Thursday, February 26, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show the Uncle saying "You're the one, you're the listener!" There is a possibility that 710 AM's Scott O'Brien may appear on the show today. Either by phone or in person, we'll know later. It appears Scott is going to contact a listener of his morning program "The Big Story". Later in the show the Uncle will introduce a third call screener to the show. Reason for this, so far it has something to do with co-call screener Jessica's future. First caller by this third call screener was a prankster. Introducing, the third call screener, Jennifer! This lady is not new around 710 AM, she has been the station for about 10 years. Looks like it's going to be only 2 call screeners from now on, as we the listeners now know that Jessica is leaving the show. Mike answered correctly about what's different about this Jennifer from Leeana and Jessica. "Respect", as listeners can tell from her saying "yes sir" to the Uncle. "Master of the Screening" is what the Uncle said when referring to Leeana after today's second prankster. It appears the Uncle didn't know a thing about station Lite Mix 99, which operates in the same building. I must disagree that Jennifer's theme is better than Leeana's. A Bill other than "Bad Bill" calls in saying that new call screener Jennifer is always happy, as some can tell by the first conversation with the Uncle. Due to the large number of Mikes calling in, this Mike called in under his middle name Chester. Anyway Chester called in bringing up the issue of the show's limit of 1 hour. "Bad Bill" makes it into today's show, only via answering machine message, this time with more so-called reasons on the pelting of the Uncle during a Mardi Gras parade. The second half-hour begins with these words such as "Solid Gold Country" (another O'Brien program, different station) and "Do I get paid for this" from Scott O'Brien. This caller during Scott's "The Big Story" tried to finish saying something on John Kerry, but time ran out. Scott hopes this guy calls back. We almost ended the conversation with Scott on "Commander in Chief of NewsRadio 710", but the Uncle asked Scott about his opinion on new call screener Jennifer. We know that it's definitely over for Jessica, as the Uncle mentioned Jennifer's day of call screening being Thursday. According to the Uncle, a 1-day delay system has been toyed around as of recent. A pioneer in radio is what the Uncle calls it! Some weirdo called with what appeared to be more talk on John Kerry, but a few seconds later he showed his weird side. Nope, the delay system didn't prevent listeners from hearing the weirdo. One of the two "Mobile songs" was played before the final whirlwind segment of the show. Speaking of the whirlwind segment, much of it was on "gout" which was brought up by Jean. It can be caused by rich food such as crab claws. The Uncle reminds listeners of a special event sponsored by Clear Channel Radio at Bel Air Mall called "Treats for the Troops". The name pretty much describes it all. Today's show gets a 4.0/5!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of the Uncle on this day after Mardi Gras Day, which is Ash Wednesday. We are reminded that the phone number to call the show is a Mobile region number. The Uncle claimed that he didn't know the Cingular Wireless numbers to call in, which is just *NTM. Leroy reports via voice mail on the Mardi Gras Day festivities, such as the hats folk wore and such. Yep, the Uncle participated in Mardi Gras yesterday. No, he was not reveling lot most folks. Lots of "unwashed folks" is how the Uncle describes nearly everyone surrounding him on Royal Street. He hated to say this, but the Uncle says there was a lot of bad behavior during Mardi Gras, especially this 8-10 year old boy walking down the street with a "fake chest" on his own chest. The boy's father/guardian appeared to be proud of the obscenity he was wearing. Nope, no Satanism was found. Sorry Pastor Anthony! Some prominent Auburn business guys that were part of the Knights of Revelry parade pelted the Uncle with a bunch of beads. The Uncle suggested that those guys should be out defending the States. First caller still believes the rumor the Uncle was with a 20-year-old blonde. "Bad Bill" calls in accusing the Uncle of showing off a toe ring, which in his view explains the Mardi Gras pelting the Uncle's received in the past two years. Gene says that the vendors sold those "fake chests". A whole variety of topics were talked between the Uncle and Gene, from "Passion of the Christ" to "Spears". Lynn still remembers the Uncle's Mardi Gras enthusiasm last year. The Hall's meats shall remain delicious even with a "coil" of kidney/red beans, as the Uncle said in the latest commercial. First caller of the second half-hour was a weirdo, causing the Uncle to bring up Leeana's multi-tasking. Lynn does not need a drug test, caller! Remember the "Great Mardi Gras Cleanup" shall begin tomorrow between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. John thinks the Auburn folk's pelting of the Uncle was a revenge effort after hearing the University of Alabama's Million-Dollar Band. That did it, that audio prank made the Uncle summon Leeana. Her multi-tasking included updating a concert list. Of course she still paid attention to show, Uncle. A phone message from a caller criticizing Leeana's clothing during the J.D Crowe interview, which was repeated yesterday and he appears to be worried about the Uncle's heath thanks to her. Nothing is better than of friendly compliment on the show from listeners such as Richard. Today's show gets a 4.6/5!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Today's Show

Before today's rerun of the J.D Crowe interview, pre-recorded audio of the Uncle played warning listeners of today's show being a repeat. Here it is folks, a true Uncle Henry classic:

Original Air Date: January 30th 2004

We start off today's show with the Uncle introducing one of the region's rarest artists, award winning to be exact, the Register's J.D Crowe. The Uncle didn't expect to see someone mature as him. Crowe living in Fairhope doesn't mean anything against the good folks of Mobile. Yep, Crowe has all the freedom to put whatever can be put in his cartoons. Some ideas even came from some listeners of the show. "Dark Side of the Moon Pie" by Crowe is now available. So, lines are opened today and the first caller says he even cuts out Crowe's cartoons. "Sick individual" was Crowe's response to Steven calling in talking about the "school board paddling" cartoon. At last, the first Bill calling in is not "Bad Bill". Crowe enjoys portraying West Mobile citizens as being trashy. No offence, by the way! Hmmm, Crowe's cartoons appear to be the Register's readers' second choice after Sound Off. Of course Crowe does his cartoons at the Mobile Register. Laura suggests that Crowe should do a cartoon on Paul Finebaum, who also works for the paper besides his 4-hour radio program after the Uncle. 12 times a day is exactly how many times it takes for Crowe to get an idea out. Crowetoons.com is the web site to see some all of his work stretching back to the beginning. The "Naked Harry Brown" cartoon was the only cartoon that offended the Uncle, plus Brown's family. Crowe enjoys drawing Peggy Nikolakis of the Mobile County School Board. Another Bill that's not "Bad Bill" calls in! The Uncle summons Leeana to apologize to Mr. Crowe on the way she dresses today. "Fish nets" are right up Crowe's ally. The Uncle asks for previews of Crowe's next cartoons, which may have a lot to do with the presidential election. Today's show gets a 5/5

Monday, February 23, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a cup of "thank you" from the Uncle on the wet Mardi Gras. The David Glenn (WPMI NBC 15) and National Weather Service forecasts were being intermingled. The Infant Mystic parade in Fairhope is still on for tonight. Like the Uncle said, he attended "The Order of the Fire Truck" which was more family oriented than the Joe Cain Parade. One oddity at that parade was a dog wearing beads. Only one person in the Uncle's view was smoking a cigarette at that parade. Leeana tells all her report on a weekend Mardi Gras parade known as "The Tillmens Tricksters". Lots of ice cream bars were thrown and messes of beads were pelted at Leeana, in a good way of course. A loud noise was heard around this point, either a pacemaker or some weird effects by a microwave close to the Uncle. We were close to a very possible investigation by a very strict FCC thanks to first caller Patrick. "Bad Bill" reports on the so-called freaks during Joe Cain Day including those at a cemetery. We were so close to a decent conversation with "Bad Bill" until he said the Uncle was one of Joe Cain's "Married Widows" yesterday. The latest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle saying that he doesn't want any of that Larry King stuff, but the delicious meats from Hall's. After some weirdo called in, the Uncle sarcastically thanked Leeana for the excellent call screening. The Uncle still believes that no parade will get cancelled tomorrow. Three comments from "Yankee Ed": 1: People Complaining About Mardi Gras 2: Same-Gender Marriage 3: John Kerry. This morning the Uncle was shocked over this "President Bush is doom" discussion with this unidentified guy. The Uncle even spelled "no way" when saying that there is no way that one of those two guys can beat Bush. Clethis suggested that Mardi Gras and football should get put together. One of Clethis' visions includes a game at Ladd-Pebbles Stadium while a Mardi Gras parade rolled on or two. Speaking of the so-called John Kerry/Jane Fonda connection, that photo has been confirmed to be false. Trish calls in saying that this Mardi Gras/Football combo already exists, since we have stuff like the GMAC Bowl and the Senior Bowl shortly before Mardi Gras. Cheerful, wasn't she! The revelry from the weirdoes continues, unfortunately. Leroy suggested to all to wear a helmet tomorrow and even days after Mardi Gras when the drunks begin to influx. "Bad Bill" returns to the show embarrassing himself once more. Remember that tomorrow's show is going to be a rerun of the one with J.D Crowe. Today's show gets a 4.3/5!

Friday, February 20, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a big "Hey!" from the Uncle and said that most listeners are not working as of now. As of now, work ethic at the 710 AM studio has disappeared thanks to Mardi Gras and the fact that it's Friday. A convention by the "Keep Mobile Beautiful" folks is coming up after Mardi Gras, which will mostly be on the subject of making downtown Mobile look like there were no parades as of recent. Even the Uncle encourages regular folk to attend this convention for "The Great Mardi Gras Cleanup". BayFest is back in the Uncle's mind after reading a column in the Mobile Register's entertainment section, a section he doesn't read regularly. Osmonds, Tony Olandos, and Glenn Campells are the type of folk the Uncle still wants in a future BayFest. Gene tells all that his first job was a newspaper vendor for the Mobile Register on Government Street, next to the old Delchamps. Like most vendors, he knows it can be a dangerous job at times. "Bad Bill" calls in with his complaint on the same-gender kissing on the TV news, even saying something obscene on the subject that forced the Uncle to bail out of the call. Bob calls in and says he wouldn't clean up behind Devil worshipping drunks. Guess Pastor Anthony's view on Mardi Gras yesterday sunked into his head. We find out that the Uncle doesn't like forcing himself to remember something he just said a while ago. John a former paperboy in 1948 shares his experiences as an 11-year-old (you figure out his current age) on the routes and even attending Mardi Gras parades on is own. The Uncle asks listeners about this so-called Joe Cain East parade, if it's real or not. Roland, another former paperboy from the Forties shares his story and thanks to that job he was able to buy himself a car. He also wished that Ziegler Blvd would get paved. Roland's call makes the Uncle's list of top 3 calls this week. Mark a former paperboy during the Seventies calls in reporting on the upcoming "Loyal Order of the Banana" parade in Daphne, which turns out to false. Robert brings up factual information on what turns out to be "The Loyal Order of the Fire Truck", not "Loyal Order of the Banana" as said by the previous caller. Last caller before the king cake giveaway was a weirdo, which made the Uncle summon Leeana. Michael James Thompson, who appears to be a big fan of the Uncle, has sent a homemade Uncle Henry mug. Sorry, no Leeana mug. On Mardi Gras Day, AKA "Fat Tuesday" 710 AM may play a re-run of the show with Mobile Register cartoonist J.D Crowe. Becky got it right! Today's mystery voice for king cake belongs to Jethro. Turns out Leeana's kids were the first to eat some of that king cake brought over to 710 AM as of recent. The Uncle just may attend this "The Loyal Order of the Fire Truck" over in Daphne this weekend. The Uncle will still work on Monday because he cares about us the listeners. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

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Leeana's e-mail address is leeanna@ccmobile.com

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle greeting listener, listener, and you listener. He was also thinking of more descriptions of the show's success. Pastor Anthony Kelly of the Christian Church of Mobile speaks with the Uncle via phone. The Uncle brings to Anthony's attention of that show last year being very controversial due to his comments of Mardi Gras being paying homage to the Devil. Anthony still stands by that opinion even after about a year after he said it. The Uncle asked if taking one of his grandchildren to one of the parades was wrong due to floats with characters such as the Simpsons. Yep, Anthony still thinks Mardi Gras is a form of Satanism, especially Joe Cain Day. "Spiritually significant" and "secret society" happen to be the definitions of Mystic and Crewe, former and latter. "Bad Bill" returns to the show as the first caller and agrees with everything Pastor Anthony said. Amazing, "Bad Bill" was actually nice for a change. Probably because of the fact we have a pastor on today's show. Ann, a Catholic in practice was the first to disagree with Anthony's view on Mardi Gras being paying homage to the Devil. She accused Anthony of not being a true Christian because of his accusations on her being Catholic. Anthony has been preaching this view of Mardi Gras over at his church and on radio as of recent. His preaching even affected the folks that attended his services. As we exit the first half-hour, Pastor Anthony's view on Mardi Gras has not affected anyone (excluding "Bad Bill"). CCOM7.ORG is the web site to contact the pastor and expect the Christian Church of Mobile to merge with another one in the near future. "Rebecca-Gate" says a caller via voice mail describing the less talked up-coming departure of Rebecca Wilson of WPMI NBC 15. The insults are just beginning after the interview with Pastor Anthony, along with some weirdo saying mad cow is not a sexually transmitted disease. Jason referred to the Uncle as Mr. Uncle Henry and apologized for an incident that happened a while ago. Rochelle, who has never listened to the show until today is disturbed by today's big topic and encourages folk to receive the "Holy Ghost" so that nobody have problems like this. Pastor Ron brings up his view on Mardi Gras being much about the drunkness that occurs mostly at night. Today's mystery voice for king cake will be played after the Uncle is done speaking with the so-called troubled tattooed 18-year-old Jessica. She'll be hanging it up at the local Applebees on Friday. Well I'll be, she never even heard a thing on today's show before arriving in the room. Today's mystery voice is from 1987 and includes bonus laughs. No, this lady was not possessed. Robert got it right! It was Shelby Mitchell of 95 KSJ. Too bad Robert was not the first caller. After sort of a long period of time, the Uncle actually promoted the Paul Finebaum Show coming up. The Uncle thanks Superior Auto Detail for sponsoring the show this week and Three Georgias for providing the king cakes. Today's show gets a 4.1/5!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with an enthusiastic Uncle over the return of sunshine in the Mobile region. An embarrassment of topics is how the Uncle describes the large pile of topics for today's show. Tomorrow there will be an interview with Pastor Anthony Kelly, who happened to be on the show last year saying that Mardi Gras is paying homage to the Devil. The Uncle brings to our that accident earlier on a Mobile Register vendor getting hit by a vehicle in an intersection. Expect more on this on WKRG, NBC 15, and WALA Channel 10 tonight from their news presenters. Even though these vendors sell Register papers, they don't actually work for the Register. A voice message from Leroy echoes what the Uncle was thinking about this morning while watching a local news program (no mention of program), which involves yet more news on same-gender marriage. Only Leroy's thoughts involved picking up fish wrapper while watching the news. The Uncle urges the news folks to keep this stuff off the TV. Interesting discussion between the Uncle and Josh on this issue that could last longer than only 2 minutes. The Uncle actually thanked an audio prankster for calling into the show. Yep, the Uncle still supports Bush with recent events in this election year. As we enter the section half-hour, same-gender still remains the big topic even when the Uncle brought up Leeana's recent back injury and the national election. The Uncle believes in devolution more than evolution after seeing some Mardi Gras revelers as of recent. Leeana had an excellent time at the recent Mardi Gras ball and her back is in good shape. The Uncle thanks this Geraldine for delivering cakes to 710 AM recently, even though Leeana will be the first to eat some. A fan of the show was at that ball Leeana attended. Time to give away more king cake! Leeana happens to like king cake, by the way. Who doesn't? "These are not just king cakes, they are good king cakes" quoting the Uncle describing the cake from Three Georigia's. Today's mystery voice comes from someone back in 1987. Clues are "broadcaster" and the fact that this guy had a lot to get off his chest. Kevin got it right! The voice belongs to Randy Patrick. Kevin even had his little girl along during the call. The Uncle had a little chat with NewsRadio710.com's webmaster Ian. Clethis still tried to guess the mystery voice. Must have been out of the room I suppose. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle looking forward to our daily discussions and reminds listeners that the phone number (251) 479-2723 to call in can work on rotor telephones. Superior Auto Detail once again is sponsoring the show for the week. The Brick Pit and Saraland are the locations on the Uncle's remote broadcast list, so get ready for those shows, especially these being the opportunity to meet the Uncle in person. Like many others, the Uncle has heard about this same-gender couple in San Francisco, who happen to reside here in the Mobile region told the entire world on CNN that they are now legally married. Grover brings up the Uncle's "mystery illness" a while back and asks about his heath nowadays. Grover assumed that the Uncle caught a virus from a computer. In for Leeana at call screening is the so-called troubled tattooed 18-year-old otherwise known as Jessica. The Uncle thanks the good folks that mailed him RC Cola and a box of Christian books, plus some pamphlets. He may even share some of the pamphlets with Leeana and her family. James of New Orleans (caller of the week so far) shares his feelings of the show. I'm expecting more visitors to the site thanks to James. We now know that at least one listener will meet the Uncle at the upcoming remote broadcast from Saraland. Steve brings up a sighting of an almost unknown soft drink at a rural gas station somewhere in the area. More delicious king cake from Three Georgias up for grabs on today's show! Another soft drink unknown to most, concentrated cherry juices, according to Bob. The Uncle's still irritated about Leroy's phone message yesterday with a false accusation involving a young blonde, which was actually brought to Leroy's attention first. Leroy apologized for even bringing up the accusation, but the Uncle still must check what's with this. Hmmmm, it appears the non-casino counties are suffering. The Uncle still believes gambling is not the answer to solve the problems of Mobile. Listeners must guess the latest mystery voice to win some Three Georgias king cake. The Uncle's still a little worried about call screener Jessica and this Ryan from Wilmer, who happens to be 21. We now know that the Valentine's Day gift certificate (Victoria's Secret) for her is worth $150, which in the Uncle's opinion should help pay Ryan's rent. 2:55 PM and we still need a winner of the king cake. Wesley wins the king cake! The mystery voice belongs to American Idol's William Hung! Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Leeana shall return tomorrow!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle describing the pleasure of being with the listeners as being intense. Now this is a rarity, the Uncle actually attended Mardi Gras this weekend, mostly to tell listeners that it's not a waste of time. The Uncle thanks the folks at the Mobile Register for printing the big photo of Richard Shelby, Bob Riley, and Mike Dow singing at the Dauphin Way Baptist Church celebrating 100 years of serving the community. Bubba reports on Saturday's only parade including the throws of ice cream sandwiches. Milton reports on the Order of the Incas Mardi Gras Ball, which even had underage drinking. The Uncle's Mardi Gras experience with one of his grandchildren includes very little or no drinking in sight and much of it was a nice time. Remember that Leeana will be attending a Mardi Gras ball tomorrow night, so she'll be off tomorrow due to arrangement. Yeah, she'll still attend the ball even with lower back pains being described as "pinched nerves". The Uncle asked and even suggested remedies for Leeana's back. Excellent suggestion from Bob for a non-drug back relief product known as "Back Aid". It appears that putting a coffee cup down is responsible for Leeana's back pains. Leeana was probably the only one that understood the so-called "one head" remedy suggested by some weirdo. The Uncle threatened to remove Leeana's microphone after she laughed about the "one head" remedy. Second half-hour includes a chance to win king cake. A commercial for relief from back pain aired before the second half of the show. Another suggestion from the Uncle to Leeana, lay on that thing called a bed at home on the day of the ball. Cindy suggests the Sacral Wedgie remedy to cure Leeana's back pains. Sitting on a Lay-Z-Boy at a store, interesting suggestion. The king cake giveaway begins! All what listeners have to do is identify the mystery voice. Correct, first caller got it right! It was Martina Watson! The Uncle explains the Sacral Wedgie, which can only be used only the floor and/or bed. Coming soon to the show in March, "The Uncle Henry Deal of the Week". Get ready for bargains for various items from local retailers in the Mobile region. Today's Mobile Register photo could possibly be photo of the year material. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us of the small time allotted for the show, which is about one hour of course. Also on the reminder front, be sure to watch NBC 15 News, WKRG 5, or even Channel 10 WALA for important weather details for this weekend's Mardi Gras parades. Leeana was summoned for her report on last night's Polka Dots parade. She was at the Civic Center, which was the very beginning of the parade. Leeana's reason for that spot was to talk with the folks on the floats. Not many Moon Pies, but plenty of Auburn Candy Bars. The Uncle assumed the Auburn bars of really being horse manure. Nope, Leeana won't be attending any of the parades this weekend, but she will attend the one Monday and a Mardi Gras ball Tuesday. We lost Lynn's call due to leaving the end of one of the tunnels downtown. She was going to say something about Rebecca. Nothing but ATVs was on Larry's mind. Lynn's back and gives the Uncle a "Roll Tide!" The Uncle agrees with Lynn that bigger and better things are in store today. Finally, the Uncle gets to the details on the Alex Mathis cult, as he calls it. This appears to be some low carb cult that Alex Mathis joined. I must agree, hamburgers without buns are nothing but pieces of meats with toppings. Cindy explains these no-carbohydrates diets, which includes brown rice, very thin pizza, and most shocking of all no king cake. We could have a possible duel between the Uncle and Cindy. Don't forget reprogramming Alex Mathis! The lastest Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle attempting to reprogram the minds of the low or no carb folk out there, including Cindy. Alex Mathis calls in with reaction to today's talk on the low-carb diet. The Uncle reminds folk on Old Shell Road that make sure Mathis eats something at the Brick Pit that's not low carb. Update on the LNG from "Better Mobile" fax sent to the Uncle, Leeana, and Exxon-Mobil. The Uncle apologizes for missing out on discussions of subjects such as fighting chickens. Today's show gets a 5/5!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle saying how normal folks such as himself can have such success and the Alex Mathis cult will be brought up in today's show. It turns out that former WKRG anchor Sandra Shaw's return to Mobile will mark the end of Rebecca Wilson on WPMI NBC 15. This really makes the Uncle uncomfortable, including many others such as myself. Chuck still has the same view as the Uncle on the Mars exploration and thinks the real for this is to find weapons of mass destruction on the Red Planet. Must be thinking that since there hasn't much coverage on the Mars expedition. Alexia is the first caller with reaction to the possible removable Rebecca Wilson. "Bad Bill" plays dumb on the now enforced alcohol free zones. Brent, possibly a member of a Mardi Gras society calls in with a weird shout out! We already have an idiot free zone (suggested by Steve, agreed upon by the Uncle); it's all of Downtown Mobile, except it's all not enforced like our small alcohol free zones. A special e-mail has entered the e-mail box of the Uncle from Mike Dow Spokeswoman Gina Gregory, which includes that tickets are not going to be given out to those drinking during tonight's Order of Polka Dots parade. "First" Michael wonders what's next for Rebecca Wilson and "Second" Michael suggests using Google.com for the benefits of the space program. The Uncle defended his opinion on the Mars exploration being useless. Unfortunately, in "Second" Michael's view the conversation went nowhere. A classic conversation between the Uncle and Rebecca Wilson was played as the second half-hour began. Josh still thinks there is more to see on Mars than you can see with a telescope, as the Uncle mentioned. "Big Momma" puts in her take on the Mars exploration. The old "because it's there" reason didn't manage to change the Uncle's opinion. Russell brings up a good issue aside from Mars and Rebecca, a road closure. Yet again, the Alex Mathis cult is pushed to another day. Sherry congratulates the Uncle for pulling through the weirdoes as of recent. "The Idea Guy" puts in a humorous reason for the Mars exploration, to search for the family from the "Lost in Space" TV series. We've had "Bad Bill" and "Prankster Bill" on today's show. Valentine gifts for the troubled tattooed 18-year-old Jessica includes flowers, perfume, and something from Victoria's Secret. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of the Uncle after a 24+ hour break from the show due to helping one of his grandchildren that got sick before last weekend's Spanish Fort Parade. Big surprise, the Uncle has finally agreed with something that council member Clinton Johnson said on all of Downtown Mobile being an alcohol free zone, yet these small zones are now enforced. That story on the jailed couple needs to be given a rest by the local news, according to the Uncle. "Bad Bill" puts in his take on Bush's service record and directs it towards the Uncle. Josh expected the Uncle to bring up a Bible verse reflecting that news on that couple that broke their probation. It took three "Hellos" from Robert to say that alcohol free laws don't apply during Mardi Gras. A new Hall's Meats commercial has the Uncle bringing up a rumor that Scott O'Brien will be the grand marshall of an upcoming Mardi Gras parade throwing the locally-produced meat product. The Uncle assumed Leeana was slacking off after yesterday's show with John Bell with the nature of pranks heard on today's show. "First" Tom still has anger over the cancellation of the fireworks celebrating the New Year in Mobile. "Second Tom" has a point there on the possibly of some parents dropping off their kids in the now enforced alcohol free zones. The Uncle found out on South TV News (see left side) that former WKRG anchor Sandra Shaw is returning to Mobile in the foreseeable future. Who knows, she could end up at 710 AM paired with Scott O'Brien or something. Today's show gets a 4.2/5!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle…oh wait I have just received word that the Uncle is off for today and some listeners expecting to hear him have to settle with Star Wars and Simpsons fanatic John Bell. Hopefully the Uncle shall return to the 710 AM studios by tomorrow's show. Instead of reviewing this particular show when the Uncle is in, I'll just list moments and points from this John Bell-hosted show:

"Bad Bill" Calls Twice!

Memories of the Star Wars series on VHS

Academy Award Winning Comedies

A Twiggy the Squirrel Sketch

Local Library Screening Classic Movies

John Bell's Web Site is Profzounds.com

The Bell Flag Mystery Continues…..

Mobile Mardi Gras Getting Good Press!

"Bad Bill" Imposter Calls!

A Whole Lot of Nothing During Last Minute

First: John
Middle: Bell
Last: (Insert Last Name)

Wow, I actually typed all that on a John Bell-hosted show! The Uncle shall return!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding us that he's the host and we are the listeners. The Uncle couldn't keep his promise of attending the Spanish Fort Mardi Gras due to an illness with one of his grandchildren. Turns out to be a virus, no thanks to the weather. It appears that the alcohol free zones are not serving their purpose, according to the Register and a couple of local TV stations. Joining the ranks of "wardrobe malfunction" is "technically illegal" describing opened containers with an alcoholic beverage during Mardi Gras. The Uncle still has hopes for these alcohol free zones. Gene reports on both the Spanish Fort and Daphne parades. Spanish Fort parade was wonderful to him, but Daphne's parade was a little too fast for anyone to catch something. Before Jason was quickly cut off, he suggested the firing of Leeana and was about to say something very inappropriate. Bill, no not "Bad Bill" reports on the Conde Cavaliers parade having lots of smiling attendees and said nothing negative. According to the Fox News web site, a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is being threatened against the Salvation Army because they want non-worshippers to work for them. Another Morse code message was heard during that call reporting on the Salvation Army lawsuit. "Henry, are you there!" quoting Michael at the beginning of his call. It was exactly 2:47 that the last Morse code message was heard, caught by Bob. Milton suggests Mardi Gras should only last about a week. "Grandpa Buck" in a raspy voice calls in suggesting that alcohol shouldn't be given away free during Mardi Gras. Hand radio operators could be the ones behind these Morse code messages, thanks to Martin educating the Uncle and listeners on the current use of Morse code. Until we find out who's sending the messages, the mystery continues. Thanks to a Leroy voice message, the Uncle brings back memories of the time he tried to get into NASCAR. Eventually the Uncle got bored of constant spinning, but says he shall try again. The Uncle summons Leeana about her remote broadcast outfit again and discusses the Morse code message. Maybe that call earlier with nothing but Morse code was the guy with hand radio. We are slowly getting close to the bottom of this Morse code mystery. A sister-in-law of Leeana is in the Order of Polka Dots Society, so expect her to be in the upcoming parade. Today's show gets a 4.8/5!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show back at the 710 AM Studio and the Uncle saying it's a beautiful day, even though it was not like that early this morning (you're reading the words of a power outage victim). Nope, the Uncle's not attending tonight. Nothing to offend the Cavaliers, by the way. The Uncle said he may attend the Spanish Fort Parade tomorrow in Baldwin County. Suggestion from the Uncle, not only there should be the alcohol free zones, but zones for the drunks. Leeana is off today, so all of us have to settle with a troubled tattooed 18 year old, who has a shocking development in her life, so does Alex Mathis. From Mardi Gras to Leeana's outfit on yesterday's remote broadcast. At least one person was very interested in seeing what Leeana was wearing. It appears the Uncle was glad that guy called in about Leeana so he can have someone to counsel. Every time "Bad Bill" calls in, the Uncle gets more interested into his life. Mike complimented on one of the songs the Uncle played and brings up another Morse code message that was heard on 710 AM during Rush Limbaugh. First time Mike heard the code. Milton wished the Uncle a long successful career, even though he still gets angry and Leeana and Jessica (troubled tattooed teen). Until the second half-hour, all we know of Alex Mathis is this he's part of some cult. Remember, Conde Cavaliers, tonight, 6:30 PM, and phone the Uncle with a parade report on Monday. Before the end of today's show, the Uncle will be playing vintage audio of Ronald Reagen in honor of his birthday. "The Idea Guy" reports on the Morse code being heard on Rush again, this time it happened today. Another weirdo calls in asking the Uncle if he takes Viagra. The Uncle summons Jessica on the not-so-pleasant development in her life that involves a 20-30 year old black guy in a pick up truck blocking her path to Murphy High School at 8:45 AM and doing something expletive in public view. Before the final whirlwind segment, some excellent Reagen audio was played as the Uncle promised. We probably lost Leroy's call due speaking with Jessica too long. AM radio continues to be a fascinating thing with this interesting explanation for the Moorse code signal. It appears non-station signals from distant stations are bouncing off of 710 AM's signals. In a more pleasant development, for the first time in months our tattooed call screener has been in a courtship with a guy named Ryan from Wilmer. The only thing not pleasant about this is that Jessica has to drive all the way to Wilmer to see him. Yeah, 'ol Ryan drives over to see her too. More vintage Ronald Reagan audio for our listening pleasure. I just heard the Morse code message during the Reagan audio! Today's show gets a 5/5!

No, this show didn't air on Saturday, silly! Just a problem with the weblog program that took longer than expected to fix.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle asking if listener Don is leaving the remote broadcast at Francia's Affair on Air Blvd and apologizes for what Leeana is wearing for today's show. Other folks joining the Uncle are three Bishop State students or "college girls" as the Uncle refers to them and we learn that one of them wants to study law to continue her education. Possibly a future CSI, says the Uncle. Everything up for grabs at the remote broadcast includes Godfather's Pizza, Pepsi, and News Radio 710 mugs. Sorry, no more Scott O'Brien mugs. I suggest the Uncle Henry mug. "Bad Bill" was the first caller using the time the Uncle got hit by something during Mardi Gras as part of an insult. Ricky the so-called pothead returns and gets cut off faster than "Bad Bill". The chances of old Ricky ever getting on the show again are very slim as of now. Not much of a first commercial break for today's remote broadcast? The ball dress Leeana bought was a purple one, which matches well with her red hair, according to Dennis. A rare cameo, Leeana's husband Travis made it to the location of today's broadcast. ATVs appears to be the topic of the day. A Philadelphia resident who appears to be an Uncle Henry/SpongeBob Squarepants fan joins the broadcast. The Uncle's not very familiar with SpongeBob. Bo claims that someone rode an ATV nude. The pothead guy called back under "Willie" and was cut off much quicker than a few minutes ago. "The Idea Guy" came to the show location in person earlier. The public jury continues to lean toward the Uncle's view of Leeana outfit for today. A Francia's Affairs employee speaks with the Uncle on their business and their involvement with the Mardi Gras balls. "Dixie Joe" is another name the pothead guy called in as. He didn't even have to say "pothead" to get cut off. The Uncle asks a 710 AM employee near if he can do a remote broadcast out west. "The Idea Guy" joins the broadcast via phone with his take on ATVs and admits to noticing Leeana's tattoo earlier. Dennis and Leeana both agree with the alcohol-free zones during Mardi Gras. It's true, the Uncle had a great time with this remote broadcast. (251) 342-7119 is the number to contact Francia's Affair for tuxes and ball gowns. Suggestion for WALA-TV from a Miriam, hire Dennis for his excellent voice! Today's show ended in the middle of a caller's call. Today's show gets a 4.4/5!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding listeners that tomorrow's show will be a remote broadcast at Francia's Formal Affair on Airport Blvd near places such as Party City. Leeana has been given permission to join the Uncle for the on-location show. It's official, the Mobile City Council has approved construction on the ship terminal. A report from regular Leroy's perspective on the City Council while watching Comcast Cable Channel 6. Today's Register includes concerns from Clinton Johnson and Steve Nodine on the drunk and sober folk soon to be at the terminal. "Bud Man" calls in suggesting that the lady that says she doesn't want to get blown up in a fireball disaster should be a "blow up doll" and hangs up. We now know that "The Idea Guy" will make it to tomorrow's remote broadcast. The "Mardi Gras is the devil" topic returns as "Big Dave" called in. Something else of interest, Cuz admitted that he doesn't attend Mardi Gras parades. A very confused Tommy calls in about the alcohol-free zones. We'll probably never know what Leeana's medical opinion was on Tommy. Another weirdo calls in via answering machine with a false claim, this time on Bush's brother Jeb cavorting with Asian prostitutes. Hmmm, a lot folks from Spring Hill visit Party City, eh? I sense large attendance at tomorrow's show! The Uncle was too late pressing the delay button on that guy that claims to be a pothead. The Uncle summons Leeana to investigate the recent weirdo that asked if they're going to wear fish net stockings. That's right, "Mobile is Wonderful" and "Taking Pride in Mobile" were played since mortgage rates have been going down, which means new residents in the Mobile region. One of the better suggestions for the alcohol problem, Jean suggests that Mardi Gras should be alcohol-free altogether and brings back an awful memory of her only Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Remember to keep listening whenever Rush Limbaugh allows commercial breaks, because the Uncle will be speaking during those times at the remote broadcast before the actual show. Today's show gets a 4.2/5

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle on today's weather being nice compared to yesterday's. "You better watch out!" quote the Uncle on the Alabama Legislature and tonight's State of the State Address. Articles on tax increases are plentiful with these proposals for cigarette and soft drink taxes. The Uncle still has hopes that water and air are not next in the proposals. Another day and we get another stupid call on the Super Bowl Haft Time Show and a playing of some unknown music by most listeners. Ted calls in about the show having talk on obscene stuff on the TV as of recent and the Uncle's constant disconnecting of callers. Now Ted has explained himself, he was just talking about the views of those few callers that end up getting cut off. A caller finally mentions yesterday's Morse code message and even figured it out as "ROWL" as in Roll Tide Roll, except it's spelled different! Once again, another prankster uses the Halftime incident as part of a prank. Eric was able to sneak in a "War Eagle!" during his call. This may seem nieved to most listeners, but the Uncle says that government shouldn't have any involvement in education. By now most school officials are all upset this! "Bad Bill" calls via answering machine about the stuff worst than the Halftime Show. The Uncle summons Leeana and asks if the latest prankster is still watching the Halftime Show (TiVo or something). The Uncle now knows Leeana is searching for a ball gown that would reveal her tattoo. By the way, the Uncle still thinks her tattoo is some Pagan symbol. Show ends on a pun that managed to fly over the Uncle's head, giving Leeana a natural case of the giggles. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle being proud of living in this region opposed to anywhere else in the country. The Uncle's current mood is anger and upset of last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show (Patriots 32, Panthers 29) and commercials including a certain donkey. He's even glad the FCC is getting involved in the situation and supports dismantle of CBS. The Uncle has never even heard of Timberlake and (Janet) Jackson. Oh my, he even wants those two incarcerated for this "crime" in Houston. The Uncle summons Leeana for a female perspective on this situation. Yeah, she agrees with the Uncle too. Feb. 2, 2004, "Leeana Sense Day" as declared by the Uncle. The Uncle just doesn't want to feel like he's at some burlesque show while watching the Super Bowl. First two callers were two examples of the Uncle's "fall of western civilization" theory. The Uncle suggests that performers from Branson, Missouri should perform at a future Super Bowl. Amazing, a commercial made Bubba want to buy a Bud Lite and says that folks should simply change the channel, or turn off the TV set at least. Sarah and her family didn't even watch the rest of the game after halftime and she plans to contact our congressman. The Uncle also wants to know what Houston police was up to around game time. A "Bad Bill" message from January 30th was played with him insulting Steve Nodine yet again. Thursday's show will be another remote broadcast somewhere in the Mobile region, Airport Blvd to be exact. Actually, most folk would watch Super Bowl coverage around the time of kickoff. Ann recalls her reaction to the incident and her reaction of it being staged. Bob is one of the few folks, including myself that didn't see the Halftime Show. Victoria left numbers for listeners to voice their opinion on the incident. Scott O'Brien accidentally walks into the room and is asked who Justin Timberlake is? His answer is that he was part of the boy band "N'Sync". Speaking of the Morse code message being heard on 710 AM (according to an answering machine message), I just heard it while Victoria was giving out the numbers. Today's show gets a 5.5/6

I pushed this show's ratings for reasons you'll only find in the following reader comment

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