WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 26

49 years and 176 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor Elizabeth Rush

WKRG Fact: During the 1990s, two meteorologists among other lucky Mobile TV personalities were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to shine on movie screens across the country, and TV5's John Nodar was one half of the weather reporters. It was Nodar who earned the role of a TV reporter in the 1994 film Raw Justice, with fellow TV5 employee Kathy Times in a TV news role.

Speaking of "one half", we are now at the half-way point of this WKRG-TV5 celebration. Just 26 weeks to go until the station's 50th year on the air, Monday, September 5th, 2005.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a very familiar musical tune to councilman Fredrick Richardson's "when I turn on the Internet…" audio, along with some late playings of a few regular audio clips during the theme music. "Thank you so much, thank you for listening to the show" greets the Uncle expressing gratitude toward the listeners, who have made the right choice in a radio band "for the intelligent people" aside from FM (frequency modulation) radio. "Get well wishes out to Leeanna" quote our host about our call screener who's unfortunately ill yet again. In for Leeanna are call screeners Jessica (remember her, the so-called troubled tattooed one?) and the newlywed Jessica. Before getting back to yesterday's 10:00 AM hour topic brought up by a caller, the Uncle reflects on his Thursday viewing of the TV program "Survivor" on WKRG-TV5, mainly for a Mobile man named James. "It's a game show…on the CBS channel" said our host before getting to stuff that was bothersome on a previous show, such as James' "half-curse words", which almost dashes every chance of good representation of Alabama to the rest of the world. After last night's "Survivor", the Uncle would discover that James is a regular Mobilian after showing pride for being an Alabamian and USA resident, plus his tick accent that's like a judged book cover to "Survivor's" host. "He's a Mobilian… that's how Mobilians talk!" was the Uncle's message to the host of "Survivor" who accuses our local representative to be dumb. First caller Gene asked the Uncle if he's seen today's J.D. Crowe cartoon in today's Mobile Register, featuring a caricature of Judge Lackey (the judge who expunged Mobile County Public School Board president David Thomas' 1998 case) as cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants. Gene also mentioned another editorial cartoon featured in today's Register, which brought the "Cold War" back to mind. "These children today, they don't know" quote the Uncle referring to young children not being taught about this silent war. After the break, Lillian Jackson's "Listen! People out here are not dumb…" conversation with the Uncle played. After the Uncle reminded listeners to not attempt to speak with Leeanna, call screener Jessica is summoned via her theme music. "Still tattooed" said the Uncle as 19-year-old Jessica joins us for a discussion on the topic Mr. C. sparked after hearing about Wal Mart shoppers her age wearing "hip huggers", which Warren responded to via voice message by saying it represents the "downhill swing" of society. "I actually like to see a woman in a dress" quote Warren before one bold comment on the females (he referred to them as "harlots") wearing "hip huggers" consisting of "…they're going to wear trash". As Jessica leaves the room "tastefully dressed", our host reminds listeners that the now more mature tattooed young lady is filling in for Leeanna for a few more minutes. (251) 706-BULL remains the voice message number for callers such as Warren and Tim, speaking of the latter fellow he managed to tell us about someone resembling Fredrick Richardson in the heart of downtown Mobile before his cellular phone died out. Before the half-hour ended on the heals of a Michael P. Sloan newsbreak from the 710 AM news center, the Uncle's last words were "It's a beautiful, beautiful Friday, is it not?". By the way, the theme to the popular TV program "American Idol" was heard during this short segment. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Notes of Interest:

(All mayoral campaign endorsements go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com and 251-706-BULL)

Scott O'Brien looked back at his FM radio days on G-100 WKRG-FM (now Lite Mix 99.9 WMXC-FM) during "Mobile's First News".

During WALA Channel 10's 9:00 PM newscast (should return to a half-hour newscast at 10:00 PM) last night, video from the station's NBC years (1953-1996) aired, featuring 20-year veteran Bob Grip and Mobile's current archbishop Oscar Lipscomb meeting Karol Wojtyla in Italy, best known as Pope John Paul II.

"Here's our television commentator from Mobile" - Oscar Lipscomb

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town!"), along with a familiar musical tune, caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll", "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", the Rebecca Wilson audio, and the Lillian Jackson clips "I have come back to reality, I have come back to you" to "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you, listener!" greets the Uncle to the listeners & supporters who made the "smart, intelligent choice" of choosing a program outside FM radio, which he doesn't find stimulating as a sponge (metaphor for the brain). At last, the Uncle thanks the Mobile Register for finally getting into the "investigative game", but special thanks goes to reporter Steve Myers. "It's a lengthy story…" quote our host who recommends that we read the full story at AL.com or in the newspaper itself. This story focused on Mobile County Public School Board president David Thomas' 1998 court case implies that cases getting expunged from the records by a judge are much more common. "120 cases in the year 2004" quote the Uncle wondering what the public would see in these expunged files on supposed "regular folks", or should we say "friends & family of the connected list". "The paperwork has been sealed," said the Uncle continuing to read excerpts on an alleged case of driving under the influence being expunged. Final paragraphs state that two Alabama legislators are attempting to pass a state bill to allow judges to expunge court cases. After reading the Register article, the Uncle expects to see "who knows what we don't know" once Mobile's secret history sees the light of day yet again. Callers are given time to formulate his or her weigh in on this expunged cases investigation. "Dynamic duo for Mobile" said "The Idea Guy" (after reading today's investigative article) via voice message number (251) 706-BULL suggesting what Thomas Sullivan and David Thomas should do together, including the position of driving for Thomas. After the idea of folks with an case expunged hiring the same lawyer was thrown in, first caller Gene joins us with a reminder that our court system is the "good old boy system", describing the judges expunging cases for the sake of keeping one's record clean of any crimes. Our next caller Joe encouraged the Uncle to define the word "expunge" for the certain number of once unaware listeners who may assume there's something dirty about it. Our next caller joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before presenting some sightings that could amaze our host; stores selling anything that can be considered drug paraphernalia. "Maybe it's some of his 60s coming back," says this fellow referring to "Mr. O'Brien" speaking his mind & knowledge of the drug paraphernalia during "Mobile's First News". All this knowledge about drug paraphernalia from almost every caller is making our mayoral candidate think about this being a whole new world to him. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Thomas DUI Case From 1998 Wiped Off Records

Notes of Interest:

"Here's someone from Mobile, Alabama that knows me better than me" - Michael "Savage" Wiener, host of "The Savage Nation", which airs on a 1-hour delay on 710 AM.

Custom made mayoral campaign sign now under "Time Passing By" (based on the Uncle's current sign featured on 710AM's website and our host's own weblog). Expect similiar signs to be springing up around the Mobile region very soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the lyrics "wonderful town, wonderful people" to the rest of "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town", another likely title of the song). Shortly after, a familiar musical tune leading up to a voice message from a fellow suggesting that councilman Thomas Sullivan gets Mobile County Public School Board president David Thomas "on the right road" with driving lessons. "Thank you, Uncle Henry", says the late Lillian Jackson preserved on tape as the intro continues. "Thank you so much, thank you listener…" greets the Uncle to all those responsible for the show's continuous dominance within its own genre in radio, specifically on the AM side. Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization plans to vote on funding for a state road project spanning 25 years that would effect us for at least another decade. "Despite the objections of Scott O'Brien", quote the Uncle reading about the vote on banning glass flower tubes that can be used as crack pipe substitutes not happening at least for now. "Where have you been?" was our host's question for first caller Gene, who's more new to the song "My Love is Mobile" (or "That's My Wonderful Town") than the entire show. "You might as well outlaw tweezers" quote Gene on something folks actually use when smoking marijuana, along with "acid orange" being used as a heroine substitute. "If that were true, oranges would cost $500" says the Uncle as Gene was finishing his call filling up with knowledge on drug use. With the crack pipe issue still in mind, we would find out from Leeanna (entered the room via theme music only) "speaking for the females" that a crack pipe with a flower included is quite insulting as a gift. After the break, song lyrics "When you are alone, life is making you lonely, you can always go…through downtown" were heard before our next caller joined us less than surprised after complaining to a local action center about garbage service and nobody even bothered to speak with the supervisor. "It was a pop beat," says the Uncle correcting our caller who believed the beat to the last was similar to "rock". Earl questioned our host about the almost live 710 AM Internet steam's current inactivity, which is an issue that Ian the Webmaster can solve. Leeanna was summoned again to contact Ian for answers, "Because the rest of the world needs to hear the show". After the Uncle's mentioning of "pod casting", Chris expressed concern for Gene too after listening to his vast knowledge of drug paraphernalia and his previous unawareness of "My Love is Mobile". After a recent meeting, upper management at 710 AM is most definitely in full support of the Uncle's mayoral run, but it's the lower management that's so far keeping his campaign low key. "Leeanna has re-entered to broadcast studio" said the Uncle as Leeanna enters with news from one young lady (or "a woman" as our host referred to as) saying that the almost live Internet stream is working right now. Could it be possible that Frederick Richardson just plain forgot about turning on the Internet (audio from yesterday was replayed, adding to the amusement). Audio of "Uncle Henry, let me tell you something" ended this half-hour of the 90 minute program. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Congratulations to David Jones for representing the Mobile region well during a taping of "The Price is Right" last month, which aired yesterday morning on WKRG-TV5 in its long time timeslot of 10:00 AM-11:00 AM. Speaking of TV5....

After a special report on identity theft airs during their 10:00 PM newscast on Thursday, viewers are encouraged to stop by the WKRG parking lot on 555 Broadcast Drive to shred old documents and meet experts on the issue. The shredding on Broadcast Drive begins Friday at 11:00 AM.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), along with a familiar musical tune leading up to Mike Dow's almost well known "one of these days, the people running for my job are going to be incarcerated" comments, and the show's regular theme music. "Thank you so much!" greets the Uncle extending his gratitude toward us for making the show the stunning success it continues to be. A photo of our host holding his first mayoral campaign sign is now available on the 710 AM website. Before "the future of driving" is discussed, the Uncle must look back into last week's topic of an outsider (or "civilian") with access to Government Plaza's city council quarters and the "special elevator" with an access card in hand, forcing Fredrick Richardson to react toward not one, but two security breaches. As our host continued to listen to the Richardson audio, it became clear important documents aren't the only things he's worried about, he's worried about "his security being breach" (possibly the Mystic Mackerel at work, as in Mystic Mackerel.com). "When I turn on the Internet…" quote Mr. Richardson, which the Uncle played more than twice attempting to find out from listeners how exactly do you "turn on the Internet". "Leeanna, please come in here" was the Uncle's laborious summoning for today before finding out she's wearing the same pants she slept in last night. "The special elevator will be opened to the public" is among the Uncle's many campaign pledges if elected, along with no new cappuccino machines and use the money to fund police. Before the first break, Richardson's "When I turn on the Internet" was replayed as thoughts of who in particular turns the Internet off came to the Uncle's mind. Voice message from Tim suggests that whenever it rains over Government Plaza, the water leaking should be used for the moat now that we know the building (or should we say "castle") has a "secret elevator". First caller Freddie joins us on the subject of one certain Rove "pulling strings" on G.W. Bush before changing subjects to ask if former frequent guest Steve Nodine issued the special access card for Government Plaza rather than a judge. "It was like a shot gun call" is how the Uncle described Freddie's call (our host disagrees with the "strings" theory) before Brent joined us on Richardson. Even if the Uncle is elected mayor, Mr. Richardson has the right to speak his opinions, but the special elevators will no longer will exclusive to councilmen. "Lets here it!" quote Brent referring to the Mike Sloan newsbreak, including a look into the last city council meeting. During the 10:00 AM hour, the Uncle speaks about a traffic situation. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

Mystic Mackerel

Monday, February 21, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town!"; the Uncle can be heard singing this last line), followed by a familiar musical tune leading up to a voice message from Chico assuming Mike Dow is out of this year's mayoral race due to the Uncle's candidacy. Regular audio clips of Rebecca Wilson and Lillian Jackson joined the intro before a fake Leroy's ("all time caller") voice message was played referring to our host as a "bobble head". "Thank you so much, welcome to the Mayor Henry Show!" says a louder than usual Uncle before thanking us for making the excellent choice of choosing this band of the radio. "No offense to the FM people" says the Uncle before reminding us that "we knew", as in Mike Dow's decision not to run for mayor again. Later today, the Uncle will broadcast live during the Limbaugh program breaks from the Joe Bullard car dealership near Springdale Mall ("Shop the Mall, Shop them All", old slogan circa 1990). Folks stopping by are allowed to take photos including him or herself with our mayoral candidate with either a film or digital camera, maybe even a cellular phone camera. Unfortunately Leeanna is barred from the location of the afternoon broadcasts to keep watch at 710 AM. After reminding us to call in via (251) 479-2723, the Uncle announces the unofficial story of the well known "The Peanut Man" no longer peddling nuts near "The Cannon" on Government Street due to a change in health according to family. "A changing of the guard" is how the Uncle describes this year's big events so far, but he still wants more insight into this story from certain listeners. Over the past few days, the majority of the Uncle's voice messages were in support of WPMI-TV Josh Bernstein's Thomas Sullivan investigation, but one fellow named Al is in the small minority (out of "99% percent of humanity") of those in support of the councilman. "Just leave Sullivan alone and look at the wonderful things he's done"; quote Al as he wrapped up his call, which our host appreciated (aside from the wrongs mentioned). Speaking of "The Idea Guy", whom Al mentioned negatively, the voice message the Uncle considers as one of his best calls this year is played. According to "Idea", the old Gayfers department store in downtown Mobile may as well be sold to Retirement Systems of Alabama's David Bronnar too. After the break, the Uncle mentions that he was in a meeting about the mayoral campaign signs soon to be made public in a few weeks. After two lost calls, Leeanna is summoned for an explanation to not comforting the callers longer. According to the Uncle after shouting "Leeanna!" he was only exercising the vocal tone that could possibly be used when speaking with City of Mobile workers. "What is that thing you're wearing on your neck" was the question for our call screener simply wearing a sea shell necklace. "Young moms should stay at home, if at all possible for of course" quote the Uncle as Leeanna left the room for call screening. "Roll Tide Roll!" says first caller Tom before acknowledging the fact that our mayoral candidate's photo was never placed in the "Saturday Mobile Press" last weekend, now entirely known as the Mobile Register after the Monday-Saturday afternoon paper "The Mobile Press" was discontinued in January 1997 (but lives on in Thursday editions of the Register in the form of "The Mobile Press Suburban" section). "The problem was me, not her" quote John explaining that due to another call on hold, he had to leave the line previously. "I can remember him 45 years ago when I was a child" said John reacting to the unofficial news of the "Peanut Man" being placed in a nursing home. Before the newsbreak from 710 AM's Mike Sloan (our host's other news source as a Clear Channel Communications loyalist), the Uncle reminds us about John's mention of the pending domino effect in the Mobile region's economy now that Peanut's days of peddling peanuts appears to be over. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 25

49 years and 169 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter/Anchor Angela Russell (Now at WJLA in Washington, DC)

Pensacola's very own Angela got her start in broadcasting back in the beginning of her high school years, except it wasn't TV5 that got her started. WALA Channel 10's morning program that aired on Saturdays was only the beginning of what Angela would do while at University of Florida in Gainesville. She spanned radio (National Public Radio affiliate), Jacksonville, and Gainesville TV in only a short period of time. Editor, photographer, and newspaper stringer were among Angela's jobs that expanded her horizons in such a competitive job world. Shortly after completing her studies in Gainesville, Angela made her back to the town where she got start behind the camera, only at a different station. That's right, she earned the job of reporter for WKRG, most noticeably producing the CBS affiliate's "Eye on Education" segments. She may have been given the position of co-anchor for "TV5 This Morning", but she considers her "Faith Matters" segments her best work. With TV5 and experiencing hurricanes (she followed "Danny" and "Georges") in the past, Angela is currently at work at the USA capital's ABC affiliate and enjoys working there. As for Angela outside the District of Columbia, literally, she and her partner currently reside in North Virginia. No matter where she moves on to, if ever again, Angela will always have "Pensacola", "WKRG", and the people of Mobile she met or worked alongside with on mind.

WKRG Fact: "Page 5" was another TV5-produced public affairs companion to CBS' "Face the Nation" (the other being "Congessional Report"). Guests from the news media (including the Mobile Press-Register) and the newsmakers themselves gathered on this program for a roundtable discussion on the day's events.

Page 5

Friday, February 18, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to a voice message from "The Idea Guy" in the middle of his Hall's Meats cooking (sizzling heard over the phone), along with mention of yet another appearance by a well known member of the Jackson 5 as a recent. "Uncle Henry, this is the best day of my life!" quote Tim in his voice message, along with a suggestion for Mike Dow and his entire staff to "drive off into the sunset" in a Volkswagen with the words "Bye, Bye, Mayor" on the back. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says a louder than usual Uncle before thanking us for spending our time on Earth wisely with the AM band. "For goodness sake, not FM!" said the Uncle before reminding us that Mike Dow's announcement this morning (yep, 6:30 AM rather than 3 minutes after 6:00 PM) was not news to us, the loyal listeners. After reading this morning's Mobile Register and listening to Dow's press conference, our host is actually concerned about the mayor's health after the words "…it is with a heavy heart in regret…" reached our ears. Our 5th mayoral candidate may have not agreed with Dow's policies over the years, but he "hopes everything is all right" in and outside Government Plaza, especially with the emotional look on his face. First caller Gene compared the photo of Dow from about 16 years ago ("young & vibrant") in today's Register to his most recent photo ("old & gray"), which the Uncle disagrees with. "Maybe he's going to do something behind the scenes" according to Gene on Dow's plans for the next 4 years. After Gene's call, the Uncle continued to prefer the adjective "stressed out" rather than "ragged & haggard" to Dow. Lee gave mention to certain radio stations experiencing "ideology switches", which is unlikely to occur in our region (our host would be off the air if it were a reality). Jeff brought forward some so-called traitorous comments made by Leeanna on a name change to "The Leeanna & Uncle Henry Show" shortly before the first break. After the break, another "Idea" voice message assuming Dow is leaving while "…the gettings good and nobody will remember this". "Yes, Uncle Henry", says George responding to his name before attempting to discuss the state of one 75-year-old female city official. First caller Bob (a weirdo) joins us "crying" and saying "he's gone forever!" in some sort of whiny voice. "Don't fall apart, yourself" was the Uncle's advice for Bob before showing some more "vigor at his old age" by terminating our second weirdo attempting to pull off a "Roll Tide Prank". "You'll have more Dow in your news…" says the Uncle previewing the 10:00 AM newsbreak on the heels of the next 60 minutes (or less) of the show. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Note of Interest:

Also in the Register photo of a young Michael C. Dow from a 1989 press conference were the microphones reflecting a whole different era in Mobile TV & radio. Those microphones belonged to WABB Radio (AM & FM; simply "WABB"), WALA Channel 10 (The old "10" logo), WKSJ-FM (95 KSJ logo; still in use today), WKRG Radio (710 AM; "WKRG 71"), and WBLX Radio (simply "WBLX").

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to audio of Thomas Sullivan's holiday message from the Mobile City Council to the "710 AM, Mobile" listeners, followed by the show's theme music. Voice message from one fellow pondering the thought of Government Plaza being some type of castle after yesterday's on-air revelation of a secret elevator. "What's going on down there?" quote this fellow who was unaware that the people of Mobile are actually supporting a king. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" greets the Uncle before introducing Josh Bernstein via a piece of WPMI-TV music, along with thanking those for financing his career as an investigator. "What do we have new?" was the Uncle's first question for Josh who has even more shocking news on Sullivan-funded tennis lessons, including the 22-year-old former felon who's been receiving the lessons. It appears this "receiver of the tennis lessons" and a nightmare for most taxpayers was arrested early this month, so the lessons have never done any good for him. His recent arrest happens to be one of many on record spanning the 1990s and the early 2000s, yet Mr. Sullivan seemed to be unaware of who this fellow was. Callers are still allowed to join Josh and our host over the air via (251) 479-2723. Before the callers, Josh reads a "very recent letter" by Thomas Sullivan speaking about this young fellow he's always known. More letters and criminal history will be brought before Channel 15 viewers during tonight's 10:00 PM newscast. First caller John is among those who are unlikely to "stay up that late" for a special report during a so-called "ratings sweep", but has the liberty of checking the WPMI-TV website for the video. Jeff asked Josh if he'd be looking into the other city council members, especially after "lavish weddings" and subpoenas as Josh put it. "Nothing personal at all", quote Josh on his reasons for investigating these particular Mobile government officials. "Can you stay for a few more minutes?" was the Uncle's last question for Josh before the first break, earning a "yes" response. After the break, "WPMI-TV" music plays as the Uncle discovers that Josh will indeed be staying with us for the 10:00 AM hour. "You could do a lot of wrong things in this town…" for 10 years says next caller Tim, along with the amusing idea of doing 3 stories on the new Retirement Systems of Alabama building under construction in downtown Mobile. Another John joins us commenting on Josh not answering the first John's question fully, since "not everybody in this town has a computer". John attempted to share every tidbit he knows about discretionary funds before he had to stop ("e-mail me, John," says Josh"). "What a tidbit to end this segment on" quote the Uncle before the newsbreak. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show not from "My Love is Mobile", but a familiar musical tune, followed by one fellow's anticipation for the show (including best wishes for Leeanna's health), a muffled Rebecca Wilson audio clip, and Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" being drowned out by the theme music. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" asking if the City of Mobile's discretionary funds can help rebuild the Judge Roy Bean Bar in Daphne, even though it's likely there are none left. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region" was the Uncle's greeting for the continuously informed listeners. "You have also bypassed FM radio" quote the Uncle as he continues to support the revival of amplitude modulation. Before getting to this day's numerous topics, the Uncle used a minute to speak about last night's candle light vigil for what's left of "The Bean" on Daphne's Main Street as "saying a lot" about us. According to Chip Drago of Mobile Bay Times.com, Mike Dow will make his decision official in a Friday press conference that he'll not be running for mayor again. "Maybe you've got a candidate you like?" quote the Uncle speaking directly to Mike Dow, along with the idea of holding the press conference "3 minutes after 6:00" for WALA Channel 10, WKRG-TV5, and WPMI-TV NBC 15 to air live and uncut, besides he's been mayor since 1989. "That would be good…" says the Uncle to Dow probably listening before reminding us that the stations are currently in a "ratings sweep". As our host continued to directly speak with Dow, he reminds the mayor about a previous live press conference he held during the local newscasts long ago, including his famous change in opinion on the construction of the Mobile Convention Center (named after predecessor Arthur Outlaw). "Set the tone for the campaign" and a live Thursday conference (after last night's candle light vigil for a 58-year old bar, a press conference on Friday may not reach all the "rounders") were our mayoral candidate's final words of advice for the soon-to-be former mayor Michael C. Dow. After the break, a voice message reminds the Uncle that a kidney illness "is nothing to laugh at", which Leeanna has managed to overcome with bravery before suggesting that every file at Government Plaza should be checked besides Thomas Sullivan's. Voice message ended with a "Roll Tide" cry. Before getting to even more topics, Leeanna is summoned via her theme to find out if Mike Sloan is actually trying to take her away from call screening for a regular position in the 710 AM news center. After confirming that she was only helping him out by editing lengthy news audio, the Uncle shared a brief clip of councilman Frederick Richardson speaking about a security breach at Government Plaza. "If it's long, so be it!" quote the Uncle on the un-aired Richardson audio speaking about a "special elevator" usually ridden by city council members, until a campaign worker (or "political consultant") came in with an access card. It's safe to say that listeners and the Uncle are learning new stuff about the City of Mobile almost every day. During the 10:00 AM hour, our host will be checking the electronic mail box. Sorry, no voice message via (251) 706-BULL will be checked. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Note of Interest:

During the 9:00 AM hour, most TV and radio stations serving the Mobile region aired weather watch & warning tests at least once as part of the state of Alabama's "Severe Weather Preparedness Week".

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"), followed by a familiar musical tune, one fellow finding it a shame our host never received an award under broadcasting, the Rebecca Wilson audio, and "Thank you, Uncle Henry" by the late Lillian Jackson. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle greeting the listeners for making the right choice in radio bands. "AM is an exciting band, FM is passe" quote the Uncle on this foggy day, so drivers and/or cellular phone users are advised to pull over ("keep lids on coffee") whenever attempting to call in. "Sensation across the region" is how our host describes reaction to the bar fire Daphne, Alabama, even though he's neither a bar person, nor a "night outer" ("rounder" was a proper term back then). Twice before the Uncle has been an observer inside the historic Judge Roy Bean Bar now destroyed, yet he's never quite understood why a macaw & goat were almost always present. Fortunately neither the two animals, nor any human being was harmed in the blaze. According to the Uncle's reading of today's Mobile Register, one fellow who works on political campaigns actually has access to Government Plaza anytime thanks to an access card. "The more going on, the more interesting…" quote our Uncle on the happening of Government Plaza worth an entire book before mentioning yet another statewide study on education. "We're ranked 47th in the United States on graduation rate" says the Uncle before bringing up the discovery (by the study group) that the tests are too hard. First caller Rich suggests that our host pays Leeanna more since he's aware that she's relatively thin, even though that's not our host's responsibility. Rich ended his call with support for the Uncle's mayoral race. "I don't know if that's fair, Rich?" quote the Uncle as he summoned Leeanna (kidney illness kept her home for recovery) shortly after Rich managed to revive the topic of her weight. "No…" was Leeanna's response after the Uncle asked if she was offended by his comments, besides she doesn't believe she's "skinny". After freely sharing both her height (5'4) and weight (115 lb.), our call screener admits to being fed so-called junk food while at work. Before Leeanna left us, the possibility of Rich's comment being some sort of a compliment came to mind, since she's aware many fellows appreciate large females. "All right!" says the Uncle as Leeanna was getting into "more meat on the bones" details and insisted that she return to her "sick chair". After the break and one fellow's song for the Uncle's campaign, "The Idea Guy" shares his telephonic experience with a survey group soon to be sending a package to both him (and Leeanna, since she's in radio) to list what radio programs he's heard recently. This prompted the Uncle to remind listeners and "Idea" to never mention such surveys over the air again due to policy. Our first weirdo shared his (yep, that was a male) tearful call with us in the aftermath of the bar fire. "I'm living in Mobile now" was the Uncle's response to Paul's question on his current location before mentioning a upsetting story for the people of Orange Beach according to a Sunday Mobile Register article on the development of a high rise building. "Have something pretty to look at, I don't know" quote the Uncle on Baldwin County's latest development. During the half-hour's final minute, our host was sure Mike Sloan would touch upon the Judge Roy Bean's Bar story, also he reminded listeners that it's possible to contact him via electronic mail (e-mail, if you don't mind). Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

All mayoral endorsements, suggestions, and general comments go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com

Send your best wishes and anything general to leeanna@ccmobile.com

Monday, February 14, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town!"), followed by a familiar musical tune, a certain "Dean's" shout of "yeah!" and Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" Voice message from "The Idea Guy" believing that the Democratic Party's new "groundhog" will predict 6 more rough years for the political party. "Thank you for selecting this program" said the Uncle greeting listeners for making the wise decision in supporting the revival of AM radio as he continues to witness FM's decline. "Many of them nervous" says the Uncle referring to the many females standing around in the 3-story WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building expecting something on this St. Valentines Day, now becoming more of a "love competition" as the Uncle described it. Once again, Leeanna is absent, whom "Idea" mentioned in his voice message this morning suggesting tattoos and flowers. After viewing golf and bowling over the weekend, "Idea" suggests the addition of names ("or numbers…why don't they wear uniforms", quote the Uncle) on the backs of the casual clothing (shirts) golfers wear. "No" was the Uncle's response to "Idea" asking if he sent Leeanna a valentine, which prompted questions on the expansion of St. Valentines Day recipients. "It's for sweethearts…" as the Uncle defended. Since Leeanna happens to be ill "allegedly", there happens to be a substitute call screener at work right now, newlywed Jennifer. First caller Bill (a good one) reports on yet another garbage crisis, most likely being enforced by stray dogs or any other animal rather than residents. Our next caller had a query about some recent St. Valentines Day commercials with the Uncle as the pitchman, which happen to be of the Hall's Meats kind. According to most listeners' ears, either this caller and/or his phone fell down the stairs or was in a hurry for something far more important. "Let's be practical on Valentines" is our host's suggestion on this day of appreciation for others before the first break. "Henry, about the bridge on big creek lake…" says one fellow via voice message who doesn't want our water supply to taste like that of New Orleans. "The weather is delightful," says the Uncle on the Mobile region's current weather before sharing City of Mobile reaction in the form of subpoenas with a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in sight after WPMI-TV's special report exposing Thomas Sullivan's use of discretionary funds for personal use. After the break, the bumper music for now is from "The Dating Game" before the Uncle allowed the question "What kind of a judicial system do we have in the City of Mobile?" over the air. This references David Thomas' arrest and bail after an evening in jail, yet his day in court isn't coming anytime soon. Most listeners sticking around for the 10:00 AM hour will hear Mike Sloan read the news from 710 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 24

49 years and 162 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter/Photographer Leon Petite (Now at WPMI-TV in Mobile)

Lifelong Mobile resident Leon the Second's journey into broadcasting began the moment he graduated from Davidson High School in the summer of 1983. His Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi with later earn him the position of TV5's Baldwin County reporter and photographer in a career spanning 14+ years. But that's not all, Leon's minor degree in marketing management would come in handy when both producing & directing local TV commercials for Comcast Cable. Nowadays Leon is once again a Baldwin County reporter under a different station. He may not receive equal time among a portion of those on-screen at Channel 15, but it gives him enough time to put plenty of effort in his reports, plus spending time with his large family of 4 children (including Leon III) and partner Jennifer.

Leon Petite

WKRG Fact: On April 7th, 1998, the Mobile (Press) Register published media reporter Mike Brantley's article asking the question "Which would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a much larger fish in a vast ocean?" and TV5 (along with WALA-TV) was heading up for a larger pond after 43 years under local hands & feet.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town", plus the full lyrics below today's review), followed by a repeat of the voice message from one excited fellow wishing our host "a blessed day", and the show's theme music without interruption for about 10-seconds. Yet another repeat of a "deleted" voice message, the one from the lady looking forward to hearing the Uncle while listening to one of Scott O'Brien's programs. "Thank you so much!" says a louder than usual Uncle before thanking listeners for making the right decision to stay with this section of AM radio for about 90 minutes. "So many topics to discuss" says the Uncle, whose first topic on mind is Leeanna's whereabouts. "Looks like Leeanna has gone AWOL", quote our host who must pick up the phone without a call screener close by, so today's callers should let the phone ring before it's answered. Aside from Leeanna's sudden disappearance, the Uncle managed to squeeze in his own personal response ("excellent, excellent report") on WPMI-TV's Josh Bernstein's "Perks of Power" special report before telephoning Kasey Calloway of Mobile Bay Watch about the Mobile Register's sudden attack on her through the editorial section. Reason for the Mobile Bay Watch lawsuit filed to end this "huge investment of money" into the County Road 98 project, which could leave dreadful & long-term consequences on the environment. "We are not opposed to the road, we are not opposed to growth" quote Kasey representing the same group against the once proposed LNG terminal close to Hollinger's Island, which will never happen anytime soon. "We could be getting our drinking water out of the Mobile River" was Kasey's worst case scenario to one person if work on the road is under way. Kasey reminds us that our drinking supply is the most pristine in the state of Alabama "and we don't want to lose that". "You wanted to be involved early?" says the Uncle to Kasey, who's group was involved in the road project at certain points, including talks with the Mobile Area Water Sewer System (best known as MAWSS). "We are doing our responsible job" quote Kasey before the Uncle asked about the possible length of this filed lawsuit. "I trust they're all good" quote Kasey with the giggles after explaining that it depends on the court judge. Before the break, our host asked the question "Where is Leeanna?" followed by the first commercial. After the break, "Taking Pride in Mobile" ("…and growing stronger every day, taking pride in Mobile!") played as the Uncle sang along. If our mayoral candidate wins Mobile's position of chief executive officer, he'll be singing the "Taking Pride" song yet again. Before getting to a "stink" in Daphne, Alabama later on in the program, 66-year-old Sonny shares his memories of another use of money meant for "98" during the Wallace era of Alabama. According to our longtime Semmes resident, Sonny has no concern about our drinking supply and believes Mobile Bay Watch has a whole different agenda in mind. "Numerous dirt roads in the Wilmer area I spent time on" quote the Uncle before giving Joseph Mitchell time over the air. Like our host, Joseph agrees something should be done about County Road 98's traffic, but when it comes to environmental impact, "we need to be diligent about the same process to protect people", referring to a certain other road project of the past. During this half-hour's final few seconds, the Uncle asked Mr. Mitchell if he'd lend his phone off air in order to arrange a future in person appearance on the show. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Our call screener shall return…from now until St. Valentine's Day

Lyrics to "My Love is Mobile" (Alternate title "That's My Wonderful Town")

Wonderful town, wonderful people

Places to go, things to see

My love is Mobile, that's my wonderful town

Beautiful homes, schools and churches

Entertainment, places to shop

My heart's in Mobile, that's my wonderful town

Mobile the center of transportation

Business and industry set the face

Mobile's got the Junior Miss celebration, roll out Mardi Gras, Senior Bowl game

Mobile is great, living and working

The climate's ideal for progress you see

My love is Mobile, that's my wonderful town

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show (excluding "My Love is Mobile") from a familiar musical tune to Thomas Sullivan's "Reaction?" to stimulated subpoenas, along with audio of "ok here we go, hello you're on the air?" and the theme music playing without interruption by audio clips. "Thank you so much for listening" says a soft in tone Uncle before welcoming WPMI-TV's Josh Bernstein not by phone, but under the roof located above 555 Broadcast Drive, who's deep voice fits well with a medium he's just getting started with. "Who decides who investigates?" was the Uncle's first question for the fellow responsible for the "Perks of Power" investigation soon to air on Channel 15's 10:00 PM newscast formerly known as "Nightside". As for Josh's response, the district attorney's office allows investigation on public corruption cases, most recently the cases of the stimulated subpoenas spawned by the financing of 2 weddings and the situation with Mobile County Commissioner's Freeman Jockisch. "It took 18 months to even get to a grand jury", quote Josh on Jockisch's long road to conviction. "How long did it take to find that?" says the Uncle referring to the "now legendary tennis lessons" scandal financed by discretionary funds, which was researched through the Mobile City Council members' archives and records. "It was padre" quote 3-year-resident Bernstein of our portion of the world after finding out about the tennis lessons among thousands of public records. After the first break, the lead up to tonight's broadcast of the "Perks of Power" report, from senior citizens to Mr. Sullivan to a shadowy figure speaking out who's no longer involved with the City of Mobile or the Dearborn YMCA. Callers are still allowed to join the show today via (251) 479-2723 and maybe even ask Josh a question or two. After the break, a whole different version of "The Pink Panther" theme plays as the Uncle reminds us that Josh Bernstein is still here to protect our tax dollars. "Surprisingly, no" says Josh after our host questioned him on whether anybody has requested that he "stops investigating". First caller Betty asks Josh about the fact that the Carnival ship "Holiday" has no liquor license, followed by what Josh saw as a spilling of his investigative "secrets" over the air, giving our caller a good laugh. "So, Thomas Sullivan allocates money to the 'Y'…" quote the Uncle after Josh's lengthy description of tonight's special report. After the 10:00 AM newsbreak (or 10:06 AM), there will be a recap on the report and reaction from callers. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Note of Interest:

WPMI-TV anchor Scott Walker, creator of the long gone sites TV News Line and its revival in weblog form, is still speaking his mind courtesy of the fingers (and thumb) at WPMI.com's Scott's Blog

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town!"), followed by Lillian Jackson's famous "I don't know is America is going to survive" comments, all-time caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll", and the Rebecca Wilson audio. "Thank you so much for listening!" greets the Uncle before thanking us for our "good investment" on the informational side of the radio known as amplitude modulator (AM). According to our host, an excellent program is in store for the next 90 minutes, starting off with a story on Mobile County Public School System president David Thomas spending the night in jail (charged with "Driving Under the Influence", according to police) after an accident involving a small child on the road and is accused of leaving the accident setting. First voice message was from Tim reminding the Uncle about how Mike Dow would stuff the city council in an automobile, well a couple or more members (including Frederick Richardson) were seen through our caller's eyes during yesterday's parades, along with a crowd sighting of Scott O'Brien. Before asking Scott about this, "Mobile's only true investigative reporter" Josh Bernstein of WPMI-TV joins us via phone with a preview of a report revealing more about Mobile City Councilman Thomas Sullivan, including one fellow who wished to keep his identity a secret as an employee of a public company. Before Josh left us, "no comment" was his response to the Uncle's question on the possibility of law enforcement observing this report set for Channel 15's 10:00 PM newscast. "You should think about this as a good Valentine's gift", quote the Uncle during his latest promotion of the popular meat (breakfast for our host) from Chickasaw, Alabama spelled "H-A-L-L", Hall's Meats. After the break, T.C. jokingly assumes via voice message that "tax subsidized moon pies" were being thrown from the city council Mardi Gras float. As the Uncle continue to await a description of this particular float, especially after the Bernstein telephone call, we must move to the topic of the Alabama Legislature passing a bill that's already in the law books, the state-wide ban on gender marriage. "I don't understand why this is the top priority", quote the Uncle before pointing out that most of these bills are being noticed before it's almost over. "It's against the law, so I'm going to make the assumption that it's not happening," says our host before reminding Montgomery to get back to tackling the state budget issue for once. "I think it's a show" is an amusing description of the Legislature's happenings before getting back to business in the regular session. Our first caller Jay described the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association float featuring Mobile City Council members and non-government folks surrounded by wood as they tossed traditional treats to the crowd. Our second caller brought up the $30 million special election in store for a bill that's already law, even long before the 2006 Alabama governor election. If the Uncle were ever aware of the rise in same-gender issue marriage, it would have to be a big story involving two well-known TV personalities getting married in Montgomery, including one fellow from Birmingham. No offense by our host, in case you were wondering. During the 10:00 AM newsbreak from 710 AM, the Uncle will tend to personal matters for the time being. Answering machine number (251) 706-BULL remains the relatively new alternative way of making contact with the Uncle. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Note of Interest:

WPMI-TV's 10:00 PM last night featured video of the Comic Cowboys' float displaying a sign with the words "Channel 5 News..." as part of this sign's amusing message. WALA Channel 10 (no longer covers Mardi Gras Day live, same goes for WPMI-TV) mentioned two media outlets being poked fun at during the Cowboys' parade, but never showed video of the signs referencing WKRG-TV5 and CBS News.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this warm Mardi Gras Day with "My Love is Mobile" ("…entertainment, places to shop…" "Mobile's got the Junior Miss celebration"), followed by a familiar musical tune leading up to a voice message from one exited fellow wishing our host "a blessed day". Theme music includes the sounds audio clips "…hello you're on the air" and Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much!" greets the Uncle before thanking for not wasting time with FM radio and for joining this frequency for the next 90 minutes or less. After playing Scott O'Brien's intro theme of "Staying Alive", the Uncle questioned Scott on his early assumption of no callers today, which should be a lesser number to be precise. "He's lived here his entire young life…" quote the Uncle after Scott gave mention to his son, who's own mind decides how Scott spends this day. As this discussion on Mardi Gras continued, Scott shares a story of his previous radio experience on downtown Mobile's St. Louis Street (no mention of WKRG-AM 710 or FM 99.9), just "a radio station"), including a radio promotion for Mardi Gras consisting of 100 females walking the streets. "We are working today!" says the Uncle before allowing the weirdo Bob on the air, with his former Alabama coach Mike Price reference being cut short at the press of a button. Mike agrees that Scott didn't know what he was talking about assuming no listener would call in today. "Everybody needs a dose of Uncle Henry", says Mike. After our first real caller, our host reminds us that folks such as himself are always here keeping Western Civilization stable, even in the midst of the partying on this particular Tuesday. Before the break, Pam managed to greet the Uncle with both a hello and "Roll Tide" shout. "Roll tide to you", says the Uncle heading for a commercial break. After the break, T.C. suggests placing these traffic cameras in soon-to-be former mayor Mike Dow's office. "The Idea Guy" joins us under a cold not stopping him from speaking his mind, but he knows well not to risk the health of the Mardi Gras revelers. After "Idea" spoke about some non-stereotypes of the prisons from food that's actually good for you to female guards at an Atmore, Alabama jail, the Uncle had to go into "that's ridiculous" mode". Coming up, the news from 710 AM (with Mike Harrison reading the news), followed by a 10:00 AM hour with a preview of the Comic Cowboys parade soon to occur. "We are here for you on Mardi Gras Day" says the Uncle before the newsbreak. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Notes of Interest:

Coverage of Mardi Gras Day 2005 continues on WKRG-TV5 from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, which is currently being preserved on the VHS tape currently running in my video cassette recorder.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch and Coverage Notes:

New 50th anniversary promotion aired during TV5's Mardi Gras coverage, featuring CBS' Mike Wallace and Bob Schieffer congratulating the station's 50 year service and loyality on the Gulf Coast. Plenty of references to WKRG's past were mentioned during this year's Mardi Gras coverage. From 25-year veteran Randy Patrick's days on WKRG Radio to one fellow employee named Max Goodman who was part of the station's Mardi Gras coverage before the move from downtown Mobile's St. Louis Street to Broadcast Drive behind the midtown shopping malls.

Mardi Gras Lady

Monday, February 07, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "My Love is Mobile" ("that's my wonderful town"…"Mobile is great, living and working"), followed by a voice message from one lady up "…for some Uncle Henry Show" while listening to one of the Scott O'Brien-hosted programs, and the Lillian Jackson audio clips. "Thank you so much, it's a pleasure!" says a louder than usual Uncle greeting and thanking us for "propelling the program to the forefront of the genre" among the programs on the thinking side of the radio known as AM. As our host expected, the so-called "drug messiah" known as Paul McCarthy performed "drug songs" such as Hey Jude during Super Bowl (39) XXXIX's 30-minute half-time segment, rather than anyone representing the USA's abundance of musicians (The Osmonds, Ruben Studdard). Voice message from Chris the self-proclaimed Beatles lover mentioned that one of the so-called "drug songs" plays in rotation on station 96.1 FM The Rocket. Thomas reminds the Uncle about the rally before the vote down of Gov. Riley's Alabama Tax Plan, involving one Studdard who's possible support (never said whether or not publicly) for that plan could dim the our host's enthusiasm for him. After the first break, the Uncle shall speak on what's now a state wide issue according to today's Mobile Register, red light cameras. "Getting kind of board waiting for the 6-hour pre-game show," says one lady (Patriots/Brady supporter) via voice message before sharing an amusing song for us with music ("hitting all the speed bumps" and "…voting for Henry"). After saving that voice message, the Uncle elaborates on the Alabama Legislature supporting the red light cameras, yet a Mr. Holmes' non-supportive view of the cameras is far different from our host's several reasons for being against it. "Racial profiling", says Holmes on the traffic cameras. "Municipalities making a lot of money on this stuff", quote the Uncle on the studies of this red light camera system created to increase road safety. "I don't want some robot camera taking pictures of some cars", says the Uncle who would rather have a person issuing traffic tickets in 21st century Alabama. "Uncle Henry for Mayor", says our next caller joining us with awareness that our mayoral candidate is moving away from anything McCarthy, whom he agrees should have not been considered for yesterday's half-time show. Coming up, the news from 710 AM! Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Last Friday's 10:00 PM edition of TV5's newscast ended with a nice surprise for both the station and viewers, a picket sign from a parade early that day wishing WKRG-TV a happy 50th anniversary this year.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 23

49 years and 155 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Pensacola Reporter Jim Pennington (Now in Private Business)

WKRG Fact: The former Adams-Mark Hotel remains TV5's location for Mardi Gras Day coverage in downtown Mobile, whether it's under the title "Riverview Plaza Hotel" or its former title "Crown Plaza" of less than a year.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Friday's playing of "My Love is Mobile", followed by one shy fellow's anniversary message for Mike Sloan via voice message, Rebecca Wilson audio, and a couple of well known Lillian Jackson clips. Voice message from Tim admitting that his cellular phone has no signal in certain spots (no discount for such situations), but did say he has no trouble whenever telephoning the show. After an excited than usual Uncle greeted us, he announced that sunlight is actually entering the Mardi Gras atmospheric WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building through a nearby window. Speaking of the Mardi Gras atmosphere, this is among the few elements of this time of year our host isn't fund of, now more than before with Joe Cain Day falling on Super Bowl Sunday. According to the Uncle's prediction, he'll be among the few employees to be working in this building Monday, one day before Mardi Gras Day. Speaking of this year's big game, the Uncle acknowledged the wake up call in western society after last year's events and aftermath, which (along with this year's performance by one Paul McCarthy) was among the far cries from the days of marching bands performing during half-time. Our first caller happened to be today's first weirdo (another playing of the G.I Joe promotion), forcing an early summoning of Leeanna who had no involvement with the prankster. Along with the fact that she's complimented for being more professional during the "Ask the Expert" program leading up to ours, a discussion on the influence of the Beatles among those in the "British Invasion" and Leeanna's defense of Paul being the tamest of the group came about. During Leeanna's defense, she even uttered that now famous description last year's accident coined by the one responsible for the victim's humiliation before a live TV audience (I said "Why, Leeanna?" as I listened & typed). After the break, callers will eventually weigh in. Shortly after the break the Uncle previews the 10:00 AM newsbreak with Mike Sloan, now onto first caller Tom and his "Roll Tide" shout. Tom agrees on how the Super Bowl half time show has slowly gone downhill since the 1980s with more "rocking and rolling" and no more marching bands. Before leaving us, Tom threw in the idea of having the University of Alabama's "Million Dollar Band" play during half time. Trucker Paul of Hattiesburg, Mississippi agrees with the Uncle's short commentary on radio's FM side, which was said to be less profitable than AM due to the difference in programming. Expect our Mississippi trucker to keep the radio tuned to 710 AM whenever he's on the road, and this fellow happens to be a first time listener. Chris' call spanned from defense of the Beatles to guitarist Eric Clapton, whom Chris did acknowledge that he had an alcoholic problem before using that experience to help others with the same addiction. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.5/5!

(Disclaimer: During the process of typing today's review/summary, a certain computer decided to freeze not only once but twice, causing the original document to be lost forever. 90% of the original details have been retyped, leaving us without the numerous quotations I wrote originally.)

Notes of Interest:

Before the Philadelphia/New England match up in Jacksonville, Florida Sunday night, residents and visitors of the Mobile region will experience activities dedicated to the memory of the fellow who actually saved Mardi Gras after the "War Between the States", Joe Cain. Both the Cain Classic 5-kilometer walk/race and Joe Cain Parade will occur in downtown Mobile hours before kickoff and Paul McCarthy's performance.

On Mardi Gras Day (better known as "Fat Tuesday", which translates to Mardi Gras), WKRG-TV5 will have its annual morning/afternoon coverage of the Mardi Gras events spanning the Gulf Coast. Viewers are promised coverage far surpassing previous Fat Tuesday coverage in the station's past 49 years. CBS daytime programming (except for "The Price is Right") will be taped for overnight viewing, so no need to fret both old & new TV5 viewers. Coverage of the day can also be heard on stations WKSJ-95 FM and WYOK-104 FM.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from, yep another playing of "My Love is Mobile" (lyrics include "…entertainment, places to shop, my heart's in Mobile, it's my wonderful town…" and "…Mobile is great, living and working…"), followed by a couple of regular audio clips. Audio of one lady's conversation with the Uncle on the high (authority) reasons the USA is involved with the "Cradle of Civilization", or West Asia was played. "Thank you so much, thank you so much!" says the Uncle both greeting and thanking us for wisely choosing this particular program. (251) 479-2723 and Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 remain the best ways of contacting our host, but he must precaution cellular phone users. Before the "meaty topics", the Uncle must acknowledge and wish Mobile radio personality Mike Sloan a happy 25th anniversary as WKSJ-95FM's newsman. As of now, the relatively young Sloan is busy putting together another excellent newscast for 710 AM, which is of course under the same corporate umbrella (and building, WKRG-TV5 to be exact) as 95 KSJ. Now a "meaty topic", "The President of the United States was on television last night!" quote the Uncle reflecting on his (and grandchild) viewing of G.W. Bush's "State of the Union" speech last night. "If a child can get it, I wonder how come many grown ups didn't" says the Uncle after his grandchild showed pride of the USA president. "He's so refreshing," says one fellow in the first "State of the Union" voice message, followed by one from "The Idea Guy" who's for privatized social security. After the callers, the Uncle will speak more about the "insanity" reaction after G.W. Bush's speech. First caller Bill (a good one) addresses the query on how exactly social security got into its current state, which prompted the Uncle to throw in a hypothetical two-party press conference on what has the government done. "Revolution in the United States" said Bill on public reaction after the supposed reasons for social security's current state are revealed. After Bill left us, the Uncle reflected on the outraged fellow's call before Tracy joined us with a "very valid complaint" on the lack of traffic lights on the road, almost leading her to an accident scene. Thanks to our host, Tracy could possibly spread this issue more via the Mobile Register's "Sound Off" column, as long as she doesn't use profanity or leave any mention of the Uncle in her message or else there's no chance of it appearing in the column. After Tracy, some weirdo played a "G.I Joe" promotion, which made Uncle assume he's missing out on something cultural. According to Leeanna after being summoned, he's not missing out on anything significant. "Have you thought about what you do when you're an old woman?" was the Uncle's question for Leeanna hours after the social security issue was given much needed attention, only responding that she'll never "get old" (similar to Peter Pan of literature). Ken remained on the line even as the Uncle explained why Leeanna is among "the problem" behind social security. "It is a tax" quote Ken on the taxpayer money supposedly going to the older person's social security benefits. Ken recommends that G.W. Bush supporters should educate the public better on the system of social security. Due to time constraints, the rest of Ken's call was cut short, but the final seconds before the newsbreak did give our host the chance to ask Leeanna if she's been educated. "All right, come on!" quoting the Uncle after finding out that our call screener kept her attention some place else. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Notes of Interest:

Speaking of Tracy's message, the Mobile (Press) Register's "Sound Off" numbers are 219-5780 (Mobile region) and 1-800-945-9773. Callers may speak his or her mind on any topic, but only a selected number of messages are chosen for the Page 2A (inside the front page) column. Good luck, folks!

WPMI-TV NBC 15 has updated the on screen graphics and music as of this morning. According to memory, this is the third big graphic/music update Channel 15 has received since inheriting what WALA Channel 10 lost unfortunately to the power of corporate ownership, affiliation with the NBC Television Network. 9 years, hard to take in a large dose.

During WKRG-TV5's 12:00 PM newscast, meteorologist John Nodar recalls a pronunciation moment (with the name "Mystic Stripers", now in its 66th year as a Mardi Gras society) involving a good friend and fellow employee from years gone by. That would happen to be former anchor Ray White now enjoying retirement.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the third playing of "My Love is Mobile" this week, followed by audio of "ok here we go, hello you're on the air" with theme music leading up to Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". After a few seconds of the show's theme music, voice message proving one's point for the ban of discretionary funds was played. "Thank you for tuning in!" was among the Uncle's greeting for the listeners, including the ones whom he advises to tell friends who were listening to a different station to stay beside the radio for next hour or so. "Cell [ular] phones are killing people," says yet another scientific story, which the Uncle finds completely wrong, a far cry from yesterday's agreement with his belief in human brains. "17% to regain the speed they lost when they break" according to this journal which also believes "the conversation" is part of the blame leading to around 6000 deaths. "There are far more hamburgers in cars" quote the Uncle on something as dangerous, followed by the point of "what about passengers?" "Sounds like you're not buying any of it?" says Scott O'Brien as he enters the room, but he does agree with "the conversation" point made in the study, which he believes go well with statistics. Unfortunately, Scott has no knowledge of the statistics for hamburger-related accidents, or anything involving a pickle at least (the Uncle's example: pickle falls on pedal, driver attempts to pick it up, and accident occurs). "I'm sorry I love you, but I'm speaking up!" says Scott ending one heated discussion on back seat driving as he leaves us for the time being. First caller Wayne joined us coming into agreement with "liberal Scott O'Brien" for once. "You're dangerous" quote the Uncle as Wayne shared his sighting of one lady distracted as he was driving. "We don't do it consciously" quote Wayne speaking about situations involving one's mind is focusing too much on another, resulting in an aftermath such as forgetting about a 5-mile drive. Before Wayne left us, he asks how long will it take until a victim of a cellular phone user's death sues the provider? After this new cellular phone study, our host believes it's already happened. Chuck shares his reasons for a study on "tailgating and not paying attention", which he sees a lot in the Mobile region. After Chuck, the Uncle organized his list for future studies, including hamburgers and moments when you're lost in focus (or mesmerizing moments). After the break, voice message from "The Idea Guy" planning to live "the average life span of a human (105 years of age), knowing what I did" as he reads the Bible tonight. The Uncle previews Mike Sloan's reading of the news during the 10:00 AM newsbreak before caller John shared not one, but three cellular phone related automobile accidents involving his now 21-year-old offspring, who was 18 around the time. "They almost messed up her life," says this fellow referring to the folks responsible for the cellular phone she carried. "I was on the phone, I was not paying attention" quote John who admits to being partly involved in at least in at least one of the young lady's accidents. During the final minutes of the 9:30 AM half-hour, listeners and the Uncle were given a whole different testimony on cellular phone related accidents by one Harry. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour (plus 2 minutes into 10:00 AM) gets a 4.8/5!

Notes of Interest:

Like my eyes, I'm giving the mayoral campaign commercial suggestions a rest, but it doesn't mean none of you can send your ideas for the Uncle's mayoral campaign to either unclehenry@newsradio710.com or (251) 706-BULL

WALA Channel 10 now has a new and improved website, but don't expect to find any history about Mobile's first TV station there.

In Punxsutawne, Pennsylvania, the message is "6 more weeks of winter".

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the second playing of "My Love is Mobile" this week (and the first playing for February), followed by the now familiar musical tune, and a couple of on-air comments by caller "Misled Mark" before the show's regular intro played. "Thank you so much for listening…you've done the right thing", quote the Uncle before reminding listeners to keep away from other radio stations between 9:30 AM-11:00 AM (or more, including the Rush program). Thanks to regular listeners, new people are actually listening thanks to the relatively new morning timeslot provided on account of Paul Finebaum's takeover of the 2:00 PM hour. Before our host makes a public speech (part of the mayoral campaign), he evaluates his beliefs such as that folks under 30 do not have enough life experience to speak out, which happened to gain plenty of audience applause. Here's an example "from the wire" which enforces the Uncle's belief, a National Board of Health study on the end of the human brain's full formation happens to be around 25 rather than 18 years of age, bring out rants from our host such as "and they're out there talking". "This research is excellent," says the Uncle on the proof needed for Virginia and Maryland representatives supporting a bill to prevent driving under the influence of cellular phone use, along with a reason to tell the young people "to stop talking" (or speaking his or her mind). With the brain development study now behind us, the Uncle admits to being in an "excellent mood!" on this Tuesday morning as he reminds "Interneters" (or users) on the road about two Mobile political sites covering the mayoral race, The Mystic Mackerel and columnist Chip Drago's Mobile Bay Times.com. After the first break, Fleischer "Superman" theme plays as the Uncle welcomes us back "to the party…not rebelling" (more like "coffee"). Our first caller disagrees with the Uncle "getting there" on the brain research, since he happens to know plenty of folks under 25 who come up "with better ideas" thanks to quick reflexes. After our first caller showed his weirdness, now Gerald managed to pull a Mike Price prank (our first caller's prank goes under the category of "long walk"). Mr. C (otherwise known as Chuck) asked our host how he's doing before asking for an explanation to the 25 or under pilots during the Second World War. "You were normal, then" quote Chuck leaving us after questioning the Uncle's youth. Yet another weirdo named David joins us enforcing the Uncle's view on brain development and insults him at the same time. Once again, another David (a former naval firefighter) joins us with amazement at the Mobile City Council members who happen to be over 25, giving the Uncle a case of laughter. Tom reminds our mayoral candidate that his rather insulting points may jeopardize his chances of gaining enough young voters (18-25). The Uncle may be aware of this costly possibility, but his belief in the system of half/whole/5 votes (for voters 60+) remains intact as the first half-hour of a 90-minute program comes to close. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.6/5!

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