Monday, November 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with Larry, Moe, and Curly saying "Hello…Hello…Hello", followed by the shocking announcement that the Uncle's promise of giving us "the whole truth" will be broken today due to Mr. John Bell filling in yet again:

"We'll see about filling in the rest of it", says Bell referring to upcoming hour.

Listeners are reminded not to "pound 710" into the Cingular Wireless phone when phoning the show by either code or (251) 479-2723.

Bell took us back to the Puritan colony of 1619 in the 1960s Stan Freberg musical album, featuring a Friday election, a mayor, and "the Indian vote" out numbering the colonists. "Take an Indian to lunch this week" can be heard in the song featured, which Bell acknowledged as not being politically correct.

"5 years, 5 years!" was Bell's response after finding out from Leeanna the number of years that Lite Mix 99.9 (formerly known as WKRG-FM, now known as WMXC) has been playing Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

"I wonder what our Jewish friends think about this?" says Bell on this annual station tradition now the holiday model for some music stations. The song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" was played (twice) as Bell's example of the type of song most wouldn't want to hear more than once in a single day.

Christmas specials soon to inundate us was given mention, such as "The Peanuts Christmas Special" (still surviving after about 35 years), "The California Raisins Special, and yep the recent "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" special.

Hopefully some callers after the first break!

"This is the Uncle Henry Show!" says Bell after the break panicking some listeners before reminding the ones left that he was discussing some of the best & worst Christmas TV specials.

First caller and semi-regular caller Gene was patient with Bell not pressing the caller button hard enough until the 3rd try. "It might be" was Gene's response to Bell searching and figuring out the exact title for "The Peanuts Christmas Tune", played by Schroeder at piano.

"Look at all the Jingle Bells", was Bell searching the computer for a particular version of the popular song, which will be the bumper music for today.

A whole different Bill joined us with "Hello, Mr. Bell!" before answering the question about his favorite Christmas special. It happens to be a spoof the picture "It's A Wonderful Life", involving a fellow usually paired with a "Beavis" in a popular cable/satellite TV series. According to Bill, Bell managed to duck tape the Uncle in order to take over today's show.

"It gets lonely in here sometimes", Bell admitted after speaking to our next caller.

Bell expects a review of the latest in "A Christmas Carol" movies, except this new one produced for the National Broadcasting Company is a musical and featured Mr. Grammar.

"Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation!" says Jim on his favorite Christmas-theme movie before mentioning "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", featuring the voice of Boris Karloff and Chuck Jones' direction.

Jim was the first regular-Uncle caller to say "Merry Christmas!" as he ended his call.

"Everything in the world is on DVD now!" was Bell's response after receiving word about another holiday theme movie, featuring Mr. Martin Sheene.

Before the ABC Newsbreak (or just "the news" as Bell called it) the first bumper playing of Crosby's version of "Jingle Bells".

Second half-hour with not a Scott O'Brien takeover, but Bing & the Andrews Sisters' "Jingle Bells" song and Bell giving us all the important stuff when calling in before saying "one more time!".

Charles gives mention of "The Hallmark Channel", a station known for its quality programming (and editing of "Gilligan") giving Bell a reason to watch TV again. Charles is actually interested in what's to become of Paul Harvey's broadcasts once the Uncle's show begins airing between 9:30 AM-11:00 AM.

"I wonder if we're going to have the CSI Christmas special" is how Bell began discussing the successful (ratings wise) TV series franchise. Bell through in suggestions for a small town version of "CSI", such as a small town in Alabama for example. Bell's parody of a small town "Crime Scene Investigation" series was played. "This beer is 81 degrees," says one of the investigators of the body before a CSI rookie ("strangulation" says the rookie referring to the necktie around the neck, indicating suicide) showed up. "Make sure the victim is dead", says the investigator before the rookie started shooting a trio of bullets.

After that sketch, Bell actually brought about some news items; such as the second "Jingle Bell Jump" cancellation in Anaheim, California's Disneyland for security reasons, forcing Clause to resort to a balloon.

"Kelsey Grammer as Fraiser Crane Doing Scrooge the Musical" was one fellow's alternative title for the NBC musical last night, even though he remains a Grammer fan at heart.

Jack managed to make Bell give listeners information on the reason for the Uncle's disappearance (vacation time and properness to be exact), which will only last until Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the show's first 9:30 AM-11:00 AM airing.

Final whirlwind segment, as the Uncle would call it coming up!

"Here is 'Santa Baby' with Eartha Kit!' were Bell's first words as the song's first words played before letting Chuck ask if Gene Autry wrote the original "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" song, which unfortunately for him previously is not true.

We actually have a positive response to last night's "A Christmas Carol" musical, this coming from the same lady who's favorite Christmas song is "Christmas Alphabet".

"and make 5000 copies of it", says Bell on the number of writing copies Bob should make as part of the effort of making the John Bell-hosted programs a regular part of 710 AM.

Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

(The Uncle shall return Wednesday!)

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 13

49 Years and 85 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Stu Kellogg (Now News Director at WAPT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi)

WKRG Fact: The early TV5 logo during the Seventies, as it appeared during the first 20 years:

Early WKRG-TV5 Logo

(special thanks goes to Matt's TV Guide Edition History Page for such a rare find)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with both the regular assortment of audio clips (including a voice message from "The Idea Guy', explaining why Michael C. Dow is a more of a Howard Dean clone and should be in Vermont) and a "Thank you so much!" greeting from the Uncle looking forward toward today's post-Thanksgiving Day interaction. "Are you expecting me to believe that nothing will be left", was among his reactions to this year's post-Thanksgiving sales, according to WPMI-TV NBC 15's live Wal-Mart reports this morning, along with the unmentionables WALA Channel 10 and WKRG-TV5. Leeanna was summoned via her theme music only to check if she was one of the 5:00 AM birds this morning. Well, she only woke up around 7:00 AM unlike many others, but she did leave her Theodore home to purchase items such as power tools. Due to Thanksgiving-related priorities in Appleton, Alabama, the Uncle (including myself) were unable to hear yesterday's "Best of Uncle Henry" in its entirety or ever (never referred to as "The Leeanna Matteson Show", as we would discover later), which turned out to be better than most thought according to Warren's instant review via voice message. He accidentally called our call screener taking hosting duties that day "Leon", which was a first before correcting himself. Could Warren have been attempting to pronounce Leeanna is the way of the French, according to the Uncle? After she left us, the Uncle read the latest smoking-related electronic mail from Ray (best known for his use of capital letters), this time he accuses the smokers of being "sub-human" or in other words a "leopard". Even with the return of the smoking topic to the minds of listeners, callers such as Norman spared some time to speak about this morning's shopping madness, which he was ever so glad to not be part of. Chuck was the first to ask how the Uncle's Thanksgiving turned out, unlike the burnt ham on his dinner plate. Yep, it was not of the Hall's Meat variety. Second half-hour begins with Lawrence Welk music before Jim shared with us his fired up view on Scott O'Brien's politics during the morning hours of 710 AM, yet he's still a great interviewer living up to names such as Lawrence King. Before the first post-Thanksgiving weirdo joined us, the Uncle reminds our local tax named Jim that no matter where he was originally from, Scott is still one of us. Tom shared a story involving Mike Dow, city building leakage, and the sake of folks' health. "There could be legal liability". Today's show gets a 5/5!

(Due to being nowhere near a computer at the time today's show aired, I found myself with a writing utensil and a sheet of paper during the entire hour. Unfortunately that busy hour on this post-Thanksgiving Day kept me preoccupied too, forcing an abbreviated review of today's show. Maybe we should've had a 2 part "Best of Uncle Henry" for pre- and post-Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from an old Thanksgiving Day message from the Mobile City Council (made during the WNTM era of 710 AM), followed by a few of the regular assortment of audio clips. "Thank you so much, welcome to the program!" was the Uncle's greeting for us, whom he continues to be thankful to have on board listening. "A lot of people like to do that" says the Uncle on upcoming callers today, but first the Uncle must say he's thankful for his living relatives and for the fact G.W. Bush was re-elected early this month. He reminds listeners of yesterday's story on the City of Mobile's buyout of property outside city limits, mainly to air audio reports by Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss and WPMI-TV NBC 15's Leeah Brennan speaking to Mike Dow. "Because we don't already have this kind of land" was Dow's response to the questions on the city's reason for this land. "Gasp!" says the Uncle after Dow mentioned the possibility of Huntsville, Alabama surpassing Mobile in size if we don't expand land wise. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" after reading Dow's land purchase in the Mobile Register was played, featuring the suggestion of placing his proposed land blimp on the property and said "who cares if we're smaller than Huntsville". After that, the Uncle admits to finding the whole purchase confusing, especially with the "found" $600,000 bond money, which could lead us to a source of money to finance the law enforcers. Lynn of Daphne joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll" still proud of "our team" and thanks the Uncle for allowing listeners to say what their thankful for. Like almost everyone, Lynn is thankful for our Heavenly Father, her family, and for "the most wonderful freedoms that people take for granite too much". Lynn is also thankful that Election Day 2004 turned out the way it was, mainly for everyone who rallied to exercise his or her birth-given right. "Lynn, you're a great caller!" says the Uncle before Lynn responded with "I try to be!" "The Idea Guy" is thankful that the Mobile region has this show to call, which the Uncle appreciated before suggesting Middle Bay Lighthouse as a second Mobile City Hall, only with a Bat Cave-like feeling. After showing his thankfulness for "Idea's" excellent ideas, the Uncle appreciated the idea of a "Dow Pole" to be used after receiving a phone call worthy of making Dow slide into the "Dow Mobile" with. Voice message from Tim began with his wish for a happy Thanksgiving before assuring us that his parents have made it to town in one piece, followed by descriptions of most of his family ("tall uncle"). "We have a line open now," says the Uncle after the first break before letting Chuck on the line. According to Chuck, Dow is also after the money in West Mobile along with that piece of property. Before Chuck left us, he reminded us that when Dow moves his mouth, you don't necessarily have to believe what's coming out. After playing the Dow audio again, the Uncle is more determined to find out why this piece of new City of Mobile land is nothing like any other. "I am thankful for Mike Dow, I am thankful for all the property we bought in West Mobile" says the weirdo joining us with his strange ideas of thankfulness. Jim the Tax Man knows why that land in West Mobile is so special, "A Cuban embassy", or maybe even a spot for a cigar center as the Uncle threw that one in. "It sounds like paradise, does it?" says the Uncle. Rick is a little upset with his residence of Fairhope, Alabama after reading a news story on an out of town blind man and his seeing eye dog being turned away from a restaurant, which should shock someone in or outside "Friendly Fairhope". After hearing Rick's call, the Uncle admits that doesn't sound like the Fairhope he learned to love. "What exactly is the purpose of the show?" was actually asked by Richard, who is most likely to be a first time listener. #1 purpose is for the Uncle's opinion and the #2 purpose is to allow listeners have their say. This would lead into a long discussion on the weirdo "pot head" calling in with hiss weird "thankfulness" or "hard core leftist" as Richard brought up. Richard admits to not attempting to attack this program and not residing in Mobile, but he does say his interest in Dow has peaked. While not trying to bore the loyal listeners, the Uncle explained for folks such as Richard his own philosophy and his dislike for the Dow philosophy. At 2:38 PM, the Uncle finally took the break for the ABC Newsbreak thanks to Richard's call, with complaints from Leeanna on the side. Second half-hour (or less) begins with the Uncle continuing with phone calls, if anyone is left after the lengthy conversation. "The purpose of the show is the share intellectual ability," says a different Tim before explaining the possible "sub-conscience desire" of Dow buying out West Mobile property. Van wished the Uncle a happy Thanksgiving before assuming that the Fairhope restaurant mentioned previously is out of doggy bags. The Uncle responds that dogs of the Seeing Eye variety don't necessarily need treats to help their master. Like Van, Robin is also thankful for Election Day 2004's outcome, "highlight of the year", before sharing her theory for the pot heads joining us today, which has a connection to the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday. "I would never eat an eagle" was the Uncle's response unaware of the Auburn language by this caller before wishing the Uncle's buddy Reggie Copeland of the Mobile City Council the best after having heart surgery. David began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before going on the contrary of Richard from earlier, he actually enjoys the show before bringing out the weirdo he turned out to be. The Uncle let David's call run its course until he hangs up with the possibility of Richard listening in the air. During the final whirlwind segment, Leeanna will reveal details on tomorrow's "partial" edition of the program. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of a previous Uncle encounter with a pot-head, only that one was self-proclaimed. Leeanna is summoned via "Evil Irrational Man" audio for information on tomorrow's "best of Uncle Henry" program, which will contain "a lot of rants" on "everything" by the Uncle spanning the past 2+ years the show has been on the air. There will be a segment ("not 30 minutes") dedicated to Leeanna, which brought up the Uncle's playing of an unpleasant Thanksgiving voice message from "Evil Irrational Man", now known nowadays as the "Transgender Auburn Fan". "Lunch and Dinner" is how Leeanna will be dining on her grandmother's cooking tomorrow. A normal David joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before considering the Uncle referring to callers such as Richard as "pot head" as something nice that they want to hear. "Are you going to be grouchier in the morning time?" was Leeanna's question for the Uncle soon to speaking to us between 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. "I will appreciate the TV…" says Bob ("a red-neck pre-vert" as Leeanna implied) spreading the news of Mediacom Cable bringing an almost new channel to digital cable subscribers (based on a 50+ year old publican founded by Mr. Hefner), which he's thankful for this Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the Uncle was forced to end today's line up of callers on that fellow, who said to Leeanna during call screening that all he wanted to say was something "thankful". Expect the final 2:00 PM-3:00 PM program before Wednesday, December 1st to be filled with numerous retrospectives. Listeners were also reminded to pray for Reggie Copeland's return to his position in the Mobile City Council. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

May this day of thankfulness, turkeys, and recognition be the best for y'all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Butch Bloom of West Mobile (whose name returned to the listeners ears yesterday) to Lillian Jackson audio clips. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" suggesting than former Gov. Don Siegelman would make a perfect replacement for Dan Rather once he retires from the CBS Evening News on March 9, 2005 (the 24th anniversary at the helm). "Thank you for listening, listener" was the Uncle's greeting on a day when topics can just fall and hit you on the head, in other words numerous topics as always. Spring Hill Golf deals at the 710 AM site are still available, just in time for the holidays consisting of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and such. Leeanna is summoned for questioning on why she's participating on other programs, such as Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story" now in its final days. According to Leeanna, Scott gives her more time on the air and is more kind to her. Now to City of Mobile politics, this time it's Mike Dow's pending purchase of land outside of city limits in order to create a "City Hall West". "That sounds pretty strange", quote Leeanna still in the room. $600,000 is said to be the estimate soon to be paid by January, which indicates that the folks at Government Plaza are actually saying, "We don't have enough money". The Uncle reminds longtime listeners and Leeanna about the West Mobile "annexation android", when out of town folks spoke out non-stop to say "leave us alone!" as Leeanna perfectly put it. According to some sources, if the City of Mobile purchases this property successfully, they have the chance to "suck all things around it". Leeanna admits to not being the only one silly in the Mobile region right now after suggesting that we buy out the state of Mississippi next. Before she left, the Uncle made sure Leeanna doesn't attempt to host her own show as she screens callers. "They materialized the money," says the Uncle on the entire Mobile City Council's passed $600,000 proposal to purchase this property outside city limits. "The Idea Guy" believes this property outside city limits will become city hall's very own "smoking section", which can be considered among his excellent ideas. After Mike joined us, the Uncle said "Roll Tide Roll" for him. As Mike sees it, this property being purchased is going to be Michael C. Dow's "kiss of death", yet the possible end of his reign as mayor is near. If Dow does indeed leave his post, the Uncle sees this "City Hall West" plan as gift for Mobile's next mayor, whoever that is (Clinton Johnson? Commissioner Sam Jones or Steve Nodine?) Despite this purchase, Gene believes Dow is still capable of winning Districts 1, 2, and 3 securing his position. "He's a pretty good self promoter," says the Uncle on Steve Nodine's appearances on Mobile radio since first coming to town. After the first break, the Uncle admits that he could listen to the music playing all day, but now he must focus on this show. Norman weights in on Dow being determined to annex West Mobile with this new city-owned property despite the people voting down the previous annexation plan, which he finds similar to J.D. Crowe's cartoons after Election Day 2004. Norman mentions the recent story on a deer hunter turning his gun against his fellow hunters, who turned out be someone of East Asia decent (puts an end to the "gun toting hicks" theory). "We may be gun toting hicks, but we're not homicidal maniacs" was the Uncle's response on this southern stereotype returning to most folks' minds. Observer Ed predicts that Mobile's only hope economically will be Mobile Bay's Eastern Shore community, thanks to the recently opened shopping center. Second half-hour begins with Tom, who suggests that everyone outside the City of Mobile limits set up "their standards, keep their own chickens, keep their horses under the covenant" and take a portion of services such as fire department. Tom reminds us about the dilapidated downtown Mobile buildings (no telephone service, no electricity) and their codes not being up to date, including the old Gayfers building the Mobile County Public School System recently purchased and sold. Melanie began with a "War Eagle", earning a congratulations from the Uncle before bringing up the "smoking thing" device set up in downtown restaurants which pull smoke out of the air. "It could be a fan in a box", says the Uncle before Melanie referred to the device as a "smoke pull outer". After admitting that she has something in common with Leeanna and attempting to gain her attention, the Uncle terminated the call suddenly. As he sees it, this is another reason why Leeanna shouldn't be on other 710 AM programs. Billy reminds us about the filibustering during the times of the Louisiana Purchase and the addition of Texas. Billy referred to the Uncle as more of a "Gentleman", which he doesn't find a suitable title for Scott O'Brien. Voice message from Tim asking the Uncle if he remembers the time Mike Dow said we have one of the lowest lodging taxes around, yet we only have one airport and cab service. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle thanking Phillip for staying on the line before speaking about the possible reasons for the annexation of West Mobile. "He's under the misconception that the city of Mobile owns those buildings", says Wayne on Dow who appears to be unaware that those buildings are private property. We lost Joe for Melinda before correcting the misinformed that the "smoke pull over" device is actually a smoke eater. After thanking Melinda for listening to the show, Robin asked the Uncle about his Thanksgiving show plans. Tomorrow's show will have mentions of thankfulness, but he won't be doing any personal appearances due to his preparation for the show's expansion on December 1st. Before letting J.P. on the line to request the removal of campaign signs (especially the Judy McCain-Belk ones); the Uncle wished his niece Amber of Faulkner University a happy 25th birthday. We have just learned that Leeanna is putting up the show airing on Thanksgiving Day, which will obviously be a "Best of Uncle Henry" program. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Note of Interest:

Tomorrow on the NBC Television Network's "Today" (1 hour delay by WPMI-TV NBC 15), keep watch for representatives of Mobile's very own Baker High School Band, who will fulfill their 2 year or so destiny of leading the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This local band leading the parade happens to be a first for our portion of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, which unfortunately won't be a moment cherished by the current folks behind WALA Channel 10 programming, the station that brought the Mobile region NBC programming from 1953 to 1996.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a repeat of the "War Eagle, baby!" audio from last week, followed by the regular assortment of clips. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle beginning another week's worth of programming on this excellent day for listener interaction. "I hold my head high on this day" says the Uncle despite the Auburn victory and the wetness in Tuscaloosa Saturday. "We can tell each other apart" from the Crimson Tide fan ponchos and Auburn fanatics' "garbage bags". The Uncle, along with some cousins was sitting on the 25th row at Bryant-Denny Stadium and noticed Ed Richardson among Iron Bowl 2004's attendees. The moment Mr. Joe Namath appeared on the field with the ball, many elderly ladies were gasping at his personality and movement. After sharing that moment, the Uncle admits to "enjoying that it was competitive" despite the Tide's lost. Before hopefully getting to non-football topics, "Evil Irrational Man's" voice message recorded after the Iron Bowl was played, featuring the Jackie Gleason quote "How sweet it is", a request for a stadium name change, and his famous evil laugh. Tommy began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before telling "Irrational" that he forgot to say G.W. Bush earned himself a second term before pulling his own evil laugh. After a few dial tones, we lost Tommy. "Do you think Auburn lost the war while fighting the battle?" says this particular Tim referring to the national rankings. The Uncle's best prediction to reach the championship title is for a hopeful defeat of Oklahoma, even though his entire focus this season was on the Tide's games. Voice message from Chuck on the sudden transformation of the show into another Paul Finebaum-type program with all the Alabama/Auburn talk last week was played. Expect the show's format to be back to normal tomorrow. Tommy returns to fire back at Chuck's voice message putting the Uncle in the same box as Finebaum, which can be translated as an attempt at "getting his goat". Bud Man joins us to admit that his prediction for the final Alabama score was lower than it turned out to be last weekend and congratulates them for "putting up a good fight". Jim the Tax Man returns to compliment the Uncle on his future hour and a half program for the morning hours. Jim cheered the Uncle up by saying no matter what time the show airs, even at midnight loyal listeners will be there. Ed admits that Iron Bowl 2004 was a great game before reminding us that out of the last 25 games, the Tide was only able to beat 3 teams up in the rankings. Gene knows why the Uncle is working on with expanded time, it involves a certain trio of letters standing for a local advertising agency. "If Vanderbilt can score 33 points, Auburn can score 70" was the Uncle's response after Gene's mention of the former's recent victory. Gene agrees with the Uncle that Alabama "just didn't have it" during Saturday game's first half. After letting Gene go the Uncle apologized to the elderly ladies for the almost non-stop football talk as the ABC Newsbreak begins to air. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that only a few "Deal" gift certificates for the Fish Camp (he was a customer) restaurant are left. Rick began with a "Roll Tide" before reminding us of the days when players of a particular sport required only a college degree to join a league. Even though the Uncle agrees with the strict fines against the 4 National Basketball League players, he still thinks the folks in the stands ought to be dealt with too. Leeanna is summoned after Rick's mention of "as Leeanna was saying…" ("How was I suppose to know", says the Uncle), referring to the accident on Airport Blvd where a Life Flight helicopter is needed. According to the Uncle, the basketball fanatics throwing stuff at the players need to be thrown out permanently. "Did you see me on TV?" was the Uncle's question for Leeanna, who was listening to the Iron Bowl while on the road to Foley, Alabama. Nope, she didn't visit the new Eastern Shore Shopping Center, which could even double as a retirement community as the Uncle sees it. "That place is beautiful, it's beautiful," says the Uncle on the future center of economic activity in Baldwin County. With Leeanna out the room and callers residing, the Uncle finally fulfills his promise to read some e-mail over the air, starting with one from Ray on the proposed smoking ban. "FOR IT AND HAVE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME FOR THIS, WHY?" and then Ray's words return to normal while staying on the subject. "It's repulsive watching a female smoke, BAN!" says Ray in this e-mail. "FOOLS" happens to be in capital letters too as Ray shares his 10-hour fight experience on a plane where smoke was in the air. The Uncle actually finds it hard to believe that Ray can't get away from smokers. Before the commercials leading to today's final whirlwind segment, the routine changing solution was suggested for Ray and the e-mail address unclehenry@newsradio710.com was repeated. Voice message from Tim noticing former Prichard mayor Harry Brown now selling real estate was played, similar too Butch Bloom and one day maybe even J. Forbes Kerry. "Politicians make me sick!" says Tim "Makes Me Sicker" ending his voice message. Final whirlwind segment begins with Chad's comments on the e-mail message. Chad believes this public smoking ban will successfully pass like in other cities and thanks the one who proposed the now passed higher premium for cigarettes in Alabama, which he doesn't mind at all. "Let capitalism decide" says Chad before leaving us. Preston's call included the much-anticipated suggestion of placing a fine on NBA team owners in order to keep them in line. "Alright, thank you Amber" was the Uncle's simple response to this new e-mail on the smoking subject stating "Having a smoking section is like having a (slang for urinating) section at the pool". After Steve cleansed his nicotine stained hands, Steve reminds us that "smokers have rights" while bringing casinos into the mix, which surprised the Uncle to the point of saying "What would his mom say about this". 450-9220 (Extension 555) remains the number to contact the Uncle via voice message. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 12

49 Years and 78 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Jere Hough (Weather Anchor Since 1988)

Chicago and the state of Wisconsin both took part in the upbringing of a well-known local TV personality and that would be TV5's Jere Hough. Before becoming morning television's latest addition, Jere was on a different path. Holder of a Bachelor's and Master's degree as proof of his success at the University of Madison, it didn't take too long for Jere to keep our nation's (or California at least) educational system alive. Even when he left the teaching profession for TV news, Jere managed to hold in there for a little while. Mississippi State University accepted Jere as his journey into a competitive landscape began. Now with a Bachelor of Science degree in hand, he's now ready to face TV5 viewers in the form of not only a weather anchor, but also our environmental guide. Who had thought that features such as these would lead to a series of reports on interesting findings in this part of the Southeast called "County Road 5"? Anybody with an open mind, I suppose. Nowadays Jere can still be seen covering the weather, but keep a good eye for his latest stroll down the county road bearing WKRG's channel number. No need to worry about his family of 3 offspring, Jere must have plenty of time of tending to them.

Jere Hough

WKRG Fact: Longtime employee Rosie Seaman has contributed a lot to what TV5 viewers have seen over the past decades. From a locally produced program aimed at children during the 1970s to most of the feature segments (cooking and the "Take 5" segments example) frequently seen. In 2004, Seaman was honored with the Press Club of Mobile's John Harris Award for lifetime achievement.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of the Uncle's humorous religious story involving IQ points, Saint Peter, and a "War Eagle" shout, followed by a few seconds of the show's theme music before Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry". "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle looking forward to listener interaction on this Friday. The show remains the overwhelming success it was destined to be, soon to become even more overwhelming once show expansion to the AM hours occurs. All it took was one e-mail complaint in the inbox to force the Uncle into reading e-mail on the air at least once more. "There's a football game is Tuscaloosa," said the Uncle referring to this Saturday's Auburn at Alabama match up before congratulating the Mobile Register on the difficult effort of "writing this mess" in their special Iron Bowl 2004 section. 15 out of 16 sports writers featured in the Register's special section picked Auburn as the winner this weekend, yet the only 1 who picked the Crimson Tide was "the woman", who's Cassandra Taylor with a prediction of 17-14 . He means no offence to all the female sports out there, by the way. Leeanna is summoned fresh from eating a rather large hot dog for an explanation to this lady picking Alabama outside of 15 male sportswriters picking the opponent. Speaking of that hot dog, the Uncle mentioned the Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile's visit to the Mobile region. "Alabama" is Leeanna's prediction, which got an response of "aww, come on!". "Evil Irrational Man's" latest voice message that the Uncle brings a bedpan and diaper to Bryant-Denny Stadium this weekend was played. Followed by another one from the same fellow (only with an evil laugh and different voice) referring to Paul "Bear" Bryant as "The Liquor Head" before accusing the entire state of being a laughingstock thanks to the Tide. After Leeanna left us, the Uncle admits to never seeing a female consume such as larger than average hot dog until today. First caller Tommy has a suggestion for listeners, contact a certain New Orleans radio station, even though most in the Mobile region are unable to pick one up. "I just heard the Auburn person, no class", says Steve on the latest "Irrational" voice message. Bob was interested in the Uncle's curiosity of the lady sportswriter being the one to pick Alabama before asking the Uncle himself for his pick. As previously said in the past, the Uncle won't be going on a limb this year. "Of course we're rational!" says an angry Uncle after Bob left us. Before the first break, the Uncle reminds us that there will be more phone calls accepted and "of course we're rational!" Voice message from Tim requesting possible help in case he ends up loss searching for his parents on Highway 90 if they get lost visiting town for Christmas. After the first break, weirdo Mike pulled a Mike Price on us. "The Idea Guy" began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before reminding us that "strange things can happen" at this weekend's bowl game. "Things are looking up," says the Uncle, which "Idea" agreed with. Brad began with a "War Eagle" before admitting how great the Alabama/Auburn rivalry has been this year and awaits an excellent game. The Uncle happens to be curious of Auburn's success, since he hasn't really viewed a game of theirs this season. Brad's scientific prediction rather than his "fan-dome', sort of applies more to the latter and from an emotional standpoint. A whole different Tim from the south end of Baldwin County joins us with a revisit into Auburn's performance on the field this season. "We're a happy kind of people anyhow", says Tim giving the Uncle a good laugh before giving everyone his Auburn victory prediction of 42-10. "Liberal news media headlines" says the Uncle referring to the half-hour ABC Newsbreak coming up. "15-10" says an Alabama fan Mark via voice message before explaining how come he's changed his clocks back to standard time. It happens to be Mark's own solution for the Uncle to take up an hour of Paul Finebaum's time. Second half-hour begins with "The Lone Ranger" theme as Michael compliments the Uncle on his "crispness" today before going into the details of a so-called bet he had with Leeanna a general audience (including young children and pets) unfortunately had to endure. After terminating Mike's call, Jim managed to get through the upsetting call before explaining the crowing of Auburn fans this week. "Let me talk to you, Auburn fan" says the Uncle before reminding them to at least enjoy the season and "learn from us" (Alabama fans). Bud Man's prediction for an Auburn victory is 31-0, which the Uncle hopes to be 100% incorrect. Walter managed to get the Uncle's gut feeling on who will win this Saturday's Iron Bowl and that would be Auburn. While the Uncle appreciated Walter's call, but he's getting rather tired of "references to his (Bear Bryant) grave", such as the ones "Evil Irrational Man" say in his voice messages. "Because it's inappropriate" is the Uncle's simple reason for why this is wrong. Thanks to weirdo Kim's accusation call, Leeanna (who call screened Kim twice) is summoned for how come she's lacking on call screening both the callers and "morons". He pardoned himself for being judgmental, which Leeanna has noticed much of the day. This Tommy believes Auburn is going to win tomorrow too and his call had no bitterness whatsoever. This Steve managed to get through the freaks taking stuff to seriously, which can be compared to the actions of fanatics with a 3rd mindset depending on a game's outcome. Steve mentioned an example on such occurrences, such as the Alabama fan & pappy who "took a shot at his son" after a Tide lost. He reminds us about the true meaning a game and despite the team you're rooting for losing, show some respect for the opponents at least. "Voice of reason, we do appreciate it" says the Uncle commenting on Steve's call before reminding us that we're listening to 710 WPMI-AM as the commercial break leading up to the final whirlwind segment begins. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "Batman" theme playing as Gene made his return to the show. Expect Gene to call the Uncle more often once Wednesday, December 1st comes, now confirmed as the day the show moves to the hours of 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. "When you throw the 'baby' in there, it destroys it" says the Uncle on a recent variation of the Crimson Tide's battle cry, which Gene did hear this week. After enjoying the pleasure of speaking with Gene, Mark asked the Uncle for the names of Alabama's quarterbacks. Whatever Mark was trying to do (expose him?), the Uncle didn't get it. Barbara has been a loyal listener since she retired and continues to listen to the Uncle, mainly for his Christian beliefs. As an Auburn fan, Barbara asked herself if should stand continuing to be a listener, but once the Uncle said he lets "War Eagle" through out of belief, she stayed with the show. "Hallelujah, my two favorite people!" says Barbara on the Uncle's getting paired with the Rush program. Van wished the Uncle would still be allowed to put in his critique of the Finebaum program. Despite Van's attempts, the Uncle still looks forward to the future, "even in the midst of Saturday's bowl game". Expect the Uncle to be meeting others at the "special RV" parked near Bryant-Denny Stadium this Saturday. Sorry folks, no e-mail was read as promised. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

There will be a Monday show post Iron Bowl 2004!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from yesterday's "I'm sure, almost sure that Auburn is going to win", followed by the regular assortment of audio clips. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" after reading an article on Gov. Bob Riley inviting his predecessor and wife back to Montgomery, oh wait, "Idea" was looking at a picture of Riley pardoning live turkeys. As always, it's a pleasure for the Uncle to be with us via 710 WPMI-AM and there is no sign of not looking forward to the show's upcoming expansion for the AM hours. Before today's numerous topics, here's "a gripe of mine", says the Uncle. A grandchild of his has just begun elementary school in Baldwin County, but something happened involving the boy has brought outrage to the Uncle. "Santa Clause is coming to school", says the excited 5-year-old child who brought home a flyer stating "Santa Clause is coming to take pictures", which costs a minimum of $15.00 a pop. Thankfully in the Uncle's case, his daughter and husband declined the boy's request of earning the opportunity of sitting on Mr. Clause's lap. Students such as the grandchild were forced to watch the forced pre-paid students sit on the fellow's lap. Leeanna is summoned via "Evil Irrational Man" audio to ask if she's had a similar experience. Her middle child was also unable to sit on Santa's lap due to an outrageous cost, but her state of sadness forced Leeanna to take her daughter to the mall's version of Santa Clause. "3, that's a lot of money for 3" says the Uncle on Leeanna's children getting their pictures taken with Clause. Currently, the Uncle is offended that the schools would have this "economic separation of children", including those in kindergarten. After Leeanna left us after agreeing with the Uncle's personal gripe, he reminds us that no such thing existed during his school days. Callers shall join in after the first break! After the first break, Tim weighs in on the ACLU, PETA, and J. Forbes Kerry who wants to see the United Nations, which Tim finds as screwed up as the Mobile County Public School System's Barton Academy headquarters. According to first caller Cindy, there are other ways to raise funds for schools rather than allowing national companies perform such acts. "How in the world have you been?" says Mr. C returning to the show after weeks of questions such as "Whatever happened to Mr. C" before reminding everyone that nobody, and he means nobody will ever change his mind about Christ being his Savior. Mr. C continues to pray each night for G.W. Bush to have the strength to carry out his term. "I believe the child should be in that class room learning", says Charles agreeing on our previous two callers before saying he would continue listening to the Uncle, even during the hours of 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. "News time here is 2:30 PM" was how the Uncle ended the first half-hour today. Audio of yesterday's "War Eagle, baby!" was heard during the break, followed by "Roll Tide". Second half-hour begins with the "Pink Panther" theme as "Idea's" latest voice message was played, featuring the possibility of the "first smokers' prison in the United States" being established in Mobile with Sheriff Jack Tillman as the head. "All right, we're back!" says the Uncle before allowing Jay on the show. As a Libertarian, the new smoking issue tears Jay whether he's for or against a public ban. "What in the world are they thinking", says Jay on the Santa Clause visiting school issue before mentioning the Alabama Power offices downtown being lit up like Christmas lights during the earliest hours of the morning. Norman may have not watched Monday Night Football this week, but he finds it shameful for them to air a skit which aired at the very beginning of the broadcast, now causing controversy. Another topic Norman wants to discuss, the Mobile Register's entire "Living" section was turned over to Paul Finebaum (pronounced by Norman as "Fine-BAM"), whom Scott O'Brien appears to be a crony of. Here's one thing that Norman is not hearing in this smoking issue, the possible rise of insurance rates "because you want to kill yourself". After getting everything off his chest, the Uncle said in relief "I'm glad you did". Virginia joined us with a "Roll Tide" before confirming for herself that the Uncle will attend the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa this weekend. Virginia has information on one of the many tail gaiters traveling to the game. "Let's all just gather together at the motor home" says the Uncle to everyone else who's invited him for their tail gating gatherings this weekend. Brent predicts an Alabama victory this weekend by touchdown before getting to Mike Dow's history of bombs, such as the Mobile Convention Center and the Carnival cruise line. There's still hope that the latter doesn't bomb at all, the city of Mobile has invested a lot of money on the cruise terminal itself. "If you can't pay the money, tough luck", say first time caller Sherry while agreeing with the Uncle on his grandchild's situation. Sherry brought up the "strip of the religious meaning of Christmas" leaving us with something simple like "holiday break", the fun aspect of the holiday being removed, and the question of the exact length of sitting on Clause's lap. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from Mark recognizing our a whole different Mark this week reclaiming the title of "Mislead Mark" before sharing the belief that Scott O'Brien's attempt at stealing Leeanna will only backfire. After that voice message, the Uncle mentions the possibility of rain on Saturday, which may become a Tide advantage. Tom joins us with a story in regards of his sister who was a superintendent of a school system in England, involving a plan for a fundraiser and the amusing loss of more money after the parents' fiasco with a black Santa Clause. Tom concludes that children such as ones at the school the Uncle's grandchild attends should learn that the Santa Clause taking pictures with children is only a fellow getting paid for a living temporarily. Our next caller, who's a non-smoker, believes that it's a little far-fetched of getting sick from second-hand smoke. She asked the Uncle if he's ever been insulted ("a lot of sour grapes stuff") with J.D. Crowe's cartoons since Election Day 2004, such as the picture featuring C-Leezza Rice the other day? The Uncle may have not paid attention to that one, but the ones in papers such as the New York Times featured cartoons beyond the realm of satire. "Are you saying that Santa is in need of cash?" was the Uncle's question of Daryl before he got into more disturbing comments. Both the Uncle and Leeanna thank the Revered V. W. Bradberry for the gifts he brought over to 710 AM today, including a "door thing" for Leeanna, which reveals of Christmas poem. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Notes of Interest:

Saturday, November 20th, as everyone gets ready for Iron Bowl 2004, Sam's Club on 601 East Interstate 65 Service Road South will be holding a book signing by the author of "A Redbird Christmas", Alabama's very own Fannie Flagg. The meeting, greeting, and signing begins at 1:00 PM.

The old call letters "WNTM" managed to sneak back under Finebaum's photo in today's Mobile Register.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to audio of a moment from the Mobile City Council, followed by most of the audio clip assortment, ending with all time caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll!" "Thank you so much, it's a pleasure again!" says the Uncle in this all too brief hour of listener interaction. Yep, he's still looking forward to the show's expansion, despite yet another City of Mobile crisis in the works under the name "new smoking crisis". Not only will the anti-smoking folks will be discussed in mere moments, but at least one of these negative voice messages from the Auburn fans coming out of the woodworks this week. Joe Danborn of the Mobile Register is given compliments for his artistry and wording while reporting on the Carnival cruise ship's recent "fender bender". The Uncle even has a favorite sentence in the article, "like a bus rolling slow motion over a yard sign", which should give folks interesting images in mind. Now the smoking crisis, the American Cancer Society is attempting to ban smoking in Mobile's public places by stating their case in front of the Mobile City Council. Both Mike Dow and councilman John Peavey are in favor of this plan. We have already received a voice message on the new non-smoking issue, from a first time female caller. "You can't be two-faced on the issue," says this lady on Mike Dow. The Uncle has obtained a quote of old-new council member John Peavey "Second hand smoke is probably more lethal to you than strait smoking", with is the only part of the quote most wouldn't agree with, besides it's impossible. First caller John began with a "Roll Tide" before bringing back the proposal to ban cigarette tax in Mobile County, which was raised recently. John finishes his well thought out point is that if the smoking ban occurs; something else must be taxed. Mike resents being mandated to do anything, whether you're a smoker or non-smoker. After the first break, listeners are reminded about the essentials when listening and calling into the show. Norman's buddy Don gave us an update on his female offspring after an attack a while ago. "She's got a long road to travel!" says Don before thanking everyone from the bottom of his heart that helped (through Regions Bank donations and such) in her journey. Another Mike joined us to thank the Uncle for the recent live broadcast from his business Fastental before asking if Leeanna (not referred by name) has gained any weight. Even though the Uncle wished to not discuss that, but he agrees that she should eat a sandwich. "Do you have health problems due to your low weight?" was the Uncle's question for Leeanna, who heard everything. The Uncle's attempt at asking Leeanna for her weight, who referred to herself as a "thin woman", succeeded with "115" (an estimate) as the outcome. As a smoker, Leeanna is both trying to quit and not try it in public. Seconds before the ABC Newsbreak (previewed by the Uncle as "extremely liberal" this time), the Uncle established that if the entire nation's public smoking is banned, everyone would be forced to pay a massive tax increase. A live commercial with the Uncle and Glenn Wilson of Superior Auto Detail and Superior Carpet Cleaning aired shortly before the show's second half-hour. (251) 479-2356 is the number to contact both businesses. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle still trying to explain to Leeanna that if "smokers are driven out of existence, the tax burden will be transferred" to something such as Hardees' Thickburgers. "That's a lie!" says the Uncle on eating one Thickburger, along with soda pop not containing enough calories to become the latest "ultra tax". Tom's family has been involved somehow with the sale of cigars over the last 100 years. They have traveled across the USA selling cigars and donating money to organizations such as the American Cancer Society. When Tom was in line to vote on Election Day, he noticed smokers putting it out close to the entrance, which is part of his "we're all in the same boat" point. As someone who once had a downtown restaurant seconds away from Bienville Square, which sold cigars and held musicians performing, Tom believes this proposed public smoking ban joins the ranks of how Mobile ran the musicians out to New Orleans in order to survive. After this shocking discovery and the caller not speaking about the smoking issue joined us, listeners got to hear Leeanna at work call screening Jim's call. Scott O'Brien joins us like a "moth to a flame" before asking how this smoking issue came about. Mike Dow's quote opposing public smoking was read for Scott and everyone else, which reminds him of New York City businesses after their recent smoking ban. "Warning, people are going to smoke in here" sign is the Uncle's alternative solution to this public smoking ban, followed by Scott defending everyone's right to choose a public place (such as Ladd-Peebles Stadium) and be aware of the high possibility of smoking. Leeanna call screening Randy's call, including the question on whether he's about to prank the Uncle was heard. Yep, he's not a prankster, just someone who wants to share some history that pretty much says how useless a public smoking ban would be. Final whirlwind segment coming up, which will be living up to its name more since we're running on a commercial break. Voice message with Tim's reaction to the latest Mobile City Council meeting (as seen on Comcast's Port City 6), featuring councilman Frederick Richardson pulling an "Old West" attitude to the lady at the podium with "I make the laws!" Final whirlwind segment begins with some "smoking music". 3-month Mobile County resident Mike began with a "Roll Tide" before sharing his encounter with the high gas prices around here and the Eastern Shore, which don't compare to the slightly lower ones in Birmingham. "We still have a chance!" says Mike before asking for another "Roll Tide Roll" out of the Uncle. Paul has two comments for us, first the smoking ban. "What's it worth living in America if you don't smoke in a bar?" were among Paul's questions before the Uncle responded by reminding us that everyone shall see if the smoking ban comes into effect. From the smoking issue to "War Eagle", says the Auburn fan who's opposite to his Tide fan wife standing by. "Evil Irrational Man's" latest voice message (edited) as a representative of the Auburn Nation was played, but not fully. Before leaving the airwaves, listeners are reminded to read Scripture as it's been said for much of the week so far. Today's show gets a 5/5!

"I see a little 'crimson', or is that 'auburn'?"- WKRG-TV5's Alan Sealls

(and there's your TV5 moment for "WKRG-TV: The First 50 Years", coming soon to hardback and paperback, now all we need is an author to write the actual book.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from the now famous "You Know That I Know" audio clip, followed by the regular assortment of audio clips loyal listeners have learned to love. Listeners were reminded through an audio clip that the Uncle's hair resembles the gray on Kenny Rogers' head. Already, the Uncle is having a pleasure in this brief hour with us the listeners, despite and numerous local and national issues. Currently, he's very proud that Alabama's very own C-Leezza Rice (this weblog's official name for Condoleezza Rice, does the name J. Forbes Kerry ring any bells?) is soon to export Alabamian ideas in her next position of Secretary of State. Now back to local issues, a revisit of the latest in Mobile County Public School System crisis, which spawned controversy involving teachers, custodians, and lawsuits being filed. The Uncle is still surprised by the fact that there were actually Mobile, Alabama teachers on Government Street where Barton Academy was located, but don't expect that portion of the crisis to happen in the not-too-distant future, as the situation is officially over as of last night. As the teacher responsible for the crisis finally got her time to speak before the school board on Mobile County teachers' excessive paper work, fellow teachers held paper plates to express their feelings rather than creating an atmosphere of "imminent danger". None of the school board members (not even Mr. David Thomas who wanted to leave) were harmed by these paper plates, which were likely metaphors for the paper work. Before allowing callers and their fresh phone calls, "The Idea Guy's" reaction to yesterday's show via voice message. "Idea" suggests renaming Water Street Melody Lane and invites Tim to help out in the "Do Nothing" effort created by Tom to promote Mobile. First caller Kenneth began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before reminding us of Scott O'Brien's stance on a constitutional amendment for immigrants-turned citizens to run for president before telling us that Scott isn't the only one that's an advocate. On "The Tonight Show", Arizona Senator John McCain revealed that he would be the first to vote on this amendment. "Wouldn't it be funny if he (California governor and former motion picture actor Schwartzenegger) were president?" is how the Uncle views folks' thoughts on this issue. Norman joined us with the usual "Good afternoon, Henry" before reminding us that Election Day 2004 went fine, but last weekend's ball game was nothing to cry over like spilled milk. Norman knows a friend who owns Chinese made sneakers worth $55, which is of course ridiculous. Thanks to Norman's curiosity, listeners know that the show's timeslot change will definitely occur before Christmas and after Thanksgiving Day. Voice message from Tim on a Government Street sighting of Mike Dow driving his car (Tim believes he's never seen Dow drive since he was a boy) to the bank. After the first break, we lost an unknown caller for Mark asking the Uncle if he's wagering again this year. Last year, the Uncle was encouraged by a veterinarian to wager on the Iron Bowl, but he passed on that opportunity. "This is not protection!" says the Uncle on Mark's attempt at encouraging him at waging against a team he doesn't find "superior". Mark's call was terminated for revealing himself to be too provocative. Charles returns to the show in need of help. According to a local TV station (All from WALA Channel to WPMI-TV NBC 15 reported this), the trash pick up people of FEMA were suppose to come on yesterday for the final time, yet Charles' trash was never picked up after previously being told they would return for the pile. "I would call Joe and Jennet Bonner!" was the Uncle's advice. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle's latest referral of the newsbreak as, "liberal news media headlines from ABC". A holiday-theme Superior Carpet commercial with the Uncle as their pitchman aired, excluding any words from this "Bubba" who left a stain on the carpet last year. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that the golf and restaurant deals are still on at 710 AM's site. Master veterinarian Chris Rim (the real one) joins us attempting not to predict Iron Bowl scores, because "anything can happen". "You'll find out shortly before it happens," says the Uncle to a curious Chris on the show's expansion and time change. According to the Uncle previously, Chris is not enjoying life as an Auburn fan, which happens to be not true. Chris won't be attending the game at "T-Town" or Tuscaloosa; he'll be at home like a majority of Iron Bowl viewers. While Chris wants his Tigers to win, but he's just not surprised with college football anymore. There are now 3 veterinarian offices under Chris' watch. The Uncle acknowledges the fact that out of all the weeks of the year, Chris had to choose Iron Bowl Week. "We don't have many championships to gloat about", says Chris. Before Chris left us, he asked the Uncle how he's doing before the holidays and wished him good luck. After Chris of the "Rim Veterinarian Empire" left us, John joined us bringing up the foolish caller yesterday who predicted Alabama loosing to 4 Auburn touchdowns. John's call was terminated with the Uncle sighting a possible Tide attack forming. Van has just noticed a "debris spotter" in Baldwin County, whose FEMA trash pickup should end by Thanksgiving Day. Van's call was terminated again, this time for not letting the Uncle know what exactly he's doing right now. We lost Butch for Austin starting off with "Uncle Henry, Uncle Henry, Uncle Henry" before leading everyone up to a surprise "War Eagle" shout. Final whirlwind segment begins with Lawrence Welk music as the Uncle reminds us that we're listening to 710 WPMI-AM. Butch joins us at last with a "Roll Tide" off the bat. Butch reminds us that this weekend Auburn is dealing with a team with the nation's #1 defense. "Anytime Alabama and Auburn play, you can throw the record books out," says Butch of what's constantly said each Iron Bowl Week. Leeanna is asked if she has affiliation with a college football team, which is a sport she doesn't pay attention to. Speaking of affiliation, Leeanna is asked for what's going on between her and Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story" program, which could possibly be among the many changes since 710 AM began sharing Channel 15's call letters. Our next caller (who shared a glimpse into his character) asked if the Uncle would be in Tuscaloosa this Saturday and for his location minutes after the game. The Uncle will definitely be there this Saturday. "They're skipping to the end!" says the Uncle on the Auburn fans coming out of the woodworks. "Idea's" voice message suggesting that if folks want to learn the truth instead of watching the news media "change the textbooks", read the first chapters few of Genesis, which the Uncle finds an excellent suggestion. "I have no idea, something liberal I'm sure" is Leeanna's preview for Scott's "The Big Story" tomorrow morning. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to a voice message of "Evil Irrational Man" repeating the Campbell's Soup slogan to himself (it's been confirmed), along with the regular assortment of clips (Rebecca Wilson, Lillian Jackson's "Thank you, Uncle Henry" audio, and such). "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" says the Uncle on this outstanding day for discussion on and within the Mobile region. As always, numerous topics will be discussed, but don't expect football to be the main topic. Auburn fans have escaped the shadows and have been sending colorful and somewhat hateful voice messages, even Auburn fan employees at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building are showing their pride through jackets and mugs. Aside from the possible consequences of Saturday's Iron Bowl outcome, the Uncle reminds us about last week's sudden controversy over Water Street and some speculation (via voice message) on this issue. "We can't afford that", says an angry Tim "Makes Me Sicker Guy" on placing a Water Street overpass pedestrian crossing before assuming the idea for speed bumps came from Frederick Richardson or another city official's visit to Havana, Cuba (one among many sister cities of Mobile). Here's another Mobile Register story that hit the Uncle between the eyes, both Mike Dow and Prichard Mayor Ron Davis have sent a letter "asking for a bridge to be built north of downtown Mobile" in order to ease congestion in the Wallace Tunnel. Currently, the Uncle still ponders how a northern bridge would help folks heading toward Florida from New Orleans? "This absolutely makes so sense whatsoever!" very much describes this alternative in avoiding a "Shadow of the Bridge" situation as many residents were concerned about months ago. So far, the Uncle is looking at Tim's suggestion to get the Retirement System of Alabama's David Bronnar into this. First caller Steve is doing well before showing he's not an advocate for speed bumps. The Interstate 10 bridge story was repeated for Steve, who agrees with the fact that I-10 doesn't go north. "They don't have a clue," says Steve before suggesting to the folks at Government Plaza to end their way of running businesses out of town. Joe has a Crimson Tide 17-16 victory scenario under the name "block punt". "It's payback time!" said Joe for the 76' Iron Bowl. Mark attempted to bring some "gutter talk" into a show when the super bridge topic is still "hot", which Mark used on the wrong context. Blake is appalled over this pedestrian crossing for Water Street, which he finds wide enough to create 2 lanes instead with traffic congestion as the concern. "Get the Friday paper," says the Uncle to Blake who has never heard of Water Street being impossible to cross until now. After Blake left us, the Uncle suggests contacting Prichard's urban planners, the ones responsible for the Prichard mall and handle downtown Mobile. "They're talking about speed bumps on Water Street?" says Patrick before mentioning streets unlikely to receive the speed bumps. Patrick's call had to be cut short due to the ABC Newsbreak. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" shortly after reading about the new Eastern Shore Shopping Center in Sunday's edition of the Mobile Register was played, where he plans on "eating & shopping". Second half-hour begins with the "Jonny Quest" theme as the Uncle promotes the last remaining golf gift certificates as part of the "Deal of the Week". John may not be an engineer or planner, but he says it takes about "5 to 10 seconds" to cross Water Street nowadays. Daily Water Street crosser Melanie is aware of that area of downtown Mobile is being attacked by others' gain. Tom believes the city of Mobile can do something no other can do, one side of Water Street can have a building with an elevator and a science fiction like "moving walkway" above the street for folks wondering over to the riverside. "Have it beautiful" says Tom before supporting the need for speed bumps inscribed with names. After Tom left us, the Uncle continued to visualize this golden opportunity created in mind. David who avoids Water Street and uses the Cochran Bridge instead joined us. Jay has two things to comment on, including one supporting last week's suggestion on extending "Don't Walk/Walk Signs" downtown. Yet another "Evil Irrational Man" voice message was played, featuring "It's Iron Bowl week, we can call scores" in this semi-heavily edited message. Final whirlwind segment begins with a reminder of the Uncle not being bothered by "Irrational's" voice message. Mike joined us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before showing his belief that Water Street is now part of the Interstate system. Leeanna joins us with her observation of Water Street during a time when both the Uncle and she were there at the same time, which was during the morning hours. "You're the touchy one, today" says Leeanna after the Uncle accused her of being that. It appears both Leeanna's appearance during Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story" and Scott's support of letting foreigners have the right to run for the Presidency has put the Uncle in a touchy mood (or just "moody"). James asked the Uncle how he's doing before bringing back the idea of building a monorail system for downtown Mobile, which was laughable previously. Before James left us, the Uncle says he would do "whatever it takes" to ease traffic congestion downtown. "You have no vision," says Van after sharing his vision for the Mobile Convention Center's elevators. After predicting an Alabama defeat to Auburn this Saturday, the Uncle terminated Van's call for an attitude no Tide fan should have. Before leaving us for the next 23 hours, listeners are reminded to soak in some Scripture in his or her head. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 11

49 Years and 71 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Janet Hall (Now at WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama)

Back in '77 of the 20th century, TV news' latest figure and Berry High School graduate completed her studies in Broadcast Communications and Speech Rhetoric at the University of Alabama. First stop, why WKRG of course as an apprentice. Starting off small proved well for Janet, as she would one day earn the job of reporting for about 3 years. Yep, she even reported before and after Hurricane Frederic reached our part of the world. 1980 would be the year Janet decided to make her return north of Mobile to her hometown of Birmingham. With reporting in her resume, Janet earned the position of WBRC's weekend anchor and kept the one she obviously enjoyed while at TV5. That's right, Birmingham got to see their hometown lady report on their surroundings. After numerous awards since joining the WBRC news division, it's very clear Janet is well recognized for informing the public on the big health issues continuing to impact our world, even today. Speaking of people's heath, Janet also represents her community at Birmingham's Chapter of the (American) Red Cross and AIDS Alabama. Nowadays, this mother of 2 off spring (one of Asbury United Methodist Church's founders) can be seen doing what she always likes during the hours of 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Birmingham TV.

Janet Hall

WKRG Fact: "From the Gulf Coast leading news station WKRG-TV, this is the (insert day) ten o'clock edition of News Center Five", was how TV5 viewers were welcomed to their late local news in the early Eighties. The audio can be found at the Southern Media Archive's site via the left-hand link, along with news themes from almost every TV market spanning the decades.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune, followed by most audio clips played yesterday (yep, even the amusing clip from Scott O'Brien's takeover of the 2:30 PM half-hour). "Thank you so much!" says a louder than usual Uncle thanks to the listeners fueling the show's success, plus anticipated expansion by few. Once again, we must guide the city of Mobile out of a new crisis, which very much explains the Uncle's loud tone. "The Unable to Cross Water Street Crisis" happens to be the title of this crisis, as first reported by Lee Davidson at the Mobile Register. What's fascinating in this article is that it's simply impassable to cross downtown Mobile's very own "Berlin Wall", as one business leader called it. After reading this article, the Uncle's thoughts consisted of "re-routing Interstate traffic", walkways, and "I never had a problem crossing Water Street!" Aside from waiting for the right traffic light, the Uncle has never felt daunted crossing, even with the fact that he's an old fellow with gout (also admitted to not being a fast runner). If he were re-directing Water Street traffic, he'd be "cheaper than a speed bump". Callers will eventually join us with their solicited views after the first break. The music playing after the first break very much describes the Uncle's feelings right now. First caller Jay joined us to support of suggestion of letting the Water Street traffic lights remain lit longer in order to save money. "Excellent point!" shouts the Uncle after Russ' excellent point on a sign for truck drivers on Interstate 65. Leeanna is summoned with news of great importance involving well-publicized trial that lasted almost 6 months. We lost another caller, giving the Uncle the chance to bring up those lawyers who appear on the TV during trials. Bud Man brought the idea of another parking garage downtown to prevent drivers from parking just about anywhere. Bud gave us his prediction of this weekend's Georgia Bull Dogs VS Auburn game shortly after a "War Eagle" shout. "The Idea Guy" listening to the show in Jacksonville, Alabama before hunting suggests either don't visit downtown Mobile (like him) or pass over by blimp. Second half-hour begins with the one of the Mobile songs, this one being titled "It's My Wonderful Town" or "My Love is Mobile", most likely the latter. Listeners are reminded that (251) 479-2723 is the number to join in before Derek joined us. As of truck driver, Derek understands the codes of the road. After Derek left us with the Uncle's truck driver complement in mind, listeners are reminded of the program "Moving On". We have received a future show idea from James, who also brought up Airport Blvd. being far more difficult to cross than Water Street. Bring in a traffic engineer as a guest to be "talked some sense into", happens to be James' idea. Grant is talking live from "the infamous Water Street", where plenty of cars are currently parked. Sylvia has a Veteran's Day story for us involving yesterday's annual parade. "Completely inappropriate dancing," says Sylvia on the dancers representing LeFlore High School "thrusting" themselves severely to the point of keeping her children's eyes away. According to Sylvia, LeFlore's representatives were the only ones doing this thrusting, which is nothing new when it comes to parades. The Uncle encouraged Sylvia to phone the school board on this ongoing situation. Leeanna is summoned for a cultural update, mostly on the lady these LeFlore's dancers they were imitating. Some listeners, including the Uncle are surprised that Leeanna would talk about another female's clothing, this Knowles singer Sylvia brought up. Before the break leading to today's final whirlwind segment, callers and listeners were given an apology for this detour in the show today. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from Debbie sharing her unhappiness about the Finebaum program's 2:00 PM takeover and wished the best for the Uncle's sake health wise. A patient Ed finally joins us with a permanent solution to downtown by allowing crossing guards to give Carnival cruise ship passengers hospitality instead of a waste in dollars on Water Street. Our next caller (who's brother was a member of the Crimson Tide's 78-79 football team) is very aware that Paul Finebaum's program can get rather tiresome once all the football talk is over with. Since the show begins at 2:00 PM, the Uncle took a peak at what's going on now, which as always is nothing but laughter. Don mentioned his December 11th benefit for a worthy cause, which will get plenty of mention on 710 AM. Before this week's worth of shows ended, the Uncle thanked listeners for their support when he was being tested at the local cardiology center. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of yesterday's slightly amusing, "I am also disappointed about losing Uncle Henry", followed by the regular assortment of clips and a word of irony (Veteran's Day and Arafat's death) from "The Idea Guy" via voice message. "Thank you so much, oh it's a pleasure to be with you!" was the Uncle's greeting for listeners returning to the 2:00 PM and thanks all the local veterans across the region on this Veteran's Day. "Interesting show" so far according to the caller on hold. Bad news for certain listeners out there, the Uncle's heart is in excellent condition according to his doctor. As long as any other vital organ of the Uncle's body isn't effected, he'll survive throughout the rest of the G.W. Bush Presidency. Schoolteacher Carol of Mobile County is whom the Uncle was talking about previously, "a real school teacher to teach us what's going on". "Tax increase, tax increase" says Carol, including all the threats of cutting football basically leaving a slap mark on every Mobile County teacher's face. "Is there excessive paper work?" was the Uncle's next question, which is absolutely true in the schools around here. According to Carol's out of town friends, their school systems don't have such paperwork such as CRT tests. "Recording scores on four different tests is not accountability," says Carol before getting to the state of Alabama's over development thanks to the federal "No Child Left Behind" law. Carol is among the many teachers supporting this Mobile County Public School System lawsuit. "More paperwork" was 22-year veteran of teaching Carol's response after the Uncle's question on the post-tax increase era for the school system. Mobile County Superintendent Harold Dodge and the entire board itself are whom she blames for this tax increase and "Armageddon" threats, like many others. "They are helpful this time," says Carol on Paul Hubbard's support of the lawsuit. For Carol's sake, she forced herself to stop speaking out more, now making the Uncle and listeners everywhere ponder what she was about to say. Carol came through and shared some more insight. After Carol left us, the Uncle admits that every time he looks at this issue, it's gets even more complicated. Callers will join in after the first break. Voice message from Tim referring to the entire sworn in Mobile County Commission by their nicknames before getting to their first duties was played. Speaking of Steve "The Hammer" Nodine, he coincidentally golfed alongside District 7 successor John Peavey at the Magnolia Grove Golf Course, home of the latest Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament. Our first non-teacher caller Freddie joins with his observance of G.W. Bush never smiling nowadays, which the Uncle has yet to see. After Freddie left us, the Uncle referred to his view of the world as "glass half-empty" and informs him that Bush does not need to visit a bar to relieve stress, yet he mentioned another stress reliever during the call, prayer. "Good morning or good afternoon!" says John before bringing up his next door neighbor/teacher, who's daily routine consists telling students to "sit down and shut up". John's former neighbors happened to be the 14-year-old boys who robbed Whitney Bank months ago, forcing a "my goodness!" out of the Uncle. Before the ABC Newsbreak cut his comments in half, John asked whatever happened to the ten Mobile County schools on alert status? Second half-hour begins with the Uncle promoting WPMI-TV NBC 15's exclusive interviews on why the King Brothers are the killers of their father after all? "That's a joke" says Nathan on Freddie suggesting that Bush attends Arafat's funeral before suddenly pulling an audio prank in the middle of the Uncle speaking about his doctor visit. "Evil Irrational Man" audio was used to summon Leeanna after this breakdown in caller quality. "It's your fault that I had a guy play audio tapes on my momma" was among the Uncle's reactions. A portion of Leeanna's recording of yesterday's "The Leeanna Matteson/Scott O'Brien Show" was played, which of course happened while the Uncle was getting checked at a cardiology center. There's a possibility that the Uncle may leave caller Van a lesson the next time he's off. After she left us, the Uncle shares his 3-minute experience with Doctor Abu, the nurses, this year's Sports Illustrated editions, and a version of the Bible. The Reverend Bradberry joins us jokingly asking whether today's show is another edition of "The Leeanna Matteson Show" before accusing the Uncle of referring to Him (above) in an unacceptable way. Bradbury would eventually forgive the Uncle, which was accepted. Glenn believes the reason Arafat is gaining so much attention today is due to his influence of violence in the portion of the world he once ruled. Glenn believes no nation's representative should attend the fellow's funeral. "It's an all time low!" says the Uncle after Glenn's mention of the Nobel Peace Prize won by Arafat. "His methods were awful" were the Uncle's final words on the subject of Arafat. Our second female caller today accused the Uncle of not having a heart before hanging up, which contradicts what he's done in Leeanna's career path. Voice message from "Idea" on Scott O'Brien's take over of the Leeanna program and a possible "Finebaum conspiracy" behind the 2:00 PM takeover. "Idea" also agreed with the 10-year-old boy who called in yesterday on expanding this show to either 2 or 4 hours. Final whirlwind segment begins with Tim reminding us to keep a good eye on our current judges until the next election cycle. Tim tried keeping his cool on the disgraceful piece of news on a husband's attempted murder of his wife with a baseball bat before suggesting that District Attorney John Tyson should beat him over the head. "This is just disgraceful," says Tim after suggesting WPMI-TV's Josh Bernstein to investigate this story in order to prevent similar acts of domestic violence. It's likely to be a Mike Rush investigation, according to the Uncle's viewing of his reports. Our Georgia Bulldog's call would later be terminated after bringing yet another insult toward the polling precinct ladies on this show. Tom suggests using a democrat and republican line for the show ala C-SPAN after hearing the recent callers. According to Tom, our schoolteacher Carol from previously was sort of misguided. Charlotte finds the Uncle obsessed with Leeanna's so-called offensive clothing, such as a shirt bearing the word "vicious". The Uncle understood and would keep Charlotte's point on keeping such descriptions off the air under certain conditions. 450-9220 (Extension 555) is the other way to contact the Uncle, only via voice message. A brief preview of the Finebaum program coming up was played, which was nothing laughter. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Good News for residents of the Gulf Coast without cable, WPMI-TV NBC 15 has increased in power weeks after Hurricane Ivan destroyed much of their powerful 2000 foot tower located in Baldwin County. Channel 52 (simultcast of The Home Shopping Network) is the only station to remain off the air since "Ivan".

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

This afternoon TV5 began airing a new 50th anniversary observance commercial, featuring photos of their news operation spanning from 1955 to the News Center 5 years and finally the post-Giddens era of today. Keep your eyes and ears open for more on this important milestone worth celebrating as September 5th, 2005 is coming in fast.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", followed by a few seconds of the show's regular theme music as Lillian Jackson's "I don't know if America is going to survive" comments played. Audio from the recent show with WPMI-TV NBC 15's Scott Walker was played, even the prank pulled that day was heard. "Surprise, surprise!" says Leeanna greeting us on this "Open Phone Day" due to the Uncle's doctor's office visit and small number of topics to discuss. Our first caller didn't answer Leeanna for his name before asking how long "that idiot" Paul Finebaum will continue to steal 710 AM's airwaves for much of the afternoon. "Vile-headed moron" was this fellow's description of Finebaum before leaving us. Next caller began with a "War Eagle" shout before reminding Leeanna that 710 AM is not the only radio station in the Mobile region, which opens the possibility of finding another station which can give the Uncle up to 4 hours. "CMI-AM?" asked this good Bill from yesterday's show before suggesting this is the best time for Alabama Republicans to take over the Legislature in Montgomery (95% democrat). Our next caller on this call screener-less day is another victim of not being able to hear the Uncle between 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. Van voices his opposition to this time change by suggesting a 1-hour ("more entertaining," says Leeanna) Mobile sports program. According to Van, most loyalists to the 2:00 PM are going to be missing Leeanan more than the Uncle. She showed appreciation starting with an "ah" before signing off for the first break. "The Leeanna Matteson Show" (being recorded for the Uncle especially) returns at the sounds of the "Batman" TV show theme as she keeps quiet of the reason why the Uncle is gone for the time being. Chuck thanked Leeanna for using his call during opening before finding it good the Uncle is about to absorb "The Big Story with Scott O'Brien", which he finds dead weight on the 710 frequency. Last caller before Leeanna's guest is Jay, who doesn't know anybody who listens to Paul "Stink Bomb". Jay put in his vote for "Two hours of the Uncle Henry Show and two hours of the Leeanna Show". Josh Bernstein of WPMI-TV enters the room with Sen. Jeff Session's reaction to his "License to Kill" investigation on how easy someone's identity can be stolen, even in a nation & world filled with more fear and awareness since Fall 2001. "We've got lucky," says Josh after meeting Sessions to show the report, which even shocked Josh by the fact that cameras were allowed in a federal facility. Before the ABC Newsbreak, Leeanna previews more insight into Josh's report, including more callers since (251) 479-2723 was mentioned on the air again. Second half-hour begins with ("gasp", says many listeners in mind) Scott O'Brien filling in Leeanna's previous role as John Bernstein's interviewer, so it's not a call screener-less day after all. Scott shared a story of a friend being asked for his social security number while purchasing (or earning free of charge) satellite TV system. We lost Steve for 10-year-old Robert, who already hates the fact that he misses much of the show each school day. "No final word on Paul Harvey" says Scott before letting yet another Bill on the line. Bill is among those complaining about the bed traffic planning near the new Sam's department store, which is less than identical to Wal Mart. Bill became the first caller to ask how come Scott O'Brien has pre-empted Leeanna? According to Scott, she can come back whenever she wants. Keith joins us on the topic of social security, involving his commercial driver's license and the violation of his privacy. Scott still remembers using a serial number after being drafted into the Service back in '68 (he's 55, if you're wondering), a short time before that system was done away for social security numbers. Keith still remembers his serial number, by the way. Ann anticipated paying for a copy of her birth certificate and discovered it was easier than previously thought. Scott appreciates Ann's view on the time change, among many others in the Uncle's audience. The ratings for Finebaum in the Southeast can be found in Scott's office and mentions that the Uncle remains very excited of his show's move (don't forget the expansion to 90 minutes) to the morning. Scott continued to show his love for the Finebaum program by mentioning a guest featured during yesterday's 10-hour, oh pardon me 5-hour program which is currently putting Scott on the verge of purchasing the guest's new book. Final whirlwind segment begins with "Welcome back" from Scott before referring to this segment by its proper name. Bud Man has a couple of comments for us, including one on the subject of identity theft. Yep, Bed showed some support for the Uncle too. Mike agrees as a longtime Finebaum listener with Scott that you can't listen to the program for less than 15 minutes, but he did say that Paul gets old real fast. "Shane McBryde will be back on a different station!" says Mike on Scott's old buddy before leaving us. Yet another good Bill, who first assumed the Uncle is being lost by 710 AM, joins us. Like Bill (who'll be listening to Sean Hannity on station 1480 AM WABB), Scott also listens to other radio stations. Ray asked for word on the state of Paul Harvey's broadcasts in the morning before sharing his memories of the talk radio legend's visits to the Gulf Coast. Scott mentioned the last minute phone call the Uncle made earlier, earning Leeanna some time to fill only for the first half-hour. Don't worry folks, the Uncle shall return on Veteran's Day. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

(Currently pondering the thought of placing a "Help Wanted" sign on this weblog once the show begins airing from 9:30 AM-11:00 AM since I assume manys listeners such as I are loyal to "The Price is Right" on WKRG-TV5)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Now just be happy!" says Michael C. Dow during his recent media blitz, followed by the regular assortment of clips. "Thank you so much!" says an enthusiastic Uncle greeting and thanking listeners for their support, especially on the upcoming expansion. "Much to talk about" is how the Uncle describes today's listener interaction, but first we must listen to caller David reporting on a "wimpy fellow" poking fun at the Uncle during yesterday's Paul Finebaum's program. "A passive, aggressive liberal type", is how David describes this fellow, which made the Uncle bring up another liberal type voice message. "Evil Irrational Man" happens to be one who sent the voice message reporting on "wimpy fellow", along with plenty of foul language that had to be edited except for the one originally used for "donkey". Jack joined us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before asking if the Uncle will be hosting the show on Veteran's Day? Yep, which gives Jack's wife the chance of both listening to the Uncle's words of wisdom and becoming the teacher he's looking forward to have a conversation with. After Jack left us, today's Mobile Register featuring a quote of the Mobile County Public School System's David Thomas in a politician-type way on public school board meetings was mentioned. If that quote were recorded, it would have been music for the Uncle's ears. "When Finebaum comes on, my radio goes off!" says our next caller. We have just learned that 90 minutes is the length of time for the show's new time between Scott O'Brien's 9:30 AM program and Rush. Weird caller Michael accused the Uncle of having cronies and red-necked friends who stay up drinking at night before supporting the airing of this show in the wee hours of the morning. Michael hung up as the Uncle was informing him with the truth. Before the first break, an important show note: There's the high possibility that the Uncle won't be hosting Wednesday's show after a doctor's discovery of shockingly high cholesterol levels. As Lawrence Welk music plays in the background, audio of one fellow finding Finebaum's program now at the point of disgrace was played. John joined us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before asking if Finebaum's ratings on 710 AM are responsible for why he's still on the air? Due to Paul's popularity in Birmingham's radio market (over Rush), a higher than Scott O'Brien decision was made to replicate the same success here in the Mobile region. Paul (not Finebaum) joined us to say his 710 AM listening will decrease once Finebaum takes over the 2:00 PM hour extending his time to 5 hours, but don't worry about the state of his loyalty toward the Uncle. Scott O'Brien joins us via phone with a "Roll Tide Roll!" (Mainly to enjoy the Uncle's version of Crimson Tide pride) before sharing his own view of the Finebaum program. Before Scott left us, he admits to enjoying today's show and wished the Uncle luck for his next doctor visit. We lost a David for Milton giving us a "Roll Tide!". Milton believes "it's all about money" after hearing Scott's commentary on the Finebaum program. "Redundant" is one word Milton describes the monster program placed on a station without an all sports focus. Bud Man joins us on this beautiful day before sharing his story of becoming an Uncle listener. This out of town radio program Bud was listening to previously may be considered "outlandish", but it was entertaining as ours, something that doesn't apply to the Paul Finebaum's program. As the first half-hour comes to a close, Scott O'Brien is compiling the cents our recent callers have dropped on Finebaum. Second half-hour begins with a lost caller, followed by Albert soon to change his listening schedule and complimented the Uncle on the informative nature of the show. Joyce joined us during her late lunch break with disappointment of the Uncle's time being changed to a timeslot, forcing most folks such as her to look forward to off days more than ever. Joyce would sacrifice herself to continuous listener ship, which the Uncle declared as the best compliment he's received in months. Ruth admits to very much enjoying talk radio, mainly for the voices of the city. Ruth may not enjoy sports radio, but she just doesn't enjoy the nature of a program continuing to lessen her radio time. Leeanna is summoned for the Paul Finebaum program number, which could be found on the show's website where she was searching for audio of yesterday's show. Reason for Leeanna's current mood: allergies after encountering a certain object earlier. Jay congratulates the Uncle on his new timeslot, which was accepted as "sincerity" for his own mental health's sake rather than sarcasm. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of Mike Sloan on Paul Finebaum not being a real journalist was played. Leeanna has found the Finebaum number for folks in a major Paul Finebaum Radio Network market to voice their opinions, 1-866-741-PAUL. A good Bill asked the Uncle if he's seen a certain non-J.D. Crowe editorial cartoon in today's Mobile Register? This cartoon features one lady complaining on G.W. Bush's first term while her husband handling sand, followed by a second part with the quote "and that's why I voted for Bush!", which forced the Uncle into laughter. "The Idea Guy" shall continue to be an Uncle listener, no matter when (even during the time he was in Jacksonville, Florida taking a break from hunting). According to "Idea", Leeanna could have pork chop allergies. After "Idea" left us, the Uncle mentions something that Rush probably never mentioned, last weekend's speech by Garrison Keillor of the "Prairie Home Companion" radio program on a suggested Constitutional amendment to remove the right to vote from born again Christians. Yep, those were actually USA residents in Minnesota roaring in approval of that suggestion. The Uncle hopefully shall return in the 2:00 PM hour tomorrow, depending on how long his doctor's testing is suppose to last. Before leaving the air, the Uncle encourages listeners to pray for everyone roaring in that audience. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on a familiar note of music, followed by the most recent addition to the Lillian Jackson audio clip line up and of course the two "thank you" clips. Sorry folks, no voice messages or caller audio before the greeting this time. "Thank you so much!" says the Uncle before getting the WPMI-TV NBC 15 promotion out of the way. Listeners are reminded that Paul Finebaum is soon to take over this hour while our show is given a new, yet expanded time slot. Leeanna spent the weekend restocking her deep freezer with about 100 pounds of meet, including pork chops, chicken, and sausages. Speaking of pork, the Uncle finds the meat very affordable in family budgets. Spring Hill Golf Course has released a new block of "Deals" since the previous one quickly sold out. "Bold eligible!" a wonderful milestone as the Uncle witnessed the Crimson Tide this weekend on the path to a bowl game, yet the Auburn fanatics are rather silent than during the show's early days. Leeanna had to leave to answer those ringing phones, besides all the Uncle really wanted to know was about her recent meat purchases. (251) 479-2723 remains the number to "talk about anything on your mind", but first the Uncle play one lady's voice message on the show's slow move to blocking out Scott O'Brien's 10:00 AM program. "He's too long now", says the "liberal grandma" (as the Uncle called her) on Finebaum's program before encouraging the Uncle to never take over Scott O'Brien's timeslots of 6:00 AM-10:30 AM on 710 AM and admits to not being fund of both his moralizing and anything negative toward Leeanna. First caller Arnold would want to run for the USA Presidency, but unfortunately the Constitution doesn't ratify that right for foreigners. Once again, to avoid the Federal Communication Commission's strict fines and possible banishment, the Uncle used to delay system on our unnamed caller who first seemed normal with his curiosity of Finebaum's takeover of the 2:00 PM hour. After the first break, Norman did the "good idea" of turning down his radio before finding out that the Uncle will definitely be on before the Rush Limbaugh Show, this time longer than an hour. Like many others, Norman was glad of Election Day 2004's outcome and anticipated the Democratic Party's many losses this year due to their messages. He acknowledged the fact that the "majority ruled" this election year. "Stankin' political gain!" is Norman's description for the re-writing of state Amendment 2 recently voted down. Norman showed his appreciation for the Uncle and this show's purpose before leaving us. Jimmy began with "Good afternoon, Henry!" before stating why Scott O'Brien is such inspiration and a "breath of fresh air" from the likes of the Uncle, Rush, Michael "Savage" Wiener, and Michael Reagan. In disagreement with Jimmy, Ed happens to be tired of Scott's on-air opinions when he should be reading the news. Second half-hour begins with "The Lone Ranger" theme AKA "William Tell" as the Uncle reminds about the latest Spring Hill Golf deal. "The Idea Guy" suggests a possible "Breakfast with Uncle Henry" program for 710 AM's early timeslots, but it would likely end up during the hours of brunch. "That's outstanding, I wish I could go along with a tape recorder" quote the Uncle's reaction to "Idea's" mention of Mobile City Councilman Frederick Richardson's trip to Japan with Mike Dow. Blessed man Bubba is now hungry after hearing "pork chops" and "breakfast" on today's show. "30 minutes is good for pork chops" was our latest "tip for living", which came after Bubba's suggesting to "cook them in ale", now joining ranks with the Uncle's pork budget tip for earlier. "War Eagle" shouts Melanie before pondering about this Democratic Party line of attack against G.W. Bush (she slipped in "Go Bush!") days before Election Day after the New York Times' report on missing weapons in West Asia. Blake began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before encouraging the removal of J. Forbes Kerry from the political vocabulary. Blakes's mention of cooking solutions website TXbeef.org strengthens the Uncle's new outlook of the Internet, which took a major part in Election 2004's outcome. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio consisting of "How can people hate each other?… I can't comprehend". A programming note for Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story", WPMI-TV NBC 15's Bruce Mildwurf will promote his latest investigation involving the health of one little girl. Brent's midtown Mobile story involved robbery, pizza delivery, a gun with no bullets, and a quick escape (with mild concussion) was brought before the listeners, proving that not everyone is safe in the Mobile region. John reminded us of the "counter-productiveness" of the suggestion for the Uncle's show to air past Midnight and for Scott O'Brien to continue taking 710 AM all morning long. Brent the Cartoonist recently sent a Kerry drawing featuring him in his new gig as a restaurant waiter (sorry folks, typing slang for a part of the human anatomy, which is shared by a popular restaurant chain known for chicken wings makes me uncomfortable) before sharing his pork chop recipe. The cartoon has to be resent (soon to be on 710 AM's website), along with a copy for Leeann. A Good Bill joins us with a reminder to turn on automobile headlights in the rain with windshield wipers, yet Mobile Police Chief Sam Cochran has never returned his report of no such activity. Leeanna is summoned via "Evil Irrational Man" audio as she attempts to comment on the Law. WPMI-TV's Ron joined us on the topic of the state's requirement for headlights in the rain for a minute or two before the end of today's excursion. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Note of Interest:

None of the pork chop recipes and solutions mentioned on today's show were encouraged by me, who's preparing to bite into some pre-selected (early this morning) Wal-Mart brand chops in gravy.

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