Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on a familiar note of music to one fellow's opinion on J. Forbes Kerry including the description of him being someone whose a "lying snail under a rock". "Alright, alright!" was the Uncle's greeting for us in this brief, yet successful hour of listener interaction and discussion. Listeners are reminded to both formulate and keep their question mind before joining in. Once again, the Mobile County Public School System's purchasing of the Kellogg Brown building has been brought up in the Mobile Register, but this story on one teacher (along with an education association) suing the entire system is what really caught the Uncle's eyes. "Unable to complain" is among the reasons this teacher, among many others are bringing in the lawyers. After reading this, the Uncle now sees the school board containing government's most difficult positions. As someone with teachers in the family, the Uncle has learned to appreciate each one of them, "but why a lawsuit?" just because they, including the students are stressed out from almost nothing else but tests. In conclusion, the Uncle is out of touch with today's students in world filled with "Game Stations" and "Play Cubes". First caller was a Ken Stabler mocker under the name "Kenny Stabler", who was immediately terminated. We lost Herb for a Good Bill, who first mistook the G.W. Bush piñata-beating event advertised recently as something involving the real Bush. "That's growing up!" says Jim the Tax Man on stressed out children. Jim's still protecting his "Ain't Good for Bubba" stance on Amendment 2. After Jim left us, the Uncle sees more folks opposed to Gov. Riley's Alabama Tax Plan people now supporting the voting down of this new plan on the Election Day ballot. According to Chris, students such as his son are required to read faster while barely comprehending the details. "Performance pressure" is how the Uncle describes the students' reading out loud in front of the class. Each teacher Chris spoke with has experienced trouble with this school year's new reading program. After showing appreciation for those details, the Uncle suggests that students read behind the curtain or in a special "reading closet" to avoid high levels of stress. After the first break, a version of the "Pink Panther" theme plays as Bob joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll". "Heaviest state in the Union" quote Bob before suggesting the need for folding chairs at Barton Academy. "Standing" was thrown in as another solution to prevent the further crumbling of the school board's current offices in downtown Mobile. We lost a Sarah for another female caller named Charlene, who gave us the typical homework week for her little girl finishing elementary school (school is also attended by Charlene's nieces). 15-minutes of reading, tests for each subject, and almost no family time (even in a house without a Nintendo). We managed to catch "It started in the middle year of kindergarten" (when the work filled path of Charlene's girl began) before the ABC Newsbreak aired without notice. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle doing some reflecting on Charlene's call. After assuring us the Uncle is doing fine, Linda gives us details on the increase of lessons usually done in school rather than at home, all this effecting her grandchildren who have scheduled dance lessons. Before Linda left us, her suggestion for folks with young readers is to visit a hardware store and purchase a type as a reading tool. Tom recently spoke with a prominent contractor on the cost of building an office building, nothing specific. "$100 a foot" according to the contractor who's known for work on structures built around here. Before Tom left us for the time being, he gave Leeanna his phone number so that the Uncle can speak with him again later. Mark joins us after speaking to Paul Finebaum (which the Uncle listened to accidentally) yesterday before asking if he just heard 2 ladies complaining on the show previously. Mark's 9-year-old son (also has a 19 and 21-year-old) has 2-3 homework hours a night for a non-public school system. According to Mark, his son is on the path toward becoming a company's CEO (high chance of receiving college scholar ships) while some children of the parents complaining are on their way of becoming hamburger flippers. Gail was in total agreement with Mark until he mentioned "bed making" as a way toward a bright future, which the Uncle also disagrees with. Gail may not be a schoolteacher, but she believes this teacher filing the school board lawsuit should have gone into a different issue instead of "extra paper work". Before the commercial break leading up to the final whirlwind segment, the Uncle acknowledges today's above average calls. Final whirlwind segment begins with the loss of George for one fellow speaking about the maze of paper work in order to give a student suspension days of 3 or more. Leeanna is summoned for her view after today's show since she's a mother of 3 children, rarely recognized due to her "wildness" (fish net stockings, driving a TransAM, etc) as the Uncle calls it. Her kindergarten child (5 years) happens to have homework (work sheets) each night, which don't take hours. "He does his chores better than the girls do," says Leeanna. Friday remains "Amendment Day" and the Uncle's opportunity to vent on Halloween as a holiday of worshipping the Devil. Leeanna attended the Greater Gulf State Fair with her children last night since admission was only worth one $1 bill, explaining a larger number of people. It's official, after almost 3 years of broadcasting the Uncle views this particular show as the best among them. I wonder how long until it's surpassed? Today's show gets a 5/5!

Notes of Interest for Y'all (one especially for folks such as Leeanna)

"Exxon Mobil shelves LNG plans for Mobile", that's the headline (or something similar) many residents near or on Hollinger's Island have been waiting for since last year. Mobile Register Story

Results of the Mobile Register's 3rd Annual Reader's Choice Awards will be revealed yet again in the paper's Sunday edition. Will Scott O'Brien earn the title of "Best Disc Jockey"? Every result is one newspaper rack or front door step away.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a Mobile City Council comparison of the transition from former mayor Arthur Outlaw to "Mike Dow: The Dynamo". Currently, the Uncle is glad to unload with us; in other words he needs someone to talk to. Before getting to the stuff weighing in on the Uncle, he must share his sighting of Alabama football legend Ken Stabler in the Mobile region. How? Before the Uncle fled Mobile County for his home in Daphne, he stopped by a midtown Win-Dixie store to pick up recipe ingredients and at the express lane the silver haired "Snake" was found. 3:20 PM was the approximate time Ken was found purchasing items such as "All" washing detergent. The Uncle also found it a "wonderful pleasure" to see a couple of old ladies give Ken a well deserved shout of "Roll Tide". A Leeanna update on a particular sighting by her, so she's summoned via "Evil Irrational Man" audio consisting of "Leeanna, oh dear Leeanna!" While at a Big Lots store, Leeanna noticed an enormous number of police cars in one area, which the Uncle doesn't find unusual. Leeanna's latest weird item of clothing happens to be fish net stockings, proving that she's one of a kind. In conclusion no real news development in Leeanna's life today. As she left for more call screening, the Uncle considered her to be paranoid after viewing a larger number of police. Now to what's weighing in on the Uncle, certain folks at the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building are attempting to change his mind as a non-J. Forbes Kerry person. "Keep it out of the work place!" shouts the Uncle's simple answer before letting our first (among plenty of callers unnamed) caller's question on Amendment 2 on the air. After reading Amendment 2 (the one on the Alabama ballot) numerous times (and listening to the Uncle's reading), this fellow still doesn't get what may economically impact Prichard. During the commercial break, Morse code sounds made its return to the 2:00 PM hour. As the show continues on 710 WPMI-AM, the Uncle reminds us about the fellow speaking about local Amendment 2. Our lady (who admits to be ancient) caller uses show time to share her struggle to contact the Board of Heath via phone in order to set up a flu shot appointment and encourages the listening audience to help her find an easier way to reach them. Thanks to a strict Federal Communications Commission and society today, the rest of what our next caller said was delayed due to saying something insulting toward Ken Stabler. Tim also witnessed Ken Stabler, who snarled at him due to the Auburn Tigers logo on his shirt. Unfortunately for Tim and others, the Uncle won't be hosting the Greater Gulf State Fair's hog calling contest again this year. Tim is among those (almost everyone) who cannot understand the non-English writing of the amendments up for voting on Election Day. We lost Kathleen for Diane, who attempted to contact the Board of Heath several times starting yesterday until today. "Redial, redial, redial", is what Diane recommends to successfully set up an appointment for a flu shot, even if it you finally reach them on day 2. For now, some time out for the ABC Newsbreak and commercials. Second half-hour begins with audio of "Uncle Henry, as you know, adversity is a character builder" before the Uncle reminds us about NewsRadio710.com's "Deal of the Week" for a cheaper round of golf at Glen Lake Golf Course. Joe encourages voters to vote "yes" on Amendment 1 because it would lower the burden on taxpayers. We have received another report on both sides of the presidential election flaring as Election Day continues to come closer. We lost Mike, who's probably too busy to pick up the phone. "Jim" was a "Rocky Top" prankster rather than a disrespectful Kerry supporter. "Not my darling, Leeanna" said the Uncle before summoning Leeanna to hear a voice message from Mark suggesting that she does a "get out the vote" commercial since he believes she contains the power to increase voter turnout just like customers to an adult bookstore. David joins us with his sighting of several marked and unmarked police cars westbound of the Causeway (before passing the USS Alabama) with tracking dogs. "Because I passed it too fast" was David's reason for how come he couldn't tell whether those police cars belong to Mobile or Spanish Fort law enforcement. Mary wants the difference between former Mobile police chief Harold Johnson's retirement and Sheriff Jack Tillman's seeking retirement. "It's all up to the voters" quote the Uncle on Tillman's future. George joined us with "Roll Tide" before pulling a Mike Price reference. We are reminded that Chief Johnson had heart problems, explaining his early retirement after 3 years on the force. The Uncle also learned that Johnson's case for retirement had to be taken to Montgomery. During the final whirlwind segment, we'll delve into the mysterious "Mystic Mackerel's" latest weblog posting. Final whirlwind segment begins with Leeanna's "great advice" as "The Dating Game" music plays. Tom confirmed for us that there's indeed a manhunt going on near the Causeway. Fred joined us with his ray of hope for folks who want the flu shot. After only a couple of times, "3 rings!" The Mystic Mackerel's latest posting (Mystic Mackerel.com) involves the fellow whose traffic tickets were null processed, yet he didn't appear at the Mobile City Council before that. Listeners have to read the entire post since only one source was relied upon by this "Mackerel" fellow or lady. Mike is actually scared when "buddies" are talking about entitlement, yet he sees Jack Tillman as someone not seeking that himself. "Each individual should take care of his own future", says Mike. During the show's last minute, Scott O'Brien was given time to promote his meeting with the sheriff himself (at request) during "the 10 o'clock segment" as "The Big Story" is usually called. Before the Uncle left us, he reminded us that this is the best time to pray for all politicians nowadays. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Notes of Interest:

Ken Stabler.com

Today is "Radio Day", as the first radio station licensee was granted on this day in history.

At 8:14 PM Central Time, a Lunar Eclipse will begin in view of 2/3 of the USA.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Watch:

Yesterday evening, a promotion recgonizing WKRG's 50 years as a Greater Gulf State Fair sponsor began airing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of one fellow who "just about forgot" why he phoned the show to "thank you so much!" from the Mobile City Council. Audio of the "Must Listen To Radio" description of the show was replayed. "Thank you so much!" says a louder than usual Uncle before thanking us for lending our ears continuing the show's success. After today's edition of the Rush program, the Uncle agrees 100% at the state of the mainstream news media. Now to local issues, an update to the Mobile County Public School System's upcoming purchase of Kellogg Brown building, now said to cost $8.9 million to purchase and $1.3 million to renovate a place only 80% vacant. Voice message from Tom, who joined us last Friday, is suspicious about paying $11 million dollars to renovate Barton Academy after paying for a new corporate office building. First caller Elizabeth joins us with answers to the handicap tag issue, if you're both handicapped and the primary driver, then you earn a tag. Placard for everyone else not under those qualifications. Robin received a piece of electronic mail including a warning on Amendment 2 soon to be on Alabama's Election Day ballot. Show barrels forward after the first break! After the break, Carol joins us (doing good today) with the news and confirmation of Burger King pulling all advertisement from Sinclair Broadcasting stations after the controversy involving their documentary. "I thought Burger King was one of those evil corporations that John Kerry hated" quoted our next caller Steve before discussing the fall in reputation of the propaganda makers, or "news reporters" as he used to call them. According to Steve, if J. Forbes Kerry is elected, we're going to get a lot of Jimmy Carter-like policies. John was implying the harm of school board employees by "cutting the fat" of the Barton Academy building itself. Before the ABC Newsbreak (their news structure has gained the Uncle's interest), Victor mentions how today's Democratic Party is nowhere near being the true political party it should be. Second half-hour begins with a voice message from Tim explaining why Mobile is doing such a fine job with the new cruise terminal. If Kerry wins the Presidency, Carnival cruise ships will be loaded to capacity with folks (such as Tim) moving to Mexico. "All right, lets continue with your phone calls," said the Uncle around the beginning of this half-hour as Patrick joined us. Patrick gave us a couple of definitions for "yellow dog Democrat" before discussing the "disappearance" of the voter fraud news story last week. After Patrick left, the Uncle concludes that this election marks the year folks are finally leaving the national media for alternatives, such as the Internet. Virginia joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll" before discussing the amendments for Alabama and Florida. Friday shall be declared "Amendment Day" on the show as listeners discuss and learn more about those amendments up for votes. Mike asked if Barton Academy just spent an umpteenth amount in the millions for new carpeting over the last two years? Yep, it's true in order to make the building more workable, then all of a sudden news of moving out of the building shows up. Mike ended his call by reminding us that we're not construction workers or politicians. Small business owner Cindy joins us with her campaign sign purchasing experience, which ended with only a few coffee mugs at a price. She was able to print out sample Alabama ballots featuring language (considered non-English to Cindy) that only a lawyer can understand. The address to the site featuring the sample ballot will be sent via e-mail to the Uncle, which he appreciates. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "Batman" TV theme before Ray asked the Uncle if he heard the Rush program this morning? Yep, only about 2/3 of the program. Ray wishes for a 30-minute expose program before Election Day to expose news media such as CBS News, but highly doubts the Bush campaign would do such a thing. The Uncle discovered during a commercial break that Leeanna took her children to the Alabama Port Fire Department's "Terror Trail" in observance of Halloween, which the Uncle still considers Pagan. At the moment Leeanna said celebrating Halloween (also known as Hallows Eve) is better than Christmas, the Uncle's temper flared after hearing something disgusting. Leeanna requested for the wearing of her "Bride of Satan" (black & white wedding dress) costume Friday, but expect the Uncle to prevent something a 10-year old would do. In the show's last minute or two, audio of singer Springsteen's also involved in this election year's efforts was played to see whether he was actually "singing". Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Tonight's Notes of Interest

6:30 PM "The Taste of Mobile Bay" at the Mobile Convention Center

7:00 PM: WEAR-TV3's airing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" (CBS and WKRG-TV5 aired it for years)

8:00 PM: WKRG-TV5's encore presentation of "Frederic's Fury!"

Monday, October 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Hello, Uncle Henry, Roll Tide!" says the great Lillian Jackson to "Thank you so much!" from the Mobile City Council. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" was played, featuring an idea for a made-for-the-home speed bump to be used whenever he's angry (occurs often). "Thank you so much!" was the Uncle's greeting for us, even for those still shocked that after 2 years this show remains a juggernaut. Before getting to today's numerous topics, the Uncle is actually proud Scott O'Brien has returned to 710 AM with viewpoints intact. "The Tide did better than I thought they were" was the Uncle's reaction to Saturday's game, so that's not making him upset either. At the moment Scott heard his name, he arrives (with his voice being picked up by microphone, a listener annoyance the Uncle acknowledges) with his stuff. After Scott left, the Uncle shares what's really making him upset. In an Orlando newspaper over the weekend, early voters are being intimidated by extreme J. Forbes Kerry supporters, that one lady (who was heckled for about 2 hours by one fellow after refusing to answer who she's voting for) sent a letter to the state attorney general. Howard Sherman is another victim of these rude sort Kerry supporters, who blocked him from a library holding early voting. After reading the article, the Uncle reminds us yet again that we live in the United States and a certain West Asian nation just had its first democratic elections. Washington and Ohio-based Bush/Cheney headquarters being vandalizing over the weekend have been confirmed, but don't expect the federal government, the United Nations, or even Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to step in due to possible negative reaction. "The only people that can do it are the people", quote the Uncle before wishing he could take some leave for Florida to assure voters' exercising that right survive. Callers shall join us after the first break! After a repeat of the number to join in (251) 479-2723, Jim the Tax Man joins us starting off by suggesting Charlie Moss should substitute for Scott more often during "Mobile's First News". Jim's friend Bubba's take on Amendment 2 up for votes on the Alabama ballot includes "Bubba knows it ain't good for Bubba". After Bubba's words of wisdom were quoted, "Idea" joins us with his pride for the Crimson Tide's effort against Tennessee last Saturday. As "Idea" sees it, civil war could break out between the Democratic and Republican Party in his lifetime. On November 2nd, expect "Idea", along with his daughter residing in Birmingham to not let fear of voter fraud stop them. According to Carl, Mike Dow is most likely aiming for the coaching job for the Cuban baseball team rather than the position at the University of Florida. Carl has noticed $2.50 Bush campaign signs up for sale. After reading the statistics for voters in Franklin County, Ohio (as mentioned by "Idea"), the Uncle reminds us that we have got to be careful on Election Day. Second half-hour begins with Lillian Jackson's famous "I don't know if America is going to survive!" comments. As listeners continue to stick with the show, the Uncle promotes Scott O'Brien's interviews with District Attorney John Tyson, Junior (Tuesday) and opponent Walter Honeycutt (Wednesday), so get your questions ready before calling in during "The Big Story" at 10:00 AM. "Rob" holding on the line turned out to be a "Rocky Top" prankster. We lost Frankie for Ann, who began with a "Roll Tide" shout, tells Carl that only the local Bush campaign committee is behind the $2.50 campaign signs, not the candidate himself. Ann left us with a reminder to pray for this country and vote Bush next Tuesday, followed by showing her appreciation for the show. Cutt joins us with a rather unique "Hello, Uncle Henry!" before saying that all money raised by Bush/Cheney campaign committees are for "The National Effort", for example a campaign sign in "swing state" Florida. According to Robert, not only campaign yard signs were being charged, but bumper stickers too at the local Republican campaign headquarters. After Robert left us, the Uncle suggests that the Bush supporter with a sign subsidize them. Lee actually thought about pranking us, despite Leeanna threatening to hunt him down. Terry Latham returns to the show, only via phone this time to say charging folks for signs is a way of "helping our candidate at the bottom of the ticket". 75 cents apiece happens to be the price of Bush bumper stickers. Terry is actually proud that Bush would rather be in a "swing state" (Ohio for example) spending money rather than here in Alabama. Final whirlwind segment begins with caller Rose's "I don't believe in war!" comments, including the reasons for not knowing who to vote for in 2000 (October 4th shared by Al Gore and Rose's son as their date of birth, Rose shares Bush's birthday). Ken ponders how a female such as Miss Latham can run a Republican-based headquarters? The Uncle admits that he's voting for Bush on "GOP political issues". Not even our second John's "Roll Tide" could be made out on bad cellular phone connection. Bud joins us with his comments for Terry Latham on "the folks that already donated money" to the political party she's representing. The Uncle is with Bud on what considers an act of political suicide. After threatening pranksters, yet only one came through with a "Rocky Top" playing, Leeanna is summoned for her thoughts on paying for campaign signs. Her momma was among those charged for a Bush sticker. Yep, the Uncle actually asked for what candidate sticker she bought. Expect Leeanna to be purposely dressing weird all week in an attempt to make the Uncle happy. E-mailers who forward everything in his or her e-mail box to the Uncle are encouraged to end this. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Note of Interest:

WKRG-TV5 will re-air the news special "Frederic's Fury" Tuesday at 8:00 PM (as ususal, the CBS program set for the timeslot airs after "The Late Late Show"), mainly because most viewers were preparing and/or evacuating as Hurricane Ivan was coming closer to our part of the world. Get the video cassette recorders (VCR) ready for what's 100% likely to be the final airing of this special.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 8

49 years and 50 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Drexel Gilbert (Now at WPMI-TV in Mobile)

Miss Gilbert came into this world a Texan, a Jasper native to be exact. From the moment she left the state where "the stars at night are big and bright" for Gulf Breeze, Florida, she had in mind that the Gulf Coast would always remain her home. While in college, she managed to report and anchor for Pensacola station WEAR. A while later, she would accept the opportunity to host "PM Magazine" in West Palm Beach, Florida. Nice weather, but it was just not "The Gulf Coast", so Drexel made her return home. It was in 1982 that Drexel would begin her long career at Mobile's TV5 taking on a variety of jobs. Reporter, bureau chief, anchor, and managing editor were among her jobs at the WKRG offices. In 2000, Drexel left TV5 to take care of more personal matters, such as spending more time with family, consisting of partner Jim, daughters Avery and Lauren. October 2001, Drexel returns to TV news in the form of WPMI-TV's new co-anchor. She has plenty of awards showcasing her success, such as one for best anchoring, best spot reporting and best feature reporting. Besides her young ones, Drexel must tend to her private zoo of a dog, 2 cats, a fish, and lets not forget the rabbit. Hobbies include collecting cookbooks and cooking.

Drexel Gilbert

WKRG Fact: From the Fifties to the mid-Seventies, viewers on the Gulf Coast witnessed the growing sport known as wrestling through TV5's "Wrestling Live on Channel 5", with Jack Bitterman as a guide to the ring. Less than a year before Gulf Coast wrestling made its return to WKRG in January 1976 (featuring live Mobile house shows taped every Tuesday at Expo Hall and later split into 3 different editions), Pensacola station WEAR-TV3 aired the program for nearly 6 years, taped at their studios in front of a live audience. The revived 1976 series aired following a TV5 late movie.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with "ok here we go, hello you're on the air", followed by a few Lillian Jackson/Uncle clips, including the now well known "Thank you, Uncle!" A few seconds of silence came before "Welcome to the show!" finally came out of the Uncle before he reminded us that this show's momentum has never ceased and desist. As of now, the national news (or USA Today) is deeply focused on this weekend's Alabama-Tennessee game. According to this article, there are plenty of signs of emotionalism going on, but no time to go in depth, numerous topics to discuss. Looks like the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile building is gaining some new next door neighbors after all, according to today's front-page Mobile Register article on the Mobile County Public School main offices moving to the old Kellogg Brown building. The Uncle has nothing against the hard working executives currently working at the crumbling 150+ year old Barton Academy in downtown Mobile, but "they are always out of money" and angry parents are likely to be seen a short walk away from 710 AM. Leeanna is summoned already so the Uncle can say that she could lead the welcome wagon for the school board. Due to her style of cooking, it's likely that a baked good from Pollman's Bakeshop will be given as a token of neighborly appreciation. Leeanna has no idea whether the old Gayfer's building bought by the school board can be resold. "Why not just stay and fix the old building?" was the Uncle's question with the idea of turning Barton Academy into a performing arts school (originally set for the Gayfer's) in the air. As Leeanna left us, the Uncle thanked her for "adding nothing". First caller Charlie began with a "Roll Tide Roll" before bringing up the idea of using the soon to be complete RSA Tower as office space for the school board, since it's in being built in the downtown area. Charlie's secondary idea is to build a whole new building instead. "Very intriguing idea" says the Uncle, even though he's not sure whether he's in favor or not. The idea of Retirement System of Alabama's David Bronnar becoming the old Gayfer's building's new owner (for a price of at least $1 million or so, according to the Uncle lacking knowledge in real estate prices) was thrown in before the first commercial break. Voice message from Tim, who just heard that once Mike Dow is out of office next year, Cuba's Castro will come over under a Democratic or Republican ticket. Show continues on this Friday afternoon starting off with weirdo "Shawn" playing some Tennessee "Rocky Top" music. The Uncle managed to control his out burst before assuring Leeanna that she keeps the "Rocky Top" audio pranksters under control. According to Brent, the school board wants out of Barton Academy because of its out of date fire code prior to 1970. "What was that commie song that guy was playing?" quote Chris before sharing his feelings after viewing a lady once weighing about 500 pounds on WPMI-TV NBC 15 News the other night. According to the Uncle, if Alabama singing personality Ruben Studdard were to move (Chris was laughing), maybe the entire state would go down in "The Fattest State" rankings. After Chris left us, the Uncle again admits to not wanting to believe this survey's rankings. Joe was a rather incoherent fellow, followed by a delusional one with his prediction for this weekend's big game, "Tennessee 28-Alabama 0". After the ABC Newsbreak (or "the bias" as the Uncle called it), some commercial words and the second half-hour. By the way, the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" is getting promotion again. This time the deal is golf, very discounted golf to be precise! Second half-hour begins with the announcement of all 3-phone lines open, yet we would still lose Tom. Yet another topic the Uncle wants to mention, WEAR-TV3's airing of Sinclair Broadcasting's "A POW Story". He's very aware of the accusations against Sinclair, but much of the interview portions featured are hard to dispute. Tom returns to ask if an appraisal is being made by the school board on the old Kellogg-Brown building ($4-5 million overvalued, according to Tom, plus more to renovate it). "They've got a huge mess in their hand and they're going move!" quote Tom before he left us. The Uncle expects a rebuttal to Tom or some backup, especially from a real estate expert. "Glad we're talking about money" is how our Bob began his call before analyzing our money's next stop. Audio of Mike Dow speaking about the positives of speed bumps, such as people dining close to one was played. One of the many good Bills joins us with proposal: Sell the school board to Mr. Bronnar. The Uncle believe that Dow hopefully has a special "RSA Bronnar Phone" under glass in a fashion similar to Commissioner Gordan's in the "Batman" TV series. Like me, the Uncle is also succumbing to the unusual October weather, according to the coughing during John's call. Real estate experts are once again encouraged to either dispute or rebuttal Tom's estimated value of the Kellogg-Brown building. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" suggesting that Dan Rather should be lashed with a cane on New York City's Fifth Avenue for the number of times he lied on air, followed by a suggestion to the wife of the fellow who called in about how the Uncle treats Leeanna. Final whirlwind segment begins the Uncle wishing to sit near the speed bump located a near a diner while listening to Alabama football this weekend. Paul, who helped build 2 commercial buildings in the Mobile region, suggests simply rebuilding Barton Academy from the ground up. "A smoke screen to spend money for nothing" says Paul. Another Paul joins us with a "Roll Tide" before bringing up the new ABC Liquor Store, that is only a few blocks away from the same type of store. We lost "Bill, and that's all right!" says the Uncle, because the conclusion of this week's shows is near. On a private line, someone called in requesting the time for "A POW Story", but first the Uncle (a company man) made sure WPMI-TV NBC 15 doesn't get angry over reminding us about a program on a different station. 450-9220 (Extension 555) and unclehenry@newsradio710.com are other ways of phoning the Uncle, even when this show is off the air. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Note of Interest for Y'all:

"The Talking Phone Book" (another alternative to "The Real Yellow Pages") lists WPMI-AM as "WNTM-AM 710", yet the advertisement for Clear Channel of Mobile features the relatively new NewsRadio 710 logo. Interesting.....

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on a familiar piece of music, followed by the regular bunch. Voice message from a witness to the "Holiday" cruise ship picking up delivered food for on board consumption was played. After the Uncle's most regular greeting, he reminds us that this very show continues to blossom "like a giant blossom". Even though we have a guest (WPMI-TV music playing in the background), this won't stop today's numerous topics. WPMI-TV NBC 15's Scott Walker is here to discuss the news media, but first he must promote next Tuesday's "Taste of Mobile Bay" (Caribbean theme) event, with Scott emceeing. In order to expand to the Eastern Shore's residents, "Bay" was added to the name of the event featuring food (of course), silent auctions, and door prizes (such as a trip to Burbank, California for a taping of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"). Here's a piece of news fascinating the Uncle, the entire state of Alabama now ranks as "The Fattest State" in the Union. "Eating is the new smoking" quote the Uncle on how the state attorney general would react to the new ranking before finally placing a tax on eating. As a native of Louisiana, Scott has seen plenty of big people there. "It has nothing to do where you live" was the Uncle's response as Scott was attempting to interview him, the host. Now the topic of "The News Media"! The Uncle's first question for Scott was why Dan Rather remains the anchor of The CBS Evening News? Simple answer from Scott, he's the face of the network spanning 20 plus years in a career longer than that. According to Scott, he himself would've been fired if he went down a similar route to Dan's "forged documents". As a fellow newscaster, Scott "doesn't want to believe he did it". "Now that's good!" was the Uncle's response to Scott believing that Dan should apologize to G.W. Bush himself for letting "forged documents" ever reach the airwaves. First caller James has a big reporter's name, Al Roker, or "The Former Big Al Roker", whom many folks loved before the bypass procedure. Bart suggests keeping a good eye at the cotton candy booths at this year's Greater Gulf State Fair, even though he believes even under this so-called #1 ranking, Alabama is still full of beautiful females of any size. After the first break, "WPMI-TV music" is replayed since Scott Walker (now filling in for evening anchor Peter Albrecht's temporarily). Audio prankster manages to get through, giving Scott a good laugh and an apology from the Uncle. 49-year Wayne can still see his feet at a weight of 190 pounds at 5 foot, 10 inches, yet insurance calendars require him to be 160 pounds. According to Wayne, Dan Rather dragged his executive producer into this controversy under investigation. Tennessee fan "Dan" was the prankster that forced the Uncle to summon Leeanna via caller Jan's "Leeann". She's trying to encourage pranksters to rest for today, but even after they say "yes", they still do it. Leeanna was forced to apologize to Scott, even though he responded with "that's okay". The upcoming Judy McCain Belk/Congressman Jo Bonner debate soon to air on Saturday on WPMI-TV was given mention before the ABC Newsbreak. Second half-hour begins with "WPMI-TV music" again with the Uncle reminding us that Scott Walker is the morning news anchor (been with Channel 15 for over 4 years). Mike began with a "Roll Tide" shout before giving us his game predictions: Alabama 23, Tennessee 20. "Your running back has some depth" quote Scott during this Crimson Tide debate. Alabama 10, Tennessee 31 happens to be Scott's prediction for this Saturday's game, which prompted the Uncle's question "Is Tennessee's defense that good?" The Uncle agrees with caller Michael on Dan Rather not having any credibility for over 25 years and shared with us his reaction to Rather reporting after Ronald Reagan was "attacked" back in '81, as Michael put it. "Uh-oh", that was how Scott reacted to an unnamed Georgia Bull Dogs ("we can't stand Auburn, doesn't like LSU") on the line. Before this Georgia fan's call was terminated, he poked fun at the ladies handling election polls. Another Mike joins us to say that this new "Fat People" study is actually on Alabama politicians and brought Jo Bonner into this. The Uncle still refuses to believe this study on Alabama ranking #1 in "Fat People", even after a call with too much on Bonner. Here's something that has been pondering the Uncle for months: The old "News Tip" promotion featuring video of a station wagon in the Bankhead Tunnel. Yet another WPMI-TV employee joins us, Ron Rhimes to be exact. "I'm not overweight, I'm too short" according to insurance charts Rhimes managed to see. "Thank God" was Ron's response to Michael Moore (who fits under the category of "overweight") not being an Alabama resident (unlike Oprah Winfrey, in which the Uncle was previously unaware of). Before Ron left us to continue driving his station wagon toward through the Bankhead Tunnel (this according to the Uncle), he showed pride of being associated with WPMI-TV after 6 years in the Salvation Army. Gina takes us to the issue of handicap tags, which could spawn a good Mike Rush investigation. The same Mike Rush responsible for a report on folks with false disabilities, surprising Scott that the Uncle would even keep that in mind. Final whirlwind segment begins with yet another playing of the "WPMI-TV music" and the Uncle reminding us that Scott continues to anchor with the "Sandra Shaw person", giving him a good laugh. Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Mobile Convention Center, $25 tickets, and proceeds goes to Make A Wish Foundation is all the information you need in order to get a "Taste of Mobile Bay". 438-4700 (Extension 2) is the number for corporations to pick a table for the event. "The Idea Guy" questioned Scott if he's distressed about lawyers filing lawsuits after Election Day. Scott has heard about this, but he would wait to see how it all "shakes out". The Uncle agrees with "Idea" on the scary thoughts of election lawsuits already being discussed. "Falling off the ship" is how Scott described our last two callers leaving the line, probably anxious for the Finebaum program. Alex Mathis joins us via phone at the sound of "WPMI-TV music", even though he just resigned early this morning. Once again, our show is making news today, first it was Scott Walker's first encounter with the Uncle, and now Alex's resignation. There's a chance Scott can talk Mathis out of this change in jobs. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

According to Scott, he first gained Mobile/Pensacola region-wide attention after appearing alongside former anchor Rebecca Wilson on the first edition of the Uncle's revived TV show on Comcast's Port City 6 (public access).

Around that time, Scott had a website called TV News Line and later a weblog under the same title.

Tomorrow at 7:00 PM, WEAR-TV3 will obey conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting's new decision of airing only excepts of their J. Forbes Kerry documentary as part of "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure, and the Media". Only 40 stations will be airing this new program focusing on how documentaries could effect election outcomes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of Lillian Jackson's "Hello, Uncle Henry, Roll Tide!" to a couple of "thank you" clips from the archives. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" promoting the idea of more restaurants in downtown Mobile for Carnival Cruise employees (and such) or else scorpions may threaten to devour them. "Yes, thank you so much!" was the Uncle's greeting for us, the listeners responsible for the show's popularity. "Let's have a discussion!" shouts the Uncle before reminding Cingular Wireless callers to not annoy others in talking in a place such as a grocery store. Reason why the Uncle is in a flustered mood, a break room's vending machine just stole his dollar bill. Not even the coin return could save his dollar in the form of cents. Even though the Uncle was never given a speeding ticket, he still wants an answer that Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss was unable to catch due to him filling in for Scott O'Brien (on vacation). This involves a follow up to one of the "most ridicules things" said at a Mobile City Council meeting. Recently, this same fellow standing before the council asking how to start shuttle or limousine service just applied for null processed tickets. As the Uncle awaits a caller's answer, here's another piece of news (or rumor) on the future of Mike Dow's reign. It appears appointees (John Peavey among them) in the City Council have the power of who should become Mobile's next mayor after Dow supposedly leaves for RSA, Inc. First caller Jim unfortunately left town after the Clinton Johnson and Thomas Sullivan controversy involving sapience stimulation. Before Jim left us, he gave the Uncle credit for being the source of information coming out of Government Plaza. According to Cut, the most likely way of getting a ticket null processed is through traffic school. Here's a fourth question for the listeners today, "If anybody see anything on the Comcast City Council replay last night?" call the show. "It's all part of the new era, just a way of life" is one fellow's reason for the vending machine's act of thievery. After the first break, District Attorney candidate Walter Honeycutt returns to the show to answer one of the Uncle's questions. "This case has not been dismissed" quote Walter as he was shedding some light on the resurfacing of this null processing controversy. "You're going to get a lot a straight ticket votes," says the Uncle after Walter encouraged voters to exercise their right during this D.A. election process. Second half-hour begins with audio of one fellow telling all about his wife's opinion on how the Uncle threats Leeanna. The Uncle's response, if he were near that fellow's wife, he hopes for the whole situation to be "null processed". Yet another political type joins us, councilman Ben Brooks puts in his cents on today's main topic months in the making. 17 null processed tickets happens to be the exact number, "so the vast majority have been null processed," said Brooks as he was getting his own total straight (14 last year, 3 this go round). Ben is definitely interested on the factors of safety in a shuttle/limousine service. He did not independently investigate the null processing circumstances, but no convictions have turned up. This show continues to be Mr. Brook's news source for information on supposed news such as Mike Dow's future resignation, but he has "heard some things" adding to this rumor, as the Uncle put it. Before getting back to callers, the Uncle concludes by saying that these certain city council members in support of this shuttle service just don't get it. We lost Chuck for Mark listening to the show via Internet, who waited until September 25th for an absentee ballot, but discovered that he needed the paper work in order to receive one. So far, this very pro-Bush (doesn't like J. Forbes Kerry's vision for a 4-year presidency) fellow has never received his ballot. Before Mark left us, he asked if the Uncle is furious over Auburn's victory this season? He may be envious, but in no way furious. Voice message has Tim's solution for visitors who want to quit smoking; it all depends on the number of times they fly into Mobile. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of caller Rose's reasons for not knowing who to vote for in 2000, including the fact that her son's birthday is shared with Al Gore. Ted passed along a job in the deputy mayor position that even the Uncle was unaware of. The word "ignorant" (has a bad reputation) was used to describe himself at the moment "deputy mayor" was mentioned. Ken is among the many receiving a busy signal when calling the probate court offices. While summoning Leeanna via her theme (and before using caller Jan's "Leeann" audio), the Uncle suggests simply going to the offices in person. Leeanna has also never heard the title "deputy mayor", could it be that he's never done anything in fifteen years or so? Tomorrow, media representatives will be at 710 AM's portion of the WKRG building on 555 Broadcast Drive to discuss "intense bias" in the news media during this time of year. Folks should recognize Leeanna's yard now, since a coffin is now in place as Halloween decoration. "Pick some, read some, memorize it" is how the Uncle reminded us how to study Scripture before leaving the airwaves for the next 23 hours. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Notes of Interest For Y'all:

This morning's edition of WKRG-TV5 News at 9:00 AM did not feature anchor Bill Riales due to feeling "under the weather", so taking his chair (and a few other positions, excluding "useless trivia" and weather) for the day was Sharon Case (Newman on CBS' "The Young & the Restless") using her free time wisely to visit our part of the world.

At around 6:26 PM during WKRG-TV5's 6:00 PM newscast, anchor Rose Ann Haven officially announced that she's soon to give birth yet again, this time it's going to be a "Jesse" (named after Haven's uncle). Murphy (named after Haven's long-passed father) and husband Terry could be viewing this young one as soon as April.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of reaction to a "Touchdown: Alabama!" victory to one lady unable to decide between the candidates for the USA Presidency due to their wives, both whom she finds "too kind". After the Uncle signaled the show' procession, he mentions that 100% of today's numerous topics won't be discussed due to time constraints, but we may hear plenty of voice messages. "It's not New Orleans", said a Carnival Cruise official in an article featured in the Mobile Register's "Business" section. Officials from East Asia toured downtown Mobile shortly before the Holiday's voyage from Mobile to Mexico. One other official says, "we are adjusting" as a first timer in Alabama. The Uncle managed to pronounce the East Asian names the best way he can. He suggested that Leeanna should use her TransAM vehicle as a cab to make the tourists via the cruise ships feel comfortable, but it's likely she would need a business for a makeshift taxi service. "Open more things down town", says Leeanna as another way to encourage folks who want to spend some dollars and have fun in Mobile. Callers, including more exciting topics are coming up after the first break! Voice message from an upset Tim on Gov. Bob Riley was played. "Bay Way Jay" would his truck to drive Gov. Riley around town before reminding us that the new cruise terminal has only been opened for less than a week, so there's enough time to gather businesses to participate in the rise of tourism. Phil began with a "Roll Tide" shout before playing some type of music many Tennessee fans would enjoy. The Uncle begs Leeanna to prevent any further disruptions by the fans of "Rocky Top" until this weekend's match up, maybe even long after. Rose, whose son Marcus Christopher committed suicide in late November 2003 had a dream shortly before it occurred featuring a message from Marcus on things to come. Don't expect Rose to have a difficult Thanksgiving this year, because she knows where the fellow is now, with our Savior above. Shortly after, she reminds us that we have to "do what we got to do", even though she doesn't believe in war as we delved into that part of the discussion. "My son tried to get off drugs by himself, and he wasn't able" and "let momma go over there to help you" were among Rose's last words before leaving us, maybe. With the Uncle's attention gained, Rose shares her encounter with a certain University of South Alabama doctor. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle acknowledged Rose's issues to discuss, if only we had more to consume. As of 2:30 PM, all 3-phone lines are open. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle feeling like he wants to start today's show all over again. He admits to making a "mistake on account of compassion" during Rose's story and apologizes to callers waiting. The chatter over the possibility of Mike Dow not seeking re-election in 2005 is getting louder. This rumor (started by a "Mystic Mackerel" column) goes against everything Dow said is recent years, especially with all the events revitalizing downtown Mobile. Earlier today, the Uncle heard a repeat of this rumor from an unmentioned company, except this rumor says the cruise terminal opening and ribbon cutting marks the beginning of the end of Mike Dow's reign. In the Uncle's opinion, this is the best time to consider who should be Mobile's next mayor. Van gave the Uncle thanks for having a heart ("why thank you" was the response) before getting to the rather interesting election year polls seen in the news media. Van is concerned over the latest bunch of new people ready to vote and the fact voting precincts don't except every form of identification (ID). James Earl Carter's (Van actually likes the fellow) appearance on the Letterman program was mentioned, which the Uncle did not see. After a very "civil call", as the Uncle described it, Wayne joins us with a story involving his experience with a whole different cruise terminal years ago. "There was absolutely nothing to do" was how Wayne felt when inside the terminal itself. Here's a suggestion from Wayne to the Mobile Chamber of Commerce: Use the older buildings downtown as places of interest (restaurants and such) for tourists arriving by cruise. Wayne knows a friend who recently moved from Palm Beach, Florida to Mobile, who considers folks who cannot use a touch screen voting machine "an idiot", because even a 5-year old can use those things. Robin uses the mayoral "fried food restaurant" theory (spawned after two Eastern Shore elections) as a way for the Uncle to take part in Mobile's mayoral election process. According to Robin, Tim "Makes Me Sicker Guy" would make a great substitute for the Uncle's current position if he were to become mayor. Audio of the now famous "He's another that makes me sick" was played for new listeners who don't get it. "It would be easier to run the city" quote the Uncle before the break leading up to today's final whirlwind segment. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle mentioning his failed attempt at counseling Rose during the first half-hour's final minutes. He thanked Leeanna for keeping the Tennessee fans away, but suddenly a whole different Tim joins us and ruins Leeanna's streak, as if this prank was set up between the two. After Zach joined us, he's elaborated on the origins of the "fried food restaurant" theory. The Uncle reminds Leeanna of the responsibilities of owning and operating a business such as a restaurant, including government regulations. Tomorrow, the Uncle pledges to not counsel any callers, but the local help number will get mention tomorrow. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

I was close, but a "3-point something" rating was nowhere near complete formalization as the end of today's show was getting closer. Quality callers also saved today's show from such as rating.

Note of Interest for Y'all:

Loyal viewers of the CBS Television Network's "The Young & The Restless" have a chance to see (via VHS tape or live) a familiar face under the name Sharon Cast outside the popular serial well known for "Nadia's Theme" during WKRG-TV5's 9:00 AM newscast.

Helpline Number (251) 431-5111

Monday, October 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from all time listener/caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll" to "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" Audio of one caller noticing Mobile's "great spiritual darkness" during Mardi Gras, yet he still finds it a great place was played. After a few moments of no voices, the Uncle greets us with "Welcome!" before admitting to having some fun for once. Reason for this sudden burst in happiness? This weekend's Alabama Crimson Tide victory over Southern Mississippi. After listening to the Tide's latest victory, the Uncle comes to the conclusion that they were "better than I thought they were". To be clear for non-football fans, "when they play, they don't throw the football" much of the time, which fits under the basic term "running forward". The Uncle gave congratulations to the Auburn people after their victory in the national ranks, despite Mr. Tuberville's decisions. Everyone should be aware of some states, including Florida holding "early voting" about a couple of weeks before Election Day, which he doesn't endorse. Here's something else that's been bothering the Uncle, over the weekend while taking a grandson for a ride on Mobile Bay's Eastern Shore, the 5-year-old fellow appeared to be frighten by the "images of death" & paganism decorated on folks' homes. Before getting to today's other topics, Juanita (the female form of "Juan") joins us to ask when exactly they started this early voting. All early voting (which Juanita also finds stupid and thanks the Uncle for "having the answer") results will be counted on November 2nd. According to Juanita, the Democratic Party wanted this type of voting as a form of foothold on victory. Joseph was the latest weirdo to pull a former Crimson Tide Coach Mike Price reference. After the first break, a reminder on call letters, local number (479-2723), Cingular Wireless code Pound 710, and long distance number (251-479-2723). Our next caller believes the whole Florida votes controversy in 2000 was all a fraud. "You need to get over and fix this problem", quote this fellow. Paul (doing fine) has news of local churches using Halloween (October 31, for those who don't usually celebrate on this day) as a day for children to dress up as their favorite saint. "That's better" was the Uncle's response. According to a Florida based website's frequency asked questions (FAQ) list, touch screen voting machines are being used for early voting and one of the explanations to this type of voting is "to remove physical or psychological barriers". As the Uncle sees it, the 2000 election left some sort of psychological effect in the air. Could it be the "little old ladies" who hand out stickers or "the pressure of making your choice" in a crowed room? Coming up, more callers after a few advertisers' words and the ABC Newsbreak, now being referred to as "The ABC Liberal Bias". Second half-hour begins with Steve "doing pretty good" before showing his concern for cheating in this year's voting process. Van used the Uncle as an example of someone who would bang a voting machine and say, "Why don't you hurry up!" which is not likely to happen at voting precincts. Our next caller remembers traveling to voting precincts in Chicago, giving officials only his address, and returning home to St. Louis as a registered voter. "We must never allow Internet voting" quote the Uncle's word for the young listeners (under 20) out there. Norman has the Democratic Party's motto "Vote early and vote often", which the Uncle agrees applies more today. "It was hard to tell," says Norman on whether it was incompetence or bias going on with the referees during last Thursday's Louisville VS Miami game. Norman ended his free call with a "Roll Tide" for us. R.T. joins us with a "Roll Tide Roll" shout (hence the initials) before bringing up the news of two arrests in a scheme involving false voter registrations and crack cocaine as a reward. Yep, R.T. would also want the Tide to beat Tennessee this weekend. Here's one possible psychological barrier mentioned by our next caller, the thought of accidentally voting twice and getting caught. "When Bush wins, this is going to signal the end of Democratic power in this country" quoting the Uncle for one fellow in fear listening to the news media nowadays. In conclusion, the Uncle finds November 2nd to be the day the mainstream media & their bias goes downhill. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "Batman" theme in the background as the show continues. We lost one caller for Don, a Georgia fan who was quite impressed by the Tide's recent victory thanks to his wife (an Alabama fan). Glenn has mixed feelings on voter turnout, with the thought of various ways of luring folks who are not likely to vote intelligently and all the folks who sacrificed their own lives for all residents of the USA to exercise their voting rights. "The Idea Guy" found a bumper sticker at the post office with the words "Lick A Witch". Leeanna was summoned to find out if a relative of hers made a voice message to Scott O'Brien (on vacation). It seems Leeanna actually has one of those bumper stickers in her possession, despite denying never seeing one. It's safe to say that the fellow's voice message has no relation to Leeanna. Before the Uncle left us, he admits to enjoying the listener interaction and reminds us that words of Scripture can even soak into our minds. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 7

49 years and 43 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Anchor Curt Fonger (Now at WPEC in West Palm Beach, Florida)

Fonger is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but grew up in Lowell located in the same state. After graduating from the Honors College of Western Michigan for Communication, Curt was named a Sangren Scholar. Not only did this fellow report for TV5, but also in his hometown of Grand Rapids. Fonger's far off locations of reporting span across the Far East (China, Korea, and Japan). Before joining his current workplace under the letters WPEC, station WTVX-TV34 had Fonger for their main newscasts until they went independent and ended news operations. Curt found work at WPEC in '89 (Mike Dow's first year as mayor) as a weekend anchor and reporter. Shortly after, he earned the anchor position of the 5:00 PM newscast before earning 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Nowadays, Curt can be found in West Palm County along with his partner for life and son. Hobbies: Tennis and Golf, interesting combination.

Curt Fonger

WKRG Fact: During the 1980s, TV5 weather bulletins on thunder storms & such occasioanlly reached the viewers, knocking off regular programming (lets use CBS' airing of "Rocky IV" for example) starting off at the sound of 5 pings.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with "ok here we go, hello you're on the air!" followed by the usual assortment of clips by Lillian Jackson and Rebecca Wilson. As always, the Uncle finds it a pleasure to be with us, especially on this beautiful day in the Mobile region and with the vision of a Bush victory on November 2nd in mind. Mobile County Co-Chairwoman (or "chairperson" for certain folks who prefer that title) for Bush Terry Latham joins us with her 20+ years experience in Republican Party politics. "Mobile is a little bit different than the rest of the state", says our lady when it comes to percentage of future Bush voters. "Alabama is ranked 4th on the strength list" is indication that this state's electoral votes are a sure win for G.W. Bush. Substance (according to the Uncle) happens to be the reason 710 AM has no toll free number, so there's Cingular Wireless code Pound 710 if you want to speak free of charge. Due to great demand and the Bush/Cheney HQ on Airport Blvd., "Bush stuff" is next to nothing right now. According to the Uncle, campaign headquarters in other states have been attacked or vandalized before acknowledging the fact this news' lack of play in the press. No case of vandalism in Alabama according to Terry, but it has happened in Florida. First caller Van starts off with his discussion with Leeanna on the Uncle being a "dirty dog" after praising yesterday's call screener before shedding some positive light on former holder of the Presidency James Earl Carter, aside from rising gas prices and hostage situations lasting until Reagan's first day. We have a new description thanks to one female caller for the Kerry supporters, who vandalized this particular Bush HQ in Florida, "they were criminals". After the first break a "Bonanza" theme remix plays before "Bay Way Jay" joins us to thank Terry for actually getting involved in politics unlike a few. Terry's answer for Jay's question, the entire news media would focus on the Republican Party if supporters vandalize their opposites' campaign headquarters. We lost Dwayne for Jim with a funny story involving his neighbor, Carter, hate mail & threats, and a shovel. Sheila (considers herself an "uninformed voter") believes voters are being intimidated through various media, including commercials. "Ohio is huge", quote Terry on a state always won by a Republican president since 1980. "Burglars do not put burglar bars on their windows", Terry quoting what her husband always says. "News time is 2:30" is how the Uncle ended the first half-hour again. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle giving Terry the news of this weekend's drag queen Kerry/Edwards fundraising event, where local news media are expected to cover. Virginia of Tuscaloosa requests information on local ladies groups representing the Republican Party or better yet "organization". 13-year-old Lawrence joins us to ask Terry if it's all right to speak his political beliefs in the cafeteria and classroom. She happens to be real pleased Lawrence even joined us, even invited him to help out with folks similar to her. 32-year old Alex Mathis joins us to promote the Young Republicans' once a month lounge meetings before the Uncle lets Terry know about the recent Bush piñata by the Young Democrats. "Poor Scott" was Terry's reaction at the Uncle's mention of O'Brien attempting to probe Judy McCain Belk's feelings toward the Democratic Party. Since the Uncle already gave us his analysis, Terry has plenty of time to give us hers. "For goodness sake, answer the question" quote Terry after listening to the audio clip. She reminds members of the 2 major political parties that he or she must support the organization first approached. Terry's message for Mrs. Belk is rather familiar; "you can't have it both ways". Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle asking Terry which TV show's theme song is playing? Unfortunately, many listeners won't know that was "The Avengers" until a future show, if ever. After Tim joined us, here's a solution from Terry for those "going both ways", simply go with what you believe. Ever since she started exercising her voting right, she always voted for a Republican. "I think a lot of these local people shouldn't run on parties" quote Tim before leaving us. Before Leeanna joined us via caller Jan's "Leeann", Terry reminded us yet again Alabama is "not anymore" a Democratic state after the Uncle reminded us of the state's Democratic past. Leeanna (wearing a choker) is aware of a certain non-tattooed call screener campaigning for her job. Scott O'Brien's vacation time will consist of pulling for the Crimson Tide this Saturday via pay-per-view, which the Uncle disagrees with if in involves a public university. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

TV5 Countdown to 50 Watch:

Today on WKRG-TV5 News at 9:00 AM, a short clip circa 1990 featuring young meteorologist John Nodar was shown for both nostalgic and comparative reasons (1990: A Full Beard, 2004: A Goatee). Fellow anchor Jennifer Abney considered him to be more "hip" (that's her slang, not mine) nowadays.

On a non-50th anniversary countdown note, TV5's 6:00 PM newscast featured an update (aired at 6:02 PM) to the Murphy High School controversy involving the "Fahrenheit" picture. It has been decided that a different point of view can be shown to students at the school. In other words, expect TV station conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting's Kerry documentary to be show in the future.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune now the signal of the show's beginning to Lillian Jackson's "you two clowns have done a fabulous job", followed a few regular clips. Classic audio of a discussion on the people of Mobile using the 1917 revolution in Russia as an example of taking back the city (using Bienville Square as a soapbox platform) was played. "Thank you so much!" as the Uncle regularly always greets us listeners with, including a daily reminder that we are responsible for the show's success. Atmore, Alabama and "where else?" (Pascagoula, Mississippi was added) are among the places around the world receiving the show via 710 AM's Internet stream at NewsRadio710.com. After viewing last night's "The Great Debate III"; the Uncle assures us that a G.W. Bush victory is coming via a majority of voters this November 2nd while witnessing what may be the beginning of the end for Kerry. "The rest of the Mobile media finally caught up with this show", says the Uncle about the "Fahrenheit" at Murphy High School controversy reaching this show 2 days before everyone else. Once again, Leeanna is taking a day off. For the time being, somebody non-tattooed and a newlywed (definitely not soon to be 19-year-old Jessica) will handle weird and non-weirdo callers. Jim the Tax Man joins us already with a tax report found on the Web. Case and point: Hospital bill would cost $23,000, you only have $1,000, and insurance companies would say "oh no, we don't pay sales tax". Jim shall return with more details. The Uncle refreshes our minds on this report from Fair Tax, an organization that would switch from the current tax system to things we buy. Infrequent listener Betty brings back the ongoing saga of Retirement Systems of Alabama and David Bronnar. She suggests it would be nice certain folks would send a few hundred dollars for shares. After Betty left us, the Uncle seriously views this new cruise terminal RSA has stake in as something that would turn the city of Mobile around, as long as out of town visitors are booking up for a trip on a cruise ship. "Are they going to be excepting food stamps?" was the taxing question (not too much) for the Uncle on the new cruise terminal. After the first break, a discussion format along, followed by audio of a Scott O'Brien interview on this morning's "Mobile's First News". Lillian Jackson's famous "I don't know it America is going to survive" comments were played as the show returns. "Very encouraged" were the Uncle's first words while discussing the presidential debate, which he was close to missing with thoughts of "nothing to miss" in mind. As he continued to watch Bush winning, the more interested he was in the debate. "I think he (Kerry) lost two of them" quote Tim "Makes Me Sicker Guy" via voice message on the polls taken shortly after a couple of debates. The Uncle very much agreed with Tim's observations. "The more they talk, the worse they can get" quote the Uncle's very own debate observations. The only Kerry moment that made the Uncle's jaw drop was his "contradicting" reaction to the question on abortion, including a quote of Scripture. Audio of Judy McCain Belk avoiding questions on Kerry's run for the Presidency, in other words avoiding Democrat-like behavior was played. "News time is 2:30" was how the Uncle ended the first half-hour before the ABC Newsbreak. Second half-hour begins with a repeat of the Belk audio before Russell admits to not hearing such a "dance like that", which gave the Uncle a few chuckles. Russell would welcome Judy into a more conservative political party with open arms. Susan (not the one who broke the "Fahrenheit" controversy, besides she sent a voice message recently) joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before agreeing with the Uncle on Kerry "not answering like he should have". Susan may not mind the debates, but it appears the news media is trying to formalize her opinion. After this Susan left us, the Uncle admits that pre-debate coverage ("2 to 3 days ahead of time") is more about hype instead of news. Glenn begins by saying Democratic Party's only survival skills is by using their own type of rhetoric. According to Glenn, it's all a "moral inconsistency" when it comes to the issue of abortion. The Uncle agrees that "if you're in favor of abortion….don't have it both ways". Before Glenn left us, the Uncle reminds us that the abortion issue being taken on was the telling moment of last night's presidential debate. A whole different Bill joins us to touch a couple of topics, job loss and such. Bill, including some friends own small business where people "misspell the name of the town" on a job application, yet it's on his or her job application. When it came to education and the ranking "middle class" during the debate, the Uncle was reminded about how members of his family, including him managed to survive. Here's a hypothetical solution, "there's a responsibility for yourself, so you can contribute something", which explains why Bush continued to bring up education a certain points. Final whirlwind segment of the program begins with Mike giving thanks for having the opportunity to speak his mind on Kerry quoting the Bible, yet he can't transfer it into his political life. According to Mike, even "the true liberal" can be offended by Kerry's reference to Richard Cheney's daughter Mary, which most now consider "for political gain". The Uncle agrees that Kerry has "failed his base" at a time where he can give simple responses, as Mike put it. As Mike studied the "for the cause effort", there are plenty of wannabe-liberals out there. The Uncle concludes that when ideology comes through, politics manages to slip through as well. Call screener Jennifer is summoned for congratulations for the call screening today. She was close to not "surpassing" the quality of Leeanna's call screening, but she had to pick up the phone while the Uncle was summoning him. Our 7-month newlywed's husband is expected to leave once again for the Service in about 2 months, probably sometime before or after the Christmas holiday. Scott O'Brien joins us to say how pleasant 710 AM's substitute call screener was earlier, receiving a "thank you", before promoting Congressman Jo Bonner's appearance on this station next month. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Note of Interest for Y'all:

This morning's edition of "The Price is Right" (airs against Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story")featured a fellow Alabama resident named Charles bearing a "Roll Tide!" shirt becoming the proud owner of a Ford Taurus in pricing game "That's Too Much!" and was given the opportunity to say Bob Barker's daily "Help Control The Pet Population" message.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a now familiar musical tune to audio of Lillian Jackson speaking on behalf of her radio problems. "Thank you so much, welcome to the program, it is a pleasure to be with you" was part of the Uncle's greeting for us, the listeners responsible for this show's success. Listeners in Brewton, Gulf Shores, and "who knows where?" can listen to us via the Internet. The Uncle appreciates yesterday's intellectual conversations, but there are doubts of today's show topping that one, mostly because Leeanna is out and former Thursday call screener Jessica is taking the rare opportunity of filling in for her. In case you missed yesterday's excellent program, the Uncle reminds us about a momma and her 15-year-old daughter traumatized after viewing "Fahrenheit" at Murphy High School. Turns out this isn't the incident involving the Michael Moore documentary, a school in Beaumont, Texas showed the picture. The Uncle suggestion's for all the students (on work release or something) listening right now: put your head on the desk and sleep through the entire showing. First voice message comes from retired administrator suggests that the parent should get in touch with the principal to excuse his or her child from viewing such movies. Back in the Uncle's school days, the only sort of films presented in class were hygiene related. Don't expect us to delve into that particular topic due to our type of audience. One frustrated caller forwarded his voice message to Scott O'Brien (voice was heard) to show his amazement of those who accuse "Fahrenheit" of being propaganda and accuses them of not handling something many call the truth. After about two years of calling his answering machine almost every day (maybe it is daily), the Uncle is very interested in this fellow who doesn't want to speak on the air live. Regular callers are next! After the first break, the theme used for the popular "American Idol" program was heard. First caller Steve is among those who "bathe in the truth", as described by the Uncle. Steve has yet to find any lies said by G.W. Bush during his administration, which doesn't compare to J. Forbes Kerry in a debate. "Tonight" says the Uncle shortly after mention of Kerry, referring to tonight's "The Great Debate III". Steve wouldn't want his children to be "deceived and lied to" as they grow up. A former Murphy High School student joins us to say why the showing of "Fahrenheit" doesn't surprise him. "In any class room?" was the Uncle's question for Rick. Even in Home Economics (or Home EC) class, students like Rick watched pictures not about finance, but "When We Were Soldiers" featuring Mel Gibson. Comedies were also a fixture at Murphy during Rick's journey. Call screener Jessica is summoned via her theme song to share her movie viewing experience while at Murphy, which she graduated from early this year. "MacBeth" (considered boring around the young folks, according to the Uncle's experience) and "Gone with the Wind" were among the movies the once so-called-troubled-tattooed-18-year-old young lady (soon to be 19 next month) saw in English class. Johnny calls to remind us about this quote from the vice presidential debate, "90 minutes of talk cannot make up for 20 years", or "90 minutes of tough talk cannot make up for 20 years" according to the Uncle. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle continues to ponder the thought of movies being used as part of some curriculum. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that we're listening to 710 WPMI-AM and promotes Judy McCain-Belk's appearance on Scott O'Brien's "Mobile First News". Ray began with a "Roll Tide" shout before showing how glad his children are placed in private school instead of a school system "being run by idiots" on his tax dollars that ought to be in good hands. Speaking of taxes, Jim the Taxman joins us to promote his short report on consumption tax for tomorrow's show. "Tommy" was a prankster, which forced the Uncle to remind Jessica that she actually has work to do, unlike those classes featuring motion pictures based on plays and books. John is next in line with 3 questions and has a need for wisdom, such as "Will this decrease the viewing time of movies?" after reading the Mobile Register story on hiring more math teachers. When John was in school, the Mobile County Public School System taught civics, which he assumes was probably done away for good reason. According to the Uncle, "civics" is under a different name for classes that ought to be showing "Fahrenheit". Tim suggests this new Sinclair Broadcasting documentary/expose on J. Forbes Kerry should be shown in schools too since folks (and Democrats) are already getting away with showing Michael Moore's film. Robert joins us with a "Roll Tide!" before pulling a Mike Price reference. "Thanks Mike Price, your legacy lives on," says the Uncle before the commercial break. Final whirlwind segment with Otho's return to the show on the subject of films in school and the torture of studying MacBeth back in school. "Back then, we wanted to go to school" quote Otho before leaving us. In the Uncle's humble opinion, "Shakespeare was popular, but not the greatest". From Alvin to Albert, who finds it ridicules about such movies being shown at Murphy before getting to his real reason to call in. Will questioned if Susan knows the name of the fellow who traumatized her daughter through "Fahrenheit". The Uncle knows the name, but he was told to keep it a secret. "The teacher wants to be your friend" is what our next caller considers the problem in schools such as Murphy. He has no problem with that, but practices such as showing movies is mainly the problem. John joins us with a "Roll Tide" before bringing up a story of a teacher being forced into taking down a picture of Bush and a copy of the Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments to the USA Constitution). The latter coming down is what the Uncle finds more "scary" and "shocking" to the point of saying "oh my goodness". Russell reminds us that he would protect his children "as long as they're children" and even quoted a bit of Winston Churchill for the moment. Speaking of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Uncle wishes for the lack of Churchill teachings in school to end. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Thanks to Susan and this show, the "Fahrenheit" school controversy has gained the attention of the entire Mobile-based news media. During the second half-hour of WALA Channel 10's hour long newscast, a report on Murphy High School's showing of the Moore film aired. At 6:00 PM, WKRG-TV5 and WPMI-TV NBC 15 aired their reports. Murphy's did not reveal the teacher's name in either. Susan and the show only were referred to as "caller" and "local radio talk show". Yep, even Channel 15 (under the same corporate umbrella as 710 AM) gave no credit to the Uncle by name.

Note of Interest for Y'all:

Pensacola-based station WEAR-TV3 is among the dozens of owned and/or operated stations under Sinclair Broadcasting forced to air this Kerry documentary during the prime time hours. October 23 at 6:00 PM is the day and time set by Channel 3. For those who enjoy "America's Funniest Home Videos", just be glad it doesn't always end up pre-empted in a fashion similar to "Jimmy Kimmel Live", which happens nightly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from a familiar musical tune to audio of one lady's opinions on Bush and God, which according to the Uncle many folks would find offensive. Rebecca Wilson and Lillian Jackson audio would eventually follow. "Thank you so much, excuse me!" was the Uncle's greeting for us before asking us if his voice is still hoarse after Saturday's Alabama game. We remain the reason why this show has achieved such stunning success, along with numbers such as (251) 479-2723. "Very interesting day" topics wise, including some more LNG (in case you forgot, whether you're a longtime listener/reader or not, it stands for Liquefied Natural Gas facility) news to be discussed with Leeanna and Mike Dow's latest media blitz. Beginning at the Clear Channel of Mobile facility at 555 Broadcast Drive on stations 95 KSJ, Lite Mix 99.9 FM, and of course 710 WPMI-AM. One fellow's weird reaction to Dow's appearance on "Mobile's First News" was played. "I was fascinated by that" quote Mr. Michael C. Dow after listening to audio of Paul Harvey's promotion of Mobile and the new cruise line. After listening to Dow this morning, the Uncle had never thought macadamia farmers and investors would pick this area for business, yet the possible end of Dow's reign is getting closer. First caller was an audio prankster before Carl of California joined us. Even though Internet stream listener Carl is a G.W. Bush supporter, but he feels the first debate was a J. Forbes Kerry victory. After viewing the second debate, Carl saw improvement in Bush when it comes to presenting and rebutting with facts. Our Californian received an "excellent analysis" response from the Uncle shortly before the first commercial break. After the first break, the "touching the numerals" bumper aired early this time as the Uncle looks forward to the show continuing. Today's Mobile Register featured a story on LNG tankers indeed being highly flammable and an "oops, we made of mistake" situation going on at a government agency. The Uncle wonders why a tanker used for LNG was even built out of flammable material in the first place, which is nuts? Reason why LNG expert Leeanna is being summoned (via caller Jan's "Leeann" audio), long time listeners should remember that she was among those in the LNG terminal's target sight. According to the Register's digging, "the material was so flammable that dozens of ship yard builders were killed" while constructing such tankers. "Keep your fingers crossed," says Leeanna on the permit to place the terminals not being reached. "Dan" turned out to be another audio prankster before a whole different Bill joined us. Even though Bill agrees the presidential debates are less than important, but he still looks forward to one fellow's (Bush in particular) "public speaking at high diplomacy" as the Uncle called it. "It gives us the chance to evaluate one factor among others" was another good point made by one of the many "Good Bills" out there. The Uncle congratulates Mike after giving us the news of his garbage finally being picked up. "It gives us jobs and gives us security jobs" very much describes Mike's view on a liquefied natural gas facility in our region. Aside from the weirdoes, normal calls during the first half-hour were considered excellent. Second half-hour begins with a voice message from "Bad Bill" with a rumor on the Uncle attending this weekend's drag queen fundraiser for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. "Haven't heard Bill in a while, which is a good thing" was the Uncle's reaction. The Uncle assured Susan that we don't necessarily have a main topic. Susan's daughter Helen (15 years of age) was very upset after viewing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit" documentary at Murphy High School, mostly due to parts involving falling bodies and cutting away to a nation in Western Asia. "It's a current event" was the "Current Events/Media Class" teacher's (one of the small number of male teachers in a public school system) explanation for showing the picture, even though he doesn't agree with 100% of the details. "She's too young to see it" quote Susan, even though she finds it all right for parents to show the movie at home, "that's their business". The Uncle understands this type of topic being appropriate for a current events/media class, but doesn't understand why it had to be this type of film. Weirdo Andy was probably a fellow student of Helen's, explaining the screaming (pre-recorded?). Yet another audio prankster barring Leeanna from "staying on the ball" made it through. "Unfit for Command", a book exposing J. Forbes Kerry is now in the hands of caller John. If this whole different Norman (not the one best known for saying "good afternoon, Henry") had his way, he would fire that teacher showing "Fahrenheit". Final whirlwind segment begins with a remix of "The Pink Panther" theme before former Mobile County Public School System teacher Lynn joined us to say "showing an 'R' rated movie, no matter what the subject matter, is strictly prohibited in the system". She agrees that something should be done about this male teacher "asking for it". "Fahrenhype" (promoted during Rush's program) a rebuttal to "Fahrenheit" ("a ridiculous excuse" says Lynn) got mentioned. Eric takes us back aboard the LNG topic, which he was previously discussing with Leeanna before speaking with the Uncle and thousands of listeners across the Mobile region and worldwide via the Internet. Eric encourages Susan to confront her daughter's teacher and make sure a similar incident does not occur. As for "The Great Debate" Part II and I, Eric has discovered the frequent character traits of Kerry "every 5 minutes". "Bay Way Jay" joins us to put his two cents on how cattle would die out as a species if they're no longer used for what they're made for, this being reaction to the PETA press release read yesterday. Another caller managed to get squeezed in to remind us that the class being shown "Fahrenheit" are not of voting age. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

That's right! Thanks to today's callers, the pranksters' latest antics were unable to strike down this rating.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show without "Listen!" for the time being, followed by Rebecca Wilson audio, and audio of "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" from Lillian Jackson. Amusing Mike Dow audio from his recent media blitz earned itself a repeat. As always, the Uncle finds it a pleasure to be with us, despite the strangeness in his voice due to yelling at an Alabama Crimson Tide game being televised. Brewton and Gulf Shores are among the many places receiving the almost live 710 AM stream via the Internet. Last Friday night was an enjoyable one for the Uncle as he witnessed what may be a preview of a November 2nd Bush victory, which featured G.W. jumping out of his chair to rebut Kerry's comments. Today's "Political Skinny" feature in the Mobile Register's "Metro/Region" section has no mention of the drag queen charitable story first mentioned last week, which has made plenty of local Democrats furious over ever reaching the main stream. Latest Mystic Mackerel online column features rumors (from the Mackerel sources) of Mike Dow's departure in 2005, including the possibility of councilmen John Peavey or Ben Brooks running for the position of mayor. This reminds the Uncle of Dow's "rocket acceleration stage" plan, which may never reach stage 3 if the rumors are true. First caller Ken began with a "Roll Tide!" shout before asking why the task force for underage drinking was not allowed to patrol Bay Fest this year? In the drunk teenagers defense, there are also plenty of drunk adults out there", says Steve before putting in his cents on Dow and Kerry. According to Steve, it's hard to believe Kerry is actually getting away with his views on taxation & the wealthy, plus he's one the wealthiest in the Senate. "The truth is in the pudding" quote the Uncle. After the first break, a voice message from "The Idea Guy", who was letting all those who want his Mexican sombrero to give him a call. Why the suggestion of inviting Speedy Gonzalez by "Idea", who happened to join us shortly after his played voice message. Because of this Saturday's Carnival ship party (at Cooper Riverside Park in downtown Mobile) featuring a Ferris wheel, a Mariachi Band, Mexican dancers, local school bands, and bugles. Yep, first cruise leaves for Mexicio. A whole different Ken joins us to say, "I don't know who else you can tax" besides the producers". Ken really wanted to learn more of the new cruise terminal, but he decided to let the show move forward. This morning on Paul Harvey News & Commentary, the radio legend gave the city of Mobile "the best promotion in years" thanks to this cruise terminal opening. "A nationwide siren to all the elderly" says the Uncle shortly before the half-hour ABC Newsbreak. Second half-hour begins with the Krypton music from the Superman movies soundtrack as a voice message from Tim "Makes Me Sicker Guy" shares his sighting of a trucker on a cellular phone. The Uncle acknowledges the music playing in honor of the late Christopher Reeve, even though he mostly preferred George Reeves in "The Adventures of Superman". "Political transvestite" is the latest description for Kerry thanks to one caller. The B-Bob's Lounge hosting this weekend's fundraiser for J. Forbes Kerry has a voter registration link on their site. This linked site happens to be the well-known Move On.org. We lost Tommy for Bart, who's glad the Uncle survived a certain storm named "Ivan". A simple "why thank you", said the Uncle. Here's another bizarre weekend event for y'all, while eating some fried chicken (a Sunday treat growing up) the Uncle checked his electronic mailbox (or e-mail) and discovered a press release from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on the news of a "Giant Chicken Display for Heartbreaking Chicken Photos" coming to town, featuring quotes on "the remarkable intelligence of chicken" from chicken activists such Tommy Lee's well known sweetie. "People Eating Tasty Animals" is going to be the name of Jim's upstart group rivaling PETA. Jim the Taxman joins us to say he's well into taxes now, but reminds us that we have be "real careful" in the future. We lost John to eat some fried chicken, possibly. "Fish experience stress" is some more news to the Uncle after reading (verbatim) the Ben Goldsmith story. Before the commercial break until today's final whirlwind segment, listeners are reminded that they are listening to a "A Special Columbus Day Edition of The Uncle Henry Show". Final whirlwind segment begins as the Uncle says, "we're back!" before letting Chuck on the line. Chuck knows by fact that chickens are very smart along the lines of raccoons and armadillos, explaining the question "Why Did the Chicken cross the Road?" "I see they care more about chickens than human beings," says Chuck on PETA, in which the Uncle agrees with. Listeners are reminded about last year's PETA event, which escapes the Uncle's mind. Leeanna is summoned via caller Jan's "Leeann" audio on this Columbus Day. "Should I have this day off?" was her yes or no question for the Uncle; "no" was the response. Leeanna was challenged to recite the famous grade school poem on Columbus Day. For some reason, "1772" managed to slip out of her, which would've have made Columbus late for the Revolutionary War. "Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492" are the words Leeanna shall learn until the next Columbus Day, if she's still employed at 710 AM or not (maybe at a manager-type of position). Before Leeanna left us, we are assured she'll continue to eat meat and learn the Columbus poem. "Paul Harvey Elderly News" is how the Uncle referred to the news bulletin before bringing up Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss being among the media members to tour the cruise terminal. "I've been getting some good ones lately" quote the Uncle after reminding us how the contact him via e-mail, which is and has always been unclehenry@newsradio710.com. He even reminds future voice message callers to not be shocked if his or her message ends up on the air. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 6

49 years and 36 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Sports Anchor Bruce Cunningham (Now at WBFF in Baltimore, Maryland)

Where has Cunningham been since his days at TV5 during the early Eighties? Why at Baltimore's FOX Broadcasting station as the sports anchor for their nightly "News at 10" newscasts, along with "Sports Unlimited" that airs every Sunday on that station. Early on in his career at WBFF, Cunningham hosted "Locker Room Talk", a cable program on regional channel "Home Team Sports". Add radio to his list of current job positions, because he can be heard weekly on "The Saturday Ravens Show" on station WNST.

Bruce Cunningham

Countdown to 50 Watch: Last week, WKRG began airing a promotion featuring a picture and logo (1979: The Golden WKRG-TV5 logo, 1998: The Slanted WKRG 5 Logo in Red/Blue Colors, and the current 2003 WKRG News 5 Logo) from the time of their past around the clock hurricane news coverage.

WKRG Fact: The following you are about to read in less than a minute is a transcript of a TV5 promo from October 1987, the night "Return to the Titanic: Live...From Paris" was broadcast live around the world:

(Camera shot of buildings on fire as the red lettered "News Center 5" graphic flashes to white)

Announcer: When news happens, WKRG-TV5 is there first!

(Shot of Mobile and Board of Education officials gathered in a library)

Announcer: Recently when some of Mobile City Council and Board of Education members went to Jacksonville (shot of Jacksonville bridge) for a fact finding and planning study...

(Shot of anchor Kellie Jones in the middle of an interview as a "Via Satellite" graphic appears)

Announcer: ...News Center 5 sent anchor Kellie Jones and a producer for live satellite reports.

(Graphic featuring the words "WKRG On The Road Show* at the 16th Annual National Shrimp Festival", while using the beaches of Gulf Shores as a background)

Announcer: At the National Shrimp Festival...

(Shot of a large crowd, including some children holding a "WKRG On the Road Show*" Banner, followed by reporter Keith Brunson reporting from the beach)

Announcer: TV5 was on the road to bring you live reports all weekend.

(Shot of a couple of visitors and Mel Showers)

Announcer: Not just a taped report for broadcast later.

(Shot of a live report at 10:06 PM featuring a graphic with "Live CBS Eye" above "TV5 Eye")

Announcer: When you see live, in-depth coverage, it's News Center 5!

(Slogan graphic appears, including a blue background as the "News Center 5" graphic flashes from red to white)

Announcer: Remember, "If it's important to you, it's important to us." WKRG-TV, where news comes first!

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