Thursday, April 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle referring to today's weather as beautiful, even though a few showers of rain are passing us, and tells all that it's more important than ever to give out the show's long distance number (251-479-2723) now that the show is being streamed via Internet. The Uncle anticipates many callers from Foley and Brewton, Alabama. Ian the Webmaster joins us with the latest on the Internet stream launched yesterday. Thanks to a type of computer software, Ian can find out how many folks are listening to the show online. New part of the Uncle's "Deal of the Week", folks who buy gift certificates for the Brick Pit Restaurant are eligible for a drawing to win more gift certificates. These gift certificates being for Three Georges Chocolates only. By the way, the Uncle brought up the fact that he ate an entire chocolate bunny's head from Three Georges Tuesday night. Ian wants folks listening to the show's Internet stream from far away places to e-mail the Uncle with their exact location. Expect some e-mail from folk with false locations, such as Canada for example. WEAR-TV3, one of the many Sinclair Broadcasting stations across the country, is not going to air Friday's edition of ABC's Nightline, which will have anchor Ted Koppel reading the names and other information on all those that died in the Iraq War during the past year. The Uncle found it interesting to see a broadcaster such as Sinclair standing up against the ABC Television Network through a press release. Steve agrees with Channel 3 not airing Friday's Nightline due to Sinclair's belief of this special being a political agenda. Mark Hyman's viewer interaction program Channel 3 Extra was brought to the attention of those who don't know, including the Uncle who's usually asleep around that time. The Uncle thanked Vietnam veteran Ken for calling in to share his view on the current war and wishing the best for all the relatives of those far away. Second half-hour begins with a disgruntled caller announcing that he's done watching the quite popular American Idol program now that the red headed guy was voted off. A prankster managed to stay on the line since the ABC Newsbreak, so the Uncle congratulated him. "My name's no Jason you old freak!" quoting "Bad Bill" who's name got confused for something very different by that other call screener Jennifer. The Uncle summoned her for an explanation, which includes a TV set on and a 710 AM engineer. We don't know what's on the TV since she wasn't even watching. Another possibility for this situation in call screening is that she's still in "newlywed bliss", as the Uncle calls it. The Uncle apologized for wasting the listeners' and caller William's time with that conversation. Speaking of William, he brought up the question most listeners must have on mind as of now, the Uncle's abrupt disconnection from old Bill before summoning our Thursday call screener. With that question unanswered, William continued to talk with what he considers objective views ranging from John F. Kerry's story on the throwing of ribbons awarded to him to not allowing folks to label himself as either Democrat or Republican. Final whirlwind segment begins with audio of the red headed fellow's final American Idol performance. "You don't lie to Peter Jennings"; quoting Maurice when he talking about Kerry's ribbons story. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Go to Newsradio710.com, click on the "Listen Live Button", and you'll be hearing the Uncle live anywhere in the world!

Yet another Wedneday absence from the site, folks. This is most likely the final time it happens, so expect a post with the day "Wedneday" above "Today's Show" during the first week of May.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle admitting that he just wanted to stay outdoors listening to Rush in this beautiful weather of the Mobile region, which almost caused him to miss today's show. Leeanna has an update on whether the Mobile Register's J.D. Crowe is the one responsible for the tattoo books she found in the Internet or not. Crowe contacted Leeanna via voice message saying that the other "Crowe" is not him. Sort of weird since this other "Crowe" responsible for the book is also an artist. The Uncle brings up his recent discovery of other "Uncle Henrys" in the media. More controvercy with the new garbage cans. This time time folks in District 1 are confused whether they should be used or not, yet the cans were delivered with instructions stating not use the cans until May 17th, which is the first day of the robotic garbage truck service. The Uncle did his best imitation of WALA-TV's Anissa Centers previewing this story of confusion for the 9:00 PM newscast last night. The Uncle expects some similar happening in other Mobile districts no matter what. That would be it for Leeanna's reports, so the Uncle asks her if she doesn't mind doing some call screening for the time being. After the first break, the Uncle assumes that he's having head problems after not being able to hear a caller. So far, it appears to be a problem with the switchboard. The Uncle asks Scott O'Brien if the engineer, who was at the WNTM transmitter this morning, is close by. This would be the best time for an Internet camera to broadcast this instructional experience, according to the Uncle. After about 2 minutes, our first caller finally made it on the show observing the new garbage cans confusion. The Uncle thanked "Peacock" for making this possible. Yet again, more problems with the phone system, causing us to lose first named caller Helen. Looks like today's show is going to cut into the first 15 minutes of Paul Finebaum's program if this problem continues. The second half-hour begins with the Uncle announcing a new era on the show, a new telephone! Could Scott O'Brien's large hands be responsible for the problems of the old phone? Helen remained on the line to ask about the new garbage cans' weight and the exact name of them. The Uncle answered that second question with "garbage cart", since they roll on wheels for easy movement. "Bad Bill" wanted to call in yesterday to say he agrees with everything Mark said. The Uncle recorded most of old Bill's prediction of the outcome of this year's presidential election and labels it "Bill's Prediction". Add this to the list of names for old Bill, "Bad Thinking Bill" courtesy of Hugo, who also brought to the Uncle's attention that most folks in the major news media don't refer to Bush as "Mr. Bush" and such very often. The Uncle reminds Steve that we can't judge by "Bad Bill's" calls whether he's employed or not. The latest Superior Auto Detail commercial features the Uncle sharing his tale of the folks from the business coming over to 710 AM for a little cleaning of his car and says he plans to go over to "Superior" for another one. Final whirlwind segment begins with the Uncle plugging Scott O'Brien's Friday giveaway of Mobile Bay Bears tickets during 710 AM's "Mobile's First News". We are reminded that every president has at least 1 fault. After the news on the Mobile County Public School System admitting that purchasing the Gayfers building was a big mistake , longtime Mobile resident Charlie believes that eventually the state is taking over this school system. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Bill + "Bad Bill" + "Little Willie" + "Bad Thinking Bill" = The Question Mark Continues

Monday, April 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show in the post-rain storm Mobile region with the Uncle up in enthusiasm for another week's worth of shows. Many folks happened to be at the Spot of Tea restaurant near one of the speed bumps this weekend. The Uncle summons Leeanna to find out what's physically different about him after going on a new diet this weekend. This morning, the Uncle found something of interest in the Mobile Register saying that Alabama is ranked 10th in homosexual couples according to a certain atlas. It may be interesting, but the Uncle doesn't see any evidence of this being true. Many folks in the past called the show with their reasons why the old Gayfers building in Downtown Mobile shouldn't become an arts school and now the Mobile Register has a story on the purchase of the building being a mistake previously unnoticed. Before the Uncle got to callers, the Uncle asks Leeanna about her weekend. Nope, she wasn't yelling at folks in traffic while wearing swimwear again. First unidentified caller hopes Leeanna makes a clear decision on the possibility of Hilary Rodham Clinton running for a much higher position. "Evil woman", quoting this mysterious first caller and she even expects a challenge from those who don't believe that. The Uncle expects a much more exciting election year in the future if Mrs. Clinton is on the ticket. According to a caller via voice message, Scott O'Brien hung up on him rudely during "The Big Story" with Mike Dow last week. "The Idea Guy" returns with a report on the location of all the new garbage cans until further delivery to Mobile residents. Expect "Idea" to co-host with the Uncle sometime in May since he's so full of ideas. After the first prank of the week, the Uncle announces to all pranksters that they can no longer get his goat after his weekend of Scripture readings. First time caller Dave's location was the front yard of his home, as of the Uncle can tell by sounds of chirping birds. After an ABC Newsbreak and some commercials, Mark shared his far out and prejudice views on the folks in a certain part of Western Asia being unsuited for a form of democracy. Mark's call, which may be the most offensive call ever heard by the Uncle generates reaction from the likes of Chris (11th call to the show) and Bart. After Bart analogy on the "weapons of mass destruction", the Uncle says this subject has become rather redundant after years of resolutions by a certain worldwide club called the United Nations. Final whirlwind segment begins with Jean beginning her call with "Hey, Jean". Mike asks the Uncle what exactly is a "weapon of mass destruction". Most of Mike's own examples of the weapons are actual people. Our final caller was yet another weirdo pulling a "Joe Momma" prank on the Uncle. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding all that he enjoys the relationship with the listeners in this particular city of the region. As of recent, the Uncle has noticed the pollen drifting about, which he considers "natural pollution". Expect less pollen if rain occurs over the weekend. The Uncle's now angry at the Mobile Register publishing the Doonesbury comic strip with a certain, properly spelled curse word included. He doesn't find anything dramatic with the aid of this word. For those who don't know, the Uncle reminds us that comic strips such as Peanuts, Blondie, Dick Tracy, and Dennis the Menace never used any curse words in certain circumstances (Charlie Brown misses football, Mr. George Wilson putting up with Dennis). Mike Dow brought up the most controversial subject in the Mobile region during Scott O'Brien's interview on this morning's "The Big Story" on 710 AM. The Uncle describes this talk on the speed bumps as somewhat unusual, since Dow admitted that he's not necessarily fond of the things, yet he said they somehow attract folks to a spot to eat, such as Dauphin Street's Spotted Tea restaurant. The Uncle thanked Mike for this revelation. First caller, whose name was not brought up by the Uncle, suggested the installation of air conditioners downtown to rid of the carbon monoxide. First named caller Ray brings up the installation of speed bumps in his subjection 4-5 years ago, which are currently doing an excellent job. The Uncle asked if folks are dining near those speed bumps. "Bad Bill" asked the Uncle why he's against Mike Dow on the speed bumps, which is not true as of now. After an almost smooth conversation, old Bill brought up a false rumor on the Uncle that got him cut off. "Bad Bill" spoke too soon saying that he's not a moron. The second half-hour begins with big Uncle Henry fan Sue confused with his view on the speed bumps, which are not installed in her neighborhood outside Mobile County that's dominated by speeders on the road. Two speed bump ideas from Albert: 1. Blow car horn when passing bumps. 2. Folks go the other way on Highway 27 in Baldwin County to lessen traffic. The Uncle agrees with the idea of a satellite broadcast from the Serenity speed bumps. A rather interesting conversation between the Uncle and Skip on Mobile/Baldwin County's economic differences, proving how much friction has been generated since the early days of the show 2 years ago. 78-year-old Paul tells all that Zingler will become a 4 lane Blvd. by 2008. Since the Uncle misses yelling at Leeanna when a prankster calls in, he decides to summon her mostly for an explanation on this rumor on him. We learn that Leeanna has been yelling at folks in traffic while wearing swimwear. Looks like the Uncle's constant yelling has created some kind of yelling temptation in her mind. No need to get worried about Leeanna, folks! Not only is the Uncle's show getting streamed via Internet, so is Scott O'Brien's "The Big Story". There's a possibility that the Internet streams are going online in less than 2 weeks. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Present: The Mobile Region

Two Weeks or Less: Worldwide Listening Via The Internet

Next Year: Regional Syndication?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle answering with "I'm the host, you're the listener" as usual to those certain type of questions from listeners and looks forward to chatting with us. Big news from the Uncle on Scott O'Brien, he's going to interview Mike Dow during "The Big Story" program at the between times 10:00-10:15. Not only that, listeners can even ask Dow questions. Once again, the Alabama Legislature is increasing taxes on cigarettes, which may increase a year's worth of full packs to about $78. There are also plans to give state judges a raise, yet nursing home beds are still getting a tax raise in these times of budget crisis. The Uncle was able to keep his anger and possible use of angry words down, especially when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is also cracking down on such on radio. After 2:30, the Uncle will announce the big news involving the show. After Gene's call with focus on non-Alabama football, the Uncle admits he doesn't pay close attention to that area in Alabama sports. A caller via voice message reports on the recent Mobile City Council meeting with Fred Richardson exchanging personal information he considers a disgrace. The Uncle made a suggestion to that guy to ask Mike Dow about that tomorrow morning on 710 AM. After Zach asked the Uncle how he's doing, the Uncle assumed that's all he wanted to say, but shortly after that he finally got to talk about the Housing Board and West Mobile. A brochure on the "Bingo for Books" program with a picture of a genie and a message telling the reader that it's not recycled paper recently got into the hands of Tom via our postal service. Plenty of outrageous signs in the Uncle's view. A positive call (via voice message) on the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" was played shortly before the Uncle said "Continuing the show". Thanks to David, we learn that "Bingo for Books" gets the Uncle's goat more than some prankster. The Uncle's coaching record as of now may be "0-1" after last weekend's basketball game at the Christ Center, but his talk show record remains unblemished. May I suggest reading this site, along with staying loyal to get into the show, David? A week doesn't seem to be enough for this new listener to the show. Amos calling from a taxicab brings up the Morse code issue, this time involving Michael Reagan's program that airs late at night. Superior Auto Detail returns as the show's sponsor with the Uncle suggesting a Mother's Day surprise by taking her car to "Superior" for a little cleaning. Some caller via answering voice message believes this rumor on the Uncle planning his departure from the show. The Uncle thinks Leeanna is behind this rumor. At last, Ian the Webmaster has arrived! In the next few weeks, the Uncle's show will be streamed online on NewsRadio710.com, making it possible for everyone around the world to listen to the show. It should only be a couple of weeks until this streaming is complete. Yes, this stream is completely free! The only thing different about the show via Internet stream is zero commercials/ABC Newsbreaks. The Uncle had to check if Ian's gone to say he doesn't like the black background with red letting on the 710 AM web site. Ian heard everything, but says he plans to change the color scheme later this year. The Uncle summoned that other call-screener/newlywed Jennifer for her opinion on the 710 AM web site and an update on her heath. Food poising appears to be the diagnoses on why she ended up in a hospital last weekend. Hopefully this Internet streaming of the show is complete with end 2 weeks so those traveling to Foley and elsewhere can still hear the show. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Explanation for yesterday's absence: I'm no machine

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle bringing up yesterday's unexpected signal lost that occurred during the show and introduces guest hypnotherapy expert John Morgan. Yesterday's topics that couldn't make it over the air will join in with the ones for today. The Uncle wanted John to perform some hypnotism on Leeanna to get her to work harder, but we learn that it's against FCC rules to perform such acts over the air. We learn the real reason 710 AM went off the air yesterday was due to a power outage, which the Uncle was unaware of for about 15 minutes after it happened. Plenty of reaction via voice message, such as the Uncle being missed by some and the situation being convenient for those who aren't fans of the 4-hour Paul Finebaum program. The real life mystery of Leeanna's that all began with a dream shall be explained at last today. After the first break, the Uncle promotes Scott O'Brien's morning program's very own promotion for Three Georges Chocolates. Interesting, old Scott was napping around the time 710 went off the air. First caller Steven shares his experience of the Christ Center's basketball game and meeting the Uncle last Saturday. Speaking of that event, the Uncle noticed that the players representing the Mobile Register were less sweaty than those representing Mobile's TV/Radio media were. Print/TV/Radio reps were on the same team, which was defeated by the politicians + some professionals. Peter Albrecht of WPMI NBC 15 was quite unshaven that Saturday night. Clue to the Leeanna mystery, editorial cartoonist J.D. Crowe is involved. After the ABC Newsbreak and some commercials, the Uncle was pleased that 710 AM didn't go off the air again. First prankster of the week shortly came after that. War vet William finally thought about calling in sharing his view of the differences between the Korean War and Vietnam War. The possibility of harm to people and pets by these robotic garbage trucks is slowly returning to the minds of folk. The Uncle tells Debbie that he knows what she said last during Leeanna's 10-minute show after the Uncle left early. The Uncle's early departure is a mystery inself, even to him. Stephanie, the opposite of disgruntle proves to the Uncle that these robotic garbage trucks are in no way a threat to old ladies and pets after a recent visit of hers to Huntsville. As the final whirlwind segment was about to begin, a voice message featuring the question of what to do with the old garbage trucks was played. Garbage truck racing or selling perhaps? After two days of anticipation of the Leeanna mystery, this dream involves her getting zodiac sign tattoos featured in books, which could be the work of J. D. Crowe. More on this mystery as days go by. The Uncle expects yet another show without electronic interference. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the Uncle admitting that he kind of missed us. This could possibly be the biggest news story so far this year in Mobile, the new garbage cans that can be picked up by robotic armed garbage trucks have finally arrived, except this is only big news for District 1. The Uncle expects comments on the new garbage cans from folks in that district. There appears to be instructions on how to care for the garbage cans on the can itself. Instructions included tell folks to not dispose any trash until the new robotic garbage trucks arrive. "Garbage Monitors" and "Garbage Police" is what the Uncle calls these folks who may inspect these garbage cans for the right & wrong kind of trash. The Uncle shares his tale of joining the opening of the Christ Center, which included the meeting of many local stars, including politicians through a game of basketball. Looks like Leeanna has a "Coast to Coast AM" type mystery own her hands all beginning with a dream that's now reality. During first caller Jerry's call, problems arose all of a sudden with 710 AM's signal. 2:30 PM and still no signal. That pretty much covers today's show, folks. Maybe we'll get an explanation on what happened. Today's show (First 13 minutes) gets a 5/5!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us that it's a pleasure being with the listeners. That would mean us. The Uncle's nervousness continues as something continues itself in Montgomery, this being the wild tax hikes. Such as the nursing bed tax and the rise of the costs drivers' licenses. The Uncle urges all to pay attention to the current situation or these taxes will hit you real hard on the head. Gene got tired of all those pranksters yesterday, which explains why he didn't even bother calling in yesterday. Gene still enjoyed those guests from the Lagniappe. The Uncle agreed very much with that. He also brought up a non-J.D. Crowe editorial cartoon in the Mobile Register featuring an elephant and donkey in suits. Mark asked if the Uncle is still praying for him. True, but only on an occasional bases. The Uncle challenged Mark to live by his ridiculous beliefs on illegal taxes, not paying them, and the one on "can I get drunk". His call would eventually be terminated to avoid another rotation on beliefs with no real base. The Uncle admits he doesn't like paying taxes, but he would not go into total tax anarchy like our previous caller Mark. After the first break, the Uncle gave us a preview of this week's "Deal of the Week" discussion, which is on Popeye's Famous Chicken. Lee assumes Mark is candidate for "Carbunkle Man" and reminds everyone that this is still the greatest country in the world after hearing Mark's views. "Free Day" is what John calls the day after "Tax Day" (April 15th). For some reason, John's name appeared as "Z" before the Uncle let him on the air. Either John called himself "Z" for Leeanna or somehow she got "Z" out of John. This weekend, the Uncle coaches basketball, plenty of local radio personalities playing, all in public view Saturday at the Christ Center. Before the beginning of the second half-hour, Warren via voice message reports on Leeanna hosting the last 10 minutes the show Wednesday. Representing Popeyes Chicken is Jim Matthews, whom the UIncle discusses the "Deal of the Week" with. Jim agrees that everyone loves the famous fried chicken. The Uncle shared his tale of ordering some chicken from Popeyes a while back, which included 5 of them being eaten by the Uncle's sister when they reached his home. It's not just about the chicken anymore, Popeyes also serves fried shrimp and po'boy sandwiches. A good mix in customers tastes, according to Jim. It appears that the Mobile Popeyes restaurants were one of the first few franchises outside its original home of New Orleans. It was believed that the food from Popeyes was hidden in a safe place, until Leeanna was summoned. Also on the Popeyes menu are breakfast items, such as the chicken biscuits. Leeanna will guard the rest of the food she has no plans to eat. During the final whirlwind segment, the Uncle mentions the "Willie Theme" from Mission: Impossible playing being his favorite pieces of music from the show. According to the Uncle, the real reason the show is not in reruns because folks nowadays are not smart enough to watch. Bubba brought up the reduction of former Alabama Judge Roy Moore's legal fees in tax payers' money. The Uncle says he would donate a couple a dollars to pay these fees, maybe even use fried shrimp to lure in donors. Leeanna was summoned for an answer on chemical leaks in the ground being a greater concern than a possible LNG fireball. She's never heard of these leaks, even though she would be frightened by both. The question of the future of the Uncle's revived TV show was asked. There's still a chance the Uncle would want to do more shows for Comcast Cable's Port City 6 if only his interest remains high enough. Today's show gets a 4.7/5!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle in a less than enthusiastic mood and brought up the fact that there are guests, which are probably going to be the last ones until the foreseeable future. Ashley and Rob, who work for the almost unknown Lagniappe newspaper, happen to be our guests. "Entertaining and Informative" happens to be the motto of this paper. The Uncle asked them if they're trying to be controversial, such as calling the Mobile Register's publisher "Howard Bloody Hands". This paper does cover stories such as the state's taxing us into oblivion with the tax on prescription drugs and cigarettes. These folks asked the Uncle to attend one of their board meetings, which he'll very likely attend. After about 10 or so suggestions for the paper, such as Mobile TV personality Dot Moore on the cover, the Uncle asked if Lagniappe is a pro-Bush/Kerry paper. They don't answer questions such as that one. "Bad Bill" called in asking why these two, whom he calls freaks are on the show today. That's the same question the Uncle asked himself, which gave these two a good laugh. Don't expect old Bill to ever read Lagniappe. According to Rob, there's still a possibility of Bill viewing the pictures featured in the paer. Chris made claims that radio is responsible for the decline of good music, along with promoting other radio stations in the region. "Bud Man" brings up the Lagniappe's promotion of live entertainment, like the Mobile Register's "Bay Weekend" section. The Uncle suggested putting a TV guide in the paper and a TV critic, even though Lagniappe already has one, a media critic to be exact. After two years since the paper began, advertisers are much easier to get. Expect the Lagniappe to be around for a long time. My goodness, some weirdo called in asking a question that would get the Uncle investigated by the FCC. That caused him to summon the other call screener newlywed Jennifer Deans. That's right, the Uncle revealed her last name! The second half-hour began with this description of the Lagniappe, "alternative newspaper" and the Uncle tells all that he'll be coaching some radio personalities in a basketball game at the Christ Center against most of the Mobile City Council members. Lagniappe is definitely covering this. Even though the Uncle is coaching this weekend at a public event, he's not a basketball fan. Bob says he enjoys the local programming on the radio stations instead of anything outside Mobile. Nope, he didn't mention the stations, but we know he was talking about one in New Orleans. After some weirdo called in, the Uncle shared his tale of his early association with Dot Moore, such as touring her home and being a guest on her talk show on WALA-TV (before they became "FOX 10" after 40+ years as an NBC station). By the way, "The Dot Moore Show" airs on Sundays at 6:30 AM. After so much talk on a so-called relationship between the Uncle and Dot Moore, there will be a written apology in the next edition of Lagniappe for Miss More and everyone loyal to her. According to a caller, these folks from the Lagniappe are bringing the show its desperate need of comedy. The Uncle reminds us that the show is not meant for comedy, but informing and entertaining the listeners. The Uncle asked Ashley and Rob what's with these "Speed Dating" e-mails that he's received for a while. Rob even said that the single Ashley could meet somebody at that game this weekend the Uncle is participating in. She would rather stay single. Looks like there's no need for any of that, since this Jason called in asking for a meeting, along with something kept off the air courtesy of the Uncle's delay system. Today's show gets a 3.9/5!

I can handle reviewing shows with Steve Nodine as a guest, but this one was something else!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding the individual listener that he or she is making the show a stunning success as always. As of today, the Uncle's love for Bush has reached a new high after last night's address/press conference, maybe even higher tomorrow. Throughout the press conference that was most anticipated, the Uncle said he constantly shouted at the TV set for Bush to tell those reporters to shut up asking such repetitive questions. Another thing that irritates the Uncle is the Alabama Legislator once again saying there's not enough money in Montgomery, so there are plans to tax nursing room beds. As we should know, folks waking up from the nursing beds can not automatically generate any income for any taxing. After months of no mention, first caller Clifford brought up the Mike Price saga that began exactly one year ago and ended his call with the usual "It's Rolling…" that many reminders of "Price" use. Speaking of "Mike", the Mike who brought to everyone's attention that his Garret has leukemia called in speaking on the 3-year-old's current state. Gene brought up former Alabama coach Price for only a brief moment befor saying today also marks the day Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth. The Uncle told Gene that was way before his time. Former serviceman Willie mostly focused on lowering the legal drinking age to 18, since that happens to b the age the young folk join the Service, yet some may not even live to see 21. Before the ABC Newsbreak, some weirdo played a tape supporting Leeanna's own show. After the first break, the Uncle brought up the fact that it's a beautiful day, even though it's still a little cool. The Uncle would eventually give an explanation to what he wanted Bush to do with those reporters, such as tough back talk at those reporters trying to confront him. According to Jean, those news reporters were trying to catch Bush off guard. After about 45 minutes, the Uncle finally asks Leeanna for her take on the Bush address/press conference, which she didn't watch. Turns out she was watching the movie X-Men 2. In the Uncle's view, Leeanna is one of those people that will make this year's presidential election interesting. In fact, Leeanna has sort of gotten bored of this lead up to the election. Thers's still a possibility that this boring state of the campaign will be over by the end of this summer. Next time Bush speaks, the Uncle plans to tape it for Leeanna to analyze over the air. Surprise, the last 10 minutes of the show is the Leeanna Matteson Show, telling by that music that the Uncle would never play when he's around. Before the first caller got to what he wanted one of the news reporters ask Bush (an actual question perhaps), he said Leeanna sounds better than the Uncle. After reminding listeners that she's tired of all the recent political happenings, Leeanna admits that she's now worried after a group of folks at Hollinger's Island lost part of the fight to stop the construction of the LNG facility due to no legal standing. Debbie said it's nice to hear a girl on the radio. That would be Leeanna she's referring too. That was indeed a quick 10 minute edition of a Leeanna-hosted program! The Uncle shall return! Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking us for being the listener and for making others happy with the success of the show. As of now, the Uncle is not paying attention to the latest Senate hearings, this one being on the FBI and CIA. A waste of tax dollars, in the Uncle's opinion. The Uncle has received a rather serious, yet mean spirited message from "Bad Bill" on the Iraq War. It shall be played for our ears later in the show. O'Neil Brown of Summerdale, Alabama recently brought a large wooden plaque to 710 AM in honor of the Uncle. It's been brought to our attention after the Uncle reminded folks to pray for Dothan, Alabama's 3-year-old Garret (son of a listener), who has leukemia, that for decades it's been studied that prayer does indeed work, even on those that don't even know that they're being prayed upon. Ever since yesterday's incident involving Leeanna and the story featured in the Mobile Register's Sound Off column about a little girl getting her head stuck in a CVS Pharmacy shopping cart, there has been a lot of reaction thanks to voice message. First caller with reaction, via voice message says he has been paying close attention to Leeanna's behavio. Maybe even more than the Uncle! After the first break, the lawsuit by two prisoners against the state of Alabama was brought up, which is about same-gender marriage not being allowed in the state. A warning from the Uncle to all those in Daphne who borrowed a library book: Either return the book to the library on time or go to jail for 6 months. Yeah, it would be weird if another inmate finds out after asking "What are you in for?". After about 24 minutes into the hour, "Bud Man" calls in on what's believed to be a state construction project on Highway 90, yet it doesn't have many state troopers at all times. The Uncle happened to notice that too. Both Van and the Uncle agree that there should a fine of about $500 on late library books instead of jail time. We have a theory on why state troopers aren't on "90" at all times, they may have been spending time munching on pizza from Port City Pizza. If this is true, expect "Bud Man" to sleep easy tonight. Before the second half-hour began, it sounded like the Uncle had a little trouble searching for Leroy's voice message, which was saved for future reference. Finally, after about 38 minutes, the Uncle played the "Bad Bill" voice message, which included police sirens throughout the entire call. Could this be the most ridiculous "Bad Bill" call yet? Only you can decide! Chris claims that "Bad Bill" is in fact the mayor of Prichard. For the 3rd or 4th time in the history of the show, the delay system was used on the caller that was about to put in his own take on "Bad Bill's" call, along with something else that only the Uncle knows. Don't ask him why, ask the FCC, along with Clear Channel Communications. As Leeanna was summoned to hear a follow up e-mail to the one from yesterday, the Uncle asked her what kind of necklace she's wearing. It's a Native-American (or Indian to most folk) necklace to be exact. This e-mail even includes Hal's own description of Leeanna's theme, "whenever that Goofy guy appears own screen", referring to the Goofy of the Disney cartoons. In conclusion to the follow up e-mail by Hal, Leeanna is more "Christ-like" than the Uncle is due to all his constant hollering. We now know that the Uncle, Leeanna, and Scott O'Brien ("WHAT!") agree that there is nothing wrong with hollering, yet old Scott believes that this extreme use of the vocal cords is ineffective. Before the break for commercials, the "cartoonish Goofy guy" music, also known as Leeanna's theme was played just for the fun of it. The final whirl wind segment begins with yet another e-mail being read, this one being on the Wilmer Bypass, which is now being withheld indefinitely due to large community uproar. The fellow who brought the Uncle the wooden plaque joins in on today's show. This plaque happened to be done by his father, whose hobby is woodworking. "NewsRadio 710 AM's The Uncle Henry Show" are the words carved on the plaque. Last caller Justin's thought process wasn't fully understood by the Uncle. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Vast improvement from yesterday's show!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle inviting one and all for telephonic communication. We learn that the Uncle has not yet learned why the Singular Wireless number is in place to phone in. During this Easter weekend, the Uncle spoke with many folks that attended Dr. Henry's church, which was nearly destroyed many months ago. Something was left out of Leeanna, Scott O'Brien, and Charlie Moss' report on the State of the City & County address last week. Mike Dow mentioned West Mobile in the address, which the Uncle has on tape. Nope, it's not another attempt at annexation, just re-establishing a partnership. The Uncle admitted that he never reads the Mobile Register's Sound Off column calls over the air, until a few seconds after that. One of the printed Sound Off messages included someone thaking Bayou La Batre's Mr. Ray, who helped get a little girl's head unstuck from a shopping cart at the local CVS Pharmacy. The Uncle wondered what could be the age of the girl. 6 and 18 were the ages the Uncle looked at. He even assumed that girl being a child of Leeanna's. Chris accused Leeanna of making fun of the girl that got her head stuck in the shopping cart during the call screening process. That was of course not true, since she actually laughing about that assumption of that girl being hers. It appears that the Uncle actually believed Chris until Leeanna explained what happened during that conversation after being summoned. Mary of Fairhope asked the Uncle why there is no tornado/hurricane alert system over there, such as the one in the previous town she used to reside in. Another Mary, this one with "Ann" of Mississippi admitted that she doesn't pay attention to Old Miss football, which lead the way to a prank. "That was a long walk for a drink of water", was how the Uncle described that call that fooled not only him, but also the entire listener population. Female pranksters are nothing new to the show. Once again, a caller is accusing Leeanna of laughing at an inappropriate time, this time about the tornado/hurricane alert system. Bayway Jay reported on the current conditions of the Bayway that stretches from Mobile to the Eastern Shore (Baldwin County), which is in excellent condition for the Uncle's journey home. According to Robin, there is already a hurricane/tornado alert system in Fairhope. Billy Bob began his call with a "War Eagle" shout and asked if the Easter Bunny ever arrived in the area. Robert's suggestion for Highway 104 puts him in the lead for "Call Road of the Week", followed by Stan bringing up the long overdue widening of County Road 27. An officer from Daphne called in agreeing with the widening of "27" and reminds all that police over there are taking to road rage very seriously, yet there are not enough folks to patrol particular roads such as "24" and "27". In Steve's view, he's never seen any police pull over someone for exceeding the speed limit on Highway 104, possibly a problem with the patrol cars. The Uncle summoned Leeanna for an answer to this. No answer from her even though she has witnessed vehicles repaired. Before the Uncle got to an interesting e-mail on both him and Leeanna, he announced this week's "Deal of the Week", which is Popeye's Famous Chicken. This long titled e-mail includes what makes Leeanna and the Uncle similar to comedy teams such as Laurel & Hardy and Abbot and Costello. The Uncle considered those parts of the e-mail to be some sort of insult, since the main purpose of the show is to inform and entertain. Today's show gets a 3.8/5

The Uncle's email address is Unclehenry@newsradio710.com

You'll be lucky if he reads any more e-mail later this month.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful Good Friday with the Uncle reminding listeners that they can be callers by communicating telephonically and warns all that a member of the Fickens family is promoting this week's "Deal of the Week" later in the show. There appears to be a so-called Leeanna heath crisis in the works. The Uncle recently learned of the rather large reaction on yesterday's show, which was mostly on Condoleeza Rice's testimony, except this type of reaction from many "ultra-liberals", as the Uncle calls them. This morning, the Uncle met this guy (neither the Uncle nor myself can reveal his name) at 710 AM who showed reaction by calling all the listeners that called in yesterday "trilobites". There was reaction from this lady who was in a profanity uproar on the Uncle's answering machine. Before letting first caller Taylor on the line, the Uncle told the listeners that they don't necessarily have to talk about Miss Rice. Without trusting his instincts, this Taylor, who sounded very familiar to the Uncle, pulled an audio prank. "Bad Bill" returns to the show, this time accusing the Uncle of not being religious enough, taking pills, and flirting around females. We would learn that the Uncle hasn't flirted since James "Jimmy" Earl Carter was around the White House. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle suggesting to folk to get an adult sized Easter basket and fill it with the various meat products from Hall's. Docan asks the Uncle and listeners who was the coach of the ACLU team when they won the national championship during the Fifties. Steve reminds us of how "Bad Bill" continues to embarrass himself and his family, maybe even this entire part of South, since folks outside the region just passing by with their radios tuned to 710 AM may think Southerners really are stupid. Tony was the first caller to bring up Miss Rice and brought up many points as they are. After the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle shall find out if a possible heath crisis is afoot for Leeanna after reading today's Mobile Register. The second half-hour begins with the Uncle introducing Mr. Bill Ficken, who complimented the Uncle's weight and gave him a "War Eagle". He didn't bring any Auburn-colored clothing to add to that. Ficken only works the lunch shift at the Colonial Red Brick Café. The Uncle shares with Bill his tale of buying some vegetable lasagna a while back. After mentioning a few more mentionings of food, Bill gave a shout out to the Brown family in Michigan (even the dog), who happen to be fans of the Uncle. Bill is also one of the many people that support the addition of a 2nd hour to the show The Uncle asked Bill what this "Pumpkin Chest Pie" he bought last year really is, which is simply a much sweater pumpkin pie. Amanda Ficken is the one that does all the cooking at the café. Just a reminder from the Uncle, go to Newsradio710.com, click where it says "Deal of the Week", and you should be able to find all the information on how to get half-priced gift certificates for the Red Brick Café. Bill ended his meeting with the Uncle by saying, "Keep looking trim!" "Rhino Riley " David plugs Mr. Rainwater's campaign for the Mobile district seat, which is currently held by Steve Nodine, or "Rhino Nodine" to David. Leeanna was finally summoned for this so-called heath crisis. According to the Mobile Register, there is high bacteria activity in the waters near Dauphin Island. Neither Leeanna nor her kids were in the water when they were at Dauphin Island's beach. We would learn that Alex Mathis was sticking his finger in the pie that Bill Ficken brought over for everyone. This would lead to a playing of a tape of Alex singing on old radio program that only lasted about a month. Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle sharing his thoughts on today's 2 hour + 20 minute testimony by Condoleeza Rice. His appreciation for the national security advisor included "the American Margaret Thatcher", which most folk would probably agree with due to her sharp intelligence. Allen claimed that the Uncle burned too much show time before finally letting callers in. Long time listener Lee brings to our attention that the word "ficken", as said by the Uncle in the commercials for the "Ficken Chicken Salad", when translated to Germen comes out as something offensive. The Uncle reminded Lee that he and the show is aimed at the English speaking population. After the first break for commercials, the Uncle apologized for his "ficken" tirade that caused him to lose focus of today's main topic. Once again, the delay system was used! This time on this Rick who appeared to share the same appreciation for Rice as the Uncle, but later said something that would probably get the FCC fired up. "You can't trick up the truth", quoting Larry with his view on Rice's testimony. Bob believes that this Lee fellow is doping the Uncle, since according to him Lee is a tattoo/beer server. In case you didn't, Leeanna still gets Thursdays off, so that means relatively new call screener Jennifer (along with her husband) is in. For the first time in many months, the Uncle referred to the ABC Newsbreak as "liberal news headlines". It appears that the Uncle's opinion on the news media has changed a bit since this morning. Bart began the second half-hour with his support for a likely Rice run for the position of U.S President in 2008. Could be another boost for Alabama, where she's originally from. Don't expect her to wear something with an Alabama area code like another well-known person from this state. Surprise! Leeanna called in and shared her thoughts on Jennifer's call screening. Besides that, Leeanna reported on last night's LNG meeting with Congressman Jo Bonner speaking. It appears none of the questions from the folks attending the meeting were answered. Bonner still leans more on the safety of these LNG facilities, even though by now folks living close to the areas of the proposed LNG facilities are still frightened. After Leeanna ended her call to continue her drive on the Interstate, the Uncle described her call as something similar to Paul Harvey's news & commentary. During the final whirlwind segment, we had a rather interesting call from a guy named Sam, who appears to know a lot behind everything going on before and after the war in Iraq that was underreported. Van brought up the current edition of American Idol, which included this 16-year-old red headed boy, who in the Uncle's view is far too young for the competition. The Uncle summoned Jennifer for her view on Leeanna's call and the reason why she brings her husband in every time. We finally know why, he's soon to depart with other members of the Coast Guard for 2 months on a ship, or boat as Jennifer calls it. After the Uncle said he was cut off at the very end of yesterday's show, he was cut off yet again. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the basis of the Uncle's relationship with the listeners, which is simply "I'm the host, you're the listener". There's quite a chance of rain today in the Mobile region, which we all deserve. Leeanna representing 710 AM attended the State of the City & County address at the (Arthur Outlaw) Mobile Convention Center, which was held in the ball room. After eating a lunch that included pieces of chicken (I want mention this one in particular, don't want the Uncle in trouble with the FCC) and cheesecake, Mike Dow finally spoke. Mike Dow's address included "things are looking up", a prescription drug plan for Mobile County, the new Carnival cruise ships, and a new park. Leeanna happened to be sitting with Scott O'Brien and Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss. Some folks from Delta Airlines were close by. Scott O'Brien overheard this report and entered the room while Steve Nodine's "Olympic Theme" was playing. We found out Leeanna left something out of her report, which was the high-speed fairy boat being mentioned. It appears Leeanna couldn't get everything since she was still eating lunch at the time Mike Dow was speaking. The Uncle asked that very important question, what's next for Broad Street? Reason he asked that, the street needs a much-needed pavement. Not only that one, he asked Scott if he's been to the Mobile Flea Market (the center of the Mobile economy) as of recent. Everyone had a good laugh after that. Scott listed everything he agreed upon coming soon to the Mobile region, such as the Maritime Museum, the cruise ships, the RSA Tower, and the Battlehouse Hotel re-opening. Charlie Moss joined in on this discussion of the State of the City address by making suggestions such as streets paved of gold. Scott struck back at Moss before he even said anything by bringing up the fact that he doesn't even drive. The Uncle was eager to go to the commercial breaks after getting delayed twice by the mouth of Scott O'Brien. After the first break for commercials, the "Taking Pride in Mobile" song was played. During the song's playing, the Uncle asked both Scott and Leeanna who sang that song. It was Jimmy Hall if you wanted to know too. Leeanna got the chance to speak with Mike Dean's wife shortly after his part in the State of the City & County address. Surprisingly enough, Congressman Jo Bonner had something to say about the show, mostly on the supposed takeover by Leeanna. The Uncle plans to look into Bonner in the future. As the second half-hour began, Leroy's voice message on the State of the City address was played, even though it was sent to the Uncle's phone before the event. Gene asked the Uncle if he was left out of the WFR (Well Fed Reporters). Mike Dow's weekly Friday appearances on Scott O'Brien's program have been scheduled for May instead of this month. We learn that a certain bank in the region is very proud of being a minority owned bank according to their advertisements. The Uncle still thinks it's a good idea for ethic groups to help themselves. Jo thanked the Uncle for bringing the news on the State of the City & County address, yet she was still disappointed that Leeanna, Scott, and Charlie didn't use notebooks to get all the information. Charlie Moss returns with an explanation for all this, he and everyone else were after the important points of the address. According to Leeanna, the State of the City & County will air on Comcast Port City 6 tonight for the entire Mobile region to see. Clear Channel (owner of 710 AM) happened to be one of the sponsors of the address. The latest Hall's Meats commercials includes the Uncle saying that if he were running the State of the City & County address, many varieties of the meat would be served. "The Idea Guy" returns to the show just in time for the final whirlwind segment. He brings up two of the many roads that are in need of paving, since one of them caused the loss of one of his teeth. The Uncle encouraged "Idea" to phone his answering machine with suggestions for a possible "Idea Guy Show". After hearing Bryan's reaction to the previous caller on the majority run bank, the Uncle wished that this were a colorblind society. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking all listeners for joining this afternoon broadcasts and reminds others that they need to get into the conversation. Later today there will be meeting on the public safety in Mobile County, mostly on the issues of the newspaper vendors and the funding of gun stuns. Nope, these stun guns are nothing like the ones on Star Trek, as they may appear to some folk. More controversy in the state of Alabama, a new curriculum that would not require student to remember dates in history, state capitals, and maybe certain parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Uncle's jealously is rising, since this was stuff that everyone had to learn back in his days in school. Leeanna was summoned for questioning by the Uncle to make sure her children are actually learning anything, such as writing their own names and the capital of Alabama being Montgomery. A daughter of Leeanna's happens to be learning Alabama history in school. Leeanna ended up being quizzed by the Uncle with questions such as the capital of Vermont, date of the Deceleration of Independence signing, and Columbus' journey to North America. She managed to answer 1 question under the pressure. The Uncle wished he had recorded this entire conversation, which somehow proved his point on this proposed curriculum. After the first break, the Uncle brought to our attention this traffic report on an 18-wheeler truck on its side near Interstate 10 and Tillman's Corner. Gene answered the Columbus question given to Leeanna. After that, the Uncle quizzed him on the state capitals of Maine, Kansas, Maryland. He was incorrect on Portland, Maine. We learn that 710 AM's own Scott O'Brien has officially quit smoking during Gene's call. For the first time in many shows, an audio prank managed to get into the show. "Bad Bill" made it to the show for a second time (first being by voice message), this time he asked why the Uncle asked Gene what he calls a stupid question? Before Roger got to the point of his call, he showed his satisfaction of the Uncle's "Deal of the Week", which is good news to all of us. Not only he shared this satisfaction his wife did too. Okay, Roger shared his tale of his love for history back in the days of school. He claims to not watch the History Channel non-stop nowadays, which I do believe. Yet we are reminded that people should know what about they are about to say especially if history and politics are involved. Yet again, more pranksters, the latter one was under the name "Christopher". "Create scholarships to create schoolmarms", quote the Uncle's latest suggestion for something other than this proposed curriculum. Another voice message was played, this one in particular is from a lady saying that Paul Finebaum's show is still on the air even after she mailed the manager of 710 AM and tells all that the average time of the Uncle's show is 47 minutes. Some other Bill called in, this one assuming that whoever was driving the 18-wheeler was chasing after an Easter bunny and he (this particular Bill) gave a shout of "War Eagle". The Uncle was told to close his eyes and say the capital of Alaska, which is of course Juneau. Caller was amazed that the Uncle knew! Robin brings to the Uncle's attention the slow return of "Classical Education", which includes memorizing grammar through singing in Elementary School and High School's "Trivial Stage". Leeanna was summoned yet again, mostly on the pranksters earlier. Even after talking to the Morse code expect, Leeanna still doesn't know what yesterday's quite loud Morse code message was. The Uncle also made sure that Leeanna remembered the year of Columbus' first voyage to North America, which is of course 1492. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us of the genre crushing success of the show and asked listeners if anyone still uses phone from what most say as "the good old days". The Uncle happens to have one, which is the only he's seen in recent times. According to new research, TV appears to be reason young children are becoming "restless morons", as the Uncle described it. As expected by most of us, the local news media (WPMI, WALA, Mobile Register) is all over this new proposed off shore LNG facility said to placed 11 miles off Dauphin Island. An audio version of a report from WPMI NBC 15 was played for those who either didn't hear of this big news last Friday. The Uncle thanked reporter Josh for providing audio of the report. For an up close and personal perspective, Leeanna was summoned since she lives near the area of a possible fireball disaster, which is Hollinger's Island. Reason why it took so long for her to enter room? Some caller wanted Paul Finebaum's phone number. This caused great outburst out of the Uncle, since Finebaum's show airs after this one for about 4 hours. Both Leeanna and the Uncle are glad about this new proposed LNG set to be built 11 miles off Dauphin Island. Speaking of "Dauphin", Leeanna was spending time on their beach this weekend. First caller was a retired U.S. Coast Guard giving praise to the latest LNG facility and assumes Leeanna is very emotional about these facilities springing about. Tom suggested that Mobile County Public School members should get a salary increase, since they take only 3 months off out of an entire year. After the first commercial break, part of the conversation between the retired Coast Guard and the Uncle was replayed, mostly the part about Leeanna. Ralph gave the Uncle a heads up on tomorrow's Mobile City Council meeting, which may be a spectacle of fireworks, since city transit workers are going to be there. Charlie Moss, the Mobile region's only radio reporter may be stationed there. David suggested that the proposed LNG facilities should be built under Government Plaza and Barton Academy. After almost 30 minutes, the Uncle finally found his guy with an old fashioned phone, an RCA radio from back in the day, and a black & white TV set. According to the Uncle's estimate, this guy must be 99% happier than the rest of us. Nope, no "Bad Bill", just a whole different Bill just putting in his takes on the latest LNG proposal. This week's "Deal of the Week" is for Red Brick Café. Before the ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle referred to their "Business Week" report as the "ABC Business Mess". Gene asked if this new LNG proposal is by the same company as the first one? Conoco proposed this off shore LNG plan; first one was by Exxon-Mobil of course. The Uncle replayed part of one certain guy's reaction to some else's filibuster on the Alaska drilling plan. His reaction from then being "This guy makes me sick!" Aside from the LNG issue for now, we learn from Lamar that refined sugar can be a worse killer than cocaine. Before learning that, the Uncle assumed this silent killer being grits and/or biscuits. It's obvious that too much sugar, such as 50 or so spoonfuls can cause excessive weight gain. Cottonwood, South Dakota's former mayor Gary Redden now living in Saraland, Alabama returns to the show talking about folks being so worried about possible disasters such as one involving an LNG facility. In case you didn't know, Gary moved to Saraland so he can be closer to Nashville, Tennessee (Country Music Capital). Even though this week's "Deal of the Week" is the Red Brick Café, the latest Hall's Meats commercial aired, which includes the Uncle's tale of his weekend barbecue. Warren called in, via voice message saying that he also believes Leeanna is trying to take over the program and had the time to show his appreciation of the Uncle's moral values. We were so close to having a show weirdo free, until the 2nd David called in. The Uncle summoned Leeanna again to ask if she's going to visit the Red Brick Café soon, which is very true. The Morse code reared its head during Franklin's entire call about the areas where some of the LNG pipelines are soon to be placed. This time the Morse code was much louder. Today's show gets a 5/5!

The weirdo David didn't effect my rating of the show a bit due to the excellent quality of 99% of today's show.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle making references to the show's success and told listeners ahead of time that the folks from the Original Italian Pie will join the show. Yesterday's call screener Jennifer remains with the show , this time with her husband doing less than what the Uncle expected. It's been reported that Florida is planning to cut gas tax by 10%, which the Uncle finds wonderful, yet nothing like this can be brainstormed by the folks at the Alabama capital that is Montgomery. The Uncle's alert to the listeners this weekend, this Saturday wrestling fans from across the land will gather at the Mobile Civic Center for the World Wrestling Federation's (Entertainment) latest set of matches in the Mobile region. The only matches the Uncle would ever attend are the ones from long ago, which don't have many comparisons to today's wrestling. First caller Maurice has plans to start a petition to demand tax-free gas in Alabama or at least something similar to Florida's tax cuts. TomDocs@aol.com is Maurice's e-mail address. We either lost "Bad Bill" or a different Bill after Maurice's call ended. Eddie brings up two subjects to the Uncle's attention, a memorial service for the fallen folks of the Hunley from long ago and requests that the Uncle stops yelling at Leeanna. He was lucky to not get cut off this time. We have another reason why there shouldn't be an airport in Baldwin County. Chester's reason is the possibility of an accident involving a plane and one of the many TV-towers located over there (WALA, WPMI, WKRG, and WEAR for example). Maybe a small plane perhaps, but a large passenger plane? I don't think so! The second half-hour begins with a guy named Puage, or "Don" promoting the Original Italian Pie's variety of food based in Italy, such as grilled chicken salad and the Italian Pie Combo. During this promotion, the Uncle summoned Jennifer on why most of the free pizza is missing. As suspected, Jennifer, Chip, and Paul were responsible. The Uncle's not angry at them, thank goodness. 2:45 PM is the time gift certificates for the Original Italian Pie are given away via the 710 AM web site. Not only "Don" is promoting the Italian food, these two including Bobbi (that's right, Bobbi is a female name!) and Paul are too. The final whirlwind segment begins with Rick Collins breaking the almost secret news to the Uncle of an all-new LNG facility soon to be placed 11-miles off Dolphin Island, along with a pipeline. Expect this big news to appear in the Mobile Register, WPMI NBC 15 News, WALA Action News 10 (FOX 10 News), and of course WKRG-TV5. Caffery reminds all not to try explaining stuff that you don't know, such as the previous caller trying to explain the hub of the bus terminal. A 1-month lottery was Bubba's suggestion for Alabama to have the money to have a tax cut in gas. As always, the Uncle is not in favor of a lottery in the state. Josh suggested that there should be signs at the Mobile Regional Airport so folks visiting won't get confused. Should be possible since the city is spending on this upcoming cruise terminal. Next week's shows should include many guests, at least one show or two. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the Uncle thanking the listeners for tuning in to today's show. Before the Uncle got into his "pet topics", he tells us about his trip to a secret meeting, which included the cheap version of speed humps on the road. These speed lumps are about the same size as the patches on the street. We actually have reaction via voice message on that guy that flip-flopped after flip-flopped on issues yesterday. "Bad Bill" even got his own April Fools Day greeting from this voice message caller. The Uncle will examine this "greeting" for a better understanding. Another voice message was played; this one was from Jim saying he mailed two replacement tapes of the two that were destroyed last week by the Prichard Post Office. Even though the Uncle wasn't able to attend last night's Crimson Tide-Jaguars baseball game, he still gave a shout of "Roll Tide Roll!" as his on-air reaction of the Tide's victory. Due to the very strict rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC for the rest of you), the Uncle used the delay system in order to terminate Thurman's indecent call. As you know, Leeanna is taking a well-deserved break today and Friday, so we must settle with relatively new call screener and newlywed Jennifer. The Uncle even used Leeanna's theme music to summon her, even though he eventually found it when Jennifer was in the room. Sue encouraged the Uncle to check out a book at a local library called "Dereliction of Duty" to get a better understanding of what really happened in the past involving Richard Clarke. "Bad Bill's" name came up as "John" thanks to call screener Jennifer. Anyway, old Bill wanted to know what secret meeting the Uncle was attending? He then assumed that the Uncle attended a Ku Klux Klan meeting. After the ABC Newsbreak, a different Bill calls in sharing his memories of World War II such as various facts and being taught how to use knives in combat. The knives memory came about after all these recent police shootings in the area. "Call of the Week" is the Uncle's description of Bill's call. This could possibly be an April Fools joke, but another radio station other than 710 AM reported on an alligator loose in the area. The Uncle summoned Jennifer again, this time using her theme and asked her check with the other stations in the building for the authenticity of this alligator report. After Jennifer left, the Uncle said that her movement is quicker than Leeanna's. In the meantime, "The Idea Guy" said that when he drives over speed humps, he's in state of relaxation, and reports on that Morse code message from early on in the show. It's official, that report on a station reporting on an alligator loose was an April Fools joke. The final whirlwind segment begins with Department of Transportation worker Jay saying that there have been alligators on the Causeway in the past. Rick also heard the Morse code earlier and pulled an April Fools joke on the Uncle using a Morse code detector. The Uncle cut him off immediately after that. The Uncle ended today's show by reminding listeners to visit Snopes.com to check if so-called news items received through e-mail and/or unreliable sources such as "Robin Williams Peace Plan" and "Paul Harvey Reviews Passion of the Christ" are true. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

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