Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") from beginning to end, followed by familiar notes of music, audio of the "We will all be blown away" spiritual from the Mobile City Council, "So I've come back to reality, I've come back to you", and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". Before the Uncle greeted us with his usual "Thank you so much"; he said "yes" a couple of times during the pre-recorded introduction. After the greeting and informing us about the state of Leeanna's call screening, our host continues to remind us that the AM dial is the band to be a part of. Speaking of "informing", the Uncle must mention the Interstate 10/Range Line Road accident involving a tanker truck carrying a chemical commonly used for plastics, yet it can be a health hazard if it were to leak rapidly. "Alright, are we back on, good" said the Uncle after a brief silence lasting under 20 seconds. So far, Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss is keeping in touch with someone near the accident scene now causing evacuation, but so far nobody else but the driver is hurt. "Just got out of it," said first caller Allen who managed to get out of Interstate 10 traffic now backing up. After Allen joined us as a witness to the traffic now spreading, our host reminds listeners to remain patient. Today's first good Bill joins us to speak about the hazards of this almost hard to pronounce chemical in particular. Our other Bill's call was translated into him referring to a local celebrated person also having an expunged court case filed away, which the Uncle wished should have never been mentioned due to potential lawsuits being aimed at him if a name was thrown in. After the break, a voice message reminding us that the Federal Bureau of Investigation does not expunge court cases for anybody (not even the USA's chief executive), so expect Mobile County Public School Board president David Thomas' cases to be on record if he were to search for a federal job. Listeners are reminded that in about 10 minutes everyone shall be informed about the accident on Interstate 10 involving a chemical "considered more hazardous that most chemicals". As we dive into the Uncle's electronic mailbox, our first message comes from an outraged resident of Baldwin "God's Last Vestige" County who wished that our mayor Mike Dow keeps his Fairhope, Alabama comments to himself, plus numerous insults and other mean-spirited comments were listed referring to any Mobile County person planning or have already migrated east of Mobile Bay. "Thank you for your time…" said this "Friend of Fairhope" who also used vulgar language that the Uncle had to censor with "blank" in order to avoid trouble far major than a lawsuit, an Federal Communications Commission fine (a radio, TV, or TV network's worst fear). "Man, what an e-mail" said the Uncle after these strong negative Mobile County comments. Final minute of the first half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us about an important newsbreak from 710 AM before allowing Gina on the air pondering what may happen to this particular driver ("carrying a lot of weight") who was behind the wheel of the tanker truck carrying the chemicals. According to Gina, it's likely that drivers such as this one may be eligible for the same position at a different company. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

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"Change in the Wind" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Notes of Interest:

Shortly after 10:00 AM, 710 AM wasn't the only one airing a special report on the Interstate 10/Range Line Road tanker truck accident. WKRG-TV5 knocked off 2/3 of the first segment of "The Price is Right" with a live report from the accident scene (and from within the confines of 555 Broadcast Drive), while WALA Channel 10 and WPMI-TV only ran large news tickers during their non-network programs.

It happened this week, or this morning in fact as a new human being was brought into this world by Rose Ann Haven of WKRG-TV5. It was thought out long ago that Haven would name her latest spawn "Jesse" (after a relative) and that's what the girl received this morning.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from this first line of this song's lyrics: "wonderful town, wonderful people, places to go, things to see, my love is Mobile, that's my wonderful town!" "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") is followed by familiar notes of music, audio of one fellow suggesting that we send the bureaucrats over to California, "I strongly disagree with Mr. Nodine" audio from Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, and finally the show introduction. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" said the Uncle on a Tuesday he calls "gorgeous" as we continue to listen to the "good" radio band. After reminding us "AM good, FM bad", our mayoral candidate introduces one well-known public figure also known as "The Hammer", "The Yammer", and the Uncle's most relatively frequent guest, but otherwise he's Mobile County commissioner Steve Nodine. "That was a long intro", said Steve dressing casually for this occasion shortly after his intro music ended (not the NBC Olympics theme). "They're alright"; said Steve after the Uncle compared his physical appearance to his fellow commissioners Mike Dean and mayoral candidate Sam Jones. Now onto the soon-to-be completed urban loop for Schillinger Road after about 29 years in order to lessen congestion, which Steve managed to explain under a minute to avoid being one of those very talkative politicians when on any form of talk shows. After the break, listeners of this conversation shall join in after dialing (251) 479-2723. After more classic Nodine audio from the Mobile City Council aired, we would hear Nodine's predictions of life after this summer's elections for both the council and the mayoral election. Before allowing first caller Tim over the air to question Tim "over this lobbyist thing", our host previews the playing of caller Brent's second audio rendition of his mayoral election song. "My goodness, we didn't even need the buzzer" said the Uncle after stopping the timer as Steve finished his less than 60-seconds explanation for the need of lobbyist. A good Bill representing Zeigler & Cody Road joins us to address the rise in crime in his area (dilapidated houses take some responsibility), which Steve and his fellow commissioners are well aware of. "You're listening to 710" was how the Uncle concluded this first half-hour of the program. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

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"Sunny"- TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Monday, March 28, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from this week's first playing of "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by familiar notes of music, audio of one Baldwin County resident expressing his view of Mobile County's "educational level" according to the Uncle's callers, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", and the "Walking down the path…" (Bienville, Admiral Semmes) clip. "Thank you (stressed out) so much," said the Uncle greeting listeners on this "splendid" (a word rarely used by our host) Monday morning for the option of amplitude modulation radio. "This FM radio stuff is nothing," said the Uncle who believes that numerous folks between 20-30 have no idea AM radio exists. "So teach your children well" quote the Uncle continuing his AM crusade before sharing his Easter weekend with us, he even asked about our Easter. Banana pudding was among his family's weekend treats. With his Easter now a part of history, our mayoral candidate shares a couple of observations of the Sunday Mobile Register's story about the proposed fairy boat service that Fairhope, Alabama doesn't want to get involved with, including one from "The Idea Guy" (recorded on Easter morning). After "Idea's" voice message, the Uncle remembers hearing about this proposed fairly service being of the high speed kind before Sunday's article (no mention of "high speed"), yet the average length of 36 minutes from West to Eastern Shore by fairy is much longer than the time it took for the Uncle from Daphne to midtown Mobile before making the run for mayor of by moving back here. After the break, the Fleischer "Superman" theme plays as Malisa of the Lyons society joins us to promote her society's roasting of soon-to-be former mayor Michael C. Dow, with local personalities such as the Register's cartoonist J.D. Crowe. Mobile Association for the Blind's number (251) 476-8355 is among a couple of ways of obtaining the fairly expensive tickets of $65 for the roast. "Jabs and the quips and the barbs for Mike Dow" is how the Uncle describes this upcoming celebrated person roast before allowing Jim the Tax Man on the air. "You cannot believe all this media information", said Jim shortly before leaving us. During the Uncle's recent visit in Fairhope, he noticed the new Dollar Tree department store where the nearby Big Lot store can be seen in perfect view. "If you think it's horty torty, then don't come over here," said Melanie of Fairhope who's noticed plenty of negatively about her hometown. Lynn joins us with a "Hello…good morning" on a day which she calls "gorgeous" before reminding us about a "legacy of death on our society" referring to the judges appointed between 1993-2001 now being reflected upon nowadays from what's going on in Florida. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

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Scott O'Brien
555 Broadcast Drive
3rd Floor
Mobile, Alabama 36606

"Breezy But Better" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 30

49 years and 204 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Mel Showers (Anchor Since 1980; Employee for Over 35 Years)

Mobile native Mel Showers continues to this very day anchoring TV5's newscasts in a broadcast career spanning over 30 years, including leading the station's "Crime Team" division, but first we must go back earlier. During his days in the Service, Mel held the position of Military Intelligence Analyst, while being recognized for his service in various parts of our world. With all that behind him, Mel's journey into TV news began as a reporter stretching from Mobile government to the latest happenings in Montgomery. Telling by this, TV5 viewers must've had a good feeling that this fellow may one day give us the news from the anchor desk, starting in 1980. In conclusion, 30+ years in broadcasting, 3 station owners (WKRG-TV, Inc. & The Mobile Press-Register, Spartan, Media General), a successful marriage to partner for life Linda, and no signs of slowing down.

WKRG Fact: "The Gulf Coast Congressional Report", or simply "Congressional Report" has been serving TV5 viewers with their weekly insight into the Congress for about 32 years.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Friday's playing of "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), along with a clip from the popular TV program "Survivor" featuring Mobile resident James Miller. "Thank you so much!" said the Uncle greeting on a "beautiful, sunshiny Friday" before also congratulating us seeking their pearls on the oyster-like amplitude modulation radio side. "The topics are numerous as usual," said the Uncle before summoning Leeanna (at work) to hear a national news item that is closely related to her. After reading the words "Regulating appearance in the U.S. workplace" in this survey article, our call screener was already concerned ("uh-oh") before the Uncle got to the 39% of polled USA residents who say employers should deny a job to those bearing things from tattoos to nose rings. "No, I'm trying to help you, listen!" shouts the Uncle after Leeanna assumed he's attempting to cause her job's termination. After Leeanna left the room for further screening during the first break for commercials, our host apologizes to any client close by who are disturbed by her permanent markings. Our first voice message includes Brent's singing of his own mayoral race song, beginning with "I think it's time for you to leave, a long vacation what you need, you have my deepest sympathy, don't let the door hit you when you leave". Our mayoral candidates encourages this fellow ("very nice talent") to repeat this performance for a future show so that he can a better copy of the song on tape. "Speaking of the mayors race" said the Uncle before mentioning some long-form electronic mails from either censure people or a group of people encouraging our host to drop out of the Mobile mayor's race and allow Mobile County commissioner Sam Jones to make way. Our musician Brent joins us before explaining that the quality of his performance via a voice message reflects the fact that a certain life partner was asleep at the time. Expect Brent to send a new rendition of the mayoral race song of a better quality. After Brent left us, the Uncle previews Michael P. Sloan's reading of a news from 710 AM, including a possible reading of a news story involving a man flung from his automobile into a tree. Lynn joins us "echoing" a lot of the Uncle's feelings over the past week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Seconds before the end of the program's first half-hour, Lynn would also wish our host a happy Resurrection Day, also known as Easter. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

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"Wet Weekend" - TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Featured in the Mobile Register's "Yesterday's News" today:

March 25, 1955

"The Federal Communications Commission at Washington...Thursday awared television channel 5 at Mobile to WKRG-TV, Inc."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "wonderful town, wonderful people, places to go, things to see", yep it's "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") playing for the umpteenth time, followed by familiar notes of music, audio of one caller who says "I just about forgot" why he telephoned the Uncle, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", and last but not least "I've come back to reality". "Thank you so much, thank you so much welcome!" said the Uncle greeting us before congratulating us for making the wise decision of choosing "this AM dial" which could say a lot about our personality, according to our host. After the Uncle sighed, he asked himself what are we going to do with Mobile's very own Junior Miss program (a tradition of entering a world of bigger & better things that the Uncle is still proud of) financially speaking outside of using tax payer dollars when unneeded. "Coca-Cola is a big company," said the Uncle throwing in some ideas of "keeping this thing going", along with the idea of an "Uncle Henry radio-thon". "Miss America is starting their own competing program" is the news that shocks the Uncle since it would also include young females, yet he still wishes them the best, especially with the chance that they may get gobbled up by a certain "Trump" who owns other pageants. After reminding listeners to call in via (251) 479-2723, Leeanna informs listeners verbally since the Uncle doesn't understand her "chicken scratches" about a traffic spill on Highway 90. First caller Dan Daniels joins us as someone among the population who understands that Florida's Gov. Bush has "enforcement powers and so does George". After the break, voice message from Paul with an idea for the Uncle's reign as mayor of leaving roads in a condition that speed bumps are unnecessary is played. "A lot of the people running against you got this idea now" said Paul before ending his voice message. Freddie may be aware that this ill Schiavo lady of Florida is near death, but the same goes for the fact that she's outliving many others, such as most of the folks shot on a Minnesota reservation's school. Terrisfight.net "is something interesting", said the Uncle before allowing our next caller on the air. He asked what the politicians are actually up to between one overblown case and another, including one with the focus on steroids. "I have no opinion about it…," said this fellow, but he and the Uncle agree ("got you" said our mayoral candidate) that the government should be focused on gasoline. Roger joins us on the Schiavo case before reminding us that most of us have no idea what exactly is going on "down there", referring to Florida. "Bunch of elective yo-yos" said Roger referring to the USA's Executive Branch overriding their own powers. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

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Mobile resident James Miller of the popular TV program "Survivor" spoke live from New York City (via satellite) with WKRG-TV5's Bill Riales during the 12:00 PM newscast.

"Another Nice Day" - WKRG-TV5 meteorologist John Nodar

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "wonderful town, wonderful people", yep it's "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") signaling the Uncle's grand return, along with familiar notes of music, audio of a conversation with one fellow with the well known accusation that certain politicians are "a bunch of lowdown crooks" ("we knew that" said the Uncle), followed by the need of someone honest. Regulars from the Rebecca Wilson audio to the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" were played during the show's theme music. "Thank you so much!" said the Uncle on a "beautiful, beautiful Wednesday in the Mobile region" before finishing his relatively long "thank you" for listeners continuing the make a radio genre success story out of the show. Listeners are reminded yet again that frequency modulation radio is nothing short of a wasteland of "singing and carrying on", so our host is glad that we have our radios set to the brain empowering side known as AM for short. According to today's Mobile Register, for some reason the Mobile County Public School board and superintendent Harold Dodge wants to create a second public relations position worth up to $56,744 a year. That would be a far cry from the same position currently being served by WALA Channel 10 alumnus Nancy Pierce ("a nice lady" said our host). As the Uncle looks back at his own copy of today's Register, it's clear that this so-called necessary position is a waste for everyone before throwing in the name of the "almost retired" Charlie Moss (Mobile's only radio reporter) as a retired media representative for the school board. Before getting to other issues, the Uncle must warn Leeanna that he's unable to access 710 AM's computer networks, which means he'll be allowing callers on the air blindly. Joe (or "Abdullah") has a proposal, "Is it about time that the people have a consultant?" such as his own business named "Liberty Consultant". Joe's business address is Liberty Consultant P.O. Box 751, Magnolia Springs, Alabama, 36555. "Those politicians keep us confused and fight among ourselves" said Joe before leaving us. Speaking of "consulting", Leeanna enters the room to inform our host (worth a dollar, but was never paid) that he no longer has to enter a password to access the network. The Uncle may be aware yesterday's program minus him began roughly due to a technical problem, but he would learn that our call screener still got some on-air time by Scott O'Brien hosting that day. Unfortunately information on yesterday's program is limited since neither Leeanna, nor myself could record it in some form. After the break, our host and callers will speak their minds on the Mobile City Council meeting together yesterday. "…So don't go anywhere" said the Uncle as he previews the Mike Sloan newsbreaks soon to air between 9:59 AM-11:05 AM . "It's getting too out of hand really" was our next caller's description of the case going on in Florida now in the minds of regular news readers and viewers across the land. Show's final minute begins with music from Chuck Barris' "The Dating Game" as the Uncle previews Michael P. Sloan's daily "transmission of information" for the brain. "News time is 10 o'clock" is how the Uncle ended the first half-hour. During the next hour, listeners finally weigh in on the city council's meeting yesterday. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

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Note of Interest:

This week at TV news pay site News Blues , a familiar face of the 63rd ranked TV market (Mobile-Pensacola) is featured under the name "Lookers: Beautiful People of TV News".

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today's Show

Before the 9:00 AM hour, 710 AM was nothing more than "dead air" lasting from the Scott O'Brien-hosted "Ask the Expert" program to the 10:00 AM newsbreak (with Mike Sloan) leading up to the 10:00 AM hour of programming under Scott's hands for the day.

The Uncle shall return tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the first spring day playing of "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), along with some familiar notes of music, "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", and less than a minute of the show's theme music before the show introduction. Speaking of the show's introduction, here are the words to the second version of it since the Uncle's first broadcast on 710 AM in 2002: "NewsRadio 710 WPMI presents The Uncle Henry Show, studio lines are open now at 479-twenty-seven twenty-three or *710 for Cingular Wireless customers, so call Uncle Henry and be part of the program, life, politics, and love, on the local level, the national level, or on a global spiritual scale, it's your call and now here's Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show" said our host greeting us on this Monday morning before congratulating listeners for choosing the "growing medium" known as amplitude modulation as FM radio continues on the wayside. "Had to make some adjustments," said Scott O'Brien reflecting on his week of vacation time, including a visit to a few brothers close to home (near Interstate 10). Unfortunately for our well known program manager, he missed an excellent week of programming between the hours of 9:30 AM-11:00 AM, when the big topic was the state of employment. "I have a friend, professional woman," said Scott sharing a story about one lady who received numerous job offers, which makes his outlook of employment better. "I oppose random drug testing," said Scott on testing during any employment outside public service (bus driving and such) and radio disk jockeys (Scott happens to be one on 95 WKSJ-FM), which the Uncle would rather have during his mayoral campaign. "I enjoy the drug testing!" said the Uncle before Scott threw in a hypothetical situation involving drug testing and our mayoral candidate's child on his way to school. "I embrace all that stuff being tested," said the Uncle before reminding Scott and listeners that we must begin this week on a good note. "I'm a Chinese cook," said Scott as he exits the room with "the walk" to the sounds of his "The Bee Gees" intro/exit theme. "You just keep turning the key and eventually he cranks" is how the Uncle describes talking with a "car" such as Scott. After losing one caller (and Leeanna receiving the blame), Bill joins us bringing back. "He ought to go on the stage…" said Gene before showing gladness that the House of Representatives passed the Schiavo Bill in order to save the life of one ill lady from what he believes is the husband's "conventional" way of killing her. "Conventional" happens to be a word the Uncle wouldn't use in this case. Before the break, the Uncle gives mention to the show's long time sponsor Hall's Meats. During the break, the Uncle reminds us to "Ask for it by name", as in H-A-L-L, Hall's Meats from Chickasaw, Alabama. "…In about 10 minutes, so don't go anywhere" said the Uncle previewing the Michael P. Sloan newsbreak from 710 AM. Lee suggests that the Uncle get an Alzheimer's test, because he believes our host is out of touch with reality. "Marijuana is by far the least harmful [to the human spirit]", said Lee encouraging "civil liberty" since he claims to be a fanatic of it, which the Uncle doesn't buy one bit. "I would like to see more breathalyzer tests," said the Uncle during this drug discussion with Lee, now including some words on marriage. "Very interesting" said our host before Norman joins us on the subject of accountability, otherwise known as "persecution" including a doctor brought up. As the first half-hour was coming to a close, Norman attempted to speak about the no-longer personal Schiavo situation and the ill female in the middle of it all, whom our caller first believed is in a comatose state of condition other than brain damaged. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.0/5!

"Welcome to spring" - Scott O'Brien on "Mobile's First News"

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Important Note:

Due to a death in the Uncle's family and the upcoming funeral, our host won't be hosting tomorrow's program as he leaves the Mobile area for the Brewton, Alabama native's hometown holding funeral services.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 29

49 years and 197 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor/Reporter Sandra Shaw (Now at WPMI-TV in Mobile)

Shaw is among others that had their start in broadcasting at TV5 after college, the University of Mississippi on a track & cross country scholarship to be exact. Yep, she kept her mind focused on studies for her future career in journalism. Sandra's life after WKRG consisted of more than 4 years away from her native Gulf Coast for the job of reporting and anchoring for morning news at WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bits & pieces of her reports for the North Carolina NBC affiliate even reached went national through "Dateline NBC". Lets just say it was Gulf Coast hospitality and our beaches that took part in Sandra's return "Close to Home", Fairhope, Alabama to be exact. Nowadays Sandra can be seen reading the news of the day during WPMI-TV's "NBC 15 Today" program continuing the job left by former anchor/reporter Rebecca Wilson and enjoying conversation with her fellow anchors. Speaking of "reporter", Sandra still has that title when doing "Consumer Report" segments. The multi-tasking continues! Sandra also substitutes for Channel 15's weather anchors every now and then. Now onto a more human side than what viewers have seen on TV5 and WPMI, Sandra still enjoys running, participating in community events, and she happens to be an outdoors type lady.

Sandra Shaw

WKRG Fact: Since the 1970s, TV5 has been available to Mississippi gulf coast cable subscribers, which can also be convenient if either New Orleans' WWL-TV4 or WKRG pre-empts a CBS program.

From the March 19th, 1930 editon of The Mobile Register (Featured Saturday)

"Kenneth R. Giddens, of Mobile, a student at the Alabama Polytechnic institute, Auburn, won third prize in a contest to design decorative panels for the front of the proposed municipal building at Middletown, N.Y., according to information from Auburn yesterday."

Friday, March 18, 2005

Busy Today

(A rare occurrence, folks.)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this St, Patrick's Day from "Wonderful town, wonderful people, places to go, things to see, my love is Mobile, that's my wonderful town!" among the song's lyrics, along with some familiar introductory music, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", the Rebecca Wilson audio, "cut your radio down", and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much (stressed out)!" said the Uncle greeting listeners before thanking us, the ones responsible of the success of a genre within a genre. "Nonsense, horseplay" were among the Uncle's descriptions for FM radio after congratulating listeners for not spending time with it, yet according to the employee's manual "horseplay" is not allowed. "Yes, I'm wearing green", said the Uncle as a precautionary measure against the pinching occurring on this day, which one of his grandchildren actually fears before school. "It's foolishness!" shouts a cranky Uncle, as Leeanna described him after being summoned. "Have you been pinched yet?" asked the Uncle, but Leeanna's simple answer of "yes" would come without "who" in particular, making the Uncle believe it's nothing more but a grope. With St. Patrick's Day discussion behind the two, today's front-page Mobile Register article ("…So Mobile" said our host) reports on the now-retired Peanut Man, which shows that the Register is lagging behind radio again. Our first caller via voice message didn't read the full article from some reason, resulting in the assumption that the former peddler of peanuts near the cannon has just died, when in reality Lamar "The Peanut Man" Wilson is residing in a nursing home. After the break, Ed joins after hearing about the Uncle's mention of Ireland's celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which includes plenty of Irish whisky rather than green beer. According to the Uncle's meetings with Irish folks, their holiday is more religious oriented since numerous churches in the country are named for St. Patrick. After a drum set sound effect, "You summed up the day beautifully," said the Uncle after Ed's Saint Patrick's Day humor, which probably offended many Irish listeners via radio or by the almost live Internet stream. "Happy Saint Patrick's Day or whatever" said Norman who's call mainly consisted of comments that are a far cry from "happy". After we lost Willis, the Uncle attempts to get Leeanna out of what may be a session of pinching. Voice message from one lady requesting a "weekly update" on the Peanut Man and a way to send cards to him was played. The Uncle advises contacting Michael Langan's law office in order to send greetings to Lamar Wilson. The time of day this lady sent a voice message amazed our host to the point of playing it over, reminding us that it was sent at 5:25 AM. Before 10:00 AM, the Uncle must take a break to give Mike Sloan a chance to inform listeners too. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

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The Peanut Man has to leave his post

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), including the Uncle's singing a few lines ("set the face" and "Senior Bowl game"), the familiar musical notes, audio of one fellow's take on construction jobs, the Rebecca Wilson audio, "So I've come back to reality, I have come back to you", and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, thank you listener…," said the Uncle on a "beautiful, beautiful, Wednesday" before congratulating the curious, yet bright ones for joining the amplitude modulation radio band ("home of the intellect"). During the 10:00 AM hour of the program, Mike "Big Daddy" Dean of the Mobile County Commission will eventually emerge representing the southwestern part of the county. First, the Uncle reminds listeners about a fellow who called in around the very end of yesterday's program, who said employees should not remain loyal to a certain employer and that most of his fellow employees have smoked marijuana on the job. "There are many who are like that fellow," said the Uncle on the one that has sparked numerous e-mails and voice messages, such as this one from a former drug addict who needed "salvation" rather than a 12-step process. "I'm an Internet listener from North Alabama," said Brian of Mentone, Alabama, a town that our host once never heard of during his travels. First caller Eric managed to catch the latter portion of yesterday's show with the electrician testifying on behalf of the drug users. "I beg your pardon on that," said the Uncle as Eric mentions his generation gap discussion with Leeanna off the air ("Say what?" said the Uncle). According to Eric, his generation is actually correcting what those born shortly after the Second World War left behind. "I'd hate to lose you as a local talk show host" said Eric after hearing the end of the electronic message encouraging syndication along with a "Roll Tide". "Leeanna's generation is really paying the price," said the host. Our second John today (John #1 left the phone line) joins us with mention of "pot-crazed contractors" subgroup that realtors such as him must be aware of when inspecting houses. Before ever finishing the reminder to phone the show at (251) 479-2723, another drug related voice message is played. After the break, voice message from one fellow encouraging drug users to repent was played. "This world is getting crazier, crazier every minute," said the fellow before thanking our host for "expressing his view". Gene previously assumed that "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") was always played before the actual program (meaning a vulnerability to commercials) before learning that the Uncle has always played it at certain points of the program. "That hippie generation, they spawned a lot" said the Uncle before attempting to communicate with Joe, who "hung up" his speakerphone. Tim (not Tim "Makers Me Sicker" guy) sends a message to the "lukewarm Christians" whom he finds "sitting on the sidelines" as religious freedom is slowly being taken away. "Take to the streets…people got to do that" said Tim, whom the Uncle sees as someone overstating the issue. After Tim, the Uncle reminds him that many Christians are publicly acknowledging their religion, so not many are "sitting on the sidelines". Our next caller Robert responds to Tim with a suggestion for the millions of worshippers out there to bow down to their knees and cry out to God, not in a secret closet by the way. "Better said than I said," said the Uncle after Robert joined us. "I haven't been able to call you for the last couple of days" said Norman who has several things to talk about, even though we're on a newsbreak (not really, since it's live). With Norman's mental picture in mind, listeners sticking around for Mike Dean will be hearing Michael P. Sloan read the news from 710 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), including lyrics such as "Mobile is great, living and working, the climate's ideal for progress you see", along with familiar notes of music loyal listeners are accustomed to, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", the Rebecca Wilson audio, "So I've come back to reality, I have come back to you", and finally the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, thank you listener for joining this show!" was the Uncle's greeting before congratulating us for joining "the intelligent conversation on the AM dial" as he still finds frequency modulation radio steadily declining in relevance. After reminding listeners how to telephone the show (Pound 710 for Cingular Wireless users, or *710), our mayoral candidate/talk show host must bring up his campaign again, since none of his four opponents have mentioned one issue featured in today's Mobile Register, which simply blows him away. After requesting listeners to pardon the slang term "blown away", the Uncle directs us to the "Business" section in the Register's "Metro" section for a "sentence in bold type", a far cry from a "headline". According to this story hidden on page 7B of the paper, according to a survey group the job outlook for the Mobile region is the weakest among the 50 states making up the USA. As someone for limited government, "get out of the way," said the Uncle with a solution to the employment outlook. "Cut the taxes," shouts our candidate for Mobile's highest office before explaining why the city's current sales tax is unacceptable. "I say cut the sales tax", said the Uncle before informing listeners that Leeanna is back at her call screening post after an "unnecessary day off" in order to receive her latest tattoo now "permanently etched into her flesh" for her 29th year since birth. After the break, the callers! Voice message from "The Idea Guy" was played, suggesting that "ex-roller derby women" should be hired to escort violent criminals. After "Idea", another Mobile song ("By the Name of Mobile" seems to be the title) is played including lyrics such as "So they built a town around him and called it Mobile" and "…where the southern bells are ringing and the climate's idea". Yet another voice message related to the events' of Atlanta was played, this one being from caller Al who doesn't quite understand why it took so long for the weirdo to surrender. "Maybe she knew the fellow?" said Al during his message, which he hopefully finds untrue. Despite all that, the Uncle congratulates the young lady for her survivor skills ("I've got admiration for her") in the eyes of a fellow who was on a killing spree. Before getting to today's first few callers, our host gave mention to the book "The Purpose Driven Life" getting great promotion across the radio, from the Rush program to the 5-hour Finebaum program still keeping the Uncle's old 2:00 PM timeslot away from us. First caller Jay puts an optimistic take on "By the Name of Mobile" (released in 1949, according to our host). "I think you can dance to it," said Jay who finds that lovely song catchy too. Our next caller Joe suggests a "nickel tax" on gasoline, which he believes nobody would ever notice by the time gasoline goes down to $1.50 during the summer. After disagreeing with that idea on every level, Jay brought up Taiwan and possible military action by close neighbor China if they were to gain full independence. As for the Uncle, he would rather see the USA stick with that small country even when China uses force as a last resort. Coming up, Mike Sloan reads the news from 710 AM. "His news is so good, it's like the Krispy Kreme of news," said the Uncle as the half-hour segment of a 90-minute mid-late morning program comes to a close. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

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Purpose Driven Life

Monday, March 14, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") including lyrics such as "…Mobile's got the Junior Miss celebration, roll out Mardi Gras, Senior Bowl game", along with a few familiar notes of music leading up to caller T.C suggesting (via voice message) that Leeanna gets a tattoo that says "Roll Tide Roll", even though it's probably too late. Audio from "cut your radio down" to the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" was heard during the theme music. Voice message from Tim wondering about the possibility of attending Mobile City Council meetings each week in order to keep watch of his neighborhood, but there's also the chance that he'd "end up broke" like those down there. "Thank you so much, welcome…" said the Uncle greeting listeners from East to Western Shore of Mobile Bay who currently have their radio set to the side that "grows your brain". "And there's no brain growing on the FM side, that's for sure" quote the Uncle who has plenty of experience to understand both sides of the dial. Leeanna is out for the day after celebrating her 29th year of life, so her supposed "role model" newlywed Jennifer is call screening. "A fine day of listening to the Uncle Henry Show on NewsRadio 710 WPMI" said our host before getting to the electronic message focused on this weekend's big news story of a crazed killer in Atlanta who surrendered to the law after one lady hostage managed to change his ways. This fellow Hal via e-mail reminds the Uncle about him once addressing the issue of females security guards holding a weapon, since there was one involved in the Atlanta situation. Our fill in call screener is summoned since she represents the female gender, but first the Uncle gave mention to her upcoming first year anniversary of marrying a fellow serving in the USA Coast Guard. "So, your honeymoon continues?" is how the Uncle describes the current state of Jennifer's marriage, which she agrees with. "I don't won't to carry a gun, that's not cute" was her "very feminine" (as the Uncle called it) response to how she views female police carrying weapons, more specifically the one guarding the crazed Atlanta fellow. After asking our substitute call screener if she's seen the popular TV program, "Survivor", it turn out that she's never seen the first series due to her section of Mississippi not receiving "local channels" at the time through DirecTV. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" was played, making the point that females shouldn't carry a gun or any other weapon while standing guard of a violent criminal. "Stay with the Uncle Henry Show" were our host's last words before the first break. After the break, the Uncle responds with "I am on right now" to the audio "Uncle Henry, are you on the air right now? What time do you come on?" before Joel joined us showing fascination of our host's conversation with substitute call screener Jennifer. Joel joined us to clarify everything on the "pistol whipping" shortly after the Atlanta weirdo broke loose. "Good morning…" said Tim before showing appreciation our host after last Friday's visit. "Lets get this thing over with this week", said Tim on this fellow from Atlanta. During the show's final minute, the Uncle mentions another interesting marriage similar to our call screener's, a very close marriage within his family. Coming up, Michael P. Sloan reads the news being gathered by the 710 AM news center, followed by more informative, yet entertaining radio for the next 60 minutes. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Notes of Interest:

Last night on WALA Channel 10's 9:00 PM newscast, the nation of Poland was considered to be Karol Wojtyla's "hometown" before earning the title of Pope John Paul II.

On a Sunday morning airing of "The Match Game" currently living on in the form of reruns on the Game Show Network, "BLANK, Alabama" had to be filled in by one lady contestant in order to win a $5000 prize. Unfortunately her response of "Mobile" (plenty of audience applause) didn't match what panelist McLean Stevenson had in mind, which happened to be the well known city of Birmingham.

Where on Earth is Rebecca Wilson

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Scott O'Brien
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3rd Floor
Mobile, Alabama 36606

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 28

49 years and 190 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor Dan Schroeder (Now at WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky)

It was in Louisville, however you pronounce it, where Schroeder earned his key to a broadcast career spanning over 30 years. This particular type of "key" happens to be a BA in English after graduating from the University of Louisville. Beginning in 1968, Dan showed how much he could handle sports under a major news operation known for the chimes "N-B-C". Dan's journey as a news anchor began after making the decision to go local. From St. Louis to Mobile's TV5, Dan can be seen at the news desk giving viewers eager to hear the latest happenings in the world. 1983 would be the year Dan would return to Louisville with plenty of Deep South experience to show for as he continues to anchor. As for his personal life, Dan managed to create a family consisting of 4 offspring in his journey from Louisville and back.

Don Schroeder

WKRG Fact:

"As long as you have live television and you are subject to the elements,
things like this are going to happen" - General Manager/President (From 1959-1998) D. H. "Buck" Long reacting to frustrated NASCAR fanatics after CBS cancelled live coverage of the 1996 DieHard 500 race due to a lengthy rain delay. A taped version of the Winston Cup race would air later.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") featuring lyrics such as "Mobile the center of transportation, business and industry set the face" to a "message forwarded by…Leeanna Matteson", along with "ok here we go…", the Rebecca Wilson audio, and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, welcome to the show" greets the Uncle on this beautiful Friday to the listeners "making a smart choice" as the amplitude modulation radio renaissance continues. "The Leeanna birthday celebration gets on the way", said the Uncle, but it won't be today's main focus. Tim "The Young Version of Me" joins us at the sounds of Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's intro theme (the NBC Olympics theme) in the presence of our mayoral candidate. Tim (also known as "Makes Me Sicker" guy) answered the Uncle's first question on how long he's been viewing the Mobile City Council in progress. Besides visiting 555 Broadcast Drive for Leeanna's day of birth celebration, Tim wanted to find out if he can be part of the Uncle's campaign commission along with "The Idea Guy". Mason of WMXC-FM (the former WKRG-FM, G-100) joins the show for the very first time as a "bearer of the gift(s)". The soon to be 29-year-old enters the room at the sounds of a "traditional" Theodore, Alabama birthday rendition of "Happy Birthday" by Mason. After mentioning that she hears this "traditional" rendition every year, Leeanna corrects WPMI-TV NBC 15 for listing her age as "30" during their morning newscast's daily birthday wishes. An envelope containing a gift certificate for a meal was among the gifts presented by Mason. Since this Lite Mix 99.9 representative is with us, the Uncle wanted to find out why exactly is "Lite Rock" music. Since the station promotes itself as "Family Safe" (no cursing and such), it's safe to say that is has a wholesome image. "And you're tattooed again as a demonic spirit?" said the Uncle after hearing about Leeanna's latest tattoo plans for Monday as a late birthday gift. A classic Leeanna/Uncle conversation airs after the break, featuring the Uncle's reaction of "My Lord!" to Leeanna's mistakenly referring to the picture "The Ten Commandments" as "The Three Commandments". "Do you have to play all that?" asked Leeanna after that amusing conversation from the past. Today's first caller was a weirdo named "John" pulling a GI Joe prank, then suddenly we lost caller Bob. As Leeanna opened Tim's package containing a temporary tattoo ("Tim, you're a thinker", quote the Uncle), our host reminded listeners what station we're listening to and what exactly is going on. "When do you need to leave?" the Uncle asked to Tim, who'll stay here for another 15 minutes. Bob returns to the line with his mind set on the tattoo subject. After Bob, the Uncle asked Tim if he's seen the popular "Survivor" TV program ("it's a game show, where they put people in the woods" said our host), specifically for the Mobile man named James. Also Tim was asked if he's noticed the unpleasantness of one lady contestant bearing a tattoo on her person. Later in the 10:00 AM hour, our host will be playing some audio of James the self-proclaimed "red neck", who received more TV time than any other contestant on the program did. Coming up, Mike Sloan reads the news and Tim is luckily still within the confines to witness it. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Another Birthday Gift:

Here's to another 365 days of health and vitality!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from lyrics such as "my heart's in Mobile, that's my wonderful town" making up the song "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by the "ok here we go" audio, and the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank You, Uncle Henry" audio. As the theme music continued to play, voice message from "The Idea Guy" with a few "one words" of his own other than "courage" that Dan Rather signed off with last night, such as "meathead" and "liar". According to "Idea", if the people can run Peter Jennings of the American Broadcasting Company out of his anchor position, all 3 turkeys will be struck out. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle on a Thursday he referred to as "wonderful, wonderful", especially with the number of FM listeners rediscovering the amplitude modulation band for the intellectuals. "The President of the United States will be in Alabama today!" was our host's first big announcement, according to a press release also stating that protests will be occurring across the state under the name "Just Say No To The Bush Agenda" rally. "Bush actually lost in Montgomery…" said the Uncle reading the press release as he was closing in on the statements of unemployment in Alabama's "Black Belt", which he doesn't find in comparison to Bush's visit. "Protests begin at noon on the steps of the state capitol", as the Uncle finished the rest of the press release before asking such folk whether they would stay "in your county and [try] to work" or "protest the president?" First caller Tim (not Tim "Makes Me Sicker") joins us with a "Roll Tide" before sharing his meeting with folks from the "Black Belt" who actually went to school and reminding us that Alabama is one of the lowest taxed states around. Our next caller began with a "Roll Tide" before expressing the feeling that no matter what G.W. Bush says, most of these protesters will always criticize him. "As good as you are on the radio, Leeanna is right there with you" quote this fellow around the end of his call. Speaking of our call screener, listeners and the Uncle will soon find about her very recent lunch with Scott O'Brien. After the first break, a voice message from Daniel suggesting that the fastest way of escaping downtown Mobile's Government Plaza is by shouting "FBI!". A version of the "Bonanza" theme plays as the Uncle reminds us that we can listen to 710 AM's almost live Internet stream not long after someone "turns on the Internet". Cecil greets our Uncle with "Hello, mayor" beginning his call. After today's mention of "War Eagle", this gave our host the opportunity of bringing up this "The Auburn Plains" story on the Auburn College Democrats planning to "exercise their free speech" after G.W. Bush steps foot into the state. "The Libertarians are on the right track, I like that" said the Uncle before Nick joined us and proved himself worthy of a weirdo. Coming up, "the news!" said an enthusiastic Uncle, since Mike Sloan of 710 AM will be reading it. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.9/5!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from familiar notes of music to one fellow's play on the now famous "you know that I know" response with a mayoral campaign slogan of "I know that you know that I know what's right". Audio of "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", the Rebecca Wilson audio, and last but not least the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" played. The classic "Uncle Henry, are you on the air right now?" audio would air shortly. "Thank you (stressed out) much" says a louder than usual Uncle greeting the listeners to AM radio outside of the "dying" frequency modulation band consisting of "someone singing", including the unmentionables (news breaks, classical music, "oldies", rhythm & blues, etc.). "It's a wonderful day, truly wonderful" quote the Uncle before acknowledging the final CBS Evening News broadcast anchored by Dan Rather from 5:30-6:59 PM on WKRG-TV5 and the rest of the CBS Television Network. "Uncle Henry, this is Dan Rather's last day…" said "The Idea Guy" at the beginning of his voice message, which included reference to a recent Mike Wallace incident and even referred to the soon-to-be full time reporter as "Dan Rubbish". "Who knows what he might say?" said the Uncle predicting tonight's final Evening News with Rather, which will be the first time our host will be viewing him read the news in a long time, "just to see him go". Audio of Dan during USA Election Day coverage was played, including what his fellow employees call "Dan-isms", which the Uncle believes is "not the real Dan Rather", meaning something scripted. After the "Dan-isms", the Uncle threw in the idea of having radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh anchor the Evening News rather than temporary replacement Bob Schieffer of "Face the Nation" (airs between "Sunday Morning" and TV5's long running program "Congressional Report" on Sundays of course). "Good riddance to Dan Rather" said the host before previewing the rest of today's 90 minutes program just in time for the first break, including a discussion on a proposed condominium for the east of Mobile Bay known as "Thr Eastern Shore" on the coast of Baldwin County. After the break, a voice message from Paul reporting on the Daphne City Council not following what the people want in their community. "Let's [get] cracking," said Paul very well against another high rise condominium and encouraging Daphne's mayor to overturn this council vote. First caller Chris of Baldwin County is "all for it", who claims to be always for "progress", including the road expansion. According to Chris, Dan Rather will indeed "divulge the frequency tonight" and agrees with the Uncle's "good riddance". Unlike the Uncle, Chris admires Bob Schiffer as compared to a whole different uncle, "Uncle Walter" Cronkite. "I like progress, I like job creation too" said our Uncle after Chris left us with a "Roll Tide" shout, but he believes they should at least think before ever leaping. The Uncle remembers Rather (as he imitates his voice) "pretending to be objective" during Gulf War I, especially as video of G.H.W. Bush playing golf aired. After losing caller Robert, the Uncle's response was "We lost Robert, thank you, Leeanna!" The Uncle reminds semi-weirdo Gerald that he comes from a time when there were no enhancements similar to steroids. After Gerald, our mayoral candidate showed his full support for a rule stating that any radio employee holding a Federal Communications Commission license must be tested on a mandatory base for drugs. After Louise (a "Republican woman") joined us on the subject of steroids, the Uncle suggested that she'd be Leeanna's "role model". Before the 10:00 AM hour of the program, "A man of simple taste and simple lifestyle" reads the news from the 710 AM news center. That's right, Mike Sloan will be heard in a few seconds. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Note of Interest:

On Friday and Saturday another milestone for our call screener Leeanna will be celebrated, in the birthday count. Expect Hawaiian-type music and appreciation from the Uncle & callers during Friday's program, since her day of birth falls on Saturday this year. Send your greetings and words of encouragement to leeanna@ccmobile.com

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from familiar notes of music to "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", along with the regular theme music leading up to "Thank you, Uncle Henry" by the late Lillian Jackson. Voice message from Al was played (voice reminds me of caller "Bad Bill"), featuring his own preview for today's insight into former Judge Roy Moore, including the thoughts of a run for Montgomery, specifically the state's highest office. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show," said the Uncle before thanking us for joining the radio band "where the smart people are" and "preachers are preaching across the dial". "And is this Roy Moore?" were our host's first words for Moore via phone. According to Moore, the federal judge that would seal his fate at the Alabama Judicial Building was above the law. "They have also crossed into personal attacks," said the Uncle as he delves into outsiders such as the Mobile Register editorial board attacking Moore's crusade as something political and egotistical. "They need to get this book and read it" said Roy on the book "So Help Me God" that should inform readers on the real happening in Montgomery over the past few years. "Now the future in politics, are you running for governor?" asked the Uncle, which Moore will put plenty of thought in with his reasons on side. First caller Alex ("Good morning, Uncle Henry, good morning judge") joins us with a reminder that the Constitution states that our "rights are endowed" and can possibly be taken away. After Alex joined us, Roy tells us that the circuit judge ("telling me what to think") told him as a former chief justice or any court did have any authority to keep that Commandments monument on display. Joe encouraged Roy to make the run for governor of Alabama to inform the public about the "federal tyranny" continuing to build. "Hey, God bless you guys, good morning" said Jeff before suggesting to Moore the "would have" idea of "doing more against the ACLU" (as Moore put it) by sticking construction papers with the Commandments on the walls of the judicial building while sliding the monument into the closet. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

(All mayoral endorsements, suggestions, and questions go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com or answering machine number 251-706-BULL. Roy Moore stayed with us for the entire half-hour segment.)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "…beautiful homes, schools and churches, entertainment, places to shop…" among the lyrics in today's playing of "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), with the Uncle singing along briefly. After a few familiar notes of music, a voice message from "The Idea Guy" played, followed by the Rebecca Wilson audio, audio of "I have came back to reality, I have come back to you" & Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". Our next voice message comes from a lady saying, "cooking the books in Mobile is a habit". "Thank you so much…" greets the Uncle after a weekend of wondering what listeners was up to. "AM radio is where the brain simulation occurs", said the Uncle continuing his amplitude modulation crusade. Before getting to today's show, a preview of tomorrow's telephonic interview with "the" former Judge Roy Moore will take place almost live (710 AM is on a delay) on this frequency, which is part of his media/press tour promoting the new book "So Help Me God". For the new listeners or infrequent listeners, our host brings back his audio tribute, or monument to the Ten Commandments as read by the "all-stars" of Clear Channel Communications. "Thou shalt not commit adultery" was heard more than twice for the same of repeating. "Oh, I get objections" was what the Uncle got during his previous playings of the audio monument, along with this direct quote from management, "lay off the Ten Commandments". Even one of the all-stars agonized over being "associated with a commandment". Telephone number (251) 479-2723 and Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 (or *710 to be precise) remain the best ways of contacting the show, but first a commercial break. Voice message from T.C. pondering how come certain questions like "Does she (Martha Stewart) like crunchy or smooth peanut butter?" and what shoe did she put on first (right or left?) after leaving prison, since the press appears to be all over the story. "Uncle Henry still continues…" said our host before allowing today's first weirdo with an "It's rolling, baby!" prank on the air, referring to the Alabama coach Mike Price era. After reading today's front page Mobile Register article on Mike Dow (his reign as mayor shall end in October), the almost pleasant word "rebuffed" was used when it comes to giving up on a plan to turning some appointed positions on his staff into civil service ones. "We don't need all that, public relations" says the Uncle as he pledged for retirees volunteering as a public relations person. First caller Gene joined questioning if Gina Gregory has ever regretted leaving WKRG-TV5 for the City of Mobile before asking if Moore will be taking calls tomorrow. Actually, our host will be the one taking phone calls and it's likely Gregory still enjoys her position in Mobile. Along with the names reporter Charlie Moss and retired local TV personality Dot Moore, came Dick Scott as a volunteer for public relations when the Uncle is elected mayor. Steve happens to be one of the many admirers of Judge Moore during his journey in summer 2004, so there's doubt he'll join Moore during tomorrow's show. Coming up, the airing of a "well written and well spoken newscast" by Michael P. Sloan of the 710 AM news center. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 27

49 years and 183 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Melanie Sanders (Now at WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina)

Sanders' career in broadcasting as a reporter and anchor began on a wet note, but not the paper kind. Shortly after trading her intern job in Atlanta for previously said positions in 1994, she found herself reporting under a hurricane striking Panama City that year. Later on Melanie would expand her horizons west of Georgia to the Gulf Coast for a job at TV5, but this western trip would end at WDSU in New Orleans. March 2003 would be the date Miss Sanders would reach her current destination in Raleigh. Who, including herself would've thought she would cover events such as G.W. Bush's visit to Camp Lejeune and last but not least stories worth telling from the neighborhoods of Durham? As for Melanie's view of her own career, she continues to enjoy expanding her knowledge of our changing world and passing it along to her viewers. As a life partner and mother, you can expect Melanie on the run to keep her 2 boys under control. Don't worry, she has hobbies to keep her in high spirits while away from WNCN.

Melanie Sanders

WKRG Fact: January 30th, 1979, the -TV abbreviation was added to WKRG's call letters to distinguish itself from the AM and FM stations. WKRG-FM 99.9 would soon follow on December 1st, 1981.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "…my love is Mobile, that's my wonderful town…" among the lyrics in "My Love is Mobile" played yet again, along with the very familiar musical tune, "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", and a lengthy playing of the show's theme music. Voice message from one lady with the belief that Mobile County School Board president David Thomas is no different from Fredrick Richardson of the Mobile City Council and all should be "thrown out". "Thank you so much, thank you for listening" says the Uncle greeting us on this beautiful Friday and thanking us for making the wise decision of choosing AM over FM. According to our host, 90% of FM radio is nothing "but the singing", so he encourages folks who knows others who usually listens to FM to switch over to the opposite band. Listener Norman and supporter of the Uncle's run for mayor actually showed up at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building for the recent vacuum cleaner giveaway. "Is your pass port up & deep", was Norman's question our host on whether he'll be keeping in touch with the island of Cuba if he earns the position of mayor, which will never happen. "You were not suppose to show up," said the Uncle not trying to throw Norman out, but still appreciates the visit to 555 Broadcast Drive. Once again, the Uncle congratulates the Mobile Register on something above average, an interesting editorial published today. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" reporting on a fellow on the Cochran Bridge who resembles expunge Judge Lackey carrying what could be a file cabinet. After hearing this, the Uncle ponders the thought of "Pandora's Cabinet" being in great jeopardy. After the break, a voice message from one fellow wondering why David Thomas' most personal information from his social security number to date of birth was ever placed in the newspaper, then came another voice message on the same subject with the quote "Talk about hypocrisy". "We love you listening, but don't drive here" said the Uncle to Norman ("average Mobilian" would be used around this point) who was told about the 710 AM vacuum giveaway by a listener and took the time to drive over to this part of midtown Mobile. Before the callers, our host and regular caller discussed the pending renovation of the Hills Dale housing community owned by the University of South Alabama, currently known for its run down houses. "Hey Norman, Uncle Henry!" said Tim joining us, who would visit the studio along with "Idea" as part of a panel. Tim joined us mainly to show amazement of how the university managed to survive for so long without any upkeep of the property. He also mentioned that folks could actually get locked up for leaving trash around property. After Tim reminded our host that he'll keep in touch, Norman's buddy Don from Bay Minette, Alabama joins us to speak about Thomas' ability to drink enough alcoholic beverage to pass out, according to his 1998 driving under the influence case previously expunged. "Roll Tide Roll!" said Don leaving us before John weighed in. Diana joins us after she was given the recommendation of "listening for a while" before suggesting to the local teachers suing the school board to simply just leave if they can't fulfill his or her yearly contracts under the current pay. Before the Mike Sloan newsbreak, the Uncle compared the teachers' situation to his with Scott O'Brien ("my supervisor"), only no lawsuits would come as a result. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

All mayoral endorsements and suggestions go to unclehenry@newsradio.com or answering machine at (251) 706-BULL.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of one fellow's song in response to the recent discussion on the females "who wear hip hugger jeans" and suggests that our future Mayor Henry outlaws them, plus a clean up of "Party Gras", referring to Mardi Gras. Regular audio clips from "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air" to the late Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" were heard. "Thank you so much, oh listener thank you…" was the Uncle's greeting for us, the same listeners responsible for making this show the stunning success it continues to be outside FM radio ("no offense to FM radio", said the Uncle). "…AM, the proper destination," said our host waiting for this weekend's conditions of "intense beauty" weather wise. As of now, the story that continues to fascinate the Uncle is the expunged court records that the Mobile Register is trying to break free from "Pandora's Cabinet" located in the city archives. First Mobile County Public School Board president David Thomas' previous case, now there appears to another case involving a member of the school board, only it occurred in the late 1980s. "So, the Mobile Register doing something good…" said the Uncle as he continued with the details. According to today's Register, at least one detail interesting detail from Thomas' previous case of driving under the influence was released. "This was not a conviction…just never mind" quote the Uncle before mentioning that the arrested person in the case was passed out, engine still running, and the scent of alcohol filled the air. Our host gives the Mobile Register credit for managing to set this record free. After reminding us to call in via (251) 479-2723, voice message from "The Idea Guy" after reading the Register article was played. "Expunge all their pension money back into the state" is "Idea's" suggestion for the judges when they retire. Yet another voice message of great interest must be played, since it mentioned a few details that the Uncle hasn't heard about in years. "His call has been edited for our protection," said the Uncle as the message began to play. "Leeanna, please nurture the phones!" said the Uncle after losing Ron before allowing Wood on the show. After the break, the theme to the popular TV program "American Idol" plays as the Uncle previews a 10:00 AM discussion on his conversation with Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's mother ("that's right!"). Ron returns explaining that his cellular phone is to blame for his lost call before getting to a $5000 driving under the influence incident, "a whole lot different from $98.00". Our next caller has finally solved the mystery about the school board's purchase of the old Gayfers building in downtown Mobile, a safe house for members under the influence. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Note of Interest:

Before WKRG-TV5 turns 50 in September, the comic strip "Peanuts" is officially in its 50th year in the Mobile (Press) Register comic strip lineup. From the March 3rd, 1955 Mobile Register:

"We all know there's a special little world occupied by small fry. All the inhabitants of this world will go through their antics in a new comic strip starting soon in The Mobile Register. Its name: Peanuts. It will begin in The Register Monday and continue daily through Saturday of each week."

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "places to go, things to see", among the lyrics in "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), plus the Uncle's rendition of the last few lyrics and his question "It's a good jingle, wouldn't you know it?" Regular audio clips followed the show intro leading up to "Thank you so much, listener!" our host's greeting for the day. We quickly switch from the Uncle's theme music to Scott O'Brien's theme of "Staying Alive". Listeners, including Scott have just learned that the regular audio clip of "I got tired of listening to those stupid things, those stupid people" is referring to FM radio. After Scott left us with the Bee Gees in the air, the Uncle welcomed listeners properly before getting to a rare non-criticism of the Mobile Register. "It will be heard in circuit court", said the Uncle speaking about Mobile Press-Register Inc.'s lawsuit against the judge who expunges cases in order to get their hands on the file cabinet now known as "Pandora's Cabinet". "Justice should not be secret", quote the Uncle before assuming that the opening of the file cabinet if the Register wins the lawsuit would reveal some prominent people. First caller Joe joins us ("doing fine") before he admitted to missing the part of today's front page article mentioning which court the Register filed the lawsuit in, which was indeed circuit court. Speaking of the court, Joe showed how frightened he is for the future in the USA judicial system. "They need to look at the United States Constitution" is the Uncle's advice for the U.S. Supreme Court "looking at world opinion". Once again, the Uncle ponders how long young prisoners will remain on death row now after the high court's decision for killers under age 18 to not be executed. Before the break, our host acknowledges the last 15 minutes or so as part of an excellent show so far. After the break, audio of the late Lillian Jackson's "I don't know if America is going to survive" audio and suggestion for all death sentences to be eliminated was played. After the long distance number of (251) 479-2723 was given out, Herb joins us recommending the book "Men in Black", which explains how the U.S. Supreme Court is "taking over this country". "The Supreme Court has made sure of that" quote Herb before showing his belief that "Pandora's Cabinet" is entirely political. "They (the judges) ought to be tried for misconduct," said Herb before leaving us. Local radio personality Dan Daniels joins us for the half-hour's final minutes. "Congress should wake up", said Dan with the current state of the Supreme Court before Tim mentions Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's radio appearance on station WABB 1480 AM. "Bring him to jail, we'll feed him down here" quote Tim speaking about this well known Malvo fellow still jailed before getting to a rumor involving tattoos and one mayoral candidate. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town") to one aggravated lady via voice message once again not hearing the Uncle's name being mentioned among the mayoral candidates running for the City of Mobile's highest position. "Thank you so much", says a louder than usual Uncle dripping his gratitude and admiration for us, "the intelligent listeners" choosing AM radio over FM's singing and loud talking. "And specifically choosing The Uncle Henry Show", our host added before getting to the Mobile Register's Tuesday story implying that human beings won't be the first to be destroyed by an LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal when disaster strikes, which won't be built near Hollinger's Island anytime soon. According to this article, the entire local larvae population can be threatened with a terminal off shore. Our first caller Trey who attempted to call in last week ("you're on now", said the Uncle) would be terminated today due to his nonsense. "As I vote for you for mayor…" said first normal caller Emily as she shared her experience with tire rims "that keep moving", which she believes is a problem that our mayoral candidate can solve very soon. After the first break, "The Idea Guy" (who, along with his wife enjoy a non-Dr. Atkins diet consisting of black-eyed peas and cornbread) via voice message showing support for Sheriff Jack Tillman feeding prisoners "cheaply" and suggests that he does the same for councilman Fredrick Richardson at downtown's Government Plaza. "Got a note from the newsroom" said the Uncle as he reads a question about the larva community's concern, which he's unable to answer. "Larva recruitment?" said the Uncle before allowing Joe join us describing the larva to be "inanimate tissue". "Are you a suck-a-phobe?" quote our next caller and inventor of this term for fear of sucking, such as sea or sewage water by the device the LNG terminal uses. "We're just not going to get LNG, apparently" said the Uncle acknowledging all the facts from our own "Food Webs" to the lives of grandparents across the region. After Chad's call, the Uncle suggested a condominium for some prisoners currently residing at the relatively new Mobile Metro Jail, which could give them a good view of the new cruise ship terminal and avoid over crowding. Coming up, "concentrate on Sloan", said the Uncle referring to the Mike Sloan newsbreak from 710 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.3/5!

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