Thursday, December 11, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding listeners of tomorrow's remote broadcast at Imaginet Furniture, which also includes the giveaway of Port City Pizza and tickets to sporting events in the region. "Trash Pickup" is today's most important topic, probably the most important one in many months. Trash pickup will come to a halt after the 12th in South Mobile County until January due to most of the city workers getting the holiday off. So tomorrow is the last day for everyone in that area to put out his or her trash before this sudden halt in trash pickup. Audio of Clinton Johnson wanting folks ticketed for putting out their trash early was played. First caller Kelly reported on the name of the annual Christmas parade being changed to "Jolly Holidays" or something similar to that. More proof that political correctness is going too far. "Little Willie", AKA "Bad Bill" shares an intelligent opinion on the current situation in Iraq. Keep these intelligent discussions up and I'll be calling you "'Ol Bill" from now on! Leeana is summoned to find out what's with her Jimmy Hendrix fixation and for the press release on the name change of the Mobile Christmas Parade. Curious George was misspelled in the press release and the Uncle read it the way they spelled it the entire time. Now this is a first, I believe, the Uncle referred to the ABC Newsbreak as being respected. Victoria brings up more political correctness gone too far, this time it's occurring in certain parts of New York where folks can't even say "Christmas" and/or "Christmas Tree". WAGE is the upstart organization by Victoria created to go against stuff such as removing anything related to "Christmas". Looks like we'll never know why the Uncle changed what he says before the ABC Newsbreak. Henry (the caller) says he would slap all those changing the name of the annual Christmas parade to "Jolly Holiday" because it sort of uses his last name. According to Leeana, there has been a lot of whining as of recent at the Uncle Henry Message Boards. Today's question for pizza from Port City Pizza involves identifying another singer of the Christmas song being played. Yes, Mike answered correctly! The answer is Kathie Lee Gifford. Excellent voice, by the way. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle asking how Mobile could bail out the state of Alabama out of $50,000 in debt and again brings up the city budget crisis months ago. In other government philosophy "money rolling in and spending it immediately", something yet to be understood by the Uncle. The Uncle warns listeners of a possible influx of pranksters, now that the so-called-troubled-18 year old Murphy High School student Jessica is call screening for today's show. "Little Willie" is back as "Bad Bill" after accusing the Uncle of being some old hippie. Yes, the Uncle would still vote for old Bill even after that. Audio of councilman Fredrick Richardson wishing happy holidays was played after the first break. It appears Van is using the "seeing somebody nice" excuse as a way to see a so-called troubled tattooed girl at Friday's remote broadcast. It's getting more difficult for the Uncle to stop resisting the excellent pizza from Port City Pizza. A little reference to the Verizon Wireless ads as Maurice said, "can you hear me now" after his cell phone started breaking up. "Barely" was the Uncle's response. Chuck was a little curious with 710 AM's Doug Nodine possibly being related to Steve Nodine. No relation whatsoever. Due to the entire schedule being off balanced, we are forced to wait until this break for commercials ends to hear today's question for pizza from Port City Pizza. Today's question involves identifying more not-so-well known singing folk. Yet again, we are getting answers such as Jimmy Hendrix. Congratulations to Marti for the correct answer, which is the Brady Bunch. Yep, Jessica will be at the remote broadcast Friday, since that fella from earlier wanted to know. Today's show gets a 4/5!

In response to the Uncle's comment posted below, that 5/5 rating for the Leeana hosted show was not some sort of bias of any kind.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show on this rainy day with the Uncle telling listeners that he'll be on the road at exactly 3:10 PM. So you better watch, since rainy days cause some Mobile folk to loose the ability the drive. Meeting on the expansion of the Bay Way tonight, which was thought to be a done deal in the Uncle's view. "Prisoner of Mobile" is how the Uncle describes himself during bad traffic in the tunnel while driving back home in Daphne. First caller Richard promotes a Coke Drive at Murphy High School to raise money for a trip to Ireland to represent Alabama/U.S. in next year's Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Speaking of Coke, the Uncle brings up his selling of Coke products to send the Azalea Trail Maids to the Macy's Parade. The Uncle quickly cut off Jeff for saying, "It's rolling, baby!" "Bad Bill" calls in suggesting that the Uncle should run for either mayor or councilman. Hmmm, an Uncle Henry/"Bad Bill" run, interesting! Imaginet Furniture will be the location of the remote broadcast this Friday. Introducing, the newest nickname for old Bill thanks to a caller, "Little Willie". Thanks for the promotion of this site and describing it as "one man's interpretation", Uncle! It appears the Uncle literally has to force himself to get the news on the ever-so-many Democratic candidates and the Dean endorsement. We got ourselves a little piece of memory in the Uncle's family, as he mentioned his son once having an inflatable Bozo the Clown. Almost took half a minute for Leeana to arrive in the room, getting the Uncle a little worried on her. Today's question for pizza from Port City Pizza involves yet another unknown singer by most folk. First caller answered with Jimmy Hendrix, trying to make a mockery of these questions. Finally, a winner! Tiny Tim was the one singing that song. Nope, the Uncle doesn't like him too. Celebrity vet Mike Rim calls into today's show, along with a positive view of Friday's show hosted by Leeana. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the return of the Uncle after another three days of nothing from him. Don't expect many more substitutes in the distant future, that includes Leeana. The Uncle describes her performance Friday as being "traitor-ish". Tune in to the upcoming remote broadcast from a certain location in the Mobile region. Most folks visiting will finally know what the Uncle looks like, in which I won't be describing right now. May want to keep watch on the plane/hotel tickets web site Orbitz.com, thanks to caller. I sense some jealousy in the Uncle when it comes to all those guests Leeana had Friday. New bumper after the first commercial break attempts to gain the moronic listeners. Two pranks in a row, one a whole new type of prank and a same old audio prank. Looks like that bumper is serving its unintended purpose. "No-Dine", should be sticking to the minds of folk for a while. Uh-oh, the Uncle knows about the rock music Leeana played on the show Friday, such as Jimmy Hendricks. Today's question for pizza from Port City Pizza involves the guy singing in the twice-played Christmas song. Reason, "joke" answers such as Mike Price, Jimmy Hendricks, and Bear Bryant. Boy, the Uncle's still angry with former Alabama coach Mike Price. Still unanswered and the song is played a third time. We're on the verge of a record for most wrong answers on a single question for Port City Pizza. Another Henry/Henry conversation, mostly just Henry saying hi to the Uncle. Today's show gets a 4/5!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a brief silence, until Leeana finally spoke. In case you didn't know, Leeana's last name is Matteson. Something else most listeners don't know, her e-mail address is Leeana@ccmobile.com. A representative of the Child Advocate Center on the phone was Leeana's first guest. Leeana brings up a news story of a group launching a billboard attack on Kentucky Fried Chick, which includes a very disturbing picture of Colonel Sanders with a butcher knife and a terrified chicken. Don't expect any of those billboards in the Mobile region soon. At last, songs that the Uncle would never play were played today! "KFC Cruelty.Com" is the anti-Kentucky Fried Chicken folks' web site. Well I'll be, Leeana called the ABC Newsbreak "liberal news headlines". Either she's been hanging around with the Uncle too long or she really believes that about the newsbreak. Even with Leeana in, 710 AM still plays the commercials with the Uncle sponsoring something. The sudden influx of "Bad Bill" attention continues into "The Leeana Show". She's been prank called and is happy about that! Now you know how it feels, Leeana. Remember, the Uncle returns Monday for the entire week. Today's show gets a 5/5!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with a shout from the Uncle signaling his return after three days of Charlie Moss and John Bell, along with no postings from me. Remember that the Uncle won't be in again tomorrow. Nope, not for vacation purposes, but business purposes. Leeana will be hosting for the Uncle this time and expect me to be review that show. It appears Leeana's co-screener Jessica is suggesting that she should have her own talk show. "Not mature enough", was the Uncle's response to that. Minds with short-term memory are refreshed of Mobile's budget crisis months ago, along with name calling at City Hall, the "famous Mike Dow comment", which was played on audio tape, and the state-wide tax referendum. The Uncle gives thanks to Mobile's only radio reporter Charlie Moss for the very revealing interview with Mike Dow. Part of the Dow interview was played. "Under spending", as heard from the mouth of Mike Dow. So, a new crisis in Mobile is looming, huh Uncle? First caller was embarrassed for calling the Uncle, well Uncle Henry, since he's not his uncle. Just call him Henry, fellow! Uh oh, the Uncle knows about "Bad Bill" calling in during the days with Moss and Bell, accusing the Uncle of visiting the Neverland Ranch. Steve is one of the few folk that feel sorry for Bill. Still believing that the show will remain with 710 AM for many years, the Uncle also believes it'll sulk into "Bad Bill's" mind. At last, "Bad Bill" responds to all the attention he's getting. The Uncle fires back by playing that call to reports on old Bill's school days of being a moron, or so he says. Leroy suggested protest for an extra hour. Also adding to this large spark of attention, Leroy says "Bad Bill" should try exorcism. We finally know what the so-called troubled tattooed 18-year-old Jessica would want to host. No, not wishing to host her own show, but says she needs a talk show. She got her very brief talk show, "Teen Talk" all right, but it quickly died off after she answered the Uncle posing as a young person asking a question involving borrowing a car. "What is the permanent drawing (tattoo) on Jessica?" is the question to win some free pizza from Port City Pizza. Yes, Ed who was first to answer the question wins! The answer is butterfly. Today's shows ends will a weirdo calling the show. Today's show gets a 4.5/5!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle, oh wait, he's off for a few days! Instead of the Uncle for much of the week, we're having radio reporter Charlie Moss and radio personality John Bell. The Uncle shall return Thursday, so don't fret over the next few days. Also, Leeana will be hosting Friday's show! Now if you excuse me, I really need to take a vacation myself.

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