Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Listen!" to some amusing Mike Dow audio recorded during his recent media blitz, followed by the regulars. "Thank you so much, hello, hello" and another "hello" was the Uncle's greetings for both a certain tongue-tied listener and the rest of us. The Uncle appreciates Leeanna already being in the room (preventing a summoning by either call Jan's "Leeann" or by himself) and asked about the current condition of her '88 Trans AM, which is better than it was a day ago. "Fun to drive" was her description for an automobile, which the Uncle doesn't find appropriate for young ladies, especially a mother of 3 children. A mechanic representing the handy folks in Theodore took care of Leeanna's car troubles. Unfortunately, this Trans AM doesn't even include a radio, so the Uncle suggested transcripts of this show (or read this site). First weirdo of the day's voice message was played for Leeanna, featuring the pronunciation of "Leeann" in a way caller Jan wouldn't approve of. After she left us, the Uncle admits that after 2 years some listeners still can't get the name "Leeanna" right and substitutes for a shorter form. After reading today's Mobile Register, the Uncle asked himself "What kind of person is undecided?" as in 18% of voters according to this poll taken in the presidential election year of 2004. According to the Uncle, these undecided folks are waiting for the "right slogan to catch you" through TV advertisements from the candidates. He hopes that the task of picking up undecided folks, which he calls worthless, does not succeed. First caller takes the Uncle and everyone else to the topic of discrimination & older drivers, who are usually careful on the road and the ones who contributed to the roads' construction. Scott O'Brien rushes into the studio to defend his earlier statements on this morning's "The Big Story" which sparked this confusing, yet informative discussion. Scott's honest position on older drivers is that there is no way to pass a law to take the licenses out of older drivers' hands. Reason why this particular issue came up in the first place? A daughter of the 55-year-old Scott recently ended up in a collision with an 80-year-old driver. After the first break, prankster "Ed" joins us and gives Leeanna a "Strike 1" for being let through. Robin asked the Uncle if he's noticed the most recent mayoral elections in Baldwin County cities such as Spanish Fort having some sort of pattern? Robin believes Mike Dow's opponent running in Mobile's 2005 election will also be a restaurant owner and/or fried food fryer. This officially made Robin's call "Call of the Week", but the chance for someone else to top that must come after the ABC Newsbreak. Scott O'Brien was responsible for this pre-ABC Newsbreak segment ending up short. Second half-hour begins with a lost caller, followed by Marvin reminding us that "driving is a privilege" and assumes Scott said it's an USA given right. Scott returns yet again to say the ones whom that discriminate against older drivers that pay. Scott leaves us, but he's still keeping an ear out for any words being put into his mouth. Ben was another Arkansas Razorback hog, which is getting old and earns Leeanna a "Strike 2". Blake gives us some food for thought such as taking the away the older folks' right to drive would imprison them in their own home. After Blake left us, the Uncle continued to defend his opinion on young drivers (under 30) being the real problem on the road. His solution for this long-term, a "trainer car" based on bicycles with training wheels. Barbara (also confused with Scott O'Brien today) joins us with a "Roll Tide" shout before bringing up revoked licenses after seizures, which can happen to anybody. After Barbara left us, the Uncle admits to enjoying her speaking voice. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message suggesting that the Uncle should also bring a surfboard to "The Beach Boy's" performance at "Drunk Fest" AKA Bay Fest and speak with singer Uncle Kracker. Steve believes our previous caller has already started "Drunk Fest" before sharing his belief of young drivers just wanting the older drivers out of the way in order to show off their speed. "It's not an automatic thing with age" quote Steve, followed by "it all depends on what's going on up stairs", as in the human mind. "Gold plated comments" is the Uncle's description for Steve's call. Mark suggested the age of 65 being the time of getting tested to drive, which the Uncle considers something that would fit in a fascist society. Kelvin asked the Uncle if he actually has statistics on young and old drivers? All fatality statistics were read for Kelvin and some listeners' interest. Van's take on the driving issue was considered the best ever until he brought up the suggestion of giving Leeanna a raise to pay for something other than an '88 Trans AM. With the end of today's show near, the Uncle acknowledges that fact many of today's calls were beyond excellence and insightful. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Notes of Interest for Y'all:

The Mobile (Press) Register is now selling September 16-19 editions of their paper, which covered Hurricane Ivan's landfall on the Gulf Coast of Mexico and aftermath early on. $3.00 is the price of being the proud owner of historic editions to share with family many years from now. Did I mention they're packaged in plastic portfolios? Pardon the silly question, which very much answered itself.

Automative garbage service begins in midtown Mobile Friday, October 8th 2004.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Listen!" to the classic compliment including "more common sense in your little finger than most men" for the Uncle. "Thank you for listening, I'm coming forward!" was the Uncle's greeting for the listeners powering this successful spot in Mobile radio history, who are welcome to interact by the use of code Pound 710 on Cingular Wireless phones and lets not forget local and long distance number (251) 479-2723. Listeners await radio reporter (still the only one reporting for Mobile) Charlie Moss' report from the Mobile City Council, but we don't have to wait for all details thanks to one caller via voice message. Update on Leeanna's automobile coming up, followed by some Hall's Meats related news, and calls from the listeners. First caller "Mike" was a prankster constantly saying "yeahhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh!" Leeanna is summoned for a translation on what may be a possible code message, but it was probably a spoof of Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers". It's likely the Uncle's mind was still focused on the Tide and suddenly the show came to a screeching halt thanks to a certain "Mike". After Leeanna left us to continue call screening for normal folks and weirdoes, the Uncle predicted that after her automobile is fixed she would be taking job interviews. After all that, he remains at a fork in the rode. Regular caller Tim filed this report from Mobile Government Plaza via voice message, which includes Frederick Richardson once again planning on raising his district's property taxes. After listening to that report, the Uncle is in need of another perspective on this "chicken reference" heard at the meeting. First real caller Tommy translates Tim's "Hill Billy" into "My momma got me some food stamps today. I love Mike Shula!" Josh asks if the new automatic garbage service is unsuccessful, would the City of Mobile return to the old fashioned manual way of garbage pickup. Don't count on it and expect most garbage men to continue working for the city under a different position. He left us with a "Roll Tide Roll" shout, which the Uncle always appreciates. After the first break, Tom joins us with a moneymaking suggestion, add a 10% tax to all fried food. Why? All the females (excluding male shoppers) Tom's seen at the mall (Springdale or Bel Air?) are considered overweight, according to him. If this tax were to occur, the Uncle sees people traveling across the Mobile Bay for their fried food needs. After Tom left us, the Uncle described his call as an "uncomfortable observation". "It's the eating that makes people fat" quote the Uncle before getting into his fried chicken and wings examples. In conclusion for Tom, the Uncle is against his plan, maybe even Frederick Richardson if his "chicken reference" was related to that. Yet another weirdo before Robert joined us with the idea for a national sale or fair tax, which may lead to a monthly rebate check. Besides Robert, talk show host Neal Bortz is also promoting the idea. Yep, another "Roll Tide Roll!" "Oh you don't eat right," none of your business!" were the Uncle's words for government officials who believe it's the food that makes people obese instead of the other way around. ABC Newsbreak coming up, which was referred as "liberal headlines" for once. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle letting us know about a special Hall's Meats recipe competition at Mobile's Great Gulf State Fairgrounds on October 24th. Expect the Uncle to be witnessing plenty of dishes created with some use of the popular meat. All Hall's Meat dishes will be judged under the categories of taste, appearance, and originality. After Jo joined us, the Uncle admits that excluding the lovers of Coca-Cola and RC Cola by the use of tax is an outrage. Yet another weirdo pulling an Arkansas Razorback fan-type prank. The Uncle has resorted to a voice message from "The Idea Guy" as a message to such folks planning to strike again. "The school is still better than their school" quote Idea referring to the University of Alabama and Arkansas. "Evil Irrational Man's" bitter voice message insulting the Uncle and Alabama was also played. Probably the bitterest thing the Uncle has heard in a while. Fred had potential, but was terminated the moment he said the Mike Price reference. It's official according to the Uncle, today marks Leeanna's worst call screening performance in the 2-year history of this show. Normal caller Norman joins us to remind us that the Crimson Tide had to "prompt up the South" for many decades. Final whirlwind segment begins with a couple of important reminders; this is 710 WPMI-AM and the number to call in. The Uncle is still proud to be blocking out Paul Finebaum's first of "7 hours" before bringing up the local Bush/Cheney HQ's "debate party" Thursday night at Yester Oaks Shopping Center for the first presidential debate (on big screen TV sets). This is an invitation to all listeners who are interested. We lost David ("excellent screening job Leeanna" was the Uncle's reaction). Speaking of Leeanna, her car problem is back with a vengeance and she still avoids help from the listeners. Tim joins us to say Frederick Richardson brought Bush into the discussion and a follow up to the "chicken discussion". David joins us with a "Roll Tide" before asking if 710 AM is tied with station 105.5 FM since most radio stations have affiliation with each other nowadays? According to him this station has been putting Alabama fans down. This report reminds the Uncle of listening to that station after 710 AM's transmitter problems months ago. He discovered some "bizarro universe" on that station involving their call screener who actually hosts a show. In a while, 710 AM will be off the air due to a transmitter check, but brave drivers with radio dials stuck for some reason must endure a portion of Finebaum's monster marathon of criticism. Information on prizes for the Hall's Meats recipes will be given out tomorrow. Two other ways of contacting the Uncle, e-mail address unclehenry@newsradio710.com and answering machine number 450-9220 (Extension 555). Today's show gets a 3.9/5

Monday, September 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with Lillian Jackon's lengthy "beyond anything that I've expected of you!" comments in front of the Mobile City Council as the Superman movies theme played in the background. No need to worry readers and listeners, regular audio clips still had their share of airtime. "Don't fear!" said the Uncle before greeting listeners on this post-Alabama VS Arkansas 2004 day. He still had time to thank us for making the show the stunning success it continues to be. The World Wide Web of the Internet continues to stream the show to far away places such as Montgomery and Demopolis. The Uncle would appreciate a caller from the latter mentioned Alabama town via (251) 479-2723. Leeanna is not call screening today due to a major automotive transfer in her life, from a truck to a car. Sunday's Mobile Register featured an article stating that if Hurricane Ivan had moved west toward Mobile County, "The City of Mobile would be dead", which the Uncle doesn't buy whatsoever. Now Leeanna has joined us to defend herself from the idea of strangers stealing her car. Person call screening for Leeanna is not listing names, so the Uncle may have to answer calls blindly. Quick reaction to the Razorbacks' first touchdown via voice message managed to reach the Uncle over the weekend. First caller Gene settles with the Crimson Tide's 3-1 this season. He mentioned a brother of Paul Finebaum's Tide season prediction of 24-14 before mentioning Rush's "yellow dog Democrat" caller planning on voting Bush. After Gene left us, another Razorback hog joined us with some snorts. The Uncle has become immune to such overtime. Sam has information on selective Service areas after typing the search term "Congress" on the site Congress.Gov (not Congress.org, as one caller accidentally put it later on). There's the high chance of this not happening in March 2005, a start date according to Sam who may return to the show around that time after finding out nothing will happen. "Match Game" theme plays as the show returns after a brief break for commercials. Big donation pod drive for the rural areas such as Brewton is taking place at the Bruno's parking lot at Hillcreat and Cottage Hill Road, in which WPMI-TV NBC 15's Darwin Singleton is among those taking part. "The Georgia Bull Dog is still in the audience" quote the Uncle after the fellow left us. A whole different Bill joins us with after finding out for himself after typing "Congress" at the Congress' website that there are no bills to reinstate the Service draft. Bill has a weekend tale involving a fellow on a cellular phone discussing sports, a young girl in tears, and an attempt at chastising her. Our 19-year old caller with a "Roll Tide Roll" shout joins us explaining why J. Forbes Kerry can be described as dull and not likely to win the Presidency in November. After the ABC Newsbreak and commercials, more Lillian Jackson audio and a voice message on a tree limb in Bienville Square being "band aid" (or held up to exact) were played. Second half-hour begins with the occasionally played "Hello Uncle Henry" song as the show continues onward with one phone line open. Our latest caller pretty much describes Kerry as a "bleeding, heart liberal" and a "false candidate". He'll be voting Bush, of course. Next caller has a question for the Uncle, "why is everyone against a selective service system on a draft?" He may have been drafted, but he came out of the Service "a much better man", as he described it. Even the idea of a "mandatory United States" where many Service folks are placed came about during this call. The pappy of our 19-year-old caller has joined us, who mentioned that the young fellow is doing well. He's among those against the return of the draft due to the technological advancement in military equipment, which draftees are most likely to not operate well. "I only want people #1: who want to be in the military" says this fellow. Before this fellow left us, the Uncle mentioned that he appreciated his son on the air. Our next caller who has Service experience joins us to say he's against the draft's return, especially during a time of combat. "Not everyone was taken like our previous caller" quote our next caller reminding us about the required physical before joining the Service and brought up the job of "picking up tree limbs" that can be done. The Uncle referred to the previous fellow as efficient to today's program. After some yard work, Norman joins us with his say on today's society involving the main topic today. Yep, Norman was also disappointed with the weekend's Alabama VS Arkansas game, but reminds us this doesn't mean worse is yet to come. Final whirlwind segment begins with "The Idea Guy's" voice message bringing up Kerry's "missing notebook" featuring campaign plans after viewing him on the news yet again. Our next caller backed out of joining the Service straight from high school after finding out that a guard in Lebanon was carrying a gun without bullets. An article from the Michigan Daily News on the very issue being talked about on today's show was read. The draft bills brought before Congress shortly before the war in Western Asia were mentioned in this story. "Desperation has a stink," said the Uncle of the radio talk show callers, chain e-mails, and websites promoting and putting fear into the public about an issue that doesn't exist. The Uncle believes that during Thursday's debate between Bush & Kerry (which he will watch), a dramatic move by the Democratic candidate for the Presidency will be made. Listeners are reminded about this Clear Channel of Mobile sponsored event on Hillcreast and Cottage Hill, which will last until 5:00 PM. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Note of Interest for Y'all:

Today marks the 50th anniversary of another one of Sylvester "Pat" Weaver's creations, "The Tonight Show" or "Tonight" as it was first known as when it premiered that night on September 27, 1954. Like Allen (who predicted the show would go on forever, which so far is happening), Paar, and Carson, many Gulf Coast residents miss viewing "The Tonight Show" itself on WALA Channel 10, which was our NBC station from 1953-1996.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 4

49 years and 22 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Peter Casella (Now representing Florida's Jacksonville University)

WKRG Fact: TV5's weekday schedule from July 23-27 1973 appeared like this

(Note: Former WKRG employees without any available biographical information or photos online will still get their share of this 52-week countdown to the big 5-0 next September.)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Listen!" to Lillian Jackson's "I don't know if America is going to survive!" comments captured on tape. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" with his take on Mike Dow this morning convincing folks that his "String of Pearls" is not such a bad idea after all and requests that he returns to the format of being unable to answer folks questions in downtown Mobile. "All right, welcome to the show!" was the Uncle's greeting for the listeners to an already excellent broadcast. Dow media blitz expert and County Commissioner Steve Nodine joins us to not only talk about that, but also his recent helicopter ride. Steve thanked the Semmes Community Center and Mary G. Montgomery High School for their part in the "Ivan" aftermath and acknowledges the fact that he took a helicopter ride last weekend to observe the storm damages. The Uncle asked Steve how his district faired. Plenty of power outages in rural areas are included. Fellow County Commissioner Mike Dean also agrees with Gov. Bob Riley making the big decision for everyone south of Interstate 10 to evacuate. According to Steve, once Mobile County is back on its feet, it's time to help our neighbors east of Mobile Bay. He thanked the Alabama National Guard (will be honored at Semmes Community Center with a special dinner) for not only their work in Hurricane Ivan's aftermath, but their service elsewhere in the world. First caller Steven joins us with a "Roll Tide!" before sharing his visit to Atmore, which now resembles a war zone. The Uncle had the chance to promote his higher authority job wise Clear Channel's charity event in that area. "You're right, lets not forget about Atmore, Brewton…," said Steve before some weirdo sparked the playing of 2 out of more than a dozen Arkansas Razorback fan voice messages. "Another hog" and "they're going to be stumped on Saturday" were Steve's words for all the Razorback hogs out there. After the first break some insight on Dow's move on the media, as an effort to push his "String of Pearls". "Idea's" latest voice message suggests using a watch to hypnotize Leeanna as the first step in forcing her to quit smoking Camel cigarettes. According to her, the Uncle may perform some more brainwashing, which has already been happening for 2 years. Show observer (besides me) Alex Mathis got mention, but unfortunately his microphone is being used elsewhere. A 3-meal/no-charge deal by Big O's Restaurant got mentioned, which Tom Ridge visited during his tour of the areas in worse shape. Before getting to the Dow blitz, a playing of John Peavey's campaign commercial in order to analyze his "day one promise". "He (Peavey) did not have a feel yet for the demands of his discretionary funds" according to the Mobile Register. Now Nodine's view on the resurfacing of the paving of Zeigler issue. More analysis on this morning's Mike Dow media blitz in the second half-hour. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle's "Yes, we are moving on", some weirdo under the name "Bama Joe" playing "Evil Irrational Man" audio. The Uncle expects better from Leeanna on Monday, which gives her plenty of time to rest. Lite Mix 99.9's interview with Mike Dow was played, which includes "the private sector is punching us hard" referring to the economy in the "Ivan" aftermath and his "String of Pearls". There's a chance Dow may debate himself whenever he appears on this show. After Steve's full analysis, Jay joins us with what the Uncle considers "slanderous". Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle thinking Dow would want some of the popular meat from Chickasaw, Alabama rather than a hug. "And buy some for the mayor" quote the Uncle at the end of that commercial. Voice message on this year's "Drunk Fest" or Bay Fest line up was played, which included suggestions for flip shoes and sun glasses to wear while "having fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun" (reference to "The Beach Boys"). Final whirlwind segment begins with a Leroy voice message warning the Uncle to keep an eye on Leeanna, because the only time when he feels comfortable in "clothing" is when he's in his "birthday suit". Brad ("doing pretty good") joins us with a little bird's message of Dow finding another contractor for the 8.5 million-dollar project of paving Zeigler Blvd. Thomas joins us with a "Roll Tide" before getting into taxes. We lost Harry for Robert asking for Nodine's opinion on Mobile residents seeing a garbage tax in their future now that John Peavey has returned to the council. Steve agrees that voting on a garbage tax would be "political suicide". "Idea" ("Idea Man strikes again"- Steve Nodine) ended up referring to Scott O'Brien as "Scott O'Mighty" when discussing those coffee mugs bearing his image. Gulf Coast Interior on County Road 8 in Fairhope among those collecting used supplies to weather Hurricane Ivan. The Uncle assures us that next week's shows are another great bunch. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

The City of Mobile's "Rollout Automated Garbage Collection" (see pamphlet) garbage cans have arrived in our portion of midtown Mobile.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show at around 2:08 PM with the regular theme blaring until 2:09 PM, when the Uncle's listener greeting can barely be heard. As he said plenty of times before, this broadcast is a first radio wise for Satsuma, Alabama. With the music continuing to play, the Uncle attempted to get the listeners' attention of the products featured at Fastenal Industrial & Construction Supply. "Excellent!" says the Uncle after the theme music finally ended at 2:12 PM. A neatly groomed Mr. Sledge of Fastenal joins us to say his business has plenty of supplies to use in order to move on in these times. Sledge agrees that folks in the power tool industry are the best folks males can talk to. No cheap flashlights at Fastenal, the types there are more durable. Yep, Leeanna is at today's broadcast wearing conservative clothing. Reason why it's rare to see her in clothing such as this? 98% of the time she's not forced into wearing the clothing she's in today. First caller Chuck of Mobile joins us asking for the Uncle's thoughts on us not having a public land field, as in a dump without a price tag. The Uncle agrees that a dump accessible to all levels of income would be wonderful, just like the days of him traveling with his pappy to the dump in Fairhope. Before Chuck left us, he believes many other callers would want to speak about the same subject. Dennis and Leeanna were asked if they've ever been through a dump or land field? Only Dennis has had some experience in a land field, which would be "second to a flea market as a way to exchange goods" quote the Uncle. "Am I live?" was the Uncle's question for Leeanna after the first break. "Say something nice" was her very own question for him. A nearby lady named Cheryl was set up by everybody at Fastenal to ask the Uncle if he's a high school graduate from 1980 and played the non-masculine instrument from the wind family known as the French horn. Some Razorback fan under the name "Gene" (or "Jean", maybe even "Jeanne") joined us snorting, getting an "uh-oh" out of Dennis call screening for the day. Leroy joins us via phone "acting like a Democrat, not doing much", but the main point of his call was to bring up the many insurgent attempts at turning public opinion against G.W. Bush. The Uncle reminds him that these insurgents are actually spreaders of fear. Every time Leroy sees J. Forbes Kerry on the TV set, he is reminded of a basset hound. A bulldog whenever Leroy sees Bush is another one. Yep, the Uncle would rather have a bulldog leading our portion of the world. "We've got to be the bulldog on the block!" were Leroy's words of wisdom when it comes to Bush and a war-torn part of Western Asia. According to Dennis, we're on commercial and ABC Newsbreak's usual airtime. Second half-hour quickly begins (2:32 PM) with the Uncle asking if he's back on the air? It's true, Leeanna actually uses the tools you would find at Fastenal, which she describes as something good to play with. Glenn joins to encourage folks to be thankful for folks such as the young fellow who recently left this world while trying to remain with his fellow crew in Western Asia. Tony's still hanging in there even after "Ivan" before asking for directions to Satsuma. Unfortunately, the Uncle will depart from Satsuma shortly after today's show ends, but outside vendors should remain for the next 45 minutes (from 2:38 PM). Interstate 10 to Interstate 65 south, followed by an exit is the way to visit Fastenal for one's needs. Before Tony left us, he even asked if Fastenal sells garage calendars featuring various females. Norman's buddy Don from Bay Minette joins us for the moment. Susan thanks Sledge for getting her out of a generator bind after hearing him on the radio. The Uncle appreciated hearing something nice being said about the business. After the break we find the Uncle in the middle of a discussion with Leeanna involving one fellow's Scott O'Brien coffee mug (very common and an insect. It's been a pleasure for the Uncle to broadcast among the various supplies up for purchasing. "The Idea Guy" joins us after viewing Spring Hill College's female students smoking during his walk, which is a surprise to someone at age 50. "Idea" considers Mardi Gras to be no different from public land fields. Before the break, the Uncle thanked the one who gave him a Rapid Fee Spade Bit when working around wood. Final whirlwind segment begins with the sounds of the regular theme. We lost Paul for Tim, who brought up the upcoming Bay Fest preview party. While attending Tuesday's Mobile City Council meeting, Tim heard Fredrick Richardson say to re-instated councilman John Peavey "maybe we can share the same Waffle House". Mr. Nickels of Mount Vernon wearing a Crimson Tide hat joins us. Even though he's not a Satsuma resident, Nickels was still asked whether he finds Leeanna "too skinny" or "just right". "Just right" was the right response. Final commercials for the hour coming up, which marks the end of the first live radio broadcast from Satsuma, Alabama. Dennis' "All right" were the last words listeners heard. Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

Today WPMI-TV NBC 15 and Alabama Public Television's WEIQ-TV42 returned to the airwaves (Only WHBR-TV33 remain off the air). Folks without cable, it's time to rejoice!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Listen!" to "You know that I know", followed by the more regularly played clips. Voice message on the reason for the rise of local gas prices was played, which involves the fact that 25% of the USA's gas is produced in the Gulf of Mexico and of course a storm named "Ivan". A couple of thank you greetings from the Uncle to the listeners responsible for this show's popularity. The Uncle believes today is the beginning of autumn better known as the fall season (11:30 AM to be exact), which he considers to be among Paganism. Volunteer Mobile is now accepting used chainsaws at All Saints Episcopal Church until Friday in these needy times. Now on to some pre- or post- "Ivan" voice messages, starting off with one from "The Idea Guy". "Idea's" voice message recorded between 6:00-7:00 PM last Wednesday suggests that Prichard should "pre-dump" their sewage before Hurricane Ivan arrives to take care of business. Next voice message on the same subject was played, which suggests emptying the waste on daily bases. "Excellent calls," said the Uncle before agreeing that something should be done about Prichard's sewage. Local celebrity Bob of "Keep Mobile Beautiful" announces the collecting of used plywood for folks in financial despair. 1451 Government Street is the location of the Metro Recycling Center collecting plywood, which is a short distance away from the nearest Krispy Kreme donut shop. (251) 208-6029 is the telephonic way of contacting "Keep Mobile Beautiful". First caller "Brent" turned out to be a prankster with "Razorback Snort". Audio of a classic moment from the Alabama Crimson Tide's previous meeting with Arkansas' Razorbacks was played. "You Razorback!" shouts the Uncle after that "Touchdown Alabama!" moment. First real and non-celebrity caller Anthony joins us to say his home is doing fine and hopes for a similar Tide victory this weekend. Gary recently heard about Prichard's most recent sewage spill, along with Mobile-related one amounting up to 1.3 million gallons according to the story buried deep in the Mobile Register's under page 3. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle promoting the connection between the popular meat and tail gating, minus any blunt thoughts involving Arkansas Razorback hogs. Show returns with a whole lot more on top for discussion. One phone line is now empty as the Uncle speaks. A whole different Bill (still supports the Tide, even though he's not an Alabama alumnus) joins us to say how recent guest Connie Hudson "stays in touch" with her district as the Uncle interpreted. "Idea" asked the Uncle via voice message earlier if Darwin Singleton of WPMI-TV NBC 15 would want to investigate the dead raccoon sighting by caller "Uncle Ober" on the Dauphin Island Bridge? Expect the Uncle to try his best to convince Darwin in making that his latest "Here's Darwin" report. "Must take a break!" quote the Uncle before the half-hour ABC Newsbreak. Second half-hour begins with "Makes Me Sick" guy announcing his succumbing to the Amish way if life, which includes a public request for no electricity, water, and he has plans to leave Mobile. Tomorrow, the Uncle will meet and greet folks at Satsuma's Fastenal Industrial and Construction Supplies at 1:00 PM before tomorrow's show airs live from there. We lost Curtis and another caller ("thanks Leeanna," says the Uncle) until Virginia joined us. Jeff joined us with reference of Alabama coach Mike Dow before being terminated. "You are wasting your breath with that" were the Uncle's words for Jeff. The Uncle reminds us that it's easy to look at a house destroyed by "Ivan" and assume the people there are homeless, yet there are many businesses (Pensacola and Mobile) being wiped out over the many months after the storm. Jarred suggested that "Makes Me Sicker" guys moves close to Mike Dow's home, which his power returned at about 7:00 PM Thursday ahead of almost the entire area in darkness. Currently the Uncle feels sorry for WKRG-TV5 (no relation to them, besides their building) that after almost 5 decades of being part of the CBS Television Network they are carrying the CBS Evening News with a now less-than-trusted Dan Rather. Tom begins his call saying he can barely hear the Uncle before sharing his travels to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where Amish type folks do indeed use electricity, but only on a limited bases. If "Makes Me Sicker" were to go the way of the Amish, he would have to learn to appreciate "the simple things in life" and work from Dusk to Dawn. Tom's opinion on the Mobile County Public School System's missed school days may not mean much, but he knows folks would take it for what it's worth. Final whirlwind segment begins as the Uncle continues to eclipse Paul Finebaum's first of many hours on the air. "11", according to the Uncle today. Once this show expands, the Uncle may consider allowing Paul to share his full criticism of folks such as Shula here in the Mobile region. A whole different Tom joins us thank the Alabama National Guard, the power companies in and outside the state, and their families for their sacrifice in making our lives a little more easier. Yet another caller lost, which caused today's summoning of Leeanna. She knows what the Uncle means by "we" as in 710 AM at work in Satsuma. He requests (as Leeanna called it) that she comes to Satsuma is less revealing clothing you'd expect in today's society. Ray believes Amish country won't even allow "Makes Me Sick" guy on their grounds. "Where'd you get this people" quote Ray about callers such as one who once constantly said "he's another that makes me sick!" "The same way I got you!" was the Uncle's response. Before today's broadcast ended, the Uncle thanked Leeanna ("I'll think about it") for preparing to dress conservatively tomorrow and reminds folks to lend a hand for those in need during "Ivan's" aftermath. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

My rather long, yet informative "Before and After The Eye" post can be found somewhere else in this vast world community called the Internet thanks to one "Kato". Big Easy TV Message Boards is the place.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of the famous "mentally sick!" comments repeated for the Uncle's attention, along with the assortment of regular audio clips heard at least once a week. Now that studio lines are open, the Uncle got to say, "they're men on the roof", specifically the WKRG building in midtown Mobile doing repairs. After reminding us not to let just any stranger on the roof, the Uncle finally greets the listeners. He acknowledged the strange fact that WPMI-AM is located behind the walls of the station's former owner until the early Nineties, but not for long. Plenty of stuff the Uncle wants to say, especially for Leeanna who unfortunately still has to work. As of the 10:30 AM press release from Alabama Power, 52% of the Mobile region's (Brewton, Atmore, Monroeville, Prichard, and the City of Mobile) customers again have electricity, yet there remains folks on the streets bribing company workers into finishing the work in a manner you'd expect in the USSR. "Stop bribing them," shouts the Uncle at the folks slowing these people working to get their blinders on. Before getting to Leeanna's good news, the Uncle has news to that disturbed fellow yesterday speaking negative about Steve Nodine, who's currently passing out ice at a high school named for Mary G. Montgomery. We're now on the subject of "chill pills" after the Uncle mentioned his tree once lying on his Daphne home. "I'm on the verge of being insulted" quote the Uncle after Leeanna suggests that a doctor prescribe him the real type of pill. The folks at the Satsuma business Fastenal Industrial & Construction Supplies the location of this Thursday's live broadcast has agreed to let Leeanna join the show too. "You're telling my information!" says the Uncle after Leeanna tried explaining everything. First caller Gene shares his place of evacuation, which was the Louisiana town Terry Bradshaw furthered his education. Gene has noticed that the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan has less, if any chaos similar to "Frederic" back in '79. "A Mississippi wedding" is how the Uncle described the fights after "Frederic". Gene is told of the news that Paul Finebaum's monster radio program has expanded to 7-hours, or so it seems. While shopping at the time, some lady flipped her middle finger at the Uncle in anger. As Leeanna leaves us to call screen, time out for commercials is announced followed by more show time. Show progresses on 710 WPMI-AM, even though Leeanna accidentally knocked each caller on all 3 lines, so this is the best time to call in. Both local and long distance (for those in Demopolis, Alabama) were given out. The Church of Christ in Summerdale is now accepting donations for those severely effected by "Ivan", which can be contacted at (251) 498-9748. The Uncle has the knowledge of the government having something to help folks nowadays, but leaning on each other remains the best way. Bud Man has good news for the Uncle, entertainer Pat Boone is coming to the area December 11th. "Patience is the word for now" said the Uncle before letting non-prankster "Uncle Ober" on the line. Days after the storm, "Ober" noticed a dead raccoon on the top of the Dauphin Island Bridge. Yet another unusual act of raccoon behavior, there was one on the very tree that landed on the Uncle's home. Coming up, the ABC Newsbreak and insurance advertisements. Second half-hour begins with another "thank you so much!" greeting before Norman joined us. Norman did alright by evacuating to Columbus, Mississippi, even though 70 MPH winds were felt out there too. Another day, another case of price gouging discovered this time involving a cellular service provider. Norman finds the dead raccoon on Dauphin Island Bridge story ridiculous, maybe proof of some older child (20-something according to the Uncle) having nothing better to do. While away from the Bama Fever store at a mall, Norman noticed some sort of "Blackboard Jesus" novelty item posing in a way considered blasphemous. Another former evacuee to Texas joins us, Dallas to be exact with a bumper to bumper story to tell us. Over the years the Uncle has noticed road building being a rather tough political issue between cities, counties, and the federal government. We lost Paul for a Ba-Lisa reporting on a fleet of power trucks and ask folks in their vision to at least wave or smile after the almost non-stop work. The Uncle gave her 110% agreement before taking a commercial break until the final whirlwind segment. Fleischer/Paramount's "Superman" theme plays as the show continues, starting off with "Parkway Flash" reporting from a home with 3 power lines hanging close by and trees down. "Parkway" thanked the Minden Hall Church for taking him and family inside, even though the house survived thankfully. A whole different Bill joins us with his positive view of Interstate 65 south bound's reopening. With the end near, caller Robin is given the chance to speak about the hotel bill on her second day of residing. More gouging I suppose. Thanks to today's callers, the Uncle is no longer in the edgy mood he once was earlier in the program. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Photo of WPMI Tower Post-Hurricane Ivan

Monday, September 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the familiar musical tune listeners have become accustomed to for a while, followed by Lillian Jackson's "Listen!" Rebecca Wilson, and other regular clips. Oh, "Thank you, Uncle Henry!" has also returned to the listeners' ears. Voice message on Mobile Regional Airport's now completely destroyed sign was played. "Thank the Lord!" quote this fellow who usually says "he's another that makes me sick". "Thank you so much, welcome to the show!" was the Uncle's greeting marking his return to the airwaves. As of now, Paul Finebaum's petty rambling on Alabama coach Mike Shula are being blocked out. Leeanna joins us early as her evacuation story follows. County Commissioner Steve Nodine is on the phone line in Gulf Shores awaiting Tom Ridge and a FEMA representative. The Uncle asked why Ridge is following a path similar G.W. Bush yesterday. There's no doubt he ranks Ridge for obvious reasons. We lost Steve's call, which was not Leeanna's fault at all according to witnesses, but Nodine may figure it being her fault until he realizes what happened. Now onto her "wild evacuation" story, which was simply a trip to family in Houston, Texas. "Let's go all the way," said Leeanna while on the Louisiana border escaping "Ivan's Fury". After the storm passed, the trees belonging to both Leeanna and Scott O'Brien's brother were destroyed. Everyone agrees with the Uncle that folks are facing financial difficulties just for evacuating the storm, $100 a day according to Scott. "Very similar, not physically as destructive" was Scott's comparison of Pensacola's current state compared to the aftermath of Hurricane Frederic. Why does the Uncle want a comparison? Like many others, he's only seen very few pictures of Western Florida's aftermath, still photos to be exact. Infrastructure, power lines, and generating plants are among those in shambles. "People are spoiled!" quote the Uncle after Scott brought up his attempt at calming his fellow residents without power. Most callers Leeanna received in the 710 AM newsroom were those types of people. They should be thankful to even have a roof or food, as I added to what the Uncle said shortly after. Price gouging has actually occurred, according to one angry caller earlier paying for a small generator priced at $150, yet it actually costs in the thousand range. During the Uncle's entire Hurricane Ivan experience, he had to keep a good eye over the young children of Clear Channel of Mobile employees. After admitting to being close to spanking other folks' children, he complimented both Gov. Bob Riley and Mike Dow for their work during the aftermath. After the first break, listeners would want to talk about something, likely "Ivan" related. Listeners are reminded that they are listening to the Uncle, but first Leeanna is given some time off from call screening due to a lack of sleep. Don't expect her to snore anytime, because that would lead to job termination. Nope, our first caller was not Milton Morrow, but Johnny Davis bringing up Steve Nodine's ride on one of 3 helicopters yesterday. Caller Steve's home faired well during the storm, which only consisted of some shingles missing. Parents' home, his shop, and pets also survived. According to Steve, this storm's aftermath including plenty of yard work actually made him appreciate the outdoors more. Steve's friend Mark got mentioned, who has a "county Southern Rock-type band", which is high in twang and named "Y'all Get Otta Here". Leroy returns to the show with an always-excellent "Roll Tide Roll" shout (especially after the Tide's most recent victory) before sharing with us his own eyewitness of Monroe County, Alabama's aftermath before bringing up the death of an Alabama Power employee in the line of duty. This reminds folks without power to give these people time and eventually electricity will be restored to their home. Leroy happened to be hunkered down in a Baptist church during "Ivan". Before the "ABC Liberal News Network" and commercials, the Uncle sees Leroy calling more often now that professional, college, and high school football season is back. Second half-hour begins with a voice message from "The Idea Guy" under a deck Wednesday and also thanks Gov. Riley and Dow for a job well done. (251) 479-2723 remains the number to join in. Tom joins us glad with Steve Nodine being among government officials escalating the damage in West Florida and Baldwin County. He reminds us that Nodine "wears many hats" than the one when he's at work as a Mobile County Commissioner. Paul has two complaints or criticisms for us, a whole fleet of power trucks from Dallas pulled in around 1:30 (AM or PM?) and 3 hours later power was restored in his area. Now to Steve Nodine (or "New Done", as Paul mispronounced it), who worked in the recovery effort with fellow commissioner Mike Dean passing ice. After clarifying Nodine's whereabouts, Paul complained (which he didn't want to do) about the responsibility of his city not being shown. After promoting the aftermath news coverage of 710 AM remaining in the family way of Clear Channel, the Uncle let this next fellow suggest a way of plugging a lamp (with 12 volt light bulb) to an extension cord plugged in a car battery. The Uncle thanked that fellow for listening to the show before admitting to feeling uncomfortable for talking about the "male end" of an extension cord. Over the weekend, the Uncle's liberal friend (a female) attempted to teach his 4-year-old grandchild how to say "vote Kerry!" Some weirdo upset over the famous FloraBama bar's floor covered in sand due to "Ivan" joined us. Final whirlwind segment coming up, but first the Uncle must remind a certain group of people that some lady trying to turn a child into a Kerry fan is a far more important piece of information than some bar now back to normal. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle explaining why the popular meat plays a vital role in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan? "Idea's" voice message featuring one good reason was played, which happened after hearing one recent caller bringing up Spam as a good treat. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message asking if "Leeann" is all right before pondering over the "gouging" of ice bags, Mobile Register's suggestion over the use of candles, and brings up a certain 80-year-old man living in his home which has no air conditioning. "I'm upset" quote our caller from Grand Bay asking why gas has risen from $1.65 to $1.75. Our next caller has heard enough about the storm in the local news media and wishes to be entertained by Rush (who was on 710 AM today) and the Uncle. "We want to hear you, Uncle Henry!" quote our fellow craving for entertainment. The Uncle mentions almost every Pensacola-based station being knocked off the air, so Mobile stations have an obligation to help our neighbors east of the Mobile Bay. "If you're in the disaster area, we would do it again" said the Uncle. Van joins us saying "God Bless Mobile!" before teasing listeners over Hurricane Ivan's tracking off to Baldwin County, proving that weather forecasting is not always accurate in advance. He was nowhere being terminated, in case you were wondering. The Uncle and Van have actually agreed for once, this time over young children being forced to lobby for a candidate by wearing a sign, G.W. Bush to be exact. This Thursday, another live remote broadcast somewhere outside of Mobile, this time in Satsuma. For now until the tower is fully restored, WPMI-TV NBC 15 newscasts will be simulcast on partner WJTC-44 and regular programming can only be viewed on cable. Today's show gets a 5/5!

My response to the Uncle's reply to my message announcing my return to the Internet thanks to remaining patient of Alabama Power and other power companies. It would be a pleasure to observe the show in progess on that 3rd floor of the WKRG building located on 555 Broadcast Drive. I shall contact you (via e-mail) whenever I'm able to do so.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 3

49 years and 15 days ago, TV5 went on the air!

Reporter Gene Birk (Now at WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Fresh from Harvard High School located in Illinois, Birk began his career in broadcasting at Wisconsin State University-Whitewater back in '69. Yep, it was radio in case you guessed. 1972 was the year Birk finished furthering his education by graduating at Southern Illinois University. Aside from broadcasting, Birk was also known for his contributions to the American Cancer Society and Kentucky Special Olympics. Like any other human being, Gene has hobbies such as golf, travel, music, and last but not least acting. Softball is also a favorite of his, just look under 2000 Liberty Printing Softball Team (won both regular and tournament games) and you should find the name "Birk" somewhere in there. At his current workplace of WBKO, he began as the station's sports director, which lasted from 1986-1993. It would only be 1 year later that Gene would return to 'BKO, this time as a news anchor.

Gene Birk

WKRG Fact: As of 1973, Home Edition News began at 6:15 PM shortly after the CBS Evening News (5:45 PM). After TV5 viewers got their second half-hour of local news, it was time for a little "All in the Family", "Here's Lucy", or the Bonos in "Sonny & Cher".

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Before and After "The Eye"

Greetings, readers! Yep, like a majority of Alabama residents, whose homes managed to stand hurricane/tropical storm winds with no major damages, I'm among those folks. Now with electricity restored to this portion of midtown Mobile, I must type my very own perspective of the surrounding happenings created by a storm named "Ivan".

"and now you'll hear the rest of the story." - Radio's Paul Harvey

Wednesday 7:05 PM-7:10 PM: Transformers above the streets in this part of midtown exploded in front of the eyes of your writer after inspecting the outside of the house for any damages caused by a flying object in the winds. After reporting the outage to Alabama Power, we were told that the estimated time until restoration is "2 weeks".

The living room quickly resembled the setting most folks would expect camping in the outside world, even though the battery-powered TV/radio set (tuned to WKRG-TV5) was the most noticeable piece of equipment in this camp.

After taking "a cold one", a bath with the electric water heater powerless, I made my return to the indoor camp setting to speak with others beginning to settle under the pitch darkness, along with the wind picking up.

A strobe of bright white light shines over the camp grounds of the living room as I listened to the very radio used for my daily 710 AM fix (pardon the slang). Almost every frequency on the dial (non-commercial station WHIL aired TV5's audio feed without interruptions) carried a local TV station's coverage of "Ivan" closing in on our part of the world. The Gulf Coast Storm Alert Network continued to air WPMI-TV's audio every 10 minutes during the simulcast, while Channel 15 aired live via Internet stream, 600,000 hits would reach the WPMI-TV counter. Plenty of interest I tell you!

With the hours of 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 PM passing by, "Ivan's" effects elsewhere were being noticed on both TV and radio. WALA Channel 10 was knocked off the air a certain number of times before switching over to station WBPG-55 (the power of media conglomerates) and Peter Albrecht, along with his on-air partner Drexel Gilbert (Gulf Port, Mississippi veteran of Hurricane Gilbert) were left in the dark briefly on WPMI-TV. Speaking of Channel 15, they allowed callers to join the coverage with his or her area report of "Ivan's" actions.

Late night hours are here, the storm was actually "whistling" as it pounded our front door protected by a burglar-proof screened door with the sounds of a ripped window skirt flapping every now and then.

Back to TV coverage, reporters have either returned to their station (John Watkins of WPMI, officially the station's hardest working employee) or outside continuing to report in winds nearing 100 MPH. This didn't stop TV5's Mel Showers from doing his famous "and here's Randy Patrick!" while introducing the well-known sportscaster in the middle of Hurricane Ivan's fury on the Gulf Coast.

It was between 1:00 AM-2:00 AM when I finally went to sleep after keeping watch of the house now under strong winds and rain. Thank goodness I managed to catch TV5's Rose Ann Haven butchering the name "Ivan" by saying "Ivy". I believe she was showing a lack of energy, common during around the clock news coverage. I would awaken shortly before 3:00 AM, finding out that "Ivan's Eye" made a turn to the right of Mobile Bay as expected earlier, striking Gulf Shores. "Whistles", flapping, and door pounding can still be heard at this time.

As I viewed news coverage on the small TV set yet again, TV5 meteorologist John Nodar managed to work as the generators failed to power the 555 Broadcast Drive facility for some brief moments. Eventually the radio would take the place as our window to the rest of the Gulf Coast, as our battery powered TV/radio was slowly becoming an extra normal radio.

As the pot's collection of water from a leaky ceiling (plaster was available, but it was not worth risking the entire bedroom of mine) continued to rise, a writer (myself, who avoided using the word "apparent) with plenty of energy continued to be informed by Storm Alert Net/WKRG/WALA on frequencies other than 710 AM. Why you asked? It was picking up a Cuban radio frequency. WGN 720 Chicago (listened to Paul Harvey News & Commentary) and WWL Radio New Orleans even got picked up.

6:00 AM Thursday finally arrived, the countywide dusk to dawn curfew was over, and I was the only living thing (excluding a couple of goldfish) moving. Only one problem, Hurricane Ivan's winds continued to blow through Mobile County as it left our fellow Alabama residents across the bay waking up to the aftermath of major destruction. Even Florida couldn't escape another round with one of nature's greatest forces. Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, there's got to be some "family connection" between these storms.

With the sandals & socks on, I was on the road for a brief stroll around (yep, we actually went around) our portion of midtown and almost everywhere there was some sort of damage done to a home. Trees down, power lines brought down by trees, and roof shingles blown to the ground. Only the latter occurred to our home.

After breakfast and news coverage via radio, I decided to get more sleep unlike my previous attempt that morning. I would wake up a little cranky, but that would end minutes later. With "Ivan" almost out of Mobile County, I was listening to callers on both Storm Alert Net's simulcast and both stations with the call letters "WABB".

To avoid complete boredom and a possible case of heat stroke, the front door (no damage) remained open from morning to evening (late as 11:00 PM), which gave us a good view of the rest of the neighborhood's handling of life after "Ivan", especially without electricity. Let's not forget the yard work, which kept us busy for a while.

To make an informative, yet long story brief I must conclude at this point. After searching for supplies Friday, a close to home neighbor shared his first gas-powered generator's power with us. We were thankful and it saved every last bit of food in the deep freezer, along with powering our 20+ inch TV set in order to view the destruction "Ivan" caued for our coastal neighbors east of Mobile. Most of the food products were refugees from the refrigerator, which would earn its power again Saturday thanks to a replacement generator due to a gas leak. Later that day, after pounds of ice and small water bottles, and gas courtesy of us to keep our neighbor's generator in power, we were back online electricity and Internet wise between 6:50 PM-7:00 PM. After taking the radio out of battery mode, I discovered that 710 AM reception was back to normal. Unfortunately, WPMI-TV's powerful tower in Baldwin County was severely weakened, forcing the station to air only on cable and newscasts on partner WJTC-44, which simulcast news coverage during mid-week. Stations WMPV-21 (Trinity Broadcasting Network), WHBR-33 (Christian Broadcasting Network), and WEIQ-42 (Alabama Public Television) were also knocked down in power. First time since January 1996 that Channel 15 was regulated to cable. Stations WTKX-FM and Cool 107.5 FM carried Storm Alert's around the clock aftermath coverage after 12:00 PM, returning other Clear Channel of Mobile back to regular programming. NASCAR on 710 AM for example, even though "Coast to Coast AM" was given the chance to give insomniacs and night owls their window on the weird, yet interesting side of society.

Words of Wisdom for WKRG's Andrew Findley and Live Chopper 5 picture commentator/caller Sabrina (Saturday morning/afternoon): Andrew, Please remain professional on the air even after sneezing. Sabrina, a real news reporter always checks his or her sources, but you still have potential for a future career in broadcasting.

"until then, I'll see you on the radio." -Charles Osgood, "CBS News Sunday Morning"

The Uncle shall return Monday, September 20th, 2004, 2:05 PM Central Time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with not the little piece of introductory music, but a Hurricane Ivan report by 710 AM's Joan Keller thanks to partner David Glenn of WPMI-TV NBC 15. Regular opening theme plays as the Uncle broadcasts the last show until the Clear Channel of Mobile simulcast begins. Steve Nodine is once again on the line contacting us from the local Emergency Management Center. "We're prepared as we can possibly get" quote Steve. So far, the Uncle and listeners know about the lack of room at most shelters, explaining the evacuation to ones outside the state. Disaster recovery plans and the National Guard with plenty of ice bags prove how well prepared we've been before "Ivan's" arrival to the Gulf Coast. Steve's final words were a few reminders, including keep everyone facing "Ivan" in your prayers and maybe even take in a neighbor. County Commissioner Steve Nodine leaves us, which gives us the opportunity to once again listen to this morning's interview with Gov. Bob Riley. The word "final" doesn't even describe Riley's last few points, which included another reminder of the option to travel north. News Director Mike Sloan happened to be the one conducting the interview. First and only caller Glenn arrived at Satsuma High School around 11:00 AM for shelter, a while after first considering Theodore High School. Speaking of shelter, 710 AM's piece of property on 555 Broadcast Drive is the place for plenty of Clear Channel of Mobile employees and relatives. The Uncle reminds us to not only focus only on "Ivan's eye", but its outer bands (now effecting) too. Don't even let the number of miles per hour (135) be your only concerned, but also high gusts and chance of tornadoes. During the simulcast, various employees of the Gulf Coast Storm Alert Network team will take turns reporting the latest information whenever its found. Even if one station goes off the air, the simulcast shall continue on another station. After the storm passes, Clear Channel of Mobile stations will pass out numbers to listeners in order to gather information on the area's aftermath. Before today's first commercial break, the Uncle complimented WPMI-TV's excellent and almost always fresh coverage of Hurricane Ivan's fast arrival. Regular theme plays signaling the show's "last individual" broadcast returns, starting off with Scott O'Brien's report of "Ivan's" storm surge near the Alabama coast. After making one last prayer toward the Uncle and other loved ones, Scott will be joining Steve Nodine in shelter. Scott agrees with the Uncle on the winds picking up around here. Scott shall return as the vital force behind the simulcast. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle describes WPMI-TV's current coverage featuring Peter Albrecht, Drexel Gilbert, David Glenn, and Jim Loznicka. "We're now going to join NBC 15's coverage" were the Uncle's words introducing listeners to long, yet important radio news coverage. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

"If in doubt, get out!" - WKRG-TV5's Alan Sealls

"Ivan ("V" as a hand's peace sign) peace, brother." - The Mobile Register's J.D. Crowe

WJTC-TV 44 is also broadcasting Channel 15'S Hurricane Ivan coverage

6:00 PM-6:00 AM curfew for Mobile County

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with, oh wait, a Hurricane Ivan update from WPMI-TV NBC 15's David Glenn and the Gulf Coast Storm Alert Network. Sorry new listener/reader, no usual audio clips (Lillian Jackson, Rebecca Wilson, etc.) today, just the regular theme music and opening. "This is not a drill, this is the real thing!" quote the Uncle before introducing County Commissioner Steve Nodine on the phone line. Steve listened to Gov. Bob Riley's latest press conference since declaring a state (Alabama) of emergency, where folks learned about Dauphin Island and Baldwin County's (below Interstate 10) mandatory evacuation. "It's basically taking the same course as Frederic did," said Steve, who's still confident in the local emergency staff now mobilized. No mandatory plans to leave Mobile County yet, so Steve encouraged us to continue listening to "your network" (referring to the Storm Alert Network) and "heed the warnings". District 7 voters can still vote in today's election. Some changes in programming, Leeanna is currently doing very important work in 710 AM's news center before leaving us to care for her family. Tomorrow, "a very large storm" called "Ivan" will spread its tropical force winds in the morning or afternoon. All Clear Channel owned stations might simulcast starting at 3:00 PM as winds begin picking up. "We're going to be there for you" quote the Uncle for all that will lose power during the storm, even when 710 AM is off the air. Expect Channel 15's newscast to air on this station. First caller Loren Burnette asked if Steve Nodine would pick up campaign signs that can be blown in "Ivan's" winds? According to the National Weather Service, 10 hours is the estimated time of hurricane force wins. An unnamed lady has knowledge of the now scarce kerosene, which can be used for oil lamps. A Moffett Road service station turns out to be best place to find some. After the first break, the show continues under below average conditions, like the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season. "WPMI music" plays in the background as the Uncle's program continues. "This is your day to do whatever you want," said the Uncle reminding folks of tomorrow's early beginning of tropical storm winds. Latest longitude and latitude numbers, plus the maximum sustained winds (140 MPH, with higher gusts) were given out. We lost some unnamed person for the return of "Bad Bill", who was getting suspicious a bit. Expect the Uncle to return to his Daphne home and back to 555 Broadcast Drive's "impenetrable fortress". The Uncle was glad to hear Paul, who has news of the 3:00 AM delivery of supplies such as oil for our lamps. Another "Internet World Web" reminder from the Uncle, a list of hurricane supplies is available at Storm Alert.net. We "lost you", said the Uncle until one fellow with the location of more plywood on North Schillinger Road joined us. Listeners planning to evacuate should soon as possible, Interstate 10 happens to best road to drive on right now according to the Uncle. ABC Newsbreak coming up, which featured a live report from somewhere in Mobile (mentions of Mike Dow, only as "Mobile's Mayor" and "Frederic"), followed by an update from David Glenn. Second half-hour begins with a repeat of the news of Baldwin County's mandatory evacuation south of Interstate 10. Evacuees who want to check in on the latest happenings can visit NewsRadio710.com and listen to 710 AM's almost live Internet stream. Tim just got through buying ice shortly after leaving work and discovered that almost every essential is gone. The Uncle thanked Tim for the tip to remain courteous in times like these. "It should have not been held today" quote Tom's view of today's District 7 election between Collins and Peavey, which the Uncle very much agree with. Tom even used the word "unfair", when it comes to both candidates. Not only old Bill managed to join us in times like these, but an audio prankster did so too. According to AAA in Mobile, there are "0 Rooms" in Montgomery and Birmingham and "few rooms" in places such as Atlanta. Members of the Uncle's family didn't expect to go North without a plan today. The Uncle expects help for such folks. While on a Biloxi road, our next caller reports on very little traffic. 1-866-GET-INFO is the American Red Cross (part of the International Red Cross, based in Switzerland) is the number to get information on shelters. "WPMI music" kicks off the final whirlwind segment as the Uncle reminds us to be careful in heavy traffic, especially when traveling north. No information on whether all four lanes of Interstate 65 will be one way north bound or not. Paul Finebaum's program will still air and expect him to speak about the current situation we're enduring. "Extremely heavy" according to our caller making his return to Northern Alabama. "Don't be playing pranks, people want to hear the good stuff" quote the Uncle after an audio prank mocking those very words. According to the local National Weather Service office, "Ivan's" storm serge will be worse compared to "Opal" and "Georges". This amazes both the Uncle and me, an Internet stream listener from the nation of Cyprus joined us. We have received news of more "C" and "D" batteries being delivered at the Target store near malls Springdale and Bel Air Mall (or Colonel Bel Air Mall). The Uncle reminds us to keep in touch with 710 AM and reminds us that we're continuing to jam Paul Finebaum's traffic. The 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM from WPMI-TV NBC 15 should air on Clear Channel owned stations, including 710 AM. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Notes of Interest for Y'all:

WALA Channel 10 and WKRG-TV5 Hurricane Ivan coverage is also available on radio, so there's plenty of coverage for everyone's tastes, no not the type used for edible products.

As of now, the Target store near the malls is sold out of "D" batteries, according to family out for the opportunity shortly after it was mentioned during today's show. Nope, this unfortunate change didn't effect the show rating. It's all about the quality of the talk product, besides batteries of that size were eventually found hours later.

During the hours of 5:00-7:00 PM hours of WKRG-TV5's coverage of Hurricane Ivan, we the viewers received a couple of surprises. An appearance by a humorist, even under current conditions Michael C. Dow and a clip from 1979 featuring Mel Showers sporting his then rather large afro.

Your daily writer shall "ride out the storm!", which many folks refer to staying home during a tropical-based storm as. Wish everyone here best of luck and the same goes to you!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of Fredrick Richardson's "we'll all be blown away!" from the Mobile City Council, along with the usual audio clips. "Thank you so much, thank you for listening," said the Uncle greeting us as we join in on the mammoth success known as this show. 710 AM employees were advised yesterday to prepare for Hurricane Ivan before most listeners realized that it's time. As of now, Mike Dow is holding a press conference at Government Plaza on this storm making waves to our part of the world. Other information in the Uncle's hands you asked? Baldwin County schools are among the numerous places soon to close after 12:00 AM tomorrow, to students only. Non-Baldwin County residents visiting are being told to leave the county. "Take this storm seriously" (especially a storm with 100+ MPH winds) quote the Uncle, even though the exact point of impact remains unknown, yet our part of the Gulf Coast is in the middle of every computer model's "cone of uncertainty". First caller Brent joins us to agree with the Uncle that only a Cadillac's worth of plywood is available at his workplace known as The Home Depot. Charlie of Fort Morgan is preparing to "move everything up North". Before going to a quick time out, the Uncle continues to remind himself that 710 AM is under the call letters WPMI. Opening music plays in the background as audio of WPMI-TV NBC 15's Scott Walker's announcing area closings played. Yep, the show is still "live" and listener interaction is still encouraged. The unavailability of Spam proves that "Ivan" is being taken seriously, after a relative of the Uncle requested one. Paul has something political to say, "I've been split" between John Peavey and Rick Collins. He's leaning more toward Rick since he was involved more with Steve Nodine on the paving of Zeigler Blvd. Voters are expected to vote in tomorrow's District 7 election, besides the hurricane is likely to make landfall after 72 hours. We lost Ed who had information on a Spam proprietor, so Leeanna (in a "Spiderman" type outfit) is summoned. At first it appeared Leeanna evacuated the WKRG/Clear Channel of Mobile hybrid on 555 Broadcast Drive, but it turned out she didn't hear the theme song. According to her, Ed happens to be a survivalist 3 years after buying Spam. Leeanna (a trailer home) and Scott O'Brien (a 90-year-old home close to the Gulf) are likely to evacuate their homes as "Ivan" draws near. Expect Scott to remain in contact with 710 AM listeners from a concrete bunker, whether the storm directly hits us or spreads it mighty winds east or west. Scott brought up the Mobile Register's flashback story on the Causeway's Roussos Restaurant, which was reduced to a slab of rubble with the sign still intact after 1979's "Frederic". "Hunkered in the Bunker", a catchy name describing Scott's upcoming journey broadcasting in "Ivan's" midst. "Thank you so much, welcome back!" says the Uncle for listeners just joining in as the second half-hour begins, hence his following reminder of Baldwin County schools closed to students and the University of Mobile's closing from Wednesday-Friday. Lori a born again Christian has news of some protesters in Baldwin County spewing hate and venom against those in the homosexual community. These folks even have a website attempting to "represent Christians as a whole", which is just plain false in Lori's opinion. WPMI.com has the link to this site, which for extreme reasons uses a "curse word" according to a caller later on. Even though Gene is aware the Uncle's mind is focused on "Ivan" ("every degree is every degree west"), but he managed to get his mind on Old Miss' performance during this weekend's college football. Gene reminds all that if "Ivan" takes a direct hit on us, electricity will be out for a lengthy period. "Water should be available for baptism," says Gene on water possibly being as bath water during "Ivan's" aftermath. The storm's direction is what Gene depends on for he and his family's evacuation route. "The Idea Guy" joins us with his Lowe's experience before giving us "the best tip of the day!" which is to take a hot bath on the eve of "Ivan's" landfall and give yourself a shave with those electric shavers. David has some information on this group from Topeka, Kansas, which travels across the country to protest in communities with a high number of homosexuals or the funerals of one. "A cult concept" is how David describes the actions of these protesters. "It gives Christians a black eye" another David quota. "The plank in their eye has got to be gigantic", especially in front of Topeka residents according to the Uncle. "William Tell" music plays as the final whirlwind segment begins. "Excuse me," said the Uncle living in the past briefly while saying "WNTM". Alex Mathis joins us via phone with the news of another Young Republicans meeting at "The Grill" tonight on the even of District 7's election. Several Republican Party bumper stickers were ripped from Alex's car by who appears to be someone after drinking plenty of alcoholic beverages at the nearby bar. We lost Daniel, Andrew, and managed to get Chuck asking about our almost empty Metro Transit buses soon to become "The Wave"? The Uncle reminds us to take "Ivan" seriously and make the right preparations. For the next several days, hurricane updates from the WPMI Storm Center can be heard on 710 AM, such as the one airing after today's excursion in Mobile broadcast excellence. Today's show gets a 5/5!

"Plans should be made now!" - David Glenn of WPMI-TV NBC 15

Notes of Interest for Y'all:

"Frederic's Furry" a WKRG-TV5 special marking the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Frederic's landfall and departure back in September 1979 will air Tuesday at 7:00 PM, bumping CBS' "Navy NCIS" to a timeslot shortly after a rerun of "The Late Late Show".

710 WPMI-AM is streamed "live" with a lengthy delay via NewsRadio710.com

At 6:00 PM CT, Gov. Bob Riley declared a state of emergency with Hurricane Ivan on course toward Alabama's portion of the Gulf Coast. WPMI-TV NBC 15 aired the announcement live, but not every press question & answer.

WKRG-TV5 at 50 Project: Week 2

49 years and 8 days ago TV5 went on the air.

Glenn Austin (Reporter Since 1994; In Broadcasting Since 1978)

Troy University student Austin began his broadcast career as a disc jockey at WRES Radio. After graduating in the earliest point of the Eighties, Glenn began his adult career as WQSI's assistant station manager, which led up to directing news operations at WPAN-TV in Fort Walton Beach. Glenn continued up the ranks with a seat at Panama City station WJHG's anchor desk and later as news producer/bureau chief at North Carolina's WITN. Glenn's journey into TV news continued down the East Coast until finally in 1994, TV5 hired him for reporting. During his years at WKRG, Glenn has successfully proven how his northern travels from station to station have given him the skill to cover events on the Gulf Coast. He has received plenty of awards, including one Emmy. Nowadays, Glenn can be seen working at TV5's Baldwin County newsroom in Foley, which was the main target in Alabama's most recent Gubernational Election. In his spare time, Glenn could be seen keeping a good eye on a local Boy Scouts troop.

Glenn Austin


WKRG Fact: Not only was The Mobile Press Register involved in radio via WABB (until 1959), they also had part ownership in TV5 from the beginning. Yep, these facts have been verified more than once.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with yet another repeat of Clinton Johnson's "you know", followed by the usual clips loyal listeners would expect. Voice message on one puppy's self-defense by "shooting a man" (or shooting himself, due to the pup's paw) before the suggestion that similar ways of defense should be used to train dogs for those "Dog & Hog" events. Yep, another "you know that I know" variation came after. "Excellent show in store for you" according to the Uncle after greeting us on the beautiful day, starting off with an interview with District 6 representative Connie Hudson at the sound of music. The Johnson/Sullivan reaction was brought to her attention suddenly, so we're off to talk with Doctor Dino N. Frangos for his advice to Thomas on the sapience stimulation. The Uncle apologizes to Connie for the discussion of stimulating sapience coming about. "Are we in a state of contention now?" was the Uncle's first question. "No capital budget" said Connie on the city of Mobile's budget since joining the council. This was explained for those who don't understand. Example, money originally used for drainage projects and other infrastructure was borrowed for other projects. Connie questions Dow's increase in spending, mostly for legal charitable organizations. "Performance contract", money can be allocated that way is the definition for term brought up. In conclusion, "we're out of balance", quote Muss Hudson. The Uncle checks if Connie knows the philosophy of council members not messing with a mayor's budget. September 21st is when the new city budget is voted on, so expect either Rick Collins or John Peavey to be part of the yearly process. Callers should be joining us after the first break. "Batman" theme plays in the background as a voice message from caller Patricia with her reason for not voting Peavey was played, because he doesn't even bother visiting her neighborhood to recognize its condition. First caller Paul thanks council members such as Connie and Ben Brooks for their brand of conservatism before bringing up John Peavey twice voting "yes" on sales taxes and the Mobile Convention Center during his original tenure. After reminding us of the Mobile Register's endorsement of the lodging tax, Connie is asked for why Dow wants this? "Take a step back" is how Connie would look into reducing sales taxes. "How's it doing in the budget?" says the Uncle on the Convention Center, which is doing fine according to Connie. We have learned that Bay Fest is being funded through the Convention Center. We lost Claude for Milton (not Morrow, up against Steve Nodine in November), who began on a "Roll Tide!" before sharing his belief of putting money in the Convention Center being a bad thing. "Money rolled over from drainage work," said Connie on how recent projects in District 6 were paid for. Don't expect their new senior center to be named after Miss Hudson. This break in Mobile's tacky culture would earn a "hats off" from the Uncle, if only he was wearing one today. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding listeners that Connie Hudson is still here, but first the news of District 7's Princeton Woods Property Association meeting shockingly featuring John Peavey, Mike Dow, Reggie Copeland, and Thomas Sullivan together. Reason why this is shocking, previously Dow wouldn't be advocating for a candidate and Thomas even phoned the show with his own principles. Lois (or Louis, according to the Uncle's ears) asks Connie about a supposed $10 garbage fee in her ignored area of Mobile, according to the leaflet that came with the new garbage cans to be picked up by robotic garbage trucks. "So that's news to me!" says Connie. Tim tells Lois that the pamphlet he found containing the so-called $10 garbage fee is actually from "Keep Mobile Beautiful", followed by what Connie called "kind words of success". Gary began with a "Roll Tide!" before sharing with us another Thomas Sullivan & John Peavey sighting, "violating his own Sullivan principle" when it comes to visiting another district to campaign for a candidate. Ray joins us with a question on the chances of getting Norwood College to expand roads nearby with the new cancer research center soon to be built? Ray happened to speak with a county engineer, who said that improvement of this road is not written on any planning lists. The Uncle agrees with Connie that roads are indeed hard to improve in this state. Before today's final whirlwind segment, the Uncle promotes Hall's Meats. Listeners are given reasons why the popular meat is perfect to slap on the grill for eating. As of now, the Uncle is looking forward to his weekend breakfast consisting of the product asked by name "H-A-L-L, Hall's Meats". Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message from "Evil Irrational Man" accusing the Uncle of having an affection for "liquor heads" (Crimson Tide was one of his, yep "his" examples). Tom joins the Uncle and Miss Hudson thanking her for the excellent job in District 6. As for John Peavey, Tom doesn't get why he wants Sullivan to campaign with him? The Uncle appreciates Tom's words before letting Mark in on the discussion. Unfortunately, Mark was a weirdo attempting to insult the Crimson Tide and Paul "Bear" Bryant. Leeanna was summoned with caller Jan's "Leeann" expecting an apology to Connie, which she did about an hour ago in advance. After J.P. left us, he thanked Connie for attempting to stop unnecessary spending. "Everything cannot be a priority" quote one of Connie's final words of wisdom. Connie.Hudson@cityofmobile.org is the electronic way of contacting the lady council member, along with office number (251) 208-7441. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

For More on Connie Hudson

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a repeat of Clinton Johnson's "you know" encounter with reporter Josh Bernstein, followed by "Uncle Henry, let me tell you something" and some classic Lillian Jackson audio. Once again, a "Thank you, so much!" greeting from a louder than average Uncle on this beautiful day for fluffy clouds to show up. As always, the Uncle thanked us for making this interactive show a stunning success, indoors and occasionally outdoors. Local (479-2723), long distance (251), and answering machine number 450-9220 (Extension 555) were given out. The Bay Fest line up was announced yesterday, which will be analyzed. A rift has occurred during Paul Finebaum's "9 hour program" yesterday, most likely to have happened during the "8 hours" 710 AM only carries. Now to the annual Bay Fest fleet, which doesn't include anything the Uncle suggested in the past, such as Donny & Marie Osmond, Glen Campbell, and Tony Orlando & Dawn. Besides Alabama's own Ruben Studdard, the so-called "The Beach Boys" (none are the original members) will perform next month. Some more unfortunate news from the Uncle, some groups picked are known to sing "nasty lyrics", while one fellow via voice message said some groups are "washed up has beens". Voice message ended on the note of WPMI-TV NBC 15's update to their "Dog & Hog" investigation last night. Even though the "Dr. Hook" band is from Chickasaw, their lyrics are still considered expletive and nasty. "We can bring in the morning girl" is one of the lyrics considered non-wholesome for Bay Fest. The drug reference "Cocaine Katie" was heard in the clip played. "The city approves of Cocaine Katie" quote the Uncle before hoping that Studdard doesn't appear on the same day as "Dr. Hook". Voice message from "Evil Irrational Man" (no need to call this fellow "woman" anymore) now "completely changed" was played, which consists of now worshipping Paul "Bear" Bryant, plans to vote for G.W. Bush, and staying in a Holiday Inn. Donny & Marie Osmond's most well known song was played as the show returned after the first break. First caller Ken joins us to admit that Zeigler Blvd. is definitely in need of new pavement, as addressed by District 7 council seat candidates Rick Collins, John Peavey, and former council member Steve Nodine. Ken hates to direct this at one fellow, but he doesn't find Rick's father Fred Collins as someone who accomplished anything under Arthur Outlaw's reign over Mobile. The Uncle agrees that "the surfacing of Zeigler is under way", no matter who is elected for the district containing the blvd. We lost one unknown fellow, Wayne, and we were close to losing Jim while adjusting his radio volume. "He holds the purse strings" quote Jim on Mike Dow and Bay Fest. The Uncle reminds us of the group "Seether", which wrote lyrics that can possibly have 710 AM fined by the Federal Communications Commission if they were read over the air. David pulled a Clinton Johnson "you know" on us by saying "you know that I know that we need to have the Osmonds at Bay Fest". Reason the Uncle finds that shocking Johnson audio this year's best, because Clinton is usually confident in his words. Gene is off the line, either turning down his radio too or talking to someone on the job. For a few seconds, the Uncle and listeners were carefully listening to what Gene is saying. "City attorney", according to the Uncle's ears. Before the ABC Newsbreak (or "news spin" as the Uncle called it), a whole new local weblog was promoted. Merry (not "Mary", as it seemed before the first half-hour ended) Mad Monk.Blogspot.com is the site. "Y'all have problems down there" quote audio of Miss Jackson trying to listen to he radio. Second half-hour begins with "The Pink Panther" theme in the background as the Uncle thanks us for continuing to listen to 710 WPMI-AM. Tomorrow, "Voice of Reason" and council member Connie Hudson will join us. Gene has returned to the line with an explanation for his very low on-air conversation with a city attorney. Real reason Gene wanted to call, he brought up a couple of former real "The Beach Boy" members performing close to home last year, yet it's true there is whole different group under the same familiar name. Unlike the Uncle, Gene has no problem with Ray Sawyer AKA "Dr. Hook" lyrics, which can be considered drug related by some. Gene has the news of "Jeopardy's" long time champion Ken Jennings (or KenJen, or Jen Kennings, or any other nickname coined online) losing in a recent taping, which was his 75th playing. The Uncle is checking the Bay Fest website, which has no information on what "Boys" is among "The Beach Boys" soon to perform at the October event. Claude mentions District 7's park improvements during Nodine's reign as a way of "keeping it clean", in other words residents informed. Some weirdo called in pulling a Johnson "you know" before pulling something far from that, an audio prank. Leeanna was summoned with the use of caller Jan's "Leeann". With the prankster behind us, the Uncle shares a story of a different Leeanna disappointment. Around 10:00 AM this morning while shopping at a nearby Target store, the Uncle discovered that his pants zipper was open. He was disappointed at Leeanna for not warning him, which hurts his feelings as a co-worker. "Think you've scared some people?" quote Leeanna. Speaking of "hurt feelings", the Uncle discovered Jo Bonner "kissing up to Finebaum" during that 5-hour or "9 hour program". "We read your column in the Mobile Register. We listen to you everyday on WNISB" which exposes Bonner of not actually being a listener. Paul didn't even correct Bonner that the call letters are "WPMI", didn't even say "WNTM" at least. According to the Uncle, Paul already knows what station airs his monster sized talk show in the Mobile region, which since the expansion to 5 hours continues to block out the first hour at 2:00 PM, currently under the Uncle's control. Final whirlwind segment preview, a Democrat apologizes via his 29th voice message. Show continues as the Uncle reminds us twice that you're listening to WPMI-AM before Chuck joins us asking how former council member John Peavey voted on the Mobile Convention Center? "Good advertising" quote Chuck. Back to Bay Fest, Chuck suggested that the Uncle add the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to his list of suggestions. During the afternoon or evening, David (a whole different David) recorded his apologetic voice message. "Don't feel bad" was the Uncle's response, since he did forgive the fellow yesterday. He suggested to David to simply find a church as a way to release all his pain or maybe even attend the barbecue being prepared by Leeanna's mother. Paul believes Bonner was performing some "psychological influence" during Finebaum's show in order to gain show expansion for the Uncle. Not only has this belief put a smile on the Uncle's face, but expect many more depending on this weekend's Crimson Tide game against Mississippi. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

There's a chance the "open zipper incident" won't ruin the Uncle's credibility.

"WNISB" could be Bonner's combination of WNTM, WPMI, and Scott O'Brien (W-News Independent Scott [O'] Brien).

Merry Mad Monk (Now in "The Outside" links)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of one lady comparing Alabama and Auburn men, followed by a repeat of the small introduction music heard during most shows. "Thank you, so much!" says a louder than average Uncle as he ponders on this beautiful day. He has knowledge of fellow Clear Channel (owner of millions, um, I mean thousands of radio & TV stations) employees playing golf and pondering at the same time today. The number to ponder with us is (251) 479-2723 and Pound 710 for Cingular Wireless users. "So much to ponder!" says the Uncle before previewing an example of the Democratic Party's meltdown, such as 28 voice messages made after midnight by the same fellow. Coming up some in-depth analysis on Josh Bernstein's report on the case against Clinton Johnson and Thomas Sullivan involving "sweet heart deals" in order for their daughters' wedding receptions at the Mobile Convention Center, which is owned by the city. The entire report was played, since 710 AM does share WPMI-TV's news operation. So far, we know the federal government is now involved in this case. "All right, thank you Josh", quote the Uncle after the full report was heard. At last, some analysis on the soon to be classic "you know, that I know that you know there's nothing to this, God Bless America and take care of our troops" as said by Clinton Johnson in this report. Audio of a more courageous Johnson during a Mobile City Council meeting was played. We have also learned that Sullivan doesn't want to get involved. "It doesn't even sound like the same guys" was the Uncle's conclusion to both fellows under some controversy and Bernstein's eyes. Audio of Sullivan's call to the show a while back was played as a comparison to him being asked by Mr. Bernstein. The Uncle looks forward to both the government and WPMI-TV NBC 15's investigation of this case. First caller Tom was in Judge Harding's courtroom a while back and heard the term "doing weed eaters" during an inappropriate time. "Well I know that you that I know that you know what was intended in the comparison" quote the Uncle pulling a Johnson "you know" with David before pulling out something different, a Mobile Register article featuring an example of Mobile's tacky naming culture, the Thomas Sullivan Community Center. Before the first break, listeners weren't warned ahead of time. "WPMI music" plays in the background as a repeat of Josh's confrontation with Sullivan was played. Gene joins us educating the public on hurricane paths by longitude and latitude after visiting Storm Alert.net. Caller Jan's "Leeann" was used to summon Leeanna for her interpretation of Gene's lesson. "No" was her answer on whether Gene's lesson made sense. Second half-hour begins on a dramatic note of music as a reminder to "touch the numerals" to join in was heard. The Uncle tells us of Leeanna's "rare two part appearance", which could be risking the good health of the show. Most of us still don't understand Gene's lesson, so at least one caller intervenes. Russell appreciates Gene's lesson on directions and map degrees, "If it's going west, it's basically going on a strait line" quote part of Russell's interpretation of Gene's effort. "Who's on first?" was Russell's amusing question (reference to the comedy duo Abbot and Costello) on Johnson and Sullivan. Jim believes that Leeanna livens up the program, which the Uncle doesn't want. Jim may not be a natural born Mobile resident, but he still loves Mobile and the Uncle "doing his thing". After Jim left us, the Uncle admits to disagreeing with all his views on "livening up the show". The Uncle apologizes for using the abbreviation "B.S." when describing the Johnson/Sullivan thing, which stopped him from getting to the 28 voice messages first, representing the Democratic Party's meltdown. 12:15 AM was when the first message was recorded. It gave Leeanna a good laugh, by the way. 12:35 AM: This fellow tells Daphne residents to "get a life!" and move to Mobile. Next message has the fellow accusing the Uncle of knowing nothing about Mobile as a Daphne resident, which later went down hill in credibility. Another segment of voice messages from the fellow will be played later. Leeanna leaves us after her lengthy than average visit from call screening. Before the commercial break until today's final whirlwind segment, the Uncle reminds himself that 710 AM is now under the call letters "WPMI", unlike what Scott O'Brien said this morning. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle reminding us of "the peak of Hall's Meats season", which is between summer vacation season and tail gating season. "Side item" is the Uncle's description for this popular brand of meat specially made in Chickasaw, Alabama. Final whirlwind segment begins at the sound of drums as another one of this fellow's 28 voice messages was played, which he even revealed his phone number (phone number removed in case the number wasn't his, or was it?). "The Idea Guy" has some answers over the Josh Bernstein thing. "They've been brainwashed into thinking it is free", quote "Idea" on Johnson and Sullivan under Mike Dow's reign since '89. "Now more from the Democrat" was the Uncle's introduction to another one of his voice messages. "Hey, give me a call, I can think of lies when I think about you" quote the weirdo in this voice message containing music. "Hey cracker head, I'm 47 years old, ain't got no children" another one, followed by "Hey, how about we pick up some barbecue". While Van pulled a Johnson "you know", he accused the Uncle of stimulating sapience. Once again, we lost a particular Bill before our last moments listening to the Democrat, who sounded like had too much to drink while shouting "Kerry 2004!" "Oh no, you're not going to put this on the air!" another weird message from the fellow. "Get you're G.W. sign…you're going to see some action" again, another one this time giving the Uncle laughs. Believe it or not, the Uncle views this fellow's last few messages as his point of deterioration. The Uncle may want to this get this fellow involved with Leeanna's family to confront his loneliness. Today's show gets a 5/5!

For those pondering over WALA Channel 10's John Edd Thompson's "feels like" temperatures (or heat index), it was fully explained today. The current temperature for one area is combined to the amount of humidity in the air.

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