Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a couple of Lillian Jackon's "Listen!" audio usually heard at the beginning of the opening and a repeat of the now classic "Lowest Taxed" comments from Mike Dow. After greeting us, the Uncle sees today's show as something exciting with John Wiggins in the building. Yep, he still had the time to congratulate us, the listeners for making the show a stunning success. Wiggins, a 33-year veteran of Mobile's fire department and he's definitely seen it all. When the Dow administration began, merit raises for fire fighters were among the first to go, lowering the morale rate. The Uncle asks John if that's the only problem? Not really, others such as lack of promotions are included. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are some of the cities gaining fire-fighting migrants from Mobile. The entire morale situation is nothing new; it actually began about 10-9 years ago. So far, we know Dow, the Mobile City Council, and such were behind this mess. 2-3 years ago, John and Wesley Young of the sanitation department met Clinton Johnson at Government Plaza to announce the formation of a coalition. Shortly after, it sort removed the "rubber stamping" after many years in the Mobile region and it started actual debate. The Uncle asked John if the police situation actually upsets his fellow in the fire department? John is proud officers (brothers in public safety) can take their squad cars home. Some "William Tell" plays after the first break as the Uncle tells callers to hold on until he's done speaking with Wiggins on the resolution passed Tuesday. John breaks down the money for lunch for police and fire fighters carefully, proving the point that this amendment to the resolution is sending us backwards. "A slap in the face to our profession", quote John before challenging those in the council for a face-to-face confrontation. First caller Mark began with a "Roll Tide!" before asking if sanitation workers are also part of this package? Paul reminds us of the situation right now with both police and fire fighters getting a raise. After Paul's call, John responded explaining why Paul seems uninformed, but he does agree sanitation workers deserve a raise. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle gave us the description that says it all about today's show "The State of the City Workers". Voice message report on a Citronelle police officer at a Citronelle service station while this fellow is on Airport Blvd. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding John Wiggins of the last budget crisis, which may happen again only involving city workers. The old *NTM Cingular Wireless code is still on the Uncle's mind. John agrees with Chuck that Mobile residents shouldn't be taxed to give city workers a pay raise. Pat has a question for Mr. Wiggins, how many hours a week do fire fighters work. Most serve 8 hours a day and 56 hours and week. The Uncle asks John an excellent question, what does a public safety worker actually do? As someone behind the scenes, John knows that nothing should be suggested before the next budget process. "It's hard to tell what's in store without someone saying it twice" was John's final comments on this. Joseph asks Wiggins a couple a discrimination-related questions involving the fire department, including one on the city of Mobile dismissing 1 lawsuit. This leads to an interesting discussion on the zero-tolerance suits. Final whirlwind segment begins with John Wiggins still with us and so far the Uncle is not enjoying most, if not all that has been said so far. Mike has something for Mr. Wiggins, the possibility of Retirement Systems of Alabama earning city employees a raise. He wonders if the new cruise terminal and RSA projects are for political gain? Wesley Young joins us showing his concern after Tuesday's city council meeting. Expect Wesley to return as a guest on a future show, starting with Leeanna's booking. John Wiggins' word may have not been great, but to the populace it was worth a listening. Night 4 of Democratic Convention begins tonight, this time with some John Forbes Kerry. The viewer popular could go either way tonight. Today's show gets a 3.9/5!

I'm expecting a show with 4.0+/5 quality tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with classic audio of Mike Dow telling all that Mobile residents are probably the lowest taxed citizens in the nation and a repeat yesterday's Dow/bus voice message ("He makes me sick!" quote this fellow best known for his "He's another that makes me sick!"). 2 seconds of silence later, the Uncle greeted the listeners as come side by side, even though we're actually not. The Uncle's still happy listeners are making the show a stunning success during this incredible week. Tomorrow, John Wiggins of the International Association of Fire Fighters will join us with the latest and exact happenings in Downtown Mobile. It took about 10 hours for the Mobile City Council to pass what would give police & fighters more money for lunch and the right for officers to take their squad cars home. The "waste of time" as the Uncle calls the Democratic Convention will be discussed later, but first audio (starting with Peter Albrecht) of WPMI NBC 15 Kelly Foster's report on additional lunch money per shift for police/fire fighters. This 10-year long issue sparks the setting for today's main discussion. The Uncle reminds us what exactly council members Ben Brooks ("Lets do this!") and Clinton Johnson said during the report. This made the Uncle go back in time to Friday's show featuring his reading of a Mobile Register article on these two. The city council's lack of leadership was thought to be bad before, but now some are not even taking suggestions. Only "The Dow Way" applies to them. As the Uncle sees it, no wonder West Mobile residents are against annexation. Suggestions from the Uncle: disband the city council or let the residents run the city. Callers will arrive after the first break! After the first break the Uncle believes some Lawrence Welk music (playing right now) may change the moods of those in the city council. First caller David began his on-air time with a "Roll Tide!" before saying the Uncle is very surprised over the Brooks/Johnson exchange. We either lost Kim or she had left the program. Chad has a quick comment on the city council, pay close attention to a certain trio (representing Districts 1-3) around election time and thanks goodness he's not living in either one of those districts. The Uncle reminds us of how better off Districts 1-3 are nowadays since the city council style of government went into effect. In other words, those 3 guys will get re-elected. "The Sins of the Past" is how the Uncle describes the ignoring of the neighborhoods of those districts. Glenn Wilson representing show sponsor Superior Auto Detail joined the Uncle by phone during the commercial promoting the local service's (Mobile, Pensacola, and Dauphin Island) high quality difference in automobile care. By the way, Superior Auto Detail was the show's first sponsor almost 2 years ago and the Uncle is grateful for the exchange in support. (251) 479-356 is the number for more information on "Superior". Report via voice message on a Rick Collins campaign sign on Old Shell Road was played, yet one of County Commissioner Steve Nodine's signs remains. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle finding it a pleasure to not only sit down, but speak to the listeners too. Patrick began asking the Uncle if he's surviving the lousy weather (102 where Patrick resides)? "I like to sweat" was the Uncle's response. After Patrick's call, the Uncle interpreted his comments as a reminder of the old Mobile regime and reminds us to let the entire city of Mobile lead the way to futuristic vision. At last, the Uncle escapes this discussion on the Mobile City Council and enters a national issue, the Democratic Convention. Voice message from this weirdo (male, not a female) on Mrs. John Forbes Kerry was played. According to the Uncle's ears, her speech at the convention last night was only a way to make the other speakers look good. As the nights go by, the Uncle's belief in G.W. Bush getting re-elected grows stronger. A Bloomberg News Service report on the positives of the economy was read, yet most (if not all) at the Democratic Convention are in some sort of alternate dimension. In the Uncle's view, these representatives of the Democratic Party should have been themselves and stir some anger out of voters. The latest Hall's Meats commercial came late due to Leeanna running her mouth ("Hey!" says our call screener) according to the Uncle's ears. A few giggles came about (not me!) after the Uncle's use of the word "meat". Final whirlwind segment begins with a different David being lost for Steve looking back at the past 15 years of the Dow years. Sad, but true can only describe how Steve sees the past decade. Leeanna was summoned for an explanation to one fellow who claims to work for a non-talk radio station (outside Clear Channel, so the station was not mentioned, the Uncle is a company man), yet he's not mentioned on the station's web site (also not mentioned). Yet another Lite Mix 99.9 (the former WKRG-FM) sketch, this time an impersonation of TV5's Mel Showers (veteran of WKRG-TV5, now celebrating the upcoming big 5-0). Lite Mix 99.9's sketch "CSI: Theodore" was played, featuring a Sheriff Jack Tillman impersonator, a lady on the phone, a dead body on her door step, and no Q-tips for the investigation. "Tillman" told this lady to simply place a plastic bag over the body. The sketch offended the Uncle, which Leeanna participated in. Today's show ends with the Uncle reminding us that "this is NewsRadio 710 WNTM", but for how long? Today's show gets a 3.8/5!

Well folks, today-Thursday AM is the final voting period for South TV News.com's "Viewer's Choice Awards". The final category is "Best News Operation Overall". Speaking of the unmentioned station with a false employee, I won't be revealing the station I voted. Maybe the winning station soon to be revealed this week is the one I picked.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the old *NTM still in the opening before the Uncle announces today's numerous guests (actually, it's two), such as candidate Rich Collins on the run for the Mobile City Council's empty seat with opponent John Peavey not far behind. Thanks for bringing up this weblog's 1st year anniversary! Rick Collins introduces himself by showing how much a fan of the show he really is, including his appreciation of the Uncle's service to the community. Looks like Rick's father was partly responsible for his love for city government. According to his reason for the run, this is a crucial time in Mobile history and it's time for change. We have just learned that the Mobile City Council has passed a resolution to prevent the migration of police officers for better work & pay. "…Public Works should stay on top of the list" quote Collins on the said issue of the day. He would kick off his position in the City Council by working in the area of public safety & works. As an employee in commercial real estate for about 20 years, Rick would oppose the RSA projects in Downtown Mobile. First caller Sam brought up a few friends in the police department who hear supervisors and chiefs were responsible for the migration. According to Sam, former Chief Harold Johnson was too rough with officers such as himself. The Uncle expects more interesting insight from Sam on another day. Prankster Robert asks Rick how he would bring commercial real estate into the area, but suddenly pulled an audio prank during a show worthy of a Mobile Press Club award. Like previous shows with guests, Leeanna was summoned to apologize for letting the prankster in on us. After the first break, an intelligent call! Voice message from "The Idea Guy" on Mike Dow not coming up with any other scheme to pay police and reminds the public that they can vote out officials such as those in the school system. After the first break, the Uncle reminds us that Rick in running for the District 7 seat and today is the final day to qualify for the election. Blake asks the Uncle and Rick for their thoughts on placing a business tax on his fellow Baldwin County residents. The Uncle reminds Blake that he also pays occupational tax when purchasing items such as ice cream in Baldwin County. Collins supporter Kim showed a support level of 100%. Sorry folks, this particular Kimberly turned out not to be Rick's wife. Maurice suggested simply luring the guys and ladies from West Mobile down to Baldwin County to drop sale taxes. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle agreed with Maurice's taxation philosophy and reminds us of our upcoming guest, environmental activist Colette King. Before the second half-hour began, a voice message on Mike Dow's belief of our buses being of the highest quality was played. Yep, this fellow said "he's makes me sick!" Second half-hour begins with Brother Dallas bringing up the many thanks Holinger's Island residents have for Rick protecting their environment from the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects. Don't worry, he'll be keeping a sharp eye on our waters. September 14th remains the date set for the election and hopefully Rick will be able to meet every voter in District 7 by then. "I wish I knew you better" quote Mike Dow's meeting with Rick Collins a short while back. According to Rick, it could take 5-6 years until the relationship between West Mobile and Baldwin County is completely fixed. Paul brought up the upcoming paving of Zeigler Blvd., which Collins would want done quick while in the position of council member. Speaking of Zeigler, Commissioner Steve Nodine wanted to widen that blvd. during his days in the Mobile City Council. Collins supporter Mary Clayton is neutral when it comes to Alabama & Auburn, so she was able to give us a shout of "Roll Tide Roll!" In Jack's view, the reduction of crime would solve some of Mobile's problems. Colette King will join us in the final whirlwind segment to talk about an historic site on the bull dozing list. Ernest is the first location on Rick Collins' very own list, for campaigning. Before Rick left us, he thanked the Uncle and the listeners for allowing him to join today's show. Voice message on the "attrition" (was looked up) or "migration of police officers" was played. "The Idea Guy" joins us with his instant review on Rick Collins. "Idea" and plenty of friends are planning to vote Collins this September. Uh oh! Leeanna is having problems getting Miss King on the line. This problem gives the Uncle time to voice about his viewing (along with a few million Americans) of last night's broadcasts of the Democratic Convention. A "more robotic" Al Gore and James "Jimmy" Earl Carter criticizing the current administration's foreign policy were the Uncle's descriptions of those speakers. This convention also brought out the weirdoes out of some voice message callers. Colette King finally joins us to explain what's about to be bull dozed. This historic site happens to be in Bayou La Batre's (pronounced "Bi-YU La BAT-Tree") park. According to Colette, Mobile County's construction over the park happens to be violation of federal law due to tests being conducted, environmentally speaking. In other words, possible floods at that park. King sent violation reports to both FEMA and the Alabama Historic Society. (251) 824-3911 and Colette@onwire.net are the ways to contact Miss King. Aside from today's prankster, the Uncle found today's show as something excellent. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of one fellow predicting that 98% of politicians around here will gain 100 pounds in their 4-year term. As always the Uncle has the pleasure to speak with the growing "listenerhood" powering the #1 genre talk program in Mobile radio history. As of now, it's a golden era for talk, in other words, plenty of topics to cover today. Including huge amounts of garbage from the Democratic Convention, which the Uncle (along with many folks over 40) now finds meaningless. Back before cable took over, viewers including the Uncle was practically forced to view the conventions on the 3 major TV networks. Saturday's edition of the Mobile Register featured their request for the Mobile County Commission's appointment books. "To see what they're doing," says the Uncle on the Register's reasons. Strange enough, commissioners Sam Jones and Mike Dean are refusing to release these books to the public for observation. The Uncle continues to ponder over this story. Here's another Register scoop, Sam Jones happens to consider himself a commissioner/crime fighter, which the Uncle finds good for the sheriff's department. Looks like Steve Nodine will have his appointment books online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7). The Uncle admits to being a "wonderer" with stories such as theses. Hopefully one of today's callers will shed some light on the secrets being kept away from Mobile's residents. Before getting to the calls, a voice message on Steve Nodine still planning to drive a pick up truck, even though he plans to pave dirt roads. This fellow would loan his El Camino to Steve as work on the dirt roads move on. Shortly after the voice message, the Uncle remised about his many sightings of the car. Another prediction via voice message, this time it's on the Mobile Convention Center's payments being complete in the year 2020, along with bringing up its lack of events. After the first break, Jerry agrees with the caller via voice message on the Convention Center having a lack of conventions. A "String of Pearls with nothing", says Jerry. The Uncle reminds us of the Convention Center slowing becoming a big part of the Mobile skyline and it will be maintained until the end of time (2020 likely not being the end). Jack asks the Uncle "Is anything good happening in Mobile?" He listed for Jack a couple of positive happenings in the tax department and told him to keep an open mind with 710 AM (this show to be exact). Jack seems to have a problem with Mike Dow bringing cruise ships from the Carnival cruise line to the city, which the Uncle never showed any signs of negativity against. Before the second half-hour, this loyal lady found a previous show "one whale of a show" thanks to all the Lillian Jackson audio. Our #1 fan ended her call with a nice "Roll Tide Roll!" Second half-hour begins with the Uncle determining how he's going to see the Democratic Convention tonight at 7:00 PM, which will have Al Gore speaking for about 20 minutes, along with Jimmy Carter. At 9:00 PM, Hillary Clinton will be speaking as a lead in to "The Big Speaker" Bill Clinton. Looks like the Uncle will only be able to view Gore and Carter, since they're speaking earlier. To view these events live, view the cable/satellite channels (Cable News Network, FOX News Channel, and Microsoft NBC) or Alabama Public Television (WEIQ-TV42). Leeanna is summoned from multi-tasking, which included call screening and writing depressing news stories for Charlie Moss (Mobile's only radio reporter). Today she happens to be wearing a hippie-like shirt and bell-bottoms. The Uncle encouraged her to find one, if any positive stories out there in the region. Example, WPMI NBC 15's story (not a top story, a lead in to the weather with David Glenn) on young squirrels being cared for by a foster person. A couple of suggestions from the Uncle: contact Mike Dow (unlikely, since he'll know whom Leeanna works with) or police Chief Same Cochran. Maybe even WPMI can help Leeanna gather some positive news, since they're part of the same company. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle reminding us of candidate Rick Collins joining us tomorrow before letting Van join us. Yep, he's still expecting the Uncle to apologize to him and James "Jimmy" Earl Carter. Speaking of Carter, the Uncle may see him as a nice guy, but history tells us that he was a disastrous president. Larry has good news for us, but it would get on his out-of-town wife's nerves. A whole different Bill reminds us that Florida is the one with a lottery. The Uncle responds with his opposition still intact on an Alabama lottery. Besides, Florida's lottery is not even much help for their education system, which explains the stories on school bus advertisements. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Incredible! It has been exactly 1 year since I brought this weblog to the World Wide Web and it still feels like I just created it yesterday, or at least one month ago. 3 months, 6 months? Ok, I'll settle for 7! Who would have thought that a loyal listener of the Uncle since January 2003 would one day create a site dedicated to reviewing and archiving each (almost) show? Nobody, but that's just my guess. There's only one response to all that have visited this weblog, "Thank you so much!", as the Uncle would say. Let the countdown to July 26, 2005 begin!

Coming Soon: WPMI AM 710

We start off today's....whoops, force of habit!

Shortly before the 1st year anniversary (1:09 PM) of the weblog you see before you, I have just learned that Clear Channel of Mobile (part of the mega chain Clear Channel Communications) has introduced big changes in store for 710 AM. For the second time since the early Nineties, the station once known as WKRG AM for the majority of its history will have another change in call letters. In other words, goodbye WNTM AM (W-News Talk Mobile) and hello WPMI AM 710 (W-Pensacola Mobile Independent). Why you asked? Since 710 AM has its fair share of WPMI NBC 15 personalities and the fact both stations are part of Clear Channel, it seems appropriate for the two to have the same call letters. Expect the change to occur in a couple of months.

I wonder what the Giddens family (former owners of WKRG) would say about this?

(Second time I posted news involving the station 710 AM itself)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with more audio of Lillian Jackson focusing on the once new Convention Center causing Mobile's "bankruptcy" that plays regularly in the opening. Yep, the Uncle was able to thank the listeners for being responsible of the show's awesome success, even those who don't even agree with him. After reading a Mobile Register article by Jeb Schrenk before sunrise, the Uncle felt very hot under his shirt's collar in anger and discouragement. As of now, the Uncle feels optimistic in general, but doesn't feel the same about the city council after yesterday's committee meeting. Audio of WPMI NBC 15's excellent live report on the meeting was played. So, Mike Dow's proposal had no real discussion. Before reading excerpts of the Register report, he reminds businessmen and "business womans" what of their time in committee meetings. "Sit and hammer things out" pretty much describes the real reason for these meetings. According to this article, council member Clinton Johnson is usually behind the scenes of these meetings, yet he's been with city government longer that Mike Dow. A couple of Dow's philosophical quotes were placed in the article for the reader's amusement. It amazes the Uncle that they can't have an honest discussion while one council member says that committee meetings are not even forums. "Then why have it?" says the Uncle on the dysfunctional bunch. Callers are given the chance to phone in during the first break. Jim's voice message from Saraland includes a suggestion for the city council's next meeting, "we will pass all your amendments today under the following condition: you will resign as the mayor of Mobile…". During the commercial break, the phone lines continued to ring as Leeanna read an edition of the newspaper USA Today. First caller was someone banned from the program was quickly cut off for insulting Lillian Jackson. Leeanna was summoned along with her bag of potato chips for an explanation. "He tricked me" was Leeanna's explanation for "Bad Bill" joining us with the alias "James". The Uncle reminds Leeanna that the show is in a golden period of time. Once again this morning, "Bad Bill" phoned into 710 AM's "The Big Story" trying to be as moderate as possible with "Bush is a murderer!" Voice message was played with one fellow's reason Leeanna's automobile was near the point of breaking down, "a blessing in disguise". Before Leeanna left us, she promised the rest of the day (or show at least) to be quiet. First normal caller Bob wondered about the current condition of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Johnny may enjoy the show, but he doesn't get why nobody shouts "War Eagle!" other than those with some "Pride of the Tide". He was given the chance to shout that, but remember the Uncle would never encourage them to do so. Before the second half-hour began, one fellow via voice message tried encouraging the Uncle to view the "Fahrenheit" documentary by Michael Moore. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reminding us of the purpose of the relatively new Pound 710 code for Cingular Wireless users. Christine has the real reason why hardly anybody rides the Metro Transit buses; there's almost no exact spot or time to catch one. She suggested having a bus schedule & route in the newspaper (Mobile Register perhaps). The Uncle shares with us his last outing with a bus at Bel Air Mall (now Colonial Bel Air), when he discovered that the bus driver "creates" a bus route of his own. Shouting "Bus-E, Bus-E, Bus-E" (as in "Taxi!") was an added suggestion to solve this lady's problems. Gene asks the Uncle if he's seen the latest J.D. Crowe cartoon featuring Samuel Berger or "Burglar" as Limbaugh calls him. Ann joins us to help Christine with this suggestion. All it takes is a simple phone call to Metro Transit AKA "The Wave" ("Ride the Wave!"- Slogan). "Short and straight to the point", says the Uncle. We learn from Brent of some upcoming parody of Michael Moore's first documentary "Roger & Me" under the title "Michael Moore Hates America". Young caller Brian joins us to say "Hi!" to both the Uncle and Leeanna. Turns out it was Brian's grandpappy that put him up to join us today. "Go Bush!" or "Roll Tide Roll!" at least, no offence by the Uncle to 11-year old Brian. Van returns expecting an apology after being terminated for what the Uncle calls innuendo of a nasty nature involving a local newscaster (remains unknown to the listeners). Once again, the delay system was used on Van to avoid trouble with the folks from Federal Communications Commission. Expect the Uncle to use the delay system each time Van goes into his so-called innuendo. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle asking listeners to join this segment, starting with Chad on the situation with police & fire department. He remembers the 1-cent tax on food service when the Convention Center was built. The Uncle's answer to this what's said to be a "payment": This 1-cent tax is now known as "The Forever Tax". Chad suggests using this 1-cent tax to pay our police & fighters, which the Uncle finds excellent. We lost Bubba for another Leeanna conversation by summoning her. She also expects the Uncle to apologize to Van. Yet another Lite Mix 99.9 ("Lite Rock, Less Talk") sketch reached the Uncle's ears this morning. Franklin, 30-year veteran of phone radio talk shows, has an amusing voice message starring him as "Freddie Freeloader" and himself. According to the Uncle, Franklin probably feared reaction from police Chief Sam Cochran. Leeanna's final conclusion to this week's worth of shows, "weird". Today's show gets a 3.9/5!

Monday (1:09 PM CST): The 1st year anniversary of this weblog!

August 6th (2:00 PM CST): The 2nd anniversary of the show!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of Dot Moore trying her best to show how much she loves the Uncle on news talk radio and a conversation months ago with a lady commenting on the Mobile Register featuring a photo of actor (or actress) Jamie Lee Curtis showing off too much of her physical appearance. A "thank you!" a "welcome!" and a "can you hear me now?" are the Uncle greetings to the faithful listeners. Unfortunate news involving Leeanna, she was unable to attend last night's "Lagniappie Awards" to accept the Uncle's award on his behalf due to her car's mechanical problems. The Uncle congratulates the Mobile Register's TV columnist Mike Brantley for writing a lengthy biographical article on Dot Moore featured under "Living". It's official, we now know that Dot Moore is 90 years and the real reason she retired after 46 years in television was due to a "lousy Alabama driver". Thank goodness she survived the crash, though. "Somebody ran the light and hit me" quote Miss Moore in this article, which should have been front-page news in the Uncle's opinion. Looks like we lost our treasure (Moore is to Mobile as Hope is to the USA) to Montgomery thanks to this "lousy Alabama driver". The Uncle's message to all other treasured Mobile personalities, (WALA Channel 10's John Edd Thompson, WPMI NBC 15 Drexel Gilbert, and Darwin Singleton, both former WKRG-TV5 employees) please continue your careers even after surviving an automobile accident. The Uncle's simple, yet unpopular opinion on the revivification (federal dollars on beauty) of the Causeway, "We're at war!" He just finds painting buildings and cutting the grass ridiculous. Leeanna had to re-type the names of callers on the line. We lost all-timer Leroy for first caller John to insult Dot Moore involving cosmetics, which fueled an angry Uncle while trying to cool off. Deliveryman Daniel agrees with the Uncle on many Mobile residents unable to drive and suggests using those federal dollars on driving school. "That's right!" says the Uncle. By the way, the Uncle was very much aware of his anger before the first break. After the first break a "Bonanza" remix plays before Van joined a calmer Uncle. For some reason, Van accuses the Uncle of being behind Dot Moore for even having an encounter with another motor powered machine on wheels. His reason: opposing Mike Dow's mass transit plans. To avoid FCC fines and trouble with Clear Channel, the delay system was used on Van shortly after. A whole different Bill may feel sorry for Miss Moore's accident, but he believes if there were more police cars on the corners, accidents such as this would be less of an occurrence. After hanging up on Bill's chatter, the Uncle brought up Dow's plan to let Mobile tourists visiting "successful" spots such as the Mobile Convention Center fund our police and such. 10 years later, it's still not here. It was shortly after 2:30 PM the first half-hour ended for the ABC Newsbreak and commercials. Second half-hour begins with a voice message from Jacksonville, Florida, where taxes aren't too high. Bo knows that all time listener/caller/friend Leroy had a real crush with Dot Moore and he would be saddened with the news featured in the Register's "Living" section. Another whole different Bill began his call with a big "Roll Tide!" shout before asking about the interest on Metro Transit's possible change to "The Wave" bus terminal. Expect this system change to be paid in loans. Norman began with the usual "good afternoon, Henry!" before suggesting that the new "The Wave" buses should have Mardi Gras colors along with free moon pies before getting to the main point of the folks he calls "criminals who've been in power for 8 years". You guessed it (I suppose), The Clinton Years. Norman agrees with the Uncle that Samuel Berger should be locked up after being caught red handed with stolen documents from the National Archives. According to ol' Norman and Newsmax.com, the Chinese were even involved in planning an attack on the USA. After Norman's call, the Uncle summoned Leeanna (wearing the so-called "Demonic Spiderman" clothing) after hearing her high pitched laughter after a conversation with Van (explaining he was not going to say anything wrong earlier) on the line. These mechanical problems with the universal joint of Leeanna's car were likely to cause the automobile to break down, leaving her alone in streets outside her residence of Theodore, Alabama. Here's another description of Leeanna's "spider webs" while being able to join us today, "Goth business". Expect a caller to join us with the solution to the car problems in the final whirlwind segment. Final whirlwind [segment] begins with the Uncle and Leeanna in the middle of a mechanic via phone with the solution to the universal joint problems. Leeanna assumed the Uncle didn't understand a thing coming out of the mechanics mouth according to his face's "confused look". The news on Dot Moore is responsible for the Uncle's facial expression known as a "confused look". Earlier today WPMI NBC 15 sent reporter Bruce Mildwurf to 710 AM to report on a more moderate Scott O'Brien during his 10:00 AM "The Big Story" program. Audio of a disgruntled listener speaking on Scott's liberalism was played, giving Leeanna a good laugh. "You're killing me!" quote Scott entering the room as his show gets further promotion. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hear more from O'Brien ("Darn!") as today's show winds up for a 23 hour break (3:00 PM-2:00 PM Friday). Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

To view Mike Brantley's "So Long, DOT!", follow the link below:

  • "So Long, DOT!"

  • Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with the semi-famous "he's another one that makes me sick!" comments before the Uncle put on his headphones to hear better. This is most likely the real reason why this show is only 1-hour long, tune in to Scott O'Brien's 10:00 AM program (with "The Price is Right" on your TV set). Fresh Dow/Clinton Johnson audio from yesterday's Mobile City Council meeting on wanting to raise our taxes will be played. For the 2nd time in a row, the Uncle won in the Lagniappe's (Mobile's alternative newspaper) annual readers' choice awards known as "The Lagniappies" and Leeanna will attend the ceremony to accept the award on his behalf. "The round headed girl" or Ashley as the Uncle called her sent e-mail to 710 AM to cover this ceremony as a news event. The Uncle reminds at least 2 Lagniappe employees listening that Leeanna will be accepting on his behalf. Wayne Gardner, another local radio personality ranked second in Lagniappe's talk show host category, even though he's really not. WPMI NBC 15 won numerous awards in the TV news category, except Mike Rush who, according to the Uncle defines true journalism. After 2 difficult hours, the Uncle's weblog was finally updated with transcripts of yesterday's Milton Morrow insight. Steve Nodine won the award for "Hardest Working Politician". "Best Political Move" was the new ferry boat system. "Worst Political Move" was the crimes by Freeman Jockisch. The Uncle finds the award for WPMI NBC 15's Sandra Shaw (Rebecca Wilson's replacement) inappropriate. Sorry folks, listeners were unable to view her facial expressions in the Lagniappe photo, which the Uncle views as something lessening her worthiness of winning in that category. As of now, the Uncle feels uncomfortable with Leeanna representing the show at tonight's awards banquet with her so-called Pagan tattoo. Before getting to the taxation issue, the Uncle thanked Lagniappe for the award for best talk show host, even though he's actually the only one in Mobile radio. Audio of Mike Dow's "dedicated revenue sources" speech, in other words "taxation" was played. The Uncle translates "DRS" (abbreviation, not acronym) into "getting into your wallet". According to the Uncle, Dow sounded sort of sarcastic when speaking about potholes in the audio clip. Was the Uncle angry about the pothole filling money or what? After the first break, voice message from "The Idea Guy" on the city's money being spent in the wrong places was played. "Idea" believes a blind man would even sight that. First caller Tim asks the Uncle what in the world has "Dick Cash Dollar" been doing in Mobile Public Safety over the last 5 years? According to council member Clinton Johnson, if you don't even live in the city limits of Mobile, you're not willing to work here. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle's final conclusion on yesterday's council meeting, "It got real deep!" Second half-hour begins with a little "William Tell" playing in the background with a repeat of part of the Clinton Johnson audio. The Uncle is still used to saying *NTM as the Cingular Wireless code for a free call. Tom sees something in the making that the representative of the Mobile Police Department isn't aware of. "Let those gentleman take their cars home" was Tom's simple answer for the patrol vehicles. The Uncle reminds us of Tom's mention of this entire situation going on longer than is appears. The entire Mike Dow administration to be exact. Audio of Lillian Jackson from the early Nineties (accompanied with music) discussing the funding of places other than the police was played, along with the famous "we are doomed" comments (part of it played occasionally during the show opening). Roland began his call with a "Roll Tide!" before saying Mike Dow must think Mobile residents are a bunch of crazy people, yet most have the knowledge of Zeigler Blvd.'s longtime need of having its potholes filled. Shortly after Sam's call, the Uncle said he continues to feel the vibrations of Lillian Jackson 10-year-old comments on the same issue facing us today. Before the final whirlwind segment, more Lillian Jackson audio with the Uncle was played. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle thanking once again the readers of the Lagniappe pamphlet for voting him "Best Radio Talk Show Host". Another Tom brought us a slice of old Mobile during the Sixties, which once had the same police policy Clinton Johnson wants to bright back, if he's even aware of that. Two days ago James heard that it's illegal for municipalities such as Mobile to raise cigarette taxes. Due to time constraints (1 minute left), a shocking, yet amusing voice message from a long time talk show caller spanning 30 years will be delayed until Friday. We end today's show with a longer replay of the now famous Lillian Jackson audio clips continuing to reverberate in the Uncle after 10 years. "Talk to you tomorrow" ended today's show. Today's show gets a 5/5!

    Found some amusing sightings on WKRG TV5 and WPMI NBC 15 today. Channel 15's afternoon newscast took place on the 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 10:00 PM news set (control room setting). It appears the creator (mother Norma Nodar) of TV5 meteorologist John Nodar was seen and heard during a live report from the local American Red Cross during the 9:00-9:55 AM newscast. Yep, John greeted her after many months.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with one fellow saving yesterday's show time with voice message saying he would be happy to drive Steve Nodine around town in his truck, as long there's no taxation rise in his future. Again, the show is back on the air and once again shocking radio insiders on a daily basis. The Uncle introduces special guest County Commission Candidate and listener Milton Morrow for an hour-long insight in his life past & present. Previously Morrow ran as a Republican for positions as one in the school board, but in '99 he would leave his political party for the Democrats. "You can't run as a Republican as long as you're on the inside" quoting part of Morrow's explanation. Nowadays as a conservative democrat, Morrow's ideas in the local Democratic Party have being praised. Interesting, it was the Young Republicans that encouraged Milton to become the Democrat candidate for the Mobile County Commission. "Disenchanted Republicans" is his coined term for the Executive Committee. It's true, the folks that encouraged Milton to run for the county commission are part of the Young Republicans group. First caller "Charles" started out as an intelligent caller before exposing himself as a prankster. As Milton laughed, the Uncle said he's not supposed to laugh at calls such as those. Leeanna was summoned immediately to apologize to the listeners and Milton Morrow ("That's okay!" quote Milton) for letting "Charles" AKA "Bizzaro Henry" in on this forum. Who knows how many folks in the news media besides WPMI NBC 15's Mike Rush were listening that time? Jobs will be discussed after the first break. Economics may be Milton's #1 campaign issue, but in his view it holds that rank all together in Mobile County. According to other radio stations (not mentioned) besides 710 AM, Steve Nodine has been looking into some of Milton's economic ideas via the following site. ElectMiltonMorrow.com to be more specific. If an economic development authority is not developed, "we're going to get run over" by other cities/counties with a similar plan. That's an idea Milton would bring to the County Commission. He also brought up the lowering of Mobile's sales tax. First real caller Nancy puts in her two cents on jobs such as International Paper (husband used to work there) that should have been saved. Milton agrees, since he mentioned that 6 months before the paper mill's closing. Before the ABC Newsbreak the Uncle reminds callers to stay on the line during the break and their question(s) for Morrow will likely be heard. Second half-hour begins with every show reminder in the Uncle's mind (Morrow, (251) 479-2723, and est.). David managed to stay on the line to say lowing sales taxes would not make much a difference, since he's part of the local Democratic committee. "Middle class man" is what Milton describes himself rather than as Bush-man or Kerry-man, yet he does admire some of Bush and John Edwards' work. During Gov. Riley's push for the Alabama Tax Plan, Milton constantly opposed that proposed rise in our taxes. As part of the Democrat party, Milton would support the Kerry/Edwards team for their stance on the middle class. The "Blue Dog Democrats" happens to be the name of the conservative core Morrow happens to among. We lost two fellows for Linda describing Milton's' issues as being of importance. A simple Morrow "thank you" came after. Robert joins us on this beautiful day with a couple (actually 3) of "yes or no" questions. Such as, "Are you aligned with other Democrats?" and "Are you for [homosexual] marriage?" Yep he's aligned with others and he's against that type of marriage. Milton protected his support for Kerry's middle class stance. In Robert's opinion, the morality issue is the biggest issue in this entire election year, which explains one of his previous questions. We find out Milton was among the Republican Party for about 12 years. "Are you a 'Bama (Alabama, mind you) or Auburn fan?" was Mark's first Morrow question. "South Alabama fan" (neutral, according to Mark) was Milton's response. Either Mark wasn't listening much or he simply just forgot the address to Morrow's web site (been up since February, plenty of time for Nodine to "borrow" some ideas). Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle describing today's discussions as interesting. Tim (or Jim, according to Leeanna call screening) brings up the Mobile region making a big deal out of political party affiliations. Since the early Nineties, Milton has been against annexation, but says it's up to the people of those areas to decide whether they should become part of the county. In all the times Milton spoke with Mike Dow ("Mobile's biggest cheerleader"), it's obvious he wants to see Mobile grow. It's possible that Milton can convince Dow to lower taxes in order for our economy to "take off". "Opportunist" is how Milton describes Steve Nodine during his Mobile City Council days and nowadays. One night ago at a Mobile Housing Board meeting, it was Milton that wanted the board to be audited federally, not Nodine (according to the Mobile Register). This is a fine example of Nodine being an "opportunist", which Milton would use to show voters what kind of fellow they elected. Morrow shall return to the show to debate with Nodine. We end today's show with the Uncle mistakenly saying it's 2:00 PM before quickly correcting himself. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

    Eventually the Mobile Register and (likely since 710 AM is also part of Clear Channel Communication's lengthy radio chain) WPMI NBC 15 will catch up on today's insight.

    Monday, July 19, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with an voice message update on Steve Nodine's pre-owned vehicle parked near his campaign headquarters before the Uncle showed his appreciation for the "listenerhood" fueling the show's success. According to the Uncle, this show appears to be popular with the world's truck culture coast to coast and worldwide, thanks to the show's Internet stream. Speaking of trucks, controversy has sparked across the Mobile region after this weekend's Mobile Register story on County Commissioner Nodine and Mike Dean wanting one or two trucks to inspect which road should be paved. After hearing some recent rumors, the Uncle suggests that they should use either a camel or donkey for roads in need of pavement. He's not a newsperson (or journalist, if you prefer that), so he's unable to confirm the rumors. We hear about the Uncle's experience with folks that moved into some nearby woods from their original home, yet they still have problems with urban society. This is the main reason the Uncle wants the commissioners to ride some type of animal in those areas. By the way, it was County Commissioner Sam Jones who first brought up the truck culture. County Commission candidate Milton Morrow will join us tomorrow and it's likely he'll be putting in his takes on the news. First caller Jay began his call with a "roll tide!" before saying the county commissioners are already male donkeys (or jack asses). Gene asks the Uncle if he's familiar with a certain dirt lot road and shares his own experience of the location. Turns out one lady out there who works for both the Confederate museum and county claims to know the Uncle. Not on a personal level, just through listening according to the Uncle. His example of something similar involves some male listeners and Leeanna. During the commercial break, the Uncle broke his silence on an ad he dislikes before promoting a show sponsor besides Hall's Meats. After the first break "The Idea Guy" brings back his federally supported blimp idea as an alternative to driving these dirt roads (along with the way to Dauphin Island). Looks like the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo's "mystery fish" has yet to be found at Government Plaza. There's the possibility of it being found during Tuesday's city council meeting. Jerry suggested a "white elephant" for the County Commission and the Alabama fans ("excellent idea!" shortly came after the Uncle's case of laughter") and brought up the possibility of Government Plaza's "hot air" being quite hazardous for a blimp. Second half-hour begins with the "Batman" theme playing in the background as the Uncle apologizes to callers having a tough phoning the show during the ABC Newsbreak and commercials due to Leeanna leaving her post. After Susan's call, the Uncle investigated Leeanna's disappearance (getting hot chocolate) and discovers she's wearing Stevie Nick-type clothing. This morning the Uncle listened to the full Lite Mix 99.9 (owned by one of many media conglomerates, Clear Channel to be exact) sketch on Sheriff Jack Tillman featuring Leeanna. "Drinking fest" or "Beer Fest" was the descriptions mentioned of last weekend's Young Republicans crawfish event. A negative voice message on promoter Alex Mathis' physical appearance was played, along with "Bad Bill's" twice-played voice message on the Young Republicans being "displaced moron" who like to get drunk. Speaking of "Bad Bill", Scott O'Brien's 10:00 AM "The Big Story" (still up against "The Price is Right") program is getting to the point of stations in big cities picking him up for a liberal viewpoint. Yet another voice message or should I say a "pre-scripted voice message" on Mike Dow. Before Leeanna left us, the Uncle assured her that she answers the phones. The Prankster rate may have dropped to zero, but according to the Uncle she's getting more difficult. Final whirlwind segment with some "Star Trek" music playing as the Uncle announces that Leeanna is actually answering the phones. Patrick has the definition of "Bad Bill's" vulgar description via voice message of G.W. Bush's daughters being "skanks" (the Uncle heard it right this time). It's someone that's toothless. Another rumor, the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) may have plans to take over the Convention Center too. Mike's disappointed that the Uncle has not banned old Bill yet. It may upset Mike, but the Uncle finds it instructive that democrats such as "Bad Bill" call in with the characteristics of the Kerry/Edwards team for the Presidency. Steve suggests that old Bill should call in two times a day and be given a loud & clear voice. Before the Uncle left us, he thanked the folks at the Eastern Shore Christian Center for their weekend service. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

    Friday, July 16, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with a voice message on the location of the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo's "mystery fish", which is said to be Government Plaza in Downtown Mobile, along with some food for thought message on outsourcing Mobile city government to India, along with the fire department. Included in his daily listener greeting, the Uncle predicts a lot on tap for today's show. Over the past 24 hours, there were plenty of star sightings in Mobile. After yesterday's show on outsourcing, the Uncle is disappointed with today's Sound Off column in the Mobile Register. He's not in favor of running over dogs, as some callers in the Sound Off may assume. Pound 710 remains the Cingular Wireless code. Reggie Copeland visiting an O'Charleys and Corday of the sports commission seen on Government Street were the stars sighted in the region. A loyal listener's e-mail on Dot Moore's final show last Sunday was read. According to the Uncle's phone call with an employee at WALA Channel 10, that show was taped (before July 4th) before an accident of hers, which prevented a farewell show before retiring. Bart asked the Uncle if he's ever called in Sound Off as of recent. It was mostly on G.W. Bush, but was never published. Photos of the Uncle on 710 AM's web site came about during Bart's call. Harvey may have the truth on the Dot Moore situation. According to him, this "accident" of hers may be some sort of ratings ploy for an upcoming "Dot A Palooza", featuring John Edd Thompson and live music. "Bad Bill" quietly joins us, who happens to be likened by Scott O'Brien according to the Uncle's listening of this morning's "The Big Story" (AKA the new liberal talk show or "Bad Bill"/Scott O'Brien Show). After the first break, the Uncle plays music that would likely be used at a possible Dot A Palooza event. We've just received our first support for the Palooza, along with "Bad Bill's" supposed drug rehab during his 2-month break from 710 AM. Alex Mathis returns promoting the Young Republicans' crawfish event this Saturday night at "The Grille". A disgruntled listener's voice message was played for Alex's attention. "That guy sounds very sad", quote Mathis on this fellow. The Uncle brought up the idea of a future Young Republicans' event by renting out the relatively new Christ Center and activities such as croquet and horseshoes (very Republican according to the Uncle). Bud Man joins us promoting his oldies, blues, and country music performances at this Saturday's crawfish event starting at 7:00 PM. Jimmy Buffet and Stevie Ray, along with the previous said genres of music are part of Bud's set up. Before the ABC Newsbreak (more news on Martha Stewart) the Uncle promoted Glenlake's Golf Course's Tim Kayhill speaking during the second half-hour. Second half-hour begins with the Osmonds (Donny and Marie) playing in the background as part of the Uncle lobbying for their appearance at a Mobile BayFest. In his opinion, he would prefer Marie's appearing at the event. Both Keith and the Uncle agree that the fellow via voice knocking the Young Republicans was a Democrat. Keith was later cut off due to profanity unheard by the listeners. Tim Kayhill joins us to talk about the experience of golf at Glenlake's Golf Course. County Road 20 in Baldwin County is the easy way to visit the 27-hole golf course. 955-1220 is the number for information on this "Deal of the Week" for discounted golf. After Tim left us, it was said to be about 3-4 minutes until the deal begins. Not only would the Uncle get Milton Morrow and Steve Nodine together, but the candidates for district judge. John asked the Uncle about our governor's job hunt in Europe. In today's 9A section of the Mobile Register, there's an article on a Clear Channel billboard. Speaking of the Register, the paper was delivered late to 710 AM this morning. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle making sure you add some of the popular meat to the BBQ grill, so no need to abandon the burgers. Neo Con Ron's unconventional use for Hall's Meats via voice message was played. Final whirlwind segment begins with "The Adventures of Superman" theme playing as the Uncle announces that Leeanna will soon knock 710 AM's webmaster upside the head, or some similar move only less painful. Neo Con Ron happened to join us accusing the Uncle of calling names such as a "transvestite" and "stalker" after his recent Poem to Leeanna. Before getting cut off, Ron even assumed this Dot Moore thing is getting to the Uncle's head. When Van began (small tongue twister) phoning the show, all he heard was "ring, ring, ring." As a matter of fact, that's all the Uncle hears in Leeanna's workspace right now. Leeanna was summoned for an explanation to the constant rings Van received. Problems with fellow Clear Channel station Lite Mix 99.9 kept her away from call screening. She happened to be in a morning Lite Mix radio sketch on Sheriff Jack Tillman joining the Crime Scene Investigation team, or interacting with them. No curse words in this version of CSI. "Fun" is how Leeanna describes doing the sketch. The Uncle is aware she works alongside other radio stations, but not during the 2:00-3:00 PM hour. After Leeanna left us, the Uncle described the summer experience of working at 710 AM as something similar to New Orleans. Even more time with Windows' "Solitaire" than usual. Candidate Milton Morrow will join us Tuesday. The Uncle ends this week of shows reminding folks to attend the Fairhope parade celebrating the return of Service folks after serving in Western Asia. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

    In other birthday news, WALA Channel 10's Bob Grip celebrated the age of 41 (or 21, jokingly by John Edd Thompson) on July 15th, even got reminded during the 9:00 PM-10:05 PM newscast.

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with 3 pieces of audio, such as one on moving Mobile forward and not back 30 years. A simple "Hello!" is how the Uncle began his greeting to the listeners, who still hold the responsibility of the show's shocking success after almost 2 years on 710 AM. Sometime during the hour, at least one representative of the annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo will join in via phone. Good fellows, but interchangeable with each other", says the Uncle on the guy(s) soon to be with us. First we must get to the news of the day, which stirred plenty of anger in the Uncle during the early hours of the morning. This state, Alabama ("Alabama the Beautiful", Alabama on the Move", or whatever the Uncle assumes as our state slogan) has been outsourcing call center jobs to India thanks to a 3-year contract with Arizona company eFunds. So, our tax money is being put into the pockets of residents in other countries, such as the sub-continent of India. We're running out of adjectives to describe Alabama's income tax returns. The Uncle has nothing against India or its folks, in case you were wondering. Why not an Alabama call center for those with food stamps? Here's the Uncle's shocking truth for those under the age of 40, call centers didn't exist back in the day. According to a Mobile Register quote, the Indian call centers have been excellent. The Uncle tries to not be negative, but he just doesn't buy this outsourcing as something cheap. Pound 710 is still the Cingular Wireless code for a free call. Due to his previous tirade, the Uncle was unable to connect his computer to Leeanna's on time, so she must post a caller's name manually. First caller Betty agrees with the Uncle on this outsourcing being ridiculous. She happened to be speaking with an Indian call center worker when phoning for Refrigerator repairs. Expect the Uncle to be down in Bienville Square later after the show. "The Idea Guy's" surprised they even put this once unknown news to Alabama taxpayers in today's paper. "Idea" suggests that the "RSA Man" should buyout the entire country of India in order to get Alabama's tax dollars back. Our first commercial break came unannounced. Thanks to "Idea", we got the "Jonny Quest" theme playing in honor of "Hot Jeep" handling Alabama's food stamps. Could it be that the new automatic garbage is not saving thousands or millions of government money? Sam reminds us an old saying to remember each election time, city, state, and federal. Perhaps we should remember that everyday, according to the Uncle. Jay is aware of some negativity (or surprise to the Uncle) toward the use of retirement money being used for the RSA projects in Downtown Mobile. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminds us that the upcoming RSA Tower, the now property Adams-Mark Hotel, and Battle House Hotel will be of great interest in the years to come. Support for "The Idea Guy" for the Mobile City Council was included in the voice message from this quite angered fellow. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle still awaiting the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo persons. We lost a whole different Norman for show regular Norman bringing up WPMI NBC 15's Josh Bernstine's special report on more corruption in the Mobile County School Board. Norman expects the taxpayers to be left holding the bag after this. The whole story is featured on WPMI's web site since the Uncle is unable to explain it all. Albert asks the Uncle if this outsourcing is affecting all those in need of welfare? Tom finds Norman right and wrong on one thing. Alabama's makes sure our folks are well treated by those in India. Gary of the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo joins us on tonight's meeting for a contest of cash prizes, including a live band performance. Sorry folks, the Uncle won't be one of the judges this year. If he were, the show would be done live from a boat. The cannon at 5:30 AM will signal the beginning of this year's rodeo. Back to the call starting with Van, who happens to have a solution to the current situation at Mobile's Police Department. Have police "ride the Wave" buses as a whole different way of keeping the peace, which would save on patrol car gas, and it would give most officers a pay raise. Some flaws were spotted in Van's solution, but the Uncle appreciates his effort. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle announcing tomorrow's 2:45 "Deal of the Week", which is Glenlakes Golf Course. According to one caller, some Indians (non-US citizens) are legally doing technological jobs in Baldwin County government. Leeanna was summoned about our previous caller's accent, which was probably a way of concealing his real voice to protect his job. Besides mine, Leeanna's slightly younger sister Kimberly (Kim) Clark is now celebrating her day of birth. Her gift after 25 years of living turns out to be a permanent frog tattoo. Looks like their mother is the pioneer of the Matteson tattoo tradition. Her tattoo happens to be a heart (location undisclosed by Leeanna). After Leeanna left us, the Uncle reminds us that birthdays ought to be a reflection of your life and the future. He just doesn't get this rise in the tattoo culture. As for this outsourcing thing, this state is going too far when sending tax money to India for their call centers while there are blue stamp (and welfare users) in need of help from Alabama. 450-9220 (Extension 555) is the Uncle's answering machine number. Anything of prankster nature will be deleted. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

    For those tired of hearing just the initials "RSA", it stands for Retirement Systems of Alabama.

    This afternoon WALA Channel 10 threw a well deserved retirement party and send off for Dot Moore. After viewing the video during the 5:00-6:00 PM newscast, it appeared to be much of a suprise for Miss Moore.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with a voice message from "Bad Bill" falsely accusing the Uncle, who added a big "yes!" to his almost usual greeting to the listeners on this beautiful day in the Mobile region. He even thanked listeners who usually disagree with him, yet they still contribute to the show's shocking, yet stunning success. Based on the previous decade, the Uncle thought he would never the say following: "I'm proud of Mobile Mayor Mike Dow!" Reason for this, according to the most recent Mobile Register quote of Dow, "no (new) taxes or fees" will have involvement in next week's funding of police. Could the Uncle and callers' words of wisdom finally pulled a Titanic in Dow's head or is this just a misprint by the Register? For the first time in more than a decade, the hands of the city of Mobile will not reach into the pockets of residents. Charlie Moss returned from yesterday's Mobile City Council meeting with hours of audio on tape. Unfortunately most of the folks there have become our version of C-SPAN, so don't expect to hear any piece of audio today. Live Internet stream is still working, so folks such as one former Mobile resident now residing in Washington, District of Columbia (D.C.) can call in at (251) 479-2723. First caller Gene conducted some analysis on "Bad Bill's" clever way of making the Uncle look foolish and asked him if he's seen a recent J.D. Crowe cartoon ("Jockisch Moment") with Mike Dow having an "uh oh!" facial expression. Old Cingular Wireless code *NTM remains sunk in the Uncle's mind. Seconds later after no answer, we find out David had the Uncle on hold. David's suggestion to keep cops from leaving the department is by giving them a tax break. David's reason for this suggestion, their service to the city includes plenty not many folks realize. The Uncle responded with a "Roll Tide Roll!" shortly after David left us. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle speaking about everyone he's encountered saying something positive about the popular meat, including Neo Con Ron after hearing a recent voice message (which was lost beyond control). After the first break, the Uncle brings up the latest mechanical problems occurring in the studio. Looks like the engineer is asleep again or away at least. Clay wonders how much it'll cost to change Metro Transit's buses to reflect the transformation to the Wave. Military police officer Mark (Marines) located in Yuma, Arizona joins us thanks to 710 AM's Internet stream. As an officer working in a military prison, Mark knows nothing out of the ordinary going on, unlike the recent controversy involving the Army. The Uncle listed for Clay all the recent events in Mobile, making us one happening place. Mark ended his call with an excellent "Roll Tide!" before the Uncle thanked him for being in the Service. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminded us of his e-mail address (reads them every few months or so) and to do not send anything involving pills, real estate, and/or moneymaking schemes. Before the second half-hour began, this balding fellow via voice message says he would be interested in having hair similar to boxing promoter Don King. As of now, the Uncle feels "brand new" after reading today's Register on Mike Dow. Leeanna was summoned if she's seen folks driving 70 MPH on Range Line Road and an explanation for her lack of call screening today. Turns out she's been having plenty of personal conversations with callers on the line. As Leeanna left us, the Uncle described throwing her headphones down as something similar to a young female between ages 13-19. Jay reports on an all-electric city bus going 55 MPH. This bus happens to include members of a wedding party drinking beer. This made the Uncle assume Jay is pulling his leg. Before Scott O'Brien joined us with his perspective on the so-called electric bus sighting, the Uncle admits to enjoying his morning program "The Big Story", even though its perspective is far different from his. Another David has an interesting tale for us: An Alabama couple shopping at a Wal Mart in South Mississippi, starting it off by parking thee car baring our state's license tag. A waste of Alabama tax dollars, according to David. Final whirlwind segment begins with one fellow via voice message suggesting that the Young Republicans should attend AA meetings other than bars such as "The Grille". According to the Uncle, that was a verbal attack on Alex Mathis after our previous show. Matthew brings up the ABC Newsbreak's sad news on the Senate voting down what would have become a constitutional amendment for enforcing traditional marriage. Matthew predicts the legalization of marrying cows someday. This makes him wonder what life will be like for his children as adults. After Matthew left, the Uncle expressed his view on this vote being senseless if a majority of the Senate had thoughts of it failing. Mary joined us silently bringing up senators such as John McCain being among those that voted "no" on the amendment. Should have never pushed for this amendment with a thought of failure in mind, was the Uncle's final conclusion on this vote. Listeners who disagree with the Uncle's views are reminded that they are still partly responsible of the show's success. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

    Before the upcoming anniversary of the show (August) and this weblog (July 26th), today marks the "anniversary" of me coming into existence. That's right, it was on this day (9:25 PM to be exact) that I made my way into this world. In case you didn't notice until now, that was my way of saying today marks my day of birth(day). Just feels good to be alive!

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with audio of one fellow's observation of a young fellow buying a pack of cigarettes at his mother's permission before the Uncle reminded us that we are behind the show's success it continues to be. He truly appreciates what we are doing for the show, especially on this beautiful day in the Mobile region. The telephone we know and love still exists and Cingular Wireless phones remain un-banned in Alabama, so call in by punching in either (251) 479-2723 or the Pound 710 code for car drivers very used to their thumbs. The GM&O offices were contacted for what exactly is the new name and look of the Metro Transit bus terminal, since Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss has not returned as of yet. Reason for this name change, so that you the listener will be more likely to ride a bus. The Uncle remises about his car trouble a while back, which forced him into using a bus. "What's the point of using the bus if you don't have to", says the Uncle as we dive into more detail. In his very own opinion, changing Metro Transit will not attract non-traditional riders. During the Uncle's recent call to GM&O, he asked this lady what exactly is Transit's new name, which turns out to be "Wave", as in water wave. Shortly after the Uncle asked "Is that an acronym?" GM&O lady said, "I don't know!" According to the Uncle, this name "Wave" is some psychological way of getting into the minds of folks making them want to "ride the Wave!" As of now now, the Uncle is offering tips to the Wave. "Incorporate Bear Bryant, Alabama football" is the Uncle's guaranteed tip for the Wave's success in business. "Ride the Bear!" (Uncle's description), along with crimson/white colors, and audio of classic Alabama football victories playing in the background. Auburn fans; the Uncle is not offending y'all! No problems with the phone system, first caller Bryan was just away from his phone. First real caller Chuck imagines many young people with surfboards riding the Wave's buses. The Uncle thanked Chuck for his fascinating shark facts. Roland agrees with the Uncle on folks riding the buses when they don't have to before bringing up his "Ride the Tide!" idea for the Wave. Expect that to be featured in the Uncle's editorial content soon to be heard on 95 KSJ's "The Breakfast Club" program. After the first break, the "Batman" theme plays in the background along with audio of caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll!" "Pearl Transit" (as in Mike Dow's "String of Pearls") is "The Idea Guy's" very own substitute for the Wave, along with the prediction of RSA buying out the city of Mobile (starting with recent purchase of downtown's Adams-Mark hotel), transforming us into RSA Incorporated. Phillip finds the name "Wave" very appropriate, because bus riders would want to wave their hands. "Bad Bill" is on Leeanna's call screening list! Don't expect him on the show for about 30 minutes (2:28-2:58 PM, no chance of appearing). Don reports on yellow jackets attacking him in his own yard, which reminded the Uncle of a previous encounter with the insects. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle reporting in callers to Leeanna suggesting yellow jacket traps, which he's never heard about. Alex Mathis stops by with the news on Mobile's Young Republicans' 7:00 PM crawfish event on Saturday at "The Grill". The money being raised at this event will be used to support candidates representing their political party. Alex listed all of the Young Republicans' activities this year for the Uncle's interest. The Uncle reminds us a fellow yesterday upset at this show's viewpoint, so he directed him to Scott O'Brien's 10:00 AM program ("The Big Story"), if he wants to sacrifice The Price is Right (on TV5) though. Alex laughed a little after that. Neo Con Ron is reminded about his poem to Leeanna, which makes the Uncle assume that he really wants to be like her. This "let by gone, be by gone" stuff is something the Uncle won't let go, so he summons Leeanna. Yep, Leeanna still finds that part of Ron's poem nice. The Uncle tried to establish that males don't think about having the characteristics of a female (such as a certain tennis player named "Serena"), but ended up with the same reaction from Leeanna. Brent found that previous Uncle/Leeanna conversation strange. The Uncle agrees! "The $6,000,000.00 Building in Norwood" was brought to the Uncle's attention, which came before Brent's question on the county using tobacco money to pay for this upcoming University of South Alabama cancer center. Jack shared with us a lengthy rant on Mobile's bus terminal, his taxation while on the road, and his conclusion of not giving up his own transportation just to ride a bus. "Excellent analysis" says the Uncle on this possible future co-host's call. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" theme playing for a semi-lengthy period of time due to the Uncle's conversation during commercials with Alex Mathis. Van believes the Young Republicans are really counting their "daddy's money". Van also agrees with the Wave before getting to his idea involving Leeanna's voice. The Uncle now views Van as perfect example of a person having a lack of "Discipline of Thought". Paul gave us a description of the yellow jacket traps. District 2 candidate and Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine's opponent Milton Morrow joins us! Expect Morrow to join the Uncle in the studio soon, despite him being the liberal democrat's candidate. Today's show gets a 5/5!

    Monday, July 12, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with the now famous "red neck pre-verts" audio, along with some "great day in the city of Mobile" audio, and quadruple reminders to read Revelation 21:8 for reasons we'll soon find out. The Uncle didn't forget his usual greeting to the listeners, in case you were wondering. Pound 710 is still the new Cingular Wireless code for a free call. After our previous weekend, the Mobile region's police crisis continues to be a big topic after the Sunday Register's "Insight" section featured an editorial by Chief Sam Cochran. "Have thy wallet ready" is all the Uncle has to say on upcoming taxes. According to the "Political Skinny" column, Mike Dow is considering a run for governor in 2006. "Why is this news?" says the Uncle, who interviewed Dow on TV after his re-election 3 years ago. An "Oldspaper" is where that news really belongs. So far, Leeanna's summoning music has played for about 10 seconds. The Uncle reminds Leeanna that eventually the Eartly body will pass on, but a brain transplant is possible many years from now. To elaborate (great detail), when Dow is in his 80s, his brain can be placed in a young donor's body. It wouldn't be practical for Dow to be in a bowl, tank, or robot, especially when visiting Cuba. Hopefully someone who's under 30 and a Dow fan would donate his body. Don't expect any female (especially Leeanna) to donate her body for Dow's brain, but the Uncle supposes otherwise. Leeanna suggested Dow fan and semi-regular caller Blake. Yep, he's in his early 20s, so he's qualified. A report from the Mobile County Commission meeting on Democrat candidate Milton Morrow and Steve Nodine "smarting" each other through words. In words other than theirs, smart remarks against each other. Sorry folks, no photos of Kerry/Edwards on Morrow's web site. Expect Milton (a listener too) to join us once again in the future. After Leeanna left us, the Uncle reminds us to read Revelation 21:8 to find out what the folks at the Mobile County Commission really are. Voice message with one fellow's view on the police situation, including a suggestion for folks to move where the Law is was played. "The Pink Panther" theme plays after the first break as the Uncle brings Jeremiah aboard as today's first caller. Show loyalist Jeremiah finds it misleading that there is something negative between candidates for the Presidency Kerry/Edwards. Followed by encouraging folks to be mindful of anything negative. The Uncle viewed Jeremiah's call as a suggestion to always agree and not show anything negative. Speaking of negative, the Uncle plays a certain (weird) Democrat's voice message that lives up to both "negative" and "harmful". This weirdo's message was edited for content and to avoid a fine from the Federal Communications Commission. By the way, this was the same weirdo that wished death threats via voice message. Latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle wondering if the popular meat was specially made for this time of year (incorporating them on the barbecue grill). Second half-hour begins with first time caller Tom, a proud American, a supporter of G.W. Bush, and a good shout of "Roll Tide!" He asks the Uncle if he had bought something out of a Wal Mart and walked out the door when suddenly the security alarm going off? Something similar recently happened to Tom, involving a fellow with the characteristics of Don Knotts asking for his receipt. No problem at any Sam's store, but according to Tom they'll single you out at Wal Mart. The Uncle expected a longer conversation with that guy. A whole different Bill joins us to say most of Mobile's police are switching over to the sheriff's department, such as plenty of friends of his. Wold War II veteran Paul believes there was mention of a mortuary on Friday's show. Probably was listening to a whole different show. Paul shared with us a tale of him finding off sharks near Dauphin Island. As Paul brought up his attendance of a fellow veteran's funeral in Mississippi, a Morse code message was heard. Leeanna was summoned for the once never mentioned topic of mortuaries. As Leeanna left us (with what the Uncle believes was a smart alec remark, Mobile County Commission style), the Uncle says he just wanted her conformation of his sanity. "Misled Mark" happens to have a Wal Mart story for us, only it involves his wife returning to the store with the clothes she recently bought in need of de-magnetization. "Misled" wished he had the video camera at the time. The Uncle thanked ol' Mark for not being hateful to the nation at this time. A voice message on the sighting of Steve Nodine's personal vehicle on sale near his head quarters was played. Final whirlwind segment begins with both Mobile songs featured on previous occasions, "It's My Wonderful Town" and "Taking Pride in Mobile". Trees are also one of the great things to pride of in Mobile, according to the Uncle. Lost caller Maurice was probably about to show his love for the trees too. Joe nearly mocked the Uncle's beliefs beyond political party stuff. The Uncle finds that philosophy to be one of the problems with mankind today (the Garden of Eden and the serpent came to mind during his final words for today's show). Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

    Sorry folks, yesterday's final "The Dot Moore Show" had no retrospective, but Miss Moore at her best. In a way, her final appearance on WALA Channel 10 was something similar to Fred Roger's departure from his television neighborhood. Hopefully she'll be back next Sunday through classic shows.

    Friday, July 09, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with classic audio of Dot Moore trying her best to say much she loves to listen to the Uncle on news talk radio, along with one fellow's voice message claim on John Kerry's chin being used to help his fellow troops back in Vietnam. As of now, the Uncle is looking at a strikingly beautiful cloud resembling a bear pulling himself out of floodwaters. After that, the Uncle did his usual greeting, including a reminder of the show's shocking success. Yep, it's a beautiful day in the region for clouds such as that bear. One of the stories that caught many off guard was the Mobile Register's report on Mike Dow not sending his finance reports in 3 years. That's right, listeners including myself heard it right. Dow has not returned any of the Register's calls. "Mayor Dow Tardy on Finance Report" was the Register's headline by the way. Whenever the Uncle hears the word "tardy", he thinks about a student being 5-10 late for math class, but 3 years? Here's the Uncle's headline: "Mayor Dow Incredibly Late", but that wouldn't work. If the Uncle had not filed finance reports in Dow's time frame, he wouldn't have called it "tardy". Pound 710 is still the new Cingular Wireless code to avoid phone fees. After reading various sources, including this site, WALA Channel 10's Dot Moore is retiring after over 40 years in broadcasting. The Uncle shared with us his meeting with Dot Moore early on in his career, on her television show and condo. The Uncle explains to relatively young people of Miss Moore being one of the pioneers of TV broadcasting. Back in the day before satellite kicked in (TV5's Mel Showers interviewing Chuck Norris was used as an example of today's standards), TV stations send their reporters every year to New York and Los Angeles to interview the stars and Dot was the one for the job. Dot's favorite interviewee happens to be Demond Wilson (Lamont, or "Son") of "Sanford & Son". When Dot was about to interview Valerie Harper, Mr. Redd Foxx began smoking as quick as possible to distract Harper. Wilson was very nice, according to Miss Moore. Hopefully this Sunday's final edition of "The Dot Moore Show" is a retrospective. "A class woman" is the Uncle's description of Miss Moore. First caller and long time Moore viewer (since childhood) Gene remembers her hosting Channel 10's coverage of the Mardi Gras parades (for about 33 years) and brought up J.D. Crowe's "shark bite" cartoon featured in today's Register. Also on Gene's mind, he cleared the Uncle up on Lamont Sanford's portrayer. After the first break, we lost an unnamed caller for John talking about Mike Dow's contempt for Mobile in general and he too finds it interesting to see what's in his finance reports. We (the listeners and the Uncle) had our shares of a fish tale involving a hammerhead shark in the waters of Gulf Shore's beach. Even the Uncle shared a tale somewhat similar, while he was crabbing a shark constantly ate his bait of chicken. We were close to hearing code *NTM again. As of now, Leeanna is probably eating a hot dog of some sorts. Otho brought up Demond Wilson quitting "Sanford & Son", which lead the way to the show's transformation to a hotel setting. Something similar happened to "All in the Family" which lead the way to "Archie Bunker's Place". The Uncle had no many listeners are interested in "Sanford" history. Speaking of Mr. Wilson, the Uncle's worst TV interview was with him, which was ironically Dot Moore's favorite. Before interviewing Demond, the Uncle was described by a station boss as a "Caucasian version of Redd Foxx", which began the interview on the wrong foot. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle announced to listeners that the "bear escaping flood water" cloud no longer has the characteristics of a bear. Second half-hour begins with Bart reminding us of those tourists "are the other white meat" in Gulf Shores. For some reason, Bob asked if Dot Moore is still living and his follow up on her age. Bob even suggested a Dot Moore statue next to the admiral one, as if she's trying to interview him. Russell brings up his student daughter's photo of a "sun dog", which is an optical illusion in the sky created by the sun hitting the right spot. Russell promised the Uncle that this "sun dog" photo soon to be sent via e-mail is not doctored. The Uncle still ponders if this illusion is fact or this Russell is just pulling the wool over his eyes. Dottie (coincident is my guess) thanked the Uncle for the info on the bear cloud and suggests that he should be on "cloud patrol". "Delinquent" is another Dow word brought up by Dottie. Reverend Bradberry joins us with his description of Kerry/Edwards, the "Twin Toilet Tax-A-Crats", since they both share the name of "John". Not a very poetic description says the Uncle. Chip was just riding down the road listening to the Dow words. The Uncle doesn't want to put words in anybody's mouth, but he thinks Dow may later say he's been too busy with Mobile for the past 3 years to send finance. The Uncle is still on cloud patrol, which is not quite a very good talk show topic. After Leeanna was summoned, we find out she's wearing Native American (or Indian) jewelry and some perfume as she works real hard. Training a new employee, shift work for Lite Mix 99.9, and writing news stories for 710 AM. More multi-tasking! "The Idea Guy" agrees with the Uncle describing Leeanna's multi-tasking as not "hard work", or physical labor to be exact. "Idea" wonders if Dow has been waiting on a theory for his financial assets. The Uncle reminds us that the fellow has been mayor for about 14 years, so what's different with the last 3 years? "Meanie!" says Leeanna on the Uncle's description of her work. The Uncle asked what if she found nothing for Lite Mix 99.9. As Leeanna left the room, the Uncle made the discovery of no shoes on her person. Final whirlwind segment begins on a dramatic note of music as the Uncle still has *NTM on the mind. Blake asks the Uncle if this report on Dow is a personal financial report, along with the hypothetical question of getting nagged through the mail for not paying taxes. It may be personal, but it's very likely the public will view what's hidden in his report. So, Blake is implying it's the state of Alabama's fault for Dow not disclosing his finances. After what Blake calls "putting words in his mouth", the Uncle believed his implied point of defending Dow. After taping the entire call, the Uncle reminds us of Blake being rather young for discussions such as politics, along with him continuing to be an embarrassment for family and maybe some friends. Blake was encouraged to continue listening to the show before even joining in on call in shows. Expect the Uncle to have the video cassette recorder (Oh pardon me, VCR) ready for Dot Moore's final appearance on WALA Channel 10. Hopefully we'll have more folks like her in the future. Remember, 6:30 AM, Sunday morning, a must-record-event. Today's show gets a 5/5!

    As for the future, there's the possibility of classic Dot Moore shows airing in the 6:30 AM Sunday timeslot. It's all in Channel 10's hands now.

    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with one fellow's impression of Brando's "Hey Stella!" via voice message before the rest of the Uncle's regular theme played. "Hey! Hey, it's a good day!" quote today's greeting from the Uncle. As always he thanked the listeners and me for the show's success. Lots of emphasis was put on the new Pound 710 code for Cingular Wireless users. Now this is a rarity, a national topic is being discussed first, this involving the polls predicting the impending doom of the Kerry/Edwards team in November's election. "As liberal as liberal can be" is how the Uncle describes the so far doomed Democrat ticket. According to the Uncle, many trial lawyers in the region are upset for sending money to support Kerry/Edwards, which could have been put to better use other those two. This news made the Uncle remise about his days in a one-room schoolhouse, involving this fellow constantly beating his head against the wall, which sort of describes the current situation right now. A weirdo's voice message wishing death upon current vice president Richard Cheney, along with dog panting sounds was played. First caller Norman particularly doesn't like flip-flops (especially a recent incident that causing pain), but still finds the "Flip Flop Factory" analogy via voice message intriguing. According to Norman's viewing of (Twentieth Century) FOX News Channel and the Cable News Network, the Democrat Party's only plan in the election year is to defeat G.W. Bush. This explains the current national polls, in the Uncle's view. Norman ends his call showing his continuing support for the show and a proud "God Bless America!" The Uncle found Norman very animated this time around. Gene believes this Edwards is some sort of modern day version of JFK (not John F. Kerry, John Fitzgerald Kennedy), which just may sway millions of female voters across the land. We learn that the Uncle would state Gene's theory on the female voters, because he doesn't want an angry female on his side. Leeanna was summoned for her perspective on Gene's theory. She never voted for Albert Gore and his running mate in the 2000 election for the Presidency. According to Leeanna, nice hair has something to with Edwards' likeness. The Uncle still wants older folks in public office and considers G.W. Bush's father to be last of those folks. Speaking of his father, Leeanna brought up a photo of him years younger appearing nice looking to plenty of females voters. After the first break, audio of Gene's theory was played again. Lois (or Louise according to Leeanna's ears) announces a benefit fund available at local South Trust banks for Lesley Alexander, who suffers from leukemia and is in need of surgery. (251) 473-5057 is the number to contact Lesley's grandma Lois for information. Tracey our first caller with a female perspective on Gene's theory joined us. Tracey brought up the "Soccer Moms" who admired Clinton (asking questions such as "boxers or briefs") during his years as president. Jim's voice message on J.D. Crowe's latest cartoon featuring Mike Dow as a meter maid was played. Second half-hour begins with yet another playing of Gene's "Got to Reach the Women" theory. If this theory were true, the Uncle would suggest that Richard Cheney should lose a little weight and/or unbutton his shirt a little (or more) for some chest hair showing. John (in the midst of radio greatness) views Edwards as some sort of Howdy look -a-like. The Uncle admits to knowing plenty of females that would never be swayed by folks such as Edwards, so he doesn't believe the theories of Gene and Chris. He expects plenty of listeners to disagree with him. Virginia heard Michael Savage (Wiener) last night being upset with Edwards' work as a trial lawyer and encouraged the Uncle to continue listening to Savage. Virginia may think Edwards a good looking, but it's his qualifications that need to be looked at. The Uncle calls Edwards the "Erin Brockovich Factor". Gloria sticks up to Gene on the Edwards/Kennedy (not Edward "Ted" Kennedy) connection. After viewing recent morning news programs, she brought up so-called "Camelot" remises and a return to the good old days. The Uncle has no time to explain Kennedy's time period to prove those were not necessarily "the good old days". After Paul's call, the Uncle reminds us of Kerry's reason for picking Edward as his running mate, "for superficial reasons". According to Thomas's source the Mobile Register, the state doesn't have much money to finish to new bridge for the Mobile Bay, yet there is a state project going on in Birmingham. Final whirlwind segment begins with yet another reminder of the new Pound 710 code and the news on the death of the Uncle's former hair stylist Alan Webster. Webster appeared on the Uncle's old TV show that aired on Bay TV and he's also worked on the America's Junior Miss program. Not only Leeanna was summoned, but former call screener Jessica came around (without her theme). Her recent happenings, cleaning a 710 AM employee's van. Our once troubled tattooed young person's "Will To Wait" public service announcement was played, which for the first time got the Uncle to say "I'm proud of you!" As the Uncle and Leeanna were on the topic of Clinton's former labor secretary Paul Rice, he wanted the onions Jessica brought in out of the room. According to this article by Paul Rice, all religious zealots are trying to force you to have the same belief. The Uncle thanked Leeanna for bringing that article to his attention thanks to popular search engine Google. "See ya tomorrow!" is how the Uncle ended today's show. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

    Folks, I have just received word via WALA Channel 10's 5:00-6:00 PM newscast before their review of the day's events (about 6:00 PM) that Mobile TV personality, 41 year veteran of WALA-TV, and the Uncle's long time friend Dot Moore has called it quits. Channel 10 was kind enough to do a report on her career, including Moore's own reflections. Her final show airs this Sunday at 6:30 AM, so this should be a must-record-event. The retrospective previously aired more than a half-hour ago may re-air during Channel 10's 9:00 PM-10:00 PM newscast. All I have to say is.......

    Thanks Dot!

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    Today's Show

    We start off today's show with both a "thank you so much!" and a "hello" before the Uncle addressed himself as someone here to help you. Yep, the show is still being streamed live via Internet (710 AM's web site to be exact). It's official, 710 AM has a new Cingular Wireless code allegedly called Pound 710. The Uncle encourages users of the phone to call in with that new number. Looks like the Downtown Mobile nightmare is finally over, according to the Mobile Register. This nightmare soon to end is the parking diplomat service by Central Parking. John was our first Cingular Wireless caller to call in with the code Pound 710. The show has never even received stories about these parking diplomats doing ambassador-like activity. The Uncle expects outsiders of the Mobile region to share their diplomat stories. Archive audio of a downtown merchant on the parking diplomat crisis was played. According to the Uncle, this Register parking diplomat story contains the most interesting paragraph in the entire paper. Charlie Moss (Mobile's only radio reporter) conducted an interview exclusive with Mobile's city attorney on the special election. Moss found out there were only 4 date choices for this election due. For example, October 26th was too close to the November 2nd election date, which would have caused confusion. Best part of the interview: Council members Connie Hudson and Ben Brooks are still safe guarding the wallets of the citizens of Mobile. We are reminded yet again that *NTM is no longer in use, or is it? David praises the Uncle for sparing the Theodore sheriff's department from taking the hard route of breaking up a prostitution "camp", as described by this lady (audio played) weeks ago. We lost Cecil for Tim, who brought up the main problem with the parking diplomats; they were unable to collect the money. Tim would sponsor Leeanna for public office in Hollinger's Island. A constable perhaps, since she's unofficially a police officer of sorts for her neighborhood. "Star Trek" music plays as "Bad Bill's" compliment for Kerry and Edwards via voice message played. Mark who happens to be in Downtown Fairhope (no parking meters) today was amazed at the number of consumers shopping. Cecil succeeds calling and kicks it off with a "Roll Tide!" before speaking about his visit to Mobile's Saenger Theater, which began by parking behind the Bankhead Tunnel. Shortly before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminds Cecil that this 14-year plan for Mobile was meant for the tourists other than residents (which Cecil is not). Second half-hour begins with rather dramatic music and the Uncle's reminder of the new Pound 710 for easy thumb dialing. John began his call with both a "Roll Tide!" and the news of both Cingular Wireless codes working. Ernie has no idea why no intelligent conclusion to the parking meters has come to mind, which he happens to have. Do away with the meters and use the parking spaces downtown for downtown employees. Another David (with a greater "Roll Tide!") brings up the point of Mobile residents simply walking downtown, besides he wants some Mobile residents to lose a little weight. After David's call, the Uncle brought up parking meters disputes. Leeanna was summoned after 4-days of vacation time. According to the Uncle, she has quite a sun tan, along with spaghetti straps, which he considers "sexual harassment" (Leeanna had a good laugh after that, along with a few listeners I suppose). The beach Leeanna spent time on was Sand Island, along with her children and parents. One of the amusements on Sand Island was viewing others folks having their boats stuck in the sands of Sand Island. The Uncle brought up listener Neo Con Ron's poem for Leeanna, which he considers stalker-ish and of psychotic nature. Only the last line of the poem was read, which Leeanna found sweet. As Leeanna left us, the Uncle thanked her for today's excellent call screening while letting his eyes avoid her so-called "harassment" clothing. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "must-listen-to-radio" audio before the Uncle showed how intriguing he finds the candidates running for the District 7 seat after reading recent editions of the Register. He can imagine Rick Collins and John Peavey as councilman, but former talk show host Shane McBryde is sort of a question mark to him. Audio representing hours of McBryde audio was played for the moment. Plenty of McBryde comments that the cubical community can relate too. Blake (our curious one's real name) returns to comment on the Uncle's comments on his "Dear Uncle Henry" message. Blake also shares with us his sighting of 95% percent of automobile license plates being Alabama tags and his belief of interstates' real use being an easy way for residents to travel. The Uncle's almost regular ending to the show has returned (including "this is NewsRadio 710 WNTM", unlike yesterday's abrupt end. Today's show gets a 5/5!

    Remember folks Shane McBryde's last name is spelled without an "I" and avoid spelling it "McBribe". (A reminder for those who want to support him for the September 14th special election)

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