rich, Norman reminds some of the weirdoes that Leeanna resides in Theodore, Alabama. "Bess Rich, Uncle Henry!" said our third Chris, who believes that our host performs a greater public service with this show. "Very interesting", said the Uncle after Chris' belief in what candidates our host may be leaning toward, Rich and Jones. "I'm going to vote for Bess Rich, Uncle Henry", said Charles, followed by final voter Joe placing his vote for Rich. As the Uncle quickly looks back at this very unscientific poll, Bess Rich wins overwhelmingly, with John Peavy at a distant second, Sam Jones in third, Leeanna in fourth, and Ann Bedsole in fifth. Our host must use the next 22 ½ hours to make his final decision on whether to accept Clear Channel Communication's offer or continue his mayoral race. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.0/5!

Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Former WKRG personality Monica Knight spoke with John Nodar this morning about her career in television, thus leading up to her current position as health care administrator for the United Way. She first hosted TV5's Sunday community service program "Your Health" in the 1970s before having her first child. "Your Health" was taped on Tuesday nights. One day after receiving a telephone call from general manager D. H. "Buck" Long while feeding her child, Monica became the latest host of "Woman's World" (aired weekdays from 12:00 PM-12:30 PM), where she would have conversations with folks such as Barbara Bush and Michael Landon.

Note of Interest:

Next Tuesday at 12:00 AM, WEAR-TV in Pensacola, Florida will begin airing the ABC Television Network's late night program "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for the first time since the show's premiere in 2003, according to the Titan TV listings.

"T'storms Likely" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to the first regular audio clip, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air". Last regular audio played was the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" following "the late great Gracie" clip. "What's the school board doing in Baldwin County…", Tim asked before asking our host if he can borrow Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's truck to remove a downed tree. "Thank you so much", said our host greeting one and all. "More packed with topic material" is the Uncle's description for today's show, which he expects to be different from most of this year's programs when it comes to the number of topics discussed. First of all, listeners are reminded that a "mandatory listening order" is still in effect for residents currently without electricity, including those in the "low intelligence areas". After reminding listeners about his views on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), our mayoral candidate/host reads part of an article on a part of the space shuttle "Discovery" coming apart before being repaired. "When did they invent this stuff…over twenty years ago", said the Uncle after learning that "we're taping stuff on the space shuttle". "I'm floored by it and they're going to send astronauts up in that thing", quote the Uncle before encouraging big companies supporting NASA to lay off. "Topic switch!" said the Uncle before mentioning that the Mobile County Public School Board " had planned for a retreat to the maritime Point Clear" until a storm named "Dennis" disrupted this plan. "Go into your own school facilities and save us some tax money" was the Uncle's request for the school board members, along with the possibility of a free lunch consisting of pizza. After the break, the Uncle managed to put down any further rants on the space shuttle worth an entire show's time and allowed Bill to say, "we need to throw these bums out, period", referring to the school board. "Call not nurtured, Leeanna", said the Uncle after not finding Robert on the line. "Look at all the money they need, look at all the money they get…", said our next caller, who shares the same feelings about the school board as the Uncle. "Well how about that, teachers" was our host's reaction after reading about the Mobile Area Educational Foundation actually paying for "some" of the school board's hotel expenses. "How'd you like David Thomas driving on your side of the Bay", Zach jokingly asked Baldwin County residents about the troubled Mobile County Public School Board president. "I'm not going to speculate on what he might do", said the Uncle after Zach left. "Good morning, Uncle Henry", said Robert before "covering" for Leeanna by saying that his cellular phone disconnected him from speaking earlier. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with "Hey Uncle Henry, this is Al" before reminding our host that "you conservative Republicans voted for Bush" after reminding everyone about the sky high gasoline prices. "All right, here we go, 479-2723", said the Uncle reminding listeners how to call in, but first Steve must be allowed to speak after a long wait. "It's the essence of disrespect for the tax dollar", is what the Uncle applies to the school board, while Steve would use the phrase "the essence of liberalism" for them since they are a government organization. "We're like the lowest, worst school system in the country, one of them", said Steve before his idea of no school board member receiving a reward for every low test score. Mike starts his call by saying that Leeanna "verbally nurtured me", which the Uncle commends her on doing. "It was a very nurturing experience", said Mike before making an observation about 710 AM, which he heard "quite a bit on the Internet" as Hurricane Dennis made its Gulf Coast approach. "Every time you guys go off, I would push a button and come across a station [still on the air]", said Mike, who would see himself as a very concerned general manager of 710 AM. The Uncle informs Mike, along with most listeners that the station is currently in the transmitter relocation process, since the old tower from the WKRG-AM years near Telegraph Road is deteriorating in the swamp. "You haven't?" said a surprised Uncle after hearing Charles say that Leeanna didn't nurture his call, but it never stopped him from reminding us about the school board's "flop house" (former Gayfers department store) purchased in downtown Mobile, which could have served as a vacationing spot for board members. After the break, the "Jonny Quest" theme plays as a voice message suggesting nationwide syndication of the show was played. Donny advised for retired caller Al that he gets "some extended education on the economics of how oil is produced" after hearing his voice message today. "Presidents can't do much when it comes to gas prices", quote the Uncle before Bubba suggested the "empty Convention Center" in downtown Mobile as a good alternative to Point Clear for school board members. "Uncle Henry, I agree with you 100% on this space shuttle thing", said Terrence agreeing that this space program is a waste of taxes. Terrence also believes that the program breaks the purpose of why God gave us Earth. Terrence also considered this day to be "a day of reckoning" for the school board. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from "Evil Irrational Man" saying, "Bushy is an Auburn fan, may I go down the list". "A special discussion with you tomorrow" was our host's preview for tomorrow's show, including encouragement for listener input. "Hello", said our unknown caller, followed by "Roll Tide" before plugging in a restaurant as a spot for most school board members. "They've got everything right there for 1/3 of the cost", said this fellow before saying that Leeanna nurtured his call well. After hearing background noises and this fellow's take on the nurturing, Leeanna is summoned for questioning on her current clothing resembling that of one well known Jolie, yet our host has received positive feedback on her call screening. "Callers, you don't help her by…don't interfere on Leeanna's behalf", said the Uncle. Our call screener left the room at the sound of her theme music and audio of "Evil Irrational Man" saying "Leeanna". "I often do go through mood swings, but that's based on reading the Mobile Register", said the Uncle before Dennis from Semmes, Alabama joined us with the sad news of caller Skip (son of caller Chuck) passing away in his mid-forties recently. "He was one fine fellow…one of the happiest people I've known", said Dennis on the fellow known for aggravating our host in the past, but according to family friends he was nothing like that in person. "I would rather live with anything else than lose a child", said the Uncle seconds before the break. After the break, voice message from "Bubba's Daughter" back in Atlanta was played, expressing love for the show and the hometown she pray never gets hit by a tropical cyclone this season. "Yes, I'm going to talk to you about tomorrow's show", said the Uncle before reminding us about his "hard run" for mayor of Mobile and desire for that high position. "My employers would like to see me stay as the host of this show", said our host before mentioning Clear Channel Communication's idea of interviewing his opponents before the August mayoral election. "They made a rather generous offer", said the Uncle before encouraging registered voters to call in tomorrow with the candidate he or she would vote for in August, hopefully giving our host some sort of indication. "I need an indication…I don't have any other indication", said the Uncle before encouraging tomorrow's callers to also give their reasons for choosing one of the other four candidates for mayor. "I need this information before I can make a choice", said the Uncle before ending this show as always by reminding us to read the Bible. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

All mayoral endorsements and suggestions go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Former WKRG personality Skeeter Diehl spoke with John Nodar this morning about her years as host of the locally produced "Romper Room" (late 1950s and early 1960s), "Woman's World", and TV5's Mardi Gras Day coverage. Photos of Skeeter during her "Romper Room" days were used as a visual aid, since the program was live and never video taped. Diehl is currently working in real estate.

"Showers Returns" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to an audio clip of one Baldwin County resident, including "I have lived, north, south, east, west, and in all my life I have never seen such uninformed citizens in the City of Mobile". "Thank you so much, welcome to the show, thank you listener…", said the Uncle greeting and thanking one & all for making the "active choice" of choosing today's show. "This show is like fertilizer for your brain", quote our mayoral candidate/host before mentioning the "mandatory listening order for The Uncle Henry Show" from Clear Channel Communications director Steve Powers, who does not suggest that police officers will break down a violator's door. "It's urgent that they listen" is one of the Uncle's reasons for this order. "Dean, Dow, and Dickerson", or "The Three Ds" shall have another press conference related to a storm named "Dennis" starting at 9:45 AM. After viewing a similar press conference locally over the weekend, our host noticed nonsensical questions coming from the reporters, whom he doesn't mean to offend. After reminding listeners how to call in at (251) 479-2723, "The Idea Guy" joins us with what he believes is the reason why Mike Dow, Mobile County Commissioner Mike Dean, and EMA Director Dickerson are holding this press conference, "to squeegee all the water out of Government Plaza". "I don't think they ought to tell you to get out of your home", said "Idea" before bringing up the term "common sense". After the break, "The Adventures of Superman" theme plays as the Uncle reminds listeners about both the local and long numbers. So far, there is one open line "due to her [Leeanna] abandonment of your phone call", as the Uncle put it. "Hello, John", said the Uncle twice before this fellow reminded us about the price of crude owner and gasoline going up almost simultaneously. "So the price keeps going up", said John after adding the summer demand for gasoline. "There's a chance of gouging going on, but I didn't see it", said John before giving Jerry time to speak on the air. "Whether there is price gouging or not, I don't know", said Jerry before leaving us. Galen used his call to make a public service announcement for the cleanup of Whistler Cemetery in Whistler, Alabama this Saturday, where volunteers (such as Galen's Eagle Scout son) can also help mow the lawn of this rather large cemetery on both sides of Branch Avenue. "I don't believe in luck, but I wish him that", said the Uncle shortly after Galen left us. During the half-hour's shortest segment, Ken mentioned that since WPMI-TV and 710 AM are both under the same ownership, this could explain why our host/mayoral candidate was not mentioned during Channel 15's recent "one minute" segment on the other four Mobile mayoral candidates. "They don't want me to run" were the Uncle's last words for this half-hour. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Second half-hour begins with "this message will be saved" followed by the voice message itself. "I would like to say hello to the extra new listeners", said the Uncle to most listeners currently without home electricity. "We're still awaiting word from that press briefing", said the Uncle reminding us about the press conference mentioned previously. Tim mainly joined us to "sadly report" that Bill O'Reilly of the FOX News Channel mentioned every state that doesn't have tough laws against pedophiles. "I didn't know the state of Alabama was leaning on these people", sad Tim, who would like to ask O'Reilly about his mention of Alabama and Gov. Riley during his radio talk show later today. "Are you insuring that a hurricane is a money maker, Uncle Henry?" said John after our host mentioned the tax revenue made after such situations. "Are you saying they're all Dow's puppets", was the Uncle's question for our next caller, who made it clear that Riley is not among these puppets. Denise joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout and a question about Riley's mandatory evacuation for Baldwin County residents and workers south of Interstate 10, whom she believes deserve compensation. After thanking Denise for her call, the Uncle announces the upcoming break for commercials. After the break, a voice message from a fellow who was unable to call in yesterday due to "the popular Mr. Nodine" was played. Our host has just learned from the press conference that "the hurricane problem would be completely solved if we annexed West Mobile", leading up to yet another annexation effort in the future. "It's not looking good", said this John before reading an 10:00 AM Central time report on a storm traveling in the Pacific Ocean, better known as "Emily". "It's hard for me to even comment on this", said our host before John wished our host luck. John's reading of this weather report brings WPMI-TV meteorologist Jim Loznicka back to our host's mind. "We'll just do what we have to do", said the Uncle before "The Bud Man" joined us to speak positively about all four lanes of Interstate 65 going north. "We stayed on 65 and didn't mind it", said Bud Man before reminding some people about common sense and that "there is no way to predict what these things (hurricanes) are going to do". "You've got to put yourself in the place of the actual official", said the Uncle speaking about government officials recommending mandatory evacuations. After Bud Man left us, the Uncle mentions one other person's thinking that there was some "extra thinking" going on before "Dennis" made its arrival Sunday afternoon. "News now, then more of your calls" was the preview for the final half-hour for the day. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message starting with, "Hey, Uncle Henry, this is Al" before thanking WKRG-TV5 and chief meteorologist Alan Sealls for keeping him well informed about "Dennis". Al also suggests that WALA Channel 10 meteorologist John Edd Thompson and TV5's Jere Hough retire. "Pay him more money, don't let him leave here" said Al before suggesting that others should learn from Sealls. "Thank you for getting me through this hurricane, Alan Sealls", said Al before ending his voice message. "He was a better weatherman when we was Urkle", said the Uncle before welcoming new listeners again "thanks to the mandatory listening order", which does not suggest that officers will use force upon violators and/or their radio tuners. "When you're going to that public school, your child doesn't have to express himself" was our host's message to our previous caller on a subject far from the main discussion, the subject of school dress codes. "Thanks Leeanna, well done", said the Uncle after learning about caller Robert's disappearance. Robin weighed in on Baldwin County's mandatory evacuation, which she believes should be have been voluntary. Since Al gave Alan Sealls praise, Robin also gave the Alabama State Troopers praise for making the lanes of Interstate 65 northbound during the evacuation effort. "Did you evacuate", Robin asked our host, who said that he stayed at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building for the entire duration of "Dennis" before and after its arrival. "I have another theory", said Robin, who happens to be the same lady who brought up the "fried food theory" after another mayoral candidate close to home claimed victory, who happened to own a restaurant at the same time. "Think about [Bo] Bice and [Condoleezza] Rice", said Robin after speaking about her "last name" theory. "What are you going to be when you're an adult and your brain is fully formed", said the Uncle after hearing caller Matt, who plans to be a civil engineer. After speaking with Chip Nelson of WRKH 96.1 FM "The Rocket", Leeanna mentioned her evacuation for Louisiana. "Did you miss me", our call screener asked, with our host admitting that "I didn't miss you, no offence, but I didn't think of you". During the show's final seconds, the Uncle suggested that Leeanna leave town for about a week, giving him time to truly miss her. As always, the Uncle reminds listeners to read the Gospel. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

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WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

This morning on the station's 9:00 AM-10:00 AM program, John Nodar spoke with former reporter Bob Brazier, who reported for WKRG from 1969 to 1979. Today Brazier is general manager of the Mobile Convention Center.

"Sorta Steamy" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, July 11, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the 10:00 AM hour with a voice message recorded a while before "Dennis" made its final landfall. "Thank you for continuing to listen to the Uncle Henry Show on this beautiful Monday", said the Uncle before reminding listeners that "the commish" Steve Nodine is here, but first Tim must join us. "I have multiple messages…I can track the storm's progress by your messages", said our mayoral candidate/host. "I think the only thing I did is the Weather Channel", said Steve after Tim mentioned someone in Louisiana noticing him. After Tim left us, the Uncle believes that later today WKRG-TV5 will "have the Mike Dean quarter box" for quite some time. After reminding listeners more than once to call in at (251) 479-2723, everyone listened to Steve speak about the county commission's place in. "I don't even remember the storm…", said the Uncle as he looks back at memories of a storm named "George", which back then caused an angry flow of 710 AM listeners calling in. "I think it was George", said Steve before the Uncle allowed Lillian on the air to congratulate the TV stations and anyone behind the effort to survive "Dennis". "I hope we can keep Jim here because he's one hell of a weatherman", said our next caller, who believes that stations such as TV5 found out from WPMI-TV meteorologist Jim Loznicka about the storm's path east of Mobile and Baldwin County. After the break, a voice message recorded at "7:10 AM" by "The Idea Guy" after watching TV5 at one point, which made him ask about some sort of class for holding a microphone while standing in strong winds. "I have a suggestion to make", said caller John while touching the issue of the evacuation order for Mobile County. "Can't you just see the people in Citronelle evacuate", said John, with Steve responding that Citronelle, Alabama could have ended up in the same condition as Atmore. "You're right", said Steve in agreement with John on not everybody leaving the county by mandatory order. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Third half-hour begins a couple of voice messages, including one from Tom with a campaign sign idea for our host, including "Uncle Henry for Mayor, and on top, narrowing the cone". "Full speed ahead, Steve", said Mr. C. who has grown tired of people griping. "I think more about other people than I do myself", said the 85-year old Mr. Cecil before reminding us "full speed ahead". "If we'd been hit, what would they [the meteorologists] be saying", said Chad after saying that the same people cannot even forecast rain for today. Same caller asked Steve about any plans for a permanent storm shelter for any situation, including "special needs". Final whirlwind segment begins with a birthday song in the background since Nodine's day of birth was on Saturday, but due to the "impending doom" he was unable to celebrate his 42nd birthday on that day. Our first caller for this segment congratulated the county commission for evacuating Mobile County residents before asking about bringing pets along. "That's not going to be something in our plans", said Steve. "You're going to stay at your own risk", said Chuck speaking about mandatory evacuations. "My condolences on your birthday", said this John, whose wheelchair prevented him for getting him to a shelter. "What will happen now, will there be a series of meetings", the Uncle asked, with Steve saying that these meetings are focused on improving efforts before, during, and after a storm such as "Dennis". "As the program progressed, I've gotten progressively ill", said the Uncle, also ending this show on the note of a belated birthday wish for Nodine and a reminder to seek guidance from the Bible. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

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WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 45

49 years and 309 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Honorable Mention:

Anchor/Reporter Kellie Jones

Kellie Jones

WKRG Memory IV:

My favorite WKRG memory is the Mel Showers/Kellie Jones anchor team, created when Mel was promoted to the 6PM newscast. Their ratings ruled for years. -Tinklepoot

Friday, July 08, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to a greeting of "thank you so much" from our host. "We have time to prepare", said the Uncle, who happens to be mesmerized by the supposedly unnecessary hurricane track line on forecast maps, according to some meteorologists. "Well, don't put it in there", said our mayoral candidate/host to the forecasters. Telephone number to call in remains (251) 479-2723 for the listeners, such as Bill who prays that a certain storm named "Dennis" is weaken before its final landfall. "Freddie was terrible, there wasn't a leaf left in Mobile County", said Bill reflecting on another time when he thought Mobile was going to be "wiped off the face of the Earth". Bill's mention of his dog's recent behavior was enough for the Uncle to say, "Leeanna is also behaving very strangely". "Insurance is the best thing in the world", said Bill after mentioning his house boat. "Don't panic…for goodness sake", was our host's advice for Bill before reminding him that "Dennis" has to pass an island named "Cuba" before getting near our part of the world. After "Mike", the Uncle's response to the very brief call was, "hurricane causing dogs and prank callers to act in a weird matter". After the break, a voice message from "The Idea Guy" suggesting that folks "move your magnets further north" on a hurricane tracking chart as part of some voodoo practice, since he believes his own "Dennis" tracking is working. "There was a lot of looting at the Loop", said Joe, giving our host reason to say, "I've never heard that" on these events occurring after "Ivan's" arrival on the Gulf Coast. "Bubba's Daughter", along with Patty joins us to mention that the former just came to town to visit Bubba, but since it appears that "Dennis" will make "a direct hit" on Dauphin Island, these two may have to stay together under Patty's roof. "Rarely does a caller hand off a call to another caller", said the Uncle before Max joined us. C. David joins us after reading about a robbery incident in Atlanta involving young people and a beaten trucker, proving that these types of incidents do not only occur after hurricanes, "but anywhere", according to David. "That sounds like the old West, someone waiting for a stage coat", quote the Uncle shortly before the newsbreak from 710 AM. During the 10:00 AM hour, some interesting meteorologist quotes will be read over the air. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Second half-hour begins with "Idea" via voice message "with another good idea", this time for "a series of speed bumps" to slow down "Dennis" when it comes to wind speed. "Thank you for continuing to listen to the Uncle Henry Show", said our host, continuing to witness "Dennis'" and its progress, along with the progress of supplies being snatched off the store shelves. The Uncle is also thankful that he has yet to visit a Wal Mart, where it's possible to be snatched up and thrown into a trunk. "Today will be the worst day in Cuba's history", said meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters as the Uncle quotes him. "Loss of life will be low", said Masters giving thanks to the island's "excellent civic system". "We're going to talk to Joe, hello Joe", said the Uncle before finding out that the fellow is actually "Jimmy, not Joe". "That's hurting a lot of people", said Jimmy after our host mentioned the recent leap in some gasoline prices. "You don't remember Camille, weren't born [before] Camille", said the Uncle before sharing his memories of the 1969 hurricane. "I'm going to try to stay ahead in the game", said Kevin referring to residents who want to leave town. "Just keep your eye on it until tonight", was the Uncle's best advice for those prepared to leave before "Dennis" makes its possible arrival. Our next caller joins us with a "hurricane tip", reminding folks with D-battery powered radios to pull out the cord on the back. "Hope you are blessed as well", said the Uncle to our previous caller. Listeners are reminded that the radio stations of Clear Channel Mobile will provide simultaneous coverage of the storm "if warranted", excluding WRKH 96.1 FM "The Rocket", which may simulcast WPMI-TV's coverage. After the break, a voice message from Tim included, "I want to remind the Hammer (Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine) to put a cover on Government Plaza" before reminding all that the storm "has to go somewhere". "You know I hadn't seen that commerical since I called in", said this Joe on the coinciding of his recent call about Mobile mayoral candidate Ann Bedsole's commerical and its lack of diverse people. "Praying for Mobile in Minneapolis" is the title of the first electronic mail read today. "We love you Uncle Henry, even here", said Ziggy continuing to listen to the show by 710 AM's almost live Internet stream. "Always knew I'd have a storm named after me", said Dennis, who will be going north on Highway 59. "All right, you be safe", said the Uncle before Norman joined us, who will be "battening down the hatches" before leaving town for Columbus, Mississippi, where some of his in-laws are residing. "Are you in a brick house or wood house?" was the Uncle's question for Norman (lives in a brick house) since he's very new to living inside a brick house. "It's time to look at the news", said the Uncle shortly before Joan Keller read the news from the 710 AM news center. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with Tim saying, "Uncle Henry, I think I got cut off after I started yelling" in this voice message before suggesting that NASA shoots a hurricane rather than a comet. "Man, why?" said Tim ending his message. "I think we need to start relying on each other…I don't think the good Lord is looking after us like He should", said our next caller sharing his family's struggle and his faith's erosion. "I have seen intervention in people's lives, I have seen prayer work", said the Uncle, who can only speak for his own faith. "I don't know what to say", said the Uncle before reminding this young fellow that he's seen "people fight disease for years and lose the battle, I have seen loved ones die". Our host also admitted that he's not afraid to die himself with a positive outlook for eternal life. "We had to take that detour", quote the Uncle after the previous discussion. Butch joins us to say that our host "did great" after that "heartbreaking call". "I just hope that young man don't lose his faith", said Butch before mentioning Ace Hardware's next plywood shipment. Despite the weirdoes who call in, "you can tell that fellow was hurting", according to Butch". Before the break leading up to the final whirlwind segment, our host asked himself, "will Leeanna be evacuating with her Happy Meal toys?" During the break, the Uncle suggested that we "just go ahead and cook the Hall's Meats" during his live commercial for the popular meat products from Chickasaw, Alabama. "It's really good stuff, it's spelled H-A-L-L, Hall's Meats", said our pitchman/host. After the break, "Idea" suggests via voice message that we "rig up a giant flushing mechanism" for the Gulf of Mexico since it resembles a "toilet bowl" and allow the Gulf to fill up again. After our second weird call (possibly from the same person), Glenn joins us to speak on behalf of fellows such as the one who joined us previously with his "heartbreaking call". After Leeanna was summoned, the Uncle reminds us about yesterday's show, when most listeners learned that our call screener's hurricane plans consisting of a boat and Happy Meal toys. "They'll keep me happy", said Leeanna, but due to financial reasons this plan may not become a reality. "Believe it or not, it's happened before with the station going off the air", said the Uncle reminding listeners about 710 AM's Internet stream, which is most likely to not be silenced during a storm. As always, our host reminds us to pray. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

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The Uncle Henry Blog thanks reader RC for covering yesterday's show.

"Beat the Rush" and "Get Ready For Dennis"- TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from...oh wait, due to some much-needed (yet unexpected) sleep I was unavailable around the time of today's show. Once again I am considering the option of taping the show as long as it remains in the morning timeslot of 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. Hopefully there will be a show posting tomorrow.

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"An Eye on Dennis" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the unofficial theme song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music ("CBS Special Presentation 1973") leading up to "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air". Other regular audio clips were played, including the late great caller Gracie saying, "I've got so tired of listening to those stupid things, those stupid people, so I've come back to reality, I've come back to you". "Thank you so much!" said the Uncle greeting and thanking listeners ("thank you for that!") for "actively, picking the Uncle Henry Show…as my outlet and your input" in the technical sense. "All of us drying off in the deluge", said our host referring to a storm named "Cindy" continuing to pass over our part of the region, nearly causing Washington County, Alabama to be washed away. Leeanna is summoned by her theme music and our host's shout of "get your skinny self in here" since she's a resident of south Mobile County, where storm-related floods can be much worse. "Welcome back from your unnecessary vacation", said the Uncle to our call screener. "You have nothing to add on the storm", said the Uncle before Leeanna again admitted to having no idea "Cindy" was on its way to the Gulf Coast. "You're not secretly blonde?" our host asked shortly before Leeanna left us for the time being. Before the break, the Uncle previews today's discussions besides the weather, including "odd campaign shenanigans" in the Mobile mayoral race. During the break, the Uncle replayed his pre-recorded Hall's Meats commercial just to hear the "sizzling" of the sausage on the grill. After showing interest in the "sizzling" our host promoted the popular meat products from Chickasaw, Alabama live. After the break, a version of the "Bonanza" theme plays before the Uncle read an electronic message "Regarding Shane McBryde" from the radio personality and former District 7 candidate himself. "Family concerns simply prohibit me from giving 100% to the effort", said Shane in the message before asking his campaign supporters for an apology. "I'm personally shocked that he would drop out of the race", as the Uncle reacted before playing one of many McBryde audio clips recorded during his days on 710 AM. First caller Mr. C joins us believing that Shane would make a great city councilman for Mobile, but Cecil mainly wanted to say his thoughts on pedophiles after reading the Mobile Register. "What in the world is the answer to this…having them registered doesn't seem to work", said the Uncle before allowing Dan on the air. "Are we on the radio, Uncle Henry?" said Dan before the Uncle redirected this fellow to Leeanna to promote his group. The Uncle updates listeners on the story of a telephone poll asking residents which mayoral candidate will receive his or her both. "Turns out the poll was a bogus poll", according to our host before getting to the story of e-mail shenanigans in the race for Mobile's highest office. "This is going to be one heck of a mayor's race", said our very own candidate before the break. During the program's shortest segment, Norman admitted to not being sure about mayoral candidate Ann Bedsole's view on our local environment before getting to the issue of pedophiles. "I don't think you can rehabilitate pedophiles", said the Uncle before the break leading up to the newsbreak by Michael P. Sloan and NBC News Radio. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Second half-hour begins with a voice message from "The Idea Guy" reminding us about the last time voting was held on a day with weather similar to today's before suggesting that the same is done with the mayoral election. "Thank you so much, welcome back!" said the Uncle "enjoying our conversation as always", now being heard by folks listening to the now restored online stream. The answering machine number remains (251) 706-2855, or simply 706-BULL. So far, no plans for the timeslot have been revealed once the Uncle is given time off in order to compete in the mayoral race without getting 710 AM into legal jeopardy. Both of Christopher's e-mail messages were read on the air, including one with the question "If the purpose of a hurricane is getting heat to the poles, then what is the big deal about global warming". Tommy joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before pondering the "deception" of Ann Bedsole's last name having the definition of "means business", according to a campaign sign. "I think they need to be more specific of what they're talking about", said Tommy before the Uncle encouraged him to put this supposed "subliminal message" out of his mind. "What happened to them [Prichard] is the same thing Mobile is going through right now", said Fred encouraging our host to think over his campaign for mayor of Mobile, or the unaccepted name of "Prichard South". Before the break, the Uncle sees today's show as already an "outstanding edition". After the break and the lost of caller Jim, the Uncle reminds listeners that Leeanna is back as call screener, explaining why callers are not being "nurtured". Our host has just learned from Chip Drago's website "Mobile Bay Times" that Rick Collins may jump back into the Mobile City Council race. "Rick Collins is a quality guy and the City of Mobile will benefit", said the Uncle reflecting on his previous conversations with the fellow, while reminding us that there are still some knowledgeable candidates out there. Before reminding listeners how to e-mail the show, the Uncle mentions that he's "checking the e-mail box periodically". Our next e-mail comes from online listener Mike of Missouri, who hopes that a certain storm named "Dennis" doesn't come near the Mobile region and suggests that our host run for the USA presidency. Though the Uncle wouldn't run, but if he were to campaign and win the presidency, he would appoint former Alabama attorney general Bill Pryor to the Supreme Court. "Go for it, Rick!" said caller Ruth before the break ending this half-hour. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from Warren, whom the Uncle encourages to remain with 710 AM once he's off campaigning full time, despite what may air during this timeslot. "Could be the Scott O'Brien liberal show…could be the John Bell show", said the Uncle before Leeanna thought of the possibility of a taped portion of "Coast to Coast AM" being placed into this timeslot. The Uncle's questioning of when exactly did the culture of people bearing wording on their "rear end" would lead a discussion on the reasons, our host's lifelong attempts at avoid such sights, and then the weirdoes continuing this issue. "Are you going to miss me when you leave?", Leeanna asked, with our host responding that he has no idea how long it would take for him to miss her. "Hey, I'm doing pretty good", said Gary Redden joining us with interest to be part of the Uncle's campaign, maybe as a player of "ambient music". "You're going to hear something about yourself you didn't so existed", said Gary before leaving us as the type of music he is known for played in the background. "Grumpy" joins us suggesting Jack Tillman as someone for our mayoral candidate/host's campaign, possibly taking the role of bodyguard. After the break, voice message from Tim after viewing "Nightline's" report on the end of America's Junior Miss at the irregular timeslot of 11:00 PM on WEAR-TV. "I'd have saved the dag gone thing if I had any money", said Tim. During the show's final minutes, "it's very rare to get as much as [[we have]] gotten", said the Uncle referring to today's rainfall due to "Cindy". Our host previews tomorrow's big announcement involving him and the show after today's meeting with Clear Channel Communications executives, but there won't be any news on what shall replace this 90 minute timeslot. After the Uncle left us for the day, 710 AM went to static. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

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Notes of Interest:

"Junior Miss Bows Out True to Tradition -- Gracefully"

"Cindy Arrives" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

"The Causeway in Mobile, Alabama is underwater" - CNN Radio

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