Monday, August 30, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from "Listen" to "Roll Tide Roll!" followed by audio of Rebecca Wilson and lets not forget "Thank you, Uncle Henry", unless you're new to the show. Classic Lillian Jackson audio speaking about the danger horses can pose on the streets of Mobile was played. As of now, the Uncle is speaking in the midst of a storm, causing break ups in the 710 AM signal due to lightning. According to the National Weather Service, the storm is currently at a slow movement toward the Bay Minute area in Baldwin County. The Uncle attempted the let us; the listeners hear the storm from his perspective, which was unsuccessful. Alex Mathis has arrived after being active in Republican Party activities, such as being elected to a local committee. Roger McConnell's strange endorsement of a Democratic candidate came about, which Alex has no comment on. He has no knowledge on what fellow Republicans think what really happened, not even saying something similar to, "Hey, I know what happened!" "The majors are not covering it" quote the Uncle on tonight's coverage of the Republican National Convention, which is regulated to Alabama Public Television (Public Broadcasting Service), C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network), Cable News Network, Microsoft National Broadcasting Company (better known as MSNBC), and FOX News Channel. Alex has of course noticed the rise in protesters that support J. Forbes Kerry, which brings up one of many voice messages sent to the Uncle after midnight. This message from the typical Kerry supporter during the 1:00 AM hour was played. Yet another "Shark Alert" in the region, followed by killer bees and alligator alerts. "The sharks are sharks," says the Uncle baffled by these sudden alerts, which were never around during the Uncle's early years of life. There may have been concerned for jellyfish back during those days, but no shark alerts even though the creatures were in the Gulf. Alex still has no idea what to think. After a 5-second breakup due to lightning, Alex admits to not remembering seeing such water type animals near his former residents. First caller Mike joins us with an explanation for the rise in sharks on the Gulf Coast, which is due to some yearly migration. We lost Mike due to what the Uncle calls a "monsoon" before taking the first break for commercials. Voice message (recorded shortly before today's "The Price is Right") from Susan bringing up the "War of Words" article in a recent edition of the Mobile Register. Alex Mathis remains in the studio, same thing goes for party politics. The Uncle mentions the Register's endorsement of John Peavey for the District 7 seat, which can be resented by folks. Alex remembers when the paper endorsed every incumbent of the Mobile City Council during Peavey's previous tenure. J.P. met this lady yesterday at his door seeking "help" in the form of donations to "pay for funeral expenses" after a so-called house fire. Of course, J.P. has never experienced anything suspicious in all his 70 years on Earth. J.P. warns listeners to keep a look out for folks such as this lady going door to door robbing folks out of compassion. The Uncle reminds listeners of the show's brief hiatus until the half-hour ABC Newsbreak ends and reminds us that the time is 2:30 PM. Voice message from "The Idea Guy" was played, suggesting a "Mobile River Tea Party" as a way of taking back the city of Mobile from those that want a tea tax. "Idea" even suggested using the cannons at Fort Conde to aim at Government Plaza. Second half-hour begins with a version of "Batman" theme as the show resumes on 710 WPMI-AM. The "Popeyes Famous Chicken Deal of the Week" special is sold out, but the gift certificate price for Port City Pizza has been reduced. Speaking of the pizza, the Uncle purchased some himself recently. He managed to listen to Scott O'Brien's morning talk show, featuring him misquoting this show on the discussion of Mobile "being the best play to do nothing". The Uncle reminds us that we still have the choice of both doing something or nothing. No list is available, but the Uncle is sure there is plenty to do in Mobile. Answering machine number 450-9220 (Extension 555) and unclehenry@newsradio710.com are among the ways listeners can contact the Uncle whenever Scott misquotes the show again. Sam (a "boomer", except for the Uncle) is concerned that both candidates for the Presidency are forcing issues upon his generation. A whole different Bill joins us being proud of being a "boomer" and reminds us that it takes votes to rid the USA of Social Security. He still believes that "boomers'" children and grandchildren would never go to the point of paying for them. Randy starts off by saying Social Security and Medicare are close to becoming bankrupt and reminded us that folks don't generally cares about them. Randy brought up Paul Harvey's mention of Japan's young Social Security plan already bankrupt. After Randy left us, the Uncle predicts that "the boom bloc" will be the highest number of voters in the next decade determining their future. Pardon the Uncle's expression "looking at the rear end" while trying to make a point. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "American Idol" theme in the background as the show moves forward. After reminding us of Port City Pizza's price cut, Eddie joins us with the reason why the Democratic Party created Social Security. To hide unemployment, which was responsible for 1 foreign lady receiving $300 early on in the program. After Eddie left us, the Uncle checks in with Leeanna on a different retirement plan, which is basically investing $5.00 on Florida lottery tickets. Leeanna met with a patrol officer during a weekend party, who happens to be a listener of the show. The Uncle mentions a whole different meeting, involving Leeanna's young 5-year-old boy/future Social Security payer (maybe) and a fellow dressed as Spiderman. The Uncle may not understand children's fascination with Spiderman (since he has the characteristics of a spider, which most folks fear), but Leeanna is glad her son got to meet him anyway (earning an autograph too). With the possibility of Social Security going bankrupt, Leeanna still has hope in her investment of lottery tickets. Today's show gets a 5/5!

A week from today, a 52-week long special here at this weblog shall began as the countdown to WKRG-TV5's 50th anniversary begins (September 5th 2005 is the big day). Each Monday starting next week, there will be profile of a former or current TV5 personality who gave his/her best contribution to the station, including a photo. Each Friday, there will be memories from TV5 viewers spanning the decades, but that won't be possible unless you send me your memories. To do so, e-mail us (or should I say "me") at the following e-mail address bellow:


Lets make one station's golden anniversary count, especially one spawned by 710 AM!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of the response "Hello, you're on the air", along with "Stop the Taxation" comments made during a Mobile City Council meeting. It remains a pleasure for the Uncle to be with us after waiting several minutes to finally speak. Even thought about interrupting the half-hour news report from the Alabama Radio Network. Folks in Dothan and Brewton can still keep up with the events in Mobile via this show thanks to 710 AM's live Internet stream. As said on a previous program, certain employees of 710 AM are nowhere to be found on a Friday, which is today. This is a true rarity for the Uncle; he'll be saying something positive about the annual Bay Fest music event. The Uncle is about to compliment Mr. Bobby Bostwisk for selecting an artist that Mobile residents actually want to hear and see. Birmingham, Alabama's very own Ruben Studdard. "Now that's what I call 'booking for Bay Fest'" said the Uncle enthusiastically before reminding listeners "he's one of us!" As of now, the Mobile Register's entertainment section for young folks is now in the possession of thief, er I mean program manager Scott O'Brien. Leeanna is summoned to bring this particular section, with a name the Uncle is unfamiliar with. After scanning the section once again, the Uncle reminds Leeanna that there was a time when there were only 3 channels (4 if you include Alabama Public Television pre-PBS, also known as the Public Broadcast Service) after he brought a few requested musicians that won't be performing at Bay Fest. Aside from other groups soon to appear at Bay Fest, groups such as "Seether" and "Breaking Benjamin" are among those the Uncle doesn't get. As Leeanna left us, the Uncle (an advocate for Studdard during his early TV days) still finds Ruben coming to town a good thing. First caller Brent joins us congratulating the Uncle of staying on track when it comes to talking about Mobile's positives, most recently the good news a few sentences ago. Before Brent left us, he reminds the Uncle that Leeanna is his assistant ("sister" according to the Uncle's ears at first), in other words don't yell at her. After the first break, Donnie & Marie Osmond's most well known song can be heard. Since Leeanna is now an assistant for the day, she brought in a "Seethers" recording titled an expletive word. Jim began his call saying the Uncle actually appreciates Leeanna's work before showing how glad a favorite of his has been chosen to perform at Bay Fest this October. Steve suggests that Bay Fest should include Rock/conservative musician Ted Nugent in the line up, since he shows his support to those fighting out there in Western Asia. Speaking of Nugent, one fellow confused with one of his lyrics in song "Cat Scratch Fever" played it over the air while the Uncle has his finger over the delay button. Delay system was used (Federal Communications Commission is stricter against radio nowadays), leaving the Uncle in anger and telling Leeanna to never let that caller on the air again. Unfortunately, that request ended the first half-hour. Voice message from all-time Leroy talking about a horrible nightmare of his, involving the University of Alabama firing Crimson Tide coach Mike Shula, hiring Bill Clinton (chasing cheerleaders for reasons unknown), Alabama on probation, and last but not least the Uncle turning into a flaming non-conservative, AKA liberal. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle thanking us for listening before saying Leeanna is not screening well, as she should. Jim Matthews of "Popeye's Famous Chicken" joins us before the beginning of the return of this "Deal of the Week". According to this particular Jim, more seafood products will be added in the future, making fried scrimp fans such as the Uncle excited. Don't worry, Popeye's is not straying away from what it does best after over 25 years of cooking chicken right. 2:45 PM is the exact time this deal begins at 710 AM's web site. "Looking for property across the Bay", affordable property to be exact is something Jim's Popeye's franchise is currently up to. "Breakfast at Popeye's" is next week's special at the restaurant on Government Street, which happens to be Jim's second most successful. After Jim's mention of "chicken biscuits", the Uncle including some listeners (I just ate some non-Popeye's chicken, which just doesn't compare) became hungry. The Uncle expects quick sell out of Popeye's gift certificates at NewsRadio710.com yet again. "Go Bama!" says Jim while suggesting some Popeye's chicken while enjoying an Alabama game. Sanford brings to the Uncle's attention a banned Corvette commercial featuring a little boy dreaming about driving the popular Chevrolet automobile, along with a young girl winking at him while driving a convertible. It appears this commercial was removed to avoid incidents involving children stealing their folks' (or parents if you insist) automobile. Sanford finds commercials such as those for a certain product aimed toward the male more worthy of being banished. According to Mike, 82% of senior high school students in Baldwin County are the target audience for Bay Fest, because they are drunks. Briefly, Mike called these students "senior citizens" confusing the Uncle as a resident of Baldwin County's Eastern Shore city known as Daphne. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle reminding us that it's tail gating season, which is another perfect opportunity to serve some of the popular meat to others. We have just learned that garlic bologna is Leeanna's favorite Hall's product. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle announcing that a vegetarian has taken a Popeye's biscuit, which the Uncle hopefully believes has some sort of food product for his kind. Some weird lady/fellow joined us with a poorly executed prank (executed doesn't only mean "put to death by electric chair" or something). Johnny suggests the addition of more Christian contemporary musicians to Bay Fest. John began with a "Roll Tide Roll!" brings to the Uncle's attention tickets to a Crimson Tide game soon to be given as a gift, if that's possible according to a certain rule in radio. Van wishes that these polling centers helping out politicians don't even try calling him. The Uncle knows exactly how Van feels, politicians depending on polls to be positive around voters. Besides bringing the Uncle a Mobile Register section, Leeanna is expected to do another "industrious" act, this time helping out this Johnny's son on leave from the Service earn tickets for an Alabama game. Before the Uncle left us, he considered today's show "great" before reminding us that he'll once again block out Paul Finebaum's first hour since expansion Monday in the hour of 2:00 PM. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Note of Interest for Y'all:

With the 49th anniversary of WKRG-TV5 coming up a week from this Sunday, I find it the best time to share with long time Mobile/Pensacola TV viewers an image from the past. Not a TV5 image (yet), but one previously aired on WPMI-TV15 (pre-NBC/FOX station and pre-Clear Channel days):

WPMI May 29th 1985 4:56 AM CST

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the well known "great day in city of Mobile" audio at the Mobile City Council instead of yet another encore of the previous first two audio clips used recently. One fellow's voice message also finding it a great (beautiful to be exact) day in the Mobile region after waking up was played. As always, the Uncle finds it pleasure to be with us, especially on this beautiful day. "NBC Olympics" theme plays signaling the return of County Commissioner Steve Nodine for the first time since his days in the city council. He apologizes for "not appearing anywhere", in other words not speaking. The Uncle starts off with an important question for Steve, this time on the city's budget battle. In the past, Steve was considered a troublemaker down there, but look at them now. "How should they be dealing with the budget?" was another question passed to Nodine. He reminds us of his obligation and duty after being appointed Mobile County Commissioner by Gov. Riley shortly after his victory over Ralph Buffkin. After viewing last week's council meetings, Steve said he probably would have done some compromise if he were still in the council. John Peavey and Rick Collins running for Steve's old District 7 seat have made it into this discussion. Collins happens to be Steve's choice to endorse, who he believes is able to carry on what's left to represent in Mobile. Besides, Rick supported Steve numerous times in the past. Callers shall join the Uncle and Nodine after the break. Audio including "I strongly disagree with Mr. Nodine" was played before the Uncle asked if he actually misses those days? Not one bit, surprising to the Uncle. Steve agrees that some of the debates back then were childish (not mature) and ridiculous while looking back. "Courtesy that should be shown to District 7" quote Steve to the council, if any members are listening. Our first caller Tim (either on a pay phone or cellular phone while outdoors) asked Steve if he agrees that the Sheriff's Department shouldn't handle more than it can't? Before Tim left us, he left the topic of "ever getting along" speaking about our district representatives and of course Mike Dow. Steve reminds us that he, along with fellow council members Ben Brooks, Connie Hudson, Reggie Copeland were unable to stray from the reality of cutting taxes. To answer Tim before he left, Steve still believes downtown Mobile remains stable, but according to him we must look toward the western sector while the chance still remains. We lost John for Nick, who brought up Mobile County's volunteer fire department paying back donation money used for one's own gain. A response will arrive after the ABC Newsbreak and commercials. Second half-hour begins with audio of Mike Dow "continuing with it (stuffing the August budget) until it's done". The Uncle is still trying to get used to calling Steve Nodine "County Commissioner" before bringing up the names of fellow commissioners Sam Jones and "the other guy" Mike Dean. The Uncle thanked listener Sadie of local business Casual Cuts for listening before asking Steve who fixes his hair? Big Bobby was in the middle of a conversation with which he describes as a "lovely lady" before turning off his radio due to 710 AM's delay. "A good argument gets the blood boiling" describes Bobby's handy reminder of the democratic process. John referred to Steve as "Commissioner Nodine" before bringing up the awful condition of Zeigler Blvd, where property taxes are of concerned. Speaking of Zeigler, Steve happened to notice Dow talking about it recently on another radio station (yep, this station is also under Clear Channel Communications, yet it was not mentioned). "So, the fixing of Zeigler Blvd. was delayed due to the mayor's interference" says the Uncle describing Steve's response exactly right. "Zeigler will resurface in November," says Steve as a way of saying "help is on the way" to those out there. Milton (not Nodine's opponent Milton Morrow for the County Commissioner position in November) joins us with a greeting for the Uncle and a shout of "Roll Tide!" before showing how glad that Steve is now a commissioner for Mobile County after the headache position called "city council member". "Headache, yes, but you can get a lot accomplished" quote Steve reflecting on his old position in the city. We are reminded that candidate John Peavey was once a city council member, who also ran for the Mobile County School Board, and Rick Collins showed plenty of interest for the District 7-seat left by Nodine. Steve encourages folks such as Rick with an interest in politics to go for it. Before the break, classic Shane McBryde (former host at 710 AM got plenty of mention during this discussion) was played. Final whirlwind segment begins with "Jonny Quest" theme playing in the background as audio of Steve Nodine's famous "We should cut, we should shrink, I'll say it until I'm dead" comments play. "The Idea Guy" ("undercover version of radio reporter Charlie Moss") joins us to tell Steve that he ended as a celebrated person (or "celebrity") sighting recently, as mentioned on a previous show. Yep, Steve still calls "Idea", "The Idea Man". Explanation for the Uncle's many playings of "We should cut, we should shrink" rolled out of Steve's mouth at last. "Make sure that capital money returns to the tax payers" quote a portion of Nodine's explanation. "Idea" also brings up his clear up effort with Leeanna over the Reverend Bradberry's "eat the grass" assumption (or "attack") yesterday. Turns out this "eat the grass" assumption is actually reference to Old Testament Scripture. Leeanna is summoned untraditionally and the Uncle would later find out she actually forgives folks such as Bradberry. Before Steve left us, he showed his hope for the Highway 98 project to get started, along with some encouragement for folks to attend a Semmes community meeting for improvement. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Some notes of interest for y'all:

According to Nielson Ratings Research, the Mobile/Pensacola TV Market now ranks 63rd in the nation, which is a -1 drop in viewer rankings. If only every home in the USA were part of Nielsons' research, this would've been considered accurate.

For those interested, a site featuring information on a book written by candidate for the Presidency John Forbes Kerry and the "Vietnam Veterans Against the War" was mentioned during the Rush program (minus Limbaugh himself). The link to the site is bellow:

"The New Soldier" A Book By J. Forbes Kerry...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with an encore of "From Lillian Jackson's 'Listen!' to 'Leroy's 'Roll Tide Roll!' shout" before audio of yesterday's "woogie boogie" comments on the content of Paul Finebaum's program was played. As the Uncle joined us for listener interaction on this beautiful day, he showed how much it's a pleasure to be with us. We are reminded about 710 AM's live Internet stream for folks outside of the Mobile region. The Uncle congratulates storeowner Fred Small of Daphne for winning the title of mayor. "God bless you, Harry Brown!" says the Uncle on Daphne's soon to be former mayor. After telling a nearby lurker to get out, he congratulates Ron Davis of Prichard for earning the title while the city prepares for the exit and Mayor/"Extra Police Officer" Charles Harden. Now on to Mike Dow's (still mayor of Mobile, but for how long after next year's mayoral election?) budget proposal, as reported by WPMI-TV NBC 15 (or "WPMI Television", as said by the Uncle). More congratulations from the Uncle, this time to anchor Peter Albrecht, Drexel Gilbert, and Leah Brennan. Dow happened to say some interesting things during the meeting on his proposed lodging tax, which he described as "the cost of a glass of sweet tea". "You can put them in a Volkswagen" quote Dow's amusing statement on his fellow staff members. This reminds the Uncle of college students of the past stuffing their fellow students in telephone booths, which are no longer in existence due to cellular phones, according to the Uncle. "Volkswagen bus" was the Uncle's suggestion for something bigger to stuff Dow's staff in. Callers shall arrive after the first break, but first the Uncle must remind himself yet again that 710 AM shares the same call letters as Channel 15. One voice message congratulates Ken Williams for being re-elected mayor of Saraland and Mr. Davis of Prichard, including their lady council member. "Batman" theme plays as an audio clip of Tom's "do nothing initiative" plays. Expect the Uncle to help carry out Tom's ideas for free in the month to come, which is of course September. First caller Nick joins us with the one solution to a certain problem, a referendum for a re-organizing of Mobile's council form of government thanks to an Alabama law passed during the Eighties. The Uncle reminds Nick that the federal government allowed Mobile's current form of government. While reading a book received through the mail on J. Forbes Kerry and his fellow swift boat crew during the civil war between North and South Vietnam, Nick finds it sad that this fellow is actually running for the position of Commander-In-Chief. "The Idea Guy" suggests that Mike Dow's staff are in need of an entire fleet of Volkswagens for stuffing before reminding us that comedian Jerry Seinfeld actually made millions of dollars on a long running show "about nothing", which is more than Mobile has made. A whole different Jerry joins us with his suggestions for the "do nothing initiative". Before the ABC Newsbreak (which began without music) the Uncle reminds us that the Cingular Wireless code remains as Pound 710. Second half-hour begins with audio of Tom's "walk the path" comments furthering his "do nothing initiative". The Uncle reminds of us about this Friday's "Deal of the Week", which is for half priced food from "Popeye's Famous Chicken". Only 3 deals for Fairhope's Quail Creek Golf are available at 710 AM's web site. Bill joins us after his return from the Mississippi Fleet, which consisted of plenty of surprised folks at the couple's (yep, he's married) promotion of the current happenings of Mobile, such as the new cruise terminal in downtown Mobile. Bill and his wife may have not been lifetime residents of Mobile, but they sure do enjoy living here. The Uncle agrees that Mobile should be promoted as a less hustle and bustle place. The Reverend Bradberry shocks the Uncle with his unconfirmed reason why Ladd-Peebles Stadium now has artificial turf. To prevent folks such as Leeanna from eating the grass, according to this preacher of the Word. "I don't think Leeanna can get fat if she put her mind to it" quote the Uncle. Before Leeanna was summoned (with "Evil Irrational (Man) Woman" audio), the Uncle announced that he's now in a position to apologize for comments that could've mentally and emotionally impacted her. "I'm not a cow" were her first words today. Leeanna letting Bradberry on the show is now considered another turning point for the show, which can be called "another lesson to learn" as a call screener. Since the Uncle can't decide whether to be angry or glad for the reverend's comments, he'll just remain neutral. Jean promotes Mobile's beauty to those who don't understand, yet they still live here. The Uncle predicts that after his eventual death, the city of Mobile will block off Government Street from the Bankhead Tunnel to "The Cannon" and call this non-tax dollar tourist attraction "Oak Alley". "Gator Alley" across the Mobile Bay is an example of success. Latest Hall's Meats commercial gives both Ian the Webmaster and Leeanna the chance to share their feelings of the popular meat, including answering the question "When was the last time you ate Hall's Meats?" Final whirlwind segment begins with Dee Dee referring to the Uncle as "Mr. Henry" before putting in her addition to the "doing nothing routine" as she called it. Before Dee Dee left us, she suddenly had the urge to eat some Hall's sausages. A "Closet Liberal" suggests that the Uncle should take all responsibility for Leeanna's call screening. First of all, David must say that the semi-popular opinion of G.W. Bush being considered an "outcast" should be turned around before reminding us of Gov. Riley's defeated Alabama Tax Plan, which kicked off his rant on Florida and this state's "tax culture". Even used "money hungry" to describe Mike Dow. Before the Uncle left us for the next 23 hours, he reminds us of today's latest "turning point", which involves Leeanna and reminds us that listeners can phone his answering machine at 450-9220 (Extension 555) and e-mail him at address unclehenry@newsradio710.com. He still enjoys hearing the non-obscene machine messages. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from Lillian Jackson's "Listen!" with a quick switch to Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll!" shout before audio of Tom's "excellent, excellent…" phone call on "come to Mobile and do nothing" was played. "Yes!" "Yes!" were among the words in the Uncle's greeting to the listeners. He reminds us that he's paid to interact with the listeners thanks to the miracle of telecommunications via (251) 479-2723. As of now, the Uncle is in a good mood after Tom spoke his words on Mobile having the ability to market itself by simply doing nothing. "Doing something is overrated!" says the Uncle. Case and point, eating and drinking are among the Carnival cruise ship "activities" the Uncle sees as "doing nothing". Today is Election Day for surrounding municipalities of Mobile, which means more campaign signs than ever according to the Uncle's signs. "Every 3 feet" is the Uncle's estimate of how long it takes to view another sign "uglying up the streets". Pound 710 remains the code for Cingular Wireless users that want to interact. First caller Milton started off with a "Roll Tide" before asking the Uncle if he's ready for college football season (Crimson Tide to be exact)? This morning Milton discovered that it was much tougher that expected to vote place after place. The Uncle is glad Milton took on the road for a few more miles in order to exercise his right to make a change in the USA. According to Milton, the Daphne Convention Center is soon to be the next local voting location for the Presidential Election. Scott O'Brien joins us via phone while on the road to Daphne. "A ball of confusion" is what Scott considers even driving to the voting precincts. A couple of "Roll Tide!" shouts came out of Scott for a change. Tim also began with a "Roll Tide!" before showing his interest in the percentage of folks that stayed in Vietnam (during the 1955-1975 war) for about 4 months and came back with 4 bronze stars and 4 purple hearts. Unfortunately, the Uncle has no numbers to share with those interested. "This is WPMI-AM!" said the Uncle trying to remind himself of this station's new call letters. "If your name is on a sign, get rid of the sign", said Russell before his own "turning point" came about. Russell's call was terminated after implying that the Uncle is "physically ugly" by saying Leeanna is "physically beautiful". The Uncle reminds us that Leeanna has plenty of permanent markings called tattoos on her person. Another self-reminder for the Uncle, but this time it was done before the first commercial break. "William Tell" music plays in the background as the show returns for more listener interaction. Walter really wanted to ask, "Who really are the electors?" as in the Electoral College. The Uncle expects an elderly (older person) to give a 20-minute or so explanation later on. Van joins us with a report on Paul Finebaum actually talking about Mike Dow between his show hours of 3:00-7:00 PM (minus 2:00 PM now being blocked by the Uncle), which includes that he would trade Birmingham's mayor for him. Even said he would want Dow as governor. Van finds the idea of a computer program replacing Leeanna at call screening a big mistake. Why? She would be snatched up by another radio station with a non-conservative perspective. "He would praise someone to downgrade another person," says the Uncle is Finebaum's views every now and then. Second half-hour begins with the sound of drums as a voice message from "Makes Me Sicker Guy" brings up a Mobile Register story on a lady getting locked up for only 1-day after writing hundreds of bad checks. "Yes, this show's covering up 1-hour of the Finebaum show" were the Uncle's first words of this half-hour. John is now a "reborn time killer" after hearing Tom's call yesterday. Jim asked the Uncle twice how he's been doing before bringing up a notice in the mail from the Tax Revenue Service confirming that every single property in the state has been re-appraised, which prompted him to call his friends. Jim warns all to keep a good eye on their mail for one of these notices. From this "public service announcement" to Finebaum, where Jim discovered plenty of "woogie boogie" talk going on. The Uncle apologizes to parents driving their children home from school after hearing that. Scott O'Brien returns to the show at the sound of his new theme song. So far, Scott is the only one at the Daphne voting precinct. He showed his amazement at the number of campaign sings out numbering each other. After Scott's "Roll Tide!" he shall return to his prestigious, yet undisclosed home in Daphne. According to a whole different Bill, J. Forbes Kerry has the ability to talk his way out of anything, which brings the Uncle back memories of Bill Clinton. "We're going to whoop 'em this year," says Tom after a larger than average "Roll Tide Roll!" shout. He brings up the June 2004-2005 edition of "The Real Yellow Pages" not containing 710 AM's phone number. Speaking of Leeanna (who consulted with the phone people, says the Uncle), according to the Uncle she has become a lightning rod for liberalism. First bolt of lightning: "Irrational Woman" or "Evil Irrational (Man) Woman" via voice message. "Oh deer Leeanna" and "Oh darling, Leeanna!" were "Irrational's" suggestions for the Uncle when it's time to summon her. "A perverted version of 'My Fair Lady" is what the Uncle called "Irrational's" attempt at convincing him to try another method of Leeanna summoning. Final whirlwind segment begins with a whole different John pulling a ridiculous prank involving an alternative to the idea of a computer program replacing Leeanna. Yep, the Uncle actually used "Evil Irrational (Man) Woman's" method of summing before asking why she even let this John join us? Before Leeanna left us, the Uncle reminds her to at least try covering her tattoos. Tom returns around the exact same time as his previous call yesterday. "Pay your taxes and do nothing" says Tom continuing his opinion on the use of "doing nothing" for a better future in Mobile. "The Answer Guy" (fellow on Lite Mix 99.9) slipped out of Tom temporarily in place of "The Idea Guy" before he left us to do nothing. Ralph, a listener for a over year, a Bible reader for over a year, a non-Rock 'N Roll listener for over a year until today, asked the Uncle if his soul is in danger after hearing Scott O'Brien's theme. In the show's last minute, "Idea" joins us with his agreement with "doing nothing". For 2-days in a row, another positive note to end the show on. The Uncle asked management while he continues to knock off 1-hour of Finebaum, why not 2? Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of "Uncle Henry, let me tell you something" before audio of all-time caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll!" shout played. Voice message on one fellow's witness of out-of-state drivers ahead of him in speed while traveling to Daphne was also played. A couple of "thank yous" from the Uncle to us (the listeners) before inviting us for interaction via (251) 479-2723 and Pound 710 for Cingular Wireless users. Weeks later, Mike Dow is now in a celebrating mood (audio clips of Dow in positive spirit were played) after this Sunday's Mobile Register poll showing 53% of respondents saying he's doing a good job. 47% of respondents would vote Dow again in the next mayoral election. On Friday, the beloved mayor will announce a new lodger's tax increase, which so far makes the business owners of lodges in the Mobile region not so happy. A prediction by the Uncle, his new tax increase will end up being voted down by the Mobile City Council again. "Thank goodness" says the Uncle on the council's last tax increase axing. Reason this poll was taken before the annual city budget process? "So it'll look good for Dow as possible" as the Uncle assumes. Before callers join in, the Uncle brings up his meeting with politician Ed Bishop at an O'Charley's restaurant and defeated Mobile County Commission candidate Ralph Buffkin at another eatery. Another politician to add, a state representative said Paul Hubbard would likely make a run for a certain high office in Alabama. First caller Steve is not worried at all about the new overtime pay for employees in manual labor. "There's already a lot more traffic" says Steve on the "mad house of traffic" during the hours 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. Before Steve left us, he reminded the Uncle to take care of himself. On Friday afternoons, the Uncle usually notices fellow 710 AM employees acting like tumbleweeds in New Orleans running off to spots unknown. Gene reminds the Uncle that he said "WNTM" around the beginning of today's show. According to caller/710 AM promoter Gene's ears (but not mine), newsreader Joan Keller has yet to join the gang including Scott O'Brien, Charlie Moss, and now the Uncle when it comes down to the old habit of saying "WNTM". Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle referring to last weekend as a "Hall's Meats Weekend" and reminds some folks that they need to try the popular meat. First attack advertisement on J. Forbes Kerry was heard by a large majority of 710 AM listeners before the break ended for more interactions with the Uncle. After the first break, audio of caller Jan's conversation with the Uncle was played, along with a voice message from "The Idea Guy" showing how worried he is of "Leeann" (he was talking about Leeanna, for those wondering) joining "The League of Women Voters". A whole different Bill joins us with a "Roll Tide!" before saying explaining how his way of "generating tax revenue" is part of his patriotic duty. "It's not for me!" shouts the Uncle on Bill's philosophy on getting off early during Friday afternoon "to party". We are reminded to read the fine print on public polls, in other words the margin of error mentioned in the results of the recent Mobile Register-University of South Alabama poll on Dow. The Uncle's head "swam" as he appreciated all the statistical details. Second half-hour begins with the popular, yet seldom played "Hello Uncle Henry!" song. Yep, the Uncle still remembers the new call letters of 710 WPMI-AM. Professional juggler (of children and a husband) Holly joined us after the "Make You Sicker Guy". She shared with us her experience at a recent Boys & Girls Club meeting. No negatives whatsoever out of the young folks of Mobile & Pensacola, according to Holly. Rick joins us with a "Roll Tide!" before showing how much he agrees with Bill's ideas of everyone getting off early on a Friday. Another topic Rick wants to touch, Mobile Regional Airport. He knows that most air travelers would rather drive to Gulfport, Mississippi's airport for cheaper tickets and maybe even have the chance of gambling at near by casinos. Jan's "Leeann!" was once again used to summon Leeanna to discuss the topic of productivity brought up by today's callers. She was okay with the Uncle's new and likely a temporary method of summoning her. Computer expert/Christian webmaster Ian joins us to answer the Uncle's question if there's some kind of "Leeann 4000" computer program available that would never take Friday afternoons off. There's the unfortunate possibility that this machine may not understand Southern dialect. With Ian in the room, he has the opportunity to promote previous "Deal of the Week" specials, including this Friday's deal for "Popeye's Famous Chicken". Before Leeanna left us, the Uncle continued to threaten her with replacing her with a machine. "It doesn't feel right!" quote the Uncle on productivity with sweat. Before today's final whirlwind segment, yet another commercial from "Bush/Cheney '04 Incorporated", including the tagline "There's what Kerry says, and then there's what Kerry does". Final whirlwind segment arrives starting off with Tom having the pleasure of speaking to folks such as the Uncle with rare character. Tom has a story for us involving a shoe shiner, a $5000 check, and air travelers via Mobile Regional getting their shoes shined. Tom concludes by reminding folks (especially Mike Dow) in downtown Mobile that they need to stop every attempt of becoming like other states. "Come to Mobile and Do Nothing" was Tom's suggested slogan for the Mobile region. "This is a big turning point" quote the Uncle on Tom's "excellent, excellent phone call!" Tom's call was so excellent that the Uncle marked this day (August 23, Two-Thousand-Whatever-It-Is) in Mobile history when at least one resident finally found himself. A couple of "Let Mobile be Mobile" shouts came out of the Uncle before suggesting that hammocks and swings should be in place around the downtown area, even near "The Cannon". We lost John for Van's "Dumb, dumb, dumb!" ("Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!" was the Uncle's response) as the beginning of his response to Tom's call. Van did give Tom credit for "thinking out of the box" before jumping on to the topic of taking Friday afternoons off. Before the Uncle left us, he shouted to 710 AM management for show expansion as quick as possible after Tom's call/"turning point!" Today's show gets a 5/5!

During WPMI-TV NBC 15's 12:00 PM newscast, an all new promo for 710 AM aired. It basically includes the new logo matching the colors of Channel 15, but keeping the original design of the old WNTM logo.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a voice message suggesting that all 7 Mobile City Council members should receive a big surprise from Mr. David Bronner of RSA, a slap in the face. Yep, they're another bunch that makes this fellow sick. "Can you here me?" was the Uncle's question to Leeanna before welcoming the listeners continuing the show success. "A warm, semi-moist Friday" is how the Uncle describes the Mobile region's current weather conditions. Internet stream is still active for those outside the listening area, along with long distance number (251) 479-2723. Leeanna is summoned early to discuss last night's meeting with the "League of ("Liberal", says the Uncle, giving Leeanna a few laughs) Women Voters" at a local restaurant. According to Leeanna, these ladies were actually talking about the Uncle and were wondering on his whereabouts. $40 a year is the membership fee to join these "League" meetings. No politics were discussed, but plenty of talk on how they operate. One old (or elderly) lady mistakenly called the Uncle by the name "Fred", which was all right to him. As Leeanna left us with go-go boots on, among the accessories the Uncle found "provocative", she jokingly called him "Uncle Fred". First caller Patrick joins us with a little insight on what J. Forbes Kerry is keeping out of the public eyes and ears. Mike asked the Uncle how he's doing ("a little of this, a little of that") before bringing up a Mobile group's upcoming honey expedition in Argentina for the 4th year in a row. A "landing/take off tax" on Mobile Regional Airport tickets per person reached the Uncle's ears for the first time, including a large majority of listeners thanks to this one caller. Now onto the Mobile Convention Center, Mike finds it crazy that a major convention was never really held at the place. After the first break, one fellow's prediction via voice message of Mobile Regional Airport now that the "frequent flyer" program is now in effect was played. Butch joins us asking the Uncle what's the current main topic of the election for the Presidency? "Vietnam" was the Uncle's response. Near the end of Butch's call, he showed hope that voters will learn the truth sometime around the Bush/Kerry debates. Jeff began with a "Roll Tide!" before bringing up one positive for Mobile Regional, no need to worry about leaving something on a plane, giving the Uncle a good laugh. Bob also got a "little of this" response from the Uncle before he asked what exactly this fellow responsible for dumping toxic waste in a neighborhood was charged for? Since he's in federal court, this is more of a felony according to the Uncle. Second half-hour begins with a voice message on Mike Dow's plan for the expansion of "high tech" industry, which is assumed to really be the expansion of all 3 Super Wal Mart stores. We are reminded that the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" is golf, Fairhope's Quail Creek Golf to the exact is soon to begin in 10 minutes. Nick shows that he's been in contact with the Swift Boat Veteran folk for years before talking about what J. Forbes Kerry considers to be "the truth" of what happened back in Vietnam. As a former member of an airborne division, he finds Kerry's run for the Presidency to be sickening. Unfortunately, Nick was unable to get into historic discussion of his involvement in the Detroit Riots. Jean mistakenly said "Hey Jean!" before showing her support for the Alabama Crimson Tide in honor of the Uncle. Beth recently discovered junk mail coupons for airline tickets depending on day & location. "Very reasonable on the fares" quote Beth on these deals for taking a plane on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. After Beth left us, the Uncle thanked her for telling us what's currently being sent to people via the mail. Scott O'Brien has returned to 710 AM and is summoned via his new theme song. The media meeting in Gulfport, Mississippi was "worth wild" according to Scott. No mention of politics and/or G.W. Bush at all! "The Gong Show" managed to get into this discussion before we lost Norman. According to the Uncle, Norman left at the moment he noticed Scott. Last week, Paul viewed an edition of Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club" featuring a discussion on Kerry's own story of his experience in Vietnam. Suddenly, Paul got Fonda into the discussion when it comes to this Eastern Asian nation and how Kerry sided with her. Yep, the same Jane Fonda who did enough exercise worthy of being placed on VHS. Paul went as far as bringing up execution for what he considers acts of treason during wartime, which the Uncle very much disagrees with. Final whirlwind segment coming up, but first we must stop running on commercial time. Final whirlwind segment begins with "The Idea Guy's" fascination that only news reporters can get close to militants in the war torn section of Western Asia, yet our young folks are not even close to finishing them off. So "Idea" suggested they should disguise themselves as journalists in order to succeed. As of now, the "Deal of the Week" is on, so go to 710 AM's web site as humanly possible as you can. Don't worry, it's only a couple of clicks away. After Jack's call, caller Jan's "Leeann!" (even said by the Uncle) audio was used to summon Leeanna in order for the Uncle to say that Jack wants her to do more broadcasting now that she's participating in "League of Women Voter" meetings. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Unlike our frequent returns to the Mike Dow of 10 years ago, we'll be taking you back over 30 years to a whole different time in Mobile/Pensacola TV. You're only a click away from viewing old schedules featuring the likes of "Today in Mobile" (with Dot Moore) and WKRG-TV5's "Home Edition News".

Mobile/Pensacola TV Schedules (Late July 1973)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the "ok here we go, hello you're on the air!" clip minus the usual, such as the Jackson and Wilson audio clips. After about 20 seconds of theme music, the introduction finally came. As of now, we know that the Uncle is finding it a pleasure to be broadcasting live from Paw Paw's Campers on this beautiful day for the hour. If possible, the Uncle would like to rid all the Scott O'Brien coffee mugs more than the free Pepsi, hamburgers and hot dogs. One mug was just picked up by a fellow, earning him a "thank you" from the Uncle. 19-year-old Amanda shares her perspective on motor homes after serving some of the free Godfather's Pizza to young children. During her upcoming second year at University of South Alabama, Amanda will continue her studies in accounting. Sorry folks, no Leeanna but former call screener Jessica is here on this part of Tillman's Corner. The Uncle brought up her promotion to 710 AM's promotion department and a spokeswoman for public service announcements. Callers can still join in on the show via the same number (251-479-2723). Looks like Leeanna did away with her plan for a strike, in other words everyone can still hear her voice today. Gary Redden returns with the Uncle seemly recognizing his voice. Thanks to yesterday's show, a dentist in the Mobile region stood up and contacted Gary to proceed on his teeth situation. "Thank you once again!" says Gary to the dentist probably listening. Time for a quick commercial break. We rejoin the show on some Lawrence Welk music as the Uncle promotes Paw Paw's red-hot camper sale. Before getting to today's topics, the Uncle asks Leeanna if any callers are waiting. "He gave up" quote Leeanna on why caller Peter left us. Today's Mobile Register includes a report on Washington County students' vote to bring back McIntosh High School's nickname known as "The Demons" after 3 years. All the Uncle has to say about this story is that he doesn't want one of his grandchildren to wear "Demon" shirts. He's also amazed that students were the ones actually voting to determine the school's nickname. Amanda was asked if she agrees that students shouldn't have a voice to name a school "The Demons"? She disagrees, not surprisingly. Speaking of surprise, the Uncle has one for Leeanna, the return of substitute call screener Joe sharing some of his memories of a slightly young Leeanna. "Wild" was the word Joe used to describe Leeanna back during her Theodore High School days, which he even uses to describe her back in the present. Joe didn't disclose any information on his own days in high school. Richard Dickinson was among the folks picking up free Scott O'Brien coffee mugs. We lost Jack, Curtis, and Peter on the line. While Pete was on the line, he told Leeanna that the Uncle has no business to speak that way about Mcintosh. The Uncle reminds us (and especially Pete) that he's here to share his own opinions. Yet another caller lost named Rich, but Regina held on. She agrees with folks such as Amanda that students should have a voice when it comes to a place where they spend much of their daily time. "The Panthers" suggested by the Uncle as a better school nickname. Regina happens to be a teacher herself at the University of South Alabama, who would want to be a public school teacher. "What was that?" was the Uncle's response to someone shouting "Go Balls!" and it's not even the proper season yet. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminds us of the location of Paw Paw's Campers, which is Range Line and Highway 90. Second half-hour begins with "Jonny Quest" theme playing as the Uncle speaks about the Paw Paw's experience, which includes plenty of fellows resembling Paw Paw himself according to some of 710 AM's female employees standing by. Sarah joins us to ask if Regina admitted to being among the Democrats? Turns out the Uncle had "liberal" on his mind during Regina's call. John started off with a "Roll Tide" before finding out if the Uncle received his voice message on talk show host Sean Hannity? Scott O'Brien shall return to the 710 AM WPMI airwaves tomorrow morning starting off during "Mobile's First News". One fellow picked up six coffee mugs earlier, but a pastor only picked up one. "The Idea Guy" joins us commenting on this beautiful day as he walks near Spring Hill College. At "Idea's" mention of the "League of Women Voters", we learn that Leeanna will attend their meeting tonight close by. "Idea" happens to prefer Leeanna to Scott O'Brien during "Mobile's First News" and suggests that he should return to "Ladd Stadium" (Ladd-Peebles Stadium to be precise). County Commissioner Steve Nodine ended up becoming "Idea's" celebrity (celebrated person, not just a movie or TV figure) sighting. Angela returns with an agreement that Mcintosh's school board should select proper names for their school and discuss it with the students. After reading Scripture involving the casting of demons, the Uncle says he would feel uncomfortable seeing his grandchildren attend a school under the name "Demon". Final whirlwind segment of the Paw Paw's Camper red-hot sale/remote broadcast program coming up! Fleischer's "Superman" theme ("quality music" quote the Uncle) plays as the Uncle tries to think after speaking with a fellow name Randy. Chuck is on the line with a burning issue to talk about. He comments on Leeanna's break from the Uncle's "screaming & hollering". According to Chuck, Leeanna may be able to hear the Uncle's hollering all the way from Paw Paw's. The Uncle may be slow to anger, but it's easy for him to be irritated. He explains to Leeanna that all he's been attempting to do over 2 years is change her behavior patterns. As Leeanna screens callers, the Uncle asks Amanda ("older than Jessica, younger than Leeanna") for her views on aggression, which she was under for a period of time. "The Look" managed to put an end to Amanda's aggressive behavior, which the Uncle attempted in the past. We lost Bubba for James to make a comment on Mcintosh High School's nickname change to "The Demon". James asked the Uncle if students at Shaw High School were involved in the voting process of ridding the nickname "The rebels". Uh oh, it appears someone from the health department has arrived at Paw Paw's Campers for reasons unknown. Leeanna will phone the department to check if these representatives are actually what they appear. Tim managed to join us to say nobody would want to buy mugs with Scott O'Brien's face on it, which may explain the lack of visitors. He would prefer Leeanna on the mugs. Bubba turned out to be an audio prankster. Before the Uncle left us, he explains why the show is taking place at Paw Paw's Campers. An effort to promote their high quality sale in campers. After the Uncle left the air, if you listen carefully Leeanna can be heard humming a tune. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

According to weblog Big Easy TV, two Clear Channel Radio (surprising? I know) employees were spotted around WALA Channel 10's relatively new building near "The Hank" (Hank Aaron Stadium). Could these two disc jockeys be the radio people under consideration for Channel 10's morning program? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with yesterday's playing order of the first 5 audio clips before a couple of repeats of "Uncle Henry!" "Uncle Henry!" "Thank You Uncle Henry!" Audio of caller Jan's suggestion for a non-aggressive Leeanna summoning by simply saying "Leeann" was also featured in the opening. A variety of greetings from the Uncle as he thanks us for our continuous listenership. Yep, the show is still being streamed via Internet for those far away, so the long distance number of (251) 479-2723 was given out. So many topics today that the Uncle needs us for analysis. We are reminded about Mobile's recent financial crisis, which paved the way for the implementing of robotic garbage trucks citywide. Yesterday, "Dow gave a glowing outlook", according a Mobile Register story on Tuesday's Mobile City Council meeting. Once again, we return to ten years ago when Dow outlined his "String of Pearls" for downtown. Back to 2004, the Uncle feels sort of silly now (even used "my bad") with this new 20-year time frame when it comes to tourist funding the city and the attractions visited by them getting funded by our tax dollars. This is why the Uncle's in need of our analysis on what's probably going to be successful, along with the addition of more "high tech" industry. Yet another interesting story, this time it's about Mobile Regional Airport introducing the first program of its kind in the USA. They have created a "frequent flyer program"! Starting today, if a passenger uses the airport 3 times or more a year, he or she may be offered low price or special service. This is the result of putting minds together, according to the Uncle. He awaits the press release for more on this all-new "frequent flyer program" on the official Mobile Regional Airport, which hasn't had a new press release since December 2003. Callers will join in after the first break for commercials on 710 AM WPMI. Jan's "Leeann!" audio reared its head during the break. Tomorrow the show will be broadcast live from Paw Paw's Campers located on Range Line Road during the 2:00 PM hour, even during breaks of Rush's program. First caller Chad's stomach ached as he laughed at the Uncle's suggestions for other services and offers that may be offered at Mobile Regional. "Jobs" remains the top issue the Mobile region is facing is all the Uncle has to say after Chad's analysis. John reminds all that Mike Dow has literally sold the city of Mobile's soul to Retirement Systems of Alabama's Mr. David Bronnar, who would one day bring the hub of an airline service to the RSA Tower ("Is going to save Mobile!" quote the Uncle from over a year ago). According to the Uncle's talks with economic type folks, it's going to be a 5-10 year plan just to find occupants for the tower. After the ABC Newsbreak, Jan's "Leeann!" again reached our ears. Second half-hour begins with a voice message giving kudos to council member Connie Hudson for repairing downtown Mobile's parking garage leak before suggesting that Ben Brooks should take a good look a Dow's latest scheme involving the creation of 4000 jobs. The Uncle can't even think of a better place other than Paw Paw's Campers for a broadcast location. Musician/former mayor Gary Redden from South Dakota returns to the show starting off by saying the movie "Field of Dreams" reminds him of the current situation with the Mobile Convention Center. As for Gary's career, he's finding himself playing less in Mobile and more in surrounding areas after 6 months of residing in the region. Folks have actually called him "Yankee" after playing "Sweet Home Alabama" at Malfunction Junction, furthering his belief that many residents only want to hear their own kind perform. The Uncle apologizes on behalf of those making a fool (or "jerk" as the Uncle put it) of himself around Gary. An example of Gary's musical work was played for us. Bart was thanked for hanging in there on the line to speak his mind about the airport. So far, the Uncle doesn't see half-priced advertisers attracting folks to Mobile Regional. A whole different Bill asks the Uncle to imagine the reality of moving the airport to Brookley Field. Suggestions such as Loxley were thrown in as alternatives to Brookley. We lost Jim who had a tale about a child in kindergarten, which would have been the best time for the Uncle to swap stories. Another whole different Bill joins us with his sightings of air traffic around Brookley. Another John joins us with a "Roll Tide!' shout before sharing with us what's confirmed to be a true story that happened on Schillinger Road involving him, a police officer, and a revival in the air. Again another audio-tape playing of Jan's "Leeann" during the break before today's final whirlwind segment. Voice message signaling the return of all time caller Leroy to the show by telling this "League of Women Voters" going after Leeanna that there's only way to reproduce. The Uncle is still looking forward to listeners visiting tomorrow's broadcast from Paw Paw's Campers. Bubba of Daphne has a couple of comments on the airport situation. Bubba establishes that fact that Mr. Bronner actually wants US Airwaves as a tenant for the RSA Tower, which he finds a good idea himself. After Bubba left us on the note of Daphne's garbage of service, the Uncle reminds us that Mobile residents continue to pay high priced sale taxes yet the new robotic garbage service in underway. Audio of Jan's "Leeann" was used to summon Leeanna this time. She won't be attending tomorrow's Paw Paw's Camper broadcast, but will stay at 710 AM to screen callers while on a "silent strike" while a microphone is close by. This upcoming "silent strike" reminds the Uncle of 13-19 year old behavior. Any problems that will occur during tomorrow's broadcast will not, and I repeat not be the Uncle's fault, as Leeanna first assumed. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

Tomorrow, "back to Paw Paw's" - Leeanna (almost a week ago)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Rebecca Wilson audio still intact, even after the news of WALA Channel 10 considering hiring her (now on weblog Big Easy TV's front page) came about online, along with audio of Lillian Jackson's "Street Talk" comments. "Thank you so much for listening!" says the Uncle as we continue into the show's third year, with callers always a pleasure. (251) 479-2723 is still the local number, along with Cingular code Pound 710. While it's a delight to be with us, the Uncle must first say that former County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch recently had lunch with 710 AM's Scott O'Brien before leaving for downtown Mobile to hear his maximum prison sentence of 33 months (2¾ years) for 19 counts of fraud. If memory serves the Uncle right (a non-news reading person, or news anchor) that's the exact sentence. During WPMI-TV NBC 15's afternoon broadcast, reporters tried to get his comments, but were unable to understand his "Wilmer, Alabama Accent". An old fashioned package (yep, they still exist in some areas even in this world of e-mail) from listener Rhonda has reached the Uncle's mailbag. This package has information on a "Party for the President" on September 2nd at 7:00 PM at Mimi's Gumbo, including some G.W. Bush bumper stickers. Since Rhonda has no idea what the Uncle's e-mail address is, I assume she has no access to the 710 AM web site or this one. Yet another hate message from the "Insane Lady" ("Evil Irrational Woman" as he/she calls himself/herself) or fellow with the weird laugh has gained the Uncle's attention. This message proves he/she's getting worse, which included his/her supposed vision of the Uncle dying. The Uncle's reason for playing that message, this lady/fellow is an example of why J. Forbes Kerry is going to lose in this election year. After listening to that message, he showed his defense for his already paid for automobile. Before the first break, the Uncle reminded us that we're listening to 710 AM WPMI, incase you heard promotions and bumpers from the old "NTM" days. Classic Paul Harvey audio plays before the "verbal spanking" bumper came up. Later in the program, the Uncle will speak to Leeanna on yet another contact by the "League of Women Voters". First caller Steve also assumes that "Evil Irrational Woman" is really a fellow due to her/his man-ish, yet scary voice. We lost a whole different Henry & Walt before the Uncle started assuming that "Evil Irrational Woman" is a late night worker since he/she phones him via voice message during those hours. We are told about "Mildred", a so-called female that phones both Finebaum and this show, so the Uncle must keep a watch for him. Mark began with a "Roll Tide!" shout before announcing "it's about time!" Welcome to the "Belief in Evil Irrational Woman Being a Man" society, Mark! He even did a creepy impression of "EIW" (acronym for the weirdo, pronounced "Eww!") before getting to the main point of his call on the Mobile County School System. Before Mark left us, he reminds us that "EIW" is really a fellow. ABC Newsbreak coming up, but the Uncle still has the chance to announce this Friday's all-new "Deal of the Week", which is Fairhope's Quail Creek Golf Course. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us that we'll soon find out why the "League of Women Voters" is contacting Leeanna to join their league. Jim has a suggestion for the Uncle, "just cut him out" specifically fellow "EIW", or "Bitterly Insane Person" as the Uncle called him. The Uncle remembers the time this insane fellow started leaving voice messages, which was around the time Former Alabama Quarterback Bobby Jackson spend some time with the Uncle. That was over a year a go, by the way. Bob showed his enjoyment for the show before requesting the replay of the weirdo's voice message via phone. Inserts of this weirdo's 2 recent voice messages were played. "The typical Kerry voter" says the Uncle after listening to yesterday's voice message again. We lost Ellis for Barbara starting off with a "Roll Tide!" shout. Like many first time listeners, she was interested by the conversations on this show. Yep, it's very obvious to Barbara that the Uncle is a Christian man. He very much appreciates that. Chuck wonders why this member "of the Kerry people" is even getting airtime at all? As of now, the Uncle asks himself how psychologically this weirdo would feel if his/her voice messages were deleted without ever being listened to? According to Caleb, Bobby Jackson was seen on "The Junction Boys". By the way, Jackson happened to be at 710 AM recently, so the Uncle summoned Leeanna to search the building for him. We find out from a Bobby Jackson fan that he was not one of "The Junction Boys". Edwina (a lady, just in case you were wondering) joins us while driving to discuss how the Uncle talks about the lighter side of life. The "grapes metaphor" wasn't fully understood by the Uncle before taking a break. Final whirlwind segment begins with the lost of Robert & Willie after only one minute on the line. Leeanna returns to confirm that Bobby Jackson was not a "Junction Boy", neither an import from Texas. According to Leeanna, the "League of Women Voters" doesn't pick sides, striking the Uncle's assumption of them being liberal after reading their positions featured on their web site. "That sounds good to me," says Leeanna. A few more of the league's positions were read. Before Leeanna left us, the Uncle wished her luck around this league. She may even lead them to being neutral if possible. This brings up the question if groups such as those can even be neutral. After viewing "The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour", the Uncle learned that Jim Lehrer has not even voted since the Sixties due to his self belief as a newsperson. Jan's (doesn't shout at her children in places where other folks can overhear) suggestion on referring to Leeanna as "Leeann" without shouting will be taken into consideration. Roland has a Scripture that backs up the Conservative viewpoint. The Uncle reminds "EIW" (or Evil Irrational Man) to read Matthews 5 tonight. Tomorrow, another show, another hour of Paul Finebaum's at 2:00 PM blotted out. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show from audio of Lillian Jackson's "Listen!" to "Yes, I'm listening," says one lady indirectly responding to the local activist from years gone by. Both the show's 2:00 PM timeslot and opening remain intact. As of now, the Uncle is having an intense pleasure with us after last weekend's trip to Appleton, Alabama for a Hall's Meat cookout (along with other brands of meat). While in the middle of nowhere that time, the Uncle was thinking about our whereabouts and doings. Yep, he still cares about the listeners even on weekends. At this very time, Paul Finebaum is wishing to be on 710 AM WPMI. "Too bad that Finebaum can't burst!" says the Uncle. According to the Uncle, it's possible to click over to Finebaum's new 2:00 PM hour for folks who actually listen. A barrel of laughter is currently being heard on the Finebaum program. As the Uncle sees it, cutting out the laughter would bring the program to 1-hour at least. Now on to the Hurricane Charley aftermath, Florida retirement communities are among those affected by the storm. 1-800-Heath-Now is the number to phone the American Red Cross with your support (supplies, money, medical aid) for the folks in need. "Here Bushy, Bushy, Bushy", says this weirdo via voice message accusing G.W. Bush of arrogance. Could this fellow be breathing exhaust or just plain twisted? This reminds the Uncle of the father of G.W. Bush (G. Herbert W. Bush) not visiting Florida after 1992's Hurricane Andrew quick enough. "That is the mindset of the folks that will lose this election" quote the Uncle on today's first weirdo. Instead of talking to a dial tone, first caller Mike came aboard to speak about "The 10 Suggestions" as a Commandments substitute for Christians/Liberals. This is Mike's example of the differences between the Christian-right and left. By the way, Mike had some Hall's Meat for lunch before listening to today's show. Once again, the Uncle "checks" in on the Finebaum Radio Network, which once again is nothing but laughter. After the first break a voice message suggesting that Mike Dow should be giving credit to Steve Nodine and Connie Hudson for the rise in revenue was played. Scott O'Brien joins by phone starting off by talking about Paul Finebaum's "2:00 PM Hour of Laughter". Turns out Scott really called in to speak with Leeanna via the Uncle. Her laughter was heard in the background. Margaret comments on the "laughing and act stupid" audio clip played by the Uncle as an example of the contents of Paul Finebaum's program. All of a sudden, Margaret turned out to be an audio prankster. We "return" to the Paul Finebaum program and yet more laughter. They were probably laughing after a weather forecast, according to the Uncle. E-mail on a Mobile Register story on Governor Riley wanting small town officers to once again patrol the Interstate and ticket speeders was read. Marie began her e-mail with a "Roll Tide!" before saying that the current law should remain the same. The Uncle happened to be listening to talk about this Register story on Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story" program, which made him look back at the real reason only Alabama state troopers became the ones to patrol the Interstate. Members of the Alabama Legislature were constantly pulled over for "going too fast", so this law was passed to prevent similar incidents from occurring too often. Before the second half-hour, audio of Lillian Jackson showing how much she can't stand her radio problems was played. "The fake Norman's" latest voice message was played before the "press the numerals" bumper came about. The Uncle still looked forward to listener interaction even after losing Larry. In a few days, Leeanna will be taking over news duties for reporter Charlie Moss for the time being. To contact Leeanna with a story worthy of being reported on "Mobile's ("liberal") First News" program, use to same number used to contact this show (251-479-2723). Holly happened to be speaking on a "Letter to the Editor" featured in a recent Mobile Register on the city of Mobile's traffic in the Wallace Tunnel being compared to those in New York and Los Angeles. The Uncle is glad Holly joined us with that, which brings back memories of callers blaming "The Baldwin County People' for the traffic. Debbie finds the Uncle to be hard on outsiders complaining about the tunnel. The Uncle suggests that the Wallace Tunnel should have an AM radio transmitter as a way to tell drivers how to drive properly. No offence to male callers, but the Uncle finds their callers lackluster to the females' today. All-star caller "The Idea Guy" suggested a return to the past by bringing back tunnel guards. Before "Idea" left us, he said he's going to take a walk. Laughter can still be heard on the Finebaum program or audio clip. Mark the Arizona Marine returns to the show mentioning G.W. Bush's visit to the state. As of now, the Uncle is looking at Mark's e-mailed photos of Bush's visit. Ah, the power of Internet streams! Joe joins us on the tunnel thing by suggesting signs reminding folks to maintain their automobile speed and a sign telling folks to not fear the scary looking buildings close by. The latter gave the Uncle a good laugh. During the final whirlwind segment, we'll be checking in with "Mobile's only active radio reporter" Leeanna Matteson (similar to the pronunciation of "Madison"). "Batman" theme plays in the background before James agrees that an alternate path to the tunnel is needed especially for the new to Mobile crowd. The idea of another tunnel doesn't appeal to the Uncle, but "another leg to the bay" as James put it is needed. We lost Pete and Rusty on the line. Leeanna is summoned out of the 710 AM newsroom with words such as "Leeanna! You're holding up the show!" Currently, Leeanna is writing stories on Hurricane Charley's aftermath and traffic accidents. "Depressing" is how she describes her work as a news writer. A mock "12:00 PM Newscast" is done to test Leeanna in her current position, which started off on sort of a bias note. Leeanna thanked the Uncle for letting Scott speak to her on new promos needed for 710 AM WPMI. We "rejoin" the Paul Finebaum Radio Network on yet more laughter to prove the Uncle's point of that 5-hour program's content. Maybe he just rejoined his listeners and just said something humorous. We lost Jack as Leeanna left the room for work in the newsroom. The Uncle reminds listeners to phone 1-800-Heath-Now to help the folks of Central Florida, along with visiting the American Red Cross web site with .org (pronounced "orge" by the Uncle) at the end of its title. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

It's obvious now that the Uncle's "check ins" on the Paul Finebaum program were actually audio clips, as first mentioned by Margaret.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of one lady's comparison of Alabama and Auburn men, along with the new opening still intact for the foreseeable future of 710 AM WPMI. "Thank you so much, it's a pleasure!" was the Uncle's greeting for the listeners on this beautiful non-traditional day for weather in August. He thanked us for making the show even more popular than it was yesterday, the first full day of the new call letters. Pound 710 code for Cingular Wireless users is the only cellular phone code you'll be hearing on WPMI-AM. This morning's "Mobile's First News (without Scott O'Brien)" featured reporter Charlie Moss filling in while WPMI-TV NBC 15's Darwin Singleton did a live broadcast for "NBC 15 Today". The Uncle was unable to view this morning's broadcast with sound (I myself was unable to view the broadcast period), so he expects a caller to explain what really happened. Now on to the important issues, out of all the various newspapers (Thrifty Nickel, Mobile Register, Lagniappe), news wires, and radio networks (Alabama Radio Network), the most significant story of the day was not among the top stories in either one. "The longest lasting impact for the Mobile region" was found inside the Register's "Metro" section. On September 17-18, a job fair for more than 1,200 positions will be held in Spanish Fort located on the west side of Baldwin County known as the Eastern Shore (near Mobile Bay). Looks like jobs are finally relocating across the bay. "That is significant!" quote the Uncle on this change of complexion for the Mobile economy. A "major disappointment" will be discussed after the first break. Voice message from the "fake Norman" was played before the new show bumper reminding us to soak some Uncle Henry knowledge. Something important has come to the Uncle's attention, according to the young people's (folks under 30) section of the Mobile Register called "Bay Weekend", this 10th annual Bay Fest will not feature anybody he requested over the past 2 years. Donny & Marie Osmond's most well known song was played for example. "Solid entertainment" in the Uncle's opinion. A Page E article on tantalizing bookings was read, including the lost of singer "Twist Taw" (play on the word "twister"). If it were the Osmonds, that would have been bitter sweet for folks such as the Uncle. Last night, the Uncle accidentally saw Tony Orlando (Dawn was there too) on Alabama Public Television, who would be a perfect guest for Bay Fest. Glen Campbell, the Uncle's earliest contender was brought back for consideration. First caller David began with a "Roll Tide!" before saying the almost annual Bay Fest events always seem to occur during Alabama/Auburn football weekend. "They're making it hard on us!" says the Uncle. Now on to Hurricane Charley, David reminds us to prepare to help Florida (especially Fort Myers) in the aftermath. We lost Jack for Albert, who wants to speak about the news media's coverage on homosexuals, which always uses the once good word "gay" (meaning "happy") to describe these folks. Albert happens to know ladies named "Gay" or "Gaye" that would change their names to avoid unknowledgeable (or if you prefer, ignorant) insults. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle predicted that it's likely that they won't be liberal this time around due to storm coverage. I believe the Uncle was about to say "WPMI-AM" before the newsbreak cut him off. "Jonny Quest" theme plays during a voice message on the Mobile Register screwing up by delivering two of the same day's newspaper to this fellow. "Stop that!" says the Uncle on another bumper beginning to play. Former call screener Jessica has returned to the show after taking a break from her other position at 710 AM. Yep, she's still 18 years of age. The Uncle asked her who exactly is this "Twist Taw" fellow? No idea from someone who's more interested in County Music, which will be featured at Bay Fest. The real Norman joins us to join in on the discussion of the news media's same-gender marriage coverage. "Democrats consuming control of the nation" is what Norman believes is the real reason behind this coverage. Norman brought up the "fake Norman" from earlier, but showed no sign of anger against someone with the right to speak freely. John returned from Downtown Mobile, which now includes plenty of trucks mobilized to help parts of Florida. According to John, Darwin on WPMI-TV NBC 15 this morning said something rather offensive about the Uncle. Hopefully John was only pulling our legs for his own enjoyment. We are reminded about talk show host Dr. Laura once being #2 in line of Rush Limbaugh on talk radio before the issue of homosexuality lead the way of driving her TV show off the air. Jessica has yet to leave the studio, who doesn't even have any headphones beside the ears. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle speaking about this weekend being the best time to cook the popular meat before bringing up his upcoming trip. Expect some steaks and a product or more from Hall's to be on his grill. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message on 710 AM's new format under the call letters "WPMI". She warned the Uncle to watch his back around the WPMI folks. Jim greets the Uncle before bringing up his sighting of some fried Hall's Meat of an open house meeting. He suggested bringing the Uncle over to the Eastern Shore for a permanent stay at broadcasting for 710 AM. Steve agrees this is the most beautiful day of days in years. At first Steve assumed the show would be gone once Paul Finebaum's expands to five hours, but was quickly corrected that he won't get all 5 hours on this station. Leeanna is summoned during today's final minutes for her weekend plans. She doesn't mind if her plans are revealed, which includes spending some time near the waters. The Uncle asks Leeanna if she knows about a Florida web logger writing about the state in the midst of Hurricane Charley? I got mention (thanks) in this conversation, along with this site. Our first unnamed caller mentions the J. Forbes Kerry weather team reporting on this hurricane as a hoax. David joins us with a little insight on Florida's current conditions. The Uncle asked Leeanna for her observances during hurricanes and tropical storms, such as "Frederic". She was only 3 back in September 1979 getting "Ready for Freddie". Shortly after, the Uncle considered that too young. The Uncle remembers James Earl Carter flying over Mobile by helicopter just to "look at us" during the aftermath. As for the Uncle, it was too bad it was Carter. This weekend's excellent temperatures were passed along to listeners. Despite Finebaum's expansion starting Monday, the Uncle shall return in the 2:00 PM-3:00 PM timeslot. Leeanna is reminded to at least try aging over the weekend. A good laugh shortly came after. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

"We'll have a gay 'ol time!" - Final lyrics to "The Flintstones" theme

To anybody in or from Florida reading: Best of luck!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll!" shout before the all-new "WPMI" opening played, including a new pronunciation of "(251) 479-2723". A couple of "thank yous" from the Uncle as he remains excited about the new call letters. That's right, 710 AM is now 710 AM WPMI-AM, which extends the station's relationship with WPMI-TV NBC 15. The Uncle looks forward to being associated with personalities such as Peter Albrecht, Drexel Gilbert, and the "blonde girl" or Kelly Foster as he was trying to say. As of now, the Uncle is having a tough time to proceed. It's not the excitement of the new call letters, but Leeanna's TV dinner recently "nuked" in the microwave. Our first story to be discussed is a "weird item" on Don Siegelman hinting that he may run for governor again, according to the Associated Press. "It eats at my soul, every day that this state does not have an education lottery" quote Don on his platform if he were to make the run. Speaking of "eating at your soul", a fellow 710 AM employee earlier asked the Uncle what would "eat at his soul"? "Nuked" TV dinners perhaps, but nothing eats at his soul every single day. According to the Uncle, an educated person such as Siegelman shouldn't have his soul eaten due to no state lottery. "Bull malarkey" is what the Uncle calls this weird quote. Maybe a 1-mile walk in Siegelman's shoes would make the Uncle fully understand how the fellow's soul is actually being eaten everyday. "Pray for and with" is all he suggested for us to help 'ol Don. First caller Jeff pulled a fast one on us with reference to Alabama coach Mike Price. First intelligent caller Gene congratulates 710 AM for the new association with Channel 15, even though their station locations are far apart (The old YMCA building on Azalea Road for "15" and a portion of WKRG TV5 on 555 Broadcast Drive near Airport Blvd. for 710 AM.) According to the Uncle, there's a strong chance that WPMI AM & TV will share the same building between a year and 18 months. "You're fortunate to be working with a fine company," says Gene on 710 AM's corporate owner and mega-chain of 1000+ TV/radio stations across the land, Clear Channel Communications. John is pondering what Siegelman actually meant by "eats at my soul" before accusing the Uncle at preaching in a religious sense. Looks like both Don and John need some help, as the Uncle sees it. Unlike Scott O'Brien this morning, the Uncle successfully reminded us that we're listening to 710 AM WPMI before the first break without any mention of the letters "NTM". "The Adventures of Superman" theme plays along with a new show bumper ("only cries at weddings, Alabama Crimson Tide games, and 'Old Yeller' "). We lost a whole different Jeff and some complete weirdo shouting something beyond English. Yet another caller lost, this time it was a Frank. Could a "goosing" epidemic be occurring right now? The Uncle brings up this morning's front page Mobile Register analysis called "Lob Barbs" as in attacks on Mike Dow verbally. Candidate John Peavey was the one to kick off the barbs, "I just don't think Mike kicks off the big deals for us". A whole different Bill joins us to bring up WPMI-TV NBC 15's reporting on the West Nile Viruses, yet they don't even report on the geographical areas being sprayed for mosquitoes. Bill, who's has allergies to the insects, is relieved the Uncle will pass this along to the TV staff of WPMI. "The words" (sponsors) are next, followed by the ABC Newsbreak, or the "liberal news headlines" as the Uncle calls them. Expect the query on the locations of the local campaign headquarters for both G.W. Bush and J. Forbes Kerry to be answered in the second half-hour. Positive voice message on Bess Rich's appearance yesterday was played. Second half-hour begins with a reminder to "touch to numerals" or (251) 479-2723 to join in. We lost David for Ray, who joined us to comment on the ABC News headline on San Francisco's same-gender marriages being void. He would later hang up, fueling the abruptness of callers on today's show. The Alabama/Florida line happens to be location of Kerry's campaign headquarters. It's only the first day and the call letters "WPMI" already earned their first mocker. Just wait until these 20+ year call letters (back when WPMI-TV was an independent station) will become legendary in Mobile TV & radio. Norman asks the Uncle if bigger plans are in the works for the 710 AM web site, which are beyond his understanding as a fellow who just learned how to use "Goggle", or the Google search engine. Norman shared with us some more insight on news media slants, which can be clearly seen. The Cable News Network's Judy Woodruff's name was thrown in as an example for someone clearly expressing opinion through facial expressions. If Michael Moore ever visits the Gulf Coast, Norman would show him some "Freedom of Speech", which is likely to be verbal. Doug knows the problem with city employees such as those for the Water & Sewer Board, they need a nap after working two jobs for extra dollars. "A couple of more nickels in your pocket" says Steve on a likely raise for the Uncle working under the call letters "WPMI". As a company man, the Uncle enjoys working along side Clear Channel. According to Steve, Michael Moore is having an "eat the hat" bet with talk show host Sean Hannity on whether G.W. Bush is re-elected or goes for resignation. Final whirlwind segment coming up on 710 AM WPMI! Final whirlwind segment begins classic Paul Harvey audio, along with another new show bumper. Robert asks the Uncle how "WPMI" sounds like? "Very different" was the response. Hunter knows where the local Republican headquarters is going to be, across Airport Blvd. from the Olive Garden restaurant. "In the next couple of weeks" says Hunter on the HQ's opening. Yet another caller (Hunter) abruptly left us, which caused today's summoning of Leeanna. It's not her fault, by the way. Enchiladas and rice & beans were among the contents of her TV dinner said to be "stinking up the place". David has the reason why Mr. Peavey and Steve Nodine are attacking Mike Dow, to gain attention in their campaigns, which could say much about what won't be done for District 2 and 7. David suggested the yanking of campaign signs, which may upset plenty of folks. Leeanna is asked if she's use to saying "WPMI"? Turns out she has a soft spot for the original call letters "WNTM", which are almost nowhere to be found at the 710 AM studios. Wonder what she would have said back when WKRG AM became WNTM AM shortly after the Giddens (former owners of WKRG-TV, AM, and FM) got out of radio? A week from today, the Uncle returns to Paw Paw's Campers ("back to Paw Paws", says Leeanna enthusiastically) for a live remote broadcast. We are reminded to keep Don Siegelman in our prayers during his entire "soul being eaten" ordeal. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

From WNTM to WPMI-AM: A Timeline of Transition

12:00 AM: Transition begins with......hourly bumper for WNTM (Rolls eyes).

12:34 AM: First bumpers for 710 AM WPMI finally air.

6:05 AM: Scott O'Brien opens "Mobile's First News" with mention of WPMI-AM before showing how used he's to calling 710 "WNTM" only a few seconds later. Not even news reader Joan Keller was able to espape saying "WNTM".

11:00-11:30 AM: First WPMI bumpers for Rush air, along with a "WNTM" bumper still in the air.

WKRG 710 AM may have spawned TV5 back on September 5th, 1955, but on August 12, 2004 that same station (same frequency, different ownership) will share WPMI-TV NBC 15's strength & quality as a news operation with a new focus in mind for the months to come.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the final playing of the "WNTM" opening, but not the last time you'll be hearing Lillian Jackson and Rebecca Wilson audio. The Uncle is so proud to be here among the listeners, even under the storms unrelated to tropical weather activity going on in the Gulf and Caribbean. Bess Rich is today's special guest, who was appointed to the Water & Sewer Board back in January. We are reminded that Bess was once a member of the Mobile City Council before running for Mike Dow's mayoral position. "Bess Rich is anti-capitalist!" was among the public's reaction to Miss Rich during her time in the council. The Uncle asks Bess what are her general thoughts of the city over the pass few years, specifically the annual budget process? Yep, callers can still join in today. Bess knows you can't just keep on borrowing, which has happened over recent budget processes. The Uncle brought up his recent playings of Jackson audio before the Mobile Convention Center was built, proving that the same issue remains in the air. 70% of votes were Bess' results for her second election win. Bess was quick to say there's room for tax cuts in the upcoming budget process. The Uncle agrees that Miss Rich was right over other council members being "rubber stamps" while in the council. First caller Toby asks Bess why sewage water is still overflowing downtown, especially in this day and age. Bess reminds all to always report a problem when it comes to sewage. "It's no laughing matter", quote Miss Rich. Yep, the fellow reported it first. After the first break, RSA or R$A discussion. Paramount's "Superman" theme plays in the background as the Uncle welcomes us back before reporting on an Interstate 10 accident resulting in a car turned over. Bess' view on RSA, Mr. David Bronner has chosen Mobile as part of putting his funds to work. "Wonderful reputation in the country" says Bess on Bronner. Tim's not sure if the Water Board has managed to prevent sewage from entering the Mobile Bay. Steve found it a pleasure to speak with Miss Rich before complimenting her on her stand on widening Highway 98. No other question from Steve, but he still appreciates that she actually cares for our drinking water, which remains at the top of the list. Bess recently spoke with County Commissioner Steve Nodine after a recent Mobile Register article on the Water & Sewer Board. "The time is 2:30" was part of the Uncle's introduction to the ABC Newsbreak. Live Superior Auto Detail (show's first sponsor) commercial with Glenn Wilson via phone occurred before the second half-hour, even on a rainy day. (251) 479-2306 remains the number to phone "Superior" for your automobile repair needs. Expect the Uncle to call Glenn once again after today's show. Voice message agreement on the Uncle's view of WALA Channel 10's John Edd Thompson's "temperature index" was played. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle asking Bess if her fellow council members actually listened to her? She has witnessed this council form of government getting twisted up during her 8-year tenure. The Uncle reminds us of the Mobile Register story on Ben Brooks wanting to bring positive change to the city council meeting, but only "behind the scenes" as said by another council member. Bess as a public figure took every issue on its merits. The Uncle reminds Bess of Mike Dow's previous election results before asking her if he's truly unbeatable. Tyrone greeted Bess with "Hey Bess, how you're doing?" before asking her if she and her "wonderful" husband will be able to take a cruise, as in one in the Carnival lineup? No plans at this time, but it would be good for Mobile. 3 seconds later, John joined us for more of Bess' opinion on the Water Board's priority for Highway 98. The Uncle admits to having a lack of knowledge (avoided using the word "ignorant" due to its misleading reputation; "you're even more ignorant" as the Uncle said many months ago) about the topic of widening Highway 98 before asking about the plans for the new highway. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle ("I got to talk about Hall's Meats!") telling folks that they can still enjoy the popular meat even under the stormy weather. He reminds those with grills to return to the outside to cook the meat whenever the weather lets up. Final whirlwind segment ("she's right!" says the Uncle for the umpteenth time) begins with the Uncle asking Bess if she's in favor of dropping the sales tax, which she's for if a non-binding referendum is done. "Just run miles for the city of Mobile" quote Miss Rich on the results of a sales tax drop. Dan is pleased that Bess is part of the Water & Sewer Board before sharing his tale of first reaction shortly after moving to Mobile from the North. Bess would always seriously take care of the situation involving employees not fully dedicated to the job. Once again, Leeanna is summoned with words such as "Leeanna please!" to apologize to a guest, this time for wearing clothing with the words "vicious" and flip flop shoes. "You're entitled to your self expression" was Bess' response, so no need for apology from her, neither anything on her behalf as the Uncle tried. He thanked Bess for keeping us well informed, which she appreciated. "Don't expect any early Finebaum on this radio station", which is a excellent news for the loyal listeners of the 2:00 PM-3:00 PM timeslot. Today's show gets a 5/5!

At 12:00 AM, Central Standard Time, 710 AM's almost new call letters "WPMI" will go into effect. There is a possible chance for an increase in listeners for the "Coast to Coast AM" program, mostly those interested in a radio station's transition in call letters and those who leave the radio on way too long expecting more.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a voice message (started off silently) warning us that if G.W. Bush is re-elected, Armageddon will finally occur. As always, the Uncle finds it a pleasure to be with us, the listeners continuing to swell the popularity of the show. Before we embark with the talking, the Uncle reminds us of today's strong rainfall now traveling eastward. As of now, the Uncle is feeling good after Bush's visit to Pensacola and thanks WPMI-TV NBC 15 Scott Walker for covering the event with bias at a minimum. In case you were unable, or not "smart enough" to see this morning's coverage, audio of Bush's "Best Points" ("Bubba's for Bush!") was played. That was not reference to Clinton, by the way. The Uncle shares with us a story involving the Law, a certain bag, a laptop computer, and a Pensacola 710 AM employee attending Bush's visit. This unnamed employee managed to return back to 555 Broadcast Drive and live to tell his story. An alerting message on a new Mobile politics web page on the World Wide Web has reached the Uncle's e-mail box. Mystic Mackerel.com is the address (no, this site for an upstart Mardi Gras society) Speaking of Mobile web pages, an interesting column on Roger McConnell shortly after his resignation was added to Mobile Bay Times.com. The Uncle reminds listeners that they must have Internet access to view these pages. Due to claims of illness, Leeanna was unable to join us, so we must settle for Joe of West Mobile again. Odd story has been circulating in the local news media on a lady soon to give birth forced to take her 2 children to school on her own due to her broken down car, living outside the bus radius, and a her husband's current workplace. "Why's that a gigantic news story?" is the Uncle's question on this sudden big issue. Folks are actually outraged over this "with-child" lady taking her children across obstacles such as alligators and offenders. The Uncle suggests that this lady should ask a church deacon for help with her situation. Phone calls via (251) 479-2723 and Cingular code Pound 710 coming up! First caller Gene knows the name of the Lawrence Welk theme playing, "Bubbles in the Wine" before getting to the 710 AM employee from Pensacola being stopped & searched by police. Yep, Gene has heard about the circulating school walk story as of last night. After Gene asked "Is 'Bonnie' still after us?", the Uncle reminded him to stay close to 710 AM for the latest on this tropical storm. Lee joins us with a "Roll Tide!" shout before bringing up the geographical situation involving this lady within a 2 mile bus radius, yet everyone else is still paying taxes for these radiuses. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminds himself that he needs training to say the new call letters "WPMI" when they come into effect Thursday. Second half-hour begins on a dramatic note of music playing in the background as a voice message stating how pathetic it is that this lady is suffering by walking her 2 children to school on her own. The Uncle had to report on a semi-accident on Moffett and Interstate 65 for those that are close by. Steve returns to the show before bringing up his disturbing viewing of a FOX News Channel report on street execution in the former Palestine region by a fellow under the name "Hitler". "The guy was playing with fire" quote the Uncle. In Steve's opinion, the "Michael Moore" people of the world are behind folks such as this "Hitler". A whole different "Steve" managed to slip pass Joe with an audio prank. His second prankster since substituting for Leeanna. The Uncle reminds us that as of now, parents and grandparents are currently listening while picking up their children from school. Kenneth ("this person" as the Uncle called him previously) joins us by suggesting that this "with child" lady needs some help in the area where he takes his child to school. His example of folks in need of (mental) help, a prankster named "Steve". The Uncle agrees that there is no reason for any passerby to not help her. Kenneth reminds us that this lady's husband is employed in Texas until December and she doesn't have enough money to pay for her car's repair. There's the possibility that the Uncle may get Scott O'Brien to swing over there to pick up that lady's children from school. "Give her the keys to the bus" was part of Van's idea, which he claims to be much better than anything to come from "The Idea Guy". The Uncle applauds Van's solution, which is officially his intelligent call of the week. Tim finds it bad for that lady of several children, especially in this rainy weather. He asked the Uncle why he never speaks about the Brenda Pate trial, which got its share of discussion shortly after. "Lot of tax money came into this" says the Uncle on the trouble of a trial on a less-than-serious matter. Final whirlwind segment begins with a repeat of Bush's "Bubba's for Bush!" before the Uncle welcomed us back. Tommy asked the Uncle "What's us?" ("Not too much" was the Uncle's response) before bringing up Brenda Pate's taking of about $10,000 instead of doing it in a more legal fashion. "Land minds, politically incorrect" came about, but the Uncle would be in favor of them to protect oil fields on Western Asia. Billy agrees with the Uncle that this lady-turned media figure should contact a pastor, who should ask a deacon to help this lady's situation of getting her children home & back from school. We lost Milton for Robbie starting off with a "Roll Tide!" shout. Robbie is sure by the end of last year's school year that this lady must have known that she had to find a way to take of children to school. Robbie assumed the lady is widowed before the Uncle reminded him that the fellow is working in Texas for the time being. Before the Uncle left us, we found out that Paul Finebaum's program will expand to a 5-hour program, explaining the new starting time at 2:00 PM. Still no need to worry, this show is not leaving the airwaves of 710 AM anytime in the distant future. Keep listening and reading for updates, as other details cannot escape the Uncle's mouth at this time. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

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