Thursday, January 29, 2004

Today's Show

We start off today's show with the Uncle reminding listeners that this is the last day this week for open lines due to tomorrow's visit by Mobile Register cartoonist J.D. Crowe. The Uncle brings up some excellent e-mail on the LNG situation and some labeled "virus". "It is rude to send a virus", quoting the Uncle during his reaction to the e-mail marked under that. Once again, "Bad Bill" is the first caller of the day and gets up for insulting the Uncle's solvency going 19 years strait. Cat brings to the Uncle's attention a Morse code message on 710 AM. Audio hallucination perhaps? Greg calls in talking about the Uncle's momma. So far, it's been a weird show. Adding to the weirdness of today's show is an audio prank. Ralph refers to the Uncle as "Father Henry" and praises Mike Dow as mayor. Don has also heard Morse code on the radio. Probably another radio station behind this. Could this other Bill insulting the Uncle become the new "Bad Bill"? Nope, the original is always the best. Chuck supposes that this Morse code message could probably be something outside the Mobile region, maybe even the entire continental USA. Turning the radio down is the Uncle's suggestion for Chuck when hearing this Morse code. The Uncle promotes South TV News.com and their "Where Are They Now" section. Two suggestions for virus protection software, one being McAfee Virus Protection. I have that one on this computer, by the way. Uh-oh, if it weren't for virus senders such as this "Carol", the Uncle wouldn't have this feeling not to use the computer anymore. The Uncle reads e-mail about a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal soon to be built near Beaumont, Texas and most citizens are excited. In today's Mobile Register Business Section there is an article saying that waitresses and bartenders are one of the least paid employees. Sorry Uncle, our troubled tattooed call screener doesn't have any of those jobs at a local Applebees. Today's show gets a 4/5!

Yes, I'm finally back in business after weeks of no web access!

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