Thursday, December 30, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the complete process of answering Tim's voice message on his discovery of ever so many troubled Mobile residents in today's Mobile Register. "These people must be sick!" says Tim before the Uncle saved his message. Yep, a few of the regulars played. "Thank you so much, a pleasure!" says the Uncle thanking the listeners personally for allowing the wits and in-depth aspects of the show to reach their ears on a daily basis. Before getting to today's Mobile Register article on Thomas Sullivan's troubles, as first reported by WPMI-TV NBC 15, we must allow Commissioner Steve Nodine on the air to hear a rumor spawned by former talk show host Shane McBryde, who claims Steve informed him that he's running for governor. Don't expect Steve to give up serving the people of his district anytime soon, besides he finds Gov. Riley as "one of the best leaders" to work under and possibly for another four years. Steve mentioned a few projects in economic development that the county commission now has the right to execute. Another piece of speculation was brought forward to Steve, this from Mobile Bay Times.com. "Well, you said some good things," says the Uncle after hearing about the county commission's competitive strategy. Steve was informed about 3 of his campaign signs still up on Schillinger Road, which don't have to be removed by any former campaign volunteers. After Steve left us, the Uncle sums up Steve's newsworthy words, from refuting the rumor started by McBryde to lowering this county's sales tax. The callers will join us after the first break. After the first break, the "Must Listen To Radio" comments were replayed as the theme to the popular "Idol" TV show played. Currently, first caller Chuck has the feelings of a "Makes Me Sicker" fellow after Nodine's show time. During this morning's "Mobile's First News" there was actually a moment when Scott actually agreed with the Uncle on Thomas Sullivan's misuse of our tax dollars outside his district by saying "It must be good to be friends with Thomas Sullivan". Before the newsbreak, the Uncle tells all that anybody who doesn't believe what Sullivan has done was ridiculous is in need of a head check. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.1/5!

Second half-hour begins with a classic conversation on 710 AM's signal in Semmes, Alabama played before the Uncle announced today's special "Top 20 Audio Tapes of the Year 2004", maybe even 25 depending on the show's length. New Bay Minute resident Lynn joins the same show she first found as "a blessing" before figuring out how come the state of Alabama is "always out of money", yet she's from a state when nobody's pay check is taxed. We lost Robert for Bill, now known as "Officer Bill, the Nodine Sign Patrol" reporting live from the scene of the campaign signs. Bill left us with a great "Roll Tide!" Robert joins us again with a "Roll Tide" before pointing out a pattern in discretionary funds involving two Mobile City Council members, they being Clinton Johnson and Thomas Sullivan. After Robert, the Uncle reminds about a time when council members were paid equally to fund their district's own projects. John began asking how the Uncle's doing today, followed by a "Roll Tide!" before getting to the main topic of "Mr. Brother Sullivan". "They start off real small" quote John on Sullivan's situation, which he finds similar to how his store went broke (from small to large items getting stolen). "Please, don't actually use crime words…" was the Uncle's request for callers such as John, which could lead to him and 710 AM getting into trouble. Before the break, listeners were given a small preview of tomorrow's show, only it's the now commonly played Thomas Sullivan reaction audio. After the first break, Cingular Wireless users are reminded that they can call in for free via Pound 710 before Jim the Tax Man joined us. "Sunshine kills the bacteria" is Jim's metaphor for today's program. Expect J.P. to vote for another councilman "who's willing to listen", who'll be able to listen himself to the full WPMI-TV report that broke the entire Sullivan controversy to the public. Coming up, a newsbreak from 710 AM's corporate owner, followed by a business newsbreak from the Cable News Network. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Third half-hour begins with audio of Thomas Sullivan's seasonal message, followed by Tim's voice message reporting on a Daphne squad car pulling over an automobile on Interstate 10 for going one mile over the speed limit. Brent joins us asking how the Crimson Tide will fair tomorrow? So far, there's no chance for the return of the Uncle's local TV program on Comcast's Port City 6, unless an event of great importance occurs next summer. "Because he's the current click of politicians" says Patrick on the unlikely ways of trying Mr. Sullivan. Leeanna is summoned by the sound of the Uncle's voice (and her theme) for an explanation to why Patrick's call wasn't screened. In response to Patrick, the Uncle disagrees and believes Sullivan will be tried properly. Josh Bernstein's full report was played, which originally aired weeks before the Mobile Register and 710 AM's former companion WKRG-TV5 got to it. "Old news", says Leeanna before the report's playing. "Alright, thank you very much, Josh Bernstein," says the Uncle thanking the WPMI-TV investigator for doing Register writer Jeb Schrenk's legwork. Final whirlwind segment begins with the classic Lillian Jackson "you are mentally sick!" comments before the Uncle asked Leeanna what potential her children have. Oldest child is for sports, middle drama queen, and youngest artist. "God bless, Lillian Jackson," says Eric referring to the audio just played. Once again, listeners are treated with Leeanna's call screening process over the air. Since Mike acknowledged that Mr. Sullivan's career is over with now that Bernstein is on his trail, he asked for any names available for the "challenging district" known as downtown Mobile. Tomorrow, corporate owner Clear Channel Communications is declaring a "half-day off" for most employees, not excluding 710 AM and its "brother & sister stations" under WKRG-TV's roof. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5! .

Today's Rating Average is a 4.5/5!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by some classic Lillian Jackson, caller Tim's famous "he's another that makes me sick!" catch phrase, and one comparison of our "dynamic show" to the comedy being provided by the folks up in Washington. "Thank you so much, listener," says the Uncle before thanking the listeners a thousand times over as 2005 comes closer. Leeanna has returned from what the Uncle calls an "unnecessary vacation". "Outstanding calls on that, yesterday" is how the Uncle reflects on yesterday's ridiculous, yet big topic of a nickel tax on soft drinks before playing a voice messages on the subject. This fellow via voice message confirms that no Mobile or Montgomery politician has ever said, "We have enough money to pay our bills". First caller Bill (among the "good" ones) asked how the Uncle's holiday was before sharing his garbage story and situation before and after holiday, which marks the fifth time this year his garbage was missed in the neighborhood. "Always people like to talk about garbage," says the Uncle before repeating the show number. Speaking of garbage, there are actually folks known as "freegins" who still get paid for a living, yet don't believe they should pay for food, so they resort to searching garbage cans. George asked "What says Mobile in it?" referring to the current municipal flag underrated by flag experts. After George left us, the Uncle admits to never viewing the flag outside the Mobile Register, which he considers a "boring little flag". Besides George's suggestion (a U-Haul Truck and speed bump), the Uncle threw in the idea of just leaving in the red and white stripes on the white field, but replace the City of Mobile seal with an azalea for historical purposes. After the break, as the song "Taking Pride in Mobile" played the Uncle sang with "nothing can stop us, except for speed bumps". Yep, he was showing pride for 2005 before Emily joined us to say she doesn't recall any other country sending aid to the USA after a natural disaster, yet when something similar occurs over there, "Who's the first to call?" Mary congratulates and appreciates the garbage folks in an area where robotic garbage trucks are non-existence. Gene joined us with both a "Happy New Year!" and yes even a "Roll Tide Roll". We lost an unknown caller for Jay asking whether the countries of Sri Lanka and India ever helped us after a storm named "Ivan", long before they're in need. "I'll listen to you more than a politician," says Jay before leaving us. Coming up, Charlie Moss reads the news from 710 AM, followed by a newsbreak from NBC Radio. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

Second half-hour begins with a voice message from Tim with a report on his latest visit to Government Plaza, which included the discovery of pigeons taking over the roof in a less than unpleasant fashion more than Beinville Square, also in downtown Mobile. Listeners were thanked for remaining with the show for the next hour, yet our next caller Ray was lost. Red Cross.org (pronounced "ORGE") and the number 1-800-HELP-NOW were given out for anyone who's able to help countries such as Sri Lanka and India at this time. He's something the Uncle didn't mention on yesterday's show due to its takeover by the taxation issue. According to the Mobile Register, for some reason test scores in the Mobile County Public School System have risen after some schools' decision to have all female and all male classes. So far the Uncle has already been told that students need to socialize with the opposite gender, but he still believe that school is not meant to be a social experiment too. Voice message from one fellow was played, showing some agreement with "Mislead Mark" on a certain well-known West Asian nation the two believe need a dictatorship. The Uncle agrees with Steve that it's great to wake up each morning in the USA before suggesting to folks across the oceans to look back at their own history before the States ever existed over 228 years ago. "Yet, we're stingy", says Steve on one official's feeling toward the States' aid to these nations. "We just send the help" says Steve on the USA's attitude when it's time to help others after experiencing a disastrous situation such as floods and/or earthquakes, even folks within the borders. Before Steve left us, he admits that it would be interesting to see how other countries would react if the USA were effected by a natural disaster. During the break, the latest Hall's Meats commercial reminds us to have the quality meat in time for the New Year. "If you don't see it, politely ask for it?" says the Uncle during this promotion. After the break, Mary joins us to say that we have no idea where donated money is actually going, whether it's to Florida, Sri Lanka, or folks with fear in the heart. "We have no way of monitoring that money", says Mary before suggesting that the states should stop "acting like patsies" (fueling the enemy) and do some "individual giving" with the folks in nations after a natural disaster. Ron reminds us about the definitions of "ignorant" and "stupid", and hopefully the previous fellow who joined us earlier doesn't continue to ignore the facts (stupidity). Before the 10:30 AM half-hour, a newsbreak from 710 AM's corporate owner and a CNN business newsbreak. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Third half-hour begins with a repeat of both the show's phone number (251) 479-2723 and the Cingular Wireless code for an alleged free call. "I thank its Mary", says our close listener John whom she believes is "Evil Irrational Man". Leeanna was summoned via "Irrational's" "Leeanna, oh deer Leeanna" to be asked if "concerned citizen" Mary is actually that weirdo, which is obviously not true. Leeanna admits to not having anything to do with the behavior of the hosts and topics during last week's programs. During Leeanna's vacation time, she actually felt the urge to eat clay on a dirt road with the WPMI-TV special report "Clay Eaters" on mind. Final question for our call screener this time on a weirdo's voice message saying he brought a gift over to the station in appreciation. After Leeanna left us for more call screening, the Uncle admits that if she had never come back, he would have missed her in the same fashion as missing "The Beverly Hillbillies", even though reruns air weekdays on WGN-TV's superstation (Channel 13 on Comcast in Mobile, 307 on DirecTV). "Jonny Quest" theme plays after the break before the Uncle promotes Chip Drago's latest column at Mobile Bay Times.com, featuring an interview with possible mayoral candidate Ann Bestow, who said herself she wants Dow to stay. Listeners are reminded about the Uncle's encounter with Mike Dow 2-3 years ago during Mardi Gras before leaving for an office building's balcony, where he mostly read a book in hand. Yep, like the Uncle, Dow was more of a monitor of the Comic Cowboys parade than a reveler. Back to the Drago article, this time without any Bestow quotes but the possibility of Dow's plan to resign next year being reconsidered. The rest of Chip's column will not be read due to his long effort, so the Uncle redirects those with Internet access to Mobile Bay Times.com. Final whirlwind segment begins with "The Lone Ranger" theme (or the William Tell orchestra) before the Uncle can say "alright, alright, alright!" Before the Rush program begins, Bill began with a louder than usual "Roll Tide Roll!" before getting to his report on some Steve Nodine campaign signs still up (2 small signs and 1 large one). After Bill left us, the Uncle thanked him for the report and his "Roll Tide". There's the possibility that a group of four along with Nodine can finally get those signs removed once and for all. Our journey into the e-mail box begins with a message from Jim Chestnut with reaction toward the Uncle for comments that fired up his wife. "A Wild Idea" is the title of the next e-mail from Mark Jay, asking whether Leeanna has done her "lung liberation" yet, along with a Christmas and post-Christmas Day show for next year, featuring comedian "Killer Beez". Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Today's Rating Average is 4.7/5

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the now famous "It's not our fault" audio from the Mobile City Council, followed by a few of the regulars. "Stop taking away from the freedom and stop taking the taxation" says one visitor speaking in front of the council a while back. "Thank you so much for listening!" says the Uncle on yet another beautiful day in the Mobile region on its away to what's hopefully a shiny New Year. "It's looking good!" says the Uncle on the 2005 outlook so far before admitting that listeners are on his mind whenever he's grocery shopping or folding bed sheets (even though he's yet to master it, "what's the point of it?" says our host). This morning's Mobile Register has a front page report on the reasons for a soft drink & water tax by 5 cents in order to fund the state Medicare program, which should be up there with the recent cigarette tax increase. "I'm sure Gatorade would be considered a drink" quote the Uncle on the latest garbage from somewhere in Alabama. Both Scott O'Brien and Charlie Moss don't have a problem with this proposed tax, which so far leaves the Uncle in a minority. "How long are we going to breath for free?" the Uncle asked before assuming that unlucky Alabama residents are going to be hooked up to a machine to test his or her breathing patterns to come up with a breathing tax. Since Leeanna is still gone for the week, our substitute call screener/newlywed Jennifer joins us with her anti-tax philosophy. After the Uncle brought back the idea of removing the state income tax since our drinks our soon to be taxed, we discover that our advocate for drinking beverages is soon to be a resident of "Mississippi", as she said in a softer voice. "It was good…I saw a lot of family" was the Uncle's response to first caller Brent asking about his Christmas. Brent mainly joined us to thank the Uncle for yet another year of broadcast excellence. Jim the Tax Man admits to not being fund of taxation, "but", says Jim getting a "gasp" out of the Uncle before elaborating. No, Jim is not a tax promoter, "just a reasonable man" compared to the Uncle before explaining what the soft drink companies really think of southeast residents. After Jim left us, the Uncle reminds him that raising the taxes is not the answer, in other words he completely disagrees. After the break, audio on socialism and the school system was played before the Uncle reminded listeners to call in. "The Idea Guy" began on the against note of taxation before reminding us that the tax dollars need to be looked at more, along with their sources. After "the voice of fertile ideas" left, Jay asked whether the nickel tax is statewide or local, the former being right. "They just push it along to the consumer" says Jay referring to folks behind the soft drink companies. Taylor admits to missing the Uncle during Christmas week before going the way of the weirdo by accusing our host of binge drinking last week. After Taylor was quickly removed from the 710 AM airwaves (besides, only one glass of champagne was tasted last week), the Uncle assures us that the 10:00 AM hour will include other topics far away from the ridiculous tax issue. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

("The Price is Right" is a rerun today, which mean………)

Second half-hour begins with the latest in taxation issues still on the Uncle's mind, resulting in his own alternatives to this way of lowering Medicaid costs, spanning from nickel taxes on mature (pornography) videotapes to automobiles vibrating due to loud music. An angry Mary was obviously upset over the proposed tax, in fact she's not fund of any tax whatsoever. "If you don't watch it, it may result in the end of your life" says Chuck on the Uncle getting awfully excited over this proposed nickel tax on soft drinks. It appears Chuck doesn't see a problem with the soft drink tax too, since he's a non-drinker (not referring to alcohol). Steve joins us sharing his Christmas experience in New Orleans where it was actually snowing, followed by asking what most of the politicians up in Montgomery were doing before running for the position of "helping people". Despite most of them being lawyers once, Steve knows at least one lawyer who doesn't fit under the "helping people" category of politics. According to Steve, Jim the Tax Man is actually worried about loosing his job whenever he's truly against a tax, but must support it. There have been tax proposals the taxman was publicly against in the past, at least through our show. Today's 10:00 AM half-hour gets a 4.0/5!

Third half-hour begins with begins a voice message from Tim on the situation involving Mobile's municipal flag, which he suggests should have a picture of both Mr. David Bronnar and the RSA Tower now under construction. According to John the members of the Constitution political party do not meet every other Monday in the region. After John left us, the Uncle agrees with him that "before you know it, you can't decide what to eat". Before allowing Thomas on the air, the Uncle predicts that pizza prices will go the way of gas prices. Thomas wants a clear answer for what sort of "soft drinks" are soon to be taxed, which includes milk and water. Both caller David and the other John asked for information on the whereabouts of the almost live audio stream on 710 AM's site. The Uncle attempted to phone Ian the Webmaster to inform him about the streaming problem, yet after speaking with the receptionist and the long wait without any type of music (or audio of the show at least) playing in the background, he was forced to only leave a message. Richard of the Constitution Party made it clear that his fellow local constitutionals meet under the some roof on the first Monday of each month. During our final whirlwind segment, Phillip joins us with a "Roll Tide" before asking if fountain water is up for taxation too. Eric was right; the taxation will never end. After Eric left us, listeners and the Uncle are surprised that there has been a call screening change. That's right, the 19-year old Jessica is back screening callers for the time being. The Uncle informed her about the soft drink tax story featured in today's Register, and surprisingly to him our so-called troubled tattooed call screener of the past formed a complete opinion. Like the Uncle, Jessica enjoyed Christmas Day, including the gifts consisting of a DVD player from family and a gift certificate from a friend of hers. As the final minute of the show winds down, the Uncle suggests an alternative to those preparing New Year resolutions to change his or her appearance (which could only last a week or two). We must await the next check of the Uncle's e-mail box next time. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Today's Rating Average is 4.4/5!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of a familiar musical tune, followed by audio of "lets just put an ugly tin shed over the Plaza", followed by the return of regular clips from Lillian Jackson to Rebecca Wilson. Audio of caller Tom's now classic "Do Nothing" strategy for Mobile was replayed as 2004 slowly comes to an end. "Thank you so much!" says a louder than usual Uncle who finds it a pleasure to finally be with us again, which showed him that it's better to stay with us during his years on Earth, in other words don't expect another vacation within a week of Christmas ever again. "I wonder what the listener is doing right now?" was the Uncle's question in mind as he spent time with family during Christmas week. "I believe it's a free call" quote the Uncle while reminding us how to phone in via (251) 479-2723 and the Cingular Wireless code for the alleged free call. "So much to cover" very much describes today's show, starting with the political grapevine's consequences from the previous week. Just minutes before the show, the Uncle put his thinking cap back on after more than a week without it. "My theory is linked with what's going on in the Mobile City Council" lead us to the news of the Mobile County Commission finally voting on roof repairs for Government Plaza in downtown Mobile. According to the Uncle, back when this county owned structure was built, for some reason the builders left the washers keeping the roof together in a backwards position. From here to the end of "switching it around", the taxpayers of Mobile will be paying for something which could require a gigantic latter, a helicopter, or a small building inside the Plaza in order to reach to roof. "That'll be tax dollars to pay for that" says the Uncle on a possible trampoline. After sharing his thought on commissioner and possible mayoral candidate Sam Jones, the Uncle gives us his theory on the recent weirdness and "craziness" of the Mobile City Council. "Maybe there's an environmental factor that's causing the strange behavior.." quote the Uncle's theory before concluding that most of the local officials have succumb to mold caused by the roof leakage. For those who won't believe him, listeners are given the unpleasant symptoms (brain fog, slurred speech, headaches, ringing in ears, heart attack). "That's right, all of it, leave it to mode" says the Uncle before suggesting the need of a mold doctor. Even though the old new councilman John Peavey hasn't been down there too long, there's still the need to check his other environments for cases of mold. Callers weigh in after the first break. Christmas Eve voice message on last week's Charlie Moss' hosted shows was played, including a possibility that our caller may leave for Cuba with Mike Dow next year. Loyal listener Gary joins us after a week of missing the Uncle before bringing the idea of allowing the city's prisoners (or inmates) work on the roof fixing project. "Yes, I thank so" was the Uncle's response to Gary's question on the possible competitive race between Clinton Johnson and Sam Jones, both would appeal to blacks according to Gary. John welcomes the Uncle back before suggesting a "mind mold test", along with other people needed for the mold study in the city council. After thanking John for his call, the Uncle assumes that one of the City of Mobile's "good citizens" is someone who would make a great member of the city government mold study. Caller J.T. acknowledged our host as the best source behind the Mobile City Council and its weirdness, unlike the Mobile Register's less than average local government coverage. Coming up, the 710 AM newsbreak. Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

("The Price is Right" is a rerun today, which means….)

10 o'clock begins with a voice message reminding us that since the job of councilmen is a part time job, "true people with full time jobs" (school principals with low pay for example) could make the run for representing a district. "Alright, looking forward to the program," says the Uncle before letting Mike on the air checking if his recent e-mail message was read off the air. Mike happens to be a member of a West Mobile church almost destroyed by fire recently, but thankfully the cinder block beyond the wooden exterior kept the flames away from the inner portion of the separate building. On a serious note away from the Mobile City Council, Mike informs the Uncle on how devastated he and his fellow listeners were last week during this timeslot on 710 AM. Before Mike left us, he reminds the Uncle that he can visit their church anytime. "That's good" says Jim after asking how the Uncle spent time with family before suggesting a future series of pre-Christmas and a Christmas Day show with members of the family close by. Nick began with a "good morning" after an abysmal week of Charlie Moss-hosted programs before bringing up the judicially passed Council Manager Act of 1982, which was supported by Miss Lillian Jackson by petition drive back then. It's not certain what and how many would trigger this 1982 act to replace our current form of city government, unlike the one that has successfully worked in other cities. "Movers and shakers are you listening, you want annexation?" was part of the Uncle's food for thought message to those who would want the 1982 act triggered for this area. Before the first 10:00 AM break, the Uncle gave mention to show sponsor Chickasaw-based Hall's Meats. After the break, listeners are reminded how to call in before Joshua joined us with a "Roll Tide Roll!" Joshua thanked the Mobile Fire Department for "not being afraid to work on Christmas Eve" close to his home, which was robbed unfortunately during this time of year. The Uncle returns to the vibrating political grape vine with the Mystic Mackerel reporting on folks such as former Alabama congressman Sonny Callahan being recruited by the group "Forward Mobile" to run for Dow's mayoral position. Other news from the political grapevine last week, as reported by Chip Drago of the site Mobile Bay Times says that fire-medic Brian Lee is considering the run for mayor. After meeting Lee in the past, the Uncle agrees that he would be make a good addition to Mobile government. Another newsbreak coming up, this time for CNN Radio and 710 AM's owner Clear Channel Communications. Today's 10:00 half-hour gets a 5/5!

Third half-hour begins with a voice message from Tim on folks actually shocked by a former local city official's criminal record. Callers are still free to join us, but first the Uncle must tell Auburn fanatics everywhere that Tommy Tuberville "wants that job" in the Southeast Conference (SEC). "If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you" says the Uncle to the Auburn people who may end up looking forward to another coach (Mike Price perhaps, a well-known name the Uncle threw in). "Merry Christmas, 710" is the subject of the e-mail from Neo Con Ron, who's finally being effected by Christmas commercialism after having recurring dreams involving Paw Paw of Paw Paw's Campers and T. Buff of Hoffman Furniture (in business since 1927). Also, Ron suggested a special "Henry's Christmas Carol" for next year, featuring the Uncle as Bob Cratchet, "Scrooge O'Brien" as Mr. Scrooge, and Leeanna as the Ghost of Christmas Past. "War Eagle, I mean Roll Tide", says David who gave the Uncle word of these supposed comedians during last week's programs. Before David left us, he told the Uncle that he's in constant agreement 99.9% percent of the time. Show archivist and listener Jim in Saraland, Alabama is requested to contact the Uncle if last week's "buffoonery" is actually true, which should be reported immediately to Scott O'Brien. Charles gave us another perspective of last week's shows, which is as a result of the show's diverse content. "…and you continue with some of the best Gulf Coast buffoonery in a long time", says Charles before leaving us. After Charles left us, the Uncle reminds Charles that this show is serious business and that he really has a craving for constant buffoonery. Before the final whirlwind segment, the first of many Hall's Meats promotions for the next two weeks aired, including the Uncle's "If you've got a meat need, meet Hall's Meats". Final whirlwind segment begins exactly 10 minutes before 11:00 AM, but first we must allow Bob to weigh in on the subject of buffoonery. "I believe your show is multi-fascinate", says Bob on the show's unique humor, which can be compared to the wholesome Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series. New e-mail titled "Dolphin Street Decorations" by listener Steve reporting on the downtown street with very few decorations and possible cases why. It's likely due to the fact that most of the buildings on Dolphin Street are fairly old and a fire hazard is present, but the Uncle still believes there's a safer way to put light decorations up. Now a personal note from the Uncle mainly focused on the so-called experts predicting the New Year of 2005. "Read some Deuteronomy" is the Uncle's suggestion for those who read horoscopes and listen to psychic experts. "We somewhat look forward to that", says the Uncle on Leeanna currently taking some vacation time after working the Christmas week shift. Coming up the Rush program, followed by Finebaum keeping the afternoon and early evening hours of 710 AM under control. "Have an enjoyable Monday", were the Uncle's last words for today's 90-minute program. Today's 10:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.8/5!

Today's Rating Average is 4.9/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 17

49 years and 113 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor Bob Lee (Now News Director at WFTV in Orlando, Florida)

A WKRG Opinion

Monday, December 20, 2004

This Week

Like the Uncle and Scott O'Brien (a far cry from last year, when Christmas Day didn't fall on a Saturday), this weblog will take the week off for a well deserved break. Charlie Moss and Leeanna were handling hosting today, but as for the rest of the week who knows. Pardon this week's break, but believe me we need a break especially after the show's move to an early, yet busy timeslot . Merry Christmas and expect some grand returns Monday (the Uncle, Scott, and myself typing away).

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 16

49 Years and 106 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

D. H. "Buck" Long (Former President and General Manager; Employee From 1959-1998)

Behind the pictures and radio waves of WKRG, Mr. Long kept the station in tiptop shape as he continued up the ranks from sales department to general manager/president. Buck's lifelong journey began in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the spring of 1929, April 9th to be exact. Coincidentally, Spartan was the media conglomerate that bought out WKRG after over 40 years under local ownership, only a few months before Long retired. Back to the journey, after graduating Spartanburg High School, Buck made the move further down south in order to attend Mobile's very own Springhill College. While studying at the Catholic-based institution, Buck had time to show what would make his pappy (in the broadcasting business) proud. That's right, his journey in broadcasting began as WMOB's station break announcer and disc jockey. 1950 would be the year Buck graduate from daytime to nighttime announcer/disc jockey, only this became possible as WABB Radio. Same thing goes for earning a show titled "Buck Back Room". After proving himself worthy of the ears and hearts of listeners on the Gulf Coast, WABB promoted Buck to his first position in sales in 1954 as a full time associate. 1955, Giddens' greatest creation since WKRG AM 710 formed, meanwhile Buck Long became WABB's local sales manager. Expansion from sales manager came in the form of an account executive in 1957 when Buck left WABB for Jack Lewis Advertising. Finally his day came in 1959, while local broadcaster Mr. Dittman was getting used to WABB Radio formerly in the hands of the Mobile Press Register; Mr. Long joined TV5's sales department. 1967 brought along more promotion, local sales manager for a job well done around the station. In only a short time came vice president, senior vice president, and in 1982 executive vice president and station manager. January 1st 1986 would mark another milestone in Buck's broadcasting career, a member of WKRG-AM & FM's Board of Directors. One year later, the title "President" was bestowed upon and Mr. Long would continue to protect both titles (general manager included) and leadership position until the late spring of 1998, the post-Giddens era of WKRG was coming into focus.

In the overall picture of Long's career and commitment to WKRG before he left a facility far different from the one he found on downtown Mobile's St. Louis Street in the late 1950s, he believed in a type of programming that he knew the entire viewing area would enjoy together. There was also the need of a public affairs division alongside the high quality news department. Thanks to Long, programs such as "The Gulf Coast Congressional Report" continue up to this very day with the latest news from a Washington employee. Earl Hutto, Sonny Callahan, and Mississippi's Trent Lott were among the frequent faces TV5 viewers would see every week. Even though June 1st 1998 is relatively a short time ago, along with the day he left this world at age 72 in December 2002, it's still worth giving hats off to one of the pioneers, or should I say "brains" behind Mobile television as September 5th, 2005 draws closer.

"Mr. Speaker, Buck Long is a good friend but more than that, he is a good citizen." - Former Alabama Congressman Sonny Callahan on May 20,1998

WKRG Fact: Like a casino card dealer, TV5 was quite a shuffler with the CBS primetime lineup, especially during the 1970s.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by Thomas Sullivan's seasonal message from the Mobile City Council (ended on the word "and") and the regular assortment of audio clips. "Thank you so much listener", says the Uncle still finding it a delight to speak with most of us for about 90 minutes, yep even as we enter another broadcast year for 710 AM. "I want to hear your intro, too", says Scott previously in hiding before listening to the Uncle's suggestion to remain on the air even during Rush to comment on most of what's being said. The idea of bringing news/talk to FM was thrown in by Scott, which the Uncle finds a splendid idea if it's in conjunction with 710 AM. "What I watch normal is good", says the Uncle responding to Scott sharing his discovery of the "substations" through a special receiver box, such as WKRG-TV5 and WPMI-TV's digital channels (yep, WALA Channel 10 has a digital channel too, in fact they were the first to go digital in Alabama). "I'm a disc jockey, not an engineer", says Scott reminding us during this exchange of ideas. In other words, it's actually possible that both the Uncle and Channel 15's Darwin Singleton can have a "sub channel" via the digital signal. After hearing every single detail from Scott from digital television (don't expect Scott to purchase one right away) to sub channels, the Uncle admits to not understanding half of what he said, which he compared to the classic German version of "The Little Drummer Boy", which was played of course. After almost going to an early break, the Uncle answered Scott's question on whether he offended Miss Hudson yesterday or not, which can be said to be "almost" according to her body language. "Would you cut down your pay to the standard of a police officer?" was the question that probably offended her. "City of Mobile, not doing well", says the Uncle comparing the city and 710 AM's corporate owner before Scott left the room, but first he must wish the Uncle a very merry Christmas. Before the first break, the Uncle compared Scott's talk of "sub channels" to the overnight Art Bell program (laughter by Scott in the background) and previewed a playing of Josh Bernstein's investigative (and exposing) report for WPMI-TV on the city council's Thomas Sullivan. After the break, a seasonal message and "all that stuff" from a member of the Mobile Register aired. This fellow happened to be a fanatic of the show, since he mentioned that his message is aimed toward the listeners. The entire shocking investigation on Thomas Sullivan's personal use of "your money" (tax dollars) spanning 4 years was played, from tennis tournaments to co-workers and organizations affiliated with him. Sullivan never responded to Josh's questioning for comment on the investigation. "Yeah, thank you so much, Josh", says the Uncle after the replay of last night's shocking report featured on "Nightside", the former nickname for WPMI-TV NBC 15's 10:00 PM newscast. The entire "disgusting use of tax dollars" story can be found on WPMI-TV's site in both video and word form. After hearing this beyond exclusive report, the Uncle wonders how come neither other news organizations such as the Mobile Register have yet to do such investigations. Coming up, Mike Sloan reads the news, followed by the 10:00 AM hour of today's show, featuring the callers.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(Next week, the Uncle will remain with us until Christmas Eve on Friday at least. Who knows what's in store next week for the listeners who either listen to only 30 or the entire 90-minute program? A new version of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Dow" via voice message is possible and other Christmas songs will be played of course.)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show not from "effort", says Scott O'Brien during his latest Janny King franchise promotion, along with Rich Henderson's telephone number for information, but a familiar musical tune leading up to audio of one recent caller's Christmas wish. "Hello, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show," says the Uncle after a few seconds of no talk between the pre-recorded introduction and himself. "Are you happy in general principal" was the first question for Connie Hudson of the Mobile City Council joining us for the next 60 minutes, who's simply happy to be alive. "There's truth in that", says Connie on fellow council member Clinton Johnson referring to their job as part time representing part of the City of Mobile. Yep, she was definitely surprised at the size of the proposed pay raise last weekend, which the Uncle confirmed as a flabbergasting moment for her. Before this proposal was presented before the council and the rest of the Mobile region, Clinton brought it to Connie's attention and from that point it was already considered "political suicide" to bring it to the public. First caller Mr. C joins us despite being "under the weather" starting off by wishing the Uncle and Miss Hudson a merry Christmas and thanking goodness that she's one of the few at Government Plaza with a brain up there. "What does Clinton Johnson do other than serve in the council?" says Mr. C questioning his non-"part time" job, which happens to be a preacher. "Well your brain was complimented and that was nice" says the Uncle after Mr. C left us after assuring Connie to hang in there. "But apparently he's lost his degree in religion" says our next caller bringing up Clinton's education, part of his determination to expose the Reverend Johnson. So far, it's very unlikely that Connie would support any other proposal for a city council pay raise, which wouldn't make a difference against the pay in cities such as Birmingham. "When you look at it, you have to compare apples and apples to it" were Connie's last words referring to districts with a large number of residents before the first break. After the first break, listeners still here or just joining us that Connie is still here and there remains plenty of questions on the top of the Uncle's head, but first we must allow a whole different Bill speak about his community's decline in service when it comes to garbage and trash pickup, thanks to the lack of funding for community action. Even before a storm named "Ivan" arrived in our part of the world, Bill forced himself to burn roadside trash. Connie responded well to what's already a common issue. Now the Uncle's question, "Do you think we're going to see a garbage fee?" leaving Connie in a state of "I don't know". After we lost caller Patty, the Uncle asked what's next after the last budget process.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(Today's edition of "WKRG-TV5 This Morning" actually featured Dow spokeswoman Gina Gregory live on location with a local marching band at practice for this Saturday's Christmas Holday parade in downtown Mobile.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Sam Jones' seasonal message from the Mobile County Commission, followed by a familiar musical tune and audio of WPMI-TV catching with up with Thomas Sullivan for a recent controversy involving one of his own. Yep, the regular assortment of audio clips from Lillian Jackson to Rebecca Wilson played. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle finding it always a pleasure to be with us, the ones responsible for why the "growth rates are up", referring to the show. After yesterday's edition, the Uncle has been receiving more names of candidates up for Mike Dow's mayoral position and Leeanna actually had a telephonic conversation with Paul Finebaum, the same Finebaum responsible for our show airing at an unpleasant timeslot for most workers and homemakers. Today's Mobile Register features a story and photo of an Alabama judge expressing his belief with the Ten Commandments written on the front of his robe, which is said to be "creating great distraction" in the court room, according to one lawyer with a client. "Is that possible to wear something on your chest and change the belief of someone who reads it?" is among the questions that's fascinating the Uncle right now. Here's his hypothetical situation, lets say an eagle eyed juror who was once a thief can see "Thou Shalt Not Steal" on the judge. If this is possible, expect a "My Guy is Innocent" message on a lawyer someday. Callers will join in after the first break, plus numerous topics as always. After the break, a seasonal message from Sheriff Jack Tillman plays. First caller Mr. Freddie gave us a situation involving a judge bearing the Crimson Tide logo and himself wearing the Auburn logo, which wouldn't make a difference in the trial's outcome according to the Uncle. Sergeant Hopkins of Virginia now a resident of our region for about 6 months joins us to say how touched he was for getting a haircut without a charge since he was in uniform. Speaking of Hopkins, who wished us a merry Christmas, this Saturday's Mobile Christmas-Holiday parade (not Holly Jolly, or Jolly Holiday parade as it almost became last year) will feature a tribute to folks in the Service. Tim joins us "sick to his stomach" before bringing up the Delchamps awards Mike Dow received recently, which he sees as something leading the City of Mobile toward bankruptcy. The Uncle brought back the idea of the repealing of sales tax and our city will be taking off like a rocket ship. After the weirdo pulled a coach Mike Price prank, Sheila joins us to say that judges such as Roy Moore and the one mentioned earlier are "spoiling their opportunity to have a Christian influence", even though she doesn't find anything wrong with having the Commandments on either a robe or shirt. Before the break, the Uncle reminds Sheila that she's in great need of the New Testament after proving how wrong she was during the final half of her call. Coming up, Mike Sloan reading the news, NBC Radio News, and the 10:00 AM hour of today's show.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

(For some readers pondering how come this weblog has been only covering 1/3 of a 90 minute program for more than a week, unless Finebaum scales his monster of a radio show to a 2 hour program for 4:00 PM-6:00 PM CST, giving the Uncle 2 hours at the rightful timeslot of 2:00 PM-4:00 PM, covering only 30 minutes of the show on a when a new "The Price is Right" is the way it's going to be around here. As a loyalist to both the Uncle and Mr. Barker, I had no choice.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from song "My Love is Mobile", followed by a familiar musical tune leading up to the now famous "You Know That I Know" audio clip (spawning plenty of parodies by listeners), along with a regular assortment of clips. Audio played featuring one proud resident from Saraland that he, along with many others are not required to pay a 2% lodging tax like those south of the town. "Heh, heh, heh, well, welcome to the program!" says the Uncle attempting to begin the program properly after reading a front page Mobile Register article. After welcoming the listeners properly, the Uncle elaborates on the Register story on the first pay raise proposal for the Mobile City Council. "All pointing the fingers at each other", is his description of this front-page story, written by Mr. Jeb Schrenk. "Slight increase, but he did not know how much was proposed" was how a believable Reggie Copeland felt about the pay raise, since he was previously taking some time off due to recent heart surgery. "Peavey said, 'Johnson did not talk to him about a slight increase' ". "Vaguely remembers the $10,000 figure," says Thomas Sullivan about himself, who got the Uncle to say, "It's a comedy!" Charlie Moss joins us live from the Mobile City Council before announcing his 125% pay raise, which earned some congratulations. "He first found out about it in the paper" happens to be how Copeland found out about a slightly higher pay raise, according to Moss. "Argument still goes on, but there will not be a pay raise voted today" says Charlie before saying Copeland would set up a 3-person committee on this matter of pay raise after the 1st of the year. After Charlie left us, the Uncle acknowledged him being the first to report this excellent news and the fact he remains our only radio reporter. After the first break, the callers will join us, plus the Uncle's suggestion for the Mobile City Council. Before getting to his "very serious suggestion", the Uncle plays Leeah Brennan's (daughter of Dan Brennan of WKSJ 95 FM) report for WPMI-TV on "what other council people make in other cities". Laughter and "raspberry" sounds can be heard as the report played. "All right, did you make notes?" says the Uncle after hearing the report featuring figures on the Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham city councils' pay, which shows that our city council is already the highest paid in the entire state of Alabama. "They need to cut their pay, any pay raise will be scandalous and ridiculous" is among the Uncle's words of wisdom for the folks at Government Plaza. "Start a reform effort to cut their pay" are the Uncle's words for future mayoral candidate John Peavey. First caller John congratulates the Uncle on "saying it all" before agreeing that Peavey leads the effort to pay cut. Walter began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before throwing in a particular "Larry" into the future mayoral race and supported the suggestion for the city council's pay to be around the police's average pay. Our next caller Cut managed to elaborate on the reasons for the 3 black city council members who need to be voted out in order to create a different voter turnout in next summer's election without going to the point of racist comments. Before Cut left us, he reminds us that he's cut all ties with the City of Mobile and that he's a black person. The Uncle admits that he didn't quite understand those comments 100% well, which can only be explained by Cut himself. Coming up, Mike Sloan reading the news for 710 AM, along with news from NBC Radio. "It is 10 O'Clock" were the Uncle's last words before the newsbreak leading up to the 10:00 AM hour of today's show.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.9/5!

(Rate-It-All.com, the popular opinion site now includes a Mobile, Alabama directory for their "Local" section)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show aside from Scott O'Brien's Janny King franchise promotion, but rather a familiar musical tune leading up to Mobile City Council member Fredrick Richardson, Rebecca Wilson, Lillian Jackson, and etc. speaking. After a Tim voice message and a few seconds of the theme music, the introduction plays before a louder than usual "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" from the Uncle. After the 90 minute journey between the listeners is over, expect the Uncle to be outside experiencing the current nice weather only hours before a cold front enters the region, according to one source (David Glenn of WPMI-TV). During the weekend, the surprising news of the Mobile City Council scandalously planning to raise their part time job paychecks came about, yet year after year the city workers and police continue to stop by "begging for scraps", or better pay. So far according to the Uncle, the increase in lodging taxes by 2% just to fund this new University of South Alabama cancer center is nothing more but part of their pay raise plan, or "bull malarkey" as the Uncle calls it. "Maybe you think these people are underpaid?" is the Uncle's question for the listeners outside his minority status on this news "thrown in on the weekend". Jim joins us with a suggestion for the Mobile City Council to set their pay raises to the pay of the police, which the Uncle finds excellent. "The Idea Guy" joins us on this beautiful day with a repeat of "his personal money" belief, as Dow seems to view our tax dollars before explaining his point of the City of Mobile on the path toward bankruptcy. John joins us on a day when the sun is out and no obituary picture of him is available before sharing his experience in the Mobile Register's "Classified" section, with not a single job paying what the city council wants. "Then we have a chance" says John after hearing that Dow would only earn his own pay raise if he wins another term. Tom joined us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before saying "We'll get him next year" as in Dow. "Representation that we cannot even talk to" John referring to the folks of West Mobile. Before John left us, we would find out that state legislators could actually have alcoholic beverages before voting on something like a de-annexation of West Mobile. "This move opens up the mayoral race wide open" says the Uncle on this pay raise initiative being sponsored by council members such as John Peavey, whose chances at Mobile's mayoral position have gotten lower. There will be more discussion on this issue during the entire 10:00 AM and it continues later this week with a show featuring the Mobile City Council's Connie Hudson as the day's guest, who along with Ben Brooks is against this pay raise increase up for Tuesday's votes.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(Best of luck to the former webmaster of South TV News.com, who took down the Internet's leading authority on the Deep South's media. This site's humble, yet excellent beginning for those on the Gulf Coast of Mexico was coverage of our TV stations, from WALA to WPMI. This was also the very site that first broke the news of Rebecca Wilson's departure from WPMI-TV NBC 15 and the return of former WKRG-TV5 employee Sandra Shaw to the Mobile region.)

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 15

49 Years and 99 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Bruce Kramer (Later at KABC-TV in Los Angeles)

WKRG Fact: It's true, former anchor Kellie Jones is still an employee over at WKRG after all these years, only under the title of "Assistant Manager".

Friday, December 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a whole different "Listen!" in addition to " there is a toll booth already in Baldwin County", followed by 2 playings of the Rebecca Wilson audio and Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle on this beautiful day in the Mobile region before thanking those regional listeners for making the show's success possible. Yet another cattle truck incident at the Wallace Tunnel as of early this morning, along with Internet news involving the circulating Mike Dow reports, and some insight into the Mobile Register's "Living" editor and some controversy sparked, are among the numerous topics to be discussed today. Scott O'Brien joins us on the air reminding and bringing up the latest changes to 710 AM, such as the addition of the Cable News Network's radio broadcasts, WPMI-TV NBC 15 radio news, and NBC News coverage, to provide more "extensive news coverage" soon to be complete next Monday. "What do you think?" was Scott's question for fellow morning anchor Joan Keller, who'll be spending breakfast with her husband more often and take over much of the afternoon shift on 710 AM. "…going to be a strong lineup" quote the Uncle on the 710 AM lineup changes including the pairing of Scott and longtime partner Mike Sloan (since the WKSJ 95 FM days of thr 1980s) beside each other during the mornings. Recently, Scott received recognition from the Mobile and Baldwin County School Board for the "7:20 Bell" segment of the "Mobile's First News" morning program. School board representatives such as former WALA Channel 10 anchor Nancy Pierce presented the award. First caller Tim remained on the line the entire time Scott was on the air before having his say on Highway 59 and the drivers from Mobile and Baldwin County driving a different speeds, the former driving at a higher speed mostly. "Baldwin County people get tickets all the time" quote the Uncle after saying, "Baldwin County people get tickets too". Harry asked whatever happened to the song played at the beginning of each of the Uncle's original TV programs from the 1980s as video showing the legendary Peanut Man was shown? Before Harry left us, he congratulated 710 AM on the school board award and reminds us to keep radio personality Wayne Gardner in our prayers, who's been ill recently. Expect the Uncle to give out his Gardner tribute once he quits "that other station" (WNSP 105 FM). Before the first break, the Uncle wished he had gone a full life without hearing Harry's experience of the same Pensacola concert Leeanna attended recently, which is hard for him to believe is part of her lifestyle. Lawrence Welk music is the bumper music playing as the show returns, along with the Uncle directing Internet users to Chip Dragos' Mobile Bay Times web site and the Mystic Mackerel site featuring speculation on Mobile City Council member John Peavey running for Dow's position of mayor. Our next caller Blake explained why he's against "smart growth development" and homes growing from them, which also increases back yard development for subdivision homes such as the Lake Forest ones. "That's what you want" quote the Uncle on what this fellow really wants folks to live in, such as skyscrapers.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.3/5!

On the TV side of WPMI (other differences: same channel number, different network affiliation as of 1996), their annual "Spirit of Giving" programming will air today, altering regularly scheduled programming such as no third hour of NBC's "Today", no double airings of Richard Karn's "Family Feud", no entertainment driven program "Extra", and the moving of the lone 30+ year old NBC serial "Days of our Lives" to 3:00 PM)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by audio of Thomas Sullivan's response to questions months ago. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle on this beautiful day, even though plenty of moisture is being scattered across the region. In a few minutes, the Ben Brooks interview and insight into the Mobile City Council will occur, especially on the recently passed 2% lodging tax hike. First, we must listen to caller Gene already on the line asking if there was ever a time 4 Alabama football teams were in bowl games, which is probably a first. The main focus of his call was on the proposed condominium/shopping center project for the former CSX Railroad property in downtown Mobile. After Gene left us, the Uncle mentions some folks already wanting to relocate to the now drawn out plans for condos in downtown Mobile, according to today's Mobile Register. Mr. Freddie (or Freddie) shares his Georgia Dome experience involving a hot dog (being eaten by his son enjoying the game) and a discussion with fellow attendees on his Lower Alabama (yep, thanks to Darwin Singleton of WPMI-TV, L.A no longer applies exclusively to Los Angeles) neighborhood. After reading the news on the downtown condos proposal, Blake decided to join us for a while. It's not the market for condos that shocked the Uncle, it's the location of downtown Mobile that's shocking, especially after the news of Water Street considered to be a hazard. Before Scott O'Brien left us, he responded to the Uncle's question on whether he would live near downtown's riverfront or not. "It's beautiful!" says Scott on the surrounding location of the riverfront, including railroad tracks. Coming up, Ben Brooks of the Mobile City Council. After the break, the Uncle mentions that Ben Brooks will speak in a few minutes (or during the 10:00 AM hour) before allowing Brent mention Leeanna's attendance of a concert of some sorts in Pensacola, which he doesn't find wholesome for a mother of 3 children. Driver Melanie speaking via cellular on the riverfront project and surroundings (she happened to be around the downtown area) ended on the mention of the recent shooting at an Ohio heavy metal concert, which the Uncle suggests that she doesn't discuss while driving. Paul began his call thanking at least one fellow brave enough to call a pine tree a Christmas Tree rather than a so-called "Holiday Tree" before bringing back the conveyer belt idea for Water Street. If that were to happen, it would require another 2% lodging tax. Before the newsbreak from 710 AM, WPMI-TV NBC 15's report on the Riverfront condominium project soon to be under construction once the old CSX Railroad building is demolished was played. "Good" says the Uncle after hearing that no public funds are required to construct this thing, only private. After hearing this report, the Uncle believes a Margarita Village among the condominium's shops will make the place a complete success, no offense to Mobile residents as he said before explaining this.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by caller Tom's now classic "Come to Mobile and do nothing, sip a glass of wine…" as part of his "Do Nothing" initiative laid out over the air. "Thank you so much for listening to the program" was the Uncle's greeting for us as another excellent program is on the way. Coming up today, a long-form commercial by Scott O'Brien taking us back to "old time radio", and tomorrow Ben Brooks of the Mobile City Council will join us. First, we must deal with Rob (who's "mad about town") and Ashley (who attends each Mobile City Council meeting) of the Mobile Register's only big competitor newspaper wise, The Lagniappe. "Timing's really weird for this" says Ashley on all the circulating news on the end of Mike Dow's reign, which is the topic of a new Lagniappe column. Rob was asked for his thoughts on "The Dow Legacy", which he finds great for moving Mobile in general forward, or downtown Mobile to be more precise according to the Uncle. "Where would you put the statue" was the Uncle's humorous question referring to a possible east Interstate 65 statue of Dow. The Bankhead Tunnel was among the suggestions after this question came about. "No, I lost, last time" was the Uncle's response after Ashley answered his name of who should be Mobile's next mayor. Neither profiles, nor any publicity by the Lagniappe has been done yet for possible mayoral candidates Sam Jones and John Peavey. "I hope it's very important," says Rob on their paper's political coverage to the readers. The Uncle admits that's it nice another news source for the Mobile City Council is in existence, because "circuses" (such as clay eating and Burger King balloon lost & found stories) can WKRG-TV5, WALA Channel 10, and even frequent visitor WPMI-TV NBC 15 away. First caller Keith suggests renaming the speed bumps "Dowroids" once he's out of office, giving the Uncle plenty of reason that the Lagniappe should publish transcripts of particular moments from the show. "The Cat" joins us with a complaint of 710 AM's possible "government cover-up" by blocking out a segment of alien discussion on "Coast to Coast AM" (the George Noory-hosted program) with more Scott O'Brien. After the first break, audio of Mike Dow on the speed bumps and neighborhoods interested in them was played. "Ugh", said Ashley in a frustrated way after the Uncle greeted listeners returning, "We have 38 boxes either or around Mobile" Rob on the current number of boxes containing copies of the Lagniappe. "Mike" pulled a Mike Price prank on us, forcing the Uncle to bring up Leeanna's call screening quality. "What is the point of this?" was the Uncle's question on the Lagniappe's recent "transvestite" and "nudity" covers this year. "The fish was naked though", says Rob referring to a recent edition. Aside from that, the Uncle congratulates the Lagniappe's series of stories on a 1970s murder case in the Mobile region, which interested Ashley on something "before her time". Expect Rob to plan more stories aimed at the older folks. Paul admits to never "slowing down for speed bumps", which don't slow down his automobile at all. After that call, the Uncle suggests the Lagniappe do more on the speed bumps. "A speed bump map would be good," says Rob, who did a speed bump story some years ago for another Mobile publication, Mobile Bay Monthly. Before the 10:00 AM hour begins, there's the chance of hearing Joan Keller reading the news. It was actually Mike Sloan, in case you were interested.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.4/5!

(Starting today, 710 AM began airing the Cable News Network's radio newsbreaks after turning in the keys to the ABC Radio room, plus newsbreaks demonstrating the power of non-local media owners such as Clear Channel Communications. So far, there are at least two CNN Radio affiliated stations in the Mobile region.)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from not a piece of music, but audio of "ok here we go, hello you're on the air" in the latest version of the show's intro this week, followed by a few seconds of the theme music before our host's cue finally aired. "Thank you so much," says the softer voice Uncle on a day when intense rain is "blanketing the Mobile region", but it's still a beautiful day for a show. Before introducing today's unscheduled special guest with new theme music (a change from the NBC Olympics theme) a technical error already occurs involving audio of 710 AM anchor Joan Keller. "New time, new theme" says the Uncle after introducing Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine. "Are you Steve Nodine running for mayor of Mobile?" was the first question for the former city council member, who responded with a simple "no", besides he's still happy in the position of county commissioner which he shall serve for the next 4 years. "I'm looking for a clean cut answer" quote the Uncle before assuming Steve would change his mind before next August, forcing him into a moment of laughter. "Very fruitful to the people" says Steve on the position he shares with fellow commissioners Mike Dean and Sam Jones. Speaking of Jones, Steve was informed (or reminded as a listener) of the latest Chip Drago article including the former fellow and council member John Peavey. "Any candidate would be credible" was Steve's response after being asked which "innovator" would go against Sam Jones in the next Mobile mayoral election. "Let me ask about your very large county" as the Uncle segways into to the controversial piece of land in West Mobile. "I believe it's going to happen sooner or later," says Steve on possible annexation of West Mobile, but it still requires plenty of planning. Callers and more "insightful questions from me" coming up after the first break. After the first break, audio Christmas and New Year messages from Mike Dow and Frederick Richardson. "Oh, those were the good old days," says the Uncle before reminding us how to call in. First caller Bill (not among the "Bad" variety) brings up Steve's county commission campaign signs still standing on Schillinger Road between Azalea and Howell's Ferry. "There's one big one and 3 little ones" was Bill's response to Steve questioning him on the number of signs. Jim and the Uncle may be men of few words, but according to Jim's ears it was our guest whose "dodging the bullet" during the West Mobile annexation discussion. "There has not been a plan in place" was among Steve's words of clarification. Paul joins us (referred to Steve as "Stephen") with his eyewitness to the re-paving of Zeigler Road, which is only in the early stages as Steve was defending. "We'll wait and see" says Paul before Steve threw in "It's a lot better than it was". After Paul left us, Steve reminds about the journey to ever seeing Zeigler and Highway 98 getting the treatment they deserve. "I'm against it" was the Uncle's response to Chris' other question besides one for Steve, which pointed out the radio promotion for a certain TV program with the word "Queer", which is slowly loosing its original meaning. "It's been 30 years on the road" were Steve's last words on the Highway 98 project coming to pass at last. Coming up, either Joan Keller or Mike Sloan will be reading the news.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(10:00 AM hour information is appreciated via "Comments")

Monday, December 06, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by Mike Dow's "I think we're some of the lowest taxed people in the country for cities our size" and almost a minute of the show's theme music. "All right, welcome to the Uncle Henry Show!" was his greeting for today before thanking listeners for their continuous support, even after the pre-recorded show intro didn't air at its regularly slated time before the Uncle first speaks. Monday is considered to be a slow topic day for radio talk show, but "the topics are there" this time, including Dow's latest proposal to raise the lodging tax. First, listeners are reminded about the circulating rumors several months ago on Dow not seeking re-election and County Commissioner Sam Jones running for the position. The Mobile Register's Monday "Political Skinny" was the one that squashed public opinion on Dow not adding another term. "Don't believe the rumors," said Dow during his media blitz at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building. With all that in the past, the Uncle discovered the latest Mobile Bay Times' column explaining the end of the Michael C. Dow era. Portions of the Chip Drago article were read over the air, including the parts on Sam Jones interest in the Mobile mayoralship, as long Dow stays out of the race. "He doesn't strike me as a guy who's tired of it" was the Uncle's reaction after reading this column before sharing his previous meeting with Dow, when he showed no signs of wanting to give up his position. Pound 710 remains the Cingular Wireless code to join us, along with the old phone number (251) 479-2723. Voice message from Tim seconds after reading the Sunday Mobile Register article on Dow's lodging tax proposal for funding the new cancer center was played. "They've got plenty of money," says Tim on the same folks who want a public ban on smoking, yet Mobile County will be paying for this new center. Yep, Tim said "It makes me sick", living up to the name "Makes Me Sicker Guy". "Mayor Dow, if you need a hug, I'm here", says the Uncle after the break, shortly after audio of Mike Dow's previous visit to the 3rd floor of a certain building on 555 Broadcast Drive. Besides Sam Jones, the Uncle continues to wonder as he digests these shocking reports if Mobile residents want another "successful business man", who Dow was years before running for mayor. Tomorrow, the Mobile City Council will be "going up on that thing", referring to the lodging tax increase proposal. If memory serves the Uncle rights, the lodging tax proposal was once set to give city workers a raise through lodging tax, now the proposal is aimed for the funding of the upcoming cancer center. Our first caller Bob threw in "expert" (he was referring to the "Ask the Expert" program) Scott O'Brien's name for next year's mayoral race lineup, which will never happen since Scott is a resident of Daphne across Mobile Bay. There's always the possibility that Scott can rent a trailer and keep it parked in 710 AM's parking lot through out his mayoral campaign. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" suggests the further placement of 2% lodging tax until we reach 24% in order to fund thus city was played, along with one from Mark ("Roll Tide Roll" says Mark) wishing that his birthday celebration was held at Dow's brewer center. "Maybe next year", says Mark. After the break, the Uncle gives listeners a heads up of Mike Sloan's anchoring the half-hour newsbreak before the next hour, not from ABC News by the way.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

(Yep, despite the show's move to an earlier timeslot, this weblog will continue to cover at least 1/3 of it, maybe even more if certain readers/listeners can contribute 10:00 AM-11:00 AM information via "Comments")

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 14

49 Years and 92 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor/Reporter Kathy King

For about 7 years, regular TV5 viewers witnessed King at work during the evening newscasts, but luckily she remains in town, but only on a different station with a channel number in the double digits. Her hometown happens to be Texas' most well known city, Dallas. Years later she would one day attend University of Texas in Austin and graduate with a degree in Journalism. Not only did Kathy begin her TV news career as a reporter, but both an anchor & producer at stations in Lubbock, Texas and Northern Michigan. Favorite assigned reports you asked? Plenty involving the Service, including flying with the Blue Angels and spending a full day onboard the U.S.S. Normandy. Even had the opportunity to report from a previous Republican National Convention and CBS News Headquarters in New York. Even while residing in Mobile and remaining in the public eye through Channel 10, Kathy still showed her Texas pride, which can be compared to a certain other WALA-TV employee from the Lone Star State.

WKRG Fact: There was actually a period of time when one longtime TV5 employee had a little more on the top and many hours before Hurricane Ivan's arrival on the Gulf Coast, viewers, fellow employees, and Mel Showers himself got to see video of him sporting an afro circa 1979 while looking at the year "Frederic" came ashore.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from yet another playing of "My Love is Mobile", followed by a familiar musical tune, "Ok here we go, hello you're on the air" audio, Rebecca Wilson audio, and a few of the many Lillian Jackson audio clips. Audio of Mike Dow speaking about the speed bumps and admitting that he doesn't necessarily like them was played, including their success in front of the Spot of Tea restaurant. "Thank you so much, a pleasure!" says the Uncle on this morning of interaction for 1 ½ hours before the Rush Limbaugh program. "It feels like I'm wearing big pants" is how the Uncle describes his newly expanded time of 90 minutes on 710 AM. "Strangely" is how the Uncle describes the rise of talk on the speed bumps issue, which was thought to be a dead issue, but now there's a story in the Mobile Register explaining why the Mobile region's streets are among the most dangerous in the USA for walking. "Oh, our streets are mean", says one lady in this report. During the Uncle's early years as a child, the big deal was the construction of the Interstate Highway System and all of a sudden folks are saying "people need the streets to walk on", which the Uncle just doesn't get. After reminding us to join in via (251) 479-2723, the Uncle thanks Charlie Moss for the early Christmas gift consisting of the Mike Dow interview. First caller Blake joins us before admitting that 2:00 PM was sort of a funny timeslot before giving us a reason why this report/poll featured in today's Register should be renamed, "Top 10 Cities That Have Been Screwed Up By The Administration", in other words "It's not our fault". After Blake left us, the Uncle shared a rather dumb map highlighting "dangerous places to walk", which are population centers (Mobile, Montgomery, Dothan, etc.). Only the rural areas of not highlighted in the region. Jacksonville and Thomasville, Alabama were not mentioned too, which proves these experts are only focusing on high population areas. Charles joins us with news on yet another plan for a two-lane street (Broad Street being the other one) in an area where traffic is already of problem. We lost Michael for Richard with a "good morning!" for us before sharing his problem with downtown Mobile, where he currently resides. "They don't care anymore" quote Richard on the main reason for making Broad Street a 2 lane way. After Richard left us, the Uncle thanked him for being a listener. In just a moment, more callers! After the break, listeners are reminded that their listening to 710 WPMI-AM before allowing Keith on the line to remind us about how hazardous the Wallace Tunnel has been since opening day in 1973, last night's cattle truck incident for example. In Keith's opinion, the planners of this Interstate tunnel should be charged for such a waste of a proposal. Before Keith left us, the Uncle reminds him that we must have another way of crossing Mobile Bay if the tunnel were to be "taken out". "Is there a way to walk to Mobile from Baldwin County?" is the Uncle's question for certain listeners out there. Jim brought up the now proven fact the Wallace Tunnel was built with a curve before the City of Mobile was preserving the original Fort Conde. Leading up to the 10:00 AM hour of the show, a treat during the 10:00 AM 710 AM newsbreak, Charlie Moss will be anchoring.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.6/5!

(Looks like I'll be covering only the 9:30 AM portion of the show from now on. When one day's airing of "The Price is Right" is either a rerun or no show at all, it's very likely I would cover the entire 9:30 AM-11:00 AM program.)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Mobile-related song "My Love is Mobile" (or "That's My Wonderful Town"), followed by a now familiar note of music and Mobile City Councilman Frederick Richardson's all new holiday message for listeners of the Uncle. "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" from an enthusiastic Uncle on this Thursday morning before thanking us for every single amount of support, "I don't take it lightly", quoting our host. The Uncle admits there's at least one topic that cannot be discussed during the show's 90 minute or so length due to it being the main focus of Charlie Moss' report under construction. "Please, do not be offended" was the Uncle's message for the Moss fans before giving us a preview of his "blockbuster story" that's so Mobile. Listeners and Mobile region residents may remember those downtown parking diplomats, which happens to be in Moss' upcoming report. For those who don't remember, the Uncle refreshed us on a system that appeared to be a positive influence in the downtown area, yet it only sparked controversy under names such as "No Spare Change Crisis" and the simple "Parking Diplomat Crisis". According to the Uncle's listening of the secret Mike Dow audio Moss taped for his report, one of the reasons the City of Mobile wants to continue this parking diplomat company's deal is because they now own the downtown Mobile parking meters. "That's right!" says the Uncle on the once city owned parking meters now under an outside company's control. "Leave and take their meters with them" says the Uncle on two options the city can take with this outsider, along with buying the meters back. Charlie Moss' "very interesting stuff" will be reveled during "Mobile's First News with Scott O'Brien" between 6:00 AM-8:30 AM ("Ask the Expert with Scott O'Brien" now airs between 8:30 AM-9:30 AM). Listeners are reminded that Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 is allegedly a free of charge way of joining the show. After the first break, the callers! Voice message from Tim admitting that he's not too sure about the expanded AM program, because it doesn't give him enough time to get over his own problems. "I don't know what I'm going to do at 2:00 PM" quote Tim before suggesting to "The Idea Guy" of charging people at The Brick Pit to eat clay. Paramount's "Superman" theme plays as the Uncle gives us a reason why callers use voice messages to communicate. Tim's mention of Leeanna's lack of call screening effort during the first 90-minute edition of the show was brought up again. "No, I have not", says our unscreened caller Thomas answering whether he was call screened or not before bringing back the topic of speed bumps. Both Thomas and the Uncle agree that folks should blow their horn each time after going over a speed bump. Speaking of speed bumps, the Uncle reflects on yesterday's amazing wave of defense of the speed bumps. "You guys are being too hard on him," says John on Mike Dow before firing back at Thomas' opinion on the speed bumps' purpose as horn testing devices. "Clay Chew Ball" is John's idea for a meal near the cruise terminal. First time caller Warren brings up an edition of the comic strip "Zits" featured in the Mobile Register months ago including the main character giving "the finger" (middle) to his mother. "They have become 'R' rated is you telling me" says the Uncle referring to the comics after hearing about yesterday's "Zits". After Warren left us, the Uncle reminds us that he's not a comic strip person, which makes him among a minority. "The editors may not be reading it," says the Uncle. Robert began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before suggesting that Mike Dow makes the speed bumps out of clay for every "clay eater" in the region, which made the Uncle officially declare him the runner up "caller of the day". There's still the possibility WPMI-TV NBC 15 will do a story on clay eating every ratings period in a fashion similar to the animal abuse investigations by Mike Rush. Expect the Uncle to take the time to read e-mail during the next hour.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 5/5!

(If nobody responds for the position of covering the 10:00 AM hour of the show by Midnight Saturday, which either proves nothing stops a loyalist of "The Price is Right" or nobody period is interested, I must resort to only covering the 9:30 AM half hour from now on until Paul Finebaum finally budges. Also, I would appreciate a listener to bring up some 10:00 AM moments via the "Comments" feature located bellow every post. As Paul Harvey (not Finebaum's middle name) would say, "Good day!"

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a familiar musical tune still intact, followed by Lillian Jackson with the question "Uncle Henry, are you on the air right now? What time do you come on?" and a few other regulars in the assortment of audio clips. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle still finding it a pleasure to be with us, even in an expanded time slot of 90 minutes, giving him the long awaited opportunity of "longer responses from me". Scott O'Brien standing by is given congratulations after reading the recent "high ratings book" for 710 AM's last ratings period. For the first time since hosting "Mobile's First News" for the last 4 years, Scott witnesses someone else sit on his chair the moment he gets off. The Uncle admits that the chair is usually cold when getting ready for the now-Finebaum filled 2:00 PM hour, but now it's the other way around. As Scott exits the room, the Uncle admits that his goal is to takeover the entire 710 AM morning lineup. Don't worry, Scott didn't hear a thing! During the Uncle's vacation/properness time, he wrote a list of his beliefs for listeners such as caller Richard who don't get the show's purpose. "Let's not discuss it!" quote the Uncle after Gene almost brought up his planned morning takeover, but fortunately he put that aside and sparked a discussion on Auburn's road to the championship. "You get two newsbreaks now," says Gene referring to the ABC Newsbreak before finding out the Uncle has more duties at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building in midtown Mobile, which means no longer lunch break. We lost "The Idea Guy" for "Warren", the first prankster ever in this new expanded show, which forced the Uncle to summon Leeanna (sporting a new haircut by her mother). She was asked if she's seen the WPMI-TV NBC 15 report on the "Clay Eaters", which neither Leeanna nor I viewed. "It's now important more than ever" says the Uncle on call screening for today's show. After Leeanna left us, the Uncle brings up another goal of his, the overtaking of 95 KSJ (WKSJ-95FM) as the #1 station in the region. "Uncle Henry, we're going to help you slay that dragon!" says Jim the Tax Man. Sherry (not the real Kim McCrea of WPMI-TV NBC 15) begins her call by saying reporter Kelly Foster did not eat clay for the "Clay Eaters" piece featured last night. "I can't imagine craving dirt or clay as a food," the Uncle admitted after Sherry shared what she's viewed with us. Norman's reason to join us had nothing to do with the "Clay Eaters" report, but to share his anger for "the other station" outside Channel 15 (WALA Channel 10) attempting to give support to the state Amendment 2 through both news and commentary. "The Idea Guy" has been waiting since 5:00 AM for today's edition before asking if clay can be considered a food item. If it's eaten, it can be considered food, which means it cannot be taxed in the city of Mobile. "There's not a single speed bump in Birmingham" says "Idea" now on the issue of speed bumps, which may give folks the idea of leaving the Mobile region for northern Alabama. (251) 479-2723 remains the long distance number, along with Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 for a free of charge call. We have just received our first "Roll Tide" shout during the newly expanded edition from Curtis before promoting First Baptist Church of North Mobile choir. Kathy knows at least one part of Birmingham that has speed bumps, maybe even (raised) textured pavement too. The Uncle appreciates that vital info, which informs "Idea" that his daughter has been traveling around the wrong parts of town. Robin shared her non-criticizing views on the newly opened Eastern Shore Center in an area continuing to grow in residents, which is Daphne of course. Before Robin left us, she reminds us to keep an eye on the center's fried food places, because they good effect the next Baldwin County mayoral election outcomes. Commercial free 9:30 AM hours ends and the Uncle has "just barely started", but expect the special presentation of beliefs for new listeners in the next hour.

Today's 9:30 AM half-hour gets a 4.7/5!

Immediate Opening For 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Hour Writer

Due to the powers of Paul Finebaum, Scott O'Brien, the busy AM hours of mine, and continuing my loyality toward "The Price is Right" too, this weblog needs another writer to cover the 10:00 AM hour of the show. Each summary/review must be sent to me via e-mail for editing and posting. Until Finebaum is either removed from the 710 AM frequency completely or shortens itself to a 2-hour program at least, we must settle for 90 (or 30 minutes, if you're a Price is Right viewer) of our daily "Voice of Reason" during the hours of 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. My address is mario500now@peoplepc.com (Note: Anyone outside of the 710 AM listening area can listen via Internet stream at NewsRadio710.com)

(The Uncle shall return to an afternoon timeslot!)

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