WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 22

49 years and 148 days ago...TV5 went on the air!

Randy Patrick (WKRG Sports Anchor Since 1988; Employee Since 1980)

Mobile native Randy's career in broadcasting began right here at WKRG, well AM radio to be exact. At the age of 19, Randy's handed the jobs of sportscaster of hosting a call-in talk show as WKRG-AM made the move to all-talk radio due to FM's dominance in music quality. After 6 years of play-by-play announcing for Mobile's annual Senior Bowl, Patrick received the United Press International's award back in '88 congratulating him for the excellent feat. But that's not all in the announcing arena, Randy also announced for University of South Alabama basketball and baseball broadcasts, which would lead to televised games of the Alabama Crimson Tide to Mobile Bay Bears in action. After making the move to TV5 in '88, Randy held the duties of weekend sports anchor, but in 1991 that would all be over for a more frequent on-air position. That's right, a weeknight sports anchor during TV5's nightly newscasts from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Like in radio, Randy earned himself plenty of recognition through awards by the Associated Press, the Mobile Press Club, and the Mobile Register's "Viewers Choice Awards". In 2004, Randy made his return to the radio frequency where his career began, as one of plenty of substitutes for 710 AM's "The Uncle Henry Show". On the personal sideline, Randy managed to start a family after his marriage over 20 years ago to Miss Monica Naman. 3 children, including another Randy came about. A sportscaster's hobbies: Golf and "The Great Outdoors", good combination Randy.


WKRG Fact: For the record, WKRG-AM 710 went on the air back in 1946.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Out For 1 Week

Folks, I happen to have an unfortunate announcement for every reader: Due to a world outside the Internet and life in genera beyond my control, I must take some time away from the computer to put this ordeal in the backburner. The "WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project" posting will come, but my weekday reviews/summaries of the Uncle must come to a hault for the time being. Like our host whenever he's away, I shall return. So long, folks!

(Update: For those who noticed an "Out for 2 Weeks" title for most of the week, well expect my grand return of positing about the Uncle to be on the 31st of January. Pardon my time away folks, but my "morning eyes" needed a break from the desktop, especially when on the verge of a local optometrist visit in early February. Eye doctor for the rest of y'all!)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to a quick question to councilman Thomas Sullivan ("Reaction…?"), followed by the now famous "You Know That I Know" remark. Then came Scott O'Brien's voice saying "changes" before the music stopped a second before the Rebecca Wilson audio played. "Like the paper said, he was a gentleman who brought out the best in people" quote one fellow via voice message reacting to Johnny Carson's death over the weekend. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle looking forward to another show on what he calls a "beautiful day". First he must admit to being unable to hear "one word of Scott O'Brien" on station 96.1 FM The Rocket, which played "psychedelic music" to the point of repelling our host to listen to the National Football Conference playoff game. "The very best Mystic Mackerel column to date" is how the Uncle describes this site's latest column, which is fairly lengthy and well thought out one focusing on the mayoral race, so don't expect any on air excerpts. Voice message from one fellow who just had his business license renewal was played, including a query on how much stores such as Wal Mart pay the City of Mobile compared to business owners like himself. After the first break, Tim predicts via voice message of where other condominiums are going to be placed besides the one currently set for downtown. Our host reflects on last Friday's broadcasts from the Paw Paw's Campers sale, including some thanks to every attendee, including one particular Roslyn. Caller "Big Dummy" arrived on a motorcycle, Virgule came & left rather quick, and caller Tim met the Uncle for the very first time. After Leeanna was summoned, her she admits first reaction to Tim was "He's nice" before comparing her previous picturing of the fellow with "He was cuter than I thought he would be". "Johnny got out when he was suppose to get out" quote the Uncle after finding out that Leeanna very well knew who the late TV personality was thanks to relatives (a previously unmentioned uncle of hers), or so she says. During the show's final minutes, the Uncle explains why folks such as Leeanna do not understand why Carson left "The Tonight Show" in the first place. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 21

49 years and 141 days ago...TV5 went on the air!

John Nodar (WKRG Weather Anchor Since 1988; In Broadcasting Since 1982)

Nodar reported for duty in the U.S. Air Force for his basic meteorology training and of course Mississippi State University. Before joining the TV5 weather team, John searched for a stable job in broadcasting spanning from Norfolk, Virginia to New Mexico's two cities that stick out among others. Santa Fe and Truth or Consequences (named after the popular game show hosted by Ralph Edwards and Bob Barker), where he spent almost a year at a lonely Spanish variety radio station. While giving TV5 viewers their daily forecasts and yearly, yet common hurricane reports, John spends his spare time visiting students at various educational facilities to share how meteorology can be quite personal at times. Lets see, 20 years of marriage (with 2 offspring), recognition from the Associated Press & National Weather Association, and let's not forget one of humanity's most important elements, a sense of humor.

John Nodar

WKRG Fact: The Mobile (Press) Register printed these promotions for WKRG Radio back in January of 1955 (reprinted in 2005)

"Bill Kirkland, Mobile hat designer who just returned from New York, will be the special guest of Barbara Kaye on 'A Word to the Wives,' at 10:30 a.m. Thursday over WKRG."

"Mrs. Talbot A. Steel will be the guest of Barbara Kaye at 10:30 a.m. Friday on 'A Word to the Wives' to be aired over WKRG."

Friday, January 21, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to the Kenny Rogers comparison, followed by Lillian Jackson's "Uncle Henry, are you on the air right now, what time do you come on?" and "Thank you, Uncle Henry". Voice message from a Franklin convincing the Uncle to forget about the mayoral race and go for the next USA presidential race, besides he's got plenty of friends who are listeners of the show. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle before thanking the listeners for their support as always. "Outstanding, outstanding" says our host before showing how much he's looking forward to this afternoon's visit to the location of Paw Paw's Campers' off site sale to greet listeners, broadcasts during the Finebaum hours (breaks only), and maybe even meet the real fellow known as "Paw Paw" himself. "Only bring the children to me" is the Uncle's word of caution for folks bringing children over to the same location where Leeanna can be seen. Here's one Mobile Register story the Uncle doesn't get, "Why does 15 people get coverage?" in reference to the folks involved in a presidential inauguration spoof, considered to be a unique sort of protest. "Speaking of protestors" says the Uncle on a story he believes Limbaugh never placed a finger on, a clashing of G.W. Bush supporters and "anarchists" in a so-called peace rally. "Why is that not in the national news?" says a pondering Uncle on a story involving supporters of peace beating the living daylights out of those far from their point of view. After the break, listeners are reminded what show they're listening to before first caller Luke joined us. "Why is the African American vote just…democratic?" was Luke's self-proclaimed "politically correct" question, in which the Uncle responded with the fact that the Democratic Party has almost always catered to them. In the 10:00 AM hour, a pair of tickets for an event at the University of South Alabama's Mitchell Center will be given away. Now on to Mobile's annual Mardi Gras celebration, a time of year in which the Uncle would rather consider himself to be an "observer" rather than a "reveler". All comes at the same time when the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit is now opened to Mobile residents, tourists, and visitors at downtown's Gulf Coast Explorium, which the Uncle is uncomfortable with in conjunction with the Mardi Gras parades. "I'm worried Mobile might get hit by some locus on something" quote an uneasy Uncle after reading some Exodus last night. Both Tom and the Uncle agree that the Dead Sea Scrolls (oldest surviving text of the Old Testament) are a good thing for both the City of Mobile and the southeast region. After losing Tom unfortunately, Melanie (whom the Uncle met recently in Daphne, Alabama) encourages our host to not be so uneasy with the scrolls exhibit opening around the same time as Mardi Gras, which attracts plenty of tourists every year. "No wrath" says Melanie. Freddie threw a few amusing suggestions for Mardi Gras during the final minute before the break. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Notes of Interest:

Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine spoke on WALA Channel 10's morning newscast via phone.

Over at WKRG-TV5, meteorologist John Nodar and reporter Tiffany Craig were the first on screen folks to be in casual clothing for the City of Mobile's "Dressing Down For Relief Day". Anchor Bill Riales' way of dressing "casual" was as easy as leaving his tie at home.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to audio consisting of "I wish they'd bust their teeth while they're hollering and singing", followed by Rebecca Wilson audio and the famous Lillian Jackson clips. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle greeting 80% of those "continuing to listen", fueling a genre within its own in the Mobile region. As expected, the Uncle looks forward to discussion on today's 55th presidential inauguration, which can also be heard on the program falling ours, most likely G.W. Bush's remarks. "It's just a lot of music!" says the Uncle on non-important stuff such as the singing. "It's another beautiful day in America" is how "The Idea Guy" began his inauguration-related voice message. "The majority rules in a free democracy", says "Idea". First caller Mike (under the weather) joins us to bring more clarity to caller Walter's call yesterday. According to Mike, G.W. Bush had the courage to do what other presidents weren't able to do. "I guess I'm a moderate, conservative now," says Mike representing the Democratic family he grew up in, "I had no choice but to vote Bush". Walter also said that our "votes don't count", yet all would have to go into the Electoral College. "Call again," says the Uncle before allowing Peter on the line. "A big sigh of relief" says Peter before explaining why J. Forbes Kerry's fate was sealed the moment Edwards was chosen as his running mate. Book "Reagan's Path to Victory" was given mention by Peter to "your viewers", or listeners. "Charles" struck us with the "daily Mike Price reference". After reminding Leeanna that it shouldn't be impossible to filter out the weirdoes, the Uncle previews some details on one professor's book. After the break, a voice message from Tim "looking for Steve Nodine", along with the possibility of bringing the Uncle "chicken on a stick" during the mayoral campaign. "Jerry left me, thank you Leeanna!" says our host before reminding listeners of the news "spin", such as the American Broadcasting Company's website including a page about searching for any Service related funerals to provide balance on this day. This page would eventually be removed. According to Professor Busch's book, "Bush gained big in renown liberal places" and percentages only went down in two states. "He started off in those states so far behind" according to the professor on Bush's campaigning in states he would never win on Election Day 2004. "It was looking good for him," says the Uncle before previewing the 10:00 AM half-hour, including the possibility of some words on the upcoming Alabama governor election. After the break, Bob joins us with his sighting of a disturbing sign on a local South Trust Bank's door, which says "…please remove your hat" which according to him is a safety precaution against bank robbers. "I'm not a bank robber," says Bob who's among the many fellows who regularly wear hats. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Second half-hour begins with smoker "Big Dummy's" idea of smoking as the discussion on a future show. "I wish I had an idea for you, sir" says the Uncle who was never a smoker, so he never quit. Expert Leeanna ("I'm not an expert") is summoned for advice for folks such as "Big Dummy". "Flew on to him" is the Uncle described Scott O'Brien's "weight gain" after he quit smoking 18-months ago. "Taking off your hat was just manners," says a disc jockey that contacted Leeanna during the break, but the Uncle must acknowledge that many folks wear hats for reasons such as the cosmetic kind. The Uncle reflects on yesterday's visit to Francia's Former Wear (or Affair), including a visit from Jim the Tax Man. Gene reminds us to keep a look out for "the curse" spawned (and broken by Reagan in 1980) the moment William Henry Harrison was inaugurated. "Is their a Hollinger's Island curse?" says the Uncle after requesting Leeanna on her belief of curses. Our next caller's suggestion to "Big Dummy" is simply look into the Bible. After the break, a voice message ("forwarded by…Scott O'Brien") from one lady showing appreciation for 710 AM's "Time Saver Traffic" reports and for this show. "She claimed to be speaking for several people," says the Uncle referring to "we" before Leeanna explained if in a way that forced our host to apologize to this lady on behalf. "Lets talk to Tom," says the Uncle interrupting any further questioning on whether Leeanna remembers "The Waltons" character in comparison to this lady caller or not. "Let me reveal something else" quote the Uncle after already revealing the well-known fact that he wears a hairpiece. A relative of his (whose name shall remain unknown) actually works in a bank and if anybody causes a ruckus in this particular bank, expect our host to come over to law down the law. "The luck of the Irish and the third times the charm broke the curse of the Indian," says our next caller on what's turning out to be a very educational program so far. Coming up, news from 710 AM's corporate owner and the Cable News Network's radio division. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.2/5!

Third half-hour begins with "The Pink Panther" theme playing, as the Uncle still believes that the Rush program will have coverage of G.W. Bush speaking. "These hats have a real good purpose" says Jim the Tax Man (who admits to being "bald headed"), who referred to this show by the famous Forrest Gump quote and reflected on yesterday's broadcasts from Francia's, including a well dressed Leeanna making an appearance out there. Our next caller encourages "Big Dummy" to have some faith, which has been shown numerous times on the 710 AM message boards. Speaking of those message boards, the Uncle hasn't been there in several months, so he asked Leeanna what's been going on. It appears folks at the boards are requesting more photos of our call screener. This forced the Uncle to say, "oh, they are!" According to Chris, these "hat" signs on the banks have been up longer than imagined (circa late 2001). Both host and call screener weren't aware of these signs in the past. Once again, due to the power of the Federal Communications Commission and fast changes in our society, the weirdo who joined us claiming to have visited the Uncle yesterday and said something offensive along the way, the delay system was "tested" on him. Before the break, Leeanna left the room to check with her fellow 710 AM employees to make sure the delay system is working. After the break, the Uncle find out from program director Scott's vigilance of the program that the delay system is working and 710 AM is in full compliance with the FCC. Speaking of Scott, he'll be hosting weekend programs not only on 95 KSJ FM, but also on 96.1 The Rocket (both under the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile roof). Norman joins us with his sighting of a hazardous Interstate highway, along with the new "The Wave" public buses with the appearance of water filling the inside. "There's generation out there that considers the hat to be part of the fashion statement" quote the Uncle after hearing this fellow who grew up to learn that a hat wearer should always remove his hat. "The calls have gotten to facetiousness," says the Uncle after hearing one fellow's attempt at getting Leeanna into trouble. Seconds later, "Jesse" managed to get through Leeanna with his Mike Price reference. Normal caller Bud Man joined us on the now 10-year-old fashion statement of people wearing "their pants down", which the Uncle noticed unfortunately while in Daphne recently. Leeanna is given permission to view the entire presidential inauguration for the sake of learning something unlike such transfer of power ceremonies in other nations. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Today's Average is 4.3/5

Tomorrow evening in downtown Mobile, the Conde Cavaliers' parade is the kickoff of Mobile's Mardi Gras season yet again. Parade begins at 6:30 PM near the Mobile Civic Center following "Route A". The Mobile Register will publish its annual Mardi Gras booklet for the newspaper's Sunday edition.

Speaking of Nodine as mentioned during today's program, it turns out Steve managed to keep in touch with the Mobile region, including one Bob Grip of WALA Channel 10.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to a Semmes, Alabama resident complementing the Uncle's "static" rather than the quality of 710 AM's signal out there, followed by Rebecca Wilson audio and Lillian Jackson's "Uncle Henry…Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle before thanking us for listenership, which is "continuing to grow the program", according to the most recent ratings charts. Leeanna is summoned early to first "the way you (she) looks" for this afternoon's remote broadcast and the broadcasts itself. Francia's Formal Wear happens to be the location where Leeanna will be driving the 710 AM van for. Besides that, the Uncle reflects on his Ruby Tuesday visit yesterday where he spoke and took questions before members of a local club, including a few queries from one fellow (about the Uncle's age) who would respond with "she seems pretty cute" after receiving answers to her age and tattoos. No matter where the Uncle goes she had an influence on the Eastern Shore. "If you remove the door, they loose all that slamming" is the Uncle's strategy for the rebellious ones in the lives of others after this latest Leeanna episode, which ended with her saying, "I'm leaving" angrily. After the break, a voice message on Krispy Kreme donuts being given away outdoors was played. "The Dating Game" theme plays as the Uncle reminds us that important topics are still up for today's program before the first weirdo joined us with "the legacy of Mike Price". Yep, even after a few years the Uncle is still receiving phone calls on the controversy leading to the Alabama coach's demise. Now to the Mobile Register's story on yesterday's press conference on Mobile Mardi Gras' economic impact, generating millions each year. This makes the Uncle ask, "Why don't they do more of it", as it remains humanly possible to do so. "Why not, seriously" quote the Uncle on letting other organizations participate during Mardi Gras. First real caller Paul joins us on the topic of "cell phones", or cellular phones. "Everyone in that place knew all that woman's business," says Paul on his restaurant experience. "Just one of my pet peeves I guess" says Paul before wishing our host a good day. Here's another cellular phone-related experience, while at a supermarket the Uncle found out the hard way "they're not talking to me!" Jim the Tax Man suggests bringing the top man of Mardi Gras societies as a guest and encourage him to support the expansion of our carnival season starting in January to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. After Jim, the Uncle brought up the idea of a "Summer Mardi Gras" for organizations that were unable to participate in the past. "When you get to be mayor, you get to hear from me" says Freddie a resident close to downtown Mobile. "You got to get someone to tell you what's going on" quote Freddie defending his point before throwing in the idea of Leeanna inspecting the downtown parking lot. "News is coming up next, then more of the Uncle Henry Show" is how the Uncle ended the first 30 or so minutes of show time before Mike Sloan reads the news from 710 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

Notes of Interest:

Last night on WALA Channel 10's 9:00 PM newscast, chief meteorologist John Edd Thompson managed to bring over a 1950s photograph of his mother, Mrs. J.E. Thompson, Sr.

Rate-It-All.com now features Mobile under "North American Cities", thanks to my suggestion.

This week's campaign commercial suggestion:

A visual version of the song "Hello, Uncle Henry", featuring the Uncle in a tour of downtown Mobile as residents mouth most of the singers' lyrics.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from not a familiar musical tune, but "ok here we go, hello you're on the air!" followed by the show's theme music before a voice message from Tim was played. "…with or without Commissioner Nodine" says Tim finding it unnecessary to visit Washington, District of Columbia for the 55th presidential inauguration to make sure G.W. Bush's transition is successful. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle before thanking us as always for their listenership. "I don't understand it…my family didn't settle here for cold weather," says the Uncle on this beautiful, yet almost freezing day in the Mobile region, forcing folks inside the building to the point of excitement (mostly female, according to the Uncle). It's likely the Uncle will be checked twice before making his public appearance this afternoon on the Eastern Shore. "Long sleeve t-shirts" will be available at the Uncle's Wednesday public appearance in Daphne (where he'll be broadcasting from during certain breaks of the Rush program), which marks the end of the Scott O'Brien coffee mugs after a long period of time according to one young 710 AM employee. Chip Drago's "exciting to read" column at Mobile Bay Times.com was mentioned, featuring some insight into councilman Fredrick Richardson on the upcoming mayoral election. "I expect to see that the losing candidate will lose and the winning candidate will win and we'll continue to move forward, march forward…" was the only Richardson quote the Uncle read over the air, so listeners have to read the rest for themselves at the website. Also in this column, there's also the possibility that Mobile Police Chief Sam Cochran may run for Sheriff Jack Tillman's position whenever the latter is ready to retire. This Drago column is another result of the Internet growing up and surpassing printed news, so the Uncle encourages folks who resisted this 35+-year-old way of communication and information to explore it at last. "It's been too long since there's been a savior in this town" are among the other lyrics in the Uncle's campaign song, as heard as the break came to an end. After the break, the Uncle mentions yet another obstacle in his run for mayor, even more difficult than taking residence with former 710 AM employee Alex Mathis. According to the Mobile Register's "Metro" section, "Mobile is ready for a black mayor", says Alabama law maker Yvonne Kennedy. "Please don't rule me out based on my color" is the Uncle's request for his lady, who has no idea what his mayoral plans are; in fact "no one has come up with one idea", says the Uncle referring to other candidates. As the Uncle continued to defend himself, the possibility of releasing his plans early came about. "If you're listening, I think you'll like my idea", says the Uncle incase Yvonne is listening. "Got to get some words in before the break," says the Uncle only minutes away from the news provided by 710 AM. After the break, the Uncle reminds us that we're listening to 710 WPMI-AM and Cingular Wireless users can call in free of charges. "If Bill Clinton was the first black president, why can't you…" be the first black mayor of Mobile, says first caller John, who would later be terminated due to his offensive tone (reference to book Uncle Tom's Cabin). "Everything from blimps to pedestrian tunnels" says the Uncle reminding folks what sorts of ideas are better said over the air than John's, who should think carefully before joining us. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

This upcoming Friday has been declared by the City of Mobile "Dress Down For Relief Day", sponsored by WKRG-TV5 and sports radio station WNSP-FM (not associated with 710 AM). For every person dressed casually for work (depending on the business participating), a $5+ donation was collected prior to this day and will be used to fund relief for South Asia. Expect some unexpected clothing on TV5 this Friday.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from one lady's mayoral campaign song including "and know that you know that Henry is the man!" plus references to Popeye's Chicken and his toes (in a positive way), followed by Rebecca Wilson audio and the few most regularly played Lillian Jackson clips. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle finding it a pleasure to be with us, the listeners that come to his drifting mind every now and then over the weekend. "Several different cans of worms" coming up during the next 90 minutes or less, but first our mayoral candidate/host most remind us that he will make a 20-minute (or 17 ½ minutes according to practice) speech in Fairhope, Alabama. There's a chance that Scott will join the Uncle at the Fairhope Ruby Tuesday tomorrow. On Wednesday, the Uncle will make another 12:00 PM appearance somewhere in the region, along with Leeanna on his side. Here's another chance to "getting to know" the Uncle, Friday's 3:00 PM-5:00 PM remote broadcasts from the site of a Paw Paw's Campers sale during the Finebaum program's commerical breaks. Before ever moving to the topics of this week, the Uncle must end last Friday's big topic once and for all with a couple of voice messages. "It's been going on for a while," says one fellow before R.W. used a "kill two birds with one stone" analogy after suggesting a West Asia deployment of anyone involved in selling their own bodies for cash. Final voice message suggests some type of "chemical" neutering of the folks in Theodore desiring these sorts of folks. "That would be a better use of the tax dollar" quote the Uncle on the third idea. Speaking of the tax dollar, the Uncle finds its use for sending a manmade object to the moon Titan wasteful in times of far away conflicts. After the first break, "a specific Alabama topic", as the Uncle describes the first topic of the week. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" after reading the Book of Revelations assuming that if the Uncle wins the mayoral race this August, "Mobile will be reborn again". (251) 479-2723 and Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 remain the number to join in, especially to speak about the Mobile Register's recent poll asking Alabama residents who'd they want for Alabama governor next year, Gov. Riley or former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. "Do you think that's the truth, listener?" is the Uncle's question for listeners on the weakness Riley has endured since his voted down "tax package". There's also the possibility "Ten Commandments Judge" Roy Moore could go up against "lottery democrat" former governor and Mobile native Don Siegelman. "He's done, he's, he's toast!" says our first caller representing the voters of Baldwin County who's already referring to Moore as "Gov. Moore". "I think the writing is on the wall for Riley", says the Uncle before Curtis congratulated our host on his decision to run for mayor of Mobile. Curtis answered "Idea's" quiz question on the city mentioned in Revelations, which is Philadelphia. "There are people in this building that really…don't like Judge Roy Moore," says the Uncle after hearing one fellow's strong reaction. Coming up, a newsbreak from 710 AM. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

Note of Interest:

Tomorrow on regional cable/satellite channel Turner South's program "Junkin' " (9:30 PM), Mobile and the Schillinger Road flea market (which the Uncle has considered more than once the center of our economy) will be the focus.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 20

49 years and 134 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Francie Murphy (Now in Private Business)

Miss Murphy's studies in the field of radio and TV broadcasting began at Southern Illinois University, with a Bachelor of Science degree as proof of her achievement for a field that remains competitive up to this very day. After TV5 viewers got to know her in front of the anchor chair and from her reports from parts of our Gulf Coast, Francie began a new career journey outside of broadcast news, but the experience would show well as she delve into the world of public relations. Besides keeping companies, public relations firms, and new PR people well tuned for the masses soon to witness their work via the press, Francie gave the rest of the public her due through the San Diego Greyhound Adoption Center and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Today Francie now oversees her own public relations operation under the name "Francie Murphy Associates" and when she's home, expect her to keep in close touch (and watch) of other things besides her fellow man. These living things happen to include roses, according to her associates.

Francie Murphy

WKRG and the Future: "We think this is localism, and providing local news for the community is the future of local television," - General Manager and President Joe Goleniowski (Buck Long's successor)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Tim's "Maybe he can learn from them" suggesting a Dow trip to Citronelle, Alabama, followed by the regular audio clips. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" was the Uncle's greeting to the listeners continuing to make the show a stunning success. Turns out the Uncle is soon to be temporarily "living" in former 710 AM employee Alex Mathis' home in Connie Hudson's City of Mobile District 6 (Gary Tanner style, who stayed at his mother's residence) as his journey to the mayor's office continues. "He bought my first campaign sign" says the Uncle referring to the "Vote Uncle Henry For Ever" sign, soon to be made public on 710 AM's official site via Alex's Nikon digital camera. "Take another one please…this is important!" quote the Uncle after leaving his hand up in one of the pictures while reminding listeners they're still allowed to phone in via (251) 479-2723. "Do you remember film?" was the Uncle's question for Alex, who believes you still have to stand still for non-film cameras. Jim the Tax Man may not be necessarily supporting the Uncle, but he was helpful reminding our candidate about Alex's home utility bill and the possibility of "dirty politics" springing about. According to Charles, anyone running for office should wear a coat & tie (unlike the "very casual" Alex in what the Uncle calls a "golf shirt") to make a good first impression. No need to worry, both the Uncle and Alex have numerous neckties in stock. After the break, the Uncle brings up yet another reminder that out of every area in the Mobile region he's resided in, he's never encountered a problem with the large folks selling themselves. "Stroll down the high school" is how most folks describe the situation in Theodore according to the Mobile Register, forcing a Leeanna summoning for background information on her former high school (1994 graduate). "So, there's a legacy of street walking in front of the high school" says the Uncle before asking if the students at the time were aware who these people were. Leeanna's response of most students figuring them to be those types of people according to their clothing shocked the Uncle. "That area really needs to be cleaned up" quote Leeanna before Alex mentioned that the activity of people selling themselves happens to be illegal in unincorporated areas of Mobile County. "Go on," says the Uncle as Leeanna leaves the room before discussing her judgmental view on the way people dress reflecting his or her personality. According to Roslyn, this activity all begins with supplements such as Viagra before elaborating that "everyone has a problem" with people selling themselves. "It's according to how well educated they are", says Roslyn referring to how these folks can be well dressed. "What an interesting call to be on this Friday", says the Uncle on a view far from Leeanna's on clothing & personality, enough to call this edition of the show "a very special" one. Coming up, the newsbreak from the 710 AM news center in a format Alex happens to like too. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.8/5!

(All mayoral endorsements and/or suggestions go to unclehenry@newsradio710.com or voice message number 251-706-BULL)

Here's to another 52 years WALA Channel 10!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from caller Tim's "Let me tell you one dag gone thing!" followed by a few regular audio clips leading up to Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" Voice message from Freddie asking how come Steve Nodine has yet to endorse the Uncle's run for mayor. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle thanking both old & new listeners for their continuous listenership, "as mandated by the Bible". According to Charlie Moss' full week's worth of recordings from the Mobile City Council, there have been references to azaleas and Lillian Jackson. As for an answer to the voice message speaking about Nodine, the Uncle has no idea on the undecided county commissioner. First caller J.P. made sure the Uncle was doing alright before asking if anything is "brewing" in the direction of speed bumps, which are placed in areas where unneeded. There's the possibility that during his mayoral campaign the Uncle may encourage college students to write an article on the consequences of speed bumps. "He downs everything" was the Uncle's response to Joe sharing his feelings about Finebaum and his 5-hour sports program on 710 AM (including the former 2:00 PM hour once belonging to us). The Uncle agrees that "sandwiching Rush" would be a good idea, 90 minutes before and after the popular 11:00 AM-2:00 AM CST program. Leeanna is summoned for a "caller against caller" situation going on over the past few days, such as this fellow named Al accusing "The Idea Guy" of "not being intelligent" and a "dummy" (or "D-MM-Y", as Al spelled it out purposely adding insult to injury). Al's second voice message explains why he spelled "dummy" without "u", as in "I left you out" referring to the Uncle "representing The Idea Guy". "That didn't make sense to me", says Leeanna before the Uncle segways to "Idea's" compliment for Al's criticisms of him pushing some "character building", which most wouldn't understand. After Leeanna and her "Wal-Mart-ish" type clothing left the room, the Uncle reminds us of a cold front coming through the southeast region. Song "Hello, Uncle Henry" returns to the listeners' ears our host shares more important weather information, including a tornado watch for west of Mobile Country. Richard believes Al is actually "Bad Bill" disguising his voice, according to his recordings. "He's coming up with a new character", according to Richard. "They sound like completely different men to me" says the Uncle before comparing some Bill ("You know") and Al ("Dummy, D-M-M-Y"). After playing the audio, the Uncle unfortunately became confused and thanked Richard for his own program analysis. Coming up in the 10:00 AM hour, the discussion on one lady standing before the Mobile City Council's mention of azaleas being threatened and Lillian Jackson's effort to save them. Plus, the long awaited discussion on former Alabama governor Dom Siegelman's "listening posts" outside the Mobile region, which could mark a possible new run for governor. Michael P. Sloan (his full name) reads the news next from 710 AM in a new format the Uncle still finds excellent. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

(Tomorrow marks the 52nd anniversary of the day Mobile's first television station went on the air, WALA-TV. It's unlikely that the station will acknowledge this important day in Mobile TV again, same goes for the 50th anniversary which I celebrated silently online. Despite pressure from both their corporate owner and the loss of being an NBC station, we must thank Channel 10 for leading the way for WKRG-TV, WPMI-TV, John Edd Thompson, Rob Jennings, Nancy Pierce, Bob Grip, Deiah Foster, and last but not least Dot Moore.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Lillian Jackson's "I don't comprehend people who do not know how to forget", followed by regular clips spanning Rebecca Wilson to Jackson's "I have come back to reality, I have come back to you". "Thank you so much for tuning in…" says the Uncle before managing to keep Scott O'Brien in the room to show his agreement with program manager's view on a new seat belt law proposed in Florida during "Mobile's First News", which Scott considers to be "un-American". "Is it illegal to ride behind a pickup truck?" quote the Uncle leading up to a Clampett analogy, which can be compared to Scott's witness of an old lady rocking back and forward in a chair, which almost forced him to telephone the law. Expect to hear Scott's sighting of former WPMI-TV employee Rebecca Wilson shopping at a Wal Mart store later on. Yet another supposed "government purpose", a revision of the Food Pyramid, which the Uncle still believes is "a waste of our money", just keep watch of the newscasts for anything related to this revision. Now that the Uncle is back on track after the Scott conversation, it's time to touch subject of the now voted in Bass Pro Shop plan for the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay (Baldwin County). So far, many Mobile County residents are shaking in their boots to the point of Mike Dow getting "in negotiations with Dollar Tree" to establish a new one in downtown Mobile's RSA Tower now under construction. "That was unpleasant," says the Uncle after we lost Bud Man due to unpleasant sounds of radio feedback. "So, stupidity costing us money" was the Uncle's conclusion after a pleasant, yet thought provoking call on seat belt laws. "Good morning" says Andy before disagreeing with both the Uncle and Scott before sharing a story involving his son, an accident resulting in an outcome consisting of one's death (creating psychological ramifications in the son), and the fellow now dead not wearing a seat belt. "It really doesn't matter…." says Andy before Blake joined us. "$30 million of our tax payers' money" says Blake on the Spanish Fort project soon to be create plenty of jobs, or "poverty" as Blake claims would happen if non-local businesses take over the area. "Anti-capitalism" is how the Uncle describes Blake's analysis on the issue before the first break. During the latest Hall's Meats commercial, the Uncle asked, "I don't know where the Hall's Meats fits in the government food pyramid", but the Chickasaw based meat product fits perfectly in his own pyramid. After the break, voices message from a Baldwin County lady reminding the Uncle to save Baldwin County too after his Mobile mayoral race. Bud Man returns starting off by apologizing for the "technical error" earlier before sharing his sighting of a school bus going 50 MPH, which prompted the Uncle's question of whether the buses are really needed. After suggesting the annexation of the Eastern Shore (maybe allow Baldwin County annex sections of Mobile County), Bud wished the Uncle best of luck in his mayoral race. Tom witnessed one lady's use of a "cancer stick" or cigarette while driving, which was thrown out uncaringly at Tom's driving on Airport Blvd. "You come up with some law or tax or something" says Tom on what the Uncle should do when he's mayor of Mobile, but first he requested that Tom calms down. Coming up, a full hour with the Uncle, but first Mike Sloan reads the news from 710 AM, plus news from the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). By the way new voice message number 706-BULL remains just as that, along with area code 251. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

This week's mayoral campaign commercial suggestion:

Campaign advertisement begins with the Uncle stating, "This ad is now approved!" as a photo of himself is shown on screen. Audio from callers' speaking on behalf of the mayoral race via voice message is heard as the sequence of photos featuring the Uncle is shown. Commercial ends with Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry!"

Notes of Interest:

Starting today in DMA #63 (Designated Market Area #63, spanning South Mississippi to Pensacola, Florida), independent station WPAN-TV53 is now available to all of us via satellite TV provider DirecTV. For more information on the broadcast station for public access cable channel BLAB TV (based in Pensacola), here are the links:


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by "Bad Bill's" voice message for Scott O'Brien, including the question "Who would want that moron for mayor?" referring to the Uncle in his tall road tale involving himself and a car ahead with no tail lights. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle will pride before once again thanking the listener "for their overwhelming support", which leads to a show slightly different from others in this relatively new, seemly short timeslot. Before getting to anything else, including some outrage with the Mobile Register, it's been announced that the voice message process has been shorten to 706-2855, which our host has just learned moments ago. Now to the Mobile Register, which has officially showed disrespect to Reverend Billy Graham and his column, as of today it now shares the same page with a photo of Gene Simmons of "Knights and Satan's Service" (better known as KISS) performing an act the Uncle would consider "devil worshipping". Could this be an insult toward folks such as the Uncle, even after years of the column sharing a section of the paper with the horoscope? Speaking of insults, it appears first caller Dwight has discovered an insult being implied in "706-BULL". "I can see Scott O'Brien's fingerprints all over it!" quote the Uncle before comparing this situation to others in the workplace. Coming up in the remaining show time, the latest Mobile Bay Times.com column, a listener's Uncle campaign song, and the answer behind the sickness one of Leeanna's children had to endure for a while. After the break, a version of William Tell's best work, along with the sounds of a horse played, along with a voice message finding the Uncle as the "deciding factor" in Mobile's upcoming mayoral election. Charles thanked the Uncle for his public service before mentioning that callers also "shoot the bull" with our host. Charles ended his call with, "you're the best friend this city has ever had", which the Uncle appreciated enough to say "Why, thank you". "Let's be bulls!" says Russell comparing the City of Mobile residents to the New York Stock Exchange's "Bulls and Bears". Harry representing Chuck's Barbecue in Saraland, Alabama thanked the Uncle for his service to Mobile County and brings up another positive in the new voice message number with "taking the bull of the horn". "The bull stops here" says Phillip before reminding the Uncle about the legal issues when it's time to move back west of Mobile Bay from a county where residents are already encouraging him to stay. Dave-O "saw something else in it" the number he now sees as "NO BULL", according to his very different phone (most phones with "7" has the letters "PQRS" close by). According to Chip Drago, an advisor to Gov. Riley and Mike Dow confirmed a "secret meeting" encouraging the mayor to protect his 16+ years reign. "Racially polarizing election", according to the article on an election without Dow. "And Chip Drago writes many other things" says the Uncle before reading that it's "increasingly likely" that Dow would make the return to private business. "Stop worrying about the election, have a little faith in the citizens of this city" are the Uncle's words of wisdom for these officials stuck in either the 1960s or 1980s with the thought of "operating out of fear". Coming up, an hour that cannot be posted here unfortunately. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(Tomorrow, another campaign commercial suggestion)

Monday, January 10, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the Mobile song formerly under 3 names now under one confirmed one "It's My Wonderful Town", followed by Shane McBryde's "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air", Lillian Jackson's "Uncle Henry!", and one fellow's old take on crooked politicians ("we need an honest man"). "Thank you so much, I'm stepping forward for you listener!" says the Uncle on this foggy, yet beautiful Monday morning, which means numerous topics up for discussion. As Sunday went by, the Uncle's anger over the Mobile Register excluding his name (or "Other" at least) from their telephonic mayoral poll subsided thanks to the calm Scripture readings. "It ruins the credibility of the poll", quote the Uncle before bringing up names such as Ben Brooks and Bess Rich featured in the poll, but no need to let public reaction to this mayoral run worry him, as the August 2005 ballot will say it all. Leeanna is off for the day due to an "alleged sick child"; reason the Uncle used the word "alleged" is that shortly after Friday's show, she was offered her own segment and suddenly this happens. According to first caller Bill, certain spots on Schillinger Road break up wireless (or cellular) calls before bringing up councilman Thomas Sullivan allowing a bank reprocess some old property rather than invest in it, which doesn't ring a bell in the Uncle. Robert asked about the qualifications of running for mayor of Mobile, one is course being a resident of Mobile County which will become a reality for our host yet again later this month "ahead of time", since the deadline is currently unknown. "I'm coming back to straighten it out" quote the Uncle as Robert discussed Baldwin County residents' influence west of Mobile Bay and questions on Steve Nodine residing in Reggie Copeland's district. During the first break the Uncle's latest promotion of the popular meat product from Chickasaw known as Hall's Meats aired. After the first break, a voice message on the nervousness of Mobile politicians since the Uncle announced his candidacy for mayor played, along with a question on Mike Dow's position on Mr. Sullivan. After the "Batman" theme ended, the Uncle pokes a state topic getting less attention, specifically the proposed soft drink tax to fund the state's Medicaid. "They are willing to support soft drink taxes," says the Uncle after meeting with local legislators over the weekend, which said that if not a soft drink tax, a deductible on Medicaid. These legislators also enforced the point that if folks have enough money for the dog track or gambling in general, then they should be able to pay a deductible. Listeners are reminded to speak with their local legislators in advance of February, when new tax proposals are brought up among unsuspecting Alabama residents. After the newsbreak from 710 AM, e-mail will be read, more callers will weigh in, and some more insight in newlywed/call screener Jennifer filling in for a tending Leeanna. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Notes of Interest

Station WALA-TV was actually mentioned on 710 AM in a promotion for a popular FOX Broadcasting Company program, not by call letters, but by the word "FOX" and the former NBC affiliate's channel number, which is and shall always be "10".

Speaking of Channel 10, the TV series "The Smurfs" returned to its airwaves for the first time in many years, which is a surprise to long time viewers and employees in the FOX era of WALA-TV.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 19

49 years and 127 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Paul Martino (Now at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

Long before heading his current workplace's unit responsible for the "You Paid for it" segments (which won Paul a "Golden Quill" award for "Perks for State Lawmakers" in 1996), which exposes government's waste and tax dollar abuse, Martino needed a degree in Radio-Television after studies in Southern Illinois University. To be precise, a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television. Early on in his broadcast career as a reporter for TV5, the Mobile Press Club recognized Paul for his coverage of a mayoral hostage situation back in '81 (pre-Michael C. Dow era). One year later, the Associated Press even recognized him, which earned Paul an award for his Gov. George Wallace documentary following his return to Montgomery for the 4th time. 1984 was the year Paul joined KDKA-TV as general assignment reporter, but a short time later he would become head of a then new KDKA-TV/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Westmoreland County Bureau. '87, Paul received a Golden Quill for his investigation involving a police chief and unethical practices. With a hobby for sports, Martino covered the Pittsburgh Pirates for much of the franchise's history and the Penguins hockey team's success on the road for the Stanley Cup. "The Mystic Knights", Paul's band gives him the chance to demonstrate his keyboard skills, mostly for plenty of charitable events. Speaking of music, Paul is also president of Pittsburgh's chapter of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Nowadays, viewers up in Pittsburgh can see Paul co-anchor KDKA-TV's Saturday morning news and may even sight him heading for the North Hills area where he resides with his family.

Paul Martino

A WKRG Opinion II

Friday, January 07, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "I've talked my talk in my walk" audio, followed by Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle on this foggy Friday morning as Scott O'Brien managed to speak with Mike Dow visiting the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building. Callers during "Mobile's First News" filled Scott in on what to ask Dow, who would later say "I hear you are running against me" once he encountered the Uncle. This may give listeners the impression that Dow wants another term, but thanks to Scott while off the air Mike admits to being "tired", not physically but he just "wants to do something else" as Scott put it. "That just makes my heart pound…time will tell" said Dow while on the air. Later during the 90-minute program, the Uncle will examine the new Chip Drago article featuring insight into former Mobile City Council members. Before Scott left us, he admits to enjoying the experience of interviewing a skillful politician such as Dow. Lambert Mims was another example of skillful politicians who's unlike those who speak "45 minutes and say nothing", yet he would end up before a courtroom judge unfairly. "Can I go now?" says Scott, whom the Uncle believes didn't want to stay behind, probably because he didn't tape Dow's off air comments on the Uncle's candidacy for mayor. Besides WKSJ-FM, better known as 95 KSJ, and WMXC Lite Mix 99.9 FM, expect Dow to make a visit to yet another station under the same roof next Monday, 96.1 FM The Rocket. After the first break, the Uncle still looked forward to the listeners and reminded me (that's right) to type that Scott forgot to tape Dow's reaction to the Uncle's mayoral run. Here's some other Dow audio relating to the upcoming August election, "One of these people are going to get my job…" and then came the interesting word "consternation", as in the state of being mayor. "He will announce his decision shortly" is how the Uncle interprets Dow's answer after being asked when he'd announce another run or not. "Manage the city, go after the investors…" and do not get into racial and/or geographical disputes are the words Dow would tell a future mayor. Jim the Tax Man joins us asking if Dow had anything to say about Thomas Sullivan and his tennis fees, if not it could imply that Dow has something in hiding according to Jim. "Gasp" says the Uncle after hearing Jim said he was on another radio talk show this morning speaking about the same topic. Holly asked how come Dow didn't visit "the premiere talk show" referring to this one, which will be a reality once Mike makes his decision on whether he'll run or not. "I've already had so many requests from Baldwin County" says the Uncle after hearing Holly speak about his speech tour across the listening area. "So you're running?" happens to be the Uncle's response after Dow ran into him this morning, gaining a smile out of the mayor. "Good morning", says Chris who has a lot of sympathy for Jim, but reminds the taxman that Dow has no control over the Mobile City Council. "It's the responsibility of the voters in that district" quote Chris on who should be bashing Thomas Sullivan rather than the mayor himself. Coming up, the news from 710 AM, followed by more callers! Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from song "My Love is Mobile" (among a couple of supposed titles), with the Uncle singing a few words, followed by the regular show opening. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" on WPMI-TV's Scott Walker and a conversation Mike Dow speaking on behalf of the cruise ship was played. "Thank you so much, welcome!" says the Uncle before reminding us how to join in during this "short 90 minute program" soon to be full of numerous topics as always. He reminds us that one of his first stops in his speaking tour, the first step in his mayoral campaign is the local business owners' Bienville Club. Once again, the Mobile Register has gained the Uncle's curiosity, long after WPMI-TV's Josh Bernstein shocked the entire region with his Thomas Sullivan investigation. After reading these quotes by one of Sullivan's city attorneys, including the use of the term "smell test", the Uncle wonders why this fellow has no fear of the consequences. "I'm not going to allow Mr. Sullivan to be tried in the press", quote another fellow in the Jeb Schrenk article, which shows the Uncle things don't look good for Thomas Sullivan. There's the possibility that this show can do a follow up with the 2 children taking free of change tennis lessons courtesy of Sullivan. Speaking of a follow up, "Idea" sent another voice message on Dow speaking on behalf of the once broke down "Holiday" cruise ship. After the break, the Fleisher "Superman" theme plays as J.P. joined us asking if we can find an expert lawyer to explain the Sullivan mess. "Handle it at the ballot box" says the Uncle referring to the August election, including the mayor race. "Bad Bill" made his grand return yesterday before joining us to apologize for calling the Uncle "ignorant" before attempting to compare the Uncle to Lillian Jackson, only negatively. After terminating Bill's call ("that's ridiculous!") and a threat to "Lillian you" (and every 710 AM listener) as in a marathon of audio clips, we discover that "a person 50 miles from home carrying a brief case" is "expert's" other definition. Al's call prompted the Uncle to remind him that "if a prosecutor can get one, get it" as in a corrupt politician, which proves no current one is protected. Mark began with a "Roll Tide Roll!" before reminding us that we "have potential for something" for either free tennis lessons or the job of a TV critic. According to David, Sullivan won't go the way of other black leaders in the City of Mobile, which is certainly not true. During the 10:00 AM hour of the program, the Uncle will mention some interesting e-mail, including one from a fellow with analysis of some audio played yesterday. Also, some more mayoral run talk! Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 3.8/5!

(Send your mayoral endorsements to unclehenry@newsradio710.com or here)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by a couple of voice messages before we got to the regular audio clips, despite the Rebecca Wilson one getting drowned out by the theme music. "Thank you so much, listener…" says a quick Uncle summoning up today's show, including the playing of a Charlie Moss interview later on, but first the summoning of Scott O'Brien via his new 2005 theme music, the song "Staying Alive". Among the Uncle's stops in his mayoral campaign from representing 710 AM to just getting to know residents a little more span clubs in both Baldwin County's Eastern Shore section and Mobile County. Scott eagerly accepts the Uncle's invitation to attend these societies and groups to view "how it's done", as in the Uncle's way of speaking to large numbers of folks. In a couple of weeks, expect the Uncle to make his visit to the Eastern Shore club "an afternoon thing", which nearly forced Scott into reconsidering the invitation fearing of the numerous bosses "up stairs" this building shared by two occupants whom either once or currently owns 710 AM. "Staying Alive" played as Scott left the room, but would suddenly return after the Uncle's mention of "Mobile's First News" co-anchor Mike Sloan, who made many listeners ponder the whereabouts of Joan Keller. According to Scott, very few actually believe Joan left us for a bigger city, but in reality she "gets to see her husband in the morning" and does the afternoon newsbreaks on 710 AM. After Scott praised his news product, "Staying Alive" was replayed as he left the control room. After the first break, a voice message "forwarded by Leeanna Matteson" says the computerized voice before the message from Semmes played urging our possible future mayor to help the community starting off by attending a meeting over there. "Alright, let's have a little better call screening in there", says the Uncle after weirdo and first caller "Jeffrey" joined us. Today marks a day when the Uncle congratulates the Mobile Register on a particular feature of their paper, a late editorial (not a news article) on council member Thomas Sullivan's situation. George brings back the tacky issue of buildings in the City of Mobile being named after a living person, whose name can get tarnished later on. George may not be picking at Dow, but he still believes a place such as the relatively new Mike Dow Amphitheater should be named after someone who died with pride. "A little positive comes out of naming stuff out of people", says Alan before suggesting the renaming of the sewage system to "The Mike Dow Sewage System". "The Dow naming has just begun," says the Uncle on the soon to be former mayor (at his decision) before Robin joined us with a "Happy New Year". After the Uncle confirmed for our lady listener, who was only able to receive bits & pieces recently, that he's indeed running for mayor after several months of thoughts, Robin shared a story involving herself, traffic, and a traffic officer who pulled her over. As the half-hour comes to a close, Robin shared her sighting of possible mayoral candidate Reggie Copeland in front of the popular Milo's restaurant in Birmingham. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.0/5!

(Starting today until the first campaign commercial airs, this weblog will present a weekly suggestion that could possibly be considered for a future campaign commercial now that the Uncle's run for mayor is on. Good luck!)

This Week's Mayoral Campaign Commercial Suggestion:

Setting of Commercial: Outside the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building

The Uncle greets the viewer and/or voter as he stands beside a grill cooking up some Hall's Meats and states his own purpose for making this decision. Caller Tim arrives to the small cookout greeting the Uncle and says "you know what, you're not another that makes me sick!" Both fellows laugh as an "Uncle Henry for Mayor" graphic appears somewhere on the screen.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the song "My Heart's in Mobile" (or "My Love is Mobile"), followed by audio spanning from Rebecca Wilson to Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle on this "beautiful day to talk", especially with some new blossoms of discussion out, including some cruise ship controversy. First, we must listen to a voice message from "The Idea Guy" attempting the turn the negatives of the broke down "Holiday" cruise ship into some kind of popular genre of TV programming, the so-called reality kind. Our next voice message says "Mobile can afford much better and you need visibility", suggesting that the Uncle returns across Mobile Bay in order to take Mike Dow's soon to be abandoned position, along with the idea of a mayor's mansion. "You have my vote, thank you Uncle Henry!" ended this message. "That was forwarded to me by Leeanna Matteson" says the Uncle after hearing the third voice message from a lady speaking about a public storm on city hall against the destruction of supposed "historic trees". While the Uncle admits to love animals, "but what about the people?" is the question on his mind. After hearing "Idea's" TV program idea, the Uncle found that excellent before throwing in the idea of placing "Survivor" castaways on a Carnival cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, giving the Mobile region plenty of publicity. The Uncle reminds us that residents are used to certain ships not going anywhere, such as the battleship USS Alabama. "People will like if it's not going anywhere" quote the Uncle before the idea of turning the "Holiday" into the "Mardi Gras Bar" and hotel came into place. After the break, "lets begin conversation with Jim", who responded to a close listener that the Uncle is serious about a mayoral campaign. Jim reminds the Uncle that he has nothing to hide when the campaign in on, such as age and mayoral status. Before Jim left us, he continued to remind our host that he has to really put a lot of thought into this decision. No matter who (Nodine in particular) as the Mobile mayoral race continues to heat up, the Uncle calls himself "unstoppable". Steve wished the Uncle good luck in the "mayoral thing" before suggesting the ridding of the "voting off" concept in the TV program "Survivor", giving castaways the only option of quitting. "You are so correct!" says the Uncle on the "garbage in, garbage out" since the creation of the Music Television cable channel, which Steve along with many others agree was music's lowest point. "Hopefully we'll get it straight one of these days" says Steve before leaving us. Tom began with a "Roll Tide" and an endorsement for the Uncle's mayoral run before reminding us how Gulf Coast cities such as Biloxi ended up with casinos, from selling out to foreign shrimp to the present. It's of Tom's concern that the Uncle must continue with his mayoral run plans. Before the Mike Sloan newsbreak, listeners are reminded to think about his decorated car, along with his high reputation. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(All mayoral endorsements are welcome anytime from now until Election Day. Stay tuned as Mobile, Alabama's very own "voice of reason" makes the possible journey to the mayor's office, while protecting his day job.)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio featuring Lillian Jackson's "Has a Little Man in a White Coat Stopped By Your House Yet?" followed by a few regular audio clips under time constraint. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show, I thank you listener!" was the Uncle's greeting for us on this first day of 2005. As always, certain people wished to "empty their guns" in celebration of the New Year, so the Uncle hopes all of us made it through early Saturday morning. Coming up, some Lillian Jackson audio originally heard live during the early years of Mike Dow's mayoral reign. Thanks to timed VCRs, the Uncle managed to keep this classic cablecast featuring himself and the community activist Jackson. All it took was the transition to 2005 for the Uncle to look through his archives to find this edition of his old TV show before finding an expert to transfer it for use on radio. Before listening to audio long ago, the Uncle must share his recent visit to the Eastern Shore Center in Daphne, where he unfortunately walked pass window mannequins which he finds "disgusting", considering the products the store sells (Victoria's Secret). Not only was the Uncle shocked by this store not displaying female undergarments in a "fake closet" or something, but plenty of young 40-year-olds too. "Negative, still here" says Schillinger Road signs reporter Bill on the 3 country commission campaign signs for Steve Nodine. "It's the standard Nodine campaign sign" quote Bill before the Uncle assumed that Steve is leaving his name out for the Schillinger voters. Bill left us with a "Roll Tide" before John joined us with a suggestion. "Go take the things down and quit whining" is John's suggestion with permission for our citizen reporter Bill. Leeanna is summoned via her theme and the sound of the Uncle's voice. "You're dressed very nicely," says the Uncle before asking about the so-called altered "Berdine" signs in county commissioner Mike Dean's district. "I'm tired of looking at them, pick them up" says Leeanna, further powering the Uncle's name theory. It appears Leeanna's coffee drinking forced her into a brief "bobbing" session, giving the Uncle ideas such as "she's on something". After the first break, Jim reminds us that many civilians are currently stationed in Western Asia right now, all who need prayer too. "Have a blessed year", says Jim before leaving us, which the Uncle appreciated. Tim wished the Uncle a "Happy New Year" before suggesting that caller John gets rid of those Schillinger Road signs himself. "Do you care to play tennis at all?" says Tim thanks to councilman Thomas Sullivan putting ideas into his head. "I still have potential as a whittler," says the Uncle before allowing "The Idea Guy" to say he would alter the Nodine signs to "Nodine Forever" and place it in front of a bank. "If you need labor, I can always send her (Leeanna) over" says the Uncle before reflecting on the first excellent idea on idea of the year. Betty agrees with the Uncle 100% on the Eastern Shore Center issue before bringing up the fact that dress codes on stores only apply to employees, not mannequins. Coming up, Mike Sloan reads the news for the first time since his Christmas vacation. Speaking of Mike, the Uncle was quite shocked by the characteristics of his car currently parked in the 555 Broadcast Drive parking lot. "Alright, back with more in a moment" were the Uncle's last words before the break. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

WKRG-TV at 50 Watch:

Early New Year's Day, WKRG released a full slate of promotions reflecting their 50th anniversary this year. Two promotions feature photos from TV5's early years in both news and entertainment, one reflects on how weather coverage has changed over the past 50 years, one promotes the station's long relationship with the CBS Television Network, and finally there's the promotion featuring every station logo/identification (From from 1950s WKRG-TV5 Mobile to the WKRG News 5 logo of today). September 5th, 2005 doesn't seem too far now!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 18

49 years and 120 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Gloria Maggio (Later at WNCT-TV in Greenville NC)

WKRG Fact: One of TV5's earliest newscast titles was as easy as "CH 5 News" and it was.

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