Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a voice message including the suggestion of the "GROD" bill (Get rid of Dow) and as usual the Uncle reminds us of the show's stunning success. The Uncle promises to analysis Mike Dow's shocking "Letter to the Editor" featured in Saturday's Mobile Register. Charlie Moss, Mobile's only radio reporter was at Government Plaza (the city hall with its own ecosystem) to report on the owners' decision to close down the 2 adult bookstores in Theodore for about 4 months. Leeanna was summoned for her reaction to this decision, which includes the question "Where will all the [redneck] pre-verts go?" There's the possibility that the pre-verts will pull a "Night of the Living Dead" on Theodore residents. As Leeanna left the room, the Uncle described her shirt as "multi-colored, hippie" looking. In Dow's letter to the Register's editor, it states that his decade long "String of Pearls" is now complete and he's moving on to something else. Expect some classic Dow audio on his "String of Pearls" later on in the show. After a recent visit to Gulf Shores, Steve stumbled upon job openings for the new Wal Mart down there. In other words a lack of applicants. The Uncle suggested to listeners if you know anybody that needs a job, send him/her down there. After the first break, the Uncle answers this voice message caller's question on what does the acronym "BID", mentioned in Mike Dow's letter means. It means "Boondocks in Downtown". Dow audio from the early Nineties introducing his grand plan for Mobile's urban community, or "String of Pearls" concept as it's known. Back then, the plan was to fund the schools, pave the streets, and extra pay for the police. "We got to keep focusing on downtown" the Uncle quoting Dow's letter. No wonder West Mobile has no plans to join us. How long this will last continues to boggle the Uncle's mind. Second half-hour begins with the song "Taking Pride in Mobile" and the Uncle reminding us of a city between I-65 and Schillinger. That would be West Mobile. Susan found $1.69 gas in Bay Minette (seat of Baldwin County) and asks why gas costs more in Mobile. "The Idea Guy" suggests going a whole different route from the now complete "String of Pearls" and believes the red neck pre-verts will be in droves to the local Barns & Noble store for Bill Clinton's new book and watch Michael Moore's new documentary. In this Steve's view, Mike Dow is more concerned about the votes he's getting other than the residents moving and shaking. "Mislead Mark", or just plain Mark brings up a report on 710 AM about today's run off election having the lowest voter turnout since the late Eighties. Mark's reason for this, folks are tired of corrupt politicians. After hearing about Dow being mayor for 14 years, Mark believes most of this show's callers don't even vote. The Uncle takes us back to the results of the '88 mayoral election, with Dow claiming victory. Milton Morrow of John Kerry's political party joins us on this important day for him, which determines who shall compete against him for the position of the Mobile County Commissioner in November. Sorry folks, he's not predicting who wins today's run off election until the polls close. Final whirlwind segment begins with a remix of the Batman theme and a special announcement from the Uncle on 710 AM's transmitter, which would expand the station's audience. Expect 710 AM's return at full power around 4:00 PM CST. Instead of taxing current businesses, use the money to round up new businesses. The Uncle tried his best to comment on Blake wanting a rebirth for Mobile, which is definitely something no long time Mobile resident would want. Today's show gets a 5/5!

As of now, 710 AM has more listeners!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with audio of both Dow and Nodine speaking on tax cutting (and shrinking) and as usual the Uncle appreciates our continuous listenership. To make it fair for both candidates in the run off election, councilman Steve Nodine returns to the show (with theme, or should I say NBC's "Olympics" theme). According to the Uncle's eyes, Nodine appears kind of thin and dirty since the last time he was on the air. Looks like campaigning and the Waffle House controversy took a lot out of him. Steve continues to focus on the issues he brought up during the campaign, yet there were plenty of personal attacks against him. This even effects the folks at home. Steve had to explain to his little boy the price of politics after all this controversy came about. Before callers joined in, the Uncle played audio of a council meeting in action, including some Nodine disagreement by Fredrick Richardson. The Uncle played the audio just to prove the point of council meeting continuos being the norm. Even played Richardson's disagreement twice to be sure Nodine was actually serious about that. Steve spoke on the police/fire pension deal, which he finds ridiculous. After the first break, the Uncle shares with us the belief of tomorrow's run off election having the lowest voting turnout ever. First caller Bill (a whole different "Bill") still wants to know what exactly Nodine said to this lady at a local Waffle House. Steve explains the Register's confirmation of that racist slur controversy being false. Paul asks Nodine if he's for zoning outside the 5 mile planning jurisdiction, which he's not. Our first unnamed caller, a small business owner, would vote for someone who's not afraid to be controversial and would always focus on Mobile only. Charles missed Friday's show and asked what businesses Ralph Buffkin worked for. The Uncle was unable to list every job in Buffkin's 40 years in business. Before the ABC Newsbreak, Steve gave us a little history on himself and his mentor, who happened to be a political consultant for WPMI NBC 15. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle speaking about a relative of his serving him a whole different brand of sausage (brand not mentioned to avoid embarrassing them), which doesn't compare to the taste of Hall's. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle losing Ray and gaining Nadine. She expressed her appreciation for Nodine and asked about the future of Lagan Park, which recently turned 1 anniversary old this weekend. A new park project for Downtown Mobile was brought up shortly after. Turns out parks were one of the reasons Steve ran for his seat in the Mobile City Council. Rob (or Bob, according to the Uncle at first) asks Steve if he has a problem with employees at the Mobile Housing Board. The board's leadership is the only thing Nodine has a problem with. The Uncle refreshed Rob on the city council's questioning on giving the Housing Board $8,000, which suddenly brought up racism. John wants Steve to remain in his city council seat, since he stands for the people of District 2. The "Government Street Strip Mall" situation comes to mind? Don suggests the removal of that large pipe in Municipal Park's lake. Final whirlwind segment with the Uncle reminding us of tomorrow's run off election for District 2. "The Idea Guy" joins us with honor from Steve. Expect "Idea", along most of his family to vote Nodine tomorrow. Sorry Steve, "Idea" shall remain known as "The Idea Guy". Before the end of today's show, Steve reminds us to focus on the positives instead of worrying which state a candidate is from or anything else considered "negative" in campaigns. Tomorrow the Uncle will conduct analysis on what he calls a weird Mike Dow "Letter to the Editor" in a recent edition of the Mobile Register. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Today's show was mentioned on WPMI NBC 15 News at 6:00 PM. The Uncle can be heard talking, but Steve Nodine was the only one to get camera time.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with no additional audio clips before the Uncle announced this show being a special edition since Ralph Buffkin is here. Both Ralph and the Uncle were in awe meeting each other. Not only Buffkin has joined us, local politician Alex Mathis is in the same room. Since the Uncle doesn't know much about him, he just asked Ralph the simple questions. Throughout life, Buffkin was very lucky, which included his first meeting with Bobby Jackson many years ago. The Uncle reminds Ralph of his predecessors in this election, such as Nodine, Rainwaters, and the now former Mobile County Commissioner Freeman Jockich. The Uncle asks Ralph how he got involved in Mike Dow's campaign for the position he's held for 14 years. Speaking of being retired 3 times, Ralph spoke with Jackson on that yesterday at 710 AM's break room. Yep, he has no dislike for Steve Nodine, even knowing the fact that he's a former New Jersey resident (Mobile resident since 1993). The Buffkin commercial stating that fact was only comparative. Before callers joined in, Alex Mathis finally got to throw in his long awaited question. Remember folks, Ralph is not a politician, so this is only the beginning of something. First caller Kelly is aware the campaign commercials compares him and Nodine. Mr. C began begins his call asking if everyone is on the boat. There was actually a little laughter after that. After the first break, the Uncle reminds us that Buffkin is part of the Republican run off election and that Mathis will occasionally throw in a question. Danny's call brought up the question, will Mike Dow remain a big part in county politics. It's now been established that Ralph would never spend tax money in Dow's way. So far, only one question from the mouth of Alex Mathis as the first half-hour comes to an end. Second half-hour begins with 2 callers lost and a John joining us. John finds no need of giving Nodine a promotion from councilman to County Commissioner. In other words, he's voting Buffin. Bob asks Ralph is he knows the public message of more accountability in government. Miss Campbell may not know much about Buffkin, but she knows that Nodine has done right for her neighborhood in the 37 years of her district. Ralph agrees that Nodine should stay as councilman of his district. Tom happens to be a non-voter for either Buffkin or Nodine came about. Tom has recently received an unidentifiable campaign phone call, which Ralph has no knowledge on. Paul brought up the touching issue of zoning. In today's final whirlwind segment, Mathis will finally ask a second question, maybe even more. A campaign commercial for Nodine aired during the break. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle reminding us that the run off election is next Tuesday. Even thought there was no need for apology, Leeanna was still summoned to apologize to Ralph for her current clothing (including flip-flop shoes). After some fellow asked Buffkin if he would expand Mardi Gras, the Uncle asked if he's a "Mardi Graer". "Just get out and vote" quoting Buffkin at the end of today's show. Over the weekend, the Uncle will put up his analysis on today's show. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a few seconds of the Charlie Moss/Mike Dow interview via phone (the latter's phone being of poor quality). The Uncle was silent for 2 seconds before his usual introduction. Folks in the Mobile region are still reeling from yesterday's shocking "thinking out of the box" from Mike Dow. A reminder from the Uncle, candidate for the Mobile County Commission Ralph Buffkin will join us tomorrow. Unfortunately, former Alabama quarterback Bobby Jackson bailed out of Friday's celebrated Buffkin interview. National and galactic are likely to be discussed today. The delay system was used on first caller Jim after his "Roll Tide!" due to what the Uncle calls an "emotional reaction" to Bobby Jackson. Leeanna was summoned for an explanation to allowing this guy, who claims to be "Bad Bill's" brother. She happens to be filling in for Charlie Moss in the 710 AM News Center today, who in the Uncle's opinion should be working instead of "goldbricking". As of now, Leeanna is working on a garbage related news story. As Leeanna left the room, the Uncle described her clothing as something similar to a mirror. One of the so-called "cave man" Mike Dow called joined us to challenge the Uncle if he can "think out of the box". Sorry fellow, the Uncle likes his box, but he did bring up a transit system. One weirdo asks if Buffkin (along with family) is one of the little people from the Wizard of Oz. Munchkins, fellow! Ron asks the Uncle if he knows about Steve Nodine being in favor of occupational tax for Baldwin County, which was reported false by the Mobile Register. Vintage audio of Mobile City Councilman Clinton Johnson on occupational tax was played. "If you want Downtown back, you want the police back, and pay them" quoting part of today's first voice message. After the first break, Debbie says she wants to hear what the candidate (Nodine and Buffkin) have to say instead of hearing what he said/she said. She happened to be referencing tomorrow's Ralph Buffkin appearance. Matthew began his call apologizing for today's first call and suddenly the delay system was used. Same guy named "Jim", nope. Leeanna was summoned away from her multi-tasking yet again. The Uncle admits to focusing a lot of reading on the Old Testament over the past few weeks with almost no pranksters. He'll manage to keep his cool around the moronic calls. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle reminds us about the 710 AM web site's live Internet steam for far way listeners. Second half-hour begins with former Downtown Mobile resident/business owner Tom speaking on how powerful both the Law and downtown residents are. According to Tom, Mike Dow has his mind set on tourists instead of residents living in the area mentioned previously. After 10 years of living in West Mobile, Tom still loves Mobile and he remains a member of the Oakley Gardening Society. Tom wants Mobile to remain, well Mobile instead of another Atlanta. Even though he won't vote, Tom hopes Nodine wins the position of County Commission. "You have the people to care" were Tom's words for old Steve, if he wins both the run off election and the one in November. Only a moron would dispute the previous caller, said the Uncle. A whole different Tom joins us, who happens to be from Atlanta. He totally agrees with the previous Tom on the people being Mobile's greatest assets. Tom's view on the word "pre-vert" (first said at a recent city council member) was cleared up; it means "rookie pervert". Bubba brings up the topic of "government conspiracy theories", along with the Uncle's personal opinion on that. "Board crazy people" is what the Uncle calls these folks with theories on creatures from space. "Coast to Coast AM's" Art Bell and George Noory are examples of what the Uncle considers theorists out of mind. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of the now famous "red neck pre-verts" comment. Ralph Buffin will of course answer listeners' questions tomorrow. Norman finds it a good thing Jimmy Carter didn't try proving his UFO theories during his presidency. Phillip's friend from Gulf Shores happens to be a listener of the show's Internet stream. Listeners are free to leave the Uncle e-mail and messages on his answering machine at the number 450-9220- (Extension 555). Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle shocked at the show's success, along with many industry insiders. He also reminds us that we, the listeners take part in the show's success, so lets get the show on the road. Charlie Moss conducted a rather revealing interview with Mike Dow via phone. Rather poor quality phone Dow possesses, according to the Uncle. 15 minutes before the show, while the Uncle and Leeanna were wondering to the break room area of 710 AM together (a few feet apart), Ralph Buffkin was sighted in a conversation with former Alabama quarterback Bobby Jackson of the Bear Bryant era. As Buffkin did some chair rising, he shook the hands of the Uncle and Leeanna. A "firm shake" for the Uncle and a warm one for Leeanna. Expect old Ralph to join the show Friday, with quality call screening and everything. Yep, the Uncle's interview with Buffkin will be of higher quality than Dan Rather's 60 Minutes interview with Bill Clinton. Once again, another problem with Leeanna's vehicle, a truck. Now on to the Dow interview, involving law enforcement not being a priority for the last 14 years (his entire term). In the past, it's been clear to 3 of the Mobile City Council that if police get a pay raise, others working for the city must have one. "Think out of the box" were the disturbing words to come out of Mike Dow's mouth, via his awful telephone. No telling what tax facing the Mobile region is on the way. As the Uncle sees it, the Law will be used as an excuse for a tax increase, along with an occupation tax for those outside Mobile. At the end of Moss' interview, there was an odd exchange between him and Dow. After the first break, we may have a caller with a preference of what tax Dow may bestow on us. After the first break, John began his call with a "Roll Tide!" before going to his interpretation of Mike Dow's plan for us. Gene has two or three things for us, he noticed the Lawrence Welk theme playing in campaign commercials and found out the Uncle is aware of reruns of that show on Alabama Public Television (WEIQ 42). The Uncle believes local business should be left along, in other words no taxation on them. Before the second half-hour, a voice message was played on the Mobile County School System's possible move to Cottage Hill Road in West Mobile (Source Mobile Register), which is not part of Mike Dow's philosophy. Second half-hour begins with "The Idea Guy" asking if the Paul Newman picture "Cool Hand Luke" somewhat relates to the box Mike Dow is thinking out of. The Uncle agrees that the more the public is close to a school system, the better. "Idea" believes these tax increases is a waste of time. Celebrated caller Ron Rimes (the Uncle's very fond of him) returns to speak on today's big topic. The Uncle discovered this TV web page group celebrating WPMI NBC 15's web site as the best in local news sources. We are reminded that the voters of Mobile like Mike Dow, which explains his reign as mayor since '89. According to this 48-year-old Bill, the Law was one of the first issues Dow took on in his first year. The Uncle asks why these annexations of Mobile County fail time after time? Could it be that talk radio is that powerful, even more than the Mobile Register? After Bill ended his call, the Uncle reminds him that as he gets older, he would understand taxation better. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle losing all 3 callers on the line (Ed, Phillip, and Mike), so he summons Leeanna. According to her, he doesn't know how to use the phone system. While reminding us of this Friday's show with Ralph Buffkin, the Uncle reminds Leeanna to please wear shoes. "Entertaining and intellectual" were this caller's descriptions of the show. As this fellow sees it, the downtown part of Mobile is slowly dying out as the heart of Mobile County. Expect this fellow to call back on a future show due to time constraint. No time for more complex thoughts, says the Uncle. Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a voice message reporting on the Cable News Network's dawn coverage of Clinton's "My Life" going on sale, excluding Gary Coleman and Mobile councilman Fredrick Richardson. Despite that, the Uncle is proud to be here on 710 AM and thanks the listeners for making the show an undeniable success. Scott O'Brien has left the building to get ready to view Clinton's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show (4:00 PM on WALA Channel 10), except Leeanna who's more of a Judge Judy fan (yet another plug, 4:00 PM on WPMI NBC 15). Besides, she's tired of Clinton's return to the news. Not only will Clinton appear on Oprah, but NBC's "Today", Good Morning America, and Larry King Live. The Uncle expects Miss Katherine Couric, Miss Diana Sawyer, and Mister Lawrence King to show their love for the fellow. The Uncle read a Mobile Register column at 5:45 AM this morning, including a transcript of a Buffkin/Nodine conversation on the phone. The Uncle still needs a translation of this. The Press Club of Mobile recently announced their 25th annual awards for excellence on newsgathering (journalism, the technical term), except for this show. Turns out nobody nominated the Uncle, so he placed the blame on Leeanna. The Uncle congratulates WPMI NBC 15 for their numerous awards, especially Mike Rush for his "Hog/Dog" report. If Fredrick Richardson ever calls in, expect Leeanna to tape his conversation with the Uncle for the Press Club of Mobile. The Uncle still believes most females are Oprah fans, but just don't admit it. Tonight at 7:00 PM in Chickasaw, there will be a meeting on the possibility of an all-new school system in North Mobile County (including Chickasaw, Saraland, and Satsuma). So far, nobody has called in to translate the Buffkin/Nodine phone conversation featured in the Register. After the first break, the Uncle slowly reminds us how to call in before letting "The Idea Guy" join us. 3 times is the number of times "Idea" read the Buffkin/Nodine just to understand the double talk. If Mobile were to become a colony, this column would make more (if not) sense. "Idea" suggests a map of the Mobile colony "Bonanza" style, burning in the middle and all. Randy has been trying to reach the Uncle for a long time and he starts it off with his translation of the column. Both Randy and the Uncle, long time residents of Mobile, have yet to understand politicians in the region. Either a different culture or some creature from another planet may be our only help to fully understand the column. $1.79 for gas is near, according to Paul. Speaking of the continuing decline of gas prices, the Uncle about this fellow 710 AM employee's special journey for $1.69 gas. Yep, 710 AM is still a fine station, says the Uncle before the ABC Newsbreak. Second half hour begins with the Uncle reporting on yet another beheading, along with the idea of blowing up the Internet service provider over there giving these folks the ability to show beheading video online. A whole different Bill knows a way to putting an end to these beheading videos, take out the Al-Jazeera TV Channel. Norman agrees with the Uncle (and Bill) to take out Al-Jazeera's signal through bombing. We found out that the title of Michael Moore's new documentary (Fahrenheit 911 was on the tip of Norman's tongue) is nothing new. Shelby views the broadcasting of beheading as a way to fire up folks, including the Uncle to join the side fighting these folks. After Shelby's call, the Uncle asked, "That was a guy, was it?" Frank suggests the removal of the satellite broadcasting Al-Jazeera, which is probably being used by other folks. "Too bad for them" quoting Frank. Final whirlwind segment begins with a voice message on Government Plaza looking like a river, in other words the place has its own weather. Recently, the Uncle read a quote online from one of the Plaza's architects. "Mislead Mark" has been damaged for life after viewing beheading video and says nobody but service folk should be over there in Western Asia until the war is completely over. "Mislead" considers a call's view on our opinions being the same a bunch of bologna. The Uncle summons Leeanna so she can hear a false report via e-mail on drunkenness and "hitting the sauce", as she coined it Monday. Looks like Neo Con Ron is completely wrong on Leeanna. Don't even expect Leeanna to have the TV set on during today's Oprah. After the Uncle played the wrong voice message, he plays "The Idea Guy's" recommendation to visit J.P. Southern Heritage. Yep, no pranksters today. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Besides WPMI NBC 15, WALA Channel 10 (Bob Grip and John Edd Thompson) and WKRG TV5's (Bill Riales and Jere Hough) well known employees earned themselves an award by the Press Club of Mobile, including a tribute to a long time contributor to TV5. Nice to see WKRG look back at their history for once Maybe more will follow as the 50th anniversary (September 5th 2005) comes closer. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a small "yeah" from the Uncle before a big "Thank you so much!" and admits to having imaginary conversations with us, the listeners over this weekend. Yep, he missed us that much. The subject matter was not revealed, but it happened while doing the laundry. If your phone is compatible with USA phone equipment, you can phone the Uncle at all 2 numbers + a code, 479-2723, (251) 479-2723, and *NTM on Cingular Wireless phones. The Uncle kept his word that he has no plans to view last night's Bill Clinton interview on 60 Minutes. According to Nielson ratings, the interview featuring Clinton and Rather loving each other was the most watched program last night. The Uncle only stopped by for 2 minutes while channel surfing. The Uncle, along with some listeners attempted to remember the Clinton presidency, starting with the impeachment trial. The word "pre-vert" was used in the Uncle remising about folks reactions to those with a conservative viewpoint. We're back in the present and as of now it's Clinton and the Liberal News Media. The Uncle has seen video of Clinton's most well known scandal more times than ever. Even a few minutes before the show, the Uncle was unable to escape "you know who" with Clinton. According to the Uncle, this appears to be the true Clinton legacy. The Uncle's suggestion to the news media is to pull out videotape of themselves from the days of that scandal. After the first break, David wishes everyone a late happy Father's Day and praises the decrease of gas prices. "Hallelujah!" says the Uncle. David too finds Clinton's return to the news a smoke screen in the election year of 2004. According to Gene on the phone, the Uncle still sounds like he's in a well due to 710 AM's phone system. "Good morning or good afternoon!" began Preston's call before bringing up the news media turning to something else whenever something happened in the Clinton presidency. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle agrees with 99.5% of everything Preston said. Before the second half-hour, Warren puts in his reasons on Clinton being the sorriest president since Carter. Last week's "Deal of the Week" is still available at 710 AM's web site. Leeanna was summoned for her perspective, since there are no female callers so far. Could it be true that the Uncle drove away the female callers? Leeanna was asked if her children know "you know who" with Clinton is. Nope, since it would be hard to explain, besides she doesn't allow her children to watch TV news. "Hitting the sauce" is how Leeanna describes Warren. Leeanna's gift to her pappy on Father's Day, a "rude, tude, Taz". The Uncle brings up Mobile Register's story on Nodine's so-called racial slur at a local Waffle House, along with he and the Mobile Bay Times' analysis on this story. Mobile Bay Times.com and The Uncle Henry WebShow have the analysis. A whole different Bill puts in his plug for polls (presidential to be exact), which are not always reliable. This may shock this Bill, but a majority of polltakers are not always right according to the Uncle. Robin noticed Dan Rather at the beginning of last night's 60 Minutes thinking this interview would bring out shocking details. Robin brings up yesterday's Mobile Register article in the "Editorial" section detailing the positives in Iraq. The Uncle ponders why Dan Rather focused more on Clinton's most famous scandal instead of his policies. Final whirlwind segment begins with John complimenting the Uncle and J.P. Southern Heritage on his Father's Day meal, thanks to the "Deal of the Week" gift certificates. John finds Clinton not getting impeached a blessing in disguise, because we would have ended up with Al Gore. Former mayor from South Dakota Gary returns to the show, starting off with a couple of negative reviews (one by the New York Times) on Clinton's "My Life", soon to be released Tuesday at midnight. Gary can be seen performing in Biloxi, Mississippi every Sunday night. Looks like Mike Dow's old friend from Cuba spoke on Bush again. I'll give y'all once chance to guess. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with one clap from the Uncle as he awaits the tourists to fund our infrastructure and slowly says the show's phone number 4, 7, 9, 2, 7, 2, 3 (251-479-2723, the long distant number). The Cingular Wireless code *NTM was not said that way. With Father's Day coming up, the Uncle reminds us that daddies are not permanent, so you better do something for him at least this weekend. If you are a "live at home child", don't use his money to buy him something if you're living off of him. That was a very important point from the Uncle. Instead, do something like wash his car or mow the grass. As long as the child is not in physical danger, he/she can do indoor/outdoor work. In the Uncle's view, there shouldn't be a parent in the region vacuuming with a child old enough to walk. Besides Mike Dow's bond scheme, there are other topics to talk about. Paul brings up his son's 5-year stay in Australia, including lots of culture shock. Paul reminds us to be thankful whenever the sun rises over this country, which got a big "that's right!" from the Uncle. There happens to be $1.60 gas at a couple of stations around here. The Uncle reminds us that 99.9% of folks that reach that States are not here to do wrong, but to live in a way unavailable where they're from. After the first break a voice message from "The Idea Guy" was played, bringing up his campaign slogan "I may be smart, but I know people that aren't" for the possibility of a run for mayor. The Uncle brings up Dan Rather's interview with Bill Clinton on this Sunday's 60 Minutes, or as the Uncle calls it "The Hour Long Bill Clinton Commercial". After 8 years of his term as president, the Uncle still doesn't know what he stood. He continues to ponder whether he should even watch or read these memoirs of his. As of now, "My Life" by Bill Clinton is everywhere, including Entertainment Tonight (6:30 PM on WPMI NBC 15). Even Rather was asked for his opinion on Clinton's most well known scandal. That's right, on a star driven program! In the Uncle's view, the guy should be ashamed for bringing this stuff up again for cash. Glenn agrees with the Uncle's opinion on Clinton's 8-year term being shameful for the USA. Even with his son, a Marine ready to go to Western Asia (yet another beheading in that region today), Glenn is still proud of him. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle promoting the popular meat as an excellent Father's Day meal and a substitute for hamburgers. Second half hour begins with the Uncle being pleased to be with us and in 10 minutes the "Deal of the Week" goes on sale, which is Springhill Golf Course. "Roll Bush!" was brought up before this caller got to the White House ceremony for those two Clinton paintings. A whole different Bill joins us to bring up polls on Bill Clinton as a person & president and in his opinion he would vote for him anytime for his job performance. Expect this Bill to buy Clinton's book. The Uncle brings up certain points of Clinton's year that can be considered low points, still costing the country today. Maurice finds the Uncle's examples logical and the truth. One success the Uncle finds in Clinton is his slight lean to the right. Maurice brings up last month's example of China's 25-year advancement in military technology, thanks to the 8-years of Clinton. "Hate him or love him, you still love his policies" quoting Maurice on our current Bush. It's possible that polls can be manipulated, such as throwing away a call and going to another one. While running late on a commercial break, the Uncle announces the sale of this week's "Deal of the Week", being 2 rounds of golf in Springhill Golf Course. A limited number of gift certificates for this deal exist. Final whirlwind segment begins with Lynn on the line asking why a liberal is a liberal. She expects lots of sweat from those type of people. She challenges all to answer what exactly did Clinton do for us. Expect Lynn to scream whenever she sees Clinton on the TV again. Seconds after the Uncle played her theme during Lynn's call, Leeanna arrives bringing up a conversation with someone on the issue of prostitution. The Uncle gives us a Leeanna story, involving her running faster than ever just to close her car windows during a thunderstorm. According to the Uncle, Leeanna is dressed like someone from the 60s, or someone from the Avengers TV series. The Uncle reminds folks to do something for their father while he's still here. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with yet another playing of the "red neck pre-verts" comment and the Uncle believing the fellow would make a perfect co-host. We are reminded that the show is a discussion of life in the Mobile region. There was a Ralph Buffkin sighting at one of the malls on Airport Blvd, which is very close to 710 AM. Leeanna was summoned for an update on the adult bookstore crisis. Nothing new, besides she tries her best to stay away from that area. Once again, she's slowly becoming the lightning rod of an issue facing the region, the previous one being of course being the LNG crisis. Someone that called in on the show happened to be calling in on Leeanna on station Lite Mix 99.9 (Lite Rock, Less Talk) to play a song at request. The song he requested was not "lite rock", according to Leeanna. The Uncle finally gets to the scheme thwarted by Ben Brooks of the Mobile City Council. This "weird, strange, scheme" by Mike Dow would have lead the way to the city suing itself. Audio tape of Ben Brooks' explanation for voting "no" (along with the rest of the council) on this scheme was played. Fredrick Richardson's expertise on finance was played, along with the possibility of additional debt for the city if the scheme succeeded. We lost first named caller Maurice to the phone system, so that means time for the first break. After the first break, a voice message from a guy wanting to say hello to a friend of his was played. "The Idea Guy" considers that previous audio to be vintage Richardson and brings up the idea of a "retirement home blimp". "The true Southern gentleman of talk radio" was just coined by Max before putting in his take on this Dow scheme. Second half hour begins with a remix of the "Star Trek" theme and the Uncle reminds us of the show's Internet stream for those living in far away places. Folks living in places such as Brewton and Foley, Alabama. John would vote "Idea" for the position of mayor. The idea of "America's Junior Misters" was brought up. City of Mobile going public with stocks to sale? Interesting idea! The Uncle suggests to Mike Dow (likely listening to the show) to not bring up anymore ideas before the council. Tom finds the excuse "blame it on the stock market" a good reason why Dow's scheme failed. After Tom left us, he'll be looking after some property of his. David the weirdo joins us for a brief moment of non-Mobile politics. Final whirlwind segment begins with a playing of the well known "Bumblebee" music, along with the Uncle announcing 710 AM's news show "The Trumped", hosted by tycoon Donald Trump. It's set to air along with Scott O'Brien's "Mobile's First News". According to Van, Highway 90 is the problem with business with over there, not just the bookstores. The Uncle doesn't know where to begin with Van's comments on highways in general. The big news at the 710 AM offices is Buffkin's visit to the Target store at Colonial Bel Air Mall to purchase items such as khaki pants. The Uncle plays audio of Mike Dow speaking on his vision for this news ferry system and he admits to being left out of the "ferry culture". The only ferry culture the Uncle knows is the one in Downtown Mobile. No time to explain, by the way. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

Another fellow WPMI NBC 15 personality wins in South TV News' Viewer's Choice awards for Mobile/Pensacola and would be Scott Walker in the "Favorite Morning Anchor" category. Voting has begun for the "Favorite Weekend Anchor" category. I wouldn't be surprised if either Mike Rush or Kelly Foster win in this round of voting.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle being proud to be with us and already enjoys the interaction, yet it doesn't exist until the first caller speaks. The Uncle congratulates Ben Brooks of the Mobile City Council for preventing a scheme, yet something else has the council's attention more. "Shock and Disgusted" was the Uncle's reaction to a gigantic adult bookstore sign as he returned to Alabama many months ago after a trip to Mississippi (no casino visits). As of now, this type of business has become an issue with the city of Mobile. Audio was played of a local businessman speaking to the council on his observances of the actions around one of the adult bookstores. The now famous "redneck pre-verts" comments by another fellow were played too. More audio from the city council, this time from a lady with shocking reports on Highway 90 and Old Military Road. This shocking news involves prostitutes camping out. Now this is news to the Uncle! Leeanna was summoned for some analysis on this once unknown piece of news. No adult bookstores are near places such as Highway 90, just adult entertainment lounges. There's the possibility that Leeanna shall return to interrupt the Uncle with more analysis on this growing issue facing the Mobile region. Yep, she's wearing those 6-inch flip-flops again. After the first break, our first caller "Mislead Mark" returns agreeing that there is a law against prostitution and it's the Law's fault. "Mislead" accused the Uncle of judging folks for their actions and forcing values upon the populace. If these bookstores effect surrounding business, then they are violating others rights, in the Uncle's view. Old "Mislead Mark" was unfortunately the only caller in the first half-hour. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle speaking on this season (Late Spring/Early Summer) being the perfect time for the meat. It other words, it's grilling time! Second half-hour began with a repeat of the new label for the Mobile region, the "redneck pre-verts". Rick the LNG guy joins us to speak on his run for to take Steve Nodine's job in the city council, if he wins the job of Mobile County Commissioner this fall though. Jim thanks the Uncle for being a moral conscience in the Mobile region and reminds folks when they have rights they have an obligation. The Uncle reminds us that he's not trying to stop the deviants listening from behaving that way. We lost Jason and gained a David, who unfortunately for him came after Jim's excellent call. David happened to see former talk show host turned politician Alex Mathis at the Mobile Young Republican's Nodine/Buffkin debate the other night and reports on Buffkin admitting to supporting the Republican Party in the past, but only voted for a candidate of theirs. A majority of the folks raising their hands if they don't support the Republican Party happened to be wearing Buffkin T-shirts. Bubba brings up the term "lock lizard", for these deviant females speaking with drivers at truck stops. Hopefully this doesn't mean the end for truck stops too. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle thanking "The Idea Guy" for stopping by yesterday and a recent call of his via voice message on yesterday's council meeting. Telling by today's topic range, the Uncle would see it go on for at least a couple of more hours. Unless Finebaum shortens his show, we'll finally have an extra hour or two. The Uncle congratulates WPMI NBC 15's Peter Albrecht and Drexel Gilbert for winning in the South TV News Viewer's Choice Awards catagories for "Favorite Male Lead Anchor" and "Favorite Female Lead Anchor". Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle having the pleasure of speaking with us in a non-government building without leakage and wished us a safe journey under the wetness. According to Leeanna, the Uncle has never had an official co-host until "The Idea Guy" came in today. "Idea" promises to continue saving Mobile. Don't expect to learn the identity of "Idea". The Uncle thanks Leeanna for "covering herself up" after yesterday's clothing consisting of jeans and a top of some sort. "Idea" suggests providing Leeanna some better clothing courtesy of the local malls (Springdale and Bel Air Mall). The Uncle added the "schoolmarm line" to the short list of clothing selections for Leeanna. Without revealing his identity, we found out "Idea" happens to be a 45 year resident of Mobile out of 50 years. With all the recent leaking at Government Plaza, "Idea" suggests selling the building to folks such as director Steven Spielberg. The Mobile City Council has yet to vote to close down 2 adult video and bookstores. John agrees that the idea of a metal roof on Government Plaza would improve its architecture. Andy brings up his meeting with the Uncle in Saraland months back. Some weirdo called in implying his thoughts of nudity, even laughing at that idea. Don't worry about "Idea", he's as normal as the Uncle unlike the previous caller is. After the first break, the Uncle brings up "Idea's" suggestion a short while back for a "Peanut Man" statue the size of the Statue of Liberty for ferryboat riders to see. "Idea" suggested a blimp for Mobile so residents can travel to places such as Gulf Shores. "The Mobile Blimp Project" is what the Uncle dubbed it. Van likes the blimp idea, but with the LNG issue above us, it's better to wait. Van suggests some type of web site to show live video of the happening in Government Plaza, since they have plenty of security cameras. At last, the aquarium idea for Government Plaza was brought up! Sorry Jimmy, not much is going on in the Uncle's surroundings. The Uncle was unable to finish bringing up the latest details featured on the "Mobile Bay Times" web site due to being interrupted by the ABC Newsbreak. Second half-hour begins the Uncle appreciating "Idea's" way of keeping Leeanna well behaved and asks him about his philosophy. The Uncle brings up more of "The Mobile Bay Times" analysis of being a campaign manager for Mike Dow. "Idea" makes up his own mind during elections, such as the recent County Commission election. Barry brings up the idea of advertisement for "The Mobile Blimp Project". Example: The Uncle Henry Show Blimp. Joey a former Saraland resident suggests that Uncle should retire and become the region's evangelist. Before that, Joey said the Uncle and Leeanna are the perfect combination for 710 AM. According to good friend of this caller, Ralph Buffkin at last night's debate appeared to be out of tune with us. This report was cleared up for the Uncle, including many listeners. Tim was looking forward to seeing the Uncle at last night's debate. Tim reports on a most recent resolution vote at the Mobile City Council, which can be described as a "child daycare fight". Could it be that council member Connie Hudson shed a tear during the meeting. "Idea" regularly watched those council meetings on Comcast's Port City 6. The Uncle used to play audio of those meetings almost all the time, but unfortunately audio is no longer provided via Internet. The Uncle brought up the idea of a "fire blimp" since it appears Mobile is unable to get government funding for a new fireboat. So far, a blimp seems to be the way to go in the eyes of "Idea" and the Uncle. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle losing Jimmy to the phone system and lets a whole different Bill on the show. According to Bill's hearing, the Uncle sounds like he's yelling on the phone. Turns out to be a problem with the system. The Uncle summons Leeanna to present "Idea" 710 AM gifts, such as gift certificates for Springhill Golf Course and J.P Southern Heritage. "It's almost like Christmas," says "Idea" during the gift exchange. A shirt for the Uncle and cookies are among the gifts "Idea" brought over. The Uncle is glad to have another conservative over air, such as Rush, Savage, and Michael Reagan. "What about Coast to Coast AM?" says Leeanna. "Weird" is how the Uncle describes that show. Today's show gets a 5/5!

The STN Viewer's Choice Awards voting for "Favorite Lead Male Anchor" has ended and now it's time for the lead female anchors of the Southeast to have their chance. Voting ends around 2:45 PM tomorrow.

Vote at SouthTVNews.com

Monday, June 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle's return to the 710 AM airwaves thanks to the station's Mr. Peacock for repairing the problem. Leeanna is summoned for her very own on-air return. Once again she is wearing the flipflops and as of now she's as tall as all the males in the building. The Uncle makes it clear to Leeanna to behave well around the Junior Misses, especially with the camera crew from the PAX TV Network filming them, along with folks in the Mobile region. The Uncle asks Leeanna if she was ever in organizations such as the Azalea Trail Maids or the ladies of the USS Alabama. She happened to be part of "The German Club" during her school days. The Uncle tells listeners to be careful on the road too, because a camera may catch one throwing the middle finger for his/her reasons. Tonight at the "For Pete's Sake Lounge", there will be a debate between Steve Nodine and Ralph Buffkin courtesy of the Mobile Young Republicans. Expect the Uncle to be home looking after his grandchildren, nothing against lounges by the way. Also expect to hear Leeanna's children later. As Leeanna left the room to call screen for an extra buck, the Uncle speaks yet again on her clothing. Phone lines are back in order. No sabotage was done to 710 AM, so the conspiracy theorists better scratch that. First caller Robin asks what the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) were actually doing at last Friday's funeral for Reagan. According to Robin, they were dosing off due to the length of the event. After the first break, the Uncle announces this week's "Deal of the Week", which is Springhill Golf Course. Jay began his call saying how much he likes the Uncle's "Star Trek" music and brings up Rush Limbaugh's 3rd divorce, which was completely out of the blue. The Uncle didn't expect to feel emotional during Friday's (710 was off the air for most of that day) coverage of the Reagan funeral and when the weekend came it was the beginning of all Clinton, all the time. Big Bob observances of Government Plaza include a restroom out of order for weeks, raindrops falling on folks, and carvings in the courthouse benches. The all-important question later asked was, "What's happening to your radio station", 710 AM to be exact. "Mislead Mark" was brought up as a sabotage suspect. In a few days, 710 AM will return to full power, probably sounding better than ever. The latest Hall Meats has the Uncle speaking on his wonderful memories of eating the popular meat during weekends and reminds folk to add some Hall's to the grill for variety. Second half-hour begins with a couple of reminders such as the show's phone numbers and this week's "Deal of the Week". Norman asks the Uncle if he has read the Mobile Register's story on Auburn University's "Few Dorms, More Trailers". In the Uncle's view, this is the perfect opportunity for the young folks to solve problems such as weather proofing mobile homes. Jim was yet another weirdo with a sad reminder of the Mike Price era. According to Brad, Auburn does not have a shortage of housing for students. His point was "lifestyle choice", according to the Uncle. Johnny assumes the government staged this report on a planed attack on a Columbus, Ohio grocery store. Must be some big "The X-Files" fanantic, according to the Uncle. David challenges the theory of Bel Air Mall being a target for attack by hitting the nail on the head with the idea of the Schillinger Flea Market (Mobile's economic core) being a target. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of a now classic Paul Harvey comment. James views our future going west (Biloxi) instead of east (the Eastern Shore) with the ferryboats and Carnival cruise ships. The Uncle summons Leeanna to plug her appearance on Lite Mix 99.9 (the former WKRG-FM). When she's on that station, Leeanna happens to known as "Leeanna Chaise". Before the show, the Uncle brings up Leeanna's children calling in shortly after a kicking incident in a make believe "Lottery Game". One of the children played a lawyer that did the kicking. "The Idea Guy" will join us for tomorrow's show. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Notes of Interest: Today on WPMI NBC 15, Scott Walker brought up the show in a report on 710 AM's return to the airwaves.

SouthTVNews is holding the 2nd Annual STN Viewer's Choice Awards on the Southeast's TV news markets, including some in the great state of Alabama. As of 2:45 PM, WPMI's Peter Albrecht is in the lead for Mobile/Pensacola's "Favorite Male Lead Anchor". Voting for this category ends Tuesday.

Friday, June 11, 2004

710 AM Off Air (Update)

Well, well, looks like 710 WNTM's departure from the airwaves is a bit longer this time. Since Wednesday, 710 AM has been nothing but "sounds of a snow storm" and interference by a Cuban radio station. Until this technical problem is solved and corrected, we must survive life without the Uncle, Leeanna, and Scott O'Brien. The long awaited show with "The Idea Guy" co-hosting should be in the forefront.


Between the hours of 5:00 PM-7:00 PM, 710 AM returned to its rightful place in the Mobile region's airwaves. While awaiting the Uncle's return around 2:00 PM (after the Alabama Radio Network newsbreak, of course), I'll be listening to some Savage and maybe even Art Bell.

NewsRadio 710 AM has returned!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking the listener for listening and as always looks forward to today's interactions. All 3 numbers to call in were mentioned, 479-2723, *NTM (on Cingular Wireless phones), and last but not least 251-479-2723. The Uncle asks Fairhope residents if they really want to travel to Mobile via the new ferryboat system. Along with that, the Uncle is curious of the possibility of these ferries carrying up to 100 or so non-Southern visitors a day. "Not so fast" says Mike Dow on the report stating this new ferry system will cost Mobile plenty of money losses. "The Idea Guy" calls in via voice message on the ferryboat issue answering the Uncle's first question, saying Fairhope residents would rather stay there. The Uncle creates more mental pictures of the ferry boat involving the senior citizen population of Fairhope walking out excitedly on "The Big Pier" on their way to the ferry boat, which takes them across the Mobile Bay to Mobile for a bus tour. Leeanna is summoned for the Uncle's latest observation on her shoes and urges her to contact "The Idea Guy" with information on his day of co-hosting. As of now, Leeanna is wearing rather flat shoes compared to yesterday's platform shoes. As Leeanna left, the Uncle comments on her casual clothing for today. Jim the taxman from Daphne says the Uncle is right on the button of this ferryboat issue. As of now, Jim sees more tax dollars in our future thanks to the new RSA Tower, which happens to own the Grand Hotel. After the first break, Leeanna makes a rare second appearance in the first half-hour with the news of "The Idea Guy" on the phone line. Yep, "Idea" will be on the show Friday and he of course knows the location of 710 AM, even the floor the show takes place. Expect Leeanna to dress as casual as she is today. One fellow claims to have Mike Dow all figured out! Mike Dow is leaving Mobile in bad shape before he makes the run governor of Alabama with the RSA Tower on his side. The fellow also believes Dow is sending us Mobile residents straight down the drain. The Uncle has memories of a Mike Dow interview during his TV days with him asking Dow if he wants to run for governor. "Yes, I want to be the governor" came out of Dow without hesitation. When next year's mayor election comes around, the Uncle expects that to be the beginning of Mike Dow's run for the highest position in Alabama. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle saying if for some reason you're not near a TV set tomorrow, you can listen to Rush Limbaugh anchor live coverage of Friday's memorial service for Reagan. The Uncle gives the elderly from Fairhope a few suggestions of places to visit in Mobile, such as the Explorium, the former Mobile City Hall now Museum of Mobile, Fort Conde, and lets not forget "The Cannon". The Morse code returns to 710 AM's airwaves as Cecil gives us plenty of positive news out of the war zone in Western Asia. Listeners found out that the ferryboat system will not carry cars, but folks can still walk about when it's in motion. Back in the Uncle's days as a child, the bus was the way to get to Mobile from Baldwin County. Before the final whirlwind segment, a voice message was played with this lady assuming Mike Dow is dead just because they named a theater in Trinity Gardens after him. This lady must be new to Mobile and doesn't know we have a tacky tradition of naming building after politicians living and in office. Tammy of Fairhope's "Fruit & Nuts Section" accuses the Uncle of being a little hard on Mobile, which she plans to visit for an entire day every month once the ferry system is up and ready. The Uncle figures out Tammy's entire schedule & plan for her visit in Mobile. He also makes the suggestion for visiting Mobile's economic core, Schillinger's Road's Flea Market, part of the location that was close to annexation many times. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us that the show is the most popular genre talk show in Mobile radio history thanks to the 710 AM listeners. Lots of Mike Dow news today on the new ferryboat system for Mobile & Fairhope, which could create money losses for the city. Dow has plans to subsidize this new system. The Uncle now has an essay on the Mike Dow/Ralph Buffkin/Steve Nodine triangle on his weblog. Leeanna is summoned for the Uncle's observation of what he calls "flip flop platform shoes". The Uncle expects her to be a little slower in those shoes. The Uncle reminds us of how loved Mike Dow is at his position of mayor in the Mobile region, according to the long list of defeated opponents since 1989. That may explain why folks such as Rainwaters won't support Buffkin due to his association with Dow. The Uncle reads Dow's statement via e-mail from spokeswoman Gina Gregory stating he's not involved in Mobile County politics. The Uncle just had to write an essay on this after reading a Buffkin/Nodine editorial in Sunday's Mobile Register. Only one sentence of this editorial was read for the listeners. This editorial assumes what been going on the Mobile City Council these past few years. Maurice, while a little under the weather finds it sad that out all of the 20th century presidents, not one, if not all of Reagan's views on world policy were carefully listened to. Maurice also encourages folks to read some of Reagan's speeches online. The Uncle brings up a question in another editorial outside the Register asking high school students what that famous Reagan in Berlin quote really means. Some weirdo calls in with the belief that when the 2 adult bookstores in the area are gone, there won't be anything left for him to read. Second half hour begins the Uncle asking "What is on your mind listener" and reminds us of the show's Internet stream located at the 710 AM web site. Someone has been phoning Leeanna on the availability of Reagan audio tapes, since the Uncle was playing them yesterday. Tim tells us a tale of him and family listening to the show while a local Chuck E'Cheeses and assumes the Uncle said "International Virgin", which is actually "Version". The Uncle reminds us of his purpose on radio in the Mobile region, even with his particular type of speech pattern. Paul begins his call with a "Roll Tide Roll" before speaking on the possibility of a special election for Nodine's city council seat if he wins the position of Mobile County Commissioner. What Paul really called about was to bring up WPMI NBC 15's report on University of South Alabama tuition hikes. The Uncle suggested that Paul's daughter (interested in medicine) should attend Faulkner in Bay Minute (Baldwin County) before transferring to a different school. Final whirlwind segment begins with a playing of the Osmonds (Donnie and Marie). The Uncle suggests that this year's Springfest in Pensacola should include singers such as the Osmonds and Glenn Campell. The Uncle fears when the ferry boat system is up and running, someone will feel the need to tax Fairhope residents riding the ferries. Leeanna is summoned yet again, now it's time to speak on the return of the LNG issue in the news. According to Leeanna, she already knows about the flaws in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) studies, as featured in today's Register. By the way, the copy the Uncle was reading happened to belong her. As the Uncle travels to his home in Daphne, he'll be viewing some of the white puffy clouds on this beautiful day in the Mobile region. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

The Uncle's answering machine number is 450-9220 Extension 555 (All negative Reagan calls will be deleted)

Post your message to the Reagans via this site: Ronald Reagan.com

Monday, June 07, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking the listeners for continuing to make the show a stunning success, which continues to fascinate media insiders. As y'all should know, everyone will of course talk about Reagan, but callers can still speak about the issues facing the Mobile region, such as the fire boat issue. The Uncle thanks Rush Limbaugh for his tributes to Reagan, which he would likely watch if they were on TV. Shortly after hearing of Reagan's death on Saturday, the Uncle noticed plenty of negative voice mail. The Uncle considers most, if not all of the Reagan columns in USA Today as stupid. For those who are unfamiliar with the Reagan legacy, the Uncle speaks about a 1992 speech that pretty mcuh describes what made this fellow great. It's true, Reagan never depended on opinion polls to please the public. Coming up in today's show, plenty of Reagan audio and e-mail honoring him. Before the Uncle gets to the phone, he plays an excellent piece of Reagan audio. First caller Gene brings up the fact that Gerald Ford is currently the oldest living former president at 92 years of age. At today's life expectancy rate, Bill Clinton could live up to about 100 and maybe even join the Republican Party whenever he realizes his past ways. A whole different Bill joins us to share his tale of making the change from Democrat to Republican between the years of 1972-80 thanks to actually listening to the greatness of Reagan. "The Idea Guy", via voice message makes the suggestion for a statue of "The Peanut Man" for passengers of Mobile's new ferry system to tour. After the first break, Marie asks the Uncle if he's seen the Bush/Pope meeting in Vatican City. Before Bert got to his tale of meeting Reagan, he suggests that not only flags in the USA should be at half-staff, but in cities such as Berlin, Germany for obvious reasons. After fixing up a PA system for a campaign speech of Reagan's at the University of South Alabama, Bert received a smile of thanks from him, except one from the Misses (Nancy). Later on Bert would have the chance of attending Reagan's inauguration, which happened to be on the same day the U.S. hostages in Iran were released. Bert viewed that as a sign for good things to come in his 8-year term as Head of State. This call is going into the Uncle's archives for future reference! After the ABC Newsbreak and commercials, the Uncle was informed by Scott O'Brien that 710 AM will air an ABC News special on Reagan titled "Death of a President". Steve, 5 at the time of Reagan's inauguration shares his memories of watching the news during his entire administration. The Uncle remembers 710 AM listeners during the Eighties (the WKRG-AM years) saying the people under USSR rule are better off that way. As of now, folks should be glad Reagan never followed that philosophy at all. Jeff, a possible Reagan hater asks if he appeared in movies during World War II as a way of finding out if he was in the Service at time. He did do Service films for the war effort, but did not serve. During today's final whirlwind segment, the Uncle will play Reagan's 1992 speech that very much sums it up. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle being sure he's seen the 1992 speech and summons Leeanna to thank her for the excellent call screening. It's rare to hear the Uncle thank her. It's true, Reagan is the first president Leeanna remembers very well. No need to worry about Leeanna and her headaches anymore, it's under control. Update on 710 AM's Dennis "The Hound Dog", he was quickly released from the hospital. Scott O'Brien joined in to bring up Dennis' age of 50 and says the Uncle and he total up to 117 years of age. After playing Reagan's final public speech in 1992, the Uncle says the fireboat issue will be discussed tomorrow and the 2 excellent pieces of Reagan e-mail will be available on his weblog (see sidebar for "The Uncle Henry WebShow"). Today's show gets a 6/6!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle apologizing for clearing his throat during the opening. Never has the Uncle been "chumping at the bit" until today. Austin Rainwaters has at last announced his endorsement for one of the 2 candidates up for the Mobile County Commission during a press conference today. Rainwaters has decided to endorse Mr. Stephen Nodine. The only reason the Uncle knows of Nodine being endorsed is due to the partnership between Ralph Buffkin and Mike Dow. The Uncle reminds us of tomorrow's dedication of the Mike Dow Theater in Trinity Gardens on Ruby Street. If it weren't for yard work, the Uncle would've been to attend tomorrow's event. Expect a caller's report on the theater dedication Monday. The Mobile Register has printed the Don Siegelman letter to friends/supporters expressing outrage of the 2002 Alabama Governor election's outcome and his recent prosecution in this fraud scheme. The Uncle continues to ponder Siegelman's belief in this indictment being part of some Republican plan for his and every other Democrat's downfall. After the first break, the Uncle gives us a heads up of 2 representatives from "Deal of the Week" J.P. Southern Heritage. According to first caller Randy, Siegelman only wanted the votes in Baldwin County recounted in the 2002 election. Randy was also a Nodine voter, yet at first he was close at voting Rainwaters, until he found out that his chances were very small. So, he instead chose 2nd best. First it was "you're afraid of the Rainman", now it's "You're in bed with the Rainman". The Uncle has no idea what the second one means. The folks from Southern Heritage Restaurant have arrived! It's true, they actually catch the fish (everything local, Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay) for cooking. Everyone at the restaurant is family. Their Monday-Thursday buffets are from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM and Friday-Saturday's at 5:00 PM. The Uncle is soon to dive into their seafood during the ABC Newsbreak. "J.P. Southern Heritage: Locally Owned, Locally Caught!" Second half-hour begins with a Dennis update. He's out of triple bypass surgery, but he still has a long way to go. Even though the Uncle has never seen this new Mike Dow Theater, he's heard that it's a beautiful place. The Uncle summons Leeanna to ask if she had apologized to those Southern Heritage folks for her so-called weird clothing yesterday. We learn about Leeanna's migraines, so the Uncle will manage to hold back his yelling for a while. Due to this medical condition, the Uncle gave her the rest of the show off. Nope, no application for a substitute, even though he gave out 710 AM's address. First caller under the Uncle's screening hung up. Mike has a remedy for Leeanna's head pains, drink a gallon of water. "That's your body telling you something", quoting Mike. The Uncle believes he screened Mike's call expertly. Paw Paw has no topic to discuss, so he's perfect for the show. Nope, this is not the "Paw Paw" from Paw Paw's Campers, but the resident on Dauphin Island Parkway. As of now, the Uncle finds call screening easy as pie. 2 minutes before the Uncle's remark on call screening, the "Deal of the Week" went on sale at 710 AM's web site (see side bar for link). Final whirlwind begins with the Uncle yet again reminding us of Rainwaters endorsing Steve Nodine. Who knows how many Rainwaters supporters will move over the Nodine? We shall find out shortly before the run off election. The Uncle looks forward to Dennis "Hound Dog's " return to 710 AM to speak out on his ordeal. Former mayor candidate Leon Raley has returned to the Uncle's mind. The Uncle finally gets to speak his mind on these calls about the events in Orlando, Florida. Today's show gets 4.7/5!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking the listeners for continuing to make the show a stunning success before some guy at 710 AM started waving at him. Account Executive Gary Smith of 710 AM took the Uncle and Leeanna for lunch at J.P.'s Southern Heritage in Theodore as of recent. Once again, the Uncle's embarrassed by the way Leeanna dresses. Yep, the Internet stream is still working! The Uncle recaps us on 4 days of severe thunderstorms before getting to the voice message. This guy on the voice message speaks about a pond inside Government Plaza thanks to the constant leaking. The Uncle wonders if this is a joke or not, since it's been a long time since his last visit to Government Plaza. Mostly due to the cost of parking in Downtown Mobile, pay & a possible heath risk. The Uncle expects an explanation on this so-called pond by a caller later on. WPMI NBC 15 presented a story last night on the backgrounds of Ralph Buffkin and Steve Nodine soon to go against each other in this month's run off election. "Out conservative each other" is how the Uncle describes the newly formed Buffkin-Nodine rivalry. Former candidate Austin Rainwaters' endorsement for a candidate can go either in the foreseeable future. Callers will finally speak after the first break. After the first break (along with music from the first 2 Superman films) our first caller (with "Roll Tide") says this so-called pond is only temporary after the Mobile City Day event. "The Idea Guy" returns to discuss some Buffkin. Even though "Idea" voted Buffkin in the first place, he voted Nodine for the county commission. Expect "Idea" to co-host next week. We have a "Peanut Man" (A Mobile legend) sighting, thanks to this caller and his 16-year-old son. Yep, "Peanut's" age is still unknown, yet he appears to have not aged for about 20 years. "Peanut's" origin will be explained after the ABC Newsbreak and commercials. Nope, the Uncle didn't give us a heads up of the newsbreak. Before getting to the "Peanut Man" origin, the Uncle promotes the dedication of the Mike Dow Theather on Ruby Street this Saturday at 10:00 AM. The Uncle has a grand daughter that's obsessed with the theory on "Peanut" being some kind of angel. The Uncle shares with his "teleportation" theory on "Peanut". John has 2 comments, one on Rainwaters and the other on the "Peanut Man". Rainwater's endorsement may not mean anything and for some reason he believes the Uncle and Mobile TV personality Dot Moore are related. The Government Plaza pond is said to be around 10-20 feet. Alia's chant for the Uncle "you're afraid of the Rainman" as in Austin Rainwaters. Jim believes "The Peanut Man" fires him in a cannon to parts of Mobile. Dan almost made the Uncle loose his temper after asking if "Peanut" is some relative of Dot Moore. Norman thought "Peanut" is the one that promotes Planter's Peanuts. That would be Mr. Peanut, fellow! Norman may tape shows for a brother-in-law of his that has no access to the show. The latest Hall's Meats commercial begins with the Uncle believing we don't need the "Coupling" TV series in this country. If the Uncle is unable to do the show, he would stand near "The Cannon" in Mobile selling the popular Hall's Meats and someday be known as either "The Meat Man" or "The Sausage Man". Audio of Dot Moore was played shortly before the Final Whirlwind segment. As of now, the rain (sprinkles) are filling the pond at Government Plaza. The Uncle agrees with Steve's view on these weirdoes calling in making Mobile residents look like hicks to outsiders. The Uncle forces Leeanna to apologize over the air for the so-called weird clothing she wore at J.P's Southern Heritage. The Uncle's description of her clothing: "Spiderman if he were dressing like a woman". Here's how the Uncle describes Leeanna's new tattoo "a demonic fish" with fireballs. While in Theodore, the Uncle and Leeanna saw a mustard plant sticking out of the trunk of a Buick. Friday, at 2:45 PM, the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" returns! Today's show gets 4.4/5!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this great day in the Mobile region as the Uncle looks forward to listener interaction, with the difference of no political commercials. The Uncle remains pleased to the core by the listeners supporting the show. Primary election is over, sort of. Expect Ralph Buffkin and Steve Nodine to appear on the show on numerous occasions until the run off election later this month. According to the Uncle, some phone bank was sending out phone messages to folk asking who exactly are these two. Some liberal fellow that works at 710 AM said yesterday he's going to vote in the Republican primary for the very first time. The Uncle promotes a 95 KSJ (W-Kenneth S. Johnson) public service event involving Harley-Davidson motorcycles and St. Jude Medical Center. Update on 710 AM's Dennis "The Hound Dog", he's soon to have open-heart surgery and the Uncle encourages folk to direct prayers toward him for a quick recovery. First caller encourages true Democrats to stay home around the Buffkin-Nodine run off election. A whole different Bill asks the Uncle for what will become of Nodine's position in the Mobile City Council. The Uncle brings up "The Mobile Bay Times' " column on certain folk with interest for Nodine's council seat. Gene asks if the Uncle's surprised the Mobile County Public School's president lost in the election? Nope, the Uncle's not surprised a bit, yet folks such as Gene have never heard of the other two opponents. The Uncle has the answer! If Nodine wins the run off election and his seat in the Mobile City Council remained vacant for more than a year, there would be a special election courtesy of Mike Dow and the entire city council. After the first break, Tom says he too has received a call from this phone bank, yet he doesn't even live in Steve Nodine's district in Mobile County. This lady of this phone bank didn't even endorse any other candidate but Nodine. Tom reports on some voters' children at the voting precincts pulling some off color remarks (curse words included) on some of the candidates. Second half-hour begins with Glenn agreeing with the Federal California judge declaring the partial abortion law unconstitutional, which could possibly become a big issue in this year's election for the presidency of the USA. Congratulations to Kyle for becoming this week's first weirdo! Folks like Kyle are one of the many folks that shouldn't be encouraged to vote by the news media. Mark asks where in the world are those folks that lived in those projects near Interstate 65. Those projects are soon to be no more to make room for single family homes. The Uncle lost his temper a bit over Mark's accusations of all politicians of being crooked. "Mark, you shamed yourself as a human being" says the Uncle before moving on to Norman. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle sharing with us his Memorial Day tale of attempting the grill the popular meat as the thunder storms were getting closer. Final whirlwind segment begins with Steve encouraging Mark, or "Mislead Mark" to buy himself some sense. Teresa (enjoys the show) asks if it's illegal to send out campaign phone calls such as the ones supporting Nodine. Reason for Leeannna's lengthily entrance: Plenty of multi-tasking. For weeks, some fellow has been complaining about Leeanna in general and his latest voice message includes a complaint on Leeanna's very own complaints on the campaign signs. Hopefully this fellow doesn't live anywhere in Leeanna's neighborhood. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle's return on what he calls a beautiful day in the Mobile region, yet as of now we are under the weather condition that is severe thunderstorms. Frankly, the Uncle encourages the listeners to call in to make sure 710 AM's still on the air under this weather. Leeanna is summoned for a discussion on the end of her cigarette smoking and her recent tattoo addition. There goes another smoker the state of Alabama is depending on. Even though it's good for her and family, the Uncle wishes she still smoked a little (meaning less than 1 pack) to prevent a state bankruptcy. The Uncle encourages all Alabama smokers not to quit simultaneously. The Uncle gives best wishes to 710 AM's Dennis "The Hound" who's been hospitalized. We learn Leeanna is getting tired of those campaign signs for the Mobile County commission candidates, such as 30 signs (no mention of candidate) around the same area. "A sign of a healthy system" is how the Uncle describes the mass amount of campaign signs. In his view, Leeanna has gotten sort of grouchy after she quit smoking and not paying cigarette tax. First caller Gene tells us about the prices of gas and cigarettes in a certain movie he watched on cable TV. Gene reminds us a time when candidates weren't allowed to campaign on election. Times have changed indeed. After the first break, Jay tells us about his uncle collecting campaign signs to burn for the fireplace. Straight from the Mike Dow Philosophy, there is more than one Mobile and the most important "Mobile" is Downtown Mobile. It's a bad thing to loose a "Bubba" and the Uncle just lost one to the phone system. The Uncle has received an e-mail (along with other local news media) from Mike Dow's representative Gina Gregory on the Mobile City Council voting not to purchase a (used) fireboat set to be used for 2-3 years until the Federal Government comes in to purchase an all new fireboat. The Uncle's "Deal of the Week" returns! This time it's expanding to the Theodore area. Second half-hour begins with yet another caller lost. Nope, not a "Bubba" but a "Jim". Former talk show host turned politician Alex Mathis joins us to encourage a much larger turnout in today's primary election. Speaking of voter turnout, the Uncle has been hearing/reading news about low voter turnout all day. The Uncle suggestion for this so-called problem: Don't encourage them! Excellent point from Jim on less the voter turnout, the more his vote counts (Applause from the Uncle came after). Scott O'Brien demanded to be on the air via phone and of course he got his demand to speak on heat sensitive devices for the Law and computers equipped in their vehicles. Thin (pardon me if this is not the correct spelling of his name) agrees with the Uncle's earlier points on voter turnout. Final whirlwind segment begins with Tim speaking about making sure a police car (such as the ones in Prichard) continues to work for a long period a time. Nope, computers are necessarily not the cause of police car problems. Tim furthers the Uncle's education (including many listeners') by saying taking police cars home can help extend its life. Unfortunately, the Uncle was unable to give out the number to call in due to this hour's worth of broadcast moments ending. Today's show gets a 5/5!

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