Friday, May 28, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle ready for today's conversation on the good news facing the Mobile region. Just what we need, 600 jobs thanks to Mobile's new contract with the Navy. Nope, no silly project, just the continuous effort at defending the USA. According to this survey, Alabama ranks 5th in prisoners. If the Uncle had his way, he would make Alabama the first state to have drug tests at the polls to avoid electing folks such as "lottery darling" Don Siegelman. The Uncle wonders what percentage of Alabama's prison population is elected officials? Scott O'Brien enters the room saying if there were drug tests at the polls, he would not vote. Reason for the Scott O'Brien stopping by? He just wanted to hide a bit. Bob warns the Uncle of likely bumper to bumper traffic on the Bay Way this Memorial Day weekend. Bob reports on Siegelman showing no respect to an Alabama state trooper while on the road. Odd story, yet no way to confirm it. Before this reverend got to his political poem, he hopes Scott doesn't speak during the rest of the show. He also brought up his pet peeve with regular caller Steve's constant mentions of "you know". This "you know" issue was actually brought to this site's attention a while back via the "Comments" feature. Otto, a weirdo with a poor German accent charges the Uncle for Nazism. That was just another poor prank, according to Steve. "The Hall's Meats are on me!" says Steve as he wished the Uncle a good Memorial Day weekend. Before the beginning of the second half-hour, the Uncle plays a voice message with the suggestion for a "Mr. Microphone" so that he's able to do the show while on vacation. Programming note on Scott O'Brien's morning program next Monday: Sam Cochran will be Scott's guest that day. The first proud supporter of Steve Nodine joins us and encourages all registered voters to vote in the Tuesday primary election. Jim gives the John Bell and Randy Patrick-hosted shows a failing grade, except for Leeanna. Instead of just giving these grades to Scott O'Brien, Jim wanted everyone to hear. The worst impersonator of Mobile County commission candidate Ralph Buffkin just called in. The Uncle now wonders if the pranksters are getting lazy as the holiday weekend gets closer. Robin reports on Louisiana station WWL searching for the positives and negatives of Alabama. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle wishing the show" Mission: Impossible" is still on the air. According to him, the reason the show is no longer on the air is because it's too smart for today's TV viewers. Some weirdo called in encouraging folks to vote Austin Rainwaters in an alien like voice. Hillary asks why candidates such as Rainwaters are mud slinging instead of focusing on the issues. Unfortunately, this campaign strategy actually worked in past elections. The Uncle summons call screener Jennifer for weekend plans, which can be described as "all about me". Nope, she won't reveal her Service husband's current whereabouts. The Uncle includes Jennifer in his reminder to pray after hearing about her Memorial Day weekend plans. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Scott O'Brien's e-mail address is SOB@ccmobile.com (The Uncle apologized for his initials)

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the return of the Uncle, starting off by having the pleasure to speak with the listeners again. That's right, he missed us after 3 shows. As of now, the Uncle is sick to his stomach, yet he never listened to the past 3 shows due to family matters keeping him busy during his time off. After hearing about some Bush bashing occurring during yesterday's show, the Uncle's glad he didn't listen. A voice message was played with this lady's reaction to WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick hosting the show and suggesting that the Uncle should select his own substitutes. If memory serves the Uncle right, he doesn't remember Randy ever being an ultra liberal during the days of WKRG-AM. Aside from the previous show, the Uncle wants to run over this bid-rigging scheme involving former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman during his reign in Montgomery. Siegelman, including 2 other guys are all indicted as of today. According to Don (Democrat), these charges of being part of a bid-rigging scheme are part of a Republican plot. After the first break, a positive voice message on Monday's show with Leeanna hosting was played, along with a report on Mike Dow negotiating with Cuba again. First caller Steve was the one that began the conversation that lead to Randy Patrick's so-called Bush bashing. That was actually the first time Steve turned off his radio during the show. The Uncle's glad that he's back as a listener. First prankster since the Uncle's return struck with an audio prank. The Uncle has received a memo on yesterday's Randy Patrick-hosted show, courtesy of the folks at 710 AM. John believes Randy is possessed by the same demon that has control of Al Gore and Edward "Ted" Kennedy. First time caller Herb says Randy Patrick may know more about the happenings in Iraq than Bush after listening to yesterday's show. "Heavy left" is how the Uncle describes Herb views. The memo on Patrick includes him accusing yesterday's big intelligence report being some sort of ploy. Before the second half-hour began, a caller via voice message gave us his own report on all 3 previous shows. Norman asks what a blog is (A web page, such as this one) and the current whereabouts of Rebecca Wilson. Nope, nothing new on her since Sandra Shaw took her at WPMI NBC 15. So far, Norman has covered 15 different topics and the Uncle managed to follow all of them. Recently Norman viewed a report on the Cable News Network on the uproar over comedian Bill Cosby's so-called attacks on his own race's speech. The Uncle wonders why Cosby is not doing anything new for TV, such as Dick Van Dyke? Barry calls in to fuss over a jailed relative's phone call with a charge of $35. Gene asks the Uncle the same question he asked Randy yesterday on the whereabouts of a sports announcer for the Mobile Bears during the Forties and Fifties. Even after living in Mobile for much of his life, the Uncle has no knowledge on this, besides he's more of a football fan in this baseball town. Nope, not soccer, American football. The mention of soccer made Gene say he just can't get into the spirit of the sport. Final whirlwind segment begins with George glad of the Uncle's return before getting to his belief of Bush being the "Anti Christ" when it comes to gas prices. Ron called Superintendent Harold Dodge this morning on who or what the school system is leasing the class portables from. The Uncle summoned Thursday call screener Jennifer for an answer to Ron's portable question. We learn that Leeanna won't be call screening tomorrow, which gives the Uncle some relief for at least once. Remember, the Uncle's own comments can be found at "The Uncle Henry WebShow". The link is on the left of this site. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle; oh wait, he shall return tomorrow, but in the meantime we must let WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick cap off these 3 days without the Uncle at the W-Kenneth R. Giddens-AM (the former WKRG-AM), er I mean W-News Talk Mobile-AM (WNTM-AM) microphones. Starting Now:

Nope, Randy didn't get his own theme to start off the show, but he did get his own intro.

In a psychological way, this is a Monday for Randy due to shifts at TV5.

According to Randy, Scott sounded like TV5's Mel Showers in the intro when he said "here's Randy Patrick!"

Randy began as a traffic reporter for WKRG-AM in 1980, which later began the format of news/talk around '84. Randy later joined TV5 in '88 and became director of the sports department in '91.

When Randy left WKRG-AM, he felt like he left a family after almost 10 years. Call letters may have changed, but the frequency is the same as it was during the Eighties.

Scott actually got to thank Randy for taking a little time off from his job to continue what the Uncle left behind.

Besides talking about his career, Randy expects more from the callers, such as the local elections.

"Patrick in the PM" was the name of Randy's radio show back in the WKRG-AM days.

Yep, Randy is calling the show "The Uncle Henry Show", unlike a certain substitute I won't mention.

First caller Chuck welcomes Randy to the show, or "The Leeanna Show" as he calls it.

Gene asks Randy how a sports announcer during the days of the Mobile Bears games is up to nowadays. Unfortunately, Randy can't go that far in Mobile radio history.

After the first break, Randy tells us that there won't be too much dirty laundry exposed on politics during the course of today's show.

After the conversation that focused a lot on the current events in Western Asia and the surprising pieces of news on defense of the U.S, Randy brings up a memory of debate similar to this during the WKRG-AM days, except this one was on Vietnam.

Second half-hour begins with Randy being reminded of John Wayne after hearing one of the Uncle's half-hour themes. In Randy's view, we need more folks like him nowadays.

Randy believes the next Triple Crown winner is coming up this June (Smarty Jones perhaps?)

As y'all should know, there where no cellular phones during Randy's days at WKRG-AM, but nowadays his family can be considered a 4-cell phone family. Only one doesn't a cell phone at all times.

Shortly after that, some fellow called in talking in an elderly-like voice that he remembers a time when there were only 3 channels (WALA, WKRG, and WEAR). Both Randy and Leeanna had a good laugh after that.

Even after 25 years, Randy still believes the USA has been far too generous with various countries, which lead up to many events occurring in the last last few years.

"Lit 'N" is how Randy referred to the caller's board being lighting up. He admits that his ad-libbing is not as good as it once was.

Bonanza theme begins the final whirlwind segment of the Randy Patrick-hosted show as he says this year's presidential election will be a 50/50 split between the voters.

This lady asks for the status of 710 AM callers Jim O'Connor and Gracie. The former recently passed on and Gracie's status is unknown to Randy and Leeanna.

Even though it's "Click It or Tick It" time, Randy wishes it was always that way, especially after when his brother ended up in a car accident involving what's said to be a drunk driver.

Caller after that got the chance to bash Bush's politics, mostly on what's going on in Western Asia (Iraq)

Randy agrees that whatever is the mission is, he wants it over with and for the return of all those serving.

Today's show ends with Randy saying the Uncle's got a great show and reminds us that they go back far in radio.

Today's show gets a 4.0/5! (Get ready for WKRG-TV5's 50th Anniversary in September 2005! Hopefully they recognize their own big 5-0 unlike WALA Channel 10)

The Uncle shall return to WKR, er WNTM AM tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle, oh wait; John Bell is also taking the Uncle's reigns for the day. As expected by those loyal to this weblog, I'll be listing most points of the show. Starting now:

What sounded like the (online) 4th hour of the Rush program turned out to be sketch by John Bell.

John Bell now has his own intro courtesy of Scott O'Brien, along with the usual "Hey, Hey, Hey!" theme.

Coming up on the John Bell-hosted program, a so-called interview with Bill Clinton on his memoirs.

A "representative" of the Mobile Diplomats speaks with John on the parking meters in Downtown Mobile, rolls film of their work, and even attempts to install a parking meter in the studio.

"Mike Dow has a parking meter that is ready to expire", quote the representative.

Looks like Bell doesn't need to worry about paying the meter after that poor attempt at installing it.

First caller Robert believes John is the most entertaining host ever in all his 22 years of listening to this hour on 710 AM (that's right, he's been listening since WNTM was WKRG-AM) and suggests that he should take the Uncle's job whenever he decides leaves (many, many years ahead).

John joked that Robert was reading a script given to him.

John's son Jay joined in on the outrageousness that is today's show.

Two pieces of good news from John, Jay recently graduated Vanderbilt University and his other son has returned from serving in Western Asia

After hearing about The Science Channel's showings of "Watch Mr. Wizard", John created his very own updated version of the show, starring the Wizard and Little Billy.

Besides the so-called Bill Clinton interview, there will be an Ugly Duckling Make Under contest during the second half-hour.

John reads some rather unusual headlines, such as the fellow covering himself and an entire hotel room in Vaseline and the creation of an 80-minute DVD for parrots.

Second half-hour begins with the news of John Bell's wife on the line (with Darth Vader theme playing). Turns out she was expecting to speak with the Uncle, but that's just what she says.

Nope, old John is not in trouble with the lady.

After being asked what's for dinner tonight, the line began to break up with John having the chance to say goodbye to his life mate until it's known what's on the dinner table tonight.

The Ugly Ducking Make Under Contest begins with contestant Candy getting the treatment to become someone with great personality courtesy of "Dr. Kock". Treatment included some expansions in certain areas using cellulite, the removal of some teeth, and using the microwave to burn some, if not all the hair.

"I feel beautiful!" quoting Candy after the entire ordeal!

Profzounds.com is the web site to hear most of Bell's comedy bits.

At last, Clinton speaks with Bell on the book "My Life" coming out in June. His 14th secretary would have answered the call from John for the interview, but she quit a short while ago. For some reason, Clinton forgot certain parts of his book and doesn't even remember a part he wrote.

John repeated the web address after receiving note from Leeanna that he gave it out too fast.

As of recent, John got himself a new computer with a flat screen, yet problems have begun to arise after years with the other one. He described the situation as some sort of "trading wives"

John gives those traveling to Alabama a lesson in "Alabamize", with phrases such as "Hey Jeb, how are your dogs and Em?" "How's that new youngin', Em?" and "S'long"

As a fanatic of the series "24", John reminds us that the season finale is tonight on FOX (WALA Channel 10)

John ends the show with almost every goodbye in the book, from adios to "That's All Folks!"

Today's show gets a 4.5/5! (TV5's Randy Patrick tomorrow!)

The Uncle shall return!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle, oh wait; Leeanna is hosting today's show! If the Uncle was hosting today' show, why would he play songs with a flaming theme? I'll be listing most points of today's Leeanna Matteson Show for the time being, especially with the Uncle looking forward to reading this.

"Hollinger Island's Answer to Oprah" is part of Leeanna's very own show intro, courtesy of Scott O'Brien

Leeanna thanks to the Uncle for giving her the opportunity to host today's show and she admits to thinking of him as a grandfather-like mentor.

After hearing about this weekend's success of the picture "Shrek 2", Leeanna hopes that movie studios will make more general audience appealing films, in other words "family friendly films".

With the headlines behind us, Leeanna reminds us that her young sister Kim is call screening and if you are a prankster, just tell her the truth. Not very likely according to this weblog writer.

After the first break, Leeanna brings up the Uncle's online apology (at The Uncle Henry WebShow weblog) for what may happen during today's show.

J.D. Crowe was today's first caller and apologizes for the tattoo incident a while back. Besides the Uncle, Crowe's wife got even with him.

We learn that ever since the tattoo incident, Crowe has been getting mysterious phone calls, forcing him out of the tattoo art business. For some reason, Crowe believes that the Uncle is behind these calls.

Second caller Jane is so far enjoying today's show. The main point of her call is the discovery of certain parts of Steve Nodine's online resume being false. She also found out that Nodine couldn't even hold his past jobs before becoming a Mobile City Council member.

Dennis joins Leeanna to find out what she was saying about an Alabamian that doesn't want to be executed by injection due to collapsed veins. They are still going to get him some way, according to Dennis.

Dennis' "Aunt Leeanna" sounded old, so Leeanna preferred the name "Cousin Leeanna".

Before the ABC Newsbreak, Leeanna brings up the Uncle's love for the station "The Rocket".

Second half-hour begins with Warren's negative voice message on Leeanna. She believes Warren is angry just because she calls every show she hosts, "The Leeanna Matteson Show".

After reminding Leeanna not to let these folks with negative feelings against her get to her own nerves, Norman suggests that this fellow should be executed the same way he killed his victims.

Gene finally gets on the show to bring up his 41-year old son/boater, who happens to have the same name as Leeanna's son Zach. Gene also gave Leeanna his positive comments on her performance on station Lite Mix 99.9.

Dennis brings up a discussion he had with Ron Rimes on horror show host names, such as "Shrimp-N-Stein".

Bubba was today's first prankster, a big surprise to Leeanna.

Donald believes he won't be able to survive without the Uncle until his return Thursday. Also during his call, he asks if Leeanna has seen Sunday's editorial cartoon by J.D. Crowe on Austin Rainwaters. "The funniest I've ever seen", according to him.

Kim finally joins the show to share her experience working with the show and her recent encounter with the Uncle.

Leeanna ends today's show with what the Uncle almost, always says at the end of each show, "Pray for others, pray for yourself, and pray for Mobile".

The Uncle shall return Thursday! (Tuesday: John Bell. Wednesday: WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick)

Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Friday, May 21, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region as the Uncle looks forward to today's discussions. He said that twice, by the way. Internet stream is still working, so call in if you're in Brewton or somewhere else other than that, the number is 251-479-2723. The Uncle is likely to listen to next Thurday's show hosted by WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick. Nope, no offence to Leeanna and John Bell, who both will host next week. First caller Mary brings up her call during Governor Bob Riley's plan for a tax hike, who's one of the folks she'd never folk that would do such as act. Austin Rainwaters running for the Mobile County Commission is one of those folks. Jeffrey pulling an audio prank was today's first weirdo. Sarge assumes Rainwaters motives are building casino as a person of Indian decent. After that weird call, the Uncle tells us that a portion of his family came here from the Oklahoma Territory before the year 1900. Mark begins with his call with a big "Roll Tide Roll" before bringing up Steve Nodine saying a while back that he would never run for county commissioner, yet that is just what he's doing at the moment. After the first break, Austin Rainwaters calls in to defend himself from Sarge by saying that he's worked in African countries such as Libya and that he's against gambling. Mr. Rainwaters happens to be 12% Cherokee Indian. Mr. X assumes Austin is actually a space creature (the Uncle had a good laugh during his explanation) and asks if a web camera will be in used during Tuesday's show hosted by Leeanna. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle admits to not having an interest in the web site Mobile Bay Times. Second half-hour begins with a repeat of the Paul Finebaum audio from last week and "The Idea Guy" telling by the way today's show is going, some weirdo may call in during next week's Leeanna-hosted show to say Al Gore invented the crop circle. "Idea" keeps his promise to send the Uncle a football signed by Alabama Coach Mike Shula on June 2nd, along with hosting the show during the first week of that month. Jim the Income Tax Man shows his support for Austin Rainwater, who worked alongside him in defeating Bob Riley's Alabama Tax Plan, or tax hike to be exact. (251) 626-0203 is the number to call Jim for the real truth on Mr. Rainwaters. "A commentary on modern marriage" is how the Uncle describes one of the Mobile Register's featured editorial cartoons brought up by Gene. We learn the reason the Uncle won't give out his last name is due to the possibility of becoming a target by various organizations. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle looking forward to both Sunday's meat fest and of course worship. Final whirlwind segment begins with a whole different Bill using an old proverb to describe folk who don't want to pay more taxes. The Uncle reminds Leeanna that she run in the moment her theme begins to play. We learn that for the first time ever, Leeanna's younger sister Kim will be call screening during her show next week. No tattoos on Kim, but plenty of piercings. Recently, one of Leeanna's children called in to forward a message to the Uncle requesting that he stops being mean to her mother. The Uncle gave out an "awwww" after hearing that. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle live from Paw Paw's Campers on Range Line Road in Tillman's Corner on this beautiful day (for a BBQ) in the Mobile region. That's right, it was likely that Leeanna would join the Uncle for today's broadcast on location and she did indeed, along with her 3 children. Zach, one of her children seems to have female-like hair, or in other words he's in need of a haircut, according to the Uncle. First caller Burt is well known by friends under the name "Pea Paw" and says he & Paw Paw may be related. It's a possibility in the Uncle's view. He may be a potential camper buyer too. Bud Man returns to the show starting off by asking what the Uncle's shoe size is. It happens to be between 10-11 ½, depending on the shoe. Regular caller Steve joins the broadcast, along with sharing his politics. Speaking of sharing, the Uncle shares with us his meeting with a lady (shall remain unnamed) this morning, who says we must protect our rights. Before Steve left, he said the Uncle looks as handsome as he was on television. The Uncle finally gets to ask Zach if he has plans to get a hair cut. Nope, no plans in the future. Don't expect the Uncle to ask another child for his or her opinion in the future. Norman begins his call by bringing up call screener of the day Dennis cutting him off previously. The main point of his call was to bring up the constant mispronunciation of a street in Downtown Mobile. Before Leeanna left us for a little grocery shopping, she mentions that she's showing off her tattoo today. Nope, no tattoo by J.D. Crowe. "Bye, bye, listener" quoting Leeanna before her departure from the airwaves until tomorrow. Dennis got to give everyone a heads up of the upcoming ABC Newsbreak. Before the second half-hour, caller Leroy's "Roll Tide Roll" was heard twice. Second half-hour begins with Dennis telling the Uncle that Mason is on the line, along with the Uncle thanking Dennis for call screening today's show. Mason the English Police calls in to correct Norman's grammar, except for the Uncle who happens to butcher the English language on occasions. With no callers on the line, the Uncle went into his monologue on the show being the first in the Mobile region to broadcast from Tillman's Corner. Regular listener Steve joins the broadcast, whose voice sounds sort of familiar to the Uncle. Yep, all the inner workings of the show meet all of Steve's expectations. Some weirdo claims the show's Internet stream is an "Internet steam". Dennis quickly went to next caller after his mention of the adult bookstore close by. The Uncle continues to promote both his weblog and mine, along with a free preview of something on Dennis soon to be posted tonight at the "Uncle Henry WebShow" weblog. Mary brings up her travels through Texas during the 50s-60s and her recent return, yet most of the oil wells are not in use. Would make a difference with the gas prices if those wells were back in use, according to Mary. Final whirlwind segment begins with veterinarian Mark Rim speaking with the Uncle for under a minute on the air. We found out that caller screener Jennifer that's in for Leeanna on Thursdays has been at today's broadcast site for about 3 hours. According to the Uncle, she mouthed a curse word as of recent, which changes his opinion on her sweetness. According to Dennis, she's been hanging around her sailor husband too long. We learn the Uncle's substitutes for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's shows are Leeanna, John Bell, and WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick. That's right, Randy actually has previous radio experience. Sort of the Bob Costas of the Mobile region. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking the listeners for tuning in and as usual he's looking forward to today's discussions. Believe it or not, one of the topics on the Uncle's mind involves the Internet. Leeanna was summoned for a little observation on her clothing (hair included) that shocks both the Uncle and Scott O'Brien. At first the Uncle assumed she's going to a job interview, but according to her she just wants to pretty for the day. Now the big question, will Leeanna attend tomorrow's live broadcast from Paw Paw's Campers in Tillman's Corner? This is of course not a requirement. The possibility is very high! The Uncle meant to play "The Idea Guy's" voice mail message first, but accidentally played a message with an audio prank. Anyway, "Idea's" message included a suggestion for a toll on the speed humps in the region and predicts that French fries are next on the taxation list. Yet another message from "Idea", this one on Prichard's so called "illegal sewage spills", as they call it. Expect an Uncle/"Idea Guy" show in the not too distant future. At last, the Uncle talks about his encounter with the brand new web site "Mobile Bay Times", which happens to have plenty of information the Uncle once never heard of. Gene our first caller on the line asks for the Uncle's opinion on J.D. Crowe's Mobile Register cartoon making a point on transgender folk in the Olympics. Don't expect this idea to get endorsed by the Uncle. After the first break, the Uncle admits to not understanding the latest news of the day, such as the Alabama Legislature's special session on accountability, yet the session itself would cost somewhere in the millions of dollars. Again, another voice mail message, this time it's one from Leroy. He reports on a school bus that seems to stop every few feet and slings his comments on Baldwin County's plans for a NASCAR track. The Uncle still thinks this track is a good plan for Baldwin County, maybe even put it alongside the international airport he's been advocating. Second half-hour begins with Norman starting off his call by asking whom in the world that lady on audio tape was calling "evil woman". That was Hillary Clinton, New York senator/former first lady, and so-called "evil woman". After hearing Norman's take on the NASCAR track plan, the Uncle suggests a special Alabama track with speed humps. We learn that Alabama already has a NASCAR track, it's called Airport Blvd (speeders and "red necks" included). Nathan has a good reason why Baldwin County shouldn't have a NASCAR track, there are too many close by (Daytona Beach and Atlanta's tracks). Could a bisexual person marry both a homosexual & heterosexual person, that's what this other Henry calling in is wondering. According our Henry, the Uncle to be exact, that the weirdest call in a long period of time. It needs further examination for its meaning. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle announcing this weekend's weather forecast being at critical mass for grilling. Final whirlwind segment begins with the "Match Game" theme (show ran on CBS from 73-79, so it had to be on WKRG-TV5 at the time; Alabama author Fannie Flagg appeared on the show countless times). The Uncle agrees very much with Mary saying that there shouldn't be special sessions in the Alabama Legislature every year. So far, we've had 3 weirdoes call in during this segment of the show. The Uncle reads a "grilling" e-mail from "S.B." on an upcoming grilling this afternoon. Pecans will be used as charcoal in "S.B's" burger grilling. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

The Uncle's e-mail address is Unclehenry@newsradio710.com

The address for "The Mobile Bay Times" is mobilebaytimes.com

The Uncle's all-new weblog is located at unclehenryshow.blogspot.com (Don't be confused by our web addresses)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle having the pleasure to discuss the issues with us, the listeners and continued his almost daily reminder of the show's success. That's right, listeners listening via the Internet stream can still call in at 251-479-2723. The Uncle thanks all the smokers in Alabama (not including himself for obvious reasons) for making the Alabama Legislature raise the price on a pack of cigarettes, yet most, if not all are still killing their inner system. The Uncle wonders what's going to be taxed next when all the smokers are gone. Corn chips, Ruffles, Doritos, Carbohydrates, and Pringles are the Uncle's predictions for further taxation in Alabama. After hearing about all the official state stuff as of recent, the Uncle suggests an official state cigarette and ashtray. It took a couple of "hellos" before today's first caller finally spoke on relatively new Alabama head coach Mike Shula who happens to be considered a "child" in the Uncle's eyes, even though he's pushing age 39. After hearing Bob's call, the Uncle wonders what plan Mike Dow has in store for us during his next term as mayor of Mobile, such as actually making a difference west of Broad Street. Another tower perhaps? After the first break, the Uncle says he could talk for an entire show, but he continued to let callers on board anyway. First weirdo of the day asks 3 questions on Thursday's broadcast from Tillman's Corner before saying he would buy a video from the mature (adult) bookstore close by. We are reminded that the only accountability we have left in the city of Mobile is when we're at the voting booth every 4 years. After the usual heads up for the upcoming ABC Newsbreak, this site once again got mention on the show, along with a tagline courtesy of the Uncle. Second half-hour begins with the Uncle bringing up Mike Dow's lesson on surpluses, which includes do not overspend. "State adult book stores" is one of the almost believable details Tom managed to get out of this certain fellow predicting what's next after all the Alabama smokers are gone. Jim happens to be purchasing name brand cigarettes (made in countries such as Switzerland) from Russia via the Internet as protest on the state's hidden raise on cigarettes. The Uncle found it fascinating that the government has yet to catch up with Jim. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle telling all the exact location of Paw Paw's Campers in Tillman's Corner is Range Line Road. "Misled Mark" returns to the show with his suggestion for the banning of obese folks from restaurants as a way of taking it further from just banning cigarette smoking at such places. The Uncle plays audio of a call forwarded to Scott O'Brien with old "Misled" saying he's a registered republican, yet today he says he's now a liberal. We learn after Leeanna was summoned for a little talk on "Mistled" that she's a smoker. She agrees with the Uncle that "Misled Mark" is scamming 710 AM. "Talk about flip flopping!" quote Leeanna after a little "Misled" montage of audio clips. Don't worry about Leeanna, she actually wants to quit the smoking. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle's usual thank you for the show's shocking success and reminds Cingular Wireless users that they can call in free using the code *NTM. According to this e-mail, it turns out the Uncle has a listener in Kentucky thanks to the show's Internet stream. As of recent, the Uncle discovers audio of the Senate and after listening to it for 5 minutes he stopped. The Uncle thanks everyone that handled this morning's fire in Downtown Mobile that caused plenty of damage, including a certain café that he had the chance to visit. To blow the 710 AM horn a bit, the Uncle also thanks Scott O'Brien for changing his routine a bit to cover the aftermath of the downtown fire. We still await the country's reaction to the legalization of same gender marriage starting in Massachusetts. First caller John wonders what old "Bad Bill" would say now that the chemical weapon containing Siran was found in Iraq. Could this be the work of the Al-Quaida organization? The Uncle was quick on the trigger to knock off our first prankster of the week playing audio of what sounded like a lady shouting "Thank you Jesus!" Robbie brings to the Uncle's attention of Salt Lake City making it legal for one fellow to have up to 4 wives. Milton Morrow joins the show to invite everyone to Connie Hudson's Mobile County Commission Public Forum at the Christ Center with him and fellow candidates Nodine, Buffkin, and Rainwaters. After the first break another John tells us a tale of a couple of two ladies living together for 20 years, one's dead and the other one can't get any medical attention. Norman joins in on the discussion of the Siran discovery further enforcing his opinion that going over there was the right thing to do. The second half-hour begins with the return of the "Hello Uncle Henry" song after many months of absence. The Uncle finds it odd to see former talk show host Alex Mathis' name on any ballot for office in Mobile County. Yet another prankster! Thank goodness for those vitamin pills the Uncle took as of recent. The Uncle summons Leeanna on her moonlighting with another radio station, Light Mix 99.9 (A Clear Channel Station). Listeners can even hear her report traffic updates during rush hour. The Uncle plays a call forwarded to Scott O'Brien on the Uncle's opinion last Friday on the ABC Newsbreak. Get ready for this Thursday's live broadcast from Paw Paw's Campers in Tillman's Corner. Gene brings up the Mobile Register's mention of 4 other countries that have legalized same gender marriage, yet we don't know what exactly these countries are. According to the Uncle, John Kerry has been saying things that Bush has said as of recent, which could possibly hurt his chance at the presidency this November. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle reminding us that the popular meat is excellent for the BBQ grill, especially during last weekend's weather. He also shared with us a tale of his recent handling of the meat at the Wal-Mart located on Cottage Hill Road/University. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Johnny Quest theme music playing before Cindy could give out her solution for the same gender couples who need medical attention. Simply don't merry, according to Cindy who's against change in the definition of marriage. Bubba asks the Uncle if he can kick one of the mobile home tires at Paw Paw's Campers as some kind of honor, along with protesting the mature (adult) book stores close by. Our third prankster played audio of Scott Walker referring to the show by its proper title. Today's show ends with some weirdo jokingly asking if the Uncle will broadcast from the mature (adult) bookstore near Paw Paw's. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Friday, May 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle continuing to thank the listeners for the show's stunning success, yet some folks who don't believe it have yet to be clunked on the head. There appears to be an e-mail in the Uncle's e-mail box on the subject of the show's live Internet stream. The Uncle tells us ahead of time that our topics will tend to intersect. The Uncle brings to our attention what he considers something wonderful said by Paul Harvey this morning. After hearing the 98-year-old Harvey once again via audio, the Uncle admits this week has been big with liberal news media bias, from the prison pictures out of Iraq to the Berg beheading. In the Uncle's view, the news media is forcing us to view these prison pictures, yet they're not showing us pictures of Berg's beheading due to them being part of "Savage Al-Quaida" instead of the so-called "Savage America". In this point of time, the Uncle sees the traditional news media phasing itself out and the continuous rise of news via the Internet. Our first caller Mike reminds us that this is still a war and according to him releasing these Iraq prison pictures at all is an act of treason. The Uncle seemed unaware that today's first break for commercials was coming up while he was repeating the show's phone number (251) 479-2723. Quoting more Paul Harvey on audio "We are not the bad guys over there" which the Uncle played for his enjoyment after the break. "Bad Bill" returns with yet another accusation of the Uncle being an infidel. In the Uncle's translation, old Bill is siding with the USA's enemies. From "Bad Bill" to this weirdo that claims the Uncle skinny dips at Municipal Park. The Uncle hopes Dee returns to the show after her cellular phone failed. It was sort of predictable that the Uncle would refer to the ABC Newsbreak as the "liberal news media headlines". He apologized to Scott O'Brien after that, but he just had to let his boiling opinion loose. The second half-hour began with a repeat of the Paul Harvey audio from the first half-hour. Could it be true that "Bad Bill" can neither spell, nor know the meaning of the word "infidel" according to Steve? Shirley is interested in what old Bill would say about the U.S. interfering during the Civil War (the Union) and World War II. The Uncle needs to confirm if this Austin Rainwaters quote is true on the poor in Alabama having to pay taxes to just be part of the state. Leeanna is summoned to not only be congratulated on not letting pranksters into the show, but the answer the Uncle's question on whether Bill should stay or not. Even though she would give old Bill a second chance, the Uncle wants her to keep him off the show for the next 2 months. The exact location for the Uncle's live broadcast next Thursday happens to be Paw's Paw's Campers in Tillman's Corner. Speaking of Paw Paw's, a cousin of Leeanna's spent a lot of time there as of recent. It's official, Leeanna will prevent "Bad Bill" from grabbing the Uncle's attention for the next 2 months. A caller via voice message wants the Uncle's response on whether John Kerry's hair is a wig or just something very similar to one. Final whirlwind segment begins with Franklin implying that the city of Mobile could take over all of Mobile County. Well I'll be, we had a caller that actually wants to keep "Bad Bill" according to his short and simple response. A prankster managed to get on after all! The Uncle encourages the other callers that want Bill to stay on the show to argue with him during next Monday's show. The Uncle apologizes for not getting to the e-mail on the show's Internet stream. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us that Leeanna is off on Thursdays and as always looks forward to telephonic interaction with the listeners. For those listening via Internet stream, you can phone the Uncle at the long distance number of 251-479-2723. The Uncle relies on our first caller Tom for an issue to start off the show, which was the Freeman Jockisch's accusations. Tom is reminded that it doesn't take talk show callers to get someone convicted, but the jury among others. The Uncle recommends that Tom should speak with Sheriff Jack Tillman a bit after that. Rick calls in trying to settle his worked up blood after hearing Tom's view on the sheriff. A couple of weeks ago, 3 parking tags from Detroit, Michigan arrived in not 1, but two mailboxes in the Mobile region. So far it appears to be some kind of scam. An update on these weird deliveries should gain the Uncle's attention in the future. Glenn mentions 3 "tree politicians", including Connie Hudson, Ben Brooks, and a relative of his in Ohio being the few honest politicians he knows. Recently the Uncle has done research on all 3 broadcast evening news programs and discovered that they devote more time on the beheading story than the Al-Jazeera TV channel in Western Asia (or "Middle East" for those used to that). After the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle announces (along with the Jonny Quest theme music playing) that he'll be broadcasting live from Tillman's Corner a week from today. Even though Leeanna is not here, the pranksters managed to get the Uncle to summon that other call screener plus newlywed Jennifer. So far her marriage is doing fine even with her husband in the service. Yep, they're still in communications with each other via e-mail. The Uncle suggested adding Rice A Roni to Jennifer's self-lessons in cooking before her husband finally returns home on June 3rd. Austin Rainwaters, candidate for the city commission joins us in an attempt to spread his campaign. According to the Uncle, if he lets Rainwaters speak on his position, he would have to let candidates Nodine, Buffkin, and maybe even Jockisch on the show. Keith gave us his version of a personal ad, even said he would listen to the show for 4 hours. Another Tom brings up last night's report on the Mobile County Public School's president using a school's band class as part of her re-election campaign. In the Uncle's view this act in her campaign is as over as the local news media is on this story. Norman stretches the limit with the belief that Rainwaters and his family moved to the Mobile region many years ago from an African country. Gary the former mayor from South Dakota returns to the show with his report on cars up there using alcohol and vegetable oil for fuel. The Uncle assumed that this fuel smells like popcorn, but according to Gary this fuel barely has an odor. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with not 2, but 3 thank you shout outs from the Uncle to the listeners on the show's success. It's official, Freeman Jockisch's campaign for county commissioner is over now that's he been found guilty on 19 of 24 counts of fraud. Since reading this morning's Mobile Register article on other felons, Gene views this end to Jockisch (possible sentence to 90 years in prison) as part of a cycle in Alabama politics. Missy fears of no benefits to everyone if Steve Nodine is elected for the county commission seat. This is nothing new to the Uncle, since he's heard folks whisper that in a similar tone. Charles brings to the Uncle's attention the Mobile Register's 10-page list of all registered voters in the Mobile region and how to vote in upcoming election. Must have cost the city of Mobile plenty according to Charles. After the recent discovery of video of the beheading of a U.S. contractor in Iraq, the Uncle wonders if there be more pictures of the same acts as much as the prisoner abuse photos. David tries to encourage the Uncle to view this beheading video in its full entirety since he believes the edited version seen in the news media doesn't do justice. David would also want to hear "Bad Bill's" reaction to the video, which has already crossed the Uncle's path via voice message. Sig looks back at the history of the land that would become Turkey at the population's 99% conversion from Christian Orthodox to Islam. After hearing about this beheading, Sig doesn't want to see history repeating itself, since these acts also took a part in "Turkey's" brainwashing to Islam. As the final whirlwind segment began, we received our first prankster playing audio-tape from the Scott Walker-hosted program. Nope, the Uncle didn't yell at Leeanna this time, thank good news. Amazing, some guy via voice message is absolutely sick of Leeanna, mostly after hearing about that commercial she did for an adult book store. Yet another voice message, this one being from the pot head guy from a while back. After hearing all those voice messages, the Uncle accuses Leeanna of driving the good callers away. An e-mail was from Hal was read at last, this being on the show with J.D. Crowe attempting to tattoo Leeanna, or "Leeann" as he calls her. The Uncle brings up his little trip to Dogwood Studios on Government Street in Downtown Mobile for a top secret project so secret that not even I can get information on this until sometime in the future. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

(May take a while to finally correct that false rumor on the Uncle's gout as mentioned in my summary/review, since yet again Blogger.com has problems within itself.

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of the Uncle and he also admits to missing the listeners after 3-days. That's right, folks listening to the show via Internet stream can still call in. Plenty of issues have caught the Uncle's attention as of recent, such as the discovery of Government Plaza's roof gasket being responsible behind the recent leaking. Took 9 years since the building's opening to find out that the roof had a problem. We learn of a budget surplus or extra money being fought upon at the Mobile City Council. The Uncle takes us, the long time listeners down memory lane to Mobile's budget crisis many months ago and Mike Dow's many budget cuts after hearing this good news. We learn that nothing was ever wrong with the Uncle's gout, as said by a certain number of folks (including Scott Walker). The first prank since the Uncle's return was the same as one of the many done yesterday. Suggestion for "Ask the Expert" for this roof leaked into the show. "The Idea Guy", a 49 year resident of Mobile knows of no fires ever occurring where a fire boat is needed, such as the new one recently purchased. After the ABC Newsbreak, a voice message with the first negative reaction to the Scott Walker hosted show yesterday and of course she also missed the Uncle. Turns out the local tax cuts are responsible for this surplus in the city budget. Norman fresh from outside the Mobile region fires back at "The Idea Guy's" comments on the fireboat being unnecessary for Mobile. After 2 lost calls, Steve makes it through to say he knows the real positives of tax cuts and says he would never vote for someone who disagrees. According to the Uncle, if he runs and holds a city council seat, he would still have this job as radio host. Yes, after Debbie welcomed the Uncle back, she said she would vote for him if that possibility were to occur. The Uncle summons Leeanna to not bring up today's only prankster, but for an explanation to yesterday's show so far getting negative reaction. She, along with a couple or so others (including) didn't think yesterday's Scott Walker hosted show was as bad as some folks believe. Leeanna explains that she was only comfortable that no one constantly yelled at her when a prankster strikes, that being an almost frequent reaction from the Uncle. After the recent news on Baldwin County's attempt at closing 5 adult bookstores, the Uncle brings up that commercial Leeanna did for one a while back. She was only given the offer to do a commercial for them. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle...oh wait, as announced last week WPMI NBC 15's Scott Walker is hosting today's show due to the Uncle's case of the gout illness being treated. Just for today, instead of my regular way of summarizing/reviewing the show, I'll be listing certain points of the show:

The Scott Walker-hosted program began with the regular Uncle Henry theme!

Like Leeanna during her hosted shows, Scott reads the headlines first

Scott declares today's show "Our Show".

Two pranksters managed to strike twice in a row!

Alex Mathis makes a cameo appearance by reminding everyone of the GOP Forum tonight at 7:00 PM

Caller Robert was the first to mention Rebecca Wilson today and of course he still misses her along side Scott during NBC 15 Today

Scott promises to list web sites featuring gas money saving solutions after the ABC Newsbreak

"Interesting audience" quote Scott after today's 3rd prankster.

No word on what Rebecca is up to nowadays, even though Scott knows that she'll remain in broadcasting.

After the ABC Newsbreak, Scott tells all that Leeanna is enjoying her free time off from the Uncle.

Gasbuddy.com and Gaspricewatch.com are the web sites Scott promised to mention.

Scott would later show his gratitude for being given this job while the Uncle's away.

If Scott were the one call screening, this show would have been butchered to bits, according to his early days in radio.

The NBC station in Jacksonville, Florida (Scott's former employment) was off the air for 3 hours due to a truck backing up into the station's tower, causing folks to miss the final episode of Friends.

Line 1 remained "the trouble line" until the last few minutes of the show.

Today's show ends with a recap of the headlines and a playing of Leeanna's theme.

Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

The Uncle shall return tomorrow!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle still having the pleasure to interact with us telephonically and reminded all those listening via the Internet stream that they can call in too. Today was the day the Uncle is actually proud of a non-delusional Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions speaking at the Rumsfeld hearings. It was so good that the Uncle may even play audio clips of Sessions in endless loops in the future. During the hearings, the Uncle encountered whom he calls an "untra liberal" that was not quite fond of Senator Sessions speaking today. The Uncle shall attempt to contact Jeff Sessions via phone today, so expect many answering machine messages. The Uncle is now aside from the Rumsfeld hearings to talk about this final episode of Friends. With that over, the Uncle wonders what's next for this land of ours now that Friends is finally over. Like Norman, the Uncle was sick to his stomach after having the displeasure of watching John Kerry's campaign commercial twice (yesterday and today). "JFK and PT-101" is how the Uncle describes this commercial's portrayal of Kerry. The Uncle brings up "Misled Mark's" comment on the so-called "war pigs" after finding out that the term has actually been used many times in the past, most noticeably in the Black Sabbath (Osbourn) song titled "War Pigs". Our first two callers were pranksters, one with an audio prank and the other shouting "war pig!" 52-year-old Clay managed to defend that Black Sabbath song, which shocked the Uncle as much as the song itself. Gift certificates for the Original Oyster House ("Deal of the Week") will go on sale today at the 710 AM web site in 30 minutes. Could this be the first time the Uncle was actually enthusiastic over the half-hour ABC Newsbreak? According to me as a loyal listener, yeah! After listening to "War Pigs" the Uncle felt like listening to a little Donnie & Marie Osmond over the air. The Uncle urges all conservative listeners to call in during Monday's show hosted by WPMI NBC 15's Scott Walker. Mark (not "Misled") also says Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" didn't effect his sub concision. Jim the War World II "war pig" shares with us his tale of the journey from Guam to Japan during the time. The Uncle negotiates with a 28-year-old under stress management who claims to be a pot-head. The Uncle apologized for going into preaching mode after that guy ended his call. A whole different Norman claimed Leeanna and that preacher fellow against Mardi Gras are in cahoots with each other. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle announcing that "Deal of the Week" gift certificates sales are already high. Patrick, a war veteran admits to actually turning away medals awarded to him out in Vietnam. Yet another audio prank, forcing the Uncle to say Rush Limbaugh is still at the top of his game and says he should go into rehab every 5 years. Leeanna (back in good heath) was summoned for her plans during Mother's Day weekend, which includes taking her mother to a cookout. The Uncle reminds everyone with a mother still living to not her time remaining on Earth for granted. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with both a greeting and a reminder from the Uncle that "I'm the host, you're the listener". He also anticipates today's conversation with the Mobile Register's J.D. Crowe to be less in-depth than previously expected. The Uncle summons Leeanna for what appears to be the real reason Crowe is on his way to 710 AM. According to this morning's edition of Mobile's First News (with Scott O'Brien), Crowe has agreed to tattoo Leeanna on the show after hearing about this other J.D. Crowe on the Internet that has a book of tattoo drawings. Speaking of Mobile's very own Crowe, there was a letter to the editor in today's Mobile Register saying that a recent cartoon by Mr. Crowe was in poor taste. As Leeanna exited the room, the Uncle says she's dressed up for Crowe's arrival. The Uncle has nothing against the popular TV show Friends and everyone that loves the series, but in his view the show is getting way too much attention as we draw closer to the final episode tonight on WPMI NBC 15. The Uncle lists plenty of shows that should have deserved more attention than Friends before their time ended, such as Touched by an Angel, Walker Texas Ranger (highest rated show in Mobile during its run on CBS, WKRG-TV5), and the classic comedy series Mama's Family. First caller Dora agrees with the Uncle's remarks on Friends being inappropriate and says she also loves "Mama" and "Walker". At last, J.D. Crowe has arrived with his quick house call for Leeanna, along with his "cartoon ministry". "Drinking from the same Kool Aid", is how Crowe describes callers for both the Mobile Register's "Sound Off" and the Uncle. Before Crowe got to work on Sister Leeanna, he asks for the exact location to place the tattoo and for what she exactly wants. One of the sample drawings in this "cartoon ministry" of his happens to be the Uncle. The Uncle forbids Leeanna from getting that tattoo bearing his image, especially somewhere lower than her lower back as suggested by Crowe. His reasons for forbidding that tattoo of himself: it'll ruin his image against tattoos. Crowe even suggested giving the Uncle a tattoo of Mike Dow after that. Leeanna has confirmed that she wants a tattoo on her lower back and the tattoo will indeed be a drawing of the Uncle. At first, Leeanna wanted the drawing of the Uncle's head to be close to life size, but Crowe was able to change her mind. Through out the entire tattoo process, the Uncle felt sick to his stomach. Crowe's prepares the "exact-o knife" for some skin etching. Black berry ink will be used. No need to worry, he had plenty of sleep. According to Leeanna currently under the knife, this process of "the exact-o knife" kind of hurts. "Oops!" from the mouth of J.D.! In the Uncle's view, there appears to be a lot of blood in sight. So far, everything's fine for Leeanna, until Crowe had to leave to finish his latest cartoon for the Register. Expect him to return in the not-too-distant future to finish Leeanna's tattoo that should give everyone a sigh of relief. Warren via voice message calls in asking what Leeanna's husband would say about any multiple tattoos. A different Mark calls in suggesting that the Mark from yesterday's show should be called "Mislead Mark" to avoid confusion. The cross dressers from Birmingham are what Mark calls their version of Bonnie and Clyde. Norman returns to the show after many months with his take on John Kerry's campaign commercials for the Presidency, which make him sick to the stomach. So the Uncle isn't the only one sick to his stomach today. As always, Norman finds it good to speak to the Uncle. Reminder from the Uncle that gift certificates for this week's "Deal of the Week" (Original Oyster House) will go on sale at 2:45 PM at the 710 AM web site. Speaking of 710 AM's web site, the entire site has been redesigned based on one caller's complaint a while back. The Uncle ends today's show with his own belief that Mr. Crowe has got himself into some hot water. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

May Leeanna's back heal and "Mislead Mark" prevents himself from being, well mislead!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a couple of shouts of "thank you" from the Uncle and brought up the people he calls ultra liberals that are surprised about the show's success. The Uncle reminds us that he comes from a time of gathering around the radio after promoting 710 AM's new Internet stream. The current state of the news media has forced the Uncle to let out what's making him angry, which is the lack of coverage of the Swift Vote Veterans criticizing John Kerry of being unfit to hold positions such as commander in chief through a news conference of theirs. 19 of Kerry's commanding officers he's served with are one of the 200 or so veterans against him. A clear sign of bias according to the Uncle. As said by our first caller and confirmed by me, The 9th site listed on Google.com for "710" is WNTM 710 AM (WOR 710 New York is obviously 1st), including the Uncle's "Deal of the Week". Mark the Uncle's favorite liberal from Mobile says he's glad the Uncle's on the air for his amusement of calling conservatives such as him an idiot. After hearing Mark's call, the Uncle announced to him that he shall be marked on the airwaves of 710 AM for many months to come. 710 AM listeners can already hear Mark's voice during show promos at various times of the day. A big "shock a lanche" (the Uncle's twist on the word "avalanche") is how the Uncle describes Mark's view on oil, the rise of gas prices, and "war pigs" as he calls certain war veterans. The second half-hour begins with "Bad Bill" using his common insults against the Uncle. Even included "infidel" before getting to his rather silly points on "The Bomb" dropped on Japan back in '45, two to be exact. It's either "Pathetic Loser Day" according to Steve or "Delusional Day" according to the Uncle after hearing Mark and Bill call in. John managed to prove how uneducated Mark was during his "shock a lanche" of a call. Big Al reminds us that we all have a choice, so he'll probably be voting for Kerry this November even though he respects Bush 100% as a registered democrat. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle making his suggestion on how to promote the sausage variety similar to the Coke commercials with folks around the world singing. A caller via voice message makes a suggestion for what he calls a "family reunion", with Hall's Meats, Port City Pizza, the comedy of "Killerbeez", the Uncle in a boxing match with Mike Dow, and Leeanna as the referee. David speculates on the occupations and homes on "Bad Bill". It is official Mark's "war pigs" comment is the most offensive thing the Uncle and caller Gail had to endure. After summoning Leeanna, the Uncle announces that she won't be hosting the show next Monday, which is 1 of 4 days the Uncle won't be hosting due to much needed vacation time. WPMI NBC 15's Scott Walker will be hosting Monday's show, along with Leeanna at her regular position as call screener. As of now, nobody has been the job of hosting the other 3 shows, so listeners have the chance of sending Scott O'Brien suggestions via e-mail for those shows at the end of this month. WKRG-TV5's Randy Patrick or Mike Dow perhaps? Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Scott O'Brien's e-mail address is SOB@CCMOBILE.com (yes, that is his actual e-mail address!)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with both a hello & welcome from the Uncle as he invites us for telephonic reactions and encouraged folks listening via Internet stream to call in at the opened line of (251) 479-2723. The Uncle wishes to attend certain parts of the Freeman Jockisch trial, unfortunately he was unable to view today's hearing for reaction involving the IRS and old Freeman's lawyer naming certain folks behind the entire situation, yet months ago he claimed Steve Nodine is the only one behind the scenes. Aside from that, an unusual story by The Birmingham News on cross-dressing men stealing cars as part of some competitive cross-dressing competition has been crossing the news wires. This is just another world the Uncle admits to being unaware of. He also expects this to be some weird movie plot years from now, but first it must get national attention through the comedy of Letterman and Leno. A lousy prank begins today's line up of callers. Billy Bob shares with us his memory of the day Mr. Jockisch was recognized by the public eyes of Mobile and instantly thought of him as a crook by the three piece suit. Justin refreshed the Uncle's memory of another person Freeman is accusing. News releases courtesy of Mike Dow's spokeswoman Connie Hudson to the listeners and general populace: No grass clippings in the streets of Mobile and the groundbreaking ceremony of a new park giving folks access to the Mobile Bay shall begin tomorrow at 3:00 PM. After hearing Bob put in his take on Billy Bob judging Jokisch by his three piece suit, the Uncle admits that he judged someone not by clothing, but his hair. A weight lifting fellow on the FOX TV program "The Swan" happened to be the one the Uncle judged too quickly. After the ABC Newsbreak and commercials, the Uncle continues to promote the gift certificates for this week's "Deal of the Week", which is of course the Original Oyster House. Their fake alligator happens to be a big favorite among the Uncle's grandkids. Joe asked the Uncle if he's looked in the mirror as of recent and assumed his hair looking like Alfalfa's of The Little Rascal shorts. Prankster level up, so the Uncle summoned Leeanna in the middle of answering a guy's question on Coast to Coast AM program (Latenights on 710 AM). Now that he's off the subject of pranksters, the Uncle asks Leeanna if she's seen "The Swan", which has ladies plan and go through plastic surgery to have their full appearance changed for what they claim is for the better. According to the Uncle, these young ladies after plastic surgery appear the same in his view. Leeanna's opinion on the weight lifter from the show, "He looks strange". Phillip asks the Uncle why there's a traffic light near the end of the George Wallace Tunnel that can viewed when entering and exiting Downtown Mobile. From now on, expect The Little Rascal's theme to play whenever music fan Gene calls in. Every time the Uncle hears that theme, he thinks of the episode when the Rascals build an actual vehicle and take it for a wild ride. The final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle admitting to preferring the Lone Ranger to the Little Rascals as a youngster. Keith tried to tell the Uncle that many folks don't even use the turn signal, but according to the Uncle he's seen the signals in use 75% of course. "Cheerful and perky" does indeed describe Leeanna's theme very well, just like the one for the Dennis the Menace TV series. Today's show gets a 3.9/5!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a promotion for "Win Finebaum's Money", the latest 710 AM contest in which callers can win thousands of dollars, only this time they don't have to answer questions. The Uncle finally speaks on this beautiful day in the Mobile region and brings up the latest "Deal of the Week", which is The Original Oyster House. A medical update on Leeanna's ankle, according to her doctor it happens to be just a sprung ankle, so no broken "chicken bone" in that region of the leg. The Uncle's shocked that there was even a 2-hour debate in the Alabama Legislator on whether the black berry should be the state fruit, as proposed by a school class 2 years ago. This new Alabama official really doesn't make much a difference besides a future trivial question perhaps according to the Uncle. Even though the Uncle doesn't understand how the appeal of the black berry to Alabama, he still wants some to eat whenever Leeanna returns with a handful or two. Once again, the weather is making the Uncle say he would rather be outside than doing the show, such as sitting on a long chair. We now know have a reason many people watch Fox News according to a caller, they don't overkill a story the way many other news services do. "The Idea Guy" thanks the Uncle for quoting Mr. Holmes in Montgomery for assuming that the black berries have a history of racial overtones. Cecil brought up the positives of the Lagniappe (Mobile's alternative paper) newspaper, except for the lady on the cover in swimsuit, which is sort of racy in the Uncle's view. Chris tells all that the black berry is technically a vegetable because it grows on a vine and says the pecan should have been the official fruit since they grow on trees. After doing an Internet search for the official state fish (Large Mouth Bass), it turns out the pecan is already something official, the official state nut. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle interrupting his pre-recorded commercial with breaking news on the popular meat at his household. According to his sister, the Uncle has cooked a bit too much of the meat products. Proves that you just can't have enough Hall's! After the half-hour commercial break and ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle brings to our attention of the Pine Burr Quilt being Alabama's official quilt. August 1997 was when it was made official. In the views of Mark and Sylvia, either Mike Dow or Mr. Holmes is the official Alabama nut. Another Alabama official, the Alabama Red Belly Turtle. Jim has noticed those those speed bumps being in shaded areas where folks are unlikely to see them until his/her vehicle runs over it. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Match Game theme playing as audio of Mike Dow speaking on the speed bumps plays. Budrow shares with us the recent happenings he's noticed around Schillinger Road involving deputies pulling over mostly Hispanics who don't have a driver's license in hand. According to Mike, the word "Lagniappe" has origins to a Cajun word. The Uncle suggests that this particular word in the Cajun lexicon should be the next Alabama official. Today's show gets a 5/5!

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