Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle announcing to the listeners that he's currently under a fever, yet it's still a pleasure to talk with the listeners. His temperature is about 100 degrees and currently no specialists are available at his time of need. Only 1 nurse was available to the Uncle as she on her way to work. Besides a fever and abdominal pain, another difference with the Uncle is that he actually felt connected to Rush Limbaugh while listening in the car this morning. In less than 5 days, the Uncle received a piece of mail on the news of a movie producer seeking the presidential nomination under Libertarian, starting at the Adams-Mark Hotel. "R. Moore" returns to the show wishing the Uncle good heath and brings up the fury of anger from the Mobile City Council meetings as of recent. Mars asked an important question on the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" that only Ian the webmaster of the 710 AM web site can answer. "A good hang up", says the Uncle after Mars hung up and admits to enjoying hearing folks with accents such as his. Sheila of the "Red Hats Society" began her call with everyone at Three Georges Chocolates shouting "Hello Uncle Henry!" and asked that burning question most listeners want to know, the Uncle's age. "I'm pretty old", is the only answer she got out of the Uncle explaining his age. Sonny (and his young child) brought back the assumption of Leeanna someday taking over the show after saying he enjoyed both shows and such. Speaking of Leeanna, the Uncle reminded listeners of what he calls embarrassing for Clear Channel Radio and the show, her attending the Aerosmith performance last week. Ian finally arrives to answer the question by coputer illiterate Mars, either use a relative/friend's computer or one at a local library to access the "Deal of the Week". There's no other way around it, unfortunately. "Bad Bill" called in via voice message with his tall tale on the Uncle's day of birth, which included lots of "Roll Tide" out of the Uncle's mouth when getting spanked and "War Eagle" from the doctors and nurses. After that, we received an obviously false report on Leeanna at the Aerosmith concert, which involved cartwheels on stage, tattoo showing, and Steve Nodine. Must be under the assumption of Leeanna going after the Uncle's job. According to Steve (not Mr. Nodine), who first told the Uncle that the previous caller's report on Leeanna is false, said that "Bad Bill's" dictionary picture should be under "Moron" and have honorable mentions under "Idiot" and "Loser". Somewhere in Baldwin County, Lucille called in asking for the replaying of a young child singing "God Blessed America" via voice message a while back. The Uncle agrees that there is something special about a child singing patriotic songs such as that. The Uncle began the whirlwind segment by telling all the youngsters out there to not grow up to be folks such as the one saying "I'm a little bit Rock 'N Roll" in the song playing that time. Donny Osmond happens to be a game show host nowadays, yet the show he hosted was cancelled. Once again, the Uncle was accused of attending something he would never attend, such as the Aerosmith concert. Leeanna was summoned for what exactly happened there and both examined that guy's so-called report on her. Regardless of fever, the Uncle shall return tomorrow! Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a simple "hello listener" from the Uncle after an entire weekend of no telephonic interaction with callers. After only a couple of months, the Uncle is already fed up with John Kerry after using a Bible verse to criticize Bush at a church Sunday. By the way, that Scripture read one of the Uncle's favorites from the Book of James. Big mistake so far in the Uncle's view. More on Kerry brought to our attention, Mr. Ralph Nadar will meet with Kerry with plans on how to defeat Bush. Brent was the first caller and prankster this week. The support for Leeanna's own show continues to grow with this week's first non-moronic caller. "Bad Bill" asks the Uncle about his plans for Easter, which is church like most folk, and asks if he's going to ware Leeanna's dress? We are reminded that callers such as old Bill are poor representatives of the 710 AM audience. Hopefully e-mails won't dominate the second half-hour of today's show thanks to our first 4 callers. The Uncle had the time to congratulate WPMI NBC 15 reporter Mike Rush for earning the Associated Press's title for best TV news reporter in Alabama. After the first "quickie" or first break for commercials, the Uncle brought up the big news of the new wooden walkway in Daphne. The Uncle recommends that folks shouldn't stray off this new walkway, for example the Uncle's grandson did this and ended up in some quicksand. Maybe those Power Ranger tennis shoes will turn up again someday. After a conversation on the recent happenings during the NCAA Tournament, Tom called in with a "Roll Tide" and goes into serious mode when bringing up the rising issue of those recent police shootings involving police and civilians believed to have a certain mental illness. Before the ABC Newsbreak, a preview of something else that makes the Uncle disappointed with Leeanna besides letting the weirdoes in the show about 20 minutes ago. Bubba asks why Mace wasn't used as a last resort on these folk, since most police have at least one can. "The Idea Guy" returns to the show putting in his take on the police shootings. Yet another Tom calls in, this one assumes that most callers such as the previous ones beforehand have a vivid imagination. "They want the police to kill them, not kill themselves" quoting this particular Tom, in which the Uncle understood fully. For the first time in weeks, Van had something better to say besides previous calls that include "Is this the Leeanna Show?". Chris began today's final whirlwind segment with brief accusations of moronic talk by Bubba earlier. Another Bill calls in passing on valuable information on the negatives of Mace, which include strong winds and that some can go empty quick. The Uncle finally summons Leeanna and thanks her for improving her call screening improvement during the second half-hour. Only 5 gift certificates left for Three Georges Chocolates. We finally know why the Uncle is disappointed with Leeanna as of now, she and her younger sister are attending a performance by the band Aerosmith at 7:00 PM in Pensacola. For those who don't know, the Uncle's criticism of a song by Aerosmith was one of the reasons he made it on radio. Hard to believe, isn't it? Today's show gets 4.2/5!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding listeners that the show is the most interactive experience in the history of Mobile radio. Later in the show, a representative from Three Georges Chocolates will be on the show promoting the business and the Uncle's "Deal of the Week". A big "Roll Tide Roll!" was the beginning of the Uncle's on-air reaction to last night's Crimson Tide victory in the NCAA Tournament. A package from Jim in Saraland addressed to the Uncle enclosed a letter, video from the recent Saraland broadcast, and a compact disc (CD to the rest of you). Shocking, the tape delivered was completely smashed. Could this some cruel joke for the Uncle or just is the Prichard Post Office getting careless? A "P.S." from Jim, two tapes of both "Leeanna Matteson Shows". Monday's show is being played! Uh oh, the Uncle now knows about when Leeanna said something about the Uncle not being replaced yet. She was only kidding that time. The Uncle gave many thanks to Jim for going through all the trouble to send this package. "Bad Bill" calls in asking why the Uncle didn't let him in yesterday and accuses the Uncle of playing the race card. After that, the Uncle began playing the "lie card" on him. Mike the Mailman, a Philadelphia Eagles fan calls in on what really happened to that videotape. Just some moron was one of Mike's answers. After that call, the Uncle suggested that Mike should get a haircut and fellow mailman Jay should get a shave. Another Mike calls in saying he's glad that the Uncle is back and says that "Crazy Billy" ("Bad Bill") is not the only black person on the show. You guessed it (or not), Mike also is of the same race as "Bad Bill". Once again, the Uncle is getting accused for something not true, this time for associating with the Mafia. Another example of playing the race card as the Uncle described it. For the first time in weeks the Uncle reads e-mail. This one from a guy named Robert suggesting that the central offices of the Mobile County School System should move into the old Baker High School building, which is very close to the geographical center of Mobile County (South of Schillinger Road). The second half-hour begins with the Three Georges Chocolates rep describing most of the chocolates in view of the Uncle. A little history for y'all, Three Georges Chocolates was founded in 1917 by 3 guys named "George" and they've been in business downtown ever since. They and The Nut House merged in 1997, both of them got visits from the Uncle. 2:45 PM is the exact time the gift certificates for the chocolates are on sale. We learn that not only the chocolate rabbits are personalized, but the eggs are too. A rather large chocolate rabbit named "Big Momma" was brought to the Uncle's eyes. There's little chance of him eating this one. Before the final whirlwind segment of the show, a voice message was played that has some weird "lady" congratulating Leeanna for hosting Monday and Tuesday's shows and seems to be one of the few folk that wants the Uncle removed from the show. This "lady" sounds just like the one with the creepy laugh last summer. Could these two weirdoes be one of the same? We now have a suggestion for a separate show for Leeanna to host. Possibly a post-church type program. As expected by some, most of the Three Georges gift certificates are almost gone, so go the 710 AM web site quick. As of the now, everyone in the room is in some state of mental relaxation due to all the chocolate in the room. Leeanna was summoned again, surprising the Uncle that she's eating and working at the same time. "Work ethic out the window", say the Uncle. Today's show gets a 4.9/5!

This weekend, Crimson Tide basketball coverage on 710 AM! May want some Three Georges chocolate on the side, too!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle saying it's wonderful to be with the listeners and reminding us that some folks are still embittered by the show's success. He'll pray for those! Thanks for plugging this web log, again! The Uncle's reason for saying the number slowly is so that some folks that have it tough picking up with the show's pace can keep up. We're still secure that "under God" shall remain the Pledge of Allegiance, even with the atheist taking his case to the Supreme Court (highest in the land). It's been brought to our attention via the news (WPMI-TV in particular) that small Bibles have been passed out in the past at Semmes Elementary School. The Uncle's glad that's been happening until now. Only 50 gift certificates are available for this week's "Deal of the Week", which is Three Georges Chocolates. The Uncle is going to be one of the folks going for one of the certificates, so don't even try getting in his way. Gene's sure that Leeanna doesn't plan a takeover of the show, yet folks via the Uncle's answering machine say otherwise. Once again, Van called in with "Is this the Leeanna Show?" and quickly said he was just teasing. Last night, the Uncle tuned in to C-SPAN accidentally to folks in the Congress having prayer, yet this almost doesn't happen anywhere else. Some weirdo called in playing a tape of one of yesterdays many congratulations to Leeanna for hosting the show. After the first break, the Uncle brought to our attention the 11th annual Festival of Flowers going on at Spring Hill College. Curtis calls in reminding the Uncle of their meeting at Keros Market Place. He brought up a radio program from long ago called "Uncle Jack Reads the Funnies" and suggested that the Uncle should do something similar. We learn that the Uncle hasn't read any of the Funnies in years, until today. "Woah, there's two pages of Funnies, and in color too", was the Uncle's reaction to the comics in the Mobile Register's "Living" section. So far, so good, the Uncle enjoyed Dennis the Menace, until he came upon full-colored "smut". After losing Mark's call due to cell phone problems, the Uncle decided to go back to the funnies. He discovered that Peanuts and Blondie are still there. Before the second half-hour, a voice message played with some guy with plenty of negative criticism on the Leeanna-hosted shows and accused her of planning to take over the Uncle's show. Mark's back finishing his preaching for Christians to go after these atheists such as the one at the Supreme Court. Marcel took up for Leeanna and asks if the Uncle has heard of some CD that was not even mentioned by name. After the return of the "It's Rolling, Baby!" prank, Leeanna was summoned. Coverage of the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball game will air tonight at 8:00 PM according to Leeanna. The negative voice mail message was replayed, mostly to let Leeanna hear the part with the guy accusing her of treating the Uncle like a dog and other certain points. Leeanna still doubts with all honestly that those pranksters can get swat like flies. We learn that the exact geographical center of Mobile County is south of the Mobile Flea Market on Schillinger Road. Even the idea of an East and West Mobile was brought up. "Call of the day!" in the Uncle's opinion. Tim suggests that the Uncle should read the funnies more and asks if Leeanna is still wearing those flip-flop shoes from yesterday. Former pastor Mr. Tally joins the show asking if the Uncle said something about the male and females being separated at the Festival of Flowers and asks if anyone there is wearing fish net stockings? Everything he said was wrong! Dave assumed that the show bumper promoting the Uncle as the Mobile region's first advocate for "anti-bacteria wet wipes" was for something else that I won't even mention. James asks why the Satsuma bank/grocery store was not questioned about? We had a claim that both of the Leeanna-hosted shows had no pranksters. Correction for that guy, only the Tuesday show had no pranksters. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

I'll slowly type the address to this site:


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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the return of the Uncle after a 4-day vacation. Hall's Meets is back sponsoring the show, along with Green Leaves Market Place. The Uncle said the phone number to call in (251-479-2723) kind of slowly this time. It's been proposed by the Mobile County School System that Barton Academy shall be a school once again and create a new central office in downtown Mobile. "Wouldn't you want the central offices central?" is the question the Uncle is asking about the school system relocating to a location that's not the very center of Mobile County. Van called in asking the Uncle "Is this the Leeanna Show"? Nope, Leeanna did not campaign for her own show, Uncle. "Bad Bill" calls in with his own welcome for the Uncle, asking if the Uncle was wearing a "thong" during Spring Break. A message from Leroy, via voice message reviewing the 1st of the Leeanna Matteson shows. The Uncle summons Leeanna on the shows. The Uncle apologized to all the listeners after hearing Leeanna explain the "thong" topic and songs played on Monday's show. He's glad that Gulf Shores banned this clothing, yet still disappointed that Leeanna discussed such topics. Even tried comparing her show to "The Howard Stern Show". During the first break, the Green Leaves commercial includes the Uncle saying that the popular market place's current building would have made great central office for the Mobile County School System. Eight Mile is now the definitive suggestion for a central office in the Uncle's mind thanks to a somewhat insulting caller. Norman shares his report of a "Peanut Man Double" telling him a tale of him and the Uncle getting arrested after a fistfight long ago. The Uncle calls that an indication that you shouldn't be drinking if you can't get your story right. Before the second half-hour began, Matthew via voice message reported on some Water Board & Sewer folks having a Municipal tag, yet they are privately owned. The Uncle reminds all under the age of 35 that "make overs" are not part of his generation's lexicon. A "character make over" is what the Uncle recommends. After yet another prank involving the Uncle's momma, the Uncle summoned Leeanna yet again. He asked what's with that "make over" stuff she talked about on Monday's show? Of course she was not accusing the Uncle of being ugly. During the Uncle's vacation, he visited former 710 AM employee April Gwen's for her current condition after 3 weeks in a local hospital. This was an attempt to get back into serious discussion. Ted calls in with praise of the "Leeanna Matteson Show" and suggests that the Uncle should take a couple of more days off. Even though old Ted loved the Leeanna-hosted show, the Uncle is still not going to quit. Bob thought the old Gayfers building downtown would be a possible choice as the central office of the Mobile County School System. The latest Hall's Meats commercial includes the Uncle sharing his moments with the meat during his 4-day vacation, such as microwaving the sausages and his sister asking why he didn't prepare any for her. The final whirlwind segment show has the Uncle sharing with us his experience at Gambino Brothers Restaurant (previous "Deal of the Week") Monday. "Donald Trump" called in on Leeanna's behalf saying "Leeanna, you're fight!" Yep, that's what Donald would sound like if he were born in the South. There appears to be one unconfirmed report on former WPMI anchor Rebecca Wilson's current whereabouts, which appears to be Atlanta. Mike thinks the school board is part of Mike Dow's "String of Pearls", AKA everything important in downtown Mobile. He even brought back the subject of the ban of "Bad Bill" from the show. Don't expect that to occur anytime, since old Bill's opinions do reflect many others' views. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a few songs courtesy of Leeanna, which all have a very "fiery" theme. As expected, today's first topic of the "Leeanna Matteson Show" is the liquefied natural gas (LNG) issue, including a pipe line being proposed to go through areas such as an cemetery that includes most folks that died in the 1906 hurricane, as said by first guest Ann, via phone. The opposition for the Exxon-Mobil LNG facility continues to rise according to Ann, especially since that explosion at an Algerian facility months ago. Ann congratulates the Mobile Register for covering the LNG controversy without any sort of media bias. "Because she has a charming personality", says a caller a while back, which was played after the first break. Problems arise after the first break with two callers being lost. Yet another LNG issue and it appears that another pipeline is being proposed. Claudette, one of the callers that got lost a few seconds ago thinks the Uncle is behind calls such as her previous one getting lost in the system. "Mother of all LNG stations" is how Claudette describes the area that includes Hollinger's Island that's soon to become a rather large wasteland for LNG facilities. Bob wanted to know what's next for the recent sewage spill in Prichard, which Leeanna agrees upon as another economic disaster. The now famous "You need the shut up" and a non-"fiery" song were played as the second half-hour began. The 710 AM phone system continues to fail as all 3 callers on the line were lost. Bob asked Claudette about why she said "North Mobile" instead of Prichard and "The mayor" instead of the one in that town? We almost had "Bad Bill", or some other Bill trying to put in his take on today's big topics. April 1st is the date according to Claudette that the old Prichard apartments are going down. After the final break, Leeanna reminds all that the songs she played are one of the many that the Uncle would never allow when he's around. Ron Rimes joins the show congratulating Leeanna and Claudette's activism on these issues facing the Mobile region. Oh yeah, old Ron even said how sweet the two are. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

The Uncle shall return tomorrow! Don't worry, Leeanna will survive him as usual 'til the next "Leeanna Matteson Show"

Monday, March 22, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle, oh wait Leeanna is filling in for the Uncle for the couple of days! For this day, I shall spell her name "Leeanna" aside of the one "n" version, which I first assumed to be her name's spelling after first hearing the Uncle's show for the very first time. She brought to our ears the news of out of order phone service somewhere in the Mobile region. They should be operational by tomorrow. Another news item from our regular call screener is that folks who wear "thongs" on the beach in Gulf Shores can get fined. Chris was the first caller on today's "Leeanna Matteson Show" discussing the "thong" issue, which he says he looks good in. Disturbing thought, don't you think? With most of the top news items out of the way, Leeanna was about to answer Jimmy's question on what exactly is a "thong". After the first break, Leeanna tells listeners that she knows that she may get into trouble with the Uncle by playing a particular song that I'm not even mentioning. I'm for sure the Uncle is going to read this summary/review of the show. We learn of Scott O'Brien's latest whereabouts, which is another golf tournament. Steve congratulates Leeanna on a great show so far and we now know that former call screener Jessica is back for this particular show. There is now a chance of at least 1 prankster. After a rather lengthy discussion on politics, Leeanna admitted that she's tired of the mudslinging during this year's national election campaigns. I will repeat what Leeanna was trying to say before the ABC Newsbreak interrupted her, "This is the Leeanna Show on NTM-AM". Some folks may think she was trying to say "MTV" (The former Music Television). The second half-hour begins with Leeanna listing the songs to be played on tomorrow's show (again, I won't list a song). We had a prankster, two to be exact! Van tells Leeanna that he won't be wearing a "thong" and shares his view on the things being a bit too revealing. "Bad Bill" joins the show with his false sighting of the Uncle spending his vacation in Gulf Shores wearing a "thong". Lulubelle calls in saying she thought only females wore "thongs", which I also believed too. Leeanna agrees with her saying that she would rather see folks wear real bathing. We had some guy named "R. Moore" called in. No, it can't be the former Alabama judge, or could it be? In memory of the Uncle, Michael gave him a big "war eagle" shout. Leeanna summons call screener Jessica to talk about her new job upstairs, which is kind sort of a bore. The so-called troubled tattooed 18-year-old may some day pursue a career in nursing, so keep a look out for her at a local doctor's office. Another Henry calls in sharing with us some nursing information and congratulates Leeanna on doing such a wonderful job. That's right, Leeanna, Jessica, and myself have never seen anyone wearing a "thong". We are so lucky! This week's "Deal of the Week" is Three Georges Chocolate, just in time for Easter. Today's show gets a 5/5!

(Microsoft's word proscessor "Word" considers both spellings of "Leeanna" wrong. Darn you, Microsoft!)

Leeanna: 17

Leeana: 100+

Boy, do I have a long way to go!

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of the Uncle, this time broadcasting live from a Super Wal-Mart located on the Beltline (Hill Crest Rd to be exact) in very poor audio. Only Leeana and the caller voices are of the highest quality. Frequent guest Steve Nodine believes that Fred Richardson didn't tell him to shut up during Wednesday's City Council meeting. Remember that free gift certificates for the Uncle's "Deal of the Week", which is Gambino Brothers Restaurant are up for taking starting today. So go to 710 AM's web site and you should find the deal on the front page. "Bad Bill" was the first caller for today's broadcast from Wal-Mart. His opinions on Nodine still haven't changed (Remember "Steven Mo'Ron") and put in his take on the Uncle encouraging Leeana to sing karaoke. The Uncle told Leeana to cut off old Bill due to his lack of anything useful the say. Green Leaves Gardening Center is the latest sponsor the show, finest flowers in the region. After the first commercial break, the Uncle finally realized that most listeners couldn't understand what everyone including himself at Wal-Mart is saying. Bad microphones, perhaps? After 27 minutes, the microphones at Wal-Mart were finally fixed. Leeana took the show to a quick break for commercials due to more problems with the broadcast. Show's back, with only 30 seconds left 'til the ABC Newsbreak! According to the Uncle, a rat was chewing on the microphone cords. If the bad audio had continued to the very end, I would have given this show a rating in the 3.0-3.9 range. Just kidding, folks! Folks still have the chance to meet the Uncle at the Hill Crest Wal-Mart, as he'll be staying 'til 4:00 PM. Mostly to meet folks and fans of the show. Now Leeana wants the Uncle to join her singing karaoke at Gambino Brothers. Van congratulates the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team for reaching the NCAA Tournament. Van suggests that the Uncle should do some Slim Whitman-like singing. Steve Nodine spoke for almost 3 minutes after Van asked for more on his take on the Mobile Housing Board. The Uncle got to promote those Alltel cell phones with a camera and e-mail service. The final whirlwind segment included more Alltel promotion and Leeana still wants some eats from Gambino Brothers. Helen made sure that the Uncle brings back some Gambino lasagna for the well deserving Leeana. Too bad she couldn't ask Steve Nodine her question due to time constraints. Nodine promised to think positive 'til next week's City Council meeting. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this absolutely beautiful day in the Mobile region, yet controversy has returned as the Uncle got into details. Some of the council members at last night's Mobile City Council meeting, especially Fred Richardson was really flared up in anger over the housing board. Audience folk, including students were at the meeting witnessing the shocking events. It appears they're trying to hide something from the public, according to a caller via voice message bringing to our attention Comcast's Port City 6 cutting away from the meeting as Steve Nodine (the Uncle's most frequent guest) was about to speak. That was some weird laugh from the fellow that reported this. Ben Brooks drops by the show for all to know what's really going on. "The discussion was peppered" as the Mobile Register describes the events that lead up to last's flare of anger at the City Council. Ben even brought many Mobile Register articles from the past couple of years on the situations in the eyes of council members. In the Uncle's view, every time the council members get ready to reform, stonewalling is just around the corners of the council of the city of Mobile. Shortly after the first commercial break, Fred Richardson's "You need the shut up!" during his anger flare is now considered a classic by the Uncle. First caller after about 27 minute was a prankster, giving old Brooks a good laugh. No, Leeana won't get banned from the upcoming broadcast from Schillinger Road. David asked how the council members get paid and assumed the taxpayers are behind it. The second half-hour begins with Ben Brooks saying that Richardson's outburst included issues that had nothing to do what was being debated that night. Turns out that most audience members were contacted to attend the council meeting when they didn't really have to. In Ben Brook's view of course! Brooks shares memories of past city budgets stretching back to 1990, including revealing his year of birth, which is 1958. Lots of growth in the budget in 12 years according to Brooks. "Bureaucracy or elected officials?" are the answers Ben had it down to when asking himself about the cause of growth in the city budget. The show's pre-emption for Alabama Basketball is still on for tomorrow. Max, who's not in Brook's district, agrees with him a lot on the money in the city's budget being wasted. Scott O'Brien called into today's show asking the Uncle why he was complaining about the coverage of the Crimson Tide game tomorrow. The Uncle suggested that the show should be on FM so that more people can listen. Scott will look into this. Once again, Leeana was forced to apologize for letting pranks in the show. The latest one was audio of a turkey. Today's show gets a 4.5/5

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the (West) Mobile with a brief pause until the Uncle finally spoke, along with mispronouncing "telephonic" as "telephanic". We are reminded yet again that Thursday's show is being pre-empted for Alabama basketball and we are also reminded the upcoming remote broadcast from Schillinger Road. The Uncle gave a "roll tide!" to the Tide's basketball team.The "Bingo for Books" program, which the Uncle is very much opposed to is even getting the same opposition from an Alabama (interim) official. Gary Redden calls in promoting his web site named after him and tells all of his recently learning expirence of a president's job not including creating jobs for enconomic growth from reading The Constitution many times at a local library. Ted brings to the Uncle's attention of a news story reported by WPMI NBC 15 of a Saraland home being vandalized. We now know about the days the Uncle is going to be away from the microphone are Monday and Tuesday. Leeana is still set to be hosting on those days. Don't expect tattoo discussion on those two shows, but something you would hear on Martha Stewart Living. The Uncle brings up his vision for a Loxley international airport, which was laughed upon by an uninformed listener. He gave the rest of these listeners a "raspberry". Something else listeners won't be hearing on the Leeana-hosted shows next week, no political guests. The Uncle is the only one that can handle those folk. Norman brings up a story in the Mobile Register about a so-called yahoo that wants the government to apologize for all that was American slavery. Of course nobody living today has to apologize for these actions of the past. The Uncle's hypothetical example of this meaningless apology is an apology for encouraging Leeana to get a tattoo. "Dumb, dumb, dumb" were the words of Van disagreeing with the Uncle's vision for an airport in Loxley. Yeah, old Van laughed just like the other guy from yesterday's show. He would later get cut off for something the Uncle describes as an "eyeballing Leeana" thing for the Internet. Jon reports to all listeners on a major fire at the Mobile Paint Plant on Hamilton Blvd. Leeana and Charlie Moss entered the room with more information on this fire. The Uncle mostly wanted to hear from Charlie, since he's the news veteran. Leeana's lips puckered a bit after that and bursted with laugher after the Uncle asked Charlie to help prevent looking at other 710 employees' lips. More on this story when the Paul Finebaum Show is interrupted. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the Uncle's once in a while reminder that he's the host and we're the listeners. The Uncle happened to be thinking of us, the listeners this weekend. Lots of transportation news as of recent to discuss on the show! Soft drink and snack prices appear to have skyrocketed in the area, as discovered by the Uncle when trying to buy a Kit Kat Big Kat and a drink from vending machine. Now on to the transportation news, 3 plans have been proposed involving the airport, trains, and buses. $280 million is estimated of how much this train system from Downtown Mobile to Mobile Regional Airport. The Uncle suggests otherwise for the $280 million to be spent on new cars for the folks in the region. "Bad Bill" would have been today's first caller, but for some unknown reason his responsibility as a regular caller left with him. The Uncle suggested for old Bill to get a wireless phone or something. Gene was very close to this territory, but finished turning off his radio on time to speak with the Uncle. Due to the vending machine crisis, the Uncle was unable to take notes of Rush's program. This week's "Deal of the Week" is the Gambino Brothers Restaurant located in Baldwin County, the Eastern Shore to be exact. Van actually found something funny about the Uncle's suggestion for an airport in Loxley. "No offence to the Mobile Airport Authority", says the Uncle after that, and the same goes for when he said they think like its 1950 and he thinks 2050. Yet another remote broadcast is coming up, this time on Schillinger Road, which is very close to the airport and flea market. That brought up the idea for a train system between the Mobile Flea Market and Regional Airport. After the commercial break/ABC Newsbreak, the Uncle announced to all listeners an important programming note. Thursday's show is not going to air due to Alabama basketball coverage. Diane asks for info on that long aired fellow from the Saraland broadcast, who is a former mayor from South Carolina that now lives in the region. Leeana was summoned for information on her post-birthday weekend. We find out that she didn't get the tattoo she planned to get, but she did shop for a design at L.A. Body Art (home of Chassity, not really). Next week the Uncle is going to take a day or two off, so expect Leeana to fill in for possibly a couple of shows. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle glad as usual of the listeners making this show the runaway success it is and reminds all the address of the 710 AM studios, which is 555 Broadcast Drive (WNTM AM shares the same building with WKRG-TV5). Some folks from Port City Pizza will be bringing over pizza for Leeana's birthday later in the show. Even though Port City Pizza folks are going to be on the show, Hall's Meats is still sponsoring the show. The Uncle was quick with his fingers catching the first caller pulling a prank. The Uncle encouraged listeners to congratulate him for this quick effort. Gene brought up another slang term the Uncle didn't fully understand until today, the term for relaxation "chill out". Leeana was summoned for her take on Gene's supposed origin of "chill out" being from a particular race or creed. Turns out that "chill out" is going the way of other slang, such as "groovy" and many others the Uncle is not able to say on the air. I wonder if young Uncle Henry fan Alexander knows about this site, since he's at school around this time (Spring Break begins later this month, so expect an influx of Mobile and Baldwin County students listening to the show). After the first commercial break, the Leeana birthday celebration begins with the same "Birthday/Hawaiian Theme" from exactly one year ago. Chip from 96.1 "The Rocket" and Alex Mathis joined in on the celebration. "Leggy Leeana" is a nickname Chip thought of for obvious reasons. Tomorrow the Murphy High School Band is traveling to Ireland for the St. Patrick's Day celebration there. Miss Barbara promoting Port City Pizza encouraged Leeana to go for the tattoos she's planning to get this weekend. Even the pranksters have managed to get into Leeana's birthday celebration. One fellow's rendition of "Happy Birthday" is sung over the air. Leeana cracked up over that. Mr. C returns to the show wishing Leeana many more happy birthdays to come and a tattoo each year. Before the ABC Newsbreak, Alex Mathis brought Leeana a birthday card with a picture of a squirrel. Glenn brings to the Uncle's attention that today is also his birthday. We are close to the Uncle's "Deal of the Week", so Sherry (along with her silent partner) speaks about Port City's Pizzas various pizzas, such as the Uncle's favorite "Hamburger Cheese". Looks like Port City Pizza has gotten into the low-carbohydrate craze too. Sherry brought along a special birthday pizza for Leeana. Telling by her reaction, this pizza must be real good! Leeana receives her first gift, which is a "Snail Rock" which in the Uncle's opinion represents her speed when being summoned into the room (mostly after a prankster or two). The Uncle compliments Sherry on her excellent radio voice. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle sharing his thoughts on Mrs. Hall giving him a big box of the popular meat yesterday at the location of the Saraland broadcast. "Bad Bill" makes it into the show via voice message saying the Uncle should be ashamed of the constant criticizing of Leeana's clothes and tattoos. Shortly after that, all three callers on the lines were lost; no thanks to 710 AM's phone system. "The Idea Guy" on a cell phone says Mike Dow didn't even acknowledge Leeana's birthday today, which is a shame. Gift certificates for the Uncle's "Deal of the Week" are still available, only in limited qualities. So go to NewsRadio710.com quick! "Get a new cell phone, brother!" said Chris to "The Idea Man", as he referred to him as. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Well folks, it's Friday and Rebecca Wilson was not on "NBC 15 Today" for her final day at the station. Only saw a promo with Scott Walker saying that Rebecca's replacement will be announced Monday, which is Sandra Shaw. I guess WPMI's goodbye party last Saturday was enough of a sendoff.

We end our own sendoff with this nice photo of our "Webby":

Our Rebecca

She has a bright future ahead of her!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show live from Saraland, Alabama with the Uncle saying it's great to do the show outdoors and includes a plug for the nearby business Karos Market Place. Leeana made it to today's show and even brought her little boy, Zachary. His opinion on Mommy Leeana's plans for more tattoos: she shouldn't because she has enough. Even Mrs. Halls of Hall's Meats agrees with the 5-year-old. First caller John calls in about his early sighting of Leeana dressed very professionally. The Uncle's thankful she's well covered today. The weirdoes are back, this time accusing the Uncle of being "on top of " Leeana. This guy was cut off eventually. Steve shares with us his comments on the former Music Television channel, in which the Uncle agrees well upon. Joe, that weirdo from a few minutes ago called back, but got cut off. Van asks if Leeana will still work on her birthday tomorrow (we still don't know how old she'll be). The answer to that question is "yes". "Bad Bill" managed to get into today's show insulting the Uncle. He was cut off before the first break for commercials. I must say, this Dennis fellow handling calls is really quick when it comes to the weirdoes and pranksters. Council member Ron Mitchell of Saraland arrives after the first commercial break and describes Leeana as "the pleasant side of Uncle Henry". Mark calls in saying he can't find the location of today's broadcast, which is on Highway 45 in Saraland. Debra also agrees with Leeana's boy and suggests that Hall's Meats should be a part of a future "Deal of the Week", which is a possibility. The 2:30 PM ABC Newsbreak was one commercial late due to today's show being a remote broadcast. The Uncle reminds all of tomorrow's pizza party celebrating Leeana's birthday. Dennis asks the question for the answer we all want to know, Leeana's age. She's between 27-29. Don't expect her to reveal her weight, though. The Uncle asked these folks from Mobile Infirmary about Leeana's plans for a tattoo. They turned out not to be the right people to ask. We find out that the Uncle has a soft spot for folks named Geraldine (the cake lady was brought up), because his grandmama's name was Geraldine. Betty asked over the air the spelling of "Karos", which is K-A-R-O-S. Soon to be state delegate (maybe) Alex Mathis practices how he would announce the possible news of all 45 Alabama delegates nominating Bush. The Uncle revealed to all Dennis' appearance, which includes long hair and a Wild E. Coyote shirt. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

#4 of our Rebecca Wilson sendoff is:

Another day begins
From WPMI.com

She really knows how to look her best each morning

Well folks, tomorrow is her final day at WPMI NBC 15. Send her e-mail while you still can at:


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle thanking all the listeners for making the show the shocking success it has been for about 2 years and reminds all about tomorrow's remote broadcast from Saraland. Leeana will indeed be there, so expect folks to question her weekend plans for new tattoos. "Obesity #1 Killer" has now become the big issue in the news, which is ridiculous in the Uncle's view, but sees this as a blessing in disguise from the government. "Big Momma" is how the Uncle views the government as of now with this report on the obesity issue. "First Time Caller" (never revealed her name) calls in sharing her views on this sudden influx of obesity being a big issue. We are reminded yet again that Port City Pizza is this week's "Deal of the Week". A prankster unfortunately makes it through the phone system at 710 AM, causing the Uncle to say that yesterday's show had Leeana's worst performance as call screener. With obesity strengthening as an issue, the Uncle suggests putting a tax on food such as Oreo cookies, like tobacco being taxed. The latest Hall's Meats has the Uncle urging the government to not mess with his meats, which are going to be available at tomorrow's Saraland broadcast. Tim called in saying he and Leeana are compatible. Don't expect any relationship out of them since she's married, as most listeners should already know. The Uncle was close to blowing his top after some weirdo called in insulting his mother, causing him to summon Leeana. Reverend V.W. calls in with a positive take on Leeana. We could have a possible "two prayer" battle by the Uncle and Leroy on this fake Leroy. Mark thinks that just eating fast food can lead to obesity. 99% should know that this is not true, but eating too much can lead to it. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Finally, we're off the obesity topic and on to #3 of the Rebecca Wilson tribute:

Halloween 2002
From WPMI.com

She can handle situations from news reporting to the most awkward like this.

I'm expecting a big sendoff for Rebecca on her final day at WPMI NBC 15, which is Friday.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful, almost cloudless day with the Uncle reminding listeners that no other show like this once ever existed until now. Before phone calls, the Uncle wishes excellent recovery to 710 AM employee April Gwen who currently resides at Providence Hospital for kidney surgery. Friday is Leeana's date of birth, so the Uncle is throwing a pizza party and expects criticism on her call screening from callers on that day. Her age remains unknown to most of us. The Uncle discovered this morning on Scott O'Brien's program a story on a kid passing Bible versus to his classmates during a Christmas party. Just another religious issue facing the state! Debbie of Baker High School brings to the Uncle's attention the Baker Band participating at this year's Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. If Leeana can make it to the upcoming remote broadcast in Saraland, she'll be the one giving away tickets for Baker High School's screening of movies. Steven thanks the Uncle for letting his favorite topic into today's show, the public school system. He graduated from Baker High School, by the way. Steven shares with us his experience at The Brick Pit, which included getting his shirt stained by the barbecue. What started off as intelligent call ended with an audio prank. The Uncle apologizes for losing his temper. Leeana was summoned over this unexpected prank. At least nobody pulled a prank during the first 28 minutes of the show. Two voice messages from the "fake Leroy" were played before the second half-hour. This time this weirdo claims to have worn a pink dress at a local Wal Mart. One of the few folks that are not negative toward the Mobile County School Board called in thanking Harold Dodge and other school board members for making the school transition successful. Tom brings up another possible situation with the schools that leak. The possibility of mold due to all the left over water when the roofs at the schools are fixed. Two pranksters reared their heads shortly after this. Speaking of possibilities, former call screener Jessica could make it to the Saraland broadcast. I'm sure many of you have plenty of questions to ask her. The Uncle summons Leeana once again, this time asking what she wants for her birthday. Butterfly tattoos appears to be what she wants. We learn from Scott O'Brien that Mike Dow will appear on his show on the first Friday of each month starting the day after April Fools Day. A good laugh from Leeana after that! Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

One of our pranksters had to nerve to insult Rebecca Wilson, but we can't let him ruin our sendoff. Here's tribute #2:

Auburn Ranks What Again?
From WPMI.com

She may be an Auburn fan, but the Uncle and the rest of the "Crimson Waves" (Crimson Tide fans) still love our Webby!

Monday, March 08, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region with the Uncle saying it's a pleasure to hear comments from folks in the region. As the Uncle has been saying for days, he wishes for as many calls as possible. Port City Pizza is the next location for the "Uncle Henry Deal of the Week", so get ready. So far, there's nothing intelligent to say on the situation involving the leaking schools. "Rip-off" says the Uncle on the taxpayers' money used for the schools with leaking roofs. This is just an opinion from the Uncle, he doesn't want 18-24 year olds to get involved in the voting progress, even though they are eligible to vote. I must remind him that not all 18-24 year old folk behave the way some folk would think. First caller of the week was a prankster! After that call, the Uncle threatened Leeana with a possible banning from the upcoming remote broadcast in Saraland. James asks about the plasma in plasma TV sets, which have technology the Uncle doesn't understand very well. Both still have sets with tubes, like 95% of us! A message via voice message played with some guy challenging "Bad Bill" to meet everyone at the upcoming Saraland broadcast. "The Idea Guy" asked for the latest on Rebecca Wilson's departure from WPMI NBC 15, who was not on "NBC 15 Today" this morning. Friday may be her final day at the station. As of recent, the Uncle noticed "The Hamburgler" statue located somewhere in the region is missing. "Bad Bill" puts in his take on the Uncle forcing Leeana to apologize to The Brick Pit's proprietor for the clothing she wore that day, along with letting weirdoes into the show. Maybe the Uncle will indeed meet "Bad Bill" at Saraland later this week. According to an unconfirmed source, "Bad Bill" is selling a statue of some sort at the Mobile Flea Market. Ron Rimes of WPMI says that Rebecca's final day at the station is officially Friday. Most of the folks at NBC 15 had a "Farewell Party" Saturday night. Sandra Shaw, replacing Rebecca is said to be at NBC next month. Not much of a "good big fat" shout of War Eagle by this rep of the Auburn nation. The Uncle thanked Leeana for dressing up very well unlike Friday. Yet another "Mystery Singer Game" for a $50 gift certificate for Port City Pizza. Expect this to be the final playing. Leeana got to join the Uncle for the latest Hall's Meats commercial. The Uncle suggested to skateboarders not to use Hall's Meats in a stunt. Brenda got it right! The final mystery singer was Pat Boone. The Uncle adds Mr. Boone to his list of singer suggestions for the next BayFest. The real Leroy calls in telling the Uncle that he shall encounter this "fake Leroy" at a Wal-Mart parking lot tonight. Despite the so-called strangeness of today's show, the Uncle still enjoyed doing it. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Since this has officially been confirmed as Rebecca's final week, I will post 5 little tributes in honor of her on this particular week in Mobile TV history. Here's the first in this series:

Halloween 2003
From WPMI.com

Even as Lorraine Baines-McFly, she is still Rebecca Wilson (nee Wells)

Contact her at rwilson@wpmi.com

Friday, March 05, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a "hello" this time from the Uncle and he reminds folks listening while driving to be careful. Yesterday's sadly abbreviated show is still on the Uncle's mind. Today is the first day of the "Uncle Henry Deal of the Week". Just go to NewsRadio710.com and you should an advertisement of this deal for gifts half-priced. The Uncle summons Leeana for an update on the Martha Stewart trial and it appears the verdict is "guilty" on all 4 charges. Even though she reported it, Leeana is not a big Martha Stewart fan. The Uncle admits that every time he watched Stewart, he felt uncomfortable. "Roll Tide" Virginia calls in talking about a photo of actor (or actress, either way) Jamie Lee Curtis in the Sunday Mobile Register being sort of disgusting. She managed to express her opinion without saying anything that may offend folk. "Bad Bill" returns to the show asking the Uncle why he feels that way about Martha Stewart and goes into anti-Bush mode again. We learn that there is going to be a special guest later on today's show. Glenda, a former Baldwin County Public Schools employee says that Mobile's newest schools are not the only ones in the region that leak. Glenda also wonders what "Bad Bill's" take on Bill Clinton is, since he did lie in office at least once. Another Bill calls in agreeing with Glenda on the leaky roofs in Baldwin County. This special guest the Uncle mentioned a few minutes ago happens to be The Brick Pit proprietor Mr. Bill Armbrecht. We end the first half-hour with Mr. Armbrecht entering the room. The Uncle refreshes listeners on that ABC Newsbreak including the big news on Martha. "There in my foot!" said the first weirdo calling in. Thank goodness Bubba was the third caller of the second half-hour after the Uncle threatened to suspend Leeana. The "Steve Nodine Theme" kicks off the Uncle's conversation with Bill Armbrecht of The Brick Pit. The throw back to 50+ years ago is pretty much responsible for the success of the restaurant, according to the 48-year-old proprietor. Just a reminder that the Brick Pit is located on Old Shell Road. The Uncle summons Leeana to apologize to Bill Armbrecht for letting the pranksters get into this particular show and for her clothes. A caller via-voice message says he found out from one of the WPMI NBC 15 cameramen that one of the reasons Rebecca Wilson is leaving the station is because of her contract not being renewed. The Uncle has good news, there are no plans to cut a show by one half-hour next week. Thank goodness! Well what the, Sarah appeared to be an intelligent caller talking about the Martha Stewart, until all of a sudden a prank was pulled. Expect more on all topics mentioned on today's show next week. Today's show gets a 3.8/5!

New addition to The Uncle Henry Blog! A guestbook for visitors to leave a message in before leaving the site. I expect the Uncle, Leeana, and maybe even Scott O'Brien to sign in soon. Enjoy it, if you can!

Contact Rebecca Wilson at Rwilson@WPMI.com

I discovered John Edd Thompson's email address yesterday!

Contact him at Johneddthompson@mobilesongwriters.com

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a simple "Hi" from the Uncle back at the 710 AM studios. The good news from the Uncle is "we're having a program" and the bad news is that today's show is getting sliced is half due to basketball coverage of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Female) VS Old Miss (Female). Looks like those anti-carbohydrate cults are making a big mistake since they are excellent substances for the brain. The Uncle wouldn't be surprise to hear of car accidents involving some of these folks. Even in a show cut in half, a prankster manages to get into today's show. Bubba brings up an article in the Mobile Register about the folks from the Quiznos submarine sandwich restaurant being upset over the advertisements with the "demonic rats", as the Uncle referred to them as yesterday. Shannon calls in saying that former call screener Jessica doesn't show respect to her too. That's right, the so-called troubled tattooed 18-year-old is still on the minds of most listeners. The "Morse code" messages returns to the ears of listeners during the talk on "The Zone Diet" book, which the Uncle recommends, especially to those in the anti-carbohydrate cults. Only a few minutes of the abbreviated edition of the show left! Last few minutes of the show included the fairly new call screener and future Navy wife Jennifer. I still think Leeana's theme is better, but that's just my opinion! Finally, we have a caller named Ida protesting sports coverage on a news/talk station. No, I didn't expect someone named Ida to call into the show. Well folks, the end of the show is here already. The full hour shall return tomorrow! Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show live on location from The Brick Pit BBQ on Old Shell Road and the Uncle lists all the guests up for today's show. The Brick Pit's proprietor Bill Armbrecht got to speak a bit on the air in his BBQ-like voice, as the Uncle described it. All this BBQ talk made Leeana back at the 710 Studios hungry, so we're not alone. The Brick Pit was featured in Southern Living's Top 5 BBQ restaurants 5 year ago. The Uncle thanks the CPS guys for making the Uncle Henry mugs. Lee representing these folks gave the Uncle one of the mugs. First caller was "Bad Bill", but the Uncle told Leeana not to let him through. The other two calls were lost, no thanks to the phone system. As of now, the Uncle is the only one out there that has seen "The Passion of the Christ". Technical difficulties are preventing the Uncle from hearing callers, according to Leeana. Hopefully Jeff of 710 AM gets over to The Brick Pit BBQ to correct this problem before the end of the show. After the first break, the Uncle asks this guy about his accent. Before speaking with Tony of the "Alabama Lightning", a minor league football team, the Uncle autographed a cup of his. That's right, this team plays outdoors! Orange Beach's Sports Place is where the team is going to play. July through September is the length of the team's regular season. Most of them are going to be night games. The Uncle was unsuccessful at revealing the players on the "Alabama Lightning" roster. The Alabama Lightning.com is the official web site of team. We did find out Tony is a native of Pensacola, Florida. Before the ABC Newsbreak (don't ask what the headlines were), the Uncle couldn't finish repeating the location of today's show, which was not really necessary. "Hey, am I on" were the words of the Uncle after the newsbreak and commercials. An Auburn fan near by reports on some writing in The Brick Pit's restroom that was probably written by a Georgia Bulldogs fan. A young Republican under the name Whitney shares her theories on the current politics. "Bad Bill" is once again the first caller on Leeana's call screening list in a half-hour. Some guy brought a portable computer along playing the TV series "Frasier". Fred could have been today's first caller, but hung ago before the Uncle tried to speak. Tyron ends up being today's first caller and says he's been following the Uncle since the very beginning. The Uncle salutes Bill Armbrecht for not advertising The Brick Pit with commercials like that one with a so-called "demonic rat". Looks like a prank managed to get into today's remote broadcast. Very poor prank is you ask me, the Uncle, and Leeana. Audrey brings up a commercial that aired many months ago with some guy with wolf cubs getting fed by a mother wolf. The Brick Pit is still opened around 8:15 PM for those leaving work. "The Idea Guy" returns to the show bringing up an article in the Mobile Register about the "Bingo for Books" foundation. The Uncle almost called Van "Dan" again. The Uncle apologizes to Bill Armbrecht about the criticizing of that commercial with the "demonic rat". We end today's broadcast with these words from the Uncle, "What time do we have left". Today's show gets a 5/5!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this beautiful day in the Mobile region as the Uncle invites the listeners to call in on today's show. Another reminder of tomorrow's live broadcast from The Brick Pit. There appears to be a new football team forming in the Mobile region called "The Alabama Lightning" and the Uncle wants to invite folks representing the team to tomorrow's broadcast location. The Uncle also reminds all that there have been far worse driving distractions than cell phones for many decades, such as Burger King's "The Whopper". At the path we're going, a hamburger holding device could be next. Other distraction off the Uncle's head includes young children, passengers, radio/CD players, and DVD players. What appeared to be major point on driving distractions turned out to be a lead-in to the first prank of the week. Hopefully Leeana doesn't get extra suspension thanks to these weirdoes. Richards, who used a cell phone to call in reported on people getting dressed while driving. The Uncle gave a big "whoop-dee-doo" to the "there use to be…" announcement on water being on Mars at some point. The second half-hour begins with Danny suggesting the banning of males from using a cell phone due to differences in the brain from females. The Uncle's officially fed up the pranksters after weirdo #3 called in. The Uncle's delay system worked again preventing those 4 four letters from reaching our radios from that caller. "It's so not my fault", quoting Leeana as she entered the room. Hopefully she'll be able to attend next week's remote broadcast. The Uncle suggests that Leeana should think like a male while trying to call screen. George accused the Uncle of trying to ruin WPMI 15's Rebecca Wilson's career, which is not true since she told the Uncle herself of upcoming departure from the station. Cindy calls in saying that a business of hers is going to be closed tomorrow just so that everyone can meet the Uncle and Leeana, but finds out that Leeana won't be there. Cindy has been on the low carbs diet since the Sixties and there are no plans to end it. The Uncle's view on low carb diets being cultist has gained strength. For the second day in a row, a commercial for The Brick Pit BBQ airs. We find out that the U.S. Army has full support for the Uncle. The fake Leroy calls in on today's show! Sherry calls in showing her great addiction to the show and suggests that the show should repeat sometime after midnight. Chances of a show repeat are low thanks to the "Coast to Coast AM" program. Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

Contact Rebecca Wilson at rwilson@wpmi.com

Monday, March 01, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle mentioning the confounding industry folk who observe the show, but didn't get into details. A chance to win $50 in gift certificates is to occur in the second half-hour. The Uncle wishes to get slapped by someone shortly before next year's Academy Awards, which was such a bore in the Uncle's view. We all must wail 'til next year's Oscar show to find out if "The Passion of the Christ" even gets nominated. The Uncle shares with us something else not mentioned he didn't metion from his viewing of "The Passion" last Friday, this guy ahead of him stuffing himself with popcorn. If anybody of you have seen the movie, you know what the Uncle means. The entire psychiatric community was asked about this particular guy. Rick Collins of the anti-LNG movement was the first caller on today's show. Exxon-Mobil has now paid the first of three payments for the property for the proposed liquefied natural gas facility. Rain showers have entered West Mobile (or Mid Mobile), location of 710 AM. Keith calls in attempting to keep "The Passion" as the main topic. Keith has to drive all the way to Atlanta soon, so he has no time to see the movie today. Robin asks if the Uncle was serious about that guy eating popcorn being disrespectful. An phone message played with someone reporting on a sighting of "The Peanut Man" selling some peanuts in heavy traffic. Second half-hour begins with details on the power of popcorn with peanut oil. Budrow suggests that "Bad Bill" should see "The Passion" for a conversion. Leroy calls in about those "fake Leroys" phone messages played last week. Tom almost got into talk about radio ratings until he learned from the Uncle that it's against the rules to even bring up stuff like that. Leeana arrives with the Uncle summoning her for the gift certificate giveaway, courtesy of The Brick Pit. The mystery voice game returns as part of the giveaway! It's been obvious since the first second that this mystery voice belongs to a lady. The Uncle described the lady's singing as "an early version of rap". Steve got it right! That lady happened to be Judy Garland. Remember that the latest chance to meet the Uncle is Wednesday at The Brick Pit. "See ya tomorrow" were the words the Uncle ended today's show with. Today's show gets a 5/5!

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